Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley accused of ‘abuse’

Denial of Human Rights by the Government of Prime Minister Mia Mottley, so called champion of Climate Change and presumed candidate for UN General Secretary.

Submitted by David Weekes
Minister of Finance
The Honourable Prime Minister Mia Mottley

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen of the Caribbean Newspaper Fraternity,

Please find attached the details of this matter of my continued  abuse by Mia Amor Mottley Prime Minister of Barbados and her corrupt government administration fully detailed in the attached Denial of Human Rights… document.

For 17 years, I have been a victim of systematic Abuse of my Human Rights in Barbados, a country which Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, leader of the newly minted, banana Republic of Barbados, ironically calls A Nation of Laws but astute review of documents herein attached will bring light to this misnomer.

I continue to have my Human Rights, particularly rights defined under Articles 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 violated. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Article 7 reads:

All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Article 7

I have sent this email to yourselves, the last bastion of  hope with a fading optimism that you, like George Linnaeus, might hold fast to a belief of representation  for causes that lack assistance and need resistance.

My prayer is that you might give voice to this travesty of injustice and the blatant denial, for 17 years, of my Rights to Legal Process.

Supporting documents:

17 thoughts on “Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley accused of ‘abuse’

  1. Natural disaster debt pause offered by Canada
    As Barbados was placed until tropical storm watch on Wednesday, Canada offered to pause debt repayments for Caribbean countries hit by natural disasters.
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement on Wednesday as he met with Caribbean leaders on day one of the Canada-CARICOM summit in Ottawa.
    “Canada will now offer climate debt resilient clauses (CDRCs) in all sovereign lending,” he told the summit during a session on climate change.
    The Bridgetown Initiative, a set of recommendations on debt relief, low-interest lending and climate change promoted by Prime Minister Mia Mottley had advocated for such climate clauses.
    Like the debt clauses the World Bank offered in June, Canada’s promise of pauses on repayment due to natural disasters would apply only to new loans.
    Addressing the World Bank debt pause clause, Mottley pointed out that it applied only to the principal of a loan, not to the interest and therefore offered little help to countries in crisis.
    “Instead of having debt pause clauses for all existing debt for vulnerable countries, we are now being told that it is likely to be future debt,” she said.
    Mottley said philanthropy and multinational companies “must play their part” to help the World Bank finance climate adaptation and other initiatives among developing countries, such as those in the Caribbean.
    “So that we have three sources of funding: public money, private-sector capital … and philanthropy, and we can then have a World Bank that is scaled up to help meet the needs of the world,” the Barbadian leader said.
    The discussions on Wednesday came as Barbados and several other countries were under a tropical storm watch following the development of Tropical Storm Tammy.
    The Barbados Meteorological Services said the system is projected to pass north of the island on Friday.
    The threat of the weather system prompted Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to leave the summit earlier than planned. (BT)

  2. 2 comments on this piece although no direct, targeted analysis of the matter pertaining to Monsieur Weekes…

    Is it because there is no background music on this issue or is it that the #BarbadosPM is not open for criticism??? I can understand in a small island nation, there are some who have a lot to lose from taking on this modern day Jezebel…

    I happy that Mssr. Weekes have the intestinal fortitude to call out this member of the #MottleyCrimeFamily given her international image of stewardship when that facade is merely a veneer to cover-UP* a very corrupt individual with a broken moral compass…

    17 years is a long time to be fighting for anything – no wonder we are witnessing what is going on in Israel as justice seems to be completely blind…

  3. David Weekes

    Why would you not give a summary? An update? Do you think that somebody currently fighting two wars got time to read, as Bushie would say, this lotta shiiite?

    Just kidding

    Have long sided with you over the thief of your intellectual property. This has been a long time to keep this case going. Maybe they are seeking to brek you?

    Ot keep you brek?

    Your case is a major reason the underdeveloped will so stay.

    Lesser mortals would have surrendered to inertia, lawfare, a long time ago.

    Keep up the struggle!

    Thevblog should avoid that Johnny from imposing his matter, again. For with him there are few more sunstantive local issues.

  4. Well, in this writer’s travels and triviales it has been found that the best way to deal with regional politicians, officials, is to be buy them.

    Is this not what happens in Barbados as routinely as water leaving a duck’s back.

    We get the impression that David Weekes, as well intentioned as he seems, still labours under false presumption that the force of his case will hold sway.

    We currently know of a case where such an “initiative” has been engaged and where paid parties have not so far delivered.

    Given a deadline to see matters through, they have been told to keep the “agreement ” or else.

    You should see some asshauling going on, even in the face of much disquiet amongst populations looking at certain public interests but unaware of this hidden ingredient in the motar pestle.


    We get the impression that Mottley’s star if dimming.

    Maybe the public sentiment has wanted as could be expected after 6 years. However, we’ll be hard pressed to imagine that another 30-0 is less than possible given that
    no one resides in the orher camp.

  5. Feeling sad. Followed the BU links in a comments above and the end up feeling a bit sick.

    It is obvious that the system is not working the way it should. Some will be made rich and others will be robbed and nothing will be done to right any wrongs.

  6. That Mia Mottley could be touted as a future UN Secretary General.

    If true, just indicates that the Barbados primeministership of Barbados is meagrely a ‘limited hangout’.

    That the UN is no more than the top public relations institution for the forces running the world and her connection should be pregnant with meanings.

    For Mottley would be only aspiring to be a better servant of the same wicked forces who are committing genocide in Gaza.

    Of course, she has proved her commitment by her service in Guyana, against Russia and now against Haiti.

    That this kind of talk is mouted when efforts are being made, at Valdai for example, to reorder ALL that is may only suggest that a loud barking dog be inserted to applease.

    We trust the day will come when the UN goes the way of the League of Nations.

    Or as John Bolton proposed, the top ten floors be cut off.

  7. Our Supreme Leader cannot abuse human rights because she is the source of all human rights on our island. The Supreme Leader’s will is the supreme source of law for the state, administration and courts.

    And: Of course, she is the best candidate for the position as Leader of the UN. She is dynamic, full of energy, knows how to tame men and more. I’ll bet that she would end the Ukraine war in a week!

  8. @?

    “For Mottley would be only aspiring to be a better servant of the same wicked forces who are committing genocide in Gaza.”


    Sir Paul Altman. Please respond to the above sentient noted by one of
    BU’S core writers.

  9. @ Tron

    “I’ll bet that she would end the Ukraine war in a week!”

    – – –

    That’s a cliff hanger for any UN leader.

  10. Our Supreme Leader has defeated volcanic ash, hurricanes, Corona and other natural disasters like the DLP.

    If you can bring down the DLP, it will be easy to force Russia to give in.

  11. @ David

    Any chance of BANNING Tron…?

    Democracy is all fine and good – but like all natural processes, we need to know how to allocate the inevitable outputs…

    For example, there is an acceptable depository for shiite – a toilet or sewer (except in Brassbados – where we use the sea – where we then bathe)

    There is a place for teachings, for sports, for politics, religion and almost everything else … even joking…
    But the ongoing outpouring of shiite from Tron SURELY needs to be properly flushed… least it brings the status of BU into disrepute – somewhat like the situation where a tourist island invites citizens and visitors to bathe in in the same waters where their sewage is disposed…

    …or just lend Bushie the ‘Ban-Key’ nuh….. PLEASE!!!!
    Tron, Kiki, ****, J****, D*****, ……
    It would be cat piss and Peppa son BU…

    • Bush Tea,

      We should all start to admit that we live on the island of the blessed. We live in a golden age under the benevolent rule of Mia Mottley – as Titans and humans once did under Chronos.

      It is no coincidence that this current hurricane passed us by. The divine hold their hand over us as long as their emissary rules as Prime Minister. Hurricane Elsa was simply the punishment for 10 years of DLP rule.

      Tron, simply fair and balanced

  12. They will come here and talk of new laws, new courts, new buildings, new lawyers, new judges, new SCs, but the old cries of abuse, theft of victims fund and the continuation of the legal Mafia continues.

    They have used their brain power to create, maintain and run an injustice system. Planned wickedness.

    May the Good Lord protect us and keep us out of its clutches. Planned wickedness.

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