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Monday Sermon – Final Encouragement

Dear All: We who are still in training can benefit from persons who were near the end of their training, and who wrote to encourage us from that perspective.  There are several examples from the Old Testament, but only one from the New Testament, namely Simon Peter. Peter knew that he would be killed, having been warned of this by

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Sweet Sunday Sermon – Thoughts on Psalm 22 – part 1

Submitted by Dr. GP Psalm 22 describes the sufferings of the Lord Jesus on the cross under three headings Psychological Physiological Pathological These are followed by a Praise section in this Psalm The emotional or Psychological suffering of Jesus is described in the first 16 verse of Psalm 22, and  mirrors the reports of Matthew 26:39; Matthew. 27:39-44; Mark 15:29,

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Fighting For Holidays

Youth violence has always been with us. According to the Biblical account, Cain (Adam and Eve’s first-born son) killed his younger brother, Abel. Even the intervention of God Himself, who counselled Cain to overcome his anger, did not prevent Cain from killing his brother. Cain was jealous of his younger brother’s success. God explained to him that he would be

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Scientists to the Rescue!

Is this something Barbados authorities should be investigating? Should out of the box thinking be prioritized? Every year we have to endure the same process of a water prohibition because aquifers dry up. How do we improve the situation? A man built a homemade machine to bring endless water to the Bahamas. You already know the science By Leah Asmelash,

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – The Defence of Triviality

The frequently uttered assertion that “Barbados’ libel laws are archaic” betrays not only a pardonable ignorance of the provision of the relevant local statute that, over two decades ago, abolished the distinction between the action for slander and the one the for libel, thereby conflating them into a single action for defamation; but also involves making an unwarranted comparison with

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