Mia Mottley Prosecutes Government on CORRUPTION in Her Reply to 2015 Budget

Those  Democratic Labour Party (DLP) members in parliament advocated the need for Barbados to enact Integrity and Freedom of Information legislation prior to being elected in 2008. There was an expectation Barbadians would have seen movement on this issue within 100 days of the DLP government […] taking office. It is an indictment on civil society we have not been able to pressure government to treat this issue as a priority.  In fact, the DLP was re-elected in 2013 and transparency legislation did not feature as a key platform issue.

It is ironic Mia Mottley’s contribution in the 2015 Budget Debate  has positioned the issue of graft and corruption in government squarely in the public’s domain. If we are to evaluate the fervour which some members of parliament on Mottley’s side supported her on the issue there is a lot to be said about the political class closing ranks.

Here is the Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley’s reply to the 2015 Budget (first hour clipped).



  • are-we-there-yet

    Artax; Thanks for your 7:29 am post.

    I noted the following response from Mr. Brathwaite:

    Responding to the comments by Mottley that two Cabinet Ministers were driving cars owned by his company, Brathwaite pointed out that

    Trans-Tech was also a car dealership where people from all over the island leased vehicles. “We operate a car company and many people take cars from us on a lease-purchase, lease-agreement and so on. We are a dealership, nothing different than any other dealership in Barbados,” Brathwaite said.

    I thought they were only a garage fixing vehicles, but if they actually lease vehicles the above is a reasonable response, particularly for DLP yardfowl dissemination.

    However, the optics don’t cut it as several here have pointed out. There is still a case to be answered by Lowe, Lashley and Brathwaite. imho. eg. Let us see the lease agreements. Let us see the monies paid. Let us see how the leases compare with others for such high end cars in the general Barbados leasing market.


  • are-we-there-yet

    By the way, Was OSA leasing the high end car that I seem to recall he acquired after he lost the elections?

    It would be interesting to find out why he seems to be no longer driving that car.


  • For the past five and half years during the presentations of budgets the govt detailed the many optionswhich barbados has incorporated through means of saving energy and oil cost. Suffice it to say that some of these projects have been implemented but has limited impact because of financial constraints to the average household. The govt has also been clear about the long term benefits of the WTE plant explaining that the country has a waste disposal problem which must be met with efficiency and the WTE plant so far has been proven to handle and control large volumes of waste at a faster and more efficient rate than the sanitation mechanic s in place to deal with the handling..if one do research on some of the leading WTE plants.one would understand that the process is mostly done by technological advantages to discard and control any fear of negative impact to human and the enviroment


  • Now here we go ArWTY suggest that MIA non – response to Lowes would be an up in your face posture of contempt towards lowe. So if fairness is the rule of law would not such attitude be applied to Mia from lowe if he fails to show any evidence as to methods of transavtions for his vehicles.


  • In his contribution to the Budget Debate,former AG Marshall told all Barbados that he had done a search of the registered vehicle dealerships and finance companies in Barbados and Trans-Tech is not among the registrants.
    In most civilised and clean jurisdictions,what Lowe and Lashley are purported to be involved in would necessitate their resignation from public life.Public figures must not be suspected of wrongdoing.They are held to a higher standard….like Caesar’s wife they must be above suspicion.Similarly PM Stuart and AG Brathwaite having publicly confirmed they were witness to vote buying/selling in the 2013 General Election,have done nothing about those unlawful acts and one is left to think that the honourable gentlemen were either not truthful in their observation or just don’t care or too lazy to pursue the course of action mandated in law.


  • Btw aren,t u blp misfits not feeling a sense of shame as your leadership character has now been a real cause of concern and speculation.Would it not be in the best interset of the party to seek resignation from Mia whose character wouldbe scrutinzed andcross examination as she diligently pursue the office of P M.


  • Redman June 23, 2015 at 8:53 AM #

    The PM said he too busy (doing nothing) to respond to “trivial” matters such as those raised by Mottley. Nero fiddles while the tiefing is escalated to unprecedented levels.
    A fellow of the block, wants to know why is it that everytime the Prime Minister’s name is mention, that many Bajans can now be heard denying their nationality, by claiming, ” I Haiti.”


  • “The members of the Democratic Labour Party advocated the need for Barbados to enact Integrity and freedom of information legislation prior to being elected in 2008 says Mottley. The DLP was reelected 2013 and transparency legislation did not feature as a key platform issue Mottley continues to articulated.”

    Now what is this lady’s problem? If the DLP has equivocally and categorically faultier on its bid to introduce the necessary Integrity and freedom of information legislation, and was elected by a majority vote for a second term. What does this say about the Barbadian-electorate and the Opposition which ought to have been properly informing the same electorate regarding the inability of the DLP government to live up such commitments? Where is the social-protest that we ought to be witnessing? I don’t get it. Perhaps, I am too far afield and somewhat aloof from what constitutes the psychological- apparatus of the Barbadian- electorate these days? Now, Mottley, in my view: should have taken her argument directly to the Barbadian people- who obviously can do something about the DLP unwillingness to abide by its commitments? And not the members of the DLP who wouldn’t as (I would assume) give up the opportunity to repudiate as well as to excoriate her facile request. What was she hoping to gain from such a statement? Was it her intent to solicit a reaction from the members of the DLP, the media and/or the electorate? Who knows? I am obviously puzzled and very perplexed by the actions of such a gifted politician. If it is her desire to hold the members of the DLP accountable for their inaction, well she is in for a rude awakening. Because the Barbadian- electorate certainly hasn’t. I wonder what kind of crystal-ball she has been reading that has convinced her that she can?


  • Has Donville Inniss commented on the Trans Tech and Cahill matter since MAM’s revelation? If no it is a strange occurrence is it not?


  • are-we-there-yet wrote “why could Lashley not solicit lease arrangements from Simpson’s to secure a new vehicle?”

    White Bajans love fellas like you.


  • So Sinckler had an epiphanic moment,cut out the salt and sugar,lost about 100 lbs and for spite he put on a 10% tax on ‘sweet ‘drinks from the end of the summer vacation so the kids can drink up all the a-ree-a-tid and the sweet,sweet pine hill juices before the new tax becomes effective. I thought all along Sinckler went on a diet but it was suggested that somebody near and dear came out,in which case the weight loss was an epiphenomenon.


  • Hants June 23, 2015 at 3:23 PM #

    are-we-there-yet wrote “why could Lashley not solicit lease arrangements from Simpson’s to secure a new vehicle?”

    White Bajans love fellas like you.

    Oh no, Hants, don’t blame AWTY for something I wrote.

    And you missed the substantive point, but………


  • What is strange is the length of time it has taken Mia to present documentation as ” proof to substantiate her accreditation as having the right to practice law in barbados.be that as it may tthe predicatable response i do not have one” by mia might be expected.i was struck somewhat by the scathing language stated by George payne in his legal statement which gives rise to a concern wherby Mia use the House of Parliament to pursue issues which thought to be in conflict with the party rules and guidlne and party goverance.Isn;t it the same kind of huebris mia demonstrated with a strangeness and common sense to usher in ” integrity and accountabilty” knowing full well that her cup runneth over with scandal.


  • @David, true or false?

    Cahill invests $700 million in the planning and construction of the WTE plant.

    Immediate job creation and cash flowing through the economy.


  • @Artaxerxes,

    I did not miss “the substantive point,”.

    I chose to show that white Bajans are always the better choice for some.

    Sorry are-we-there-yet. my bad.


  • De Ingrunt Word

    Hants I presume you would have no problems with a Gas, Oil and Nuclear operations in your neck of the world if it was generating a $1B “job creation and cash flowing through the economy” either.

    And all done without a comprehensive Enviro Impact study.


  • @Hants

    A significant slice of the Cahill investment IF it materializes will not make it to Barbados. IF the projects is implemented there is a period of 12 months perhaps where there will be temporary employment. The factory if memory serves will employ less than 50 individuals on a full time basis.


  • @ De Ingrunt Word,

    I live 15 kilometers from a nuclear generating plant.

    I suppose I can presume that proper EAs were done.


  • @David,

    50 employees at the plant and lots of truck drivers to deliver the imported garbage from the port. lol


  • De Ingrunt Word

    “I suppose I can presume that proper EAs were done.” Methinks it’s 100% guaranteed that at least ONE. And likely two or three by competing interests at the time of its construction.

    The ruckus that would explode if that construction was being planned now! Oh lawd.

    All that despite the relative excellent safety of nuclear plans worldwide.

    But garbage to a country selling itself as a pristine high-end tourist destination.

    Wonderful chemistry there. Has a certain chemical rain, sun-tan appeal to it. Should be a boon for us !


  • As man…!

    Perhaps we will have to consider a ban on Hants and those other CANADIAN/bajans on BU who come here making mock sport at our donkeys…
    ..don’t you think David…?
    Those traitors gone up there and buy shares in the Canadian Banks, in EMERA , in Cahill, in the other waste-to-energy scammer and in Lord knows how many off-shore scams ….then got the gall to come here on BU making sport at our predicament…..

    Shiite man…!

    Bushie vote to ban dem!!!
    ..especially Hants and Lawson…. 🙂


  • Redman June 23, 2015 at 8:53 AM #
    “The PM said he too busy (doing nothing) to respond to “trivial” matters such as those raised by Mottley.”

    Be fair Redman. He is much too busy researching obscure quotes from Plato and Shakespeare for his stultifyingly dull and irrelevant speech at the grand opening of the St John Mausoleum in just seven short days! And he has to approve the expenditure and make all those difficult and challenging choices regarding the the food, wine and entertainment that will follow. Get your priorities right Redman. Who gives a flying shite about the escalating corruption of the members of this administration? The PM sure as hell doesn’t.

    Huh? What do you mean, it isn’t ready yet?

    Liked by 1 person

  • ac think bu needs to put up a countdown clock for Mia ,,maybe she might have lost track of the amount of time it is taking her to produce her certificate,, jesus pesus, it is way past over due the time when asled and the time mia HAS Not DELIVERED HER Certification…..amm any one of you blp yard ducks heard any thing from mia in regards to this long over due issue,have any of the blp yard ducks read what george payne said about mia, what a spanking he gave her,, guys it is time you throw in the towel and look for new leadership, this woman cannot reign in the call for change ,she has an albatross the length and width of sargassum tied around her neck,,can;t you misfits not see, how she is going to drown the party under the weight of scandal and speculations,


  • Hants June 23, 2015 at 4:07 PM #

    “I chose to show that white Bajans are always the better choice for some.”

    Hmmmmmm, interesting comments.

    I can also “choose to show that white (foreigners) are always the better choice for some.” And it’s those that are the most hypocritical in this scenario.

    Why? Because after all this talk about supporting black people and making statements like “I chose to show that white Bajans are always the better choice for some,” NONE of them are prepared to go to Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Benin, Liberia or Togo to live in the black man’s land.

    What makes this so laughable is that those Bajans are content to leave Barbados to live in the white man’s land, obey the white man’s laws, marry white women, support all those stores, fast food restaurants owned by the white man, lease cars and rent apartments from the white car dealers and realtors, while assisting in the process of developing the white man’s country.

    Then they want to demonstrate to us island people they are more “black conscious” than Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey or Huey Newton, by making statements such as “I chose to show that white Bajans are always the better choice for some.”

    They return to Barbados with their fake foreign accents, displaying condescending, sanctimonious attitudes because they choose to show what they learnt in the white man’s world is much more superior to what is Bajan.

    Their children refuse to accompany then to live here because “it’s too small, so they choose to remain in the white man’s land. Perhaps the reason for this is the parents choose not to teach their heritage to their children because there are ashamed of it. Something the same whites, Asians, Arabs and Indians never neglect in doing.

    Shiite buckets!!!


  • @ AC
    …Bushie understands that Mia will be bringing her certificate to the opening ceremony at the St John Polyclinic…..
    …soon come….
    You will be the MC?
    …or you get the catering pick?


  • De Ingrunt Word

    Oh lawd Artax, you harsh pon that one re: “Their children refuse to accompany then to live here because “it’s too small… Something the same whites, Asians, Arabs and Indians never neglect in doing.”

    Well BIM is a tad small, fah real. And if one grows up in a big city/country and explores what that offers some folks can’t handle a small town environment regardless of how comforting it is. That’s why big cities likely have the ‘big’ in their description as a lotta small town folks move to the raz-ma-tazz of the city/country.

    But many like small and cozy too, so chill. LOL.

    I would ask a man like you if you could have remained as sane as you appear to be if you had not left the lovely BIM from time to time, whether business or pleasure.

    There was a time when the ‘Bajan way’ had gravitas even in the big US and certainly other places but unfortunately that time is long past so any sanctimonious attitudes may be more a self-inflicted result of the local behaviours as it is the ex-pat holier than thou attitudes.


  • bush shite wuh foolishness dat u talking, the latest news out here.. mia say the dog eat her certificate, sounds plausible to me,,


  • We are getting somewhere.On the news today and confirmed on the CBC TV news tonight,AG Adriel Brathwaite has said THERE IS A LEVEL OF DISHONESTY IN BARBADOS THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.Hopefully he will start with members of the cabinet of which he is a part because those who see and hear what you the cabinet do and you think you are beyond sanction,there are those who will stick the finger at you Mr AG and carry on doing what they are doing and which is harming this country Barbados,simply because you and your lot are the example by which they are guided.You should get out of your ivory tower AG.Nobody is taking you lot seriously.

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  • @ Gabriel June 23, 2015 at 8:13 PM #

    We are getting somewhere.On the news today and confirmed on the CBC TV news tonight,AG Adriel Brathwaite has said THERE IS A LEVEL OF DISHONESTY IN BARBADOS THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED………………………………………….

    I heard the jackass today on the VOB 12.30 news and just stupse! He aint for real!

    We are witnessing a level of lowness and depravity never seen before in our beloved country. He should address the level of dishonesty among his cabinet colleagues.

    An unacceptable level of dishonesty was brought to light last Tuesday concerning four of his cabinet members and he said nothing……instead he went and dug into MAM’s educational background to come up with a lie………he is so incompetent he does not even understand simple law. I have heard legal luminaries in high circles saying that he is a joker who does not understand any law. So we can just dismiss him as an idiot. He is not rated among the people into whose circles he goes!

    He sat in a cabinet which is supposed to be making laws for the land and have a colleague whom the courts had to demand that he turn over money belonging to a client which he was holding onto for years. I have not heard him say a word about the level of dishonesty in the cabinet that needs to be addressed. Instead they back the crook only to stay in office for their personal gain….we got to get to April 2016.

    AG, go away, you are useless and that includes the whole DLP!


  • @ Artaxerxes June 22, 2015 at 6:33 PM #

    When last did this administration held “informative Press Conferences and releases which inform Barbados about government activities and its dealing?”……………………………………

    Good post, Artaxerxes. Do you remember the big charades they had when they pretended they were being different………..hypocrites. Every Sunday they were polluting CBC airwaves with a lot of rhetoric saying that they were reporting to the people but of course that did not last too long as I am sure it died before all the constituencies “reported”.

    Why this was such a failure is that they only entertained questions from their yardfowls who were singing the how great thou art dlp song.

    They may say now that this was one of the tricks of the dead king so they do not have to report to the people anymore. To be a dem, you have to be of a certain breed! Truly!


  • when barrow said bajans has short memories he was referring to the blp yardfowls. wunna carried on fourteen years of stinkerrooo, who wunna tryinng to fool,


  • De Ingrunt Word June 23, 2015 at 7:31 PM #

    “I would ask a man like you if you could have remained as sane as you appear to be if you had not left the lovely BIM from time to time, whether business or pleasure.”

    De Word, I hate it when these people who reside overseas bringing their condescending attitudes towards others, while trying to more black than Huey Newton of the Black Panthers.

    To be honest, whenever I travel, I become home sick after the fourth day……….. hahahahahaha.


  • Lime Juice from Lemons


    From a purely political science position, this DLP administration cannot continue to impose austerity measures while the Opposition continues allege/provide credible evidence of corruption………………………..eventually something has to give, the people (even docile people) will become incensed by the two different LOTS which exists.

    I am not saying there is corruption, but for sure we know there is austerity and its up to the Opposition to decide how the plays this out. I think her Reply to the Budgetary Proposals gave an idea of the strategy she is likely to adopt.


  • Prodigal Son June 23, 2015 at 8:43 PM #

    “We are witnessing a level of lawlessness and depravity never seen before in our beloved country. He should address the level of dishonesty among his cabinet colleagues.”

    Prodigal, Brathwaite said he is “witnessing a level of lawlessness and depravity never seen before in our beloved country?”

    Wuh, shiite, he aint gine do nutten ‘bout it.

    You remember that after the 2013 general election, an agitated looking Freundel Stuart appeared on CBC TV saying throughout the day, he heard stories of people exchanging money for votes, a practice he described as “ugly and digs at the roots of democratic structures.”

    Brathwaite later confirmed that some Barbadians sold their votes during the election. He was reported as having told the media, after being sworn in as Attorney General, that:
    “There are a few things that happened during the course of the campaign that concerned me and we need to look and ensure that we don’t go in the wrong direction as a people.”

    These two jokers, “Molasses Froon” and “Talk Ya Talk Braff”, heard about vote buying in February 2013 and um is now June 2015 (a year and 4 months after) and nun a de two ah DEM aint say or do nutten ‘bout it yet.

    Vote buying is lawlessness too. So, what wuhnuh expect Braff gine do ‘bout the other lawlessness, except talk ‘bout it?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    One of the things that we need to accept as an incontrovertible truth lies in the age old adage

    “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”

    The KJV says it even better “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

    For too long we the peeple have erroneously thought that silence meant wisdom when in fact it was really the veil for the abysmal stupidity of the cretin.

    Unna tink dat Adriel DimWit Braffwit was a wise AG? Man I surprise at wunna doah!!

    The lesson to be learn from 2008 until 2018 is one that a few of those of us who WISH TO BE TAUGHT WILL LEARN

    “A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. Matthew 12.35

    Which uh wunna does bring de carpenter to wunna house to fix de sink? Whu unlessing wunna is de versatile Bush Tea which uh wunna when wunna getting in de bed wid de Sea Cat Woman does bring a Stihl Weed wacker to do de ting?

    De next time wunna open wunna doors to de poloticians dem and wunna remember the abysmal ignorance and incompetency uh dis here DLP administration MAYBE, jes MAYBE, wunna gine use a different set uh tools to evaluate wunna choices and tek de envelopes and vote fuh dem.

    Man whu I did tinking doah, I heah preaching like if dese bajans gine change dem ingrunt ways and gine employ a strategy consistent wid “The lips of the righteous feed many…” but the ole man faileth to unnerstand that that same exhortation ends with ” but fools die for lack of understanding.”

    We is doomed yuh hear?


  • still waiting !while listening to Mr.lowe,s call for Mia to present to the House of Parliament her legal Certificate, i heard miller was in the process of validating it but george payne said ,Hell NO !


  • For the longest while I really did not care what this inept incompetent government did at CBC, they could monopolise it all they want, I exercise my option not to watch CBC other than the first five minutes of the news.

    But tonight it galled me that with all that is happening in Barbados, the funeral service for the PM was the first news item. I am not saying that CBC should not cover the service but first item. Na, na na!

    I am really tired of the DLP!


  • ac June 23, 2015 at 9:12 PM #

    when barrow said bajans has short memories he was referring to the blp yardfowls.
    Was it Barrow ,or Grantley Adams?


  • ******Oops……….dont want to be accused of burying the PM, the funeral service was for his sister!


  • @Gabriel June 23, 2015 at 3:27 PM “So Sinckler had an epiphanic moment,cut out the salt and sugar,lost about 100 lbs.”

    I doubt that the 100 pound or so weight loss was caused by cutting out salt and sugar…but very likely was achieved through a “stomach stapling” operation.
    To lose 100 pounds in a year or so through diet and exercise and to keep it off is impossible for most people.

    Commonly called stomach stapling


  • I am no longer a lover of sodas though I like a coke or sprite once in a while but because I do not like them does not mean that I have to have a problem with those who like them.

    The Stinkliar came to power and ate like a pig……….. all the rich foods that he may not be accustomed to hitherto from the fancy hotels and the big up peoples’ houses he frequented……….as Caswell would say, a lot of them were nobodies prior to 2008……….

    Now he wants to make people pay for his bad habits. You mean to tell me that month after month he was putting on weight……….he had to notice because he had to keep buying bigger and bigger suits……….he did nothing until he was like a whale? Believe you me, he did not get like a whale by drinking sodas, whom he think he is fooling. Some fellows in a supermarket told me just that!

    But tell me something, Stinkliar……………..if the tax is to discourage people from buying sodas, how do you expect to raise $10 million?

    So you do agree that nobody is listening to wunnuh?

    Dont count on this money, hear!

    Also, Stinkliar, did you think of the attendant problems if sales fall off………like job losses of those at the bottom of the totem pole? I did not think so……..because you do not know what the hell you doing…………….or once you have a job you do not care about the small man losing his? I thought so!

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