Minister Michael Lashley Struggling to Deliver Average Transportation Service

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

The following comment was posted by BU commenter Artax in response to a statement by BU that questioned Minister Michael Lashley’s ability to supply an efficient public transportation service in Barbados – Barbados Underground

Transport Board has been STRUGGLING for months to put at least 85 units on the road per day. “How did (Lashley) plan to rollout a contingency?” By providing his usual “lip service.”

Lashley is only full of talk and can been deemed as being failure in his present role as transport minister than when he was minister of housing. Perhaps he is of the opinion “success” can be transferred from one ministry to the next without trying to achieve it through hard work.

For months commuters have been complaining about the “inordinate amount of time” they have to wait in the Fairchild Street bus terminal for TB to service routes in rural districts, such as Martins Bay, Sugar Hill and Bathsheba. How did Lashley respond to this situation? By saying “a DRAFT FRAMEWORK had been COMPLETED that would ALLOW private transporters, including operators of minibuses and tour coaches, to ENTER bus terminals DURING PEAK PERIODS and transport commuters on 14 routes. And they should START rolling into City terminals BEFORE the END of the Christmas holidays.” [Source: Daily Nation, December 19, 2016]

This proposal “looks very good on paper.” However, surely Lashley and the officials at the Transport Authority should be aware that the Traffic Laws and Regulations would have to be amended, if this suggestion is to become a reality. Why? Because “tour coaches and private transporters” are NOT registered to “pick up and set down passengers at bus stops,” and are not insured to engage in this practice.
As such, the operators of minibuses and tour coaches, through their collective bargaining agent, Alliance Owners of Public Transport Inc., [AOPT] have expressed their refusal to participate in the proposal. As at January 3, 2017, almost one week after the Christmas holidays, no tour coaches in the terminals and commuters are still complaining.

And TB’s methods of allocating bus repairs to service providers are also a cause for concern.

During the Budget debate in June 2015, while denying to suggestions from the opposition that TB allowed a private firm to install buses transmissions “at upward of three times what they cost, Lashley assured the House “MAJORITY of the MECHANICAL WORK REQUIRED by the Board was BEING ASSIGNED to UCAL, in preference to Quality Care, L&N, TransTech and Simpson Motors.” [PressReader, June 15, 2015]

Recall UCAL’s workshop in located at TB’s Weymouth Headquarters. Yet, on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, TB advertised an “Expression of interest for the repairs of ten (10) Hino buses.”

Not only has TB been systematically reducing bus repairs to UCAL and breached payment agreements, the Board solicited the services “of three Trinidadian engineers who have set up shop at the Transport Board’s Mangrove depot in St Philip and are reportedly repairing a number of buses. Reports were that UCAL was directed to transport 14 buses to the Mangrove mechanical workshop to be assigned to the Trinidadians.” [Source: Daily Nation, March 15, 2016]

Additionally, Sir Roy “previously charged that the Transport Board had been giving the repair work to outside sources and not to UCAL.” He said: “They continue to send buses elsewhere, even though UCAL is UNDER SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT to work day and night and to work as well on Sundays and public holidays, so that many days we a crew of workers available and on site, but they do not have enough work.” [Source: PressReader, December 8, 2016]

47 thoughts on “Minister Michael Lashley Struggling to Deliver Average Transportation Service

  1. I feel so sorry for the Barbadians who have to rely on the Transport Board for transportation.

    It has gone from bad to worse and there is no relief in sight…….the promises from the minister are meaningless. The government is broke and has no money to buy new buses. How many buses have this government bought since 2008? Not one…….. and herein lies the problems the travelling public is experiencing today and having incompetent DLP hacks in management positions certainly did not help.

    Barbados is in a really bad position…………never in the history of this country’s development have we seen such utter incompetency, such arrogance and ignorance, such destruction of every fabric of our society………….garbage piling up all over the country, horrible bus service, difficulty in receiving income tax refunds and vat refunds, potholes all over the place, high unemployment, shortage of water in rural parishes…………….the list goes on and on.

    And we have to endure this until 2018?

  2. Even if it were legal, can anyone imagine tour operators putting their buses at the disposal of the Transport Board? Can anyone imagine a tour bus being used as a school bus? How long will it remain operational after a week or two? Seeing how Transport Board buses are treated, can one expect any better treatment of Tour buses? How can the travelling public use such buses, considering that they must sometimes travel with loads which can’t fit into such buses like the way they fit into TB buses? I won’t blame tour operators for not putting their buses on any route. That is nothing more than a pie in the sky!

  3. On December 30, 2010, during a Press conference held at the Transport Authority, the Transport Board’s marketing and corporate communications manager Lynda Holder announced the “smart card” initiative, which was to be formally introduced in February 2011, allowing passengers to use a card instead of cash, to pay for travel on TB buses.

    What is the status of this project?


    On Monday, September 8, 2014, Lashley suggested that PRIVATE SECTOR VEHICLES could be integrated into the public transport system, to help ease public transportation problems across Barbados.

    Following his announcement, “Courtesy Garage OFFERED government a PROPOSAL to cater to some routes around Bridgetown.” Officials from the garage “showed Lashley and officials of the Transport Board a 30-seater bus yesterday which they said could adequately service some St Michael areas. The buses can be adapted to meet the physically challenged, holding about four wheelchairs.”

    “They OFFERED a package in terms of assisting with some of the routes around Bridgetown [that cater to] senior citizens with problems relative to a scheduled service . . . . That is the way we want to go,” Lashley said after the tour.”

    “The minister said they were still DRAFTING the POLICY and an INTERIM COMMITTEE was in place looking at the routes.” [Source: Daily Nation, September 10, 2014]

    After two (2) years and three (3) months there has not been any PROGRESS relative to Courtesy Garage’s proposal. How could Barbadians seriously expect Lashley and TB to perform a similar undertaking in December 2016, within two weeks?

  4. All Lashley will do is copy the negatives of the London Transport system, twist the positives and apply them to the Barbados Transport and continue the deterioration…..

    …..these are not competent government ministers, none of them have an original, worthwhile idea in their heads, they are bribetaking train wrecks….none are capable of uplifting the island or their own people.

  5. St. Philip suffers badly with bus service also. A man remarked at the bus stop that Lashley says he got vans to transport his people so it don’t bother him if the busses don’t run. The only thing that was successful when he had housing was what he collected.

  6. This man is clearly a con artist.

    He maximised his ‘earnings’ via ‘Housing’, aided and abetted by Baloney …and is now just biding his time to ride off into the sunset with the loot.
    Froon probably thinks that by putting him in the Transport Board, where it is a bit more difficult to associate with high level bribe masters, he has controlled the problem, but just like the Alexandra ‘solution’ the move has merely managed to destroy other operations.

    Like Stinkliar, practically EVERYTHING Lashley EVER says is a blatant LIE…. and it is obvious up front that he is lying, and playing for time. It seems however that until now, the local press was keen to play along with the game….

    The DLP is a curse on Barbados, but it is only through the compliance of the press, national institutions, and average brass bowl Bajans, that such idiocy has been allowed to persist for so long…
    A pox on all our houses.

  7. BTB is broke.

    No money to pay for goods and services received over a year ago and no money to buy parts to repair busses now, Trini or otherwise.

    200 busses have been needed to meet national demand for the past 15 years, less than 100 roll out every day.

    Yet the running cost for fewer busses in service is more than double what it was 10 years ago.

    Shut it down. Private busses have provided better service without a single tax concession for decades.

    There will be no economic recovery under Fumble’s Fools; never in the annals of Bajan history has so little been accomplished with so much by the so stupid.

  8. “The DLP is a curse on Barbados, but it is only through the compliance of the press, national institutions, and average brass bowl Bajans, that such idiocy has been allowed to persist for so long…
    A pox on all our houses.”

    A country is only as strong as it’s journalists.

    Weak journalists.

    Weaker country.

  9. This is how a small country like New Zealand operates……..

    442-16-747-PT Contract for Auckland Public Transport Bus Services – West
    Tender Closed
    RFx ID : 17469261
    Tender Name : 442-16-747-PT Contract for Auckland Public Transport Bus Services – West
    Reference # : 442-16-747-PT
    Open Date : Friday, 29 April 2016 2:30 PM (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
    Close Date : Monday, 13 June 2016 10:00 AM (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
    Department/Business Unit :
    Tender Type : Request for Tenders (RFT)
    Tender Coverage : Sole Agency [?]
    Categories :

    78111800 - Passenger road transportation
    78112000 - Intermodal passenger transport services
    78141500 - Transport arranging services
    78142000 - Transport conveyance rental or lease services
    78180000 - Transportation repair or maintenance services

  10. Vincent Haynes January 4, 2017 at 12:31 PM #
    This is how a small country like New Zealand operates……..

    What? No Teefin’ of everything that isn’t nailed down?

    The only reason statutory corporations exist in Bim is to line pockets of lackies and cabinet teefs.


    In order for Gov’t to give away something it must first take it from someone else.

    • What is the status of government’s plan to rationale state agencies? Why is it every decision in Barbados appear to unfold in slow motion? What is the latest with Sam Lords and Hyatt projects? How will the tardy roll out impact economic growth as forecast by the MoF and Central Bank?


  11. David

    The last topic on Brasstacks was why the refurbishment of the Wickham-Lewis boardwalk has still not started……a former MP opined that it was due to a lack of funds………so why make grandiose statements…….Roy Morris on the pier head project is a must read today.

  12. David January 4, 2017 at 1:55 PM #
    What is the status of government’s plan to rationale state agencies? Why is it every decision in Barbados appear to unfold in slow motion?

    Because politricks comes before the good of the nation.

    Because Swiss bank accounts are more important than national debt.

    Because the swing vote of the fatherless unemployables can be bought for $100 again when election time come around again.

    Because the people doing the electing are obviously as stupid and oblivious as the people being elected.

    Because there is no oversight and they can get away with anything.

    Because they keep the court system jammed up so there is no recourse for the rest of us.

    Because they got the keys to the plantation house doesn’t mean they know how to run a plantation.

    Because the dog that chased cars didn’t know he couldn’t drive until he finally caught one.

    Because the current DLP morons have isolated themselves even from the DLP supporters who could offer useful advice.

    Because the election financing debts have to be paid in cash or kind.

    Because snivel service and shitutory corporation employees have to be paid every month at all costs (over $70 million per month) to maintain their vote.

    Should I go on?

    • We know we are in a bad place when a government department sees the need to highlight that 100 Potholes have been patched to date.

  13. Frustrated Businessman aka ‘Nation of Laws’ my ass. January 4, 2017 at 4:29 PM #

    Should I go on?

    For what……untill the sheeple understanding not education level is raised to the point where they can take note of our overall indebtedness

    “I believe that Barbados has a structural fiscal deficit. If I am correct, correcting the fiscal deficit will require more than nibbling around the edges and a modest recovery in growth. It will require nothing less than a radical realignment of receipts and expenditures. Until that happens we will continue to sink further and further into debt

    The above observation is one of many made by credible Bimmers here and away……..but no one is hearing.

  14. “Trading Economics says it provides “accurate information” for 196 countries and its data is based on official sources.

    It said on its website that Barbados Corruption Index was last updated this month. However, Transparency International’s recently released report for 2015 did not include information on Barbados.”

    This just proves my point, Transparency International keeps asking the same corrupt government officials about corruption and actually expect to get the truth.

  15. “rodigal Son January 4, 2017 at 5:40 PM #

    From a two bit lawyer to one of the richest politician. Who ever said that crime does not pay”

    This is not fair comment without proof.

  16. @ WW&C
    It may indeed be true that corruption is lower under the DLP.

    The BLP did a lotta shiite, …but the DLP politicians are so stupid that they are not even good crooks. …so we become aware of most of their stealing…. and bathing in shiite.

    Which BLP politician would rob an old man in a wheelchair?
    Who but an idiot would fight his brother over stolen money on his mother’s account?
    Who but a female rabbit would sent a text asking about his ‘cut’?
    Which jackass would drive luxury vehicles registered to clients of his ministry?
    Name another adult (not on drug), who would call TV cameras to watch them swim in shit….
    Who but a Johnny would build a big ugly monument to Satan on the Garrison?

    What we need to see is a Jackass index……

  17. It was reported on today’s VOB 12:30pm news that there is to be a “major shake up” in top management at the Barbados Water Authority, with a Barbadian, who was residing in Trinidad, slated to be appointed as General Manager next month.

    Another individual is supposed to be appointed as Director of Finance, to whom the Financial Controller will report.

    I have no problem with the appointment of new management. However, I’m DISAPPOINTED that government has not contemplated the necessity to MOVE Dr. David Estwick and APPOINT a NEW minister as well.

  18. Bushman..haha, lol

    Charles…keep asking for proof…dont

    I repeat for your benefit Charles…in case it escaped you the furst time

    Charles…asking for proof is so yesteryear, you keep waiting for proof until the next shitbomb hits, floods all the streets from coast to coast and the beaches…….and all the ministers go swimming in shit this time.

    …..,or the next Maloney, Cow, Bizzy, Bjerkham, Tempro, Harris, Parris scam empties the treasury completely and finally, aided by semiliterate government ministers….. then there will no longer be need to ask for proof, you will be lining up to ask for bread to eat and have no toilet paper to wipe ya ass instead.

  19. @Well Well & Consequences
    ………………………………………………..and Sir Bizzy was too f–king cheap to buy a knighthood? He is a real poogie.

  20. Lol….they really need to stop making themselves look stupid with those pimphood titles, they have no idea how they are laughed at and ridiculed outside the island, but the idiots live their whole lives hoping to achieve the shit titles…to impress others.

  21. “I have no problem with the appointment of new management. However, I’m DISAPPOINTED that government has not contemplated the necessity to MOVE Dr. David Estwick and APPOINT a NEW minister as well.”

    and Artax if Chairman Mr Attlee Brathwaite the architect of the mismanagement of the Authority is still holding on to his job then it must be fake news.

  22. @ charles skeete
    Boss, the duo of shiite-hound S-wick and dribbly Braffit (along with sidekick ‘R-knee Waters) have already destroyed the sugar industry by importing a pack of totally useless Trickidadian ‘managers and supervisors’ who have been systematically killing any hope for sugar in Barbados.

    These morons have now proceeded to bring their corrosive style to water….
    Anybody who knows anything about the REALITY of Trinidad would know that, except for the abundance of oil, gas and calypso, they have nothing to offer us…. certainly not in water management…

    Bushie hereby predicts that our water woes will escalate exponentially once the dry season kicks in….
    No sugar, no water …. the end of sweet days for Barbados, …thanks to shiite-hound and co.

  23. “and Artax if Chairman Mr Attlee Brathwaite the architect of the mismanagement of the Authority is still holding on to his job then it must be fake news”

    @ Charles Skeete

    “You dun know dat” whenever a new minister is appointed to a ministry, the incumbent chairman usually tenders his/her resignation, paving the way for that minister “to bring in he own peepple.”

    Essentially, a new minister means the end of Atlee Brathwaite.

  24. The BWA has perhaps two years ahead of it when it looks as though there will be an abundance of rain so demand may be curtailed and supply, through recharge, increased.

    I am basing that feeling, and that’s all it is, on the 10 year record of rainfall at Grantley Adams Airport 2000-2010, contained in the GHNS report.

    Rain is difficult to predict but La Nina came back last year and boy wasn’t the drought brought to an abrupt end.

    It is a pity no Member of Parliament has seen fit to even consider their own resignation for the complete lack of understanding of what the water resources in Barbados actually are and the type of damage they can do to this country by not doing as simple a thing as opening a sluice gate … and actually fighting to keep it closed.

    The decision to shakeup management at the BWA may luck out for a couple of years if my feeling is right but by then we may have another set of jokers who understand even less.

    There are really fundamental changes and shifts in thinking that need to be made, and that needs to happen pronto.

    If that does not happen, the next set of jokers will be faced with the same issues this set have had to face where water and sewage are concerned .. and no amount of changing management will help!!

    So maybe the day when politicians in Barbados actually have to resign for their failures is fast approaching … hopefully this lot and the next will not have presided over complete destruction by then and will simply go when the extent of their abject failures are apparent.

    I am not holding my breath.

  25. @ John
    Common sense tells us that by firing and demoting your KNOWLEDGE BASE, you are setting yourself up for chaos.
    Every damn person with any sense knows that the problem with the BWA has been that the technical people have been over ruled by politicians when they set out their operating priorities. Anyone thinks that it was the acting GM who decided to build the building on the hill to sweeten Baloney’s pocket?

    It is the damn minister and Board that we should fire.

    Now when they f**** up the people who actually KNOW how the system works, what is needed, and who were just impeded in their requests for YEARS, how the hell will some new Trickidadian suddenly learn all these system quirks?

    From the frying pan into the fire……
    The people to be fired are the shiite hound, At Lee, and R -knee.

  26. Apparently, it seems as though Dr. John Mwansa is not the only individual who has been overlooked for appointment as management after acting in the position for a number of years.

    It seems as though a similar fate is on the horizon for Acting Commissioner of Police, Tyrone “Ty P” Griffith. DLP goon Guyson Mayers and his cohorts in the Police Services Commission have seen to it that, after Griffith acted as COP for two (2) years, he will be replaced by a policeman who has academic qualifications and completed management training at a police academy or college.

    Interestingly, in a move that has been described as a “highly unusual,” the PSC negotiated with “a foreign diplomatic body,” and selected Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce to undertake the commander’s course at the College of Policing in Britain.

    If we were to SERIOUSLY ANALYZE the TENURE of Adriel Brathwaite as Attorney General, we can also reasonably conclude that he has been ACTING in that post for a number of years as well, and should be similarly replaced.

    However, in this case, the police should CHARGE Brathwaite for IMPERSONATING an Attorney General.

  27. That statement about sabotage of the sewage system is reason enough for the Acting GM to go, but why was he acting for 5 years?

    • @Sargeant

      The majority of senior top public officials are acting including the CoP for the last two years.

  28. The Bus problem and the water problem are just two symptoms of the crisis we face in Government.

    There are just so many buses and so much water to go around.

    … finite limits apply in each case

    If the top doesn’t know what it is doing with either there will be failure.

    Imagine that after many years, the court found the Minister responsible for Town Planning acted without direction from the advisory committee in the case of Six Men’s.

    That had to be Seemore, the PM!!

    I have no problem with idiots and charlatans becoming MP’s.

    One man one vote says anything is possible so once that pertains, then it is possible, even likely that is what will happen.

    I have a problem however if the idiots/charlatans are dumb enough or criminal enough to believe that they know what they are doing and neglect sound technical advice.

    What should happen is the legal system should punish the idiot/charlatan for screwing up things and that way better people will be attracted into Government.

    … and the failure of the legal system is just another symptom of the failures we have representing us in Parliament.

    We have one crisis we need to recognize, address that and the symptoms will reduce.

    How many national heroes are politicians?

    The only real national hero in my book is Sir Gary … and that is because he brought us all together.

    Who declared the national heroes?

    Stands to reason!!

  29. “It seems as though a similar fate is on the horizon for Acting Commissioner of Police, Tyrone “Ty P” Griffith. DLP goon Guyson Mayers and his cohorts in the Police Services Commission have seen to it that, after Griffith acted as COP for two (2) years, he will be replaced by a policeman who has academic qualifications and completed management training at a police academy or college.”

    What goes around comes around I do not know what Mr Griffith would have done to incur the wrath of those who illegitimately put him there because he was one of the boys and part of the plot to get rid of Mr Dottin. Lest we forget Mr Griffith was elevated to that position without even applying for the post of Deputy when it became vacant and was advertised. It is often said that those who laugh last laugh the loudest- The turn of Mr Guyson Mayers would come.

  30. Recently, Transport Board EMPLOYED NEW DRIVERS, rather than REHIRING those who were retrenched, as suggested by the retrenchment protocol.

    If we were to examine the Speightstown terminal (ST), for example, 58 buses were ORIGINALLY allocated to ST, including two (2) Hino Road Runner “mini buses,” BM509 and BM518. Over the years, Speightstown lost a number of units as a result fire, decommission or reallocation to the Fairchild Street terminal (FST) and Mangrove Depot (MD).

    Speightstown terminal units:

    Fourteen (14) 1997 Mercedes Benz CAIO Alpha units: BM562, 567, 577, 578, 580, 581, 582, 585, 586, 587, 588, 589, 590, 591. BM587 has been off the road for over a year; out of the others, BM580, 581 and 567 are more notably visible servicing routes in the north of the island.

    Nine (9) 1998 Mercedes Benz Marcopolo Torino GV units: BM531, 532, 533, 534, 544, 546, 547, 548, 551. BM534 has been “cannibalized” to source parts for buses similar in model; BM546 and 548 are often seen servicing northern routes.

    Ten (10) 2000 Mercedes Benz Marcopolo Torino units: BM47, 48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57. BM53 &BM55 were destroyed by fire; BM49, 51, 54 & 57 have been off the road for over one year, leaving 3 units, which more often than not are utilized to services routes operated by the FST.

    Eight (8) 2004 Mercedes Benz Marcopolo Torino units: BM114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 122. BM117 was destroyed by fire; 115 has now been allocated to FST; and the others are often used to service FST routes.

    Fifteen (16) 2006 Mercedes Benz Marcopolo Torino units: BM200, 203, 214, 216, 217, 219, 220, 221, 222, 228, 229, 232, 233, 234, 249, 260. BM232 was destroyed by fire; BM214 is USED for the “City Circle,” BM221 has been TAKEN from ST and ALLOCATED to a NEW DRIVER who operates from the FST; all the others are used for FST and MD.

    The two Hinos, (BM509 & BM518), which were used to shuttle passengers from districts in St. Andrew to Speightstown, are at Weymouth.

    From a complement of 48 available buses, many days the ST has less than half of those units in operation at any given time, to service the northern routes. Hence, one of the reasons why commuters have to WAIT inordinate amounts of time for buses to districts such as Rock Hall, Rock Dundo, St. Andrew’s Church, Connell Town, Boscobelle, Pie Corner, Indian Ground and St. Lucy’s Church. Sometimes, buses have to “triple up,” i.e. St. Lucy’s Church/Boscobelle/Indian Ground.

    At least 2 drivers are allocated to a bus (you may have, for example, 2 specific drivers operating BM229). An important question is: are drivers put on “lay off” or are they CONTINUED to be paid, when there is a “consistent” UNAVAILABILITY of buses?

    How could management remove a bus from ST (BM221) and REALLOCATE it to a RECENTLY HIRED (new) DRIVER?

  31. Why would the minister Michael Lashley have declared that he would have coopted the support of private transport in the bus terminals to move people only to have to pull back from it?

    Why not discuss with the key players first.

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