• Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Thiefing from the pension fund and taxpayers through fraudulent loans, then claiming they are owed….Cow built a luxury property down sunset crest side with that money and bought new trucks for his business too….you fools.

    How much longer will yall allow these 2 parasitic brothers to rob the majority population, how many more years…will yall fools allow them to steal from future generations of Blacks..

    Before they applied for the loans…they knew the properties at Apes Hill would not sell…it’s a buyer’s market, it is difficult to get full market value, but the criminal claimed it took too long to get the loan that is why the properties did not sell..

    Example: ya would think CGI Towers would sell for at least 18 million dollars right….wrong ….word around is it sold last year for no more than 13 million, and very likely for one million dollar less.

    So when Bizzy and Cow coming with their thiefing scams to rob pension fund and treasury….chase them away, let them borrow from commercial banks or from foreign markets.


  • This is so sloppy.Pizza man doc 600k minute juxtaposed above Cow 17 Million.The loan is secured by lots.Who valued them.Cow?Jerkpork?Bizzy?This is madness.The NIB should be fired forthwith by the incoming government.Neither Pizzaman nor Cow should be borrowing from NIB.Is this another BDB?This is unacceptable.These folk should be made to go the IPO route.If the public sense future profits and transparency all will be well.These board room azholes deals reek of incompetence.Blackass fools selling their patrimony and making noise about reparations.Blackass fools paying reparations to the white man instead of the other way around.Is this why these albinos involved in UWI projects?Sir this. Sir that.Bunch ‘o effing leeches and chopsutters.I shame no ass for these fuchers that went school wid me.


  • How big is this club house that cost $17 million?

    Is it visible on Google Earth?

    What examples are there of buildings costing $17 million or thereabouts?

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    All the stinking ministers who signed off on the Cow/Bizzy/Maloney/Bjerkham scams against the people MUST be fired, no reelection…, there are not enough Cows and Bizzys on the island to reelect them…

    ….the nerve of these dumb house negros to be giving away the wealth of future generstions of Blacks, sinking them into poverty…dumb asses.


  • To be fair to Bizzy he does risk at business in a way others do not.

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  • Yes Bizzy does take a risk at business others dont.Every Bajan dont mask up and try to rob people.We sleep at night.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    He has been risking mostly taxpayer’s money or taxpayer backed contracts as collateral…..not his own money…4 seasons scam, 60 million dollars of NIS pension money…bi5th he and Cow along with Pemberton set up a company in UK, which they just dissolved a year or 2 ago.., Bajan pensioners lost 60 million US dollars….in that scam.

    Redjet…he and others involved again tried to dip their filthy thieving hands into the pension fund.

    It’s time they all face the banks and stop stealing from taxpayers and pensioners.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    This is the same Bizzy “give me”….who wanted the government to GIVE him 60 million dollars of taxpayer’s money AND the BWA free of cost as though he is entitled to the entity,,,…

    ……he needs some hard time in prison..

    Yall memories are way too short…

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  • David fair point. He is a very successful businessman but even the greatest have failures as well.

    What is not clear from the note above is whether the value of the collateral is as ‘real’ as it was made out to be.

    If the property at Apes Hill is not selling to the top target market group in Britain and one presumes Europe then what guarantee is there that the NIB have a viable asset on their hands to realize their loan value in 12 months time if things continue to be bleak.

    One applauds the NIB for supporting local construction but it has been raised by you several times of the danger of the concentration in this market. Looks like a possible catastrophe in the making.

    Seventeen mil is one heady chuck of change..certainly when compared to $600K.

    But those numbers do put Bajan society into awesome perspective! Wha lawd…

    On one hand a local boy who did real good, scrunting wid $600,000 pay back problems and de other local boy who do real, real real good is a power playa parading wid a $17,000,000 huge pay back problem.

    I wonder who wud get huff first!


  • One time I had a conversation with an account manager at a Bank about customers’ overdrafts and it went like this; “When I don’t pay (honour) their cheques they worry, If I pay their cheques I worry”. Bizzy aint worried, the folks who are owed the money should be worried but then again it’s the Gov’t so taxpayers should be worried.


  • John

    I must say it is indeed a beautiful place……….I went there to a function this year and even I was impressed………..I did not remember at the time that it was built with some of own NIS money.

    What morons we have leading us!

    The minister and the chairman and even the clown from St Lucy said that it is best to invest the NIS funds locally to help our economy. The NIS had money invested overseas and under the same former governor of the Central Bank, it would seem as if he encouraged the minister of fine ants to repatriate these funds…………and what did they do with the money………lend it to the big parasites.

    If I ever needed some money to expand what I do, does anyone think I can put in a proposal to the NIS?

    Yea right……..like hell………


  • Are COW & Bizzy now one business entity… is Apes Hill a joint venture between the two?
    The AH solution is to grab two lots of the collateral and sell them off publicly, at WHATEVER they can get. This will throw a f**k into the land valuations, and the NIS will get paid pronto, maybe even before the public sale. As neither the developer nor the existing owners want fire sale prices affecting land values.

    @DIW…pizza man owes more than $600K. It says “600K towards outstanding debts”. We are not told the total of those debts.


  • Pure nonsense. Imagine they build an up
    market complex and then the public is
    asked to find a clubhouse. These parasites
    are bold. I question this from the time I heard Cow on Brasstacks saying they
    needed funds to build/ upgrade the
    clubhouse. Remarkable.


  • Should read public askedyo “fund”
    A clubhouse.


  • You do not build a palace with 1,600 sqm and three levels in MH next to diplomats, expats and all the other members of the board ruling this island through the black politicians, if you do not use the NIS as your personal ATM.

    “from the British market as forecasted”: Barbadians, get real. Britain is dead like a poisened rat. After Brexit, the City is weaker than ever. I have personally seen trucks moving stuff from Goldman Sachs to other European offices. The golden age is gone. There is no industry in Britain to compensate this loss. As a taxi driver told me years ago: Once they ruled the world, today just an island.


  • Maybe some of the $17M went to build Shelly’s mansion at Millennium Heights.


  • Imagine that……….. the NIB could APPROVED a $17M loan to Bizzy Williams to finance an upscale club house and give him additional time to repay, even though he has not paid a time according to the terms of the original repayment agreement………

    ……….. while my friend and others that retired medically unfit, have been WAITING for MONTHS hoping in vain to receive their disability benefits.


    “Life is a beach…………. then you die…” (Falafel Jones)


  • At least Bizzy did not cry this time….

    Shiite man!!
    Nothing worse than seeing an albino-centric crying on TV …over not being as rich as another albino-centric such a Bill Gates…

    Freundel and his band of shiitehounds will go down in history as the most stupid, dim-witted, low-class set of morons that BBE ever decided to punch donkeys into….


  • There is nothing wrong with accumulating wealth in Barbados through doing good business. However, the current configuration of Barbadian society is very different from that and resembles in many ways the old social system. Barrow´s desire for independence cannot hide the fact that Barbados is still a plantation.


  • There is EVERYTHING right about ‘accumulating wealth’.

    In fact, it is the NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of being innovative, productive, community-centric, caring and creative.
    The SYSTEMIC way of facilitating this kind of wealth-creation is to put a meritocracy in place, built on a culture of community-focused philosophies.

    Instead, we have adopted an albino-centric culture where the accumulation of wealth is the PRIMARY focus and therefore all means of acquiring such wealth are on the table.
    It is only obvious that in such a system the MOST callous, aggressive, uncaring and selfish among us will grab the wealth…

    It SHOULD be equally obvious that such successes will end up being the most hated, reviled, dis-respected and unhappy among us…. but apparently is is not…


  • Bush Tea December 17, 2017 at 10:16 AM #
    There is EVERYTHING right about ‘accumulating wealth’.
    In fact, it is the NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of being innovative, productive, community-centric, caring and creative.

    It is called capitalism.

    9) “The world’s biggest problem is the unequal distribution of capitalism. If there were capitalism everywhere, you wouldn’t have food shortages.”

    8) “Compassion is defined not by how many people are on the government dole but by how many people no longer need government assistance.”



  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Get rid of the parasites like Bizzy, Cow, Maloney Bjerkham etc feeding off the taxpayers and pensioners….in reality that is all any of them have done successfully for over 30-40 years, through their weak house negros in parliament…….from both political parties.

    That is the limit to their success, let them go find greener pastures and borrow on international markets and show how really successful they can be….

    ……leaching off the same tiny population for decades through sleepless nights of scheming and scamming is crookery and thievery..


  • @ush Tea

    You and others are spinning top in mud. The system we are married to feeds ensures those with money are rewarded. The politicians need money for their campaigns (greed is a separate issue) therefore promises must be kept. It is that simple.


  • Cow bought land in Argentina.Remember how he said he done with Barbados.Jerkpork teach him a trick or two,how to con Robinson and Bygone Sucker and use NIS billions in poor people pension money,Cow even got a shitty pet pig walking bout Broomfield pissing and sh..g up the place for black people to clean up.Chopsutters..Stuart like it so.No effing class,no pride.


  • @ John
    Bushie don’t usually argue with albino centric bowls about philosophy, but since you have been confirmed as a scholar…..

    “Capitalism” is actually the OPPOSITE of being “the NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of being innovative, productive, community-centric, caring, and creative.”

    IT IS the central focus on, and the definition of success as being, the accumulation of wealth and power that defines capitalism.

    That wealth NATURALLY FOLLOWS the correct focus of being community-focused, God-centered and being altruistic is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT matter.

    A simple parallel is that whereas “peace” naturally follows in an environment where the focus is on justice, fairness, transparency and love, …trying to impose peace by all means – as an end in itself, always ends in a lack of peace.


  • @ David
    Bushie is not spinning any top in any mud…
    The system we are married to is shiite…… as must be becoming increasingly clear to all, and will become ABUNDANTLY clear to everyone soon.

    …besides, Bushie don’t spin tops, the bushman whacks shiite.
    ha ha ha


  • Bushie

    Our Great Mother could not disagree with you more.

    For Her your fanciful talk about capitalism only represents the dominionist-Christian streak supported by you, to no end

    Your judgement will soon impose the Mother’s correction you so lack

    Indeed, it has always been unnatural for the persistent wealth accumulation patterns you so support.

    On a planet with finite resources only a fanciful logic or magical thinking could so misguide.


  • @ Pacha
    Fanciful talk about capitalism?
    Boss, capitalism is brass bowlery.

    Go back to bed and try waking up again…
    Your comment has no relationship to what Bushie said…


  • Looks like Bizzy/COW etc. stalling for time, based on the document I assume that October 2018 is the deadline for the one year “grace period” requested. By that time there may well be a new Gov’t in Bim and it may have a new approach plus Britain’s umbilical cord that is EEC may have been fully severed. Will the fortunes of the Brits have improved over that period to initiate an upsurge in sales at Apes Hill?

    We are living in interesting times “David” better bookmark this for next Nov./Dec.

    Bajans may well become familiar with the national songbird’s release (if it gets past the censors) “Bitch Better have my money”


  • The ruling class rely on our ignorance and our silence. They operate through the darkness of deception and skullduggery. Confront them with Truth, and watch them shrink before you. Without us to believe in their lies and illusions, they have no real power


  • It hurts to see Bizzy and his ilk so easily target and acquire revenue generating assets of the economy cynically manipulating government and the treasury as blacks get poorer and poorer.


  • Note that despite heavy criticism of Bizzy and this government extended the Iconics deal with the government.

    On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 11:09 AM, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • It hurts to see Bizzy and his ilk so easily target and acquire revenue generating assets of the economy cynically manipulating government and the treasury as blacks get poorer and poorer.
    This is not done in malice by these people ….really.

    It is just the NATURE of albino-centricity to spend every waking hour (and sometimes every dreaming hour) thinking of ways to grab more and more and more money.
    It is the NATURE of the beast.

    Why do you think there is a Cattlewash Crew? …to play dominoes and talk shiite?

    So when black people (who are MUCH more disposed to liming, feteing, wukking up, and breezing,) …. WILLINGLY adopt an albino-centric SYSTEM of governance ….. and seek to compete with animals who eat and breath this way ….

    Can there be any surprise that Bizzy ends up selling us our OWN water at exorbitant rates (even if we don’t use the amount agreed)?

    Is it a surprise that we end up PAYING Bizzy to take our refuse – which he then recycles and SELLS to us again?

    Is it any surprise that Stinkliar wanted to apply a shiite tax to give to Bizzy – so he would stop crying on TV?

    Can anyone be shocked that our NIS funds are tied up in a $30M exclusive clubhouse at Apes hill?

    What we have is a country led by rabbits (mostly of the female variety) and dominated by pack wolves…. Where would you expect all the food to be located…?


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