Well Done Bizzy!

Prime Minister Mia Mottley revealed yesterday that the government was in discussions with a local charitable trust to implement a program to train the youth of Barbados to write computer code, web design and other technology related programs. She was at the time addressing a standing room only Barbados Chamber of Commerce luncheon. She proposed that the program will be delivered from one of the many abandoned IDC buildings.

In response to the news local businessman Bizzy Williams immediately offered to fit the IDC building selected with photovoltaic panels and donate payments earned from the energy sold to Barbados Light & Power to assist with financing the initiative. The blogmaster is pleased this government is focused on educating and equipping our youth to compete in a world that has been turned on its head by technology. Especially coming a few days after the revelation that the prime minister’s office did not have Internet access up to a few days ago.

Say what you will, Bizzy is always prepared to assist the party in power!

Watch the full address.



  • Unbelievable that legislation for medical marijuana has been on the statute books for 26 years-and both uselessly inept governments for nearly 3 decades ignored that fact, pretended it ain’t so and allowed many diseases that could have been controlled in the last 26 years to not only flourish but become life threatening and chronic..burdening the healthcare system and taxpayers unnecessariliy……….and instead of now quickly utilizing the already existing marijuana legislation to benefit the people health wise and financially and stimulating the economy post haste…a minister of government jumps out to let criminals know that the 2 year ban will be lifted on drones…drones of all frigging things, because that is his priority.



    @ Well Well & Consequences i will use your text and the excerpt from the newspaper to construct the Lockup Matrix that should be implemented in barbados forthwith or as Mr Codrington said in another submission “toute de suite”

    “…“Even though one of the water tankers was in an accident and has not been replaced, full monthly lease payments of $8,864.08 have continued to be made for the vehicle,”

    The lawyer who drafted this pernicious agreement and its forever clause

    “…this has placed the authority in a disadvantageous position…” all of the members at the authority who were part of this pernicious agreement be they board member, chairman, or PS who would have seen and signed off on the agreement.

    “…since it is making lease payments for a tanker without being able to utilize its services…” any party that was aware of the status of the tanker and, by virtue of their management position COULD HAVE INTERVENED TO MAKE THESE PAYMENTS STOP

    “…even though the insurance company had compensated the firm for the written-off tanker…” The principals of said firm who being knowledgeable of this insurance payment CONTINUED TO RECEIVE THESE PAYMENTS.

    What are the names of the parties involved?

    Have they been fired, demoted, sent on leave pending investigations, prosecuted yet?

    Have their pictures been put in the newspapers yet?

    The only way short of the missing Pachamama’s guillotine, to stop these highway men is to shame them and then seek to lock them up.

    AND THIS IS WHY MOTTLEY HAS TO LET THE COURTS PROSECUTE PAIN for dat property deal gone wrong.

    One of the things that the government has to do as well is to get an official Whatsapp # for its ministries and agencies as well as their email.

    The times demand more rapid mechanisms for communication to be integrated in their matrix of citizen outreach


  • Piece..I don’t see how this wholesale theft of taxpayers money and fraud perpetrated on the people could be met with… it is not big deal, everyone deserves a second chance…to do what, thief more, commit more fraud against the people with the help of ministers, PS’s and others……they really raped the treasury, still are..and they should be arrested, if it was Mia’s money she would already have the cops on top the frauds and thieves for criminal theft and throw in a civill suit just for the hell of it…she cannot be so forgiving because the money is not hers….that money belong to the people and not a bunch of thieves in the business community who believe they have a right to steal from the population..

    That is why I lit into the clowns who were attacking me about the auditor general’s report, because it was so clear to see how government ministers along with the local whites, ripped off the people.

    Ah wonder what Enuff idiot and his sidekick are saying now…that the auditor general is breaking down the fraud and thefts to the lowest common denominator used to steal from the people…

    As I said before..the names of these business thieves should be made public via a blacklist, none of them should have access to public finds ever again, banned for. life..name and shame them, just as the police and newspapers love to publicly name and shame a thief who take a pack of biscuits and sardines, by contrast these are million dollar thieves who stole from the public, who they are should be public knowledge.


  • “The lawyer who drafted this pernicious agreement and its forever clause.”

    That lawyer should be stripped of both his degree AND practicing certificate, banned for life, jailed for life, it was criminal what the lawyer(s) signed on to with obviously no respect for public funds, because they were getting their cut.

    Should we hazard a guess who that wicked, greedy, uncaring lawyer is….in a more modern, developed, less slave minded society, all their names would have been already published, but ya got another weak government in a still backward society, pretending at being progressive and developed while still kowtowing to thieves in the minority community to restart the disenfranchisement of the people for another 5 years.


  • @ Well Well & Consequences

    And there you have spoken the central “truth” and while not that Truth that Pilate asked of Jesus in John 18:38 it speaks to the matter at the place

    “…if it was Mia’s money she would already have the cops on top the frauds and thieves for criminal theft and throw in a civill suit just for the hell of it…”

    But it is not “MIA’s Money” yet nor any of her cohort so at that fundamental level she nor they really dont give a rat’s badword about it and the fact that SHE HAS TO PROSECUTE THESE THIEVES and her own WHEN THEY EMERGE

    For even now as they are making a case to the IMF they are setting up their little deals thinking that because they are being done in the quiet of the night NO ONE CAN SEE THEM


  • We know that, from the very recent mouthings of the not brightest ministers among them, we know all this shit will go sideways again once they have the people money and economy start to rebuild again and minority thieves start paying attention to them to tief it so they can get their cut..

    .. ya see Clarke is already antsy and thirsty for big money and he don’t even have a ministry….but he is ripe and ready to take a bribe, the other one Kerry talking as if the people in the depressed areas got money to buy drones instead of food and medicine but during his campaign he was not talking about drones, only about those that he probably can’t remember exist since electing him…but whose votes he needed back then..

    ….and the newest one begging the thieves in the minority community not to bribe the ministers as though if they tip him over, he will fall….can’t make none of this up, we saw it ourselves..all in one week.

    We get to watch them all operate on bullshit overload now.


  • Plus there is greedy red negro Butch waiting in the wings to talk down to bajans and demand what they should and should not be getting….because what they are getting now is too much for them according to him…these criminals need to get out of the people’s lives..


  • This video by Gaston Browne speaking in his parliament, outlines the total greed of Butch Stewart and his Sandal operations, it can be found on facebook, it is a must see.


  • Sandals has been completely exposed as exploitative to their hotel works, no surprise there at all..when small time, low intellect governments invite criminals and exploiters into their country to exploit, enslave and rob their country and people, that is what happens…the sellouts in the trade unions don’t help, the sell-outs are evil.


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