Barbados Labour Party PROMISES to ENACT Integrity Legislation from DAY 1 If Elected

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party

The following is the Barbados Labour Party’s draft Integrity Commission Bill. We invite you, the members of the public, to comment on this Bill as we intend – after taking into account your suggestions – to have this enacted  as a priority if we are granted the privilege of being elected in the forthcoming general elections. Please note that all  comments and queries will be held in the strictest confidence. If you need clarification of any point, please leave an email and we will get back to you.

Thank you.

Read full draft of the document uploaded to BU database – HERE.


  • David

    Where is the picture of the house 🏡 you put up on this BU site …..claiming it is Chris Sinckler’s own ???

    Because I see a Trini lady telling the world 🌎 it is her own .

    That suit you right !!

    That’s what happen when you place a bowl of dog 🐶 chow for BLP lapdogs !!!

    What you supposed to really report on you hide behind……INNUENDO !!


  • Fucktured BLP

    Yes, I’m fishing……………

    …………… but you have conveniently refused to take my bait, by not answering pertinent questions I asked you on several occasions…………. preferring to “dipsy doodle” with an exhausted LEC shiite distraction.

    Do you think it’s highly unethical and immoral for the ruling DLP to be indebted to a state owned agency in the amount of $109,609?

    Tomorrow’s “Q in the Community” is being hosted by the DLP’s “Families First” at the DLP’s George Street Headquarters/Auditorium.

    We know the DLP is indebted to CBC in the amount of $109,609 for services rendered on credit. It is against this background that, being a concerned tax payer of this island, I am concerned CBC may be providing “Q” services to the DLP on credit as well, thereby increasing the accumulated debt.

    Since Stuart is the president of the DLP and as PM, CBC falls under his jurisdiction, as well as the former DLP candidate for St. George South, Doug Hoyte, is the GM of CBC and DLP General Secretary George Pilgrim is a member of CBC’s board of directors…………….

    ………….. I’m sure this transaction will remain secret.

    However, I’m fishing to know what other state agencies the DLP is indebted.


  • Fractured BLP November 22, 2017 at 9:32 PM #

    “Where is the picture of the house you put up on this BU site …..claiming it is Chris Sinckler’s own ??? Because I see a Trini lady telling the world it is her own.”


    The following excerpt was taken from the November 18, 2011 edition of the “Daily Express.”

    “TOP CLICO executives, KAREN-ANN GARDIER and Ian Garcia, SIPHONED millions of dollars from the insurance company and transferred the funds to THEIR PRIVATE COMPANIES, Neal Bisnath, the legal representative for CLICO, said yesterday.”

    “The funds were then used to open US million-dollar Executive Flexible Premium Annuities (EFPAs) at CLICO, Bisnath said.”

    And you really expect Barbadians to BELIEVE a FRAUDSTER and EMBEZZLER like KAREN-ANN GARDIER?


  • @ David
    You need to make up your mind and distill the issue with clarity. Mia does NOT have a LEC, she however has a law degree.
    So why can Bushie not see the law degree?

    @ Tell Me Why
    When you get admit to de bar you must present yuh qualification. You tink the British would allow such things to slip pass them without due diligence

    @ Artax
    if, for example, ten people qualified to undertake a specific discipline, it is not fair for you to separate and condemn ONE person, mainly because they do not embrace your particular political agenda, while giving the other 9 a free pass.
    Bushie is giving no free passes…
    Just don’t care two farts about the other nine…
    Bushie won’t be hiring them as lawyers..
    …and they are not seeking to be dicktator-in-chief.

    Boss, ANYONE applying to Bushie for a job had BETTER bring along their qualifications to the interview… even if Bushie was yuh teacher…. 🙂

    This is a REALLY easy matter to fix….
    Forget the LEC… we accept that she was too big-up to waste time doing that…
    Just bring the damn Law Degree …and confirmation of being accepted to the Bar in England, and Bushie DWD (done wid dat)


  • Theophilius Gazerts



  • Theophilius Gazerts

    We went from lowering the bar to raising the bar to passing the bar….
    Somebody get me a drink


  • @Bush Tea

    The issue was never about if she has a law degree or if she was accepted to the Bar in England. You are not aligned with the issue. It is not like you to appear lowlike.


  • Theophilius Gazerts

    Everything in Barbados is complicated
    A own the house
    B lived in Barbados for nine years but don’t know the capital or the finance minister
    The house is for sale
    The house is not for sale
    The house is listed on 3 sites
    The house in very bad shape
    The house in very bad shape is on sail for over $2.5M
    Mia has an LEC
    She doesn’t have an LEC
    She sued and got money from someone saying she don’t have an LEC
    Now we want to see her Law degree
    Haha write the emails
    Says he didn’t
    Vincent is not black, he is pelau
    but in the USA he would be black
    John best posts is when he is talking about sewage(shit)
    But his shittiest post is when he talks about Quakerism

    I give up


  • Theophilius Gazerts



  • @ David
    The issue was never about if she has a law degree or if she was accepted to the Bar in England. You are not aligned with the issue. It is not like you to appear lowlike.
    As you know, Bushie does not give two wuk-ups about ‘the issue’.

    If Bushie did not have a proper ‘basic degree’ and was smart and dishonest like other people, the bushman would probably encourage a rumour that he does NOT have a MBA too…. and let the brass bowls spend nuff time arguing about a non-existent (and optional) MBA …. while missing the elephant in the room.

    BUSHIE’s issue is the damn law degree….. Frig Lowe and HIS issue.

    An since the bogus Bajan law allows Mia to bypass the wasteful LEC …IF she was admitted to the Bar in England -THEN bring the proof of admission.

    You could want something simpler?


  • Bush Tea

    Is it about being accepted by the Bar in England or one of the Temples.


  • Yuh think by now if she had the necessary certification she would not have produce all , This is a woman who can find and produce in parliament all kinds of govt documentation even when it is lock down and with the temperature rising fast and furious in an election , this is a woman who would do any thing possible that would ensure that she wins including producing her documentation which makes one think that something is rotten in Denmark called MIa LEC gate


  • Theophilius Gazerts

    Hi Angela,
    I like when you talk ̶d̶i̶r̶t̶y̶ LEC, LLB, documentation, ̶e̶r̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶, election.
    My kinda yardfowl…


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol…..let them keep yardfowling and their dumb ministers dont seek debt forgiveness for the island and they will see LEC….and all the other nonsensical crap they wasting time on BU spewing. …manifest into a whole nother slew of problems.

    Fractured and being Played……Donville .Inniss and Mia are thisclose….you are the fool.


  • The accreditation of mia to the bar is not a nonsensical issue. Mia states her goal is to pursue and activate morals and integrity in the economy, That comment should be punishable with laughter as her actions to shut the mouths of individuals who dare question the root causes and reasons of her being accredited to the bar in not in alignment with her most recent and vocal comments on integrity legislation.
    Her failure to address the issue and clear doubts and suspicion is indicative of a weakness of character that speaks loud on clear on her part ” to do as i say not as i do”


  • MAM finally admits that this will be her last address as Opposition Leader before a BCCI audience !!

    Wow 😳,

    Because she cannot address them from HMP Dodds !


  • It does not matter anymore if somebody lecs your … or not. It does not matter anymore if somebody owes a UWI title.

    Very soon, everybody has to serve on Apes Hill and Sandals Plantation as kitchen aid, maid, greenkeeper or polishing the nails of tourists – except those more intelligent Barbadians earning proper F/X and no local Mickey Mouse dollars.


  • @ Tron 6:32 am
    Succinct and absolutely accurate.
    It is how modern slavery is defined and executed.

    We have been taking all of the steps needed to get to that point post haste…
    Thanks to the exceptional efforts of BOTH the BLP and DLP governments over the past twenty five years ….ever since Sandiford enforced the 8% cut and set the stage for Bajans to actually focus on PRODUCTIVITY.

    The exceptional jackasses who outlawed such pay-cuts, and then launched into a welfare state mentality – where productivity and merit were trumped by politics of inclusion; and the subsequent clowns who do not even understand decimals and who can only grasp percentages when it relates to bribes, …. have hurried us to the point where we now only await the final signing of the IMF contract to launch our new age of slavery….

    John and Vincent must be on top of their world….


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