Barbados Labour Party PROMISES to ENACT Integrity Legislation from DAY 1 If Elected

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party

The following is the Barbados Labour Party’s draft Integrity Commission Bill. We invite you, the members of the public, to comment on this Bill as we intend – after taking into account your suggestions – to have this enacted  as a priority if we are granted the privilege of being elected in the forthcoming general elections. Please note that all  comments and queries will be held in the strictest confidence. If you need clarification of any point, please leave an email and we will get back to you.

Thank you.

Read full draft of the document uploaded to BU database – HERE.

219 thoughts on “Barbados Labour Party PROMISES to ENACT Integrity Legislation from DAY 1 If Elected

  1. All countries have social and economic problems. However when one observe the disruption such problems have cause to many countries barbados problems have not reach such a level of total disruption given the far abd wide economic problems encountered
    Our school system is still up and running and many social programs are still available to the citizens

  2. It is now obvious that the assorted cronies and apologists for the BLPDLP, are looking for somewhere to hide. They have failed in their efforts to silence independent voices on BU, who refused to fall for the garbage they have been pedalling for the past three years in BU. This opportunistic attempt to enforce a BLPDLP brand has now fallen flat on its face.
    Every time a BLP joker claims that something is wrong with the DLP, independent thinkers can bring a similar failing of the BLP and vice versa. The pot calling the kettle black is now evident.Their contributions will become weaker and weaker as the independent voices calling for real change continue to assail them every time they put their sorry pens to paper.
    The country is now confronted by lethargy with at least 35 percent of the voting population determined to stand home rather than vote again for the BLPDLP miscreants. Well known supporters of both the BLPDLP have lost all hope in the leadership of the indolent Stuart and the vacuous Mottley.
    Call in programs on both CBC and VOB have seen a dramatic fall off in listenership because of the nonsense offered by the die hard contributors of the fading BLPDLP. Hundreds of citizens are now exploring home schooling because of an education system destroyed by the archaic policies of the BLPDLP. Young Barbadians are looking as far away as Asian countries after university because they simply cannot find work. The bubbling Sir Hilary Beckles has all but admitted that his management of UWI has failed the test of time.
    It is now time to thank the BLPDLP for all the good they have done but like any race horse that can no longer earn its oats; it is time to just hang out on the pasture until corned beef time.
    Barbados simply cannot afford to feed the BLPDLP and their collective fatted calf opportunists any more.

  3. But Skinner

    You of all people knows that there is no history of a duopoly admitting failure, apologizing to their publics and submitting themselves to popular judgement. LOL

    It will be left to us to pronounce these orgasms dead on arrival – DOA

    No country should be based on the notion that even when it is clear to thinking people that the system can go no further there is no means other than collective and sustained public actions or total collapse which constitute certain remedies.

    For reform has had its window.

    The ‘political-managerial’ elites have been ignoring calls for structural transformation from before ‘independence’.

    We have not even been able to do a land reform. In fact, under Arthur there was a massive consolidation of land ownership for Cow Williams. He was said to own 20% of Bajan land.

    • @Pacha

      The challenge we face is that people like William expect citizens to embrace so-called third parties by definition and not for the message being offered. A look at the third parties on offer continue to fall short as far as leading a different conversation in the country, one that inspires a belief in a disillusioned citizenry ironically ripe for change.

  4. …the yardfowl brigade keep weighing down the treasury…get rid of the yardfowls….ya might not have crocus bags anymore, but find some large container, get a large boat…take them all out to sea and light it…

    they are dumb so it`s easy for politicians to get them all in one space.

    yardfowls are nuisances, no one will miss them..

  5. Yes……. and each country’s government is responsible for developing socio-economic policies to ensure public goods and services are adequately provided.

    Unfortunately, while we want to “tout” Barbados as the #1 developing island in this region, these problems have reached a level of third world countries.

    The Ministry of Health officials have been talking about NCD, while the School Meals Service is serving children, hot-dogs, corned beef, luncheon meat and pasta.

    The Transport Board continues to be poorly managed and the unavailability of buses to adequately service routes has become endemic. Michael Lashley claims the Board is “cash strapped,” but could find money to pay Trinidadian mechanics and employ lackeys from his constituency. Ask Michael Lashley how many people from his constituency have been employed at TB since the retrenchment of employees in March 2014.

    Dr. David Estwick has been a successful loud mouthed politicians, but has been an abysmal failure as Minister of Agriculture. Under his watch, the industry has declined significantly, there is a lack of innovation or any attempt to embrace new technologies.

    People depending on sickness, maternity and invalidity benefits from the NIS have to wait as long as 4 months before receiving a cheque. I have a friend who retired from work medically unfit over two years ago and has received only three benefit cheques so far.

    And what about the stupid, inhumane policy of unemployed people having to register with the NIS in Culloden Farm and then have to trek to Warrens to register with the Unemployment Bureau.

    When last has the Urban or Rural Development Commissions performed their respective mandated functions?

    They can’t get Customs to merge with the BRA……….. or BRA to improve its efficiency.

    Stephen Lashley continues to make sport at sports, while education and behavior of school children have deteriorated under Ronald Jones’ watch………… he seems to be more interested in renaming schools after DLP stalwarts and lackeys.

    Denis Kellman has allowed over 1,500 NHC houses to remain unoccupied and rotting………. And he wants us to believe he has done an excellent job as Minister of Housing, when to date his only real achievement is cronyism…… employing his cousin’s wife as Human Resources Manager of NHC, under circumstances where a qualified individual was acting in the position for over two years.

    Denis Lowe oversaw the retrenchment of NCC employees other than those from his constituency that were recently employed (ask Hal Gollop). He retrenched employees from the Drainage Unit, and after heavy rain fall, Barbados is flooded because, in many cases, the drains are not cleaned. The highways and roads are badly in need of debushing…………

    It’s difficult to imagine that all this debushing and drainage work was outsourced to Mark Maloney’s “Adopt-A-KM Community Highway Programme.”

  6. Artax if u want to be so specific and factual. Why dont you make reference to the AG reports of past govt financial budgets and the inclination to forego or pursue financial waste attributed to these sectors

  7. David

    The callers point on the lack of joe public on committees ties in with the point I raised above on 50.1….a classic example of the political class looking after themselves by virtue of appointees to be made by the GG after consultation with the PM and the LOTO.

  8. At least they got a fire lit under all of them…ha, ha, ha

    It’s not going to be as easy or the slam dunk they thought it would be to deceive the electorate again, to win an election….lol

  9. @ David,

    Solutions Barbados has the potential to a be governing party of Barbados.

    Grenville Phillips III has the potential to be Prime Minister.

    Can they convert potential into reality ?

  10. @ Hants
    Grenville only has to win two or three seats in a close race… for the PM-ship.
    To achieve this, he will need the DLP to put on a stronger show…
    Perhaps this is why enuff is in such a fluff…

    NEVER underestimate enuff….
    …except of course WRT his misguided confidence in CSME…

  11. @ David
    Wilfred Abrahams is a lawyer.
    ALL lawyers are bull shitters…. He is an up-and-coming BS star.

    ALL they EVER think about; talk about; or manage to accomplish; is a lotta shiite talk about MORE and MORE Laws.

    They NEVER follow the laws that they enact

    They ALWAYS build loopholes into the laws to give themselves ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ privileges

    They Always arrange to include HUGE legal fees in every shiite.

    Tell Bushie…..
    What the hell is wrong with the PAC? …that cannot be fixed for $100.00?
    Why can’t they just PROCLAIM the existing DLP integrity legislation? …$200.00?
    Why can’t they just abolish the Shiite Senate and let us have a PEOPLES’ SENATE with powers of recall of the elected politicians? …saving $$$$$$$?
    Why not bring in a prosecutor from the Scotland Yard, Mounties or FBI when corruption is suspected? . ..and let us get some REAL action?

    This whole scam by the BLP is a lotta shiite, and it only goes to show why they DARE NOT expose any more of their ‘intended policies’ before the election..

    The Emperor has no damn clothes…..

  12. Bushie
    You attacking me? Wuh I ain’t write the bill or nuh analysis of the “bill”, I merely point out that neither GP nor Solutions appear capable of interpreting legislation. But you just love to pick fire rage, so carry on star.🤣🤣

  13. @Bushie

    Grenville aint winning one seat or getting back one deposit; but in any event I don’t give two RH if he does. No impact on me. When I said, in response to BIM, that any party attempting to base an election campaign on IL should be laughed at, you came for me–as usual.


    Sounds good but how do you propose to allow the public to participate in the selection of members to the ICthrough a process that is fair, equitable and transparent? Elections? By the way, the Chairman of the FTC is appointed by the Minister, yet we have an outstanding chair in Jeff Cumberbatch.

  14. Bushie
    You know what..’Once bitten twice shy’ mean.In 2013,Owen had a good platform,a good message and de earth was at the esplanade on the night before the election,still the man lost by a combination of vote buying/selling and the old woman that got put off the bus by Rum or by Coke.Mia thinks Owen declare his plans too early and that cut the party behind.It ain’t going to happen again.

  15. Enuff @4.54 PM

    Good question and good point……one can only do the best one can and hope that it turns the way imagined…….seldom happens….I agree.

  16. LOL @ enuff

    Bushie is NOT attacking you boss… on the contrary, just pointing out that you are the real strategic brains behind the BLP.

    In fact, if you were to reconsider your CSME position and drop the BLP, Bushie would get together with you and we can form a forth party … we can call it ‘Bajan Bush Enuff” (BBE)

    We can get Jeff to write new laws, Caswell to interpret them, and Pacha (with his sharp instrument) to enforce them….. matter fixed.

    …can you imagine the impact on national productivity and corruption… after about five heads rolled down Government Hill…?

    ha ha ha

  17. William Skinner my attempt is not to sway any independent,i am stating facts .I do not know what foolishness you talking about parties hiding or maybe you mean ………………….your ex party the DLP because I do not see the BLp hiding I see them in the varios constituencies getting feedback from voters.I think I see your strategy pull both parties together as one and allow your DLP to sneek back in.This will not work the20 downgrades,the poor bus service poor roads ,poor garbage collections are nothing to do with the BLP but extremely poor management by the DLp and they have to take sole responsibility for this whenever Elections are called.The BLP had nothing to do with this and in my opinion should form the next Government as they cannot do any worse.As for Fractured where was Mr Arthur last night you would not stop telling lies,it is time for you to grow up.

  18. @ Lorenzo

    I am ex NDP not BLPDLP. Thanks .I never said parties hiding. I said BLPDLP apologists and cronies hiding from BU.Who the cap fit let them wear it.
    My position remains and is very clear: I am supporting ALL third parties and independents. I will continue, as promised, to expose the vulgarization of our politics by the nefarious BLPDLP and their cohorts.
    I rest my case.

  19. @Bushie
    Stories exist of unfair solicitation tantamount to scoring an own goal but In any event it was of none effect in the two contiguous constituencies.Recall the suspense when the result was 14 to 15.No palace coup involved but a prodigal box that was lost and then found……heavier.Afterwards Peter swore and so did Paul that they ‘saw money pass’ but then power of office went to their individual heads and they took back their words and decided that the people voted and the people will be punished with taxes and no concessions unless yuh white and yuh name cow,mclooney,tempras,tiffin or jerkporkum.

  20. David

    It pains me to tell you this ……using yourJA badge of honour !!

    You are the biggest Jackass Ass (JA) of a blog owner.

    Now imagine a few days ago on your blog you posted a picture of a house – allegedly belonging to Chris Sinckler.

    Now last night His Majesty King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart called on you JA to take the media to the house you advertised as Chris Sinckler’s own at Rollins Hill , St. George !

    Up to now you can’t buss a peg !!

    Imagine you on this blog promoting INTEGRITY ???

    A big JA like you !!



    You missed Owen last night at Alexandra School ???

    Well listened to the video clip above !!

    MAM is still a :

    • Despot !

    • Still cannot be TRUSTED !

    • Still a theft of BLP party funds !

    • Still leads a party under her leadership that has lost it’s SOUL !!!

    • Still OSA csnnot trust her around his female family members !!!

    So for a repeat of yesterday’s epic presentation.,,.,,listen to Brother OSA again !!!!

    The campaign ain’t start yet .,.,,,,Lorenzo !!!!!

  22. Fractured BLP wrote “His Majesty King Freundel Jerome Stuart”

    Royal Rumble wrote ” OSA father of first world Barbados and Prime Minister for life ”

    OSA was defeated and your ” King ” will be dethroned.

    I remain a ” legacy supporter ” of the Barrow DLP “.

  23. @ David,

    Fractured BLP November 20, 2017 at 9:33 PM wrote” You are the biggest Jackass Ass (JA) of a blog owner. ”

    If I was the blog owner ……

  24. As for condoms in prison. I believe that Mia was right, and the BLP which opposed condoms in prison was and is wrong, because even though sex while maole on male sex, and sex while in prison is still an offense, fighting the spread of HIV is more important than upholding so-called morality when sex in prison is likely is occurring even in the absence of condoms.

  25. @Hants November 20, 2017 at 10:14 PM “I remain a ” legacy supporter ” of the Barrow DLP.”

    Why are you supporting a duppy?

    Barrow is dead, dead, dead.

    He int coming back.

  26. And talking about freedom of expression. I did not know that political parties were hotbeds of freedom of expression, and that party members were free to disagree publicly with the party leader, and that party leaders were cool with this freedom.

  27. And we have to be careful that we do not mistake our own homophobia for Biblical Christian morality.
    What morality?
    Bushie takes it as big people spreading shiite…….

  28. Condoms in prison is a public health issue. It is not a moral or religious issue.

    After holding a first consultation on HIV in prisons in 1987, The World Health Organization (WHO) responded to growing evidence of HIV infection in prisons worldwide by issuing guidelines on HIV infection and AIDS in prisons in 1993.

    In Canada, distribution of condoms in all institutions operated by the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is part of a “Management of Infectious Disease” policy that identifies as its objective “To contribute to public health and a safe and healthy environment through a
    comprehensive infectious diseases program.” In implementing this policy the CSC
    states that it will be “guided by public health principles in managing infectious
    diseases in the penitentiary environment.

    Many countries issue condoms in prison as a comprehensive public health program, including, testing, counselling etc.

    Most of the European Union
    South Africa
    Some U.S. States/territories including: California, Mississippi, Vermont

  29. @Bush Tea November 20, 2017 at 10:34 PM “Bushie takes it as big people spreading shiite.”

    I take it that you understand that most sexually transmitted diseases are spread through semen.

  30. Following your logic here, Bushie take it that you would support the issue of personal armour vests for next year’s visitors to kadooment …. since people getting shoot on Spring Gardens…?
    Shiite – perhaps everyone should have to wear bullet-proof clothing in public – judging from the number of gunshot deaths we are seeing…

    Perhaps most of those people should not be in prison in the first damn place.
    Some should DEFINITELY have been separated from their heads long ago…. and MANY should NEVER have even seen the insides of prison.
    Idiots CREATE a stupid situation – then go and complicate it with shiite…

    What WHO what?!?
    Those jokers just push the standard albino-centric agenda with their convoluted shiite…
    If we start WRONG (with a flawed life philosophy), there is only one way it can end…

  31. @ the Mock Doc
    I take it that you understand that most sexually transmitted diseases are spread through semen.
    …and Bushie takes it that you understand that most babies come that way too…
    What has that to do with a bunch of nasty men in prison?

  32. The Thiefer of the House Michael Carrington..

    “House Speaker in new legal dispute with client
    Added by Emmanuel Joseph on November 20, 2017.
    Saved under Local News, Politics
    For the second time in three years, Queen’s Counsel Michael Carrington, who is also Speaker of the House of Assembly, has found himself before the law courts over a money dispute with one of his clients.

    In the latest legal standoff, Ajax Construction Inc has
    filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, challenging the level of fees charged by Carrington for legal work done with respect to the purchase and resale of a portion of land at Warrens,
    St Michael.

    Ajax Construction is also claiming that Carrington wrongfully withheld some $45,000 from the company, and has asked the court to reward it certain sums of money, costs and other relief.

    However, Carrington has filed his defence and counterclaim, arguing that he was entitled to all the monies, including his legal fees and costs for representing the company in the purchase of the parcel of land from the National Housing Corporation and negotiating the sale of the same property to the City of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union.

    According to court documents, Carrington has submitted that if the claimant had a dispute about his fees, it should properly check with the Registrar of the Supreme Court.”

  33. The joker is talking to his “white mouth yardfowls”…lol

    “Rate this!
    Pm stuart takes on international agencies

    Added by George Alleyne on November 20, 2017.
    Saved under Local News, Politics
    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has again stood defiant in the wake of a series of downgrades, telling party supporters Barbados could not be downgraded by any rating agency.

    “No rating agency in the world can downgrade Barbados. Rating agencies can downgrade your credit rating, your ability to borrow money, but they cannot downgrade you as a people,” Stuart said at a meeting last night of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) at The Alexandra School in St Peter.

    It was a repeat of the position he adopted in March of this year at the DLP’s mid-year conference, one day after international rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) had downgraded the island from ‘B- to ‘CCC+’ – the island’s 18th under his administration at the time – and a week before Moody’s downgraded Government bond and issuer ratings to Caa3, placing Barbados on the same level as Greece, the Ukraine and Venezuela.

    “Rating agencies can only downgrade Barbados’ credit worthiness, its ability to borrow. They cannot downgrade Barbados itself,” he said then.

    Stuart was even more dismissive last night of the international rating agencies, as well as economists and political opponents who see the downgrades as evidence that his administration’s economic policies were not working.

    “What they will say and what they have been saying is that rating agencies downgraded Barbados 18 or 19 or 20 times, whatever it is . . . what credit rating?

    “You can’t talk about the country’s credit rating without at the same time trying to link that to the credit rating of the average man and woman in the communities of Barbados.”

  34. Angela Cox/Skeete, I do not have any problem with making “reference to past AG reports of past govt financial budgets and the inclination to forego or pursue financial waste attributed to these sectors.”

    But the electorate PUNISHED the BLP for the “atrocities” they committed while in office, by voting for the DLP in 2008 to win the elections by an overwhelming majority.

    Against the background of the DLP promising “good governance” and the other related promises as outlined on pages 46 to 48 of their 2008 manifesto, after 9 years in office:

    There has NOT been any enactment of integrity or freedom of information legislation;

    No government minister has DECLARED their ASSETS or SIGNED the code of good conduct;

    The Auditor General CONTINUES to REPORT SEVERAL INSTANCES of financial infelicities and inefficiencies, thereby indicating the “financial waste attributed to these sectors” is applicable to BOTH the BLP & DLP;

    This inept DLP administration CONTINUES to IGNORE the Auditor General’s reports;

    This inept DLP administration can be SIMILARLY ACCUSED of LACKING TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY and with CORRUPT PRACTICES in public office.

    In other words, Ms. Cox/Skeete…………. under BLP or DLP administrations, the STATUS QUO REMAINS THE SAME.

    However, as I previously mentioned, the electorate punished the BLP in 2008…………… a similar fate awaits the DLP in 2018.

  35. The blp yardfowls should be counting their lucky stars instead of pushing hard against a backdrop for Integrity legislation which if had been vigilantly pursued and enacted would have found Mia in more than the cross hairs of doubt and suspicion about her professional certification to be a lawyer but forcibly having her to produced such certification legally boosted on ethics and accountabilty

  36. Are you sure you don’t mean that “Crocked Michael” should be counting his lucky stars that John Griffiths and Ajax Construction did not file CRIMINAL SUITS against him?

    How could Angela Cox/Skeete mention “ethics and accountability” and at the same time, SUPPORT dishonest Michael Carrington?

    The DLP is just as much to blame as Mottley with this LEC shiite………… and the more the DLP and its yard-fowls raise the issue, the more they find themselves in “the cross hairs of doubt and suspicion.”

    On June 18, 2015, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite promised to investigate if Mottley did not have required certificate to practise law in Barbados under the Legal Professions Act.

    As at November 21, 2017 (2 years and 5 months after) AG Brathwaite is yet to reveal the results of that investigation.

    Also, on October 20, 2017, General Secretary of the DLP, George Pilgrim, announced that, following the decision taken by the DLP General Council after its annual conference, formal correspondence has been written to the Attorney General, Adriel Brathwaite requesting that he “clear the air” on the need for a legal education certificate as a condition to practise law in Barbados.

    Pilgrim gave Brathwaite until November 15, 2017 to present the results of his investigation, which was to be discussed, because the DLP General Council was supposed to meet on that day.

    Today is November 21, 2017…….. 6 days after the deadline, and Barbadians have not heard anything further on the matter, from Adriel Brathwiate, George Pilgrim or the DLP’s General Council.

  37. Bushie

    Chuckle… are one true true homophobic,chauvanistic,misogynistic jack ass……

    Anal Sex More Popular Than Possibly Expected Among Heterosexual Couples: Center for Disease Control and Prevention Report

  38. On the Carrington/ Griifith issue their are two principles which cannot be disputed. 1. That Carrington satisfied the court Judgement rendered
    2.That Carrington is not in contention as a viable or formable candidate for the PM of barbados
    One would therefore belive that the blp operatives who constanly harped about integrity and use Carrington as a poster child and a battering ram to weight in on such principles would in likewise manner use the same approach to appeal to Mia lack of principle and integrity as she rubbish and snubs her nose at anyone who questions her credibility on matters pertaining to her legal certification

  39. @ Vincent
    Bushie…you are one true true homophobic,chauvanistic,misogynistic jack ass……
    But not nasty.

    Also, we on BU are not interested in any statistical analysis of your sexual preferences…
    Not right now…

  40. Lol…. hahaha….Bushman….now we know what the real problem is….knew there was one or 2..but our fellow commenters are slick and manage to hide certain things…until they can’t….

  41. “On the Carrington/Griffiths issue, there are FIVE principles that cannot be disputed:”

    Michael Carrington, who is Speaker of the House of Assembly and is entitled to be addressed as “His Honour,” committed a DISHONOURABLE ACT, by with-holding the funds from his clients.
    Dishonest Michael Carrington repeatedly ignored requests from John Griffiths to pay the funds that were due to him.
    Because Carrington ignored those request, John Griffiths had to seek recourse by filing a civil suit against the dishonest lawyer.
    If “crooked Michael” did not illegally with-held Griffiths’ funds, he would have been faced with a civil suit and forced by the Court to pay.
    It is blatant hypocrisy for any reasonable human being to mention the words “principle,” “integrity” and “credibility,” while mentioning dishonest Mike at the same time.

    Rather than ADMIT Carrington is a DISHONEST LEC lawyer who STOLE his former client’s funds, the resident DLP yard-fowl prefers to mention Mottley………. especially under circumstances where the DLP PROMISED to investigate and its General Council gave the AG an ultimatum………………to date, the DEMS have been UNABLE to PROVE Mottley is INELIGIBLE to practice law.

  42. Bushie

    I have always said that those who protest too much are generally in the closet and if you are one or not is of no matter to me.

    See these Americans living in glass houses pelting rocks…..

    A Brief History Of Antigay Politicians Caught Doing Very Gay Things In Public Restrooms

  43. Just like Mia you Artax rather close eyes to the subject matter which is rooted in integrity and corruption while moving the goal post which you belive would be out of reach
    Let me reiterate once again.Cartington satisfied both client and court
    Unfortunately it is sad that even after doing as was told by the justice system.Carrington it seems must satisfy the blp operatives and their bowl of idle gossip and political innuendo
    In a democracy when the wheels of justice has turned and the court is satisfied that all matters has been completed that is all that counts as fair and just and not what a bunch of disgruntled yardfowls wants to impose as a law on citizens
    Now move forward a bit please. Here right in the blp backyard right in full view is a leader who wants to enact integrity legislation however a real and meaningful question must and should be asked .
    How does Mia proceed on grounds of ethics and moral when clearly over the years there is sufficient reason to belive she has broken the rules.

  44. I am CHALLENGING you to PRESENT the EVIDENCE to SUBSTANTIATE “clearly over the years there is sufficient reason to believe (Mottley) has broken the rules”…………………..

    ………………WHEN TO THIS DAY, you and the DLP have been UNABLE to PROVE whether or not she is qualified to practice law in Barbados.

    But you come to this forum with your “bowl of idle gossip and political innuendo,” each time you accuse Mottley of being immoral and unethical.

    Additionally, since VERE BRATHWAITE (a former DLP candidate) said she also qualified to practice law under the same circumstances as Mottley, you MUST also CONCLUDE Ms. Brathwaite’s qualification process “is rooted in integrity and corruption” as well.

    Unless of course you want to CONDEMN Mottley, while CHANGING the RULES to VINDICATE Brathwaite.

    However, despite your “political innuendo,” we have to assume Mottley is a qualified attorney, UNTIL SUCH TIME you and the DLP proves she has been illegally practicing law in Barbados.

  45. You challenging me. Well i be dam. Why dont you use said efforts to impose on the leader of the blp to present in parliament as she had promised on the floor her full certification that awarded her to be an accredited member of the bar
    Also for what it is worth a promised which she has not full filled and one which has to do with integrity morals and accountabilty and an unfilled promise which can be deemed as a ” lie”

    • @Hants

      Some of te 3rd parties prefer to keep their distance from BU. We will work with those who see value in testing the BU opinion.

  46. @Artax
    Let the innuenders deny that Bdos 2day paid a fairly tidy sum for that Mottley fiasco peddled by the likes of 2 time loser Pilgrim and virus carrier lowedown.$100,000 was not a bad pay day for the rugged group.

  47. You are the ones accusing Mottley of wrong doing, therefore, the onus is on you to present the evidence.

    However, your Attorney General promised to investigate the matter since June 2015 and he was given further instructions by George Pilgrim and was given a November 15, 2017 deadline to present the findings to the DLP’s General Council.

    Brathwaite has failed to achieve these objectives.

    However, what is more important?

    ……… you continuing, (WITHOUT ANY PROOF and based on purely on your speculation), to accuse Mottley of not being a legitimate lawyer, simply because she has not presented her qualifications in parliament, just to appease an exhausted shiite argument?

    ……….. or this inept DLP administration RENEGING on its ELECTION PROMISES:

    (1) to “clean up politics in Barbados” by embracing “good governance,” which “assures that corruption is minimized, the views of the people are taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable members of society are heard in decision-making.” [page 46, DLP’s 2008 manifesto]

    (2) to implement integrity legislation, immediately upon being elected in January 2008, requiring a declaration of assets by public officials, Code of Conduct for Ministers and a new Freedom of Information law. [page 48, DLP’s 2008 manifesto]

    (3) “The DLP administration’s ATTITUDE to ACCOUNTABILITY will be based on the understanding that as servants and representatives of the people there can be NO SECRETS or MATTERS to be HIDDEN from the population.” [page 47, DLP’s 2008 manifesto]

    ………….. or Stuart RENEGING on his PROMISES that tertiary level education would REMAIN free and there would NOT be any RETRENCHMENT of civil servants?

    “Also for what it is worth, promises which the (DLP) has not full filled and one which has to do with INTEGRITY MORALS and ACCOUNTABILITY and UNFILLED PROMISES which can be DEEMED as “LIES.”

    Barbadians are fully aware this inept DLP administration LIED to Barbadians, because they are nearing the end of their second term in office and has NOT FULFILLED any of its PROMISES.

    • @Artax

      You are of the view that a yardfowl will understand your repeated rebuttals? A one line suffice-, anybody who has a problem with Mia’s qualification must challenge it in Court.

  48. @Artax November 20, 2017 at 10:31 AM “People depending on sickness, maternity and invalidity benefits from the NIS have to wait as long as 4 months before receiving a cheque.”

    CORRECTION: Have to wait as long as SIX [6] months.

  49. When Lowe is kicked out of parliament next year, no longer has the cover of parliamentary privilege and no reason to continue this issue because he can be sued, despite his..”I will continue to the grave” rant….Mia should really sue the fool…lol..

    He acts like he has no work to do and the dumber than Lowe yardfowls act the same.

    “Don’t expect Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr Denis Lowe, to stop asking for Opposition Leader Mia Mottley to produce her Legal Education Certificate in the House of Assembly as an official document.

    The MP for Christ Church East made it clear yesterday that he would keep making the call until Mottley made her certificate a document of the House.

    Lowe, who said he has been reliably informed his request had good legal standing, also launched a broadside at the Barbados Bar Association, warning it not to become a political organisation.
    “She (Mottley) still hasn’t brought that document here,” he told fellow MPs while debating the second reading of the Road Traffic Amendment Bill (2017).

    “I will check with the clerk of Parliament regarding how many documents the Opposition Leader has made documents of this House. I will call for that document to be produced until go to my grave,” he declared. “I am not a legal luminary, but I have been told by legal luminaries I am standing on good grounds.”

    While briefly moving away from the substantive bill, Lowe also expressed his disappointment with the Bar, saying he had written that entity for clarification on the issue months ago.

    “If you wait for a response from the Bar Association, these amendments would never go into place. I wrote the Bar Association almost four months ago asking them to investigate a charge that was made in this honourable House, and to date, they have not even responded. Not even the courtesy of acknowledging receiving the correspondence. The charge is that there is a person practising law without an LEC, a matter that was reintroduced in this debate,” Lowe noted.
    He also had some advice for the body.

    “The Bar Association in Barbados has to be very careful it is not weaponised to become a political organisation rather than giving audience to Barbadians who have legitimate concerns,” Lowe said.
    When contacted yesterday, Bar president Liesel Weekes said she was not aware of any correspondence from Lowe.

    “The Bar has always stood ready to assist when assistance is sought in so far as we can. I am quite willing to respond to the honourable member if he would be willing to resend his original correspondence or a follow-up thereto,” she told the MIDWEEK NATION.

    “I personally do not recall having sight of any correspondence from the honourable minister. If he did remit correspondence to the Bar Association and didn’t receive a response, it may be for no other reason than myself or the secretary did not have sight of it.”

    Weekes also made it clear the association has no plans of being political. “The Bar Association is no way, nor has it at any time, been politically weaponised. Any statement which the Bar makes on any issue which affects the public is completely apolitical,” she added.” (BA)

  50. @ Artax
    Point taken… but I’m just have some fun highlighting the ignorance of that RH yard-fowl.
    This is called throwing water into the sea.

  51. Not at all accusing Mia . Mia has stood in Parliament and stated she would present documentation in regards to the LEC issue.
    Therefore i rightfully take away from her not being to present proof a character flaw which goes to misconduct of character while deceiving the citizens of barbados
    Therefore my assesment where i states that there is evidence which borders on moral misconduct against the blp leader is not hersay but those which she has demonstrated on the floor of parliament

  52. But you do a frequent character assassination against Herbert, and still NO LETTER?
    Remember, he is chairman of a company, GEL, which has had two well known female DLP politicians on its Board in recent years, McLean and Brathwaite. And no B’s.

  53. “The charge is that there is a person practising law without an LEC, a matter that was reintroduced in this debate,” Lowe noted.”

    You do not need a LEC to practice as a lawyer in Barbados.

  54. Ongoing investigation of the sewer network in the Hastings and Worthing, Christ Church area by the Wastewater Division (WWD) of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) discovered a breach in the network system along the Hastings and Worthing, Christ Church area

  55. Everyone KNOWS Mottley and a few other lawyers, INCLUDING Vere Brathwaite, do not have a LEC, but they still qualify to practice law in Barbados. You’re the only idiot that REFUSES to accept this fact.

    But mainly for REASONS of POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY, you CONTINUE to SEPARATE Mottley FROM the OTHER LAWYERS that qualifed to practice law under SIMILAR CIRCUMSTANCES, while stating she has deceived the citizens of Barbados and engaged in “moral misconduct.”

    It is rather ironic that AFTER 9 years the DLP CANNOT get its MINISTERS to fulfill a promise of SIGNING a “code of good conduct” and DECLARING THEIR ASSETS…………..

    ………………or implement Integrity Legislation and a new Freedom of Information Act

    ……………..but the hypocritical DLP yard-fowls are insisting Mottley should present her qualifications to parliament.

    Therefore, you should SIMILARLY CONDEMN the DLP for likewise “deceiving the citizens of Barbados.”

    If you, Denis Lowe, George Pilgrim, Stuart, Hal Gollop, Adriel Brathwaite and the DLP are NOT SATISFIED with Mottley’s response…………..then take the matter to Court.

  56. I dont know which part of …….take the matter to court or have Adriel Nitwit hand his evidence over to the DPP for criminal prosecution of Mia…. that Fruendel, his ministers and yardgowls dont understand….

    They are taking it everywhere else….ND, BU, the newspapers…lawsuit and intent still up in the air….everywhere except to the courts or DPP for prosecution. People do get tired of the crap.

    “discovered a breach in the network system along the Hastings and Worthing, Christ Church area.”

    Werent they …BWA….blaming the residents for clogged grease traps and every other lie they can come up with…

  57. Well well

    Tek it easy !

    General elections are not next month

    The LEC matter ain’t going to the DPP yet . So doan sweat 💦.

    MAM will very soon have to address this issue . That is all the Dems waiting on !

    The same Barbados Today article she complained about and took to ” court ” is still on BT website .

    BT has not removed it .

    What does that tell you ??

    Barbadians will soon see that this LEC is really about the ………Lawless Elliott Child (LEC)

    a.k.a MAM

  58. MAM at the time she returned to Barbados with a ” Law Degree ” needed to go on to do her LEC.

    There were no exemptions at the time!

    So why was she allowed to disregard the law ?

    The truth will be out shortly….!!!!

  59. YOU DO NOT NEED a LEC to practice as a lawyer in Barbados.

    Barbados does need to fix the sewerage problem so that my CANADIAN FRIENDS

    do not have to drive through shite and smell it on the way to Oistins.

    Stop pucking around with peoples health and clean up de nasty stinkin place.

    ……sorry sorry I just writin shite cause it cold as shite an I ent got enough money to visit my

    favourite home and native land even eff I would have to drive through shite.

  60. You do not smell a LEC. You do not get sick from a LEC. You do not fix potholes with a LEC.

    Note that the Ministers and Magufees don’t smell shite or feel pot holes cause they drive or

    are driven in AIR CONDITIONED luxury cars with awesome suspensions and VSA.

  61. Lol….last time I will say this for the Fractured and Dumb yardfowls….even the info they posted to ND said it, if she entered Temple Inn or one such Law degree mill prior to the cut off date, as a Caribbean person…..she was exempted…until yall can prove otherwise…it is not an issue.

    Clean up the shit on the south coast before there is a cholera outbreak, that is the issue…..and bring out the handcuffs for Mia….no one is interested in yall garbage…

    Oh yeah…and stop patchworking the roads in certain areas with pebbles, marl and barber green, it is making them much worse…..

    ….The roads need resurfacing with concrete by people who actually know how the hell to do it and have the equipment at their disposal…Arawak offered, but Lashley want bribes abd kickbacks..

  62. @ Hants

    The DLP yard-fowls are conveniently and purposely ignoring the fact that Vere Brathwaite, who also does not have a LEC……….. said she qualified to practise law in Barbados, under the SAME circumstances as Mia Mottley.

    So, how come Mottley is dishonest…………….. but they are not similar accusation to Brathwaite?

    It goes to show that this LEC issue is purely for political aggrandizement.

  63. Fractured BLP November 22, 2017 at 2:56 PM #

    “MAM at the time she returned to Barbados with a “Law Degree” needed to go on to do her LEC. There were no exemptions at the time! So why was she allowed to disregard the law? The truth will be out shortly….!!!!”

    @ Fcuktured BLP

    Why are you refusing to mention Vere Brathwaite and the other lawyers that qualified to practice law in Barbados, under similar circumstances as Mottley?

  64. @ Artax
    So who the hell is Vere Brathwaite?
    Wuh Dr. Simple Simon aint got no LEC either .. and nobody cares..
    At least NOT stinking Bushie…:

    Mia wants to become dictator-in-chief boss….
    Frig the LEC … Bushie just want to see the Law Degree… and the Bushman done wid dat!!!

    • @Bush tea

      You need to make up your mind and distill the issue with clarity. Mia does NOT have a LEC, she however has a law degree. She was admitted to practice in Barbados by Sir Denys Williams, the transaction was witnessed by Maurice King. To revoke her access to the practice at the local Bar all challengers must apply to the court, fullstop!


  65. Fractured…what was this about in the supreme court yesterday.

    4 CV0271/2009 Mia Amor Mottley v. National Cultural Foundation

  66. “The same Barbados Today article she complained about and took to ” court ” is still on BT website .

    BT has not removed it .

    What does that tell you ??”

    It tells me Mia did not ask the court to order barbadostoday to remove the alleged defamatory article…or it would have been removed, Bushman and I have questioned that “lawsuit” from day 1.

    In the meantime….who removed barbadostoday’s website. ..someone said it crashed…lol

  67. Bushie. Mek up yuh mind wuh yuh want to see – LEC or Law Degree. When you get admit to de bar you must present yuh qualification. You tink the British would allow such things to slip pass them without due diligence. Bushie you like yuh tryin to entice Angela ”LOL and real hungry”

  68. @ Fractured BLP November 22, 2017 at 2:56 PM #
    “MAM at the time she returned to Barbados with a ” Law Degree ” needed to go on to do her LEC.
    There were no exemptions at the time!
    So why was she allowed to disregard the law ?
    The truth will be out shortly….!!!!”

    What truth is that?
    The one you told about Owen Arthur appearing at the Deceitful Lying Party Sunday orgy of propaganda at the Alexandra school to ‘out’ MAM?

    What happened that he didn’t turn up? Out of fear of the ghostly appearance of that cheque for $75,000.00 (or is it $750,000.00 using the Stinkliar’s arithmetic) to bring back hallucinatory harrowing memories of his Haggat Hall exposé?

    Or was it the hardwood housing up his old backside that kept him away from viewing the Pegasus Hotel tapes?

    What you are doing in carrying on with this LEC Johnny klat talk is besmirching the august name and legacy of no other than your dear dead leader the Emperor EWB by asserting he was complicit in a serious act of fraud.

    Now STFU and direct your energy to overflowing broken sewage system on the South Coast where you are most at home. You sewer rat, you!

  69. Yuh know Election on de horizon when letters like LEC and RH can stir up so much anger and cussing among the combatants on BU.

  70. @ Bushie

    More often than not, I AGREE with your comments 100%. However, I believe you are misinterpreting my difference of opinion on this issue………… which should not be viewed as me supporting Mia Mottley or the BLP.

    My point is…………… if, for example, ten people qualified to undertake a specific discipline, it is not fair for you to separate and condemn ONE person, mainly because they do not embrace your particular political agenda, while giving the other 9 a free pass.

    In other words, since Vere Brathwaite qualified to practice law under the “same circumstances” as Mia Mottley…….. any criticism of Mottley’s process should also be EQUALLY APPLICABLE to Brathwaite.

    And Bushie, this is just the opinion of a man dat en went school as long and often as wunnuh bright boys.

  71. Artax

    You fishing 🎣 in dry pond with MAM as your bait !

    But you keep fishing 🎣……you will soon catch your big toe on this one !

    The bell 🔔 ain’t ring yet !

  72. MAM promising to implement INTEGRITY legislation for the country …….but within the confines of her own BLP ………Integrity don’t mean a DAMN !!!!

    To prove the point , her usual arch criminals often appear close by in the persons of :

    • Peter Wick – ham
    • Adele Branford
    • Georgina Brathwaite

    Their VICTIMS in these instances:

    • Dr. Maria Agard
    • David Gill
    • Rawle Eastmond
    • Lynette Eastmond

    Read the stories in the link below and NOTICE that MAM ain’t give a damn about INTEGRITY !!!

    Not one …….DAMN !!!

    So who think she ……..FOOLING ???

    If a DESPOT like Mia Aman MOTTLEY cannot find favor with her own party members because of her proclivity for VOTER – PADDING ….. a.k.a FRAUD ???

    Who in Barbados in their right mind will take her seriously 😒…….???

    Oops 🙊……I forgot that Artax , Lorenzo & Well well are still her $hite …….Carriers !!!

    With David of BU their ….,,,PAY MASTER !!!!

    Big JA s

  73. David

    Where is the picture of the house 🏡 you put up on this BU site …..claiming it is Chris Sinckler’s own ???

    Because I see a Trini lady telling the world 🌎 it is her own .

    That suit you right !!

    That’s what happen when you place a bowl of dog 🐶 chow for BLP lapdogs !!!

    What you supposed to really report on you hide behind……INNUENDO !!

  74. Fucktured BLP

    Yes, I’m fishing……………

    …………… but you have conveniently refused to take my bait, by not answering pertinent questions I asked you on several occasions…………. preferring to “dipsy doodle” with an exhausted LEC shiite distraction.

    Do you think it’s highly unethical and immoral for the ruling DLP to be indebted to a state owned agency in the amount of $109,609?

    Tomorrow’s “Q in the Community” is being hosted by the DLP’s “Families First” at the DLP’s George Street Headquarters/Auditorium.

    We know the DLP is indebted to CBC in the amount of $109,609 for services rendered on credit. It is against this background that, being a concerned tax payer of this island, I am concerned CBC may be providing “Q” services to the DLP on credit as well, thereby increasing the accumulated debt.

    Since Stuart is the president of the DLP and as PM, CBC falls under his jurisdiction, as well as the former DLP candidate for St. George South, Doug Hoyte, is the GM of CBC and DLP General Secretary George Pilgrim is a member of CBC’s board of directors…………….

    ………….. I’m sure this transaction will remain secret.

    However, I’m fishing to know what other state agencies the DLP is indebted.

  75. Fractured BLP November 22, 2017 at 9:32 PM #

    “Where is the picture of the house you put up on this BU site …..claiming it is Chris Sinckler’s own ??? Because I see a Trini lady telling the world it is her own.”


    The following excerpt was taken from the November 18, 2011 edition of the “Daily Express.”

    “TOP CLICO executives, KAREN-ANN GARDIER and Ian Garcia, SIPHONED millions of dollars from the insurance company and transferred the funds to THEIR PRIVATE COMPANIES, Neal Bisnath, the legal representative for CLICO, said yesterday.”

    “The funds were then used to open US million-dollar Executive Flexible Premium Annuities (EFPAs) at CLICO, Bisnath said.”

    And you really expect Barbadians to BELIEVE a FRAUDSTER and EMBEZZLER like KAREN-ANN GARDIER?

  76. @ David
    You need to make up your mind and distill the issue with clarity. Mia does NOT have a LEC, she however has a law degree.
    So why can Bushie not see the law degree?

    @ Tell Me Why
    When you get admit to de bar you must present yuh qualification. You tink the British would allow such things to slip pass them without due diligence

    @ Artax
    if, for example, ten people qualified to undertake a specific discipline, it is not fair for you to separate and condemn ONE person, mainly because they do not embrace your particular political agenda, while giving the other 9 a free pass.
    Bushie is giving no free passes…
    Just don’t care two farts about the other nine…
    Bushie won’t be hiring them as lawyers..
    …and they are not seeking to be dicktator-in-chief.

    Boss, ANYONE applying to Bushie for a job had BETTER bring along their qualifications to the interview… even if Bushie was yuh teacher…. 🙂

    This is a REALLY easy matter to fix….
    Forget the LEC… we accept that she was too big-up to waste time doing that…
    Just bring the damn Law Degree …and confirmation of being accepted to the Bar in England, and Bushie DWD (done wid dat)

    • @Bush Tea

      The issue was never about if she has a law degree or if she was accepted to the Bar in England. You are not aligned with the issue. It is not like you to appear lowlike.

  77. Everything in Barbados is complicated
    A own the house
    B lived in Barbados for nine years but don’t know the capital or the finance minister
    The house is for sale
    The house is not for sale
    The house is listed on 3 sites
    The house in very bad shape
    The house in very bad shape is on sail for over $2.5M
    Mia has an LEC
    She doesn’t have an LEC
    She sued and got money from someone saying she don’t have an LEC
    Now we want to see her Law degree
    Haha write the emails
    Says he didn’t
    Vincent is not black, he is pelau
    but in the USA he would be black
    John best posts is when he is talking about sewage(shit)
    But his shittiest post is when he talks about Quakerism

    I give up

  78. @ David
    The issue was never about if she has a law degree or if she was accepted to the Bar in England. You are not aligned with the issue. It is not like you to appear lowlike.
    As you know, Bushie does not give two wuk-ups about ‘the issue’.

    If Bushie did not have a proper ‘basic degree’ and was smart and dishonest like other people, the bushman would probably encourage a rumour that he does NOT have a MBA too…. and let the brass bowls spend nuff time arguing about a non-existent (and optional) MBA …. while missing the elephant in the room.

    BUSHIE’s issue is the damn law degree….. Frig Lowe and HIS issue.

    An since the bogus Bajan law allows Mia to bypass the wasteful LEC …IF she was admitted to the Bar in England -THEN bring the proof of admission.

    You could want something simpler?

  79. Yuh think by now if she had the necessary certification she would not have produce all , This is a woman who can find and produce in parliament all kinds of govt documentation even when it is lock down and with the temperature rising fast and furious in an election , this is a woman who would do any thing possible that would ensure that she wins including producing her documentation which makes one think that something is rotten in Denmark called MIa LEC gate

  80. Hi Angela,
    I like when you talk ̶d̶i̶r̶t̶y̶ LEC, LLB, documentation, ̶e̶r̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶, election.
    My kinda yardfowl…

  81. Lol…..let them keep yardfowling and their dumb ministers dont seek debt forgiveness for the island and they will see LEC….and all the other nonsensical crap they wasting time on BU spewing. …manifest into a whole nother slew of problems.

    Fractured and being Played……Donville .Inniss and Mia are thisclose….you are the fool.

  82. The accreditation of mia to the bar is not a nonsensical issue. Mia states her goal is to pursue and activate morals and integrity in the economy, That comment should be punishable with laughter as her actions to shut the mouths of individuals who dare question the root causes and reasons of her being accredited to the bar in not in alignment with her most recent and vocal comments on integrity legislation.
    Her failure to address the issue and clear doubts and suspicion is indicative of a weakness of character that speaks loud on clear on her part ” to do as i say not as i do”

  83. MAM finally admits that this will be her last address as Opposition Leader before a BCCI audience !!

    Wow 😳,

    Because she cannot address them from HMP Dodds !

  84. It does not matter anymore if somebody lecs your … or not. It does not matter anymore if somebody owes a UWI title.

    Very soon, everybody has to serve on Apes Hill and Sandals Plantation as kitchen aid, maid, greenkeeper or polishing the nails of tourists – except those more intelligent Barbadians earning proper F/X and no local Mickey Mouse dollars.

  85. @ Tron 6:32 am
    Succinct and absolutely accurate.
    It is how modern slavery is defined and executed.

    We have been taking all of the steps needed to get to that point post haste…
    Thanks to the exceptional efforts of BOTH the BLP and DLP governments over the past twenty five years ….ever since Sandiford enforced the 8% cut and set the stage for Bajans to actually focus on PRODUCTIVITY.

    The exceptional jackasses who outlawed such pay-cuts, and then launched into a welfare state mentality – where productivity and merit were trumped by politics of inclusion; and the subsequent clowns who do not even understand decimals and who can only grasp percentages when it relates to bribes, …. have hurried us to the point where we now only await the final signing of the IMF contract to launch our new age of slavery….

    John and Vincent must be on top of their world….

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