Does Mia Still Regard Call-in Programs and Blogs a Threat to Democracy?

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

In 2006 the then Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley made the following statement while addressing the opening of a week long conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic Region at Hilton Barbados.

POPULAR ELECTRONIC OUTLETS for citizens to air their views like call-in programmes and Internet blogs ought to have a “framework of accountability”…. “[Blogs] will marginalise our existence as parliaments and will cause disrespect, not just for the rule of law, but for the institutions that are required to keep our societies safe– Regulate call-in shows, says Mottley

At the time her comments were targeted (we suspect) mainly at the inactive Barbados Free Press blog. We admit the Barbados blogosphere has become more virulent(?) since Mottley’s remarks if we include all social media platforms. It is true many abuse social media, however -it has served to throw rocks at the establishment as a means to mobilize change by giving a voice to ordinary citizens.

It is important Mia Mottley -the prime minister in waiting- updates the nation on this matter. The rise of social media has served to empower ordinary people everywhere and we expect that Mia Mottley operating under her own steam has accepted social media for the value it adds to our democracy. Update us please.

See what just occurred in Tanzania!


71 thoughts on “Does Mia Still Regard Call-in Programs and Blogs a Threat to Democracy?

  1. Only a dictatorship tries to suppress information, Barbados is way too small for any government to think they can get away with that now that several blogs are in existence, dont care how much they may want to keep the people as ignorant, backward voters only dependent for decades to come on a 5% minority..

    Seeing as Mr. Melo resides in Tanzania, he is fair game to be terrorized by a government with something to hide.

    “ought to have a “framework of accountability”…. “[Blogs] will marginalise our existence as parliaments and will cause disrespect, not just for the rule of law, but for the institutions that are required to keep our societies safe….

    These words have returned to bite Mia hard…lol

    The ministers refuse to use a “framework of accountsbility” to the taxpayers who are their bosses.

    Mia is now asking for accountability in millions of unaccounted for dollars, if not for the blogs she would be just as silent as the ministers on the disappeared millions…because there have been disappeared millions before and she said nothing then, so what makes these disappeared millions so special to her…that she is hollering for accountability

    Both governments have blatantly disrespected the majority population for decades, 5 decades, no one owes Mia or any of the politicians any respect, they have to earn it, who the hell she thought she was speaking to or about, small children, slaves….these shithead politicians have no end of respect for a 5% minority, sell out their own people to them, “feel their pain”…..but could never feel the pain of their own people who they use for votes to enter parliament and abuse in 5 year increments….or show the majority population any respect.

    Mia knows there is no justice for the average person on the island, but she and all the ministers, other politicians, minorities of crooks, thieves and scam artists who collude with each other with the help of government ministers, were wel lcontent to keep it like that for another 50 years, they consider themselves in a class separate from the majority….whose votes they need.

    Mia had a nerve to say that though, she who knows how compromised the supreme court is, how compromised and corrupt the DPP Leacock, did she not just try to stop Fruendel from appointing Leacock as DPP for life ….she knows what David Simmons and Peter Harris have done to destroy the judiciary, they are all thisclose, she knows well the corruption practiced in Barbados for decades against the majority on the island…

    …..yep, Mia’s words are written in stone to bite her in the ass.

  2. @Well Well & Consequences, size has nothing to do with the dictates of any law seeking to monitor or control social media platforms like BU.

    if a law is similarly passed in Barbados LIME/FLOW and Digicel would have no choice but to put controls in place.

    How many days does the communications company have to keep records? It`s not dependent on size but upholding the law.

    There is absolutely nothing stopping either of the two political parties from using oppressive laws to suppress information that can show poor governance.

    The current PAC fiasco is just theatrics and will never be brought to its logical conclusion for” Spare me and I will Spare You ” is the mantra of the BDLP.

    Let us optimistically guard our freedoms!

  3. A good question deserving of comment by the ac counterparts…….it may be a moot point as the genie has long ago escaped the bottle and grown to such a size that makes re-entry impossible even with the bigger bottles being inadequate to contain it.

  4. Kammie…this has already been tested in several jurisdictions, no small island government owns the internet or social media, there will always be a way around it that they will not be able to contain, dont care what law is put in place, the same Mia and Owen joined with Cow, Bizzy and all the crooks to remove it from Barbados already, dont think they did not try, they spent years trying.

    It would be easier for them to actually stop their rotten, criminal practices and show respect to people on the island…than to shut down anything…that horse has already bolted, the people eyes have already been opened, the conscious ones anyway.

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  6. Kammie
    Errol Barrow the father of independence so called made two colossal errors namely,the back raising of the Barbados Labour Party’s taxpayer funded secondary education to benefit the vulnerable,with taxpayer funded Secondary Education for ALL.Every boy and girl on the block had a secondary education,all those youngsters at Jenkins,at Dodds,at Verdun had a secondary education.Meanwhile Jones the Minister says the secondary schools are possessed of demons,compliments his former party head honcho.Secondly,the tinkering with the provisions of the Public Service Act and the Judicial and Legal Services Commission Act.This has had the effect of reducing much of our Public Service to kowtowers and asslickers,pimps and party hacks whose claim to fame is the Fatted Calf.Initiative,hard work and innovative thinking went out with the retirement of those whose parents sacrificed and paid for their education.No freeness,no automatic entitlement.

  7. We always thought that MAM was herself the threat to ‘democracy’

    Indeed, there has been no democracy since the elites were in charge

    That’s a long time

    Especially if ‘democracy’ was to be about resources, real democracy

    Not the masquerade about voting once every five years.

    Anything aimed at disempowering MAM and the political elites will always be seen as more than the threat it must be.

    • Something we have not done well in the Caribbean is to demand our politicians state and restate positions on any and all issues. Then for civil society to hold them accountable -including the media. A case of the tail wagging the dog.

  8. Do Bajans have respect any longer for any of our institutions from Parliament, to school, the Church or the Law. Maybe MAM was right.

    Is social media to be our saviour? How do we sift through the gossip, malice, porn and propaganda to determine the facts? With whom does accountability lie?

    Too far east is always west.

    Democracy is not intended to be a free-for-all. Responsibility is the true price of freedom of choice and expression.


  9. The electorate, the majority on the island whose votes actually count have to realize that they do not owe corrupt politicians, government ministers, lawyers, doctors or business people any respect, the clowns in parliament labeled themselves “political class” to denigrate the majority whom they need to elevate themselves to the status they need to be corrupt and hide behind the laws of the land to commit crimes against the people of the land…and still have the nerve to expect respect from the people they disrespect….it’s the nastiest form of abuse of a population.

    I always thought the self proclaimed label of “political class” by politicians on the island when describing themselves sounded arrogant, disturbing and insulting to the majority, but it’s only when Walter Blackman kept repeating it in one of his blogs I realized the nasty intent of the politicians in Barbados, toward their own people….trying to reduce them to the level of brainless animals.

    We know the politicians and ministers have nothing but respect for the 5% minorities, dont care how criminal they are, so if they are labeling themselves in a different class, exactly how are they viewing the majority the 260,000 black people on the island whom they daily disrespect.

    No wonder Walter Blackman ran away, as Piece predicted.

  10. Maybe the politicians and ministers should publicly address their decades of disrespect and corruption against the majority on the island, maybe they should start showing some respect to the majority, people dont lose respect for institutions unless they are shown disrespect.

    Get it all in the open, why do government ministers and politicians only show respect to 5% of the population whose numbers are least likely to get them elected.

  11. As long as Barbados depends on Tourism and International business there will be no shut down of blogs or call in programs.

    I hope Kathleen Wynne is still Premier of Ontario when MIA becomes PM of Bim.

  12. @ David,

    I will have to add biting social commentary to my posts.

    Next time I visit Barbados I will bring Off with deet. I hear there are a lot of biting insects.

  13. Mia,, nothing more than another head crook looking to hide her crimes,We will keep posting no matter what, Truth being typed and not printed by news outlets will help to keep them in check , Internet news travel fast true or not, But when it truth there is no court actions , for court action always let true teller to place evidence of the crimes and will bring down the government, We and others Welcome their moves to silent the truth, remember Barbados news class is in the full pockets of the Barbados government, If the internet was own by black people in Barbados it would be shut down or gutted and not worth the near 200 per month for most coverage, Sell out spies from England with pimp title, it was part of the masters plan to dumb down the people , wrong history and no UWI education, the people better use the internet and blogs to find out what the government is hiding, Welcome to the Land of the Moors,

  14. Is it 10 years already? Time flies when you are having fun, I remember that statement and there is no doubt that it was aimed at BFP which was the bell ringer for all the withering criticism that rained down at the then Gov’t. Social media was in its infancy and the blog was the new kid on the block, a few friends expressed their love for the medium mixed with some consternation as some truth was often embellished by a lot of fiction.

    Ministers were rattled (remember Noel Lynch suing?) The prison inquiry that never was; wuk fuh wuk; Hardwood; the peripatetic party jumper from the Pine; VECO, so many missteps. I think that because of that Gov’t Bajans will never again give a Party a third term (DLP mene mene tekel upharsin).

    Mia is in a different place today, she wants social media to be as aggressive as possible in attacking the Gov’t since she will benefit as the pendulum swings.

    As Yogi Berra said “its déjà vu all over again”.

  15. Why waste time trying to shut down blogs when you can simply infiltrate them?

    MAM will say anything to further her cause. Members of her choir will do anything to assist her.


  16. Politicians and governments maliciously and deliberately lie to the people all the time….remember the latest lie that there was no poop running in the streets and into the sea in Chrit Church, that lie turned around and bit them hard in their tourist dependant asses……they use media and platforms to lie to the people with absolute glee and lack of conscience….

    ……remember Fruendel, the prime minister who was the man to yet make a decision on Cahill, no one but him could do so and he will make that decision when he was good and ready, yet he never bothered to tell the same media or the people then that he had signed off on the Cahill scam 3 or 4 years BEFORE that lie……

    ……… ministers and politicians tell poisonous lies to the people….in total disrespect of the people.

    A few satirical lies and fun making should never even phase any government or opposition, they tell lies that could kill the same people whose votes they need to empower them to tell lies.

    Mia has benefited tremendously from the existence of the very blogs she dizzily joined with the minorities to destroy in order to keep her own people ignorant and backward so the same minorities could continue to benefit financially from her people’s slave like mentality for another 50 years…..ironic to say the least….but in so desperately now needing social media to help her get rid of the liars in parliament, Mia will now have to live with social media.

    Actually, everyone of the politicians and opposition closed ranks against the blogs when one of the greedy self serving pigs, either Cow or Bizzy said openly in the press that they would like the internet removed from Barbados… sure around their dinner tables it was said that the slaves are being educated through social media, so let’s mobilize the slave leaders in parliament to shut it down…and the slaves in parliament tried to comply with that request, they should all be ashamed, the majority population should never forget that the traitors in parliament can never be trusted… particularly not when it comes to any threat to their own and the 5% minorities financial scams against the people on the island….read bribery and corruption.

    Even more ironic, both governments will need social media to connect more efficiently with the people going forward because of all their past and present cockups and dishonesty to the

    Africans have a way pf dealing with treacherous and dictatorial slimy leaders, no matter how long it takes, all of those scum leaders are chased into exile or end up before the Hague..if they survive a coup..

    ACs…dont try to think too hard on this, it’s way above yall heads and pay grade.

  17. Raw Bake…they tried that, the ACs are the living, ugly proof of their horrifying and miserable failures to infilitrate, yardfowls are not known for raw or any intelligence, it’s pure shame keeps the ACs hanging on, all their other infiltrators ran from the blogs, no staying power, Walter Blackman was their biggest disappointment though, he was projecting being genuine…lol, hahaha, lol

  18. One of the great advantages of viewing Barbados from the outside is that the massive gaps in our public education look rather scary.
    One of note is the crisis in our education – Alexandra, Combermere, poor exam results, appointing Ronald Jones as minister, it is a long list.
    It is now more common to read about a school in a sporting context than in an educational one. This reality says as much about the schools and administration as it does about the media.
    But the real advantage of this outside-looking-in view is that one becomes aware of how the world is changing while Barbados steadfastly remains the same.
    Recently the minister of Labour, for the first time publicly, raised a question of the future of work. It went down like a damp squib, especially among the academics and militant trade unionists most in the front line.
    Education is one discipline in the frontline of global forces, not only in terms of the Pisa index, but because technology has made it possible for our children to be taught by tutors based in Singapore and India and at a reduced cost.
    As a nation, digital poverty and an out-of-date educational system that makes us unprepared for the world of work still seem to preoccupy people of influence. Partly this is because the decision makers only care about their own children and the more other people’s children are disadvantaged the greater the opportunities for their own.
    Law is also another profession in the front line: there is absolutely nothing that our Barbados-based lawyers provide for their clients that cannot be done by overseas-based law firms, and at a reduced cost.
    Artificial intelligence now means that robot can do nearly all our domestic work and more competently than some of the human domestics who constantly steal from their employers.
    Health diagnostics can be done on the internet along with medical instructions; the most important parts of traffic management, such as number-plate recognition, speed cameras, CCTV, speeding and parking fines, can be done by technology.
    Human intervention is only necessary when there are road traffic accidents and people are injured.
    One discipline that is of interest to me is journalism: most journalism can now be done in relatively low-paid jurisdictions, right up to and including printing, yet despite this, printed media in Barbados are back in the 1950s.
    We can list more and more human activities where advanced technology can make a dynamic intervention.
    Yet,for reasons best known to themselves, Barbados refuses to move with the times, preferring to indulge in petty, pre-historic, personalised party politics that mean very little to anyone outside the micro-bubble that is Barbados, while dreaming of punching above their weight.

  19. WW&C, cast thy gaze further and higher.
    Look not in the yard for them, these deep cover agents sit at the head table shaping, guiding and flying the occasional kite. Like cops directing traffic at the Warrens roundabout, they role is critical on the way to 2018.

    I am on that ZR hurtling towards change but I am wary of the driver.

    • We point the finger at politicians but we need to look at the mirror.

      They come from among us and suffer the same fallibility as we do.

    • We point the finger at politicians but we need to look at the mirror.

      They come from among us and suffer the same fallibility as we do.


  20. Aahhhh….I see, ok Raw Bake…lol

    Hal…….ya forgot to mention that from the males in parliament to the douche bags in the streets still live in the slavery days where it was believed that the rapes, abuse, incest and pedophilia against small children, both boys and girls, young, middle aged and seniors females, when used as a weapon, makes the males feel that they are in control of the weakest in society. ..

    ……that blighted and cursed practice is still alive and well in Barbados, still acceptable to those males who claim to be well educated, up there with technology and knowledgeable, still accepted by a dumbed down society…… it’s well worth mentioning.

  21. @Hal
    For investigative journalism you need boots on the ground. I think you have provided a ptescription for quick disaster unless you suggest how to handle the massive unemployment resulting from sending jobs to other countrird. Sadly, the one thing you cannot offshore is yourism.

  22. Apologies Anonymouse,
    But plse give me some instructions on investigative journalism. Also, what is my prescription for disaster? We already have record unemployment in Barbados: about 12 per cent according to official figures, but nearer 50 per cent in real terms, taking in to consideration those on the public payroll (30,000) most of whom are un(der)productive; for the all important 16-25 yr old cohort out of education and training, it must be about 75 per cent. The problem is nobody believes official statistics.
    The other problem in Barbados is that we fall in to group think with nearly everyone saying the same thing in different ways. Just listen to the politicians and economists. Our conservatism will be (is) our downfall.
    So, instead of proper debates, we talk nonsense about the Royal family, if Mia is an anti-democrat, stench at Combermere and such trivia.
    I know that like me most of the people on this site are retired and have lots of time on their hands, but as a nation at some point we have to grow up and smell the coffee. At least that is our gift to the next generation.

  23. Wow, comment section surprisingly very quiet on this article that has hardcore facts, and nearly half the comments arent even related to the topic. Hmmm, classic bait and switch….

    I am certain MAM doesnt feel that way no more since its the DLP that is currently getting most of the licks on the blogs. When her party returns to power in 2023 she will feel that way again.

  24. Has anybody heard of The Green Book for Negro Travellers? The BBC travel show recently did a feature article on this reference book.

    Necessity is certainly the mother of invention.

  25. @David
    When I am using my phone, the email address and the name ame boxes overlap with the comment box. I can type in the comment box, but I cannot see what I am typing when the text goes under those two boxes.

    Is it ‘my problem’ or is it how the page is set up?

    • BU’s mobile theme/page is activated. Check bottom of your browser to activate mobile theme if you have not done do already if not you will have to share more info like type of phone, operating system, version of browser etc to be forwarded to support.

  26. @Hal
    Just a comment (and not an exchange of fire)
    Your last comment support my position as the suggested changes would lead to more Barbadians being unemployed.

    I agree that there may be a lack of investigative journalists on the island, but still believe that this is one aspect of journalism that has to be on the ground and on the island.

    • When we discuss investigative journalism in Barbados we have to fairly examine the structure journalists have to operate. There is no vibrant journalist union for a start. Journalists are not specialist by their academic training. There is not respect for the profession by journalists themselves. It is seen as a job to earn a paycheck for many.

  27. Anonymouse,
    I was not being aggressive. The ‘problem’ with Barbados, I hope you will agree, apart from group think, is that some individuals want to be seen as the ones introducing change.
    Most of this is tied up in two political parties; otherwise the majority of those who can make a difference either keep their heads down to protect their interests, or to avoid controversy.
    But we must not be bullied; don’t let the mediocrities get the better of us.

  28. I agree, David. In annual surveys, the BBC comes top of the poll for the place young graduates will like to work. Top graduates want to work for the BBC, The Treasury, Financial Times, The Times, Guardian, charities, etc. Being a university don comes far down the line.
    One problem is employment policy. If Barbados media employers were to hire good graduates and send them on journalism courses then the quality of the journalism would rise.
    Having said that, over the years Barbados has produced some first rate journalists: Carlton Proute, Robert Best, Carl Moore, Don Norville – and a host of citizen journalists, including Gladstone ‘Muff’ Holder, one of my old teachers.
    The real challenge is one for the community college and university. They must come up with proper training courses and the journalists themselves must make demands, instead of spending lots of money on silly so-called international journalism courses at City University.

    • @Hal

      Producing one or two good journalists will not move the cause forward. The media excellence you yearn must be facilitated by media houses that operate a viable economic model. The BarbadosAdvocate and Nation Publishing for example depend for survival on the advertiser.

  29. We have an emasculated PAC, a toothless Auditor Genral, a corrupt legal system and a blinkered DPP. At least we have the blogs to expose, if not to put a stop to the widespread malfeasance in high places.

  30. David,
    The business models of newspapers are a problem all over the English-speaking world. What we do know is that people are prepared to pay for quality journalism.
    The big global financial publications had a very good financial crisis, in terms of sales and demand for writers as speakers.
    The free press – in London we have a number of free newspapers – cannot even get people to take them. People do not trust poor quality journalism.
    The other issue of course is that of readers, Barbadians do not read as much as they think they do. What are the annual book sales for general readers? The weekend Nation (Sunday Sun) has a circulation of under 40000 ie less than one per household. There are about 150000 working people in Barbados a ratio less than 1:4 sales.
    David the problem is bigger than we pretend it is.
    By the way, I am not sure what you mean by producing one or two good journalists, and moving the cause forward.
    Good journalism is more than re-publishing press releases. Any secretary or school leaver can do that.
    A now dead lecturer, an old school lawyer, once told one of his classes that if you really want to know the quality of journalism just read what they write about a subject you know about.
    It is what I call the Tony Cozier test: that young black people do not play cricket because they now prefer American games; or black Britons turn their backs on cricket because they prefer football. Plausible myths.

  31. The Maria Agard issue exemplified Mia inclination to be a defiant force against freedoms which might cast doubt and shed light on issues that are contrary to her ideologies ,
    Remember Mia Agard was dismissed because she dare use freedom of speech via the press to air her views which is her fundamental right
    that issue was a another dark side of mia which showcased her power to suppress a persons right of free speech to which all all sundry was appalled at her actions and by which her past leader OSA called her menace and a despot

  32. The Maria Agard story will be a stain on Mia legacy as a reminder of her clandestine actions against a rule of law and to which ever individual has a guaranteed right within the Constitution
    It doest nt matter the vessel the manner or the methods by which she use to attack or to launch a fundamental fight against freedom of speech but her brazen willingness to undermine the law and suppress such freedoms,
    THe press should be by all means be weary and suspect of any govt or leader or organization who would sit behind closed doors and pass laws rules or guidelines than would impact the very existence of the fourth estate and which is indicative of coming very close to suppressing any one right to freedom of speech
    Mia in her exuberance did not shy away or exempt any individual from feeling her wrath if they choose to favor dissent via media but openly expressed her defiance and personnel distaste for any one who felt free to choose the media route for expression

  33. You are a very dishonest individual, but then again “honesty” is not a known attribute of political yard-fowls.

    For you to write that Agard was dismissed from the BLP “because she dare use freedom of speech via the press to air her views,” when you know it’s UNTRUE and only because it is POLITICALLY EXPEDIENT for you to do so, is DISHONEST.

    What you need to do is comment on David BU’s question re: “By the way minister Richard Sealy, did your engineering company consult on the South Coast Sewage project all those years ago?”

  34. Social media has shrunk the world and netizens now have access to using such non threatening tools as RECAP. DoS attacks and PGP peer type peer encryption. Our security services can track as is their right but hacktivism is the equalizer against the sophisticated technology employed by governments.

    Just as you have change in Gambia so too will you have change in Barbados for the DBLP deceit of the masses cannot and will not continue forever. Neither political party seems willing to change the governance model to better governance and accountability. We need not look further than the PAC show.

    Change is as certain for Barbados as the rising sun. The Baby boomers who are compromised and have sold out are will all be dead by 2035. Millennials are the only ones who can save Barbados. #ANewWay #ANewAgenda #ANewBarbados

  35. Sir all and Sundry were out rage at Mia clandestine attempts as i stated even her past leader OSA showed similar outrage in his media staments whilst emitting furour and vexation in his coded language of Mia actions
    Do not get her and accuse me of slanting the facts when the facts would show that Mia words showed actions towards suppressing Agards freedom of speech

  36. The “facts” you have alluded to are your politically motivated “facts,” slanted to suit your political agenda……………… and not verifiable “facts.”

    You have been at the forefront of accusing the former BLP administration for the south coast sewage fiasco and building an inadequate sewage plant.

    What we want to know is if Richard Sealy, through his engineering company, was the consultant on the South Coast Sewage?”

    You are purposely avoiding answering this question.

  37. Sir i have answered your other mischievous political loaded question
    A question that have no facts or evidence to verify if Sealy being a consultant ever gave advice about the Sewer project
    However i take your question in the spirit it was asked one of deception and political ploy

  38. One the other side of the equation this article produces evidence which demonstrates Mias words by her own mouth a troubling and distrubing desire on her part to supress freedom of speech
    Artax how would you explain or defend such actions faced with the evidence presented

  39. @the Intelligent AC I hope

    The question posed by Artax is a simple one. Why, therefore, would you seek to avoid the question by a diversion towards hyperbole? If Minister Sealy was not the engineering firm privy to advising or overseeing the construction of the South Coast Sewage Project, or if the engineering firm that he is or was a part off was involved in the construction, I really do not see why you would take the position that the question is a loaded deceptive political gun? Or is that an answer of yes, would simply toss the blame right back in the DLP lap as they have sought to do by blaming the BLP for the South Coast Sewage Plant faults and freely flowing sewage down the roads of Worthing? AC, there are enough political deceits and manipulation of facts coming from politicians that make it literally impossible to avoid being suspicious of any of their actions. So again I ask if you have the information, why can you not answer the question?

  40. Well Well

    Girl you hitting hard like a bat. I am glad to see that you recognise the fraud that is Mia Mottley. She is trying her utmost to come over as playing a moral and upfront role, but the reality is, she is a nasty piece of work. Notice that in all of her promises, all of her exposing, all her revelations, she has not once indicated in all of this that Barbados must address the issue of government accountability, transparency and anticorruption legislation with a purpose and a practical need to protect the public purse. She is exposing possible corruptions, but not speaking on the things that would prevent politicians from freely awarding contracts to friends for that all important few thousands draw back. That is why I have reconsidered casting my vote for the pretender. Now I do not know who the heck I will vote for when on one side there is that arrogant pompous prick and his bunch of renegade dufuses; and on the other, Mottley and her thirsty power hungry want money group, can’t wait to restore years of losts.

  41. @ ac December 19, 2016 at 1:49 PM
    “Artax how would you explain or defend such actions faced with the evidence presented”

    Ac, “how would you explain or defend” the actions of your boss man to defend Greenverbs (faced with the forensic evidence) and to have the insulting temerity to call him an astute businessman and estimable gentleman worthy of being called his bosom pal, leper or no leper?

    How do you explain the seeming lack of morality displayed by the inheritor of those stolen millions of CLICO dollars from policyholders who are suffering daily in penury even though forensic evidence confirms the stealing of their hard-earned savings and which were laundered via the D T law machine?

    Death is not always the final solution to a national and shameful crime, you know!
    Now leave Mia and Maria alone and look into the mirror to remove your own party’s moral mote.

    “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye..”

  42. Both parties have attacked call in programs. Politicians on both sides dislike blogs. As for good journalists -not possible when the papers only employ Bees and Dees- no room for independent thinkers.

  43. In reference to Sealy ac answered the question on another blog
    Miller u are slowly becoming a composite of an ole political antagonist miserable as
    Why are u babbling and trying to shit the article composition to person times and events not mentioned
    You seem to be in hot pursuit to discredit the truthfulness of the article by use of a poisonous injector

  44. SSS…there is not a whole lot left for Mia and her gang to steal, they would have to rely on those contracts-for-bribes that Fruendel and his Liars are trying really hard not to let go of, the electorate will have to rip their grip off the taxpayer’s contracts….by kicking their asses out of parliament.

    Mia should realize that her relationship with Peter Harris will make her a never ending daily target of bloggers, for starters….so if she thinks it wiĺl be easy to mamaguy bajans in this decade..oh well….she sees how well that is working out for Fruendel & Co.

  45. SS…whether Sealy’s father engineering firm was part of a scam to rob the taxpayers or not…, there was 2 million dollars available every year for the last 8 years and not one of the corrupt scumbags for ministers used the money to fix or replace the diffusers that would have prevented that shitty mess in Worthing…..

    ….. they found millions for Bizzy’s Ionics scam, millions for Maloney’s building scams, millions fir 4 season’s scam and whatever else they wasted taxpayer’s money on including a shitty celebration, but not a dime for sewage leakage. ..8 years, those animals neglected what is important, water and sewage and transportation….and.., and…everything.

  46. Speaking of journalists,what is the opinion of BU on the counter by Albert Brandford on the advice proffered by Hal Gollop and his associates to the three blind mice,sorry the three ministers in defence of their refusal to attend the PAC pow wow.Thus far there have been 2 published opinions that disagree with the lawyers’ advice.

    • @Gabriel

      If the three ministers have nothing to hide there is no reason to dodge the PAC even if process supports that the Accounting Officer is to be called.

  47. I asked the ACs to answer a simple question first posed by David BU, and the yard-fowls described it as a “mischievous political loaded question” and “one of deception and political ploy.”

    As usual, your response is demonstrative of your ignorance. How could a question be deemed as “having no facts or evidence,” when by ASKING a question one is SEEKING “facts and evidence?”

    However, it seems as though you are trying to convince BU that your attacks on Mottley are not “of deception and political ploy,” but you are being patriotic.

    “How would you explain or defend such actions faced with the evidence presented” in a court of law that Michael Carrington willfully with-held his former client John Griffiths funds for two years, before being ordered by the court to reimburse the elderly man?

    You are so predictable and hypocritical.

  48. William Skinner
    I have expressed the opinion that this country small population size makes the fourth estate into a toothless tiger.One the one hand you have the politicians who like Barney Lynch get so swell headed that they think they can sue the media for a pound and a crown,only to be dispatched at the box.Then they are the farmundanis who threaten to withdraw advertising and sued a medium all the way to the CCJ for a classic song.Ronald Batchelor was kicked out of Barbados by EWB,the brilliant academic Ralphie was kicked out by JMGM as was the Guyanese Indian sycophant.Since those halcyon days we have not had removals from Bdos.Of the current crop I have no idea who is B and who is D but the Advocate seem to have a special admiration for the present party.I see a cross section of commentary in the online version of the Nation.The ease with which the internet has changed news gathering and dissemination should lessen the effect of the B and D syndrome.

  49. David
    I am reliably informed that the accounting officer, now retired,was called and gave evidence.If that is the case then I deduce that that officer’s submission necessitated some clarification at ministerial level.That makes sense to me,in which case the failure to appear tells me that these blowhards have taken fright because MAM is no rabbit in matters legal.The empty threats of Adriel and Lowe seem to be nothing but parliamentary hogwash by boys doing men’s work.

  50. The futility of trying to shut down the Internet, as Trump was tryingnto do to his version of terrorist groups, but tgphen he wont be able to tweet crap…lol what he does not know and I am sure no one would waste their energy explaining to him, there are areas of the net that are literally untouchable, so those fly by night jackoffs in Barbados, in government and the private sector who think they stand a chance to keep information from the people to enrich themselves for another 50 years, can go scratch.

    “Most Western countries, including the United States, regulate the Internet very loosely. There are few restrictions about what American citizens can do and say on the Internet. Child pornography is one example of forbidden Internet activity in the United States — Google is barred from linking to it, and websites cannot display images of it.

    Why the United States can’t do it
    But a full-on “closing up” of the Internet “in certain areas” would be an impossible task. There are so many players with so much redundancy built into the system, that the Internet is not just something that can be turned off with a wave of a magic wand.

    Virtually every part in the United States has multiple Internet service provider options.
    Comcast, (CMCSA) Time Warner Cable (TWC) and the other major broadband companies don’t overlap much. But Verizon (VZ, Tech30), AT&T (T, Tech30), Sprint (S) and T-Mobile (TMUS) all provide the same service to roughly the same areas. Satellite companies also provide Internet to most parts of the country.

    Removing Internet service in certain areas of the U.S. would require those companies to turn off their cell towers and fiber networks, and to restrict satellite access to people living in those regions.

    America can’t shut off the Internet overseas either
    Shutting down Internet service in foreign countries could be even more difficult.
    Despite a common belief to the contrary, the United States does not control the global Internet. Servers on foreign soil serve up the Web and other Internet services to people living abroad.
    So foreign Internet infrastructure would need to be disrupted or shut down to turn off service in certain areas — already a tricky task made even harder if the countries and companies controlling those servers and cell towers abroad don’t cooperate.

    Whatever, Donald Trump wouldn’t want the Internet shut off anyway. Then he couldn’t tweet”

  51. @WW&C
    This is not my forte, but I think governments tampering with internet access has to be taken seriously in some places. Barbados may be one of those places.

    With the few telephone companies and internet service providers (ISP) available in Barbados, the GOB is in a strong position to impose limitations on access to the internet,

  52. We shall see…Propagandist.

    “But a full-on “closing up” of the Internet “in certain areas” would be an impossible task. There are so many players with so much redundancy built into the system, that the Internet is not just something that can be turned off with a wave of a magic wand.”

    From experience, there are areas in the internet where information is dissiminated that people do not know exists, ya can’t stop what you do not know exists.

    I will certainly not be the one to share that info with any of the jackasses in parliament, because they are trying to kerp bajans backward and ignorant to continue selling them to a minority population….they deserve what they are getting, they deserve to not know.., same thing they practice kn their own people.

  53. Does Mia still regard call-in programs and blogs a threat to democracy?

    Yuh would thing that one of our shiite journalists would ask her directly if this is the case, …and if so, (or if not) why….

    Even for a brass bowl bajan reporter this must be a no-brainer….
    Surely they watch ‘Hard Talk’…..

    • Which journalist on the local circuit has the balls to operate in Hard Talk mode? Will their media house give them the support? For example, can Stetson Babb ask FLOW/C&W hard questions?

  54. @ David
    How hard can it be….? One does not have to be rude….
    We all know that Mia reads BU….. so here goes… perhaps she will even respond
    (knowing Mia 🙂 )

    Hi Mia,
    Some time ago you expressed strong reservations about the role of social media, and in particular, its potential to be disruptive of national development. Of course you were looking then from the perspective of government and specifically as Deputy PM.

    1 – After some years now of seeing the matter from the opposite perspective, do you still consider social media to be a ‘dangerous threat’ to society?

    2 – Why?

    3 – Would you agree with the growing thinking that in fact, social media provides a level of transparency that far exceeds anything that can be legislated …and should therefore be protected and encouraged by a ‘progressive’ government?

    4 – What actions could then Bajans expect from a government under your leadership in respect of the protection of the rights of citizens who wish to exercise their rights to free speech using social media?

    5 – Finally, is there any truth to the rumour that Carl Moore is slated to be your Minister with responsibility for social media and anti-pseudonym operations?

  55. @Bushie
    I was nodding and approving until number 5.
    We Bajans have a way of making a very strong and persuasive argument, but a sweet punchline will seduce us and throw us off course.

  56. The Bushman does not expect to be

    There is too much going on behind the scenes, they all gotta keep quiet for now.

  57. LOL @ Gazer & WW
    Actually folks, it does not matter if Mia answers or not… or if we are ‘thrown off course by the punchline’. The sad REALITY is that the current situation in now well outside of the control of us human beings, and people like Froon, Mia, Trump and Putin are mere pawns in the big end-game.

    Life on Earth always used to be an ongoing battle between two opposing, superhuman, spiritual forces, with man being the focus of battle operations. What has changed in very recent times is the unilateral withdrawal of one of the balancing sides of the warring forces.

    BBE withdrew …out of respect for mankind’s almost unanimous choice of the albino-centric ways of the ‘other side’. In short, we have chosen sides, and BBE has decided to respect our choice.

    Satan will now be free to do dixie…… the counter-balancing force having been withdrawn…
    ..starting with the big ugly monument on the Garrison…

    The mind boggles at the prospects…. of the opening of the very gates of Hell.

  58. @Bushie

    Is there a right to free speech?

    Even if there is, would not the libel/slander laws impose limits to protect MAM and co?

    These laws only give two defenses. (1) the truthfulness of claims (2) reasonableness or fair comment.

    We have no particular interests in coming into compliance. Thereby conceding strategic weapons to criminals, who deny the people other rights to recall etc.

    And the Public Order Act is another which limits free speech!

    Two examples.

    The only thing that currently offers some protection is being out of the reach of law. In cyber space. That makes it impossible to cover people who may not be circumscribed by 166 miles squared.

    For me and my household, nails will not cease being driven into their coffins.

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