Poster Offensive Launched, #bajanswantchange



Th historically passive Bajan continues to explore non violent tactics to express disapproval to the myriad of concerns prevailing our once small proud country. With the emergence of technology and along with it the exponential growth of social media, two BU regulars have come up with the idea to create posters to graphically detail our concerns and to use social media as a vehicle to communicate those concerns.

Here are a few posters which have been created so far by Sunshine Sunny Shine and pieceuhderockyeahright and one other. BU posted a couple to Twitter under the hashtag #bajanswantchange. All creative Barbadians are encouraged to create posters and post to social media platforms using the hashtag #bajanswantchange or any other which resonates with the theme. What should be the motivation? A functional democracy calls for all citizens to participate 24/7. Once every five years is disengagement by any definition.

#bajanswantchange @budavid


  • Apologies my sweet one, de ole man claims that all the eggnog and merriment has me ‘punch” stupid and i ent know whether it was the Nation or Advocate or Peter Harris ting.

    All i know is that I grudgeful of you dearest SSS causing i been begging for years here on BU to get a piece down by 2 uh dem three newspapers and dem ent give me none. (I even went so low as to ask that fellow (de More he Talk de more we see his tail) if he could get me a pick down by the nation but to no avail.

    And the thing is sweet one that it was not me who exposed his “condition” heheheheheheh.

    I gone cause you are making me enjoy this a little too much….


  • when yuh get old yuh get foolish in trute


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    Focus on the posters.


  • Honourable Blogmaster….stalker alert!!


  • Anonymouse - The Gazer

    Happy New Year. Hope you have a great 2017.
    Good to see you up and kicking.

    Looking forward to a few days at ground zero early in 2017.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ The Gazer

    To you as well I bid kind words for self, your family and your friends and wider circle.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Mia Mottley

    As it relates to “Ground zero in Barbados” read the General Elections, this is going to be fought, and won, using science AS WELL AS BEING VIGILANT against the tricks that the DLP is NOW putting in place to (dishonestly) retain power.

    You are going to have to have a new procedure adopted as it relates to the “accompaniment of the BALLOT BOXES” from the time they leave the polling stations until they arrive at the point of counting”


    just so that you know this…tongues does wag…and like you boy (emphasis on boy Steven) let us just say that their plan get leaked

    A WORD TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT!! (and it is reported that you are a wise person)


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Mia Mottley,

    You need to understand that, while you intent to fight aggressively, AT THE POOLS, and hope to bring out every sensible minded Bajan, to cast their vote for you, and the BLP, there is one thing that both of your parties fail miserably at


    1.You cannot win the next General Election, CONVINCINGLY if, the same pool of avowed voters that come to the polling stations to vote, are the only ones that you are relying on.

    That is simple common sense likened to inbreeding among cretins

    2.You cannot win CONVINCINGLY if you hope that Bajans, those who traditionally stay home, ALBEIT DISGRUNTLED, will come out and vote for a change.

    That is not going to happen.

    In fact , if you observe the patterns over the years, after 10 or 15 years of an incumbent government, what you confirm is that the additional votes are not that significant.


    Therefore, WHAT THAT MEANS (mottley, the Next Prime Minister of Barbados) is that “the party in the offing” your BLP, HAS TO MOBILIZE those people who traditionally stay home on election day.


    You do that by creating, AND DISSEMINATING a message, brief an to the point, constant in its broadcasting schedule to every Bajan, that (a) speaks to the issue(s) and (b) speaks to your solution.


    You should have started that long time ago, but you got some dimwitted campaign managers who feel dat de younger Bajans still living in the 1960’s with posters and bunting!!


    Do not fear that the DLP can copycapt your solution and send out a similar message


    The public sentiment is this.

    “You FUMBLES & YOU DLP HOARES had 10 years to do that shit, so how come you now talking bout the same thing the BLP proposing ?”



    I would tell you how but ….

    You is a bright woman (or so they say) if you do not know how to do this, if Lucille, and Peter, and Debra and Steven and Alex cant tell you how it is done, then we are in ducks guts.

    But since I know that they are “challenged” let me give you a hint “Beleive it or Not – Ripley”

    Steupseeee over dem head to be sure


    Should that campaign ever start, and I will bet that it wont, here is STEP I of this PRODUCT.


    One, at the national level, will enumerate the failures of the DLP and its leader Fumbles the Sleeping Giant (an easy task)

    And the second one which speaks to the individual incompetencies of the DLP MPs and their representation at the constituency level.

    Ammmmmmm, de ole man got tools dat does do that shit, ask de Blogmaster hahahahahahaha, cause he only dun see some lil parts heheheheheheheeh..

    You are of the belief that your “Covenant of Hope” is the bomb but that is futile and an exercise in erudition, for an “Intelligencia” and a more educated audience, something which Brexit & the Election of Donald Trump should confirm that the people that you are seeking to target are not eh least concerned with?

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    Several of the BLP candidates do not have a nationally leadership appeal is BU’s way of describing it. Mia needs to flesh out a plan to have them lift and act out a leadership profile.It is unfortunate in the prevailing climate we are not seeing a more visible Opposition presence other than Mia and a couple others. Of course occupying the leadership void must be supported with a vision enunciated by the party.

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  • Happy new year @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right; glad to see you are back to your old self.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    Nice, very nice. Mia Mottley must understand that if she is going to be fooled by that handful of supporters who flank her lefts and rights all decked in red is an indication of the type of support she will get at the polls, she really needs to pull her brain out of those arrogant sands. Up until now, Mottley does not seem to understand that enough has been said about her to not want to vote for her. She is and will get the nod only because of what the DLP has done through their, inability, to tell, the truth and their perfected way of keeping silent when they should not be silent. Mottley needs to understand that the DLP are a practice in nasty. All the stops will be pulled in the next general election even the passing of many Sir Grantleys.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I understand the problem that Mia Mottley has.

    Between the gastronomic matter and the various perceptions about the Mugabe complex may within the party, particularly to old guard which ostensibly promotes heterosexual encounters, there will be “concern” which manifests itself in the BLP seemingly being unable to “align” themselves behind one leader.

    But let me speak to the mechanics of this situation which can be summed up as “Powerbrokering”

    Name the BLP alternatives!

    Dale Marshall? George Payne? Jerome Walcott? Kerrie Simmonds? Hinkson?

    They all lack the gravitas that will permit the BLP to coallesce behing one person in such a short time to be politically viable.

    They do not project any singular traits that attract the public and they never have.

    So, unfortunately? the party is at a place where, compliments of past leaders? there was no inheritor.

    Having said that Mottley does not need to be bound by that old guard AS LONG AS SHE HAS THE POPULACE BEHIND HER.

    THis is a powerbroker move!!

    Mottley can take it for granted that there is no alternative for the leadership and the BLP needs to realize that if there is no perception of leadership, their efforts at the polls are well going to be a problem.

    She has to win every single seat and be the powerbroker who makes that happen for the candidates.

    She has to choose winners and secure “loyalty” by facilitating such for each of them.

    The other internecine issues fade into insignificance thereafter.

    The other dynamic is pure simplicity really, walk into a rum shop or a mini bus and start a conversation about how things are in barbados and listen to the talk and you will see what the DLP popularity rating is.

    Any bus David, any place and test what I am saying and when you set that in the context of winning the next general election, it gives some serious momentum.

    However she needs to get thos people to the polls.


  • David

    Could you put this site in a way that I dont have to start scrolling through from November to get to the latest.



    The other dynamic is pure simplicity really, walk into a rum shop or a mini bus and start a conversation about how things are in barbados and listen to the talk and you will see what the DLP popularity rating is.

    Any bus David, any place and test what I am saying and when you set that in the context of winning the next general election, it gives some serious momentum.

    However she needs to get those people to the polls.

    Agree she has the dissenting vote by default but like you stated she needs to convert at the poll. Do not believe that Payne, Symmonds, Marshall et al care about the self defeating approach that they have adopted.


  • Chuckle…..Elections in the Air for 2017 it looks like.

    Nice two prong approach

    ….twitter,whatsapp,fb,utube&the latest whatever for de yutes dem

    …….rumshop,buses,churches,village gatherings for the older set

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Hants

    Thanks Hants and the very same to you with of course a few of the “chasers” that you are so famous for heheheheheheheh.

    It was “a pause that refresheth” really something to watch and learn from and to see those who really love Barbados deeply and the others that are along for the ride.

    I am still of the opinion that the majority of bajans are clueless about the real issues of good government and governance but mine is the ever paling hope that we can change this.

    I am not backing Mottley for Mottley’s sake mine is a rationale that is driven by the 8 year confirmed experience that this Democratic Labour Party, led by Fumbles Stuart, is singularly the very worst government that we have ever had in 50 years of our independence.

    We have to take that power out of their hands AS SOON AS THE BELL FOR ELECTIONS RINGS and Mottley has to up her game OR OUR BARBADOS DIES…


  • Why you one armed poster bandits sounding so anxious,


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Donald Trump President Elect is going to be the President of the United States on Jan 20th, irrespective of the popular vote.

    Mia’s campaign must be focused on winning the popular vote and the General Election, the rest of the dissention is a waste of her time.

    One of the reasons Hilary lost is that she spent too much time fighting Bernie Sanders, and took her eyes off the prize.

    If Mia keeps focusing on Payne and the rest of them it will be harder for her.

    She took stupid advice from stupid people with the Maria Agard affair and it has depleted her in-house currency.

    Look, Mottley has alot of books in her library in the Woods at Cave Hill but she needs to internalize them more.

    These books of world leaders and other powerbrokers state clearly “when I have 26 out of 30 seats I can put you out to pasture very simply thereafter”.

    She was led by the Jeromes and the rest of the self serving dufusses and that has been her bane.

    She needs to look to the Polls, and assemble a team that can make her win, she needs her version of the Russian hackers and not clowns who does talk pretty and deliver nothing.



    Her team is already assembled, it is a lock. And it is first to pass the poll even though popular vote is important.


  • Her team includes those closes with the knife to her back. Murddah


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Vincent Haynes

    Yes that is precisely part of the “gameplan” – two prongs (OR MORE LIKE FOUR) but you have defined what she is dealing with – youth, older people and the indolent and apathy stricken.

    Let me provide an example using the latest post from my dearest Suzanne at 5.59 a.m this morning.

    What do you see Vincent?

    An excellent message/limerick “Longing for a Prime Minister that we can Trust but not cuss”

    Then Mottley’s picture and then excellent subliminals as only my dear one can provide BUT…

    And now de ole man going give some insight….which i go to pains to indicate that the DLP CANNOT COUNTER.

    This flier is “planar”, single dimension, you see it and you absorb what is there, 15 seconds to impress and impact.

    Whose face is in the background?

    It looks like Leighton Trotman the Unswerving Accountant General to me but that, if this flier it to be broadcast among the 3 aforementioned groups, is lost on the average person.

    Mia will understand the Transparency and Accountability issue but, insofar as creating a flier to emote the voter audience you must understand that SSS is not targeting those people.

    This is a Mottley campaign which de ole man endorses wholeheartedly.

    Now let us speak to the BLP ads/fliers of what our perpetual stalker is calling “a one armed poster from one of the bandits three? heheheheheh

    I submit to you a juxtaposition of images in those 15 seconds that (a) thematically shows what the DLP has done to “eff” us up e.g. the QEH or Sanitation or MTW roads followed by (b) one image of scamp who is responsible for the ef ups followed by (c) the BLP solution

    Over and over again.

    It does not cost Mia anything to get the message out there and to be seen as the progenitor of all things representative of the “New Covenant” she is proposing

    Each ad is monikered with her face BECAUSE SHE CAN DO THAT AS THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION and as the champion of the BLP “national message”

    The other messages and campaigns can be withheld until the bell rings or otherwise but the thing is to be seen as the single force behind the BLP.

    None of the rest of them, the pretenders to the BLP throne can do that under their (unwritten?) constitution

    Until like a flood, all the rest straighten up and fly right, hehehehhheh but I is only a one armed poster bandit who, as you clearly see, just posted on comment, and like shite flies, they have come to lick up the honey (of course do expect their own interpretation of that analogy heheheheh)


  • Has BU become the offical election campaign headquarters for the blp with PDYR as designated PR spokeperson


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    Dear AC,

    De old man beggeth thine apologies.

    Me thinks that I have offended thee in thine role of sole spokesperson for the DLP here on Barbados Underground and for that de ole man sorry.

    You would do well to ignore de ole man submissions about Mugabe Mottley since, in light of the fact that I have on numerous occasions expressed my thoughts about the alternatives that we have here in Barbados, your remarks contra the ole man WILL BE RIGHTFULLY CONSTRUED AS FEAR per the content of my submissions.

    Did you not see the single Whatsapp New Year’s Wish that came to almost every cell phone in Barbados over the weekend?

    You tink dat de ole man ent got me sources?

    Man all you gots to do is tell steven someting and, like clockwork, when dat boy get among he peeples dem, he going talk and expose heself to show whu he know.

    So we dun seeing dat dem listening to de ole man bout de strategies for the youth and de ole peeple but I ent see de Voter Apathy inroads yet.

    Has you?

    It ent like dem throwing $5M like wunna, behind a debushing campaign is it? heheheheheheh

    Looka talk to Kelly yuh cause he “pot holes keeping down road accidents ting” real ingrunt.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    This would have to be the Cunt AC and not the intelligent one. If the cunt AC understood the SSS, she would know that I despise the beast that lives in Mia Mottley. The poster obviously is one in which the cunt AC would think that the SSS is pushing a Mottley for PM campaign. I will set the record straight for the DLP lapdog. As much I cannot stomach what Mottley is, my enmity for the DLP is far greater.The DLP is the single most destructive force that has crippled Barbados and insulted the intelligence of Barbadians. There is no forgiveness for these pricks. Therefore, Mottley must be coerced and pampered towards the politics of good governance, since her skeletons are as thick as the ones the DLP have accumulated for themselves. Mottley will only win the next election because the DLP has provided everything for them to win on a platter. Does not matter what strategy the DLP comes with, bajans have felt the burn, and now they are ready to inflict their own burns on the DLP. The DLP has done there shite, time to drop them like wet potato and give the other half their bad their turn to pretend first and do shite after.

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI January 1, 2017 at 6:14 PM #

    The apathetic have to be ignited just before the elections with a short and sharp thrust of a campaign dealing with a burning issue real or imagined,as their attention span is very short.


  • Dearest Suzanne


    I want to ask you a question.

    You realize the level of thought that went into your succinct infographic to integrate all of the nuances of institutional graft and kickback that certainly attends and has attended successive Bajan governments?

    Viewing your submissions next to mine is like reading the Wall Street journal next to the Enquirer

    Bajans do not understand the depth of your submissions here.

    It is like Obama s recall f the 10 air craft carriers where clown observing liken in to putting the vessels in port and exposure to a sneak pearl Harbour attack

    Very few understand that

    1.on Jan 20th every single branch of government is going to be at the inaugural event which is untenable should the attacks come then outfit the vessels with their full compliment od nuclear? munitions the have to be in port
    3.the arsenal of nuclear submarines and other naval craft and aircraft are already deployed or on standby

    Fewer still understand that hacking the elections and installing a twitter in chief is the first act of undermining the military might that is the warmonger the United States of America.

    I hear the sound of distant drums…


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    Thanks for the compliment, but I am not so concern about the praise. Mine is a cause that I will see through. We are in serious trouble as island people under two political parties intent on keeping things the way they are while pretending that they are perturbed by all that is happening. They ignore the auditor general reports and place accountability and transparency in a place where a lot of justification can be provided for it to remain a dead issue. They are both crooked and manipulative. Yet, Barbadians, ignorant docile mud moles of a people, are too afraid to stand up and ask that all government business and transactions be made transparent and accounted for public awareness. No matter how much the shites in the DLP insult them and prove to them that they are only interested in getting as much money as they can get before their asses are ousted in 2018, the idiots that are many Barbadians still see both political parties as good for fridges, stoves, school clothes and a few dollars in pocket to buy groceries for a few months.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ David Commissiong

    de ole man expects that, as we get closer to the General Elections, a specific trend will appear and, as is evidenced by John Boyce’s predictive comment about social media, we are seeing the way that the Democratic Labour Party proposes to fight this general election.

    By closing down the internet

    This excerpt from Freedom House best speaks to the nature of the perspective that (repressive) governments see social media commentary

    “The battle over internet freedom comes at a time when nearly one third of the world’s population has used the internet.”

    “Governments are responding to the increased influence of the new medium by seeking to control online activity, restricting the free flow of information, and otherwise infringing on the rights of users.”

    “The methods of control are becoming more sophisticated, and tactics previously evident in only the most repressive environments—such as governments instigating deliberate connection disruptions or hiring armies of paid commentators to manipulate online discussions—are appearing in a wider set of countries.”

    John Whisper Boyce goes on to say while speaking to members of his Christ Church South constituency branch at the St Lawrence Primary School recently that “officials in his ministry had been discussing, very seriously. a counter strategy that would go beyond health promotion…”

    Now wunna gots to tell de ole man, whu “counter strategy” people in the Ministry of Health, a ministry which should be concerned with finding toilet paper to wipe the botsies of patients at the QEH or finding food for the patients of the Mental Hospital in Balck Rock, instead of giving them Dog food, why “counter strategy” could they be looking at that would go beyond health promotion?

    He is speaking of the soon-to-be-legislated” suppression of the opinions of the people or more specifically the proactive negative trajectory of the DLP as it relates to their anti-social media stance and increasing “outreach” against “internet freedom”

    YOu need to note that they propose to effect this clampdown prior to the General Election.

    So David Come-Along, your services are going to be required again, soon when, instead of any Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information which they promised in 2008, when the now dead King was alive, these, the most inept politicians that this cuntry has known, will seek to enforce martial law on the internet airwaves.

    It is a thing most interesting that they have made this mad rush to change the leading officers of the Barbados Defence Force to avowed DLPites.

    We seem to be going into a state of military law, certainly all the elements are in place, a Chief Justice who is DLP, a Chief of Police who is DLP, a Defence Force that is DLP, hmmmmmmmm….

    New Riot Gear for the Police, Military Aid frrom the Chinese to address internet subjugation

    Yet, Mia Mugabe Mottley and Dale Teets Marshall and all the rest of these so called representatives are quiet and church mice ….

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    So de ole man gine contine dis thread with some “key trends” for your active consideration.

    Please note that this is plagiarized from Freedom House and have been modified in part but any similarity to local situations is purely coincidental

    “Key Trends

    New laws restrict free speech: Could a parallel be drawn with what is happening in the CGI/Naked Underground ongoing verbal battle to suggest that new laws or tacit directives are being effected to either (a) restrict online speech, (b) violate user privacy, or (c) reach across borders to punish individuals who post content deemed objectionable or undesirable.
    Bloggers and ordinary users seem of late to face arrest for political speech or speech directed against politicians on the web: can any similarities be drawn to the fact that one blogger Omar something or the other, somebody’s son, was recently arrested for content posted online against one Lashes?
    Attacks against government critics are intensifying: recently they were persecuting Roy Morris and Vivianne Gittens for lascivious postings in the newspaper/internet media, the fellow from the Union Akanni McDowall was demoted for his criticism of the DLP government albeit not primarily online, and demoted. We soon may have circumstances where bloggers are tortured, disappeared, beaten, or brutally assaulted as a result of their online posts.
    As an aside the transparency International reports about barbados would always be favourable sine the very agency that the TI people go to, is led by the very man whose existence depends on Lil Caesar so in that regard we can be assured that there will be no posting of information that exposes any type of human rights abuses.
    Paid commentators, hijacking attacks are proliferating: Well if we do not have mention here up front and centre of the Paling Yard Fowls of one AC and Alvin Cummins who represent that “the phenomenon of paid pro-government commentators” a practice that has been ongoing here on BU for 8 years.
    What is to be soon expected will be the soon to commence politically motivated cyberattacks against Barbados Underground.
    And of course the final fronteir. “Surveillance is increasing, (check wunna cell phones and how dem turning on in de night or how wunna hearing de voices of the dispatchers at District A police Station. and, given that the RBPB feature centrally in this survelllance fiasco, there continues to be “no checks on abuse.
    De old man still ent hear whu happen wid Nazzim Blackett and de Commissioner of Police Tyronne Griffith still telling de recruits tuh “uphold de law” he and de nex feller who teeling de Immigration Officers who got 5 houses and ting “not to tek bribes”
    De ole man tell wunn dat wunn can expect “a new law or directive disproportionately enhanced surveillance” More specifically wunna will note that one Carl Moore Aussie more nephew is now pursuing this campaign per the removal of ” user anonymity”.

    We can only expect that the enhanced “surveillance will target (all uh wunna) government critics, particularly since “safeguards for user rights and oversight procedures are severely lagging or administered by duffuses like de Intellectual Property woman and she cohort of technical cretins who lead governments’ outreaches and abuse its constitution and associated legal powers

    Come leh we wuk up and have a good time….


  • Doan know how this escaped de ole man but i had dis from November fuh wunna and jes plain forget to send it tuh wunna at Christmas

    All the people dem dying is whu got de ole man head discombulate

    Doah AC would say dat de ole man brains calcifying so dis is par for de course heheheheheeh

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  • There was an interesting interview by Dr.Pearson Brome of the UWI, Cave Hill who has responsibility for e-Governance and government policy. The focus seems to be on the negative use of social media.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Steupseee you mean dat Dr Spittle, he-whom-the-students-fear-to-sit-in-the-first-row-of-his-classes cause he going bombard dem with spit from his mouth?

    You mean the same UWI professor who, even though teaching at the university of the West Indies threatens his class and instructs them “not to copy any of my material in your notes because this is proprietary?”

    You mean the same man whom it is purported is plagiarizing material from internet sources has now grown a pair, and his clitoris has morphed into a penis, and he, having deep appointed by the DLP cadre at Cave Hill, is now is singing in the DLP choir and wants to eradicate social media?

    Say it ent so Honourable Blogmaster…



    You seem to be more intimate with the guy than any member of the BU household 🙂


  • @PUDRYR wrote, ” wants to eradicate social media?”

    How is he going to eradicate CANBBARBADOS OVERGROUND ????

    Are they planning to hack servers in Canada?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Brother Hants

    “There is no fool, like an ole fool” and as nuff uh wunna dun know, de ole man is an ole fool.

    While I do not normally use Wikipedia as a source here is a general article for your perusal

    “…the apparatus of China’s Internet control is considered more extensive and more advanced than in any other country in the world.

    “The governmental authorities not only block website content but also monitor the Internet access of individuals; such measures have attracted the derisive nickname “The Great Firewall of China. (a mechanism of Internet censorship and surveillance that affects nearly 700 million users that is 1/4 of the world’s internet population.)”

    ‘BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (BGIS) — Minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade, Senator Maxine McClean, and ambassador of China to Barbados, Wang Ke, on Monday signed a protocol between the Barbados Defence Force and the People’s Liberation Army of China.”

    The issue of positioning “the assets” with the Barbados Defense Force as opposed to the talkative police is that, in that estate known as the military i can more easily detain a dissident, a la Snowden, than I can constrain RBPF Officers *** (the one ones that nearly beat Nazzim Blacket of the Pine to death)

    How many soldiers get imprisoned at the BDF, for various acts, and you hear bout it in Canada? on CanBarbados Overground we doan even hear bout um in Barbados far less.

    So Brother Hants de ole man ent too concerned about your canadian servers if, like the Great Wall of China and that of Berlin, I can block off your access at source, all the rest of the resouces in West Germany are of no use to East German while the Wall is up.


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Am using a new firewall and it might have been excluded from your approved IPs so my last comment to Hants is in your spam box, grateful if you could retrieve and post.

    I am practicing what I am preaching regarding evading the soon to be deployed “firewall of Barbados a la PRC” heheheheheheh


  • De ole man ent like dat word “imtimate” heheheheheheh causing dis is Bulbados, jes say dat there seems to be a level of situational intelligence pertaining to the Serial Spitter of Social Sciences

    whuloss Honourable Blogmaster effing you was to be in front of him when he repeated that sentence with all dem “S’s” you would have get drown!!

    He cannot call my dearest girlfriend the Sultry Sexy Suzanne name to her face!! she would get he lock up for assualt!!

    He would have to say the lovely bieng with the names who letters begin with the letter immediately after “R”

    Thanks for retrieving, i got to go and give something to a buddy of mine but de ole man coming back soon


  • Agree in 2017 we have to educate the people how to cloak themselves on the Internet.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Niiiiiccccccccceee Suzanne niiceeeee


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet PIece

    Look beyond the message.


  • Dearest Suzanne,

    I tried to “filter” the image.

    I saw one of the items but because of the **** cannot make out all of the ***

    [[That is ingenious though, you are very very intelligent.]]

    I used Square brackets because that fellow ammmm with the *** fixation still round here lololol


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweety Piece

    You really think so? Either way, thanks. You not making any more posters. And what happen to Colonel Buggy.


  • @ Dearest Suzanne

    I do.

    Which other person would have thought to ***** in clear light of day?

    Not a fellow saw that, even de ole man…..

    I shall answer your second question? first.

    Colonel Buggy is around, I have seen him on the blog.

    Perhaps like me, the Colonel grew momentarily “tired of the fray” and withdrew temporarily or permanently to rise no more, or like me “to pause to fight another day”

    I am unsure.

    What I am sure of is that you have not faltered dear Suzanne and you keep true to the course.

    Sometimes we must reassess and recalibrate our weapons so do not think I have left you here alone to place pixels in jpegs.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    I told you a long time ago that when I am serious about something I am serious about it. If I was photoshop savvy, I would have had a lot more posters on here. However, I am getting a lot of help now. Piece it hurts me to see what is happening to Barbados. I love Barbados. I am ashamed to see where it is and who is bringing it to this place. Imagine that a report from the Auditor General raised the red flag; three ministers were summoned by the PAC to answer what seems to be very questionable financial undertakings. What happened? The three ministers decided to throw cold water on the PAC by citing what the law says and accuse the PAC chairman as a woman operating in fault? Imagine that they turn the attention away from themselves and made the PAC look like the bad guys, just because Mia Mottley is chairman. And you know what I am going to say, the had all rights to do it, because the BLP in similar situations ignored similar enquiries when they were doing their shite. That is why you have not heard anything concerning the Auditor General’s report, the next move by the PAC, or butt-ma. bite-ma or boo from the Prime Minister. All know they have nothing to worry about because nothing will be done. Barbadians are being taken for granted. So if a scam went down in the Grotto matter, no investigation will be furthered because the PAC has done there part? How can we sit back and do nothing. The poster protest must continue because there is no real difference between DLP or BLP leadership.


  • I hear you loud and clear dearest.

    It is clear that they are both the same and neither can pull the other back because when one accuses the other of a Cahill scam, the other one says Hardwood or GEMS or Greenland or Veco or the SSS contract on the highway or the BOLT agreement to build the prisons that Dale Miller still can’t tell a fellow what currency the contract is in.

    I believe Moore than anything that it is time for a third party and that the moment is now.

    Grenville is too “disconnected” and his waiting to spring candidates pun peeple smacks of Taliban politics

    I have been watching the Barbados Integrity Movement and am researching its FOI policies, its Integrity Legislation and its Recall policies.

    My thoughts are “I will not support either of the existing bunch cause the are too tainted so the next best choice is get rid of them both, “fresh slate”

    I have offered to give you a tool where you do not need a feller to do anything for you, it makes you totally autonomous something that you with your artistic talent could make ” talk”

    My offer still stands.

    In fact I will even …

    You have my email now and there is no need for a proxy Suzanne.

    Here is a further offer, I will “partially decloak” for you so that you can get additional “coverage” in the other things that you will continue doing in this Internet sphere

    To show you specifically how serious I am here are a few freebies (I do not fear the clovers of the Whatsapp product lololol but they do fear me as well they should)

    Install Opera Mini on your mobile devices and then install Opera VPN set it as your default browser and use that to visit these “political” sites in future.

    Create a different Facebook account and do not link it to your existing profile(s) with anything e.g. Backup phone number, email, disable all friends, timelines.

    do not add anyone to it, it will be tracked by Google and Facebook but they are not the enemy, it will be the tracking code of the Facebook sites of the BLP and DLP, (not the DLP so much cause they are Internet nitwits for the most part) but it is the Mugabe lot that is monitoring who the people visiting her site are, where you come from, where you’re going to post their site and who are your friends.

    So when yo log on there, should you ever need to, use that profile that is denuded. And remember to logout and/or have your screen lock automatically after x minutes of inactivity

    I always lock mine as a habit anyways.

    The final thing is ScriptSafe, add that extension to your browsers

    Now, as a newbie, it is going to seem very demanding on you to get the hang of what must be allowed to run on a page and what to disallow but, with time, you will get the hang of it.

    You have my email, if you write me I will give you that tool dearest Suzanne, you have my word.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Piece

    I do not go on Facebook. I do not even have an account. Was never interested in it so I won’t open one. I am not afraid of any of the Barbadian politicians and their lackeys. They should be afraid of me, especially the BLP posers and pretenders. I know a lot about that party intimately. That is why I am so venomous towards them. The DLP, well they were the party I supported, and the truth be told I never expected them to do so much shite. I never was comfortable with David Thompson. I always knew there was more to him than just seeing him. I thought, at that time, that Freundel Stuart had what it takes to be a very good leader. The way he use to take it to Mottley convinced me that in him the DLP was sure footed. I never thought in my wildest dreams that this man could turn out to be the piss poorest leader Barbados ever saw. Then to have practically all of them behaving like shites, only add to the jobby that Freundel Stuart was displaying. They are all shites, and because of that, Barbados is in Shite Street.


  • @ Dearest Suzanne,

    I wasn’t clear enough earlier, I have a gmail account and I sought to protect your email by saying to you “if (1) you want to produce fliers and not depend on anyone I can give you “Flier maker for Dummies” but as I said I also was saying (2) if you want to protect your real identity from me, use a mek up email”

    Since I see that you have no fear send the email straight from your email to mine and I will send you the item


  • @ Dearest Suzanne

    Before any Election rolls around people have already made up their mind who they will vote for.


    Mugabe is not seen as a real alternative because (1) she says little in opposition to the acts of the DLP and (2) her silence makes her complicit in their mismanagement of the economy which would suggest that (3) in addition to the purported clitorial gastronomic predispositions, the DLP has “the dirt” on her other escapades.

    This is why a third party, if it assembles the right people, and promotes the right message, WILL WIN.

    Fumbles is definitely out, but bajans while we are a hypocritical bunch fear the wrath of GOD if we should appoint a biter of po*ies to rule the cvntry no pun intended

    Such offends the sensibilities of the elderly voting public and gives rise to the impetus for a third party at 2017 and the likelihood of it winning.

    A catchy limerick like

    “No to the D’s, and
    “No biters of pok*es…
    Vote B.I.M and get rid us this disease…”

    Yes please…”

    Grenville too disconnected and no drunken alcoholic from Tweedside Road can get me to vote fuh dem after Mugabe kick he out


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Sweet Piece

    Send what you have to my ebony email. I believe David had sent it to you before, but I never received any emails you sent so try again.

    As to having fear. If any of the posters I provided are wrong about any of the parties, I would expect that their operatives or even themselves would be on BU threatening me with defamation lawsuits or whatever else they can find to silence me. If any of them can dispute the posters as providing false information, information intended to discredit or insult, then I am assuming that they would be seeking actions to have them remove or piling on the pressure on David to have his blog discredited and eventually cast into oblivion. I have heard from my peeps, that the protest posters have indeed upset both parties and that both sides were up in arms over the content. I can only assume that they are upset over the fact that certain things are connecting behaviours that should be thoroughly investigated by Financial Forensic experts. Both parties know that they have a lot of dirty linen. They also know that they are responsible for Barbados current problems. But in spite of all of this, both parties want to continue doing what has profited them tremendously. It is the same reason, my Piece, why the judiciary remains the pleasant obstacle, they like, are accustom to, and have no intention of changing or fixing.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    I long for a third party as well but right now, BIM, SB, and PEP, and the other BU Two are not ready, will never be ready and will not be too convincing on their current trajectory.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    I just got kicked off for some weird reason, a pretend glitch in the system.

    I have sent you email 8 times to the supplied address yet you have not received any thing from me which, given that I copied and pasted exactly what was given to me suggests one of 3 things (1) the address supplied was not the right address – which would ascribe some complicity to the Honourable Blogmaster and he does not play that one (2) that either your email or mine is compromised or (3) the Royal Barbados Police Force more specifically the Ministry for Home Security has been able to convince the Google authorities that we are both subversive elements and get access to one or both our accounts to effect isolation

    The first and third are fantabulous concoctions? worthy of green gates Occupancy and while two is possible it would only mean that we are more feared than we think heheheheh also a green gates/Bellevue construct

    I will attempt this one more time now to see if we are still blocked.

    I also suggested and still suggest the following Suzanne to ensure a sterile environment for the communication.

    (1) let me hypothetically suggest that the same care and attention that you are utilizing with your communication I also am applying to mine. I want to be sure that the email is coming to you and not the Dropbox of a pretender.

    My rationale is very simple Dearest Suzanne

    What you post here is mentally challenging, ethically emotive content which while disruptive to both parties, is permissible in the grand scheme of things.

    Wha I post goes far beyond the emotive, mine is conceived to be disdainful, insulting, eroding the sacrosanct public image these people have of themselves.

    Some would even say libelous heheheheh.

    De le man hath prosecuted several issues pun BU dat got several people and factions disturbed so while you are emoting reasoned logic with your visuals for men and women who can reason, de ole man is not thusly disposed.

    Dere ent no huge community of logical thinkers in Barbados at the level of the electorate, successive DLP and BLP governments have seen to that.

    No sireeee dis is why my posts are not liked and this is why I guard my identity against discovery so avidly now that the painkillers have diminished

    I do not post on Facebook because their rules to comply with legal rulings and disclosures are different to WordPress particularly those of Barbados Underground moreso since BU does not double authenticate one’s login email address.

    Here is the thing though.

    Say I write to your address and provide that non validated address with specific information as outlined above, if that address is not yours, but that of an intermediary pretender I would have given a clear set of information to the Royal Barbados Police Force and they can say that the information was obtained by chance, and originated from “source ”

    So my dual authentication process not only required you to make the first outreach but post that step then to give me a second layer of information which you alone will know.

    Yes it is the spy who came in from the cold only saying to you Dearest Suzanne “take control of your artistic contribution with this tool” but let us leave this as is since I understand your trepidation given the warnings you would have gotten from dads et al.

    De ole man is not good news and, unlessing you want to be tarred with the brush that Pieces’ does mete out, it would be best to follow the BLP instruction from Mugabe and her Council “DO NOT GO ON BARBADOS UNDERGROUND TO ENGAGE WITH THAT LOT”

    You have noticed that He whose Wife was She for Whom his Heart Beat For no longer comes here??

    All have been “warned away in a dream” the dream called Mugabe Mottley


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    I happen to know that they are members of the RBPF who are supportive of the poster protest and have acknowledged that the current level of governance in Barbados is questionable and suspicious. Then they are the loyal rats of each party in the force who would bite the pooches of these wicked people just to get their pieces of silver and other shiny things too expensive to buy on a police salary. I believe that my emails to you and yours to me are being blocked.


  • @Piece,
    Talk to David. He may suggest an avenue. I had a friend who used a different route to post to BU.


  • @ bajans

    I am not exactly trying to post to BU, I already do that as may be evidenced here heheheheheheh

    The issue is that I cant seem to communicate with my “cyberspace girlfriend” and colleague in the spirit.

    Nothing i send to her email gets through and i have tried 9 times, one more time than King Bruce of Scotland…..

    Ergo our chat(s)


  • @ Dearest Suzanne

    By the way, is the format .@. ? or *******@.?

    Are there two periods or just one?

    That may be where the problem is… please let me know


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    eboneyfitzgerald3 my sweet piece


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    oops remove the second should be ebony


  • Dearest Suzanne

    I was speaking to some so-called “advertising gurus” a la Barbadian cadre, about effective advertising and the difference between a “sleaze” campaign and a “please” campaign.

    You, my dear, are in the field of advertising so you would be able to appreciate this better than most.

    When Mario Cuomo was running years ago, his opponents ran a borderline “slease” campaign that went “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo!” and Cuomo lost.

    They could not understand the strategy behing that campaign and de ole man said that he would try to show them what is “please” by juxtaposing your posting of January 24th at 2.54 and that of the ole man below which is sleaze heheheheheh.

    It would be of some use if one could examine the elements of said flier and what the objective(s) of the two fliers are.

    1.Your ad carries an evident and interesting mosaic that is structured around the face of the subject and a face that is slightly, yet purposely altered.
    2.The one ad above does not show the face of the party who, in addition to wearing a corset, is wearing a wig to hide her features (yes, whether you are prepared to believe it, or not, that is a woman)
    3.There is something eerie about the background in your image, it was not just applied by chance
    4.While not in the same league, there is something eerie about the colour of the skin of the female model in the ad above and the skin of her body.
    5.Subliminals abound in yours e.g. the files/names of the files being carried and the purposely barely legible greyish black “Make $en$e”.
    This is why de ole man ent in your league cause you have inserted that “make sense” statement, a thing which the subject cannot do even if paid twice his salary.
    6.Then there is the “masking of the faces” which, were the ole man younger, he might be able to see the physi-hogs of the guilty parties thusly “masked”
    7.If one were to get a magnifying glass and examine the curtains and the straps of the negligee, one might see some “subliminals” too (NOT)

    You can be assured that this image is going to be in New York by 11 pm tonight.

    Did you know that J Hoover the US president that is purported to have been ammmmmmm let me be politically correct “differently gendered”, during his campaign successfully besmeared the character of his opponent? And having said that de ole man gots to admit dat I is a lesbian read “i likes woman, bad bad bad”

    You dun know that Aussie Moore (or Less an Idjit) going come here shaking his appendage of righteous indignation at the Honourable Blogmaster for dis anonymice posting you dun know…


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    Marketing is a subtle business. The less you have in your advertising display the more effective is the message. And likewise, the more you have in your advertisement the less effective it tends to be (sometimes- this base on who you are and if your company has a reputable name). You are right about what my poster is conveying. The background is not distinguishable, so the viewer is wondering what was the background or what is the background all about. Well its simple, if you cannot understand the background it is because it is not transparent. Is the graphic artist at fault? Is this a mistake`? Should he be held accountable?The only way to find out is if you ask the graphic artist why he did the background like that. It is only then that you can hold him accountable and ascertain his motive for doing what he did. However, the figure in front of the background is transparent, though not accountable for what is happening in the background because he is not facing it.
    The wire mesh that is covering the entire image is obvious. I do not think I have to explain that. Since the figure in the front is stoic about certain positions and feel that he can avoid certain things for certain reasons, he has clearly provided fodder for assuming all sorts of things. However, he is not as meticulous as he feels he is because his files are telling a tale of two that is serving the interest of one. In other words – MAKE SENSE. His potholes are well covered and they are keeping him and his life comfortably intact. So you have to apply the same analysis to the dark background and what looks like gold coins at the bottom of the image. In other words, and like the old people say, you can hide and buy land but ya cah hide and wukking. The money has a trail…FOLLOW IT


  • Dearest Suzanne,

    I am very much of the opinion that those fellers does come here pun a day and does fret real bad and ting when dem see you posters

    I think that, and the Honourable Blogmaster will confirm this, there are the fellers who come and “linger” and download the images from the BU site.

    Of course de fellers at the CID department does come and do dem ting but then there are the local fellers who like the images and the ones who come and teif dem for their own purposes.

    It is really a very sad thing though when you can open any newspaper and flip through their pages and come up with material to feed this “Bajans Must Change” campaign

    Hal Austin one of the commenters here had made mention of the very embarrassing fact that our Minister of Finance does not know decimals.

    You would know haw that must look in the eyes of the internation community.

    But, as Bush Tea and others have pointed out, he is part of a team who talk about physical defecit as opposed to fiscal defecit.

    THat is one Jester Ince, yes my dear that is his name (heheheheheheheheh. He is a short man like me who wears his pants up under his armpits)

    De ole man spoke to the granson and he provided this “stoopid cartoon” below to immortalize that sad situation where the Minister of Finance can’t assign a decimal

    “His Name is Bond – Chris “Decimals” Bond – from the effed up Secret Service of Fumbles”

    Liked by 1 person

  • Di Grandson call de ole man and tell me dat Chris”Decimal” Bond nearly got a thousand votes in one day!!!


    Now de ole man do some reading and come across this

    “Election Day in Barbados – Election Results 2013 – Caribbean Elections

    Feb 21, 2013 – St. Michael North West, Gregory P.B. NICHOLLS – 1,681, Christopher P. SINCKLER* – 2,443 .. St. Michael West…”

    In other words, Sinckler cuntstituency of St. Michael North West Gregory P.B. NICHOLLS secured 1,681 while Christopher P. SINCKLER* obtained 2,443

    De ole man den followed up dat research with some maths and arrive at dis

    Supposing dat Gregory P.B. Nicholls sorry he is a Mugabe man.

    Suppose dat de other parties was to have come to BU and download dat picture of “De Finance Minister who doan know where to put a decimal Point” and distribute it via Whatsapp to their constituents, it would mean that 4,124 people would now be in possession of a picture that shows the real capacity of the Minister of Finance.

    In as much time as you could say “Jack Sprat cud eat no fat…”

    Dat would mean that a “stoopid poster” (AC words) by a “Piece uh Badword” (Walter PPK words) would now be circulating in St Michael North West while dem home watching TV.

    Now effing dat image get to 1,000 people in one day and dem was voters, den with sufficiently crafty “stoopid posters” voters from SMNW, and all over de island, would get a real dose of how ingrunt de DLP is and ADDITIONALLY how unwise it is to vote for Mugabe peoples

    No wonder dem doing all sorts uh tings to access people passwords pun dem cuntputer.

    It is time to mek a change doah


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My PIece

    That is what you call classical class. Very hilarious. LOL


  • Thank you my dearest.

    I wrote.

    Now you only have to respond and tell me that specific and I will know that it is you and not an internet troll heheheheheheheh (like Mugabe or the RBPF who you dun know ent bear de ole man no love for me comments bout Nazzim Blackett)

    By the way you realize that up to now that Investigation in the 8 officers that beat him has not been closed???


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My sweet Piece….you will now it is me. Will check and see if I receive anything,


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    It is me. You do not have to worry. If the private thing you are referring too is what I said of my father, or the facebook thingie, or the lesbian thingie, the truth be told I really do not remember. SO STOP FLIPPING TESTING ME. It is darn well me.


  • dearest Suzanne

    I was not looking here. lolol, I was on AB’s post

    Go back to *** and you will see ***.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    I already saw what you wrote. You will not like my reply to you very much. Stop testing and believe. I am not none of the a-holes. If you want a picture of my …. just say so LOL


  • nooooooooooooo, not necessary noooooooooo check the stuff


  • Dearest Suzanne


    Do not share with anyone ok? lolololol

    It would not have been to good if you had had to put a cussing pun me earlier but you should understand the stakes here…

    Additionally do the other thing as well since that absolutely guarantees Me 2 U transmits and no one else sees ….. lololol

    De grandson is calling….lolol


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    You should know by now how I write. Its me…will check later today what you sent.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    Some great posters.

    In looking at the communication between PUDRYR and SSS, it appears that PUDRYR believes enclosing comments in square brackets works…..


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    no longer works


  • ha,ha, ha. aha, ha, ha. Gazer, that is Piece taking the mickey out of us! He is intelligent, wise, well read and quite a joker at times. That is why he is so loved by the BU family and hated by the politicos.


  • [[Dearest Suzanne, apologies …. I was in a hurry and i forgot to use these, it wont happen again cause, as you see, dem watching us closely…at least the gun fellow from germany is leaving you out of his commentaries though he still waiting pun de ole man to slip up.

    May the Good Lord Help us if either of these parties get back in..]]


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    PIece…if any of the posters I created is telling lies about these politicians then the only way to prove me wrong is if any of them will be willing to take a like detector test. Imagine piece the following scenario

    Dennis Kellman – have you received any drawbacks from the controversy surrounding the Grotto High Rise Scam?
    Dennis Low Lowe – it is alleged that you have amassed several millions in an account under your mother name. Is this true or false.
    Mia Mottley, George Payne, Glyne Murray, Jerome Walcott, and Owen Arthur et al – if I ask how many millions you have accumulated during the BLPs fourteen year old reign, would I be wrong to ask that question.
    Michael Lashley – Besides the fact that you have taken gifts from mechanical contractors and do not have a problem driving around in it, is there any other gifts, like money, that you have received in exchange for awarding contracts.
    Honourable Prime Minister Stuart – we are highly suspicious that in the instance of you maintaining that Leroy Parris is your friend, is it possible that you could have been recipient of the Parris millions?
    Mr Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler – Have you ever tell any lies since becoming Minister of Finance. Is it true that you too have quite a stash all nicely tucked away in various disguises waiting to support you for the rest of your life after you are kicked out next year?
    Darcy Boyce – They say were ever money is the Darcy follows. Have you ever had any cane field meetings to collect your rewards.
    To all old time politicians, current politicians, politicians and wannabe politicians, are any of you in receipt of free money?

    Now my sweet piece, if they want to lock me, they can go right ahead, but I am going to say to the judge that if I have defame any of them please let them take the lie detector test and prove me wrong. I bet you that I would get off scotch free. Well perhaps not in a bajan law court.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    And who is the gun fellow from Germany? I ignorant to these things.


  • The Walther PPK heheheheheheheheh made by ‎Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Where Walther is concern I have no more comments to make.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Piece what happen to our conversations. They have dissappeared.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Which one dearest?

    Let me check (you making me get up lolol)


  • Dearest,

    You are correct.

    hmmmmm, that is very strange, not one is there.

    And i cant find you in the *** either

    Okayyy plan (c) go to your email and effect that item soonest


  • Mr. Blackman,

    All you need to do with this is to send it to the “various outlets”

    Remember that the sensational outlets like Naked Departure have readership far and wide.

    Which for your purposes is useful.

    No ex -pat should be able to come to your country Barbados and run you.

    A lot of people here on BU love to talk big bout Donald Trunk and his Make America Great Again and the Build a Wall xenophobia that he is pursuing.

    But talk whu dem like, this is precisely what is happening her in Barbados and you and other Bajans like me are unable to see it happening RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.

    This is precisely why NEITHER THE BLP NOR THE DLP should be allowed in the House of Assembly in 2018 (r whenever elections are called) because BOTH OF THEM have contributed to this state of affairs where Bajans are now second rate citizens in Barbados.

    And MR. Blackman, IF YOU and the people in Clarks Land take your vote and vote for Mugabe Mottley wunna will be wasting that vote.


    Give Oblong Head Kerrie Symmonds and all the rest of the BLP crew a message that “WE HAVE HAD EFFING ENOUGH”, WE NO LONGER WANT THE DLP & WE NO LONGER WANT THE BLP.


    Liked by 1 person

  • while on the surface this “stoopid Cartoon” might not seem to be in the Vein of bajans want change de ole man put it up here because it tangentially speaks to the issue at heart.

    We have a problem in Barbados that is tied to the “sameness of our options”

    On the left hand side there is the Democratic Labour Party with its failed “homegrown policies” and on the right hand we have “mugabe Mottley” vulture in waiting.

    It is evident what the DLP can do and cannot do.

    Our current position shows us that they are not capable of driving this country to prosperity but, in our absolute need to get rid of the DLP we have to be careful that our choices do not give ascendency to the same thing, in the guise of the DESPOT MIA AMOR MOTTLEY.

    Let us be clear about this.

    Her 14 year legacy in the BLP corridors and her years within the BLP government should speak to the competencies of the woman if for, for a few moments w will ignore the issues of her character and purported gastronomic predispositions

    What needs to drive us is what the eff these recycled politicians have done

    David Gill, Lynette Eastmond, Dale marshall, Mugabe, this is what we have to evaluate SERIOUSLY cause we cant mek no effing mistake this time or we going fall into the anarchy that is now facing the United States of America.

    If wunna doubt me let the Honourable Blogmaster speak to the legal challenges that he had to maintain this blog when Mia and Owen were in power.

    If de ole man is wrong say so Blogmaster but Mottley does not broach dissent nicely.

    Ask Maria Agard!! and she was one of Mugabe’s fold, wunna tink she going give one ef bout we?


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    You have asked me the question as to how rational is the suggestion “not to vote for the DLP OR THE BLP”

    I will put this to you as my answer.

    “…ground ze·ro noun 1. the point on the earth’s surface directly above or below an exploding nuclear bomb. and 2. a starting point or base for some activity…”

    David, we have to begin to deconstruct this perpetual see-saw.

    Every 5 years we do a report card and put them in for 5 more

    And they ef up at 10 CERTAINLY BY 15 they have become tired and need to be purged.

    Our term should be 4 years AND WE THE PEOPLE NEED THE POWER OF RECALL.

    You tell me my man.

    What happened with Mia Mottley that you can say is indicative of her ability to lead?

    What has she done while she was in power, what has she done during these last 8 years of purgatory?

    And since the answer to that question is nothing on both counts tell me why you are tacitly intimating that Mia is a better choice than Grenville or Lynette or Neil?

    Mia never ever encouraged FOI or ITAL the very things that you have been championing here for years!!

    She has never presented us with a “ground zero” where she lived by a “new beginnings” credo and this has been 14 + 9 years 23 years of her same ole same ole.

    All of them are at the starting gates, BUT I ENT WANT NONE WITH 23 years of BAGGAGE, DO YOU?

    And if you do tell me why?


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    I responded to you questions. Go and check what I wrote. As to that other place, I think it is best we no longer go there. I also love the teddy you sent me. Thanks a lot. Two should be good enough to keep me covered right`?


  • @ Dearest Suzanne


    Two is more than enough my dear. Look at the other thing too]]


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    I saw the other thing. Not ready to do that yet for reasons that you will understand.


  • @ Pieceuhderock who wrote ” Mia never ever encouraged FOI or ITAL ”

    Didn’t Mia and Owen declare their assets?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hants

    As I recall they provided non verified pieces of paper which meant and still mean nothing.

    Neither of them for the length of their tenure as LOO have ever insisted that the rest of the musical chairs players declare theirs

    Lynette Eastmond never declared hers but she now pretending that she washed in the Blood


  • Piece

    Chuckle……….I thought you wanted a strong Leader…… far MAM has triumphed over all opposition……so what or who is it that you really want?


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