Braying Like Balaam’s Ass

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

Barbadians have been alarmed at the number of road fatalities for the year 2017. The 13 road fatalities have surpassed the total for all of 2016. Although official numbers are not available the number of vehicle smash-ups have also significantly increased.

Predictably Minster of Transport and Works Michael Lashley responded to the news of the latest fatality by promising to introduce new legislation by the legalizing breathalyser testing, introducing fines for texting while driving among other penalties.

Surely the minister and authorities should be able to discern that the rising number of road fatalities and vehicle smash-ups is a symptom of a societal malaise. We need relevant laws to ensure the authorities are equipped to make our roads safe to travel for Barbadians. To address the problem however requires a more cerebral approach.

The inability of successive governments for the last 40 years to effectively intervene in the transportation system to effect change does not inspire any confidence that Lashley will be the change agent needed to correct the bedlam on our roads. This is the same Lashley who was branded the ‘star boy’ of the administration pre 2013 for constructing a mobbaton of houses several which are unoccupied years later -some rotting. There is the questionable housing transaction at Coverley constructed by the omnipresent Mark Maloney –Mr.GROTTO.

This is the same Lashley who exercised poor judgement by leasing a luxury vehicle from Lloyd Bathwaite of Trans-Tech Inc, a company registered as a supplier of services to the Transport Board. In any enlightened society this would have been the type of transaction a politician and public official would be expected to declare to ensure transparency.

The lack of confidence in Michael Lashley can be explained by several other examples. For the BU household there is one at the top of the pile. In February this year the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)  cancelled a segment on the early morning show Mornin’ Barbados with President of the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) Sharmane Roland-Bowen. All who monitor the media space will admit that Roland-Bowen has been one of the most vocal when it comes to road safety and traffic issues. Trying valiantly to educate the public about proper road use. Her one mistake was to embarrass the government at the height of the national concern about the alarming number of potholes on our roads when BRSA located flags next to the deeper potholes.

It makes one question which is more important –educating Barbadians on road safety issues or shoring up a sagging political image.

Is Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley aware of the embarrassment being experienced by the country to renew a driving license? Barbadians have given up and prefer to show proof of payment with a receipt instead of the picture ID. The licensing authority has been unable to consistently produce the driving license picture ID.  This is 2017 and for individuals to have to spend so much time to complete a simple driving license renewal does NOT inspire confidence Mr. Minister Michael Lashley.

Please stop your braying and fix the problems!


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI

    Adriel nitwit dimwit should open the prison and release all the inmates since legislation enforcement is not a deterrent. his mind.


  • By the 6th of April all of this hullabaloo about roads accidents will be forgotten, until there is another road fatality,unless ,God forbid , it occurs within this Bajan standard 9-day period of concern.


  • A man once told me that he was able to drive better when he had a few drinks in ,than when he is sober. And that man who was a policeman then, overtook , one evening, a couple of cars in the middle of Oistin Hill.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Lol…Colonel, how did that bright idea by that drunk driver cop end.


  • I worked in the ‘mainguard’ in the 60’s during Magistrate Perry’s time. We need another Perry in the Traffic Court, if they still have a traffic court.


  • My car had a top speed of 230 kph when new. Can still do about 210 in its current state.

    i do not exceed 120 on the highways neither do I drive drunk because………

    ” licence suspension of two years for a

    first conviction and a maximum six months in jail.”


  • David

    When are you and others understand that yesteryears drinking culture that I grew up in no longer exists,the in high has been illegal drugs for some time.

    Alcohol is a low hanging fruit so when it is picked,are they ready to deal with the cocaine and the latests ones?


  • David,
    Don’t come to me with that foolishness. It took me two trips. On one day, I went to the Pine, left, when I saw the number of people ( I could have waited in the line until the people before me were served. ) and I left there’d went to the BRA office in the treasury building and got yore receipt, in ten minutes. I then, at my leisure went to the Pine in the picture taking section and got the photo taken in less than fifteen minutes, because there were only two people before me. If I were in Canada it would be the same thing, wait until other people; who are there before me are served. People have to learn tone patient. Anywhere you go there will be a line,supermarket, bank, store, wherever, Wait!!!

    Buggy; “…Some were there from as early as 6.30 am, and did not get away until after 3.PM”
    Bull! Those people have time to waste. A look at the Highway Traffic Act will show that it is only if you do not have the receipt showing that you have renewed the driver’s licence, accompanied by the expired one, that you will be reported. As long as you have both the policeman will not report you. He can only report you for driving with an expired licence, if you do not have the receipt.
    Gabriel, The “so called” East Coast Road, has always been the Ermie Bourne Highway. It is only that Bajans would not stick to whaT IT WAS NAMED. FROM THE BEGINNING. IT WAS NAMED AFTER MRS ERMIE BOURNE, WHO WAS A BUS OWNER FROM BELLE PLAIN.


  • @Vincent


    The drinking culture is very prevalent. Added is the illegal substance abuse. Both exist.


  • We should also look at withdrawing the Liquor License of any rum shop or drinking establishment which serves alcohol to any individual who appear to have had his or her quota.


  • Gabriel, The “so called” East Coast Road, has always been the Ermie Bourne Highway. It is only that Bajans would not stick to whaT IT WAS NAMED. FROM THE BEGINNING. IT WAS NAMED AFTER MRS ERMIE BOURNE, WHO WAS A BUS OWNER FROM BELLE PLAIN.
    There you go again. News to me that Ermie Bourne was a bus owner.


  • ha,ha, ha. The bus owner from Belleplaine, St. Andrew was Mrs. Rock of Rocklyn bus line. Mrs. Bourne was from St. Andrew and was the first woman elected to the Barbados House of Assembly.

    hahahahahah. Alvin tink he no eva ting. hahahaha


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Lol…oh ya noticed. ..the bus was even called Rocklyn, if my memory serves me, but Alvin might remember it as something else…lol


  • @ bajans
    In all fairness, Alvin does not claim to know eva thing….
    His problem is much less sublime …MUCH, much less so…
    ha ha ha


  • Bajans.
    I stand corrected. It was indeed Mrs Rock who was owner of the Rocklyn bus company, in Belle Plain. One of those “Board and Shingle” busses, in the same colours, serves to conduct tourists on tours these days. Actually her gas station is still there, just around the corner, and the “East Coast”Road was indeed named after Mrs Bourne; First female representative to be elected to the house, and after whom the road was named. I stand corrected. I apologize, for my misspeak. I did get the name of the highway right though, didn’t I?
    I do not know everything and I do, and will, make mistakes from time to time. I seek to make things right, when I can.

    True dat Bushie.


  • Good to see the police out in force on the highways today. We must have this on a consistent basis to force behaviour change though.

    Meanwhile in Dodge.

    David Lynch
    23 hrs ·

    Bus to Bayfield, St. Philip this afternoon with a full bus load, cell phone texting still the most important thing. (B 185) Man’s a hard seed, he’s got 3 cells on his dashboard.


  • another brassbowl idiot endangering the likes of others.


  • I wondered how many of the passengers on that bus stop the bus and got of ,because of the potential to become involved in an accident, or how many spoke to the driver about his unsafe practice?
    Another Put-the- rotten- Corn- beef- back -on -the- shelf – mentality.


  • The street lights on the spur section of the ABC Highway at Graeme Hall, will shortly be back in operation. But what have become of the millions of dollars worth of red and amber Cat’s Eyes, which the then Minister of Transport, John Boyce, had plastered the length and breadth of the ABC Highway. An excellent good idea , and a back up when street lights are not working, provide that they are maintained.
    Almost every Roundabout in Barbados has its own peculiar rules, and to some extent Traffic lights. Now we have seen this confusion , extended to stand-alone Pedestrian Crossing Lights.
    There are some in Oistin , which are on constant, Amber flashing mode. Then there is one on Martindales Road, outside of the QEH, and yet another on the Harbour Road, outside of the Fish Market, all operating differently. The latter being the most confusing of all . I cannot recall at anytime, hearing or seeing notification from the MTW/Police alerting / educating the traveling public on the operation of these pedestrian lights.
    No wonder that vehicular accidents are on the increase.


  • If the bosses try to discipline him I am sure the unions will walk out on strike.


  • @Alvin Cummins

    Have you read today’s press which highlights the lack of lighting on our major highways?


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