Well Done Bizzy!

Prime Minister Mia Mottley revealed yesterday that the government was in discussions with a local charitable trust to implement a program to train the youth of Barbados to write computer code, web design and other technology related programs. She was at the time addressing a standing room only Barbados Chamber of Commerce luncheon. She proposed that the program will be delivered from one of the many abandoned IDC buildings.

In response to the news local businessman Bizzy Williams immediately offered to fit the IDC building selected with photovoltaic panels and donate payments earned from the energy sold to Barbados Light & Power to assist with financing the initiative. The blogmaster is pleased this government is focused on educating and equipping our youth to compete in a world that has been turned on its head by technology. Especially coming a few days after the revelation that the prime minister’s office did not have Internet access up to a few days ago.

Say what you will, Bizzy is always prepared to assist the party in power!

Watch the full address.



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Good morning to the Old David OF BU

    You said and I quote “…The Dudus Cokes will come when we fail to create opportunities for our people…”

    As is customary from the wise and mature one among the BU BORG you have made a statement worthy of George Linnaeus himself.

    Though it can be argued to what degree does one have to go to become a Dufus in Barbados given their population and landmass AND OUR FASTLY INCREASING WEEKLY MURDER RATE, de ole man would like to examine the other side of you statement if I may.

    Our endemic failure to create opportunities for our people which forms the basis of the weakly prosecuted thread by one of the resident Nubian Princesses Ms Cole.

    Let me again state this.

    Where there is No vision a state that abounds @today in Barbados and for the last 25 years, the people will perish or gravitate to the low hanging fruit of drugs.

    It does not take much for a dysfunctional population of yute men and girls, to be easily attracted to easy money, drugs and guns.

    How long does it take on average for a feller to get a job and pay off for he house in Barbados David?

    Twenty years!

    You know how long it takes me and my yutes to destroy you and you fancy house?

    5 minutes.

    And unfortunately Fumbles nor Mottley nor many of wunna ent know how to change that badword around AND GHAT IS WHY SHE HOBNOBBING WITH THE VERY CRIMINALS THAT KILLING WE IN 5 minutes.

    But I GOING rest my case there cause Enuff of Lorenzo duo going come for my donkey right now heheheheh


  • Piece

    Your point and that of your friend Artax of ‘defending the indefensible’ certainly could not be addressing what I have written. so on that score it is not necessary to say anything more

    Where on this blog have you seen me defending Michael Lashley.When only a few scrolls up would show how I feel about any such association.I described it as despicable and should be punished where wrong doing is found

    I don’t like people who like to play both sides at all.

    Like I have said before when a minister co mingle with criminals – that is bad,however to have the leader of the country who has responsibility for the national security of this country being so emboldened as to invite 5 known drug lords to the official opening of parliament is like comparing an earthquake at a level 3 to an earthquake at a level 7 or 8.

    I always smile when I hear all these praises of Mia from you because like I alluded to earlier – you were one of the more voiceferous person on this site telling us all about the frightening aspects of this very person who is now prime minister and of course likening her to Mugabe.

    It’s those very comments along with other information given which caused me to scrutinize her actions very carefully.

    Since we of course know that Mugabe was no Sunday School teacher, we understood quite clearly what you were warning us about.

    Then all of a sudden as the pressure from the BLPites on this site increased and what other factors might have influenced this change in your contributions – we are now hearing she is no longer a Mugabe and pretender to the throne but she is the only one with Integrity and smarts to handle any and all of the myriad of problems.

    I continue to read and observe thoughtfully and quietly.


  • It is already in barbados open your eyes at past occurences if drive by shootings and execution style murders
    Even the perception of a govt laying in bed with well known drug lords should raise the eyebrows of any law abidding citizen and any connections perceived thereof stinks the whole govt up


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hal Austin July 20, 2018 7:47 AM
    “A weak DLP pimp?????? Mr Chairman the language in this blog sometimes seeps beneath the gutter. You are responsible for standards. All it is is people expressing different opinions.”

    Hal, you are a two-bit idiot of a hypocrite! Where is your evenhandedness when it comes to morality?

    How come you are NOT railing against this ‘anonymouse’ hiding behind a nom-de-plume called “T. Inniss”?

    Or is it because you can’ empathise’ with the ‘T.I.’- the newest incognito to BU but who under different guises-along with the other excessively active newbie Mariposa posing under various nom-de-plumes- both of who used to cuss on BU, day-in-day-out, the then Opposition prior to May 24th for not having a genuine law degree from the UoL or is not legally and morally entitled to practice Law just because she has No LEC?

    So what’s the position now with anonymous bloggers? Do you still despise them and like Carl Moore want to ‘out’ them? Or have you shitted your once ‘fixated’ position now that you are singing from the same hymn sheet as they are?

    You are nothing but a two-bit gutter sniping hypocrite hiding behind a mask made of rag sheet journalism.

    You were supposed to leave BU long ago because of its extremely low standards and its propensity to attract only geriatric failures in life, the academic lowlife and intellectual dregs of Barbados.
    So why are you still here? Or is it that you tick all the boxes to make you a fully paid-up life member?


  • T. Innis i warned u about Piece his turn coat behaviour has a similar resemblance to the LOO acting like what they had expected did not occur
    I saw how piece lambasted the past govt with his stoopid cartoons and somehow mustered the fortitude to turn on Mia in a short period of time.( some thing look and sound fishy and mischievous )

    Bro things are not always what they seem
    Only God knows the hearts of mankind


  • Mariposa

    That is a truism.

    Only God knows the hearts of mankind.


  • Miller cant you have an opinion with out being so pi.ssy so early in the morning
    Hal has been mashing the blp yardfowls corn snd he has been correct in his observations and assessments of this fake govt
    Yes Mia has perfected the art of smoke and mirrors most likely it is that illegal alien Long who is her teacher
    But going forward Long would not be able to save barbados from the chilsed hand of the IMF and the gust and gore to follow as bajans turned to Mia drug lord friends for help


  • Mariposa

    You notice too how vulgar they are with their responses.


  • What bovine excrement I hearing though!

    Piece and all Bajans had a right to cuss Fumble & his cast of jokers.
    Piece and all Bajans also have the right to cuss Muttley & his/her?? cast of jokers too without being labelled as turncoats.

    Fumble & his cast of jokers were just imbeciles and inefficient.
    Muttley is already showing her colours as worse than Fumble could ever be.
    Fumble was a dithering foolk out of his league but Muttley is definitely evil.

    Right now she begging for help here, there and everywhere, but if/when she can get the support to make her really powerful, we will beg for Fumble & his cast of jokers to retun.

    From the time wunnah see the drug lords invited to the opening of Parliament, wunnah should realize something is very wrong.

    Just as when Shitbama talked about people clinging to their churches and Bibles, the American people should have departed from that devil. Only the devil tells you to leave your church and Bibles.

    In like manner only a criminal associates with other criminals.



  • We have only ourselves to blame. We depend on politicians to much to solve our problems.


  • Also piece is very shrewd in using BU and contributors comments for his personnel gain in promoting his cartoons be it financial or forvwhatever purpose.
    Reason why i have ignored them even his shamless attempt to steal and use the logo stoopid originate from my calling his cartoons Stupid.


  • “Chairman the language in this blog sometimes seeps beneath the gutter. You are responsible for standards. All it is is people expressing different opinions.”
    (Hal Austin: July 20, 2018 7:47am)

    The following is an excerpt of Hal Austin’s response to NorthernObserver:

    “You now go off in to BULLSHIT that a PM makes the decisions that NEED to be made.”

    The following is an excerpt from a contribution posted by T. Inniss July 20, 2018 1:28AM:

    “You BLP Pimps can only go back to 2008 what about all the open stealing and corruption from 1994 to 2008?”

    It seems as though the words “pimp” and “bullshit” are interpreted as language that “seeps beneath the gutter,”…….

    …….depending on the on the particular individual using those words.

    If Saint Hal Austin uses the word “bullshit” it is NOT profanity…..as opposed to Bush Tea using “shiite.” And the blogmaster is correct for allowing Mr. Austin to express himself in any way he pleases.

    It is morally decent for Saint T. Inniss to refer to people as “BLP pimps,”……but when the shoe is on his feet, he hypocritically cries “foul.”







  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ T. Inniss

    You are new to BU so you may not know what was my objective with the Stoopid Cartoon initiative.

    Let me be brief.

    One of your idiot colleagues one Mariposa or Many Pussy or AC or Assinine Cretin issued a challenge one day about how her party could not be dislodged by any campaign.

    Unfortunately she said this to the wrong person and the Stoopid Cartoons were born.

    The issue is that the Democratic Labour Party was the very worst government Barbados has ever had and it was bringing us to disaster so my objective was to eradicate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU because anything less meant that there was a chance that wunna could trickle through.

    Now you need to understand that in the duopoly that Barbados is the campaign had unfortunately to be an either or.

    In my self appointed reasoning I even sought to support a Third movement but they were not ready AND THERE WAS NO TIME TO EXPERIMENT.

    MY discipline is based on precision interventions, even among variables, coterminous actions which achieve one outcome only.

    There is no room for excuses.

    I faltered twice and a review of the campaign will show where that happened but my azimuth WAS IS AND EVER WILL BE NORTH.


    So now what you and Mia or Mugabe sees is that North pathway.

    I do not lean on my own understanding so when you and others see her comment about a “come to Jesus” moment it is not so much for wunna as it is for a few of us heheheheh

    Look Inniss you can either decide to sell out and suck up to Fumbles or Mugabe or Mia (she will be Mia should she rise above her despot leanings) but I cannot do that.

    Cause bullets OF WHICH YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU KNOW NOTHING, have no names on them.

    Barbados needs to be directed to calmer predictable shores DEVOID of incompetents like Fumbles and the thief Stinkliar and the waiting Mugabes IF YOU AND I LET THEM.

    What do you pledge our allegiance to Inniss?


  • I hope Bounty don’t turn out to be the first whistleblower.🤐

    I prefer a government that closes the beach knowing that sewage is being released into the sea to avoid it flowing on the streets to one that sends two ministers on a PR “swimming” stunt.🏊🏾‍♂️🐐




  • You hypocrites may refer to me as a BLP pimp, operative or even appallingly ignorant…..I don’t care, or as the SSS would say, I don’t give a f*%¢&…..

    …….but let it be known that I read and have an excellent memory.

    So beware and be very careful when you seek to hypocritically criticize others.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a second submission for T Inniss and his party of IMPS


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa July 20, 2018 9:59 AM

    Who is this one talking this double-dose of hypocritical crap? Is it ac, angela Skeete or the many pokies of Mari?

    Hal has made it well known that he despises with spitting venom people who blog behind a mask of anonymity. Would you say that such a mask fits you perfectly?

    How come you and Hal are the best of bosom pals, now?
    Has the now exposed and naked Emperor of Journalistic Hypocrisy fallen so low(e) down as to be sipping from the same devilish cup of hypocrisy as you ac, the multi-faceted fool?


  • That is what Politicians and especially the BLP Operatives manipulate us to do – focus our artillery on each other and some on this site like to play this game.

    Notice how the BLP Yardfowls attack the contributors and not the contribution.So right now the discussion is on Mariposa,T.Inniss and Hal Austin and not the fact that –



  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    Hole muh I GOING fall…

    Whulossie…..I going dead with laughter

    Oh dear oh dear…


    DEM here looking at de black man like if I have PSTD and wid all de People going crazy bout heah girl….

    Thank you for your joke

    “…Reason why i have ignored them even his shamless attempt to steal and use the logo stoopid originate from my calling his cartoons Stupid…”

    You real Stoopid though.

    You realise that you have just confirmed @today the genesis of these cartoons 2 1/2 years ago to EVERY DLP SUPPORTED IN BARBADOS & THE WORLD??

    Let me wipe this dribble from my lips…

    Thank you for the laugh Mariposa.

    It is good that we can still laugh while Mia is using this collective high to change every single law around us…while we sleep WITH EYES WIDE OPEN


  • Lol seriousness of all this discourse befuddles the mind

    Any objections i stand not to be corrected.


  • Keep laughing you two bit turn coat hypocrite
    Why yes Stupid does stupid do as in stoopid cartoons





  • millertheanunnaki

    @ T.Inniss July 20, 2018 11:01 AM
    “That is what Politicians and especially the BLP Operatives manipulate us to do – focus our artillery on each other and some on this site like to play this game.
    Notice how the BLP Yardfowls attack the contributors and not the contribution.So right now the discussion is on Mariposa,T.Inniss and Hal Austin and not the fact that ….”

    A genuine contribution cannot emanate from the mouth of a hypocrite.

    You and your ilk of hypocrites and latter-day armchair critics must first ‘go to Jesus’ and remove your robes of hypocrisy then you could be washed in the blood of righteousness.

    Barbados did not become a hellhole of immorality and political doublespeak since May 24th; as you would wish us to believe.

    We shall never forget -even if we are to forgive- the hundreds of lies told by the previous MoF (Minister of Big Fibs & Fake Numbers) to the people of Barbados. Why do you think he was d(a)ubed “Stinkliar” and not the whiz-kid from the garrison who couldn’t tell the difference between a decimal .03 and a percentage .07.


  • If wunnuh fellas don’t like the stan’ out de people kitchen.

    Some uh wunnun duz want to play dat wunnun so morally upright and got de right to tell people wuh wunnuh feel like and duh shun suh nutting tuh defend dumselves.

    It real simple…..if some uh wunnuh feel wunnuh could come on here and dictate paste and force David BU to manage he blog according to wunnuh way.

    If yuh don’t like the way how de man managing he blog…..

    ……guh to WordPress and create wunnuh own blog and run um how wunnuh see fit…..um is dah simple.






    That is what we talking about.



    SO DEAL WITH IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


  • U (not T) Inniss

    It is your civic duty to take the invitation letters to the Commissioner of Police and the DPP so they can file charges against these five known drug lords and you can file a criminal suit against Mottley as prime minister for associating with known criminals.

    You can also conduct an investigation into whether or not the BLP or Mottley received campaign financing from these drug lords.

    That’s how a patriot will deal with it.


  • Good idea especially now Mia is pursuing citizens participation for solutions
    However the possibilty of any legal saction coming forward would be slim and non
    The exposure to shame would suffice
    It is evident that if govt officials can buddy up to such unsavoury character it is most likely that said officials would do all any everything to cover up the dirty deeds


  • Lord the shyte people does write when they want to cover for politicians.

    So now it becomes my civic duty to find the drug lords with the official invitations to parliament,get those invitations from them some way, some how – and then take it to the Commissioner of Police.Ha ha ha ha ha .Too sweet.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ T.Inniss July 20, 2018 11:45 AM

    Since you are pretending to be the High Priest of Bajan Morality why don’t you raise this rather heinous matter where it morally lies since no statutory crime has been committed?

    Why not take it to your god via the Church in the BLP-controlled now unholy Barbados?
    What does the Church have to say on this brazen act of Mafiosi behaviour?
    Where is the Rev. the Apostle Prophet and witch doctor of Divinity Durant, the self-acclaimed raiser of both the dying quick and the dead dead?

    What are the ‘holy’ ministers of the Church doing other than waging their own internal long drawn-out political battles?
    Don’t they have now’ excess’ time on their idle hands to take on such a morally serious national issue instead of creating an imaginary Sodom & Gomorrah by asking their man in the sky to send down fire and Leviticus brimstone on the minority group calling themselves LGBT and who are bold enough to wear openly their sexual proclivities in their annual Gay Pride parade.

    If the RC Mother Church has (not) corrupted the youth throughout their hundred of years of practising in-house (closeted) homosexuality and paedophilia we cannot see how a parade displaying the colours of the Rainbow of Human Sexuality on a single day can turn a nation of Bible thumpers- born out of the most heinous human crimes of slavery and rape into an open sepulchre of decadence.


  • V (not T) Inniss

    You are too thin skinned and so deep within the bowels of DLP political propaganda that you believe there is BLP motive behind any comment that does not meet your level of DLP approval.

    Commisiong did not agree with the finger printing of Barbadians at GAIA or the building of the Hyatt on a world heritage site and without an EIA, and saw it as his civil duty to take both matters before the Court.

    Recently, a magistrate file a civil suit against a bank for what, in his opinion, was the deduction of unreasonable services charges from his account.

    If you believe what the BLP doing is wrong there are many lawyers in the DLP that you could approach for assistance in filing the appropriate civil suit.

    What is wrong with that suggestion and how does it cover for politicians?

    You too thin skinned for this environment.


  • So there we have it T. Inniss

    The whole shebang as to why de ole man bowls at whoever at the stumps cause it ent got a pang to do with whether you is my friend or my enemy IF YOU ARE RIGHT i will side with you for eight and if you are wrong you can be damn sure I GINE TELL YOU YOU WRONG (or since we now have a Chinese Minister of Communication according to Enuff of Lorenzo “YOU WONG, YOU WONG you WONG” heheheheheh)


  • So does the consensus still stand that Bizzy Williams is a saviour to barbados and his magnanimous act was truly monumental or it was just another grandstanding/pretense that sought to place the Trojan Horse of Williams supplied Photo Voltaic systems was just a pre-agreed advertising gimmick orchestrated to get good news coverage?

    Here are a few more questions that the Bishop Reverend Father Joseph Atherley can ask in the HoA if his boss will let him.

    1.What is the age of the roof on the building that Bizzy going put his PV system?

    2.What is the lifetime of the PV Trojan horse being gifted?

    3.Since the lifetime of a PV system will outlive any roof will it be that Bizzy plans to repair the roof before he gifts the PV unit? Or will the BIDC have to repair the roof? before this Vapourware PV unit gets installed?

    Wunna still wid de ole man?

    Doan leh Inniss and Many Pussy sidetrack wunna heheheheheheh

    With the installation of the PV Units, whose electrical output is yet to be determined GIVEN THE STATE OF THE ROOFS, will the BIDC be required to secure additional insurance to make sure the roof does not bust in the building and kill its occupants?

    5.Who will the liability lie with if such an accident occurs? Will the existing property insurers permit the PV units pun top BIDC nearly condemned buildings?

    Wunna dun see where de ole man, AND HYPOCRITE who “stole the stupid FROM STOOPID, to make Stoopid Cartoons” going with this “GIFT”?

    Wunna dun realize that this Bizzy Williams gift WILL NEVER GET PUT PUN ANY BIDC BUILDING?

    But of course dis article dun been said WELL DONE BIZZY! bless your patriotic soul!!!


  • Bizzy knows only too well how to give away trinkets and how to get access to the gold and other loot hereafter. How long has he been playing these silly types of games in Barbados?


  • The question really is..how long will the stupid slaves in parliament continue to prostrate and practice subservience to the likes of Bizzy whose sole intent is to rip off the majority population of their tax dollars and pension money…

    As soon as the dumb slaves of parliament stop prostrating themselves in subservience to the descendants of indentured servants and thieves, the sooner the Bizzys and Cows will stop trying to steal from the black population using their small time schemes and scams while giving the impression that they are masters and saviors of Barbados…

    It is repulsive….the buck stops at parliament and the fools occupying it.


  • Now there is a young man by the name of Dr. Roland Clarke who attended Harsun College who is one of the few SolarEnergy Assessment Auditors in Barbados WHO HAVE BALLS.

    It would be interesting if the goodly doctor could be contacted and his expertise sought to determine the metrics of such installations PURELY FROM AN ACADEMIC ANGLE OF COURSE

    But de ole man should probably not mention Dr. Clarke because he, the gentle giant that he is, was not one of the elitist that benefited from being permitted to stand in the shade of that Tamarind Tree at the Base of the building that housed the Geography Room.

    He ent one of their boys, but the ole man will wait and see how their Blue & Green and Yellow and Red Energy projects are lining up to reward Bizzy HE WHO UNRESERVEDLY DONATED A PV UNIT TO THE GoB via this pre-arranged marketing show where “there was only standing room for the attendees”

    You would figure that given the fact that Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mia Mottley is speaking that commoners, drug dealers and other invitees would rush to hear these pearls of wisdom and therefore her cuntsultants would at lease secure a venue where all could sit.

    THough NOW DAT DE OLE MAN THINKS ABOUT IT, it is better to have the room bursting with standing attendees that having people seated.

    heheheheheheheheh i look like if the world want to hear whu WATCH MUH NOW GOT TO SAY.


  • piece uh de rock yeah right de Hypocrite cause Many Pus*y Call me so

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster Your assistance please with a little item here regarding the inclusion of the expertise of Dr. Roland Clarke




  • Don’t know how a doctor, DaSilva, can go in a public forum and blatantly lie to the public, mislead the public like this, so glad they had him recorded, all these nasty vicious things by demons who don’t want to see the people progress…keeps the country stagnant and not moving forward..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    As I said aready, it is known that the space at Manor Lodge is too small for the Civil Court to operate there, why can they get nothing right…why after two weeks Judges are unable to set dates for matters that have been adjourned for ten months or more due to the malicious delaying tactics of dirty lawyers..


    I thought Marshall and Mia said they will be doing something about the Judges and Magistrates….ya would think the something would have been done as soon as possible…I thought it was important that the backlog in the Civil Court be reduced as well….did not realize that the criminal court backlogs were more important when the Civil Court is even more backlogged and Mia never bothered to mention that.

    Instead they are back to making the unimportant their priority, how could lifting the ban on drones be more important than prioritizing medical marijuana….which will actually boost tourim 100 fold….tourists will not come to the island to fly drones, they can do that anywhere but they will come for medical marijuana…cause it seems this government does not care about the physical suffering of its people either…or they would have already addressed the existing legislation AND PUT IT TO WORK…..as usual it will be the tourist element will make them get off their asses.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    or they would have already addressed the existing MARIJUANA legislation AND PUT IT TO WORK…

    Less than two months and Symmonds of Tourism is already displaying his empty headedness..why is lifting the ban on drones so that the drug dealing element in the minority community can monitor police actions and activities daily be more important than putting the existing marijuana legislation to work…to help those who need the treatment and to boost tourism….what is that damn idiot thinking. …and who is he trying to imoress…, they are already getting too comfortable in their roles as the Slaves of Parliament….and there could be no better sign than him and Gline Clsrke displaying public idiocy.

    Mia better start controlling her fools.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    and who is Symmonds trying to IMPRESS.

    Piece,….these.clowns are too blighted in mind to change their destructive ways.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    This is what you do to the criminals in positions of power be they lawyer/doctor or politician/minister who abuse the elderly and steal their land, money and change their Wills and Title Deeds without their knowledge.

    “A former UKIP councillor has been jailed for stealing £46,000 from a vulnerable man in his 90s after she befriended him in the street.

    Stephanie Todd, 57, caused suspicion by trying to change Philip Wall’s will to become the main beneficiary.

    The solicitors that held power of attorney over Mr Wall became suspicious when she tried to switch legal firms.

    At Teesside Crown Court, Todd, of Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, was sentenced to two and a half years.

    In a statement made to police shortly before he died in February, Mr Wall, of Richmond, North Yorkshire, said: “I am 98 and the fact someone has stolen from me has marred the final years of my life.”


  • Why not lift the ban? another campagain promised made to the undercover world who makes their living through illegal means
    Mottley did not hid whose interest were of importance to her self interest when she invited scurrilous characters to Parliament
    Barbadians eyes are closed to what is happening but one day coming soon when eyes are open they would think thsy are living in Jamaica


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    The same gang of thieves are consistently planning their thefts and fraud against the treasury and pension fund in increments of 60,000 dollars or more…aided and abetted by the slaves of Parliament..This contract should be rescinded and the exministers anf the thieves in the minority community jailed for fraud..

    This was boldfaced theft of taxpayer’s money.


    “Notwithstanding the decision to purchase four water tankers, the BWA board was subsequently asked to approve the leasing of eight tankers from firm 2, at a monthly cost of $60,000 plus Value Added Tax for five years.

    Although the approval was granted at the board meeting on November 5, 2015, the lease with the company for eight tankers had already been signed before the request went to the board.

    While the agreement would have allowed the BWA to stagger the payments over the five years, the purchasing of the tankers would have required an immediate outlay of $2.44 million.

    “Even though one of the water tankers was in an accident and has not been replaced, full monthly lease payments of $8,864.08 have continued to be made for the vehicle,” the report said, adding that “this has placed the authority in a disadvantageous position, since it is making lease payments for a tanker without being able to utilize its services, even though the insurance company had compensated the firm for the written-off tanker”.

    In addition, the auditor general said, the monthly payment for the eight tankers was not in accordance with the lease agreement, pointing out that there was no evidence that the board had approved the variation of more than $2,900 paid per month.”

    The BWA should ensure that all contracts are reviewed by an attorney-at-law before being signed,……””


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Exyardfowl…it is your job to put pressure on the Mia government so that the drone owners do not continue their criminal activities of gunrunning, causing more deaths on the island and more drug dealing….how stupid can a minister be to lift a ban on drones when he knows they are used in criminal activities….successfully so..


  • Good morning to all the good folks at BU.
    A general comment. Sometimes just having a link provides more information than having to read bits and pieces of a story and never getting the full picture.


  • My job is to protect myself from the criminal element which would continue to overpower barbados politics by any means necessary
    Pretty soon an openness to express one views would be nonexistent
    Mottley appetite for being entitled has already open that door


  • If we were as selfish as you, we would still be stuck with Fruendel and his corrupt ministers…and it would not have been 30-0….stay being selfish and see you and yours will be the ones must affected by the criminals and their activities from.. both sides of the divide…


  • Unbelievable that legislation for medical marijuana has been on the statute books for 26 years-and both uselessly inept governments for nearly 3 decades ignored that fact, pretended it ain’t so and allowed many diseases that could have been controlled in the last 26 years to not only flourish but become life threatening and chronic..burdening the healthcare system and taxpayers unnecessariliy……….and instead of now quickly utilizing the already existing marijuana legislation to benefit the people health wise and financially and stimulating the economy post haste…a minister of government jumps out to let criminals know that the 2 year ban will be lifted on drones…drones of all frigging things, because that is his priority.



    @ Well Well & Consequences i will use your text and the excerpt from the newspaper to construct the Lockup Matrix that should be implemented in barbados forthwith or as Mr Codrington said in another submission “toute de suite”

    “…“Even though one of the water tankers was in an accident and has not been replaced, full monthly lease payments of $8,864.08 have continued to be made for the vehicle,”

    The lawyer who drafted this pernicious agreement and its forever clause

    “…this has placed the authority in a disadvantageous position…” all of the members at the authority who were part of this pernicious agreement be they board member, chairman, or PS who would have seen and signed off on the agreement.

    “…since it is making lease payments for a tanker without being able to utilize its services…” any party that was aware of the status of the tanker and, by virtue of their management position COULD HAVE INTERVENED TO MAKE THESE PAYMENTS STOP

    “…even though the insurance company had compensated the firm for the written-off tanker…” The principals of said firm who being knowledgeable of this insurance payment CONTINUED TO RECEIVE THESE PAYMENTS.

    What are the names of the parties involved?

    Have they been fired, demoted, sent on leave pending investigations, prosecuted yet?

    Have their pictures been put in the newspapers yet?

    The only way short of the missing Pachamama’s guillotine, to stop these highway men is to shame them and then seek to lock them up.

    AND THIS IS WHY MOTTLEY HAS TO LET THE COURTS PROSECUTE PAIN for dat property deal gone wrong.

    One of the things that the government has to do as well is to get an official Whatsapp # for its ministries and agencies as well as their email.

    The times demand more rapid mechanisms for communication to be integrated in their matrix of citizen outreach


  • Piece..I don’t see how this wholesale theft of taxpayers money and fraud perpetrated on the people could be met with… it is not big deal, everyone deserves a second chance…to do what, thief more, commit more fraud against the people with the help of ministers, PS’s and others……they really raped the treasury, still are..and they should be arrested, if it was Mia’s money she would already have the cops on top the frauds and thieves for criminal theft and throw in a civill suit just for the hell of it…she cannot be so forgiving because the money is not hers….that money belong to the people and not a bunch of thieves in the business community who believe they have a right to steal from the population..

    That is why I lit into the clowns who were attacking me about the auditor general’s report, because it was so clear to see how government ministers along with the local whites, ripped off the people.

    Ah wonder what Enuff idiot and his sidekick are saying now…that the auditor general is breaking down the fraud and thefts to the lowest common denominator used to steal from the people…

    As I said before..the names of these business thieves should be made public via a blacklist, none of them should have access to public finds ever again, banned for. life..name and shame them, just as the police and newspapers love to publicly name and shame a thief who take a pack of biscuits and sardines, by contrast these are million dollar thieves who stole from the public, who they are should be public knowledge.


  • “The lawyer who drafted this pernicious agreement and its forever clause.”

    That lawyer should be stripped of both his degree AND practicing certificate, banned for life, jailed for life, it was criminal what the lawyer(s) signed on to with obviously no respect for public funds, because they were getting their cut.

    Should we hazard a guess who that wicked, greedy, uncaring lawyer is….in a more modern, developed, less slave minded society, all their names would have been already published, but ya got another weak government in a still backward society, pretending at being progressive and developed while still kowtowing to thieves in the minority community to restart the disenfranchisement of the people for another 5 years.


  • @ Well Well & Consequences

    And there you have spoken the central “truth” and while not that Truth that Pilate asked of Jesus in John 18:38 it speaks to the matter at the place

    “…if it was Mia’s money she would already have the cops on top the frauds and thieves for criminal theft and throw in a civill suit just for the hell of it…”

    But it is not “MIA’s Money” yet nor any of her cohort so at that fundamental level she nor they really dont give a rat’s badword about it and the fact that SHE HAS TO PROSECUTE THESE THIEVES and her own WHEN THEY EMERGE

    For even now as they are making a case to the IMF they are setting up their little deals thinking that because they are being done in the quiet of the night NO ONE CAN SEE THEM


  • We know that, from the very recent mouthings of the not brightest ministers among them, we know all this shit will go sideways again once they have the people money and economy start to rebuild again and minority thieves start paying attention to them to tief it so they can get their cut..

    .. ya see Clarke is already antsy and thirsty for big money and he don’t even have a ministry….but he is ripe and ready to take a bribe, the other one Kerry talking as if the people in the depressed areas got money to buy drones instead of food and medicine but during his campaign he was not talking about drones, only about those that he probably can’t remember exist since electing him…but whose votes he needed back then..

    ….and the newest one begging the thieves in the minority community not to bribe the ministers as though if they tip him over, he will fall….can’t make none of this up, we saw it ourselves..all in one week.

    We get to watch them all operate on bullshit overload now.


  • Plus there is greedy red negro Butch waiting in the wings to talk down to bajans and demand what they should and should not be getting….because what they are getting now is too much for them according to him…these criminals need to get out of the people’s lives..


  • This video by Gaston Browne speaking in his parliament, outlines the total greed of Butch Stewart and his Sandal operations, it can be found on facebook, it is a must see.


  • Sandals has been completely exposed as exploitative to their hotel works, no surprise there at all..when small time, low intellect governments invite criminals and exploiters into their country to exploit, enslave and rob their country and people, that is what happens…the sellouts in the trade unions don’t help, the sell-outs are evil.


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