Attorney General Adriel Brathwaithe | Liar and Politician

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart and Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite both admitted that they spotted voter irregularities during the 2013 general election. Up to now they have done nothing to address it as promised.

Recently the BU household observed in awe the incident where a Republican candidate vying for a seat in the US Congress body slammed  a journalist for asking a question about the contentious health care system. The incident was “straightoutta” Hollywood. Greg Gianforte the Republican politician at the centre of the furore went on to win the seat to add to the storyline. Gianforte was charged with a misdemeanour offense that resulted in him having to do 40 hours community service. The most surprising part of what has transpired surrounding the incident is the blind support by Trump supporters who have justified his behaviour by spouting the Donald Trump narrative that the mainstream media is about fake news therefore any anti media cause is a noble undertaking.

Members of the BU household live our humble lives ‘undergirded’ by traditional values to determine what is right and wrong. What Gianforte did when he body slammed the Guardian journalist was wrong and President Trump, Republican leadership in the Congress, Senate and the public at large should have immediately forced Gianforte to resign from the contest. Instead the incident was glossed over and the opportunity for a teachable moment was missed. Imagined all the impressionable minds that were influenced by the incident and the likelihood how it will manifest in undesirable behaviours in years to come. Who are the gatekeepers of public morality if not the people themselves.

In Barbados we have our version of the Gianforte incident being played out. At a time when the economy continues to underperform despite the best effort of the government we have a prime minister who pleads ignorance about the fact his government has purchased two luxury vehicles in recent months with a combined cost of greater than $500,000.  Where is the morality in those decisions is the growing cry.

Wrong is wrong!

However this is not the local equivalent of the Gianforte incident. Here is an extract from a 2015 BU blog:

During the Presentation of the Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals 2015 the intelligence of Barbadians was trivialized (or was it) by the debate whether Lowe has earned a Doctorate or leader of the Opposition possesses the requisite qualification to practice law in Barbados. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has routinely described contributions to debate in parliament as ‘po-rakey’, now there incontrovertible  is proof.

Let us for argument sake accept that leader of the Opposition does not possess a Legal Education Certificate (LEC) and therefore does not have the right to practice law in Barbados. Let us accept that she and three other lawyers who were afforded a waiver at the time there was the transition to the LEC certification is invalid. Let us further assume that Mottley has been illegally practising law in Barbados and other Caribbean countries for the past 30 years. Let us also assume that several Registrars of the Court and Attorney Generals from both political parties were wrong not to have dealt with the matter in the intervening years. What is also WRONG Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite is you rising on the floor of parliament in June 2015 to promise Barbadians that you will investigate the matter of Mottley’s LEC and two years later not delivered. What sensible Barbadians must conclude is that there is no evidence to support the claim that Mottley has been practising law illegally in Barbados since the late 80s or you have been playing politics read the ass with the issue. BU suspects it is very much the latter.

The issue after 30 years of practicing law is not for Mottley to produce her credentials. It is for the Attorney General to deliver on his promise to share the results of his investigation of 2 years in the making. The public is also reminded that it is Adriel Brathwaite who joined Freundel Stuart immediately after the 2013 general election win to promise Barbadians that voting irregularities witnessed by them would have been addressed in some form or fashion certainly before the next general election is called.

The reputation of Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite will be forever sullied by his silence on the matter of the findings of his LEC Mottley investigation. Even if he were to deliver on his promise tomorrow by sharing the results of his two year investigation, he has earned the right to be accorded the reference –the worst of the Attorney Generals produced by Barbados post Independence.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Well Well

    You should see the one on people who constantly blow their trumpets of self praise. It says they are idiots in their thinking and morons in life.

    Carson C Cadogan

    Dennis Low Lowe is an honourable crook. He will be honoured shortly for his contribution to making the Democratic Labour Party look petty and pissy. I hope that the pretensive opposition leader will launch an investigation into Low Lowes doings, but we know she will not do one shite. She will show her true colours just like the Dees has shown theirs. It call DEEBEE politricks, and it is wukking fuh both parties.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    MORNING david

    TAKEN FROM FACEBOOK(you can delete this if you like)

    but it is not going away

    “”Imagine… What does it feel like to sit in a court representing your clients…only to find out that the Judge has issues with his call to the bar, one opposing lawyer has issues with her call to the bar, another opposing QC was the person who moved the application on behalf of the female lawyer with issues, another QC who was representing a “co claimant” was the AG “at the material time”.

    Everything will come out.””

    This is not going away, FRAUDS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF THE BLP.

    If we were dealing with a Medical fraud the Royal Barbados Police Force would have already intervened.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger June 14, 2017 at 8:45 AM

    Use your common sense for a change.

    if some one of the rank of The Hon. Dr. Dennis Lowe challenge your legal qualifications in the Parliament of all places in Barbados, would you not within an hour produce your LLB and LEC to shut him up as he did to her?

    Not come TWO YEARS LATER DISPLAYING O levels certificates.

    One would especially want to rubbish HIS CHALLENGE especially if one IS ALSO A QC.

    Is this why OWEN ARTHUR has been fighting for years for her not to become Leader of the Barbados Labour Party and possibly a PM in Barbados? He had to know this all along and the danger it poses to Jurisprudence in Barbados if this became known. We recall OWEN ARTHUR made Clyde Mascol “”CO-LEADER”” of the Barbados Labour Party.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson….so why arent you challenging if MIA has her law defree from UK…why are you stuck on an LEC….

    First prove that she did not graduate with a law degree, easy to prove if she did or not, dial up the law school in UK…they have recirds going back centuries of lawyers who earned law degrees, by that standard Mia’s law degree is young, they can find her records easily.

    All that long talk about an LEC…when a law degree is required to even be a lawyer.

    Prove she is not a lawyer and has been fraudulently practicing law…or shut up.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Well Well

    One thing at a time.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    BTW…Dennis Lowe is too incompetent for his claimed qualifications to not be also called into question also

    And all these accusations you have against lawyers and a judge who have been practicing for decades, you only found out when, yesterday.

    If true…….both DBLP politicians and ministers have known about these frauds, all have helped cover up these frauds against the people for decades.

    So dont try to convince me that yall crooks found truth and religion, try someone else.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    No Carson….the most important thing first, the law degree, yall do everything assbackwards and always have to be scrambling .


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    SSS….they believe they are fooling someone….just watch over the next year and see it all unravel right before their eyes…everyone will be scrambling when am done.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    I sure that you all remember when Owen Arthur wrote a note to Freundel Stuart asking him to take MIA AMOR MOTTLEY off his hands?

    Anyone wondered why he did that?


  • I know wunnuh lions gine bite off my head fuh stickin um in wunnuh mout, but wunnuh doh tink is time fuh leggo BOAF uh dese lickrish political Parties?

    BOAF uh dem had 50 years wid de LABOUR name but dese days NEIDAH ONE doan give a rat’s a$$ bout de poor or middle class (= labour), all dem concerned about dese days is lickin dem mout in Parliament and tellin nuff nuff lies. While dem linin dem pockets, of course, lewwe doan fugget bout dat.

    De two ah dem had 50 years dancin dixie pon Bajan heads, lemmuh suggest dung hey at de bottom of de barrel is time we trow out de baby, de baffwater AN de baff, and lookah different people fuh run we national affairs.

    TWO “Labour” Parties now alternate power, and BOTH of them have TOGETHER brought us all the way into national and international bankruptcy – IMHO Fumble actually seems to be proud of it.

    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is called a symptom of insanity – I can’t believe Bajans are that crazy, but we seem to have some politicians who are stark raving bowgally insane.

    May I respectfully suggest that at the next election we at least, as they say, “send a signal”: That is, give both current Labour Parties a minimum four-year vacation and vote for Granville Phillips (or some other non-Labour Party), take a chance to see what their performance is like.

    At the very worst, in the future we would have a minimum of three valid Parties to choose from – and not have to choose between TweedleDumber and TweedleDumbest (as we have to now).

    How much WORSE can some other Party be than these two current bunches of braying, lying, self-centered incompetent jackasses?

    Wuhloss! Lunch time!!


  • BimJim

    Hmmm……the present duopoly comes out of Bim both schooled and socialised which would suggest that all de tiefin,corruption,ignorance,powrakeyness,etc,etc dat dem git accuse off was larnt rite here on dese 2×3 shores.

    So…..Skippah,ah ain too bright…..but tell muh a cat duz have bread or kittens en a’ oven?


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