Neil Holder of Barbados Integrity Movement Challenge to Mia Mottley of the Barbados Labour Party to a National Debate Remains Unanswered

Neil Holder the leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) has issued the bold challenge to Mia Mottley for a National Debate. Here is an opportunity for Mia to grab the public spotlight? Is it a case of she having too much to lose and Holder all to gain?

44 thoughts on “Neil Holder of Barbados Integrity Movement Challenge to Mia Mottley of the Barbados Labour Party to a National Debate Remains Unanswered

  1. Really ? Neil Holder? I credit you with better nous than this. How will I ,a voter benefit from this exercise?

  2. Enuff at 11:04 AM

    When I was growing up ,little boys only threw stones in mango trees that had the sweetest mangoes. The BLP needs to stay focused and not get side tracked again.

  3. @BC
    I have also heard it stated as “Nobody kicks a dead dog”

    But why pick on Mia. Why not challenge the reigning champion, the title holder, the big dog himself, the man who rules the yard, the gentle giant Fumbles…

    Remember: Fumbles is the man you have to dethrone…

  4. The story is told of a gathering of jungle animals when the snake challenged the lion to a fight to determine who is King of the Jungle. When the lion showed no interest in engaging in a fight with the snake, the snake proclaimed that the lion was afraid of him and that he was really the king. The animals were aghast and asked the lion why was he not prepared to defend his crown. The lion replied thus “If I fight snake and win everyone will say that I lowered myself by fighting with snake and that my victory was no achievement as snake was not a match for me in the first place. However if I fight snake and lose everyone would say that I should be ashamed to let snake win and that I was a disappointment”.

    Has anyone noticed that every one of these new political parties offering themselves as an alternative to the DLP to form the next government seem to be only interested in attacking the BLP, and have little or nothing to say about the governing party which is the one that needs to be dislodged,,,,,or have they already decided that it is a waste of time to flog a dead horse? Maybe there is a message here somewhere.

  5. Great story, Fearplay…………now why would Mia lower herself to debate Neil Holder? Why is he not challenging Freundel Stuart to debate?

    In the USA, a political candidate has to have a certain percentage in the polls to be allowed in a debate. Pary tell e what is the percentage of support to be even thinking about challenging the LOTO?

    The DLP has destroyed this country and all these so called third, fourth and fifth parties are doing is attacking MAM as if she is the PM…………..


  6. It is clear even to that blind man on a trotting horse that the Labour Party is the only show in town with the electorate behind it and including the 40% that didn’t vote in 2013,to have the ability to rescue Barbados from the DLP and these disorganized wannabes.

  7. I am not expecting be be “rescued” by the BLP.

    I am not for a Knight or a Dame in shining armour.

    I am not looking for an earthly saviour.

    I just want everybody to do the job which WE PAY them to do.

    Sometimes I think that we let the political class forget that WE PAY THEM.

  8. BIM was out of the blocks early on as a third party, then they went silent and allowed the tired loser Lynette and her UPP to take the lead from the bottom. BIM even allowed Lynette to take away their party colour.

    BIM has now joined up with some other never heard of party……..and is challenging MAM to a debate.

    BIM are you trying to punch above your weight? Go and challenge Freundel……..he is on par with you……… the bottom!

  9. “So I ask the question, is the nation seriously ready for a female prime minister? Has this nation given it any serious thought, or is it a case that people are so fed up with the DLP that they feel they have no other choice but to accept the next best alternative?” she asked, adding that the upcoming election was a battle betweengood and evil.”

    ” “I firmly believe that we are ready for a female prime minister and I cannot put words in your mouth, but I do believe that you probably mean not this particular female.”

    • @Hants

      Is the question if the country is ready for a female or should be if the leader in waiting has a resonating message and vision.

  10. Mia Mottley could debate yuh ass off before she even entered the room. Pick on someone you can beat with your mouth full ah puddin an souse, like the useless incumbent.

  11. Hantscare you quoting from the ex Dem host of Talk ya Talk,Maureen Holder,i hope not.This so called political analyst is right where she belong at George Street talking to a handful of Yardfowls like herself.Ms Holder probably thought she would still be on the the airwaves spouting her DLP propaganda but the rug was pulled from under the arrogant,ill mannered know all,along with the loud mouth John Lovell,and the talkative jeff Broomes.Therefore to remain relevant she shows up at George Street,asking about if bajans are ready for a female PM,the poll numbers say so,but tell who are the alternatives,a silent current PM,who leads from behind or anout of his depth Grenville Phillips or a many time loser Lynette Eastmond.In my opinion the answer is clear Ms Mottley all the way.

  12. Of course Maureen Yardfowl would support the disgusting Billie the Goat Miller….so how is she any different from Mia in her personal life, she was also accused of beating and brutalizing young girls and women when she was young and living the same lifestyles…..

    …hypocrite yardfowls, Billie the Goat is the quintessential house negro..with a pimp title.

  13. @ Prodigal Son January 27, 2018 at 1:24 PM

    I said long time ago that these so-called third parties are mere political nuisances or spoilers with one common objective in mind. That is to attract the votes of the disgruntled away from the BLP (the only other viable party capable of performing the role of the government in waiting) in order to facilitate the return of the Dems to office.

    Why would these fledgling third parities want to so eagerly face-off against the BLP Opposition? What’s in it for them other than to be the next major opposition party in Parliament?

    Isn’t the ruling party the one against which to throw their ammunition in order to replace it and to execute their various pie-in-the-sky proposals like SB’s?

    They could as well all come under one umbrella with the label AMB (Anti-MAM Brigade) to show their true-blue dangerous lying party yellow colours.

    Lyn, your role as the dirty handmaiden of a spitefully vindictive OSA is nothing more than mere political prostitution or behaving like a hired hit woman on the cheap.

    Now behave like a prodigal daughter and go back home where your skills can be better utilized for the national good in your country’s approaching direst hour.

    Things are getting too dread about Barbados. This is not the time for feminine grandstanding and practising the feminist version of political ‘one-upmanship’.

    Take back Maria with you, too! Both would be forgiven by Mother Mia Amor.

  14. @ Lorenzo January 27, 2018 at 2:04 PM

    Now that political P has lost her soapbox at the financially crippled CBC she has also dropped LEC gun of hate previously aimed at Mia.

    Shouldn’t she be delivering a lecture on whether the obvious heir apparent to the office of PM is fit for that office since MAM does not possess an LEC like Hal G the real LEC (Lose Every Case) man?

    Why doesn’t she question why the AG has not responded to her party’s Gen. Sec. resolution due since mid-November 2017?

    The annual application for the renewal of the licence to practise Law in Barbados is due at the end of January (this month).

    Shouldn’t that whoring MF be concerned whether the registrar will be accepting MAM’s application without proof of an LEC?

  15. I saw the headline of the article and refused to read it.

    She got talk for Mia but Mia wil never take her on ……. just like how Mia ignores OSA………she would be punching below her grade.

    What does Moreen Holder do these days? Is she still employed by DLPCBC? A caller asked David Ellis on Friday if he planned to take her back at VOB……….

  16. Prodigal I heardboth Tall Boy and Wesley asking David Ellis for a pick for Ms Holder.If that were to happen,i would lose all respect for Mr Ellis although he trained her and bearing in mind his leanings to the DLP,based on previous Moderators like Tony Marshall,Maxine McClean,Matthew Farley,Carlton Jemmott,Harry Husbands,Akentolve Corbin,Shantelle Munroe-Knight,and both Pter Wickham and Marsha Hinds layne who also were Dems at the time,most of the othersin my view leaned towards the DLP,including Mr Ellis.In fact only Dennis Johnson who isn,t political at all and Mark Forde who favoured the BLP were the only others,therefore that balance is way off.Last Monday mr Ellis had Mr Stephen Lashley on for two hours of DLP spintherefore anything is possible with him.However I would not listen to any program hosted on Brasstacks by Ms holder,given how she along with the Trini Dem,Arthur the returning National,Commisioner,Lolita and the guy from St George South critcised Brasstacks Moderators and callers.In my view let her stay off the airwaves.

    • Ellis in his effort to keep the program balance allocates time to the DLP people if not the program would be one sided given the rising anti government sentiment. Cant blame hm but the approach interferes with the quality of the program. If a policy is obviously flawed one should not have to entertain Straker’s tenantry or Arthur talking shite for 20 minutes to satisfy some time quota Ellis/VoB has allotted.

  17. @ David,

    It is surprising that an educated? modern? woman like Maureen Holder would ask the question.

    Barbados is as ready for MIA to be Prime Minister as Ontario was for a female Premier.

  18. BIM need to spread its fire.
    To focus on MIA and not engage the other arm of the BDLP is to give them a pass.
    BIM seems to just want to be in second place

  19. @Lorenzo January 27, 2018 at 3:26 PM

    After Moreen began calling the program, David Ellis invited her to be a host moderator….dont know if it was a set up to trigger the invitation as by then all the other dlp moderators were suitably rewarded and were in their positions.

    One day Moreen was hosting the program and as I remember the hot issue was the introduction by Donville Inniss for the payment of medication.

    Whilst on hold a BLP supporter called in, he was put on hold to go to commercials, he said that he heard her on the phone……quick quick ……..get Yvette on the phone to counteract this man. That Yvette was secretary to the PM. Very soon after that, she left David Ellis high and dry.

    I doubt Ellis would take her back after the way she treated Brasstacks.

  20. Curious to know if he is a disillusioned dem…….just like the man who calls in and say he is a disillusioned dem and he is forming his own party called Les Fleurs………he too only attacks MAM.

  21. David

    “Are there not voters who are disaffected with the BLP as well?”

    You should ask if persons who voted for the BLP in 2013 are disaffected.

  22. “If a policy is obviously flawed one should not have to entertain Straker’s tenantry or Arthur talking shite for 20 minutes to satisfy some time quota Ellis/VoB has allotted.”

    Agree; yet, you posted three “messages” from BIM and continue to allow Grenville to post his flawed policies. hahaaaaaaaaa

  23. I saw Grenville of Solutions got asked some very harsh but sensible questions on facebook, he has to be well prepared to answer an intelligent electorate.

  24. Are these “third parties” looking to win the general elections……..or forming the next opposition?

    Uh mean, after all……the way Neil Holder, Grenville Phillips II and Lynette are behaving, you would believe Mia Mottley is Prime Minister of Barbados and she is responsible for the myriad of problems facing the island.

    Why not focus your efforts in trying to defeat Freundel Stuart and ask him what are the DLP’s policies for taking the island forward over the next five years.

    It seems as though the DLP is controlling the narrative of these so called “third parties.”

    • The third parties are obviously trying to secure support from all quarters. Haven’t you political pundits already concluded that the local political climate will not see a first time party winning the government?

  25. Why do they focus on Mia? Are they thinking that if the BLP remains in the race then they are just 3rd parties (non-contenders, also ran).

    Eliminating Mia opens up the second spot to other parties. Do they have a higher vision or are they just running to be LOTO and already conceding the race to the Freundalites?

    Are they thinking 2018 or 2022?

  26. @ Gazerts 259
    Pay Artax no mind here.

    He knows full well that only an idiot would waste time focusing on a dead man like Froon…
    The DLP is such a dead horse that the only votes they will get are those of unrepentant brass bowl RH morons like ac – which, while still marginally significant (this is Barbados after all) are a fait accompli.

    The OBVIOUS opponent for a ‘third party’ in any election therefore, is the BLP – precisely because it is now TEN years since we were exposed to THEIR shiite…. and brass bowls have short memories.

    So who would YOU focus on – if you were seeking to court the votes of BBBBBs? not MIA…?

    Artax just working psychology.
    Focusing on Froon would be about as sensible as focusing on Mark Adamson ….

    PDC not running?
    These big-donkeyed taxes want abolishing boss…

    …or has Grenville taken over that mandate?
    ha ha ha
    …bout here too sweet yuh.

    • There will be no debates because it opens the door of expectation of one between Mia and Fruendel and this would be an obvious taking candy from a baby scenario based on observing the debating skills of both.

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