Braying Like Balaam’s Ass

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

Barbadians have been alarmed at the number of road fatalities for the year 2017. The 13 road fatalities have surpassed the total for all of 2016. Although official numbers are not available the number of vehicle smash-ups have also significantly increased.

Predictably Minster of Transport and Works Michael Lashley responded to the news of the latest fatality by promising to introduce new legislation by the legalizing breathalyser testing, introducing fines for texting while driving among other penalties.

Surely the minister and authorities should be able to discern that the rising number of road fatalities and vehicle smash-ups is a symptom of a societal malaise. We need relevant laws to ensure the authorities are equipped to make our roads safe to travel for Barbadians. To address the problem however requires a more cerebral approach.

The inability of successive governments for the last 40 years to effectively intervene in the transportation system to effect change does not inspire any confidence that Lashley will be the change agent needed to correct the bedlam on our roads. This is the same Lashley who was branded the ‘star boy’ of the administration pre 2013 for constructing a mobbaton of houses several which are unoccupied years later -some rotting. There is the questionable housing transaction at Coverley constructed by the omnipresent Mark Maloney –Mr.GROTTO.

This is the same Lashley who exercised poor judgement by leasing a luxury vehicle from Lloyd Bathwaite of Trans-Tech Inc, a company registered as a supplier of services to the Transport Board. In any enlightened society this would have been the type of transaction a politician and public official would be expected to declare to ensure transparency.

The lack of confidence in Michael Lashley can be explained by several other examples. For the BU household there is one at the top of the pile. In February this year the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)  cancelled a segment on the early morning show Mornin’ Barbados with President of the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) Sharmane Roland-Bowen. All who monitor the media space will admit that Roland-Bowen has been one of the most vocal when it comes to road safety and traffic issues. Trying valiantly to educate the public about proper road use. Her one mistake was to embarrass the government at the height of the national concern about the alarming number of potholes on our roads when BRSA located flags next to the deeper potholes.

It makes one question which is more important –educating Barbadians on road safety issues or shoring up a sagging political image.

Is Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley aware of the embarrassment being experienced by the country to renew a driving license? Barbadians have given up and prefer to show proof of payment with a receipt instead of the picture ID. The licensing authority has been unable to consistently produce the driving license picture ID.  This is 2017 and for individuals to have to spend so much time to complete a simple driving license renewal does NOT inspire confidence Mr. Minister Michael Lashley.

Please stop your braying and fix the problems!

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  1. A hard ask….in order to fix something you have to acknowledge first to yourself that it is not working and needs fixing…….as the author stated he has starboy status hence for him to admit wrong in an election year is tantamount to political suicide…..unless he is willing to gamble all for the main seat like another minister who openly criticises his boss and the cabinet he is a member of.

    No nothing tangible will come from any of them this election year other than a number of shoddy new legislation that will be challenged in the courts…….but then again the courts are not working either.

  2. It is my belief that Mr Trump on his way to Cariacou to open he golf course there a few years back, mussee stop hey to get some pointers for his on-de-podium behaviour, so that when he eventually entered politricks, he would become President without a problem – the latter leaving the whole planet including animals, gobsmacked – but – I truly ent know why people so confuffled about how he do it. Before this DLP government leaves us, if they are to leave us and even if not, I hope they write up a how-to-do-it manual to sell to wannah-be Presidents/Prime Ministers worldwide for there is now no doubt in my mind that we are not called sheeples for nutting. I mean we are the ones dat does believe de crap and welcome it back again, term after term after term. True. True. True. I know sales will go through the roof for such a manual, maybe even refill we coffers. On another matter but close to the home of the above. I see potholes being fixed. I hear people got ’nuff jobs back (I only hear dis from a bird that does shit news on my gallery). Waiting for my ipad still but it will come. I know this. It always does.

  3. Michael Lashley, could not fix housing, cannot fix transportation, he has no skills.

    Adriel Nitwit Brathwaite cannot fix the judiciary, he has no skills.

    Dennis Lowe cannot fix sanitation and sewage, he has no skilĺs.

    Dennis Kellman cannot fix housiñg, he has no skills.

    David Estwick cannot fix water authority and agriculture, he has no skills.

    Chris Sinckler cannot fix the economy, he has no skills.

    Fruendel Stuart cannot manage the country, he has no skills.

    The others are not worth mentioning.

    What are any of them good for.

  4. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Well Well & Consequences Observing BloggerI March 25, 2017 at 3:28 PM #@@@

    Vote them ALL out , Vote CUP

  5. With all the failures flaws and mishaps levelled at govt. The sad part is that the blp like the republican have no grounded solution
    Furthermore the blp has given birth to a couple of babies which might threaten any chance of them winning

  6. Chuckle…..the operative is back to normal…..when will they realise that the fed up point has been reached and unfortunately if gearbox was still alive I have no doubt he would be elected as primer inter pares.


    People are scrunting hence this activity will increase despite the 2500 jobs according to the unions govt just created.

  7. M Lashley nor any government for that matter cant be blamed for increased accidents. He was the same Minister in 2016 with the record low accidents. Each accident is different and it all cant be pinpointed or blamed on one specific issue or person. We all need to take personally responsibility for our actions and stop trying to blame this person and the next. I agree with the letter write on all the other issues.

    • @Kevin

      Are you able to comprehend that if there is congestion on the roads because of too many vehicles, traffic lights not working, police not patrolling the highways with periodic speed traps, highway lights out of order for months, a growing indiscipline with PSVs etc etc etc.

  8. @David, with regards to factors that might contribute to accidents, all that is human behaviour. Big adults knows right from wrong. Big adults know not to speed. Big adults know when a stretch of road is not lit, you turn on your car lights on full and proceed with caution, just as many people who live in the country side that dont have ‘lights’ do. You cant legislate big people’s behaviour all the time like that. Stop behaving like children or giddy head teenagers.

  9. Was Kelman right in citing an inverse relatioship between the number of potholes and traffic accidents? Was there a concomitant decrease in the number of potholes.

    May the Good Lord travel with the decease and give them peace..

  10. FLYING FISH & COU COU: Finger pointing at him again


    Added 25 March 2017



    Outside of his prestigious house, though, this seemingly popular man can be challenged. He was successfully tested some years ago and ended up having nearly a quarter of a million reasons to wish he’d never heard of a certain fellow.

    However, from what Cou Cou has learnt, this politico is being challenged again. And the calls may again come for him to move out.

    On March 15, a business entity claimed that the honourable man had withheld $45 000 belonging to it without permission. They want back the alleged sum and filed court papers to that effect.

    The entity said this man was legally due to receive $32 525 for his work on their behalf in a certain land transaction worth nearly $3 million. But they insist he was not supposed to get any other funds.

    Of course, these are mere allegations and the law courts will be the final arbiter. But it really does not look good that this man’s name is being called in relation to something like this.

    Silly season truly upon us

    YOU KNOW it’s the silly season when normally rational people say and do things that can be considered ridiculous.

    For instance, the statements by two Cabinet ministers and a Government parliamentarian condemning a clearly talented, articulate 13-year-old for making an inspirational non-partisan speech.

    Cou Cou is sure that they too, as proud parents, would have been delighted to showcase their children’s eloquence in the same way that teen’s parents stood behind him and watched his presentation.

    That is why, despite whatever reasons the three gave to explain their comments, nothing has been able to quell the firestorm they created. The public perception clearly seems to be that they only said what they did because the lad spoke at an Opposition political rally.

    The next silly thing done recently was the action of a vertically challenged politico.

    Believe it or not, this individual was supposed to speak at a gathering to commemorate the success of a certain group. His presence was in keeping with his job.

    Likewise, the person scheduled to give the feature address was chosen because of his substantive job.

    From what Cou Cou was told, the politico did not like the fact that the person slated to give the feature address used to be an Opposition strongman. So a call was made to the sponsors to inform them that this politico would no longer be attending. Furthermore, a call was reportedly made to a media house ordering them not to cover the event.

    Seriously. Cou Cou is not making sport.

    If such actions are not typical of the silly season, then what other explanation is there?

    – See more at:

  11. If item 1 is true this man must be harassed out of the comfort of his living room chair.And the PM should be harassed until he fires that man.Some might say time for de bar to fall.
    CBC needs to be privatized because inter alia it’s a drain on the privy purse and it’s a purveyor of fake news aka DLP propaganda.Bare ugly people in that DLP line up.
    To finish David’s kyrie ……..Lord have mercy.

  12. @TheGazer, yes, potholes saves lives. Ask the people who live close to the four-crossing at Belair/Union Main Road in St. Philip.

  13. Why is there no journalist covering the supreme court to report when these lawyers/politicians are sued for stealing their client’s money….this information shoukd be public, not given in riddles.

  14. David,
    The writer of the article says: “…the authorities are equipped to make our roads safe to travel for Barbadians.”Has anyone proven that the road deaths are due to bad road conditions? I would go the way of bad drivers, excessive speeds; based in the vehicular damage at accident scenes, and lack of due care in the operation of the vehicles; and possibly the excessively bright )and blinding) headlights. Each accident should be examined carefully.
    The other criticism with respect to the delay in getting photographic (plastic licences) i cannot support.Last month I needed to renew my driver’s license.I went to the pine one afternoon (1.35) to renew my Driver’s license. There was a long line of people. I realized it would take me at least an hour to be attended to. I left there and went to the BRA office in the Treasury Building. There were only two people in the line, and I was attended to, and received the receipt, for the renewal, in less than ten minutes. A couple days later, at my convenience, I went to the Pine to get the plastic driver’s license. There were only two people. I was attended to immediately, and within twenty minutes I had received my new drivers license. A total of about twenty minutes to complete both transactions. People have to learn to be patient.As long as you have the receipt, the police will not report you. What therefore is the problem?

    Tourist: “…you can hardly drive 180 km/h on the highway.”
    Why would you want to drive 189km/hr on any highway?At that speed you should be singing; while driving, “Nearer my God to thee.”
    Gabriel: One of the BLP major promises (By Henry Forde) when he was leader, was the privatization of CBC. You fill in the year.
    The robbers must have seen the video circulating on social media here that showed a video of bar patrons IN TRINIDAD, being robbed. You sure you not seeing the same video? I believe you are.

    • @Alvin

      To confirm, it took you two trips to different locations over several days to complete the renewal of your driving license?

  15. We are damn lucky that the road deaths in Barbados are not significantly higher. Sometimes I tend to believe that God is a Bajan. How else can one describe the luck of Barbadian road users. We are now throwing our hands in the air at the carnage which abounds on our roads, forgetting that we have supplied our little kids with bikes, and let them loose on our roads without so much as a “don’t do that or don’t do this.” No instructions whatsoever on the proper and expected use of the highways. The chickens have now come home to roost, and these little kids have graduated into hard back devil -may-care car , ZR and motor cycle operators.
    It is very common to see, well after the mandatory lighting up times on our highways and byways, scrambler type motor cycles ,especially ,without a single light, reflector or registration place. In fact there is a blanking plate located where the required headlamp should be fitted.
    Does these blatant acts of disregard for the law of the land also go unnoticed by the Police and others in authority, including our Members of Parliament,or are we just satisfied to let these infractions slip by, in the same fashion that observed vote buying at the last general election was given a pass?
    I am quite sure ,from my observation , that many drivers on our highways are not the holders of valid ,or honestly gained driver licenses. The onus ,it now appears is for drivers on the main road to give way at traffic lights, or road junctions to other vehicles who ,by law, do not have the priority. I have had some very narrow escapes at the junction on top of Oistin Hill, where, while approaching, or stopped at the junction, coming from the direction of Lodge Road,wishing to turn right towards Maxwell Road, only to have vehicles coming from the minor road leading from Foundation School, cutting across my front, proceeding either towards Maxwell Road or up to Lodge Road /Gall Hill.
    There is total chaos on our roads, 24/7, and to make matters worse, many drivers,and especially those of the state owned Transport Board, now longer extend to fellow road users, the courtesy of dipping their headlights on the approach of another vehicle or pedestrian.
    As our street lighting is grossly inadequate , it is common see H-Registration vehicles, presumably driven by visitors, bursting through major roads at nights. After such a narrow escape at the same Oistin Hill junction, a while back, I took it upon myself, later , to walk back to that junction and have a critical look at it. Firstly, the double solid white lines at this junction, were badly faded, and even if they were not, would still , because of their flatness, hard to distinguish at nights. This line,and other similar ones, should have been painted with the thick ,raised fluorescent road marking paint, and backed up by “cats eyes.”
    The nearby installed red and white Major Road stop sign is also a cause for concern. All throughout the length and breadth of Barbados we have red and white circular Bus Stop signs. Visitors may be seeing these Stop signs, and interpreting them to be just other Bus Stop signs, and zoom through. Its the red and white colours of the STOP sign,moreso, which can lead to this misinterpretation.
    Perhaps, in future, we should think on changing the shape and colours of our Bus Stop signs.

  16. Hants March 25, 2017 at 4:52 PM #
    One of our friends, here on on BU, does not believe that Barbados is awash with guns.

  17. Alvin Cummins March 25, 2017 at 8:46 PM #
    As long as you have the receipt, the police will not report you. What therefore is the problem
    That is not strictly true , Alvin. Last year when I went to renew my Driving License at Oistin, there were scores of people there, queued up waiting to have their plastic licenses upgraded. Some were there from as early as 6.30 am, and did not get away until after 3.PM. Most of these people had previously renewed their driving license, and were in possession of a receipt, but decided not to take any further chances ,since some drivers had been reported by the police for not having a valid plastic driving license.

  18. Alvin always speaks from a position of ignorance and claims to know everything going on in Bim, even I knew that people were being stopped and reported with those useless receipts.

    “THE ARAWAK CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED is ready and waiting to solve the country’s pothole
    The island’s largest cement maker plans to pump US$50 million into the Barbadian economy this year, but general manager Manuel Toro has also revealed they could save Government almost that amount as well.

    Toro revealed Arawak has the equipment to build special concrete roads that would last in excess of 20 years before needing repairs, and could save Government millions of dollars it currently spends on asphalt, which has a much shorter life.
    In a recent interview with the SUNDAY SUN he said the St Lucy-based company had already initiated dialogue with the Ministry of Transport and Works, to get a possible concrete road agreement worked out.”

    Let’s see if Balaam’s ass continues with Cow William’s scam roads despite Arawak’s offer to concretize the roads for decides long longevity….he may as well take the offer.

  19. Alvin….so the Pine is updating the plastic driver’s licenses again, glad to here that, that Oistin location is ridiculous.

  20. And added to the list are the menacing drunk drivers and drug users behind the wheel , unfortunately those statistics cannot be known because govts past and present still bury their hands in the sand an pretend that Barbadians are self discipline enough not to take a risk of driving while drunk
    the possibility that drugs and alcoholic beverages play a major role in some of these deaths is real as by observation one can see the devastation and impact

  21. Good to see in today’s paper Williams Electrical working with government to replace the many broken street lights on the highway. They need to do same on Highway 2A. Driving the Sandy Lane stretch is a nightmare at night.

  22. We need an overhaul of the road traffic legislation. Let us start with one car/vehicle per household and invoicing the insurers of the drivers whose faults cause rod traffic accidents for police and ambulance time and hospital treatment.
    Then suspend licences for long periods. People caught driving without legitimate licenses will spend long periods in jail.

  23. We see that a row has started between the gas stations and those owners of vehicle fitted with diesel engines, who have found a cunning way of reducing their operating fuel bills, by adding Kerosene to their fuel tanks.
    During military operations at nights ,when refueling army vehicles in the dark ,using Jerry cans stacked on the back of a single fuel transporter, which also contains jerry cans of Petrol, Diesel, and Kerosene, very often kerosene is inadvertently poured into a vehicle’s diesel tank, with little or no noticeable effect. And the military has very sophisticated diesel engines, moreso than those filling up at our gas stations today .They even have some with a multi-fuel capability.
    It is strange that some of the gas stations are speaking of a safety issue where, the filling of a diesel tank with some kerosene could cause a spark and ignite. A remote possibility.
    What our gas stations, long ago should have been aware of, and should have taken measures to guard against, is the build up of static electricity by the large rubber wheeled vehicles, of which this electricity charge finds its way to ground, when the gas pump nozzle is placed in the filler neck of a fuel tank. The driver of some vehicles, with upholstery of certain materials, also become charged with static electricity,and could discharge a dangerous spark, when he/she dismounts the vehicle and touches anything metallic.
    On a few occasions, pump attendants have mistakenly filled my diesel tank with petrol. No big deal. I just ask them to run a quantity of petrol in the same tank.
    Is it really from a Health and Safety angle that gas retailers are viewing this ,or is it one similar to ,that of Mr Pile , the major importer of Brazilian corn beef into Barbados.

  24. Hal Austin March 26, 2017 at 10:10 AM #
    Hal , on of my colleagues in Germany became involved in a traffic accident with his personal car. The Ambulance was called to the scene ,accompanied by the Fire Service, and a Mercedes bound Not Artz, Emergency Doctor.
    Not only did he received a bill for all three of the services which attended, but he was also invoiced for the absorbing material which was spread on the road surface as a result of an oil leak , and also for the stationery and stamp used.
    Another colleague ,collected his new car from the Citroen factory in France, and on the way back he probably fell asleep and ended up over an embankment on a train line. He was invoiced for 3 hours delay of a Paris bound train.

  25. Now that the Government Ministries are set on vacating the Ministerial Building in Bay Street to set up shop in the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, I do hope that ,we the taxpayers ,will see a stop to the evil practice of Ministries, like that of the Ministry of Culture, paying out Millions of dollars in rental fees to Bizzy and other accomplices. Government departments now occuping private offices, and cannot be accommodated at the LESC, should be moved into the vacated Ministerial Building on Bay Street, the BWA’s Palace on Pine Hill, or the SSA’s White House,at Vaucluse when it comes on stream.
    But isn’t it funny that one Ministry which was previously located in the LESC, opted to move out lock stock and barrel, in preference for rented accommodation not far away in Sky Mall. Now most of the others are set to move back in.
    A case of the blind leading the blind,deaf and dumb .(no disrespect to genuinely afflicted persons)

  26. Barbados can’t find fixes for its many monsterous problems and should certainly stop looking into other peoples windows at what they are doing. Mind your own damn business.

  27. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    LooK@ good to see you again, has been a long time, no worry all the crooks are still here, Some people are now waking up , As you can see we still have aways to go, The lawyer/ministers are still up to no daammm good .More rotten corn beef will soon reach Barbados at a great price coming out of Brazil.

  28. I wonder if the Govt. offices location on Bay street will be sold after a period of time allowing for delapidation to another hotel operator?

    Interesting tussle between Maloney of hard rock and Torro of arawack over who will build the roads…..will they have a bidding war?

  29. And the officer died due to motorist racing each other. Blame M Lashley now. See what I said about big adults being irresponsible……

    • What about yet another collision between a minibus and car last night on Mapps Hill? Keep pushing your head in the sand.

  30. @Look March 26, 2017 at 4:02 PM

    You are a bit too late. We had more glorious downgrades this year. And no, the queen won´t take us back, since she is already head of this state. I suppose you mean that Great Britain should take us back. Well, Britain has now its own trouble with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Europe … I guarantee you, Britain will also be downgraded very soon.

  31. I predict at least 50 dead bodies at the end of the year. The massacre has started after the portal to hell aka Venezuela was opened at the Garrison.

    At least we have now enough fresh organs for patients in need at QEH …

  32. The police, ministry of transport and insurance companies have lost control of road traffic. I have called for a dedicated traffic police; the imposition of tougher driving guidelines; charges for road traffic accidents; and, most important of all, a one car per house policy.

  33. @ Hal
    The police, ministry of transport and insurance companies have lost control of road traffic
    Boss, NONE of those listed have had control of our roads in recent history….
    The police are understaffed, underpaid and are all actors…
    The ministry of transport is a colossal, expensive joke ….headed by an idiot minister.
    The insurance companies are just there to guarantee that brass bowls can get money when they do shiite.

    Having started wrong, it is obvious that your prescription for solution will be flawed.

    The speed limit in Barbados should immediately be reduced to 30 mph /45kph and the public urged too report speeders….with all reports entered into a database.

    After 3 reports from civilians, or one from police or wardens, a driver’s license is automatically suspended for one month.
    Do it again and the suspension is one year.
    Drive while suspended and the vehicle being driven is confiscated and auctioned.

    Be the cause of an incident and the liability is at you – with your insurance restricted to 3rd party coverage.

    If they have opened up a portal to hell, then the rules and regulations need to be adjusted accordingly.

  34. Why I asked, many bus drivers, particularly transport board drivers, drive around the city like the speed limit is 60 or 70 mph…., they injure passengers when they take corners badly at those speeds and then insurance companues give hell to pay.

    Part X
    Speed Limits
    87. (1) Subject to this paragraph, the maximum speed at which motor vehicles may be driven on any road ,is in the case of
    (a) Tractors ,with or without trailers,and the other motor vehicles drawing one trailer or more , 30 Kilometres per hour.

    (b) Motor omnibuses and vehicles licensed for a maximum gross weight exceeding 3 tonnes ,50 Kilometres per hour.

    (c)Minibuses , tour coaches, heavy goods vehicles,50 Kilometres per hour.

    (d) Other motor vehicles 60 Kilometres per hour.

    But the speed limits specified in the sub-paragraphs (a) to (c) may be reduced within areas and along roads as indicated by traffic signs.

    (2) Not withstanding anything to the contrary contained in tis Part, on roads on which it is so specified by traffic signs, the maximum speed at which a private motor car, light motor cycle,heavy motor cycle, hackney carriage or hired car may be driven is 80 Kilometers per hour.

    ps. Those container trucks we see zooming about Barbados with SL number plates, with or without trailers,laden or unladen come under a Special License (SL) regulation which limits the maximum speed to 15 MPH , (subject to correction. This is not quoted in the Road traffic Regulations, but on the Permit which is issued with the SL plates,and probably still calls for a person with a red flag to walk 200 feet in front of the Special License vehicle.

    The Barbados Government some years ago went to the trouble of compiling a Barbados Highway Code. It was poorly patronised by drivers in Barbados. And not many people in Barbados are aware that copies of the Barbados Road Traffic Act, and the Barbados Road Traffic Regulations are available from the Government Printery, the one in Bay Street.

  36. Bush Tea March 27, 2017 at 7:08 AM #

    The speed limit in New York City was reduced from 30 m.p.h to 25 m.p.h. by the current mayor. Speed cameras are all over the place and passing through a speed trap zone doing more the 10 m.p.h over the limit is a $50 dollar ticket.

    • And this is the point. Do something in the mode of what Bush Tea posted above. Instead we have to read Attorney General being quoted in the newspaper that the high number of road fatalities is unusual and there is no need to panic, just an opportunity to educate.

      Someone should ask Brathwaite if he knows what tipping point means.

    • We do not want to be misunderstood -educating the ignorant is important BUT zero intolerance must be sent to the country at large there will be zero tolerance. Strong enforcement is necessary.

  37. Most of these transport board drivers zip through town at much more than 50 kilometers and injure passengers, if they drove at the 50 kilometer. ..31 mph speed limit, which is a decent speed, there would be no need for passengers to hold on tight with both legs and arms and fear for their lives……a bus ride should not be an exercise in fearing that you suffer life long injuries or die because the drivers cannot stop their reckless speeding…and then, if you survive, be subjected to a nonfunctional supreme court and uethical, lying insurance companies.

    As usual, there is no enforcement of regulation or cameras set up to catch these beasts for drivers who cause injury and death to passengers and others, they started having cameras on certain buses and as with everything else on the island…..they could not maintain the cameras, people suffer life long injuries because of these reckless transport board and minibus drivers.


    The braying jackass Ariel Nitwit still dont understand that the zero tolerance concept means that once stricter laws and penalties are ENFORCED. ……the idiots on the roads will think twice about speeding recklessly… his backward little mind, doing nothing is better than doing something to stop death and injury to innocent people….this jackass of an attorney general openly and publicly condones and enables criminality.

    ” Wrong turn
    Brathwaite says tougher laws won’t prevent road deaths

    Added by Colville Mounsey on March 28, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite has dismissed calls for tougher legislation to curb the number of fatal road accidents here, arguing that new laws would not stop road deaths.

    With Barbados recording an average of one death on the roads every six days, road safety advocates, including the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA), have been calling for stricter laws to improve safety.

    Among the demands by the BRSA are laws to introduce breathalyzer testing and tougher penalties for motorists responsible for road fatalities.

    “We have to make penalties a deterrent, set them high so they will deter persons in some cases . . . [or], start sending persons to prison because a fine, and especially a small fine, cannot replace the value on life,” BRSA President Sharmane Roland-Bowen said last November, in one of the many speeches she has made on the subject of road safety.”

  39. Another unbelievably uneducated statement from Adriel Nitwit Dimwit….your useless , retarded attorney general….who is telling him this crap…and why does he not know, why does he have to be told anything…..and everything.

    “This is unprecedented in the history of Barbados. I don’t believe that we have ever had so many road fatalities in such a short period of time. We must all be concerned because it not just a legislative issue because from what I am being told it is mostly recklessness,” the Attorney General said.”

  40. TRANSLATION….Adriel Nitwit Dimwit will do nothing to stop these injuries and deaths.

    That should be enough to ensure he is never a government minister again.

  41. @ David
    Seriously now….
    Do you consider it a “coincidence” that EACH and EVERY one of our leaders are led to say and do the most stupid and backwards things; to make the most retarded decisions; to wreck the economy with an unbelievable slide in international ratings; and to oversee unprecedented declines in forex, productivity, employment; social benefits etc ?????

    ….and that after all this carnage, they are still convinced that they are on the ‘right track’…?

    What more will it take you you people to see that this is a SPIRITUAL problem that we are facing, and that our very country and SOULS are in mortal danger?

    Shiite man!!!
    All of these political people have ‘degrees’ from Sir Cave…
    They are supposed to be among our best and brightest.
    How is it that even the half-drunk, unemployed, yardfowls outside the rum shops can see their nakedness…?

    This problem goes BEYOND the intellect of these politicians…… It goes to the fact that they are possessed with evil …. This is what Jones may have been alluding to some time ago…

    BTW….Have you listened to Jones speaking? ….REALLY listened?
    The man is in SERIOUS need of exorcism……

    When they were led to build that monument at the Garrison, with the Devil’s pitchfork emerging from the ground, it should have raised alarm bells…..

    When unexplainable smells and unrelenting chaos turned up at Combermere (where the creator of the ‘monument’ originated) we should have paid attention.

    Most importantly, when Bushie TOLD WUNNA that it was a lotta shiite….. people tek it for big joke…

    We have been delving so much into EVIL, …with institutionalised corruption, open stealing, bribery, murder, lack of justice, open dishonesty without ANY penalties….. that the Devil himself has accepted the invitation to set up shop here…

    From all appearances, he loves the place, …and plans to be around for a long time …making himself at home (converting Bim into Hell…)

    Expecting ‘solutions’ to come from the same corrupt, retarded, brass-bowl politicians who CREATED the problem in the first place is an exercise in spitting into the air….

    • @Bush Tea

      Is it BU or should it be a concern we allow public officials to perform in roles for too long. It is never recommended for employees to do the same job for more than a period of 3 or 4 years? It is human nature for the focus to dim if we perform activities for an extended period.

      Jones does not enjoy the confidence of key stakeholders.

  42. I had the unfirtunate experience if discoursing wuth Jones on several occasions, it was nig pretty, I would nit want that experiencd again from sucha hardheaded jackass, Inniss, same thing, they never have the best interest of the people who voted them in as a priority….That was clear.

    Would definitely nit6 want the experience of talking to Fruendel, or Adriel Nitwit, or Estwick, definitely npt Mara or Blackett ……… spoke to Paul once, that was enough, since an english woman he was seeing, Marina, said she had to taught him hiw to hold eye contact with people, he did not know how to communicate, said she, she is known to embellish though, he knows that…….but nevertheless. .., they are all damaged and scarred goods, have no interpersonal relationship or communication skills, not suitable to be public servants….as is so very clear now.

  43. Forgot to edit.

    I had the unfprtunate experience of discoursing with Jones on several occasions, it was not pretty, I would not want that experienc again from such a hardheaded jackass, Inniss, same thing, they never have the best interest of the people who voted them in as a priority….That was clear.

    Would definitely not want the experience of talking to Fruendel, or Adriel Nitwit, or Estwick, definitely not Mara or Blackett ……… spoke to Paul once, that was enough, since an english woman he was seeing, Marina, said she had taught him how to hold eye contact with people…….

    Spoke to that donkey Liz Thompson once, what an experience.

  44. Sandra Husbands is more articulate……..but…

    Mia crawls my skin too much.

    An urgent overhaul of the politicial wannabes is needed.


    An immediate seven-day licence suspension and seven-day vehicle impoundment at roadside when a police officer has reasonable and probable grounds to believe the offence was committed

    If convicted:

    Fines from $2,000 to $10,000

    Courts can impose a driver licence suspension of up to 10 years for a second conviction within 10 years

    The accumulation of six demerit points, a maximum licence suspension of two years for a

    first conviction and a maximum six months in jail.

    • @Hants

      Good to listen to Peter Wickham given the president of the Barbados Road Safety Association a run on the talk show today.

      Good job!

  46. @ David
    Bushie has no idea of where that woman came from…. But she is like a cockroach at a “fowlcock” party among this DLP lot.

    The woman speaks with a clear common sense and logic that is beyond question.

    As Bushie said some time ago, she actually came up with the CORRECT answer to our traffic woes a while back, …and was laughed at by Bajans….. and this was WELL before the REAL shiite started hear…?
    She made a national call for prayers…..

    Like Caswell, this woman is like a breath of fresh air in a cesspool of idiocy and greed.

  47. David

    The BRSA is concentrating too much on alcohol and breathalyser test as Gibbs-Taitt pointed out to Peter he worked with accidents at District A and the causes were many and he recommended a holistic approach.

    • @Vincent

      Here we go again,analysis paralysis. The lady was very clear to suggest we should focus on enforcing and implementing laws that deal with legal substances. She made several useful suggestions.

      Do you deny accidents happen because drivers are under the influence of alcohol? Let begin some flipping place!

  48. Spoke couple times with Arthur too, but he is too haughty and cant wait for you to turn ya back so he can stick a knife in it……with his tongue…..too smart for his own good until he meets people with big city experience a lot more brutal than he is…lol

  49. Saw some idiot last week in one of the online dailies challenging someone else to PROVE that drivers in Barbados drive under the influence…..he deserves a slap to wake him up… need breathalyzers to measure intoxication levels… save lives……ya past the point of proving anything.

  50. Adriel nitwit dimwit should open the prison and release all the inmates since legislation enforcement is not a deterrent. his mind.

  51. By the 6th of April all of this hullabaloo about roads accidents will be forgotten, until there is another road fatality,unless ,God forbid , it occurs within this Bajan standard 9-day period of concern.

  52. A man once told me that he was able to drive better when he had a few drinks in ,than when he is sober. And that man who was a policeman then, overtook , one evening, a couple of cars in the middle of Oistin Hill.

  53. Lol…Colonel, how did that bright idea by that drunk driver cop end.

  54. I worked in the ‘mainguard’ in the 60’s during Magistrate Perry’s time. We need another Perry in the Traffic Court, if they still have a traffic court.

  55. My car had a top speed of 230 kph when new. Can still do about 210 in its current state.

    i do not exceed 120 on the highways neither do I drive drunk because………

    ” licence suspension of two years for a

    first conviction and a maximum six months in jail.”

  56. David

    When are you and others understand that yesteryears drinking culture that I grew up in no longer exists,the in high has been illegal drugs for some time.

    Alcohol is a low hanging fruit so when it is picked,are they ready to deal with the cocaine and the latests ones?

    • @Vincent


      The drinking culture is very prevalent. Added is the illegal substance abuse. Both exist.

  57. David,
    Don’t come to me with that foolishness. It took me two trips. On one day, I went to the Pine, left, when I saw the number of people ( I could have waited in the line until the people before me were served. ) and I left there’d went to the BRA office in the treasury building and got yore receipt, in ten minutes. I then, at my leisure went to the Pine in the picture taking section and got the photo taken in less than fifteen minutes, because there were only two people before me. If I were in Canada it would be the same thing, wait until other people; who are there before me are served. People have to learn tone patient. Anywhere you go there will be a line,supermarket, bank, store, wherever, Wait!!!

    Buggy; “…Some were there from as early as 6.30 am, and did not get away until after 3.PM”
    Bull! Those people have time to waste. A look at the Highway Traffic Act will show that it is only if you do not have the receipt showing that you have renewed the driver’s licence, accompanied by the expired one, that you will be reported. As long as you have both the policeman will not report you. He can only report you for driving with an expired licence, if you do not have the receipt.
    Gabriel, The “so called” East Coast Road, has always been the Ermie Bourne Highway. It is only that Bajans would not stick to whaT IT WAS NAMED. FROM THE BEGINNING. IT WAS NAMED AFTER MRS ERMIE BOURNE, WHO WAS A BUS OWNER FROM BELLE PLAIN.

  58. We should also look at withdrawing the Liquor License of any rum shop or drinking establishment which serves alcohol to any individual who appear to have had his or her quota.

  59. Gabriel, The “so called” East Coast Road, has always been the Ermie Bourne Highway. It is only that Bajans would not stick to whaT IT WAS NAMED. FROM THE BEGINNING. IT WAS NAMED AFTER MRS ERMIE BOURNE, WHO WAS A BUS OWNER FROM BELLE PLAIN.
    There you go again. News to me that Ermie Bourne was a bus owner.

  60. ha,ha, ha. The bus owner from Belleplaine, St. Andrew was Mrs. Rock of Rocklyn bus line. Mrs. Bourne was from St. Andrew and was the first woman elected to the Barbados House of Assembly.

    hahahahahah. Alvin tink he no eva ting. hahahaha

  61. Lol…oh ya noticed. ..the bus was even called Rocklyn, if my memory serves me, but Alvin might remember it as something else…lol

  62. @ bajans
    In all fairness, Alvin does not claim to know eva thing….
    His problem is much less sublime …MUCH, much less so…
    ha ha ha

  63. Bajans.
    I stand corrected. It was indeed Mrs Rock who was owner of the Rocklyn bus company, in Belle Plain. One of those “Board and Shingle” busses, in the same colours, serves to conduct tourists on tours these days. Actually her gas station is still there, just around the corner, and the “East Coast”Road was indeed named after Mrs Bourne; First female representative to be elected to the house, and after whom the road was named. I stand corrected. I apologize, for my misspeak. I did get the name of the highway right though, didn’t I?
    I do not know everything and I do, and will, make mistakes from time to time. I seek to make things right, when I can.

    True dat Bushie.

  64. I wondered how many of the passengers on that bus stop the bus and got of ,because of the potential to become involved in an accident, or how many spoke to the driver about his unsafe practice?
    Another Put-the- rotten- Corn- beef- back -on -the- shelf – mentality.

  65. The street lights on the spur section of the ABC Highway at Graeme Hall, will shortly be back in operation. But what have become of the millions of dollars worth of red and amber Cat’s Eyes, which the then Minister of Transport, John Boyce, had plastered the length and breadth of the ABC Highway. An excellent good idea , and a back up when street lights are not working, provide that they are maintained.
    Almost every Roundabout in Barbados has its own peculiar rules, and to some extent Traffic lights. Now we have seen this confusion , extended to stand-alone Pedestrian Crossing Lights.
    There are some in Oistin , which are on constant, Amber flashing mode. Then there is one on Martindales Road, outside of the QEH, and yet another on the Harbour Road, outside of the Fish Market, all operating differently. The latter being the most confusing of all . I cannot recall at anytime, hearing or seeing notification from the MTW/Police alerting / educating the traveling public on the operation of these pedestrian lights.
    No wonder that vehicular accidents are on the increase.

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