A Word To The Wise About Mia Is Enough

Submitted by Mark Jones

Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Just when we thought we might have heard it all from Miss Mottley (the eager beaver prime minister in waiting) once again she has put on full public display her very dangerous ambitions to seize power in Barbados and brandish prime ministerial power as if it was a personal machete used only to chop up and destroy rather than act as a force force for good use instead to build up and strengthen. The occasion – the Barbados Chamber of Commerce Luncheon – the audience – the usual group of business leaders anxious to hear how a politician will fix every problem in Barbados so they can maximize their profit margins – the outburst – that when (not if) elected her government will over turn any appointments made by the current administration to such positions as that of Governor General, Governor of the Central Bank and even more startling that of Director of Public Prosecutions.

Well well well. Now for those of us who were not present we can stick our necks out as to what the reactions in the packed and food filled Hall were. But the fact that since that most unfortunate occasion we have not heard even a peep of concern or consternation from especially the leadership of the Chamber to those dangerous words were uttered, must tell you a whole lot about the state of politics and society in Barbados.

Indeed that some average and not so average people in the land could spend so much precious time discussing the fact that the Office of Prime Minister saw it fit to replace an old broken down official car for the real PM to use for official business but can utter nary a word on these utterly dangerous intentions of the Leader of the Opposition must equally tell us something about who and what we are dealing with. To be sure, even as the gossiping groups and political pundits pimp around Rolling Hills peeping through the gate of a 12 year old “brand new 2.5 million dollars house” which it is erroneously alleged  the poor Minister of Finance just got built and moved into, not one of them has taken the time to speak up on this potential imminent and clear threat to democracy and a treasured way of life in Barbados.  Not a business leader, not a union leader  (oh they have clearly gone to sleep where their favoured politician is concerned) and not a third party group whether Integrity or Solution.

But why the silence we ask? Is it that they hate the current government so bad that they are prepared to throw out the baby with the bath water? Is the apparent “gain”of changing the current government worth losing the time bound legal, constitutional and good governance principals that have come to define this fair land of ours and set us aside from the rest. Is Miss Mottley’s  entitled ascendency to the prime ministership of Barbados so important that we risk casting the country into a political abyss to ensure it. Are we witnessing another Donald Trump scenario in the making ?

Now even before the Leader of the Opposition delivered of herself these dangerous intentions, Chamber members must have noticed a “funny smell” coming from the podium when the said Miss Mottley so ungraciously and arrogantly allowed them to know that she was not coming back to speak to them again – at least not in that capacity – a less than veil hint that she expected to be back but as prime minister. That in itself should have caused many to tune her out if not forced some to take a much deserved bathroom break to perhaps regurgitate the afternoon’s lunch.

Be that as it may, those who chose to demonstrate the good manners which our “prime minister in waiting” seems so decidedly incapable of displaying, could hardly have expected this amazing politician to express these wild and potentially dastardly  intentions in the public space for all to hear and ingest.

From what little we know about the Constitutional Laws of Barbados, and in some other jurisdictions, the office of Director of Public Prosecutions is one of the most highly treasured and protected public offices. Indeed in our context the office and it’s holder are virtually untouchable as well they ought to be. It is an office that by law is protected as its holder is appointed by the Governor General on advice of the Judicial and legal Services Commission. In this way it is shielded from any  mischief, misgivings and misuse of potential or actual  political megalomaniacs. That being the case, and certainly we assume a fact well known to the current leader of the opposition, ( who just happens to be one of her Majesty’s legal counsels), one is left to ask the question, what manner of thought and intent goes into the mind of a “prime minister in waiting” that would make her believe that she can rip up the Constitution of Barbados and undo any appointment to the Office of DPP independently and properly made by the Judicial and legal Services Commission of Barbados? Are these the thoughts and mouthings of a grossly ignorant and misguided politician or a potential despot in the making who believes that she is or will not be subject to the highest laws of the land. And what role is the “latter day father of integrity” playing in advising his “prime minister in waiting” on these matters? It would be interesting to her his view on this particular one.

Just as it would be interesting to hear the voice of the alleged “governor general” in waiting Sir Richard Cheltenham, (oh of course Harold Hoyte and a few others have been also promised this prize pick as well) on the equally outrageous intention by this clearly power hungry politician, to fire any Governor General legitimately appointed by the current administration.

Now of course unlike the office of DPP , that of GG is an appointment that owes it’s origin to the political directorate as the it is the Prime Minister who advises the Palace (Queen) on who is preferred to assume this high ceremonial and state governance office.

But so serious is that office it is recognised by both major political parties and countless others down through constitutional history in Barbados as one that embodies the symbolism of political stability in the land and the graciousness and dignity of the Barbadian people, our customs and culture. To the extent that this has been the case , never before in the history of domestic politics has it ever been thought of far less expressed by any active or retired politician that a potential incoming government would be so bold and arrogantly fire a sitting GG because he/she was appointed by the opposing party.

Seriously!! Is this what Barbados is coming to?

The changing of a governor general other than for some serious offence is an affront to monarchy and a slap in the face of Queen as indeed it would be to the people of Barbados.

To even suggest such a thing is the mouthing of a seriously disturbed person who is clearly intoxicated by a sense of self importance, entitlement to power and ultimate disregard for the long enshrined basic tenets of liberal and constitutional democracy. It is a serious potential affront to political, social and ultimately economic stability in Barbados – a feature that has singled out the island as among one of the best and most dependable democracies in the world.

Surely It goes way beyond law or even politics. It strikes at the heart of our way of life as a country by creating the impression that once you don’t like something or someone, indeed worse yet,  if something is not ordered by you and your clan, it is unworthy to stand and must be brought down.

Barbados is not a banana republic. Barbados is the Gold Standard of constitutional liberal democracy . If we permit this hideousness to envelope us where will it end. Who is next , the chief justice, the Auditor General, who.

Will the alleged illegal wire tapping of people’s personal telephones resume ? When will it end. Or worse yet where will it start?

There are many in the United States that would so love to turn back the hands of time to the first Tuesday in November just over a year ago. Indeed as they watch with much embarrassment, concern and consternation over the machinations of the President they freely elected, many now wish they had cast their vote in a different way. Be that as it may at least they know that constitutionally their system has certain built in checks and balances against the abuse of Presidential Power. In Barbados however we have no such constraints on the wild and dangerous abuse of the substantial power of prime minister.

In the hands of the ill-tempered and entitled it can be a vicious weapon suited only to destruction.

The real question is, will the goodly people of Barbados find themselves in the same position as those in the USA wishing this time next year that they had not made the decision Miss Mottley and her handlers seem so arrogantly convinced they are duly about to make.

A word to the wise is enough.


  • @ ac
    Mia is a mock lawyer …and Froon is a mock man….
    Which is worse?
    get a life do…


  • Lorenzo if ac hiding on BU so are you joker. the truth hurts yuh belly dont it. Mia fam member goes on VOB a media outlet that supports the bees and tells them whatever they like but Mia does not have the wherewithal to produce her certification , but continues to hide behind a piece of “dead” in the night legislation most favorable of accomplishing her to be entitled and up to present no evidence by eyeball of the public view has MIa shown in or out of parliament which can verify that the legislation is without stain and blemish and all who are held to be accountable for the legislation dealt with clean hands
    Dont come here holding donkey patties to tell me what was said on VOB


  • Bush Tea yuh ole boar


  • AC the difference is I am not making accusations but you and Fractured and Bush Tea know Ms Mottley is not a lawyer,so back up your lawless talk with action,plain and simple.However like the dead king you all like to throw innuendo about hoping something would stick but the distractions will not work defend your party,s record after ten years that is what you all should be doing not talking about no LEC.How will that pay someone,s bills or send schoo; their children JA.Talk substance or keep off the people blog.or as I said grow some balls and meet up with Mr motley in court moron.


  • @Bush Tea

    It was interesting to listen to former president of the Bar Wilfred Abrahams stuggle to answer a question last week on VoB why no FOIA from the BLP. It is all one big dance.

    ac is a yardfowl.It is intesting to observe how a few on BU become irrelevant over time.

    On Wednesday, 29 November 2017, Barbados Underground wrote: >


  • But Lorenzo, why would Bushie take Mia to court to establish if she is a lawyer or not..?

    Wuh Bushie don’t give two farts boss…

    Actually, if she turns out NOT to be a lawyer, then in fact, she goes up about FIVE notches in Bushie’s book.
    Lawyers are the bane of the earth…. damned decedents of the ‘Scribes and Pharisees’ of the time if Bushman Numero Uno…. now even WORSER in the days of Bushie.

    It is a sweet item to blog about though, and as long as she leaves the lid open, Bushie will sip the sweetness….
    If you and Gabriel don’t like it, then wunna could either LUMP um, …or tell her to CLOSE THE LID by producing the documents that SHE says allows her admission to the Pub… oops… Rum Shop…. oops…. Bar.

    If such a SIMPLE issue is so hard to resolve, how the Hell does she (or you Lorenzo..) plan to resolve CLICO? by inviting people to ‘get a lawyer’? — WAIT!!! that was Froon….ent it?

    Wunna inviting Bushie to ‘go to court…’ (dat ain’t the same shiite as Froon…?)
    B/DLP – same pup

    Now THAT is real trouble in the waiting…


  • @ ac
    Bush Tea yuh ole boar
    Good night to you too sweetness… sooooo good to have you back.
    angela was a blockheaded shiite…. somewhat like Alvin….
    You are different …. more like a life sore….
    ha ha ha

    @ David
    ac is a yardfowl
    In her better moments she is….

    ac is actually MUCH worse…an agent of the Devil himself …and likely is the one resident in the monument at the Garrison.
    If you could spread a little salt and vinegar around the Masthead of the blog …you would see how fast she disappears back into ‘angela Skeete….’

    Artax did some ‘abbra cadabra’ thing and released her from the pitchfork…
    Try the vinegar and salt – or put up a CROSS in the masthead – she can’t handle THAT…
    ha ha ha


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd.

    @Bush Tea November 29, 2017 at 8:54 PM “a mock lawyer [or] a mock man, Which is worse?”

    Ya din ask me, but most definitely a mock man is worse.


  • ” There comes a point when Dems becomes Dems again ”

    Words by Nobel Laureate in Economics, Owen Seymour Arthur


  • LOL @ Dr. (mock) Simple Simon PhD (bogus)
    Ya din ask me, but most definitely a mock man is worse.
    Ya got THAT right.

    There is NOTHING worse than a mock man.

    A mock man comes on TV and gives his word about free education
    …then hides and does the OPPOSITE
    A mock man gets on mock TV and says that he knows NOTHING about CAHILL
    …only to find that he signed the ORIGINAL agreement
    A mock man has his people OPENLY stealing, lying and failing all around him..
    …his best response to date …. GET A LAWYER
    A mock man has PROTECTED friends who are not lepers…
    ….but who are blasted thieves and scoundrels of biblical proportions

    It is the Devil and the deep blue sea, BUT…
    Give Bushie a mock LEC any damn day…


  • BushTea and if she turns out to be a bona fide Lawyer who has practice here for over 25 years you would have to fork out some money in the law court,that is why you hide on BU throwing innuendoes like youridol David Thompson.Your shite talk of skirting issues when cornerned do not impress so you can stfu.


  • Wuh yuh think if Mia knew that the law was on her side she would not have haulled Lowe a.ss in Court. The man continues to throw punches at her about the LEC and she takes no form of court action against him.


  • Why doesn’t he throw punches in th piles of garbage across the island? Not to forget the bush alongside the streets.


    On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 4:16 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • AC you idiot,you do not know there is something called parliamentary priviledge in Paliament and you are the Dems defender on here,piss poor.Let Dr Lowe come out of Parliament and make the comments.I am sure he like you will not,as others like Mr Gollop mr Audain,theAG and PM have not outside of Parliament.Take my advice instead of rushing in to defend make sure you are informed or briefed first JA.


  • Ok changing the conversation is not going to work
    Let Mia take Lowe to court for defamation.it is over two years she had ample time to do so and prove Lowe wrong
    I wonder why she has not done so


  • You idiot, he makes the accusation under the cloak of parliamentary privilege. If there is a problem with Mia’s qualification as as been drilled into your thick weaved headed head, let the Attorney General raise the matter, until he does you can continue to bray like a jackass in the wind.


  • Lorenzo did you not hear OSA called mia proposals for the economy gimmicks
    What do u think


  • You know that Lowe “continues to throw punches at Mottley about the LEC and she takes no form of court action against him,” because he has been using the immunity granted to him under “parliamentary privilege.”

    I recall when Mottley leveled certain accusations at Hal Gollop, he challenged her “to leave the safety of parliamentary privilege and come out, even as close by as Parliament Square or (National Heroes) Square, and repeat the same charge.”

    Why have not Lowe, Adriel Brathwaite, Freundel Stuart or any other DEM have chosen not “to leave the safety of parliamentary privilege and come out, even as close by as Parliament Square or (National Heroes) Square, and repeat the same charge?”


  • @ David

    You minding Lorenzo..?
    How come it makes no sense for Grenville to piss off potential voters on the one hand. …but you agree with Mia allowing questions about her BASIC qualifications, PERSONAL integrity and professional status to continue to linger in the public and blogospheric spaces FOR MONTHS – when ALL THAT WOULD BE REQUIRED is to show some BASIC documents?

    Wunna think that Bushie just come town…?

    Lorenzo, Gabriel and Enuff may be excused, but not you David.
    You have no yardfowl qualifications…. 🙂

    @ Lorenzo
    ” if she turns out to be a bona fide Lawyer”
    if she turns out to be a bona fide Lawyer Bushie’s donkey…

    What if ac turns out to be a Barbados scholar….”
    Like John….?


  • It seems as though the DEMS have rewarded Anthony Bryan (of the Barbados Advocate) and Warrick Franklyn with knighthoods for their loyalty to the DLP.


  • …leave the safety of parliamentary privilege…?

    What a stupid question to be asked by a proponent of Machiavellian politics.

    Why would a sniper who is EFFECTIVELY killing the enemy from behind cover ..come out into the open so that the VICTIMS of the sniper fire could ‘get a fair shot’ as his donkey…?

    Wunna people fuh REAL…?

    The REAL question is …
    Why does the VICTIM not make use of bullet proof equipment…?
    The MOST LIKELY answer is because NONE IS AVAILABLE….


  • @bush tea

    What would you have her do?

    The matter has been publicly dealt with. The court has presided over the matter. A consent order presided over by the Court is in place. If there is a problem with Mia’s qualification it is the Court where she practices to rule and not a jackass like Lowe who cannnot maintain 20 garbage trucks on the damn road.

    On Thursday, 30 November 2017, Barbados Underground wrote: >


  • Why hasnt Mottley accused Lowe within the status of “parliamentary privilege of being a liar..With everything that is being thrown in Mottley direction one would think she would make haste to refute and prove Lowe to be a liar


  • BEcause he is a toad and was a Peter Allard stooge.

    On Thursday, 30 November 2017, Barbados Underground wrote: >


  • Congratulations to Sir Charlie Griffith.


  • Now with election in full gear. One would think that Mia would not want to suffer the bruises of character assassination by her opponent
    The LEC issue would continue to keep Mia on the ropes because it lends self to integrity and yes Mia made the bold and stringent remarks of stating that integrity and morals would be high on the blp list in restructing the economy
    So David you can try all you want to distract attention away from Mottley character but going down to the wire that is all that counts.


  • The matter has been publicly dealt with.
    It has NOT.
    That is political propaganda.

    You are right about Lowe – if somewhat restrained in you characterisation…

    But the FACTS are, that Mia was accused of not having the LEC..
    It was explained that in the ABSENCE of the LEC, some shiite Law was passed that allows persons with a Law degree and who have a ‘practice certificate’ at the bar in England, Wales etc are exempted.

    Just bring the damn law degree and practice certificate….
    How damn difficult is THAT…?

    How is it better to persist with the shiite talk?


  • The court has presided over the matter. If that is so then Mia and /or her lawyers or representative dealing with the LEC matter would have copies of Mia credentials.
    So there should be no excuse as to why these documents cannot be seen in public view.
    If all the defenders can go on media to create defensive action. Then for sure one or more of them can produce some form of court documentation on Mia behalf
    Even that would suffice


  • @Bush Tea

    You keep focussing on the trivial. The big issue here is if Mia is not qualified as a lawyer it is the Court to act not Mia.

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  • Yes Mia character would be constant attacks It would be shown throughout the election cycle how her political mouthings were influential and improper and damaging to barbados economy


  • Warwick has been a loyal supporter of the Dems from way back when.He damn lucky Barrow died in June ’87 before he made his planned removal of 7 non performing ministers.Barrow had a professional Management Analyst sitting in an office at Government Headquarters.
    Bryan has been the purveyor of the Democrat ideas and ideals since ’08.He was already rewarded with the GCM but hankered after the night hood bad.Recall the early days when you couldn’t see an Advocate and not see Byer Suckoo featuring.The result of all that publicity resulted in the lady losing her seat in South and had to be rescued by the Senate.
    It was only fair that Charlie would be elevated being the other of the twin pacers whose reputations brought glory to West Indies and to Barbados in particular.GP will recall those days when hitherto highly acclaimed England players repaired to safety outside the leg stump running from this lightning fast twin of Hall and Griffith.One man stood up to Griffith and ended up in surgery unfortunately.Helmets followed.


  • “You keep focussing on the trivial. The big issue here is if Mia is not qualified as a lawyer it is the Court to act not Mia.”

    In her career as a lawyer, I agree.
    In her career as a politician, I disagree.

    Sometimes in life, a single negative trumps all the positives. The issue is personal integrity. Fractured made the statement her degree is not a pure law degree. MAM needs to clear the air, or step aside. She is the #1 reason the B’s could lose.


  • Looks like the Attorney General has gotten over his observations from the night of the last general election.

    AG: Barbados’ governance structure is sound
    Added 30 November 2017

    Barbados can boast of a good governance structure, as it approaches its 51st Independence.

    PM: No substitute for good governance…
    This point was highlighted by Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite, as he delivered remarks during the 42nd Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture at the Frank Collymore Hall on Monday night.
    “Some accept the mark of good governance at the country level include… accountability, political stability and a lack of violence, government effectiveness and the control of corruption.
    “While these are difficult to track and measure, and have been criticised by some, it cannot be disputed that Barbados scores at a very high level with respect to these variables,” he stated.
    Brathwaite said since its Independence in 1966, Barbados continues to maintain a robust government system with unquestioned democratic traditions, a supreme Constitution, a freely elected Parliament and an independent judicial system.
     “To these three, one can add a free press, a professional police force, very good trade unions, thriving civil society groups and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).
    “These entities can perform their duties in our country free of victimisation and political interference that abound elsewhere.  Our elections are free and fair; election campaigns are unmarred by violence; there are very few judicial challenges to results, and the peaceful transition of government is a hallmark of this our blessed land,” the Attorney General said.
    He further stated that Barbados had no political prisoners, neither were there members of the press imprisoned for being critical of Government.
    “The citizenry is free to make its voice heard on call-in programmes daily, or via social media, free of fear or favour, and I need not mention the political commentary that is immortalised in song during the Crop Over season every year,” he added.
    Brathwaite stressed that such realities do not abound in a country that did not possess positive and secure governance markets.
    Admitting that there were still some weaknesses in the country’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regimes, the Minister gave the assurance that they would be addressed.
     “Government is looking at our overall governance structure with a view to strengthening the same…,” he pointed out. (BGIS)


  • Not at all focusing on the trvial. One would think rather than hiding behind the court. One commonsense would prompt or encourage them to act on there better interest
    But then her better interest might have been sealed within actions of privilege and entitlement


  • Let us see how it plays out.


  • .

    Fractured made the statement her degree is not a pure law degree. MAM needs to clear the air, or step aside.

    What is a ‘pure’ law degree, an Llb? Is this ignorance or just malice?



  • Bush Tea for a supposedly intelligent man ,altogh with your calling the dead king bright I have serios doubts of this,you don,t seem to get it .The Dems are the ones calling Ms Mottley out IT IS THEM WHO HAVE TO PROVE THEIR CASE NOT MS MOTTLEY CAPICE,and I done with you and that.


  • Lorenzo

    Chuckle…..Bushie and intelligent…..do not go together and I am glad that you qualified it with…supposedly…..’causen he ain to bright….lol


  • @ Lorenzo and David
    Wunna people funny – and that is not the ‘ha ha’ variety of funny…

    If an old woman on a Bus is being credited with taking victory away from Owen, how can it POSSIBLY be ‘focusing on the trivial’? ….. with Naked Departure and everyone on Facebook – except Enuff and Gabriel, talking about Mia’s QUESTIONABLE qualifications?

    Wunna know that an employee found to have provided false certification on recruitment is liable for IMMEDIATE dismissal (if not prosecution) when this comes to light? …ESPECIALLY a professional.

    If this is NOT cleared up now, it will have to be cleared up when she wins … with potential catastrophic consequences for the country then…

    If this is trivia …then continue to fool wunna selves…

    @ Lorenzo
    When did Bushie claim to be intelligent…?
    Bushie claims to have have been adopted; … to have a whacker; …and to be rich as shiite….
    in that order of causation…
    The intelligence is for you to worry about…

    There is some shiite very STRANGE about Mia…
    Ever since that damn prison burnt down ..while being saturated with more ARMED police, prison guards, and soldiers than it had prisoners – Bushie has been skeptical….

    Bring the damn law degree and practice certification ….and hush do!!!….

    Wunna only making ac sound sensible….


  • @Bush Tea

    We can only speculate the weight to give to the ad.


  • What is a ‘pure’ law degree, an Llb? Is this ignorance or just malice?

    Her linked in profile states….https://www.linkedin.com/in/miaamormottley/

    The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
    Degree Name, LLB (Hons) Field Of Study Law
    Dates attended or expected graduation 1983 – 1986

    I know you can get a BA with a major/medial/minor. And the same is true of a BSc, B.Comm, BBA etc etc Are there different kinds of Llb’s? I don’t know.


  • Let us talk about the US elections – Wunna understand such things better than Bajan things…

    The single biggest idiot EVER to get elected …won the last US elections by calling Hilary Clinton… ‘Crooked Hilary’ over and over and over.

    She apparently thought it of such small consequence that she never seriously bothered to respond…. probably for fear that an investigation may find that a few dollars from the Clinton foundation may be unaccounted for…

    He also went on and on about emails servers – and other nonsense that now seem SILLY in retrospect…. which she dismissed as nonsense…

    In the final analysis, HE ENDED UP AS PRESIDENT – and to be even more pathetic than even the most skeptical among us predicted….althought she got MILLIONS more votes.

    Arthur may be right,
    These days are funny nights…
    It may not take any MAJOR issue for us to end up with Froon and his bunch back in Bay Street if we are not careful/

    Little foolish loose ends not withstanding, the lesson of Hilary and her cocksure attitude should be instructive…


  • Mr Blogmaster perfectly stated above.

    This is a nonsense matter. And no less a person that Dean Jeff Cumberbatch said so in different words.

    Like you, he noted ( am paraphrasing) that the local Law Courts have approved Ms Mottley as a practicing attorney and as such it is as so approved. Dun deal. Why all this tom-foolery still.

    The folly of the opposition is mind boggling. If dat dog were to in fact catch its tail – that being a validation that Mottley is some how not qualified to practice law – they better realize that they will be great pain. There is no practical upside to this.

    How many times must it be noted that the woman was the freaking AG … how can her actions then be now invalidated. HOW!

    This matter absolutely is a bunch of blarney…we have taken up too many column inches on this foolishness.


  • Excellent @5:43 Mr BushTea… that is the ONLY freaking reason the DLP are publicly litigating this matter.

    BUT….we Hillary was indeed (allegedly) a crook. just as we knew Trump was a lying, son of a racist.

    We also KNOW by the evidence that Mia Mottley is an accomplished lawyer (nothing alleged there) and we know that the CJ Justice, Two former AGs and a freaking former PM vouchsafed her path to the Bar.

    That’s all as definitive as day following night.

    Are they all crooked too!

    You really,really feel the DLP have a winning hand on this stupidity. Seriously!


  • dpD

    On point….well prolixed…..note the belabourer in chief besides ac….. a former disgruntled DEM….what else can you expect.


  • @Dee Word

    Let us take your last point forward for academic purposes only. IF per chance Mia is found not to be qualified by the Barbados Courts, it would be in the best interest of the Barbados government to enact retroactive legislation to ensure the integrity of statute is protected. Instead these idiots because they are in the business of winning elections at any cost would prefer to drag the country in the cesspool analogous to the level Barbados has fallenwith 20+ credit downgrades.

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  • @ David
    Knew you would come around to seeing the potential for NATIONAL chaos from what is really a SIMPLE administrative matter….but could become an unholy mess….
    Small minds are unable to see past the yardfowl politics.


  • To your point David the summarized academic exercise would go something like this:

    —-My colleagues and I after review of all the facts find that Ms Mottley was duly certified to practice law in Barbados from that date certain that the Honorable Chief Justice admitted her to practice.

    We offer no judgement on the validity of the LEC or other certifications allegedly not completed.

    We thank you for you time….But we also feel obligated to note that this was a complete waste of tax payers time and the court’s resources.—-

    Just so. Bruggadung. Dun wid dat.

    Lotta foolish long talk as Owen would say. Or as your boy Pieces would opine (more colorfully) an absolute waste ‘wuk-up’.


  • Only a braying jac ass would compare Justice and the rule of law to a wasted foop for therein lies the rub as Mia wanting to be leader and chief in charge of barbados justice sistem it is fair and right that she be questioned on all matters pertaining to her credentials as a lawyer admitted to the bar and more so when it gets done to the nuts and bolt if her admission was done out of favoritism
    No average joe blow would be given a pass when it comes to matters of integrity and accountability as they pursue to be in charge of the highest office in the land so why should Mia


  • This issue should be pursued at the highest level when it comes to law and order with an essence of accountability and integrity attached ensuring that no one is above the law.
    The real story behind this issue is a law which exempted and gave permission to a few when others were not granted the same privilege
    The question is why


  • And where should this matter be resolved to follow your logic? Would Mia producing and of her documents address your concern about the motive for advancing a law to allow a few to practice law? You admid that Mia is lawfully practicing law then? And it occured under a DLP government?


  • LOL @ David
    See what Bushie means?

    The same way that the illiterate Hillbillies in the USA persisted with Trump’s idiotic rants, you will find that the ac’s and other retarded DLP yardfowls have been HANDED a ‘wall’ by Mia as a rallying cry in the absence of ANY rational, national DLP policy.

    If a blog master of your renown patience and tact CANNOT stop ac on YOUR OWN blog, …can you even IMAGINE how Kellman, Low(e) and the other degenerates of ac’s ilk will get on come the campaign…. in independence square and at Haggatt Hall?

    These days are funny nights…
    too besides – the END is near – so any shiite can happen.


  • my point being that no such thing should happen again , Your inference that under a DLP govt MIa was granted a privilege must also take into concern the influences and drivers [behind all that has occurred
    Failing to do so would lead one into a trap of delusion bent on political leanings


  • What?

    On Thursday, 30 November 2017, Barbados Underground wrote: >

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  • A laughing stock as some might inference .. our country should not be seen in the Internationale community having a leader whose credentials are questionable.
    the country image deserves better


  • Murduh!!
    Welcome to Trump’s US of AC….
    ha ha ha


  • Hence why the incumbent DLP government will take action to apply to the Court and stop braying like jackasses about it.

    On Thursday, 30 November 2017, Barbados Underground wrote: >


  • Right now, with the likes Jeptar Ince, Denis Kellman, Sinckler, Michael Carrington as Speaker, Michael Lashley, Stephen Lashley and Frendel Stuart leading the pack…………..

    ……………. and you don’t believe Barbados is the laughing stock?

    The country’s image definitely deserves better.


  • SO what are you implying that adding Mia to the list would not make a difference ,,how sad
    For what it is worth Barbados economic problems can be traced to many varying factors derived from many govt policies,
    Mia on the other hand has an issue which lends itself to selfservancy and slight of hand laden with doubt and suspicion


  • AC

    We’ve not noticed you here for sometime

    Are you prepared for the election licks your people will take?



  • Good evening Pachaman ac have been away for a while do u have a problem with my intervening,
    if you follow the crux of the story you would notice that some are privileged and some are not and the impact on a society breeds corruption


  • The DLP govt would not take to the court for the simple purpose of saving the tax payers money. in all eventually MIA should come clean in avoidance and do what is dutifully right as a servant of the people and having been sworn under the constitution


  • AC

    But AC because you were ‘over and away’ you did not have to abandon us

    BU operates over deh too. LOL


  • Pachaman since i was away i noticed there are many parties which have thrown their hats in the race.so funny how some are cousins of the blp party and not so funny just like the blp have no solutions.
    Be that as it may it gives an insight of who will be the losers and who would be the winners


  • Another lie like that time you were suppose to be in St.Lucia.



  • David why dont you relax and stop responding on every thing that i say , You must be Artax Sister LOL


  • Theophilius Gazerts 233

    ac… back and with new jokes


  • Like I said before, the Dems keep shifting the goal posts to confuse supposedly smart people like Bushtea to create doubt. The Dems know that Mia neither has an LEC nor UK practice certificate because they are not required. If one listens to Lowe, all he keeps saying is bring your LEC; and as David noted, his remarks remain confined to Parliament. The real hypocrite, however, is Barbados Today/Kaymar Jordan, who in reporting any news item relating to Mia and the LEC should make clear in the article that the paper was sued and agree in court that the woman is qualified to practice law in Barbados. It is disgraceful journalism, but Miss.Jordan will stop when someone bankrupts her in court.


  • Yes………. I respond to “everything you say” because I expose you for the yard-fowl JA you are.

    After PARADING in this forum as the yard-duck Angela Skeete/Cox, you now return as “ac,” wearing the same ugly face and weave…………looking like a masquerade……….telling lies as usual, similarly to when you wrote:

    “ac March 20, 2016 at 1:32 PM #: Sir much of my time is spent ADMINISTRATING and MANAGING a LARGE COMPANY and at intervals would comment within a working environment that can be a cause for me to be distracted…”

    Don’t you think it’s about time you ask Mottley to pay rent, rather than allowing her to reside in your head free of cost?


  • Ok Artax i get it you just cant help yourself

    Now back to this hot button issue that have you and other blp yardfowls shitt..ing in the pants
    The bottom line again is that there was a shift in the goal post to accommodate Mia ascendency to the bar
    Only a few in the know has knowledge and relevant information as to why the legislation passed null and void certain prequisites for some individual and not others
    The bees vested interest in wanting the issue go away with out hearing Mia voice on the issue is telling


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