All Bajans Need to Participate in our Democracy, Including LAWYERS

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For OUR democracy to work effectively ALL stakeholders in civil society must participate, advocate, agitate, support … to become DISENGAGED is not an option.

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31 thoughts on “All Bajans Need to Participate in our Democracy, Including LAWYERS

  1. Lawyers will continue to rob Bajans. Every successive government has refused to deal with the Bar Association. People who rob other people of their jewellery, and those who break into homes are brought before the law courts, BUT these criminals continue to do as they please. They know that they will not be brought to justice…You have to wonder whose interests the politicians are concerned about. The whole thing stinks.

    Ecclesiastes 8:11

    When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong.

    New International Version

  2. In the 60’s and 70’s,Barbados was fairly well served by a number of the lawyer class who spoke out on issues they deemed worthy of bringing to the public’s attention.All of those lawyers were UK trained.
    The opening of the Law faculty here saw a new breed of lawyer and we are saddled with 1100 of them.Its a get rich quick lawyering that is abroad in Barbados.Bajans have a way of putting things in perspective and one hears the comments on the buses and ZR’s.The refrain is not complimentary.”…..Wuh he en cum from nuh way”… what is often told to any who would listen.Strangely,one almost never hears the comment made about the female lawyers so one assumes they are all well bred.

  3. Arrogance is one of the evil forces driving foolish lawyers to steal from clients, mislead clients, withhold information from their clients, greed is another and the knowledge that they will not be disbarred or punished…..something is fundamentally wrong with a system that does not disbar and severely punish these lawyers for their crimes.

    But social media will take care of that, when their names are spread around enough, clients will disappear and they will starve…as well they should.

  4. The Bar Association has a new president and she sounds promising at the outset. We will see how this peters out and what the Law Courts will do beside slapping some Lawyers on the wrist.

  5. So Anne August, do you propose taking off their heads? What can you do about human nature? People study voluntarily. Their behaviour results from their personal biases.

  6. Joke. So what is Jeff doing among the Holy? Is he not a senior supervisor on the production line?

  7. I think it is an issue of professional ethics. I wonder if there is a course for lawyers. I know there are courses for Medical practitioners and priests. But in the final analysis it boils down to moral rectitude and personal choice.

  8. When the law does nothing to administer justice one can be forgiven for taking the law into his own hands. I know of one man from overseas who arrived at the attorney’s office with his sharp “friend” and ended up very quickly receiving his money.

    Right now I know a lady whose personal injury judgment was handed down two years ago. No appeal has been lodged by the defendant and her lawyer has had no time to see her or return her calls since the judgment was handed down. The lady has two children to support alone and is eking out a living on a meagre invalidity benefit. Some days her cupboards are bare. High wind knows where old house lives. Woe to the attorney who tries that with me when I have my child to feed!

  9. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You do the ole man kind honour sir with this spontaneous item and blog.

    I would well have added Douglas were it not my fear that Gnome or another scoundrel would have arisen and mentioned that act of kindness? and representation for and on behalf of the necrophilliac at the QEH morgue so I paused.

    The real barometer that I used was that of using the names of those real men and women who came here to Barbados Underground AND POSTED USING THEIR FULL NAMES, without fear and in the face of all enmity.

    Like I often state here my plagiarism benefits from hearing “the grandchildren” reciting these poems, or chemistry rules or physics laws, bereft as I am of wisdom.

    Here is one that remains with me because of the number of three.

    It comes from Lord Macaulay “How Horatius Kept the Bridge”.

    Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul, With all the speed ye may;
    I, with two more to help me, Will hold the foe in play.
    In yon strait path a thousand, May well be stopped by three:
    Now who will stand on either hand, And keep the bridge with me?”

    I take fast fleeting hope that we can do something to change the predicament in which we find ourselves, quixotic ole fool that I am.

    I look at David Come Sing your Song, and Caswell Franklyn and Jeff Cumberbatch as men who, in spite of the fault of being human, and fallible, stand up to repeat the chant “this is the right thing and we will say nothing else…”

    Leigh Trotman, albeit not a lawyer, nor a known commentator on BU, effects similar Unwavering Duty to our Nation for the cause that lacks assistance and the wrong that needs resistance..

    The day such men fall, and there are no replacements in the breech then we are lost, for we would be in that state where we “anonymice ” wraiths would come and type pretentious things, full of hot air, like Pornville and Angelique of the Dark Shadows, the Mugabe scion, the Alvins, veritable waste foopsters.

    Who will keep the Barbadian bridge with them? Ohhhh by ways of a history note, Rome was sacked the following day post this reputed act of bravery.

  10. Jeff has been blessed with a very high IQ and he certainly means well but his courage is yet to be proven (not that I have any more than he).

  11. The head line blares Bizzy Williams vex about solar farm in Waterford.

    If Bizzy vex that’s his damn business the business of government is to bring foreign investment and jobs for the unemployed poor . A historical pattern of entitlement is seen when Bizzy, Maloney, Patrick Bethel, Cow and the rest of selfish pack of business elites complain on projects where they don’t have interests. Once they are not making money from an enterprise it shouldn’t set up in the country. To hell with that narrow self centered position. What of the thousands of us who don’t have millions on the bank and need jobs to feed our families.

    We demand Government gets tough and brush aside the Bizzy leeches and look at the big picture. Discontinue big contracts to Bizzy and his ilk which disadvantage the country like SBRC and Ionics. Encourage Cherry and new players including foreign investors to the big dance. Broaden the economic pie.

    The Hyatt investment is good so is the solar project at Waterford they come with much needed jobs and economic benefits to the people and country. When we follow Bizzy and Cow in chasing away investors they don’t approve it hurts the economy. The same investors run off to neighboring island and start up leaving Bajans to suck salt. It has happened many times before.

    The lost opportunities are water off a duck’s back to Bizzy he resumes car racing and cursing government if they don’t give him what he wants. When another foreign investor arrives as long as he isn’t Bizzy approved he is abused and the beat goes on.

    The poor unemployed remain spectators without jobs as this economic tragedy continues.

  12. Donna…some attorneys continue to take advantage and steal from the clients who do not know any better. That lady should have had the matter exposed as soon as she got that judgement, she should already have her money….the scum lawyer is playing games, the check should be in her name, he already got his check from the insurance company.

    Another lawyer being spoken about is Marlon Gordon, a client just found out that he settled the claim with the insurance company and said nothing to the client….the client agreed to nothing.., did not even know, now he will get another complaint against him.

    Many attorneys also refuse to tell their clients the fees for personal injury cases, hoping to get paid twice in the same amount from both client and insurance company…..and that is only if they dont find a way to steal all the client’s compensation for themselves.

    Some lawyers are beasts and should be publicly exposed.

  13. @ Tron

    On a point of order,
    1.36% cannot be correct. If something grows at 1.36% compounded it will double in approximately 53 years (The Rule of 72). The Barbados economy has probably tripled or quadrupled in the last 40 years.

  14. You teach people how to treat you.
    We have taught lawyers in Barbados that we are timid and that there will be no consequences for their behaviour.
    We have taught them that the very worse that can happen to them is that they have to pay back the money they “borrowed”

  15. What is even more bothersome is when children and senior citizens are injured, too many lawyers try to rob them of their compensation also, their own lawyers, wickedly and maliciously dragging the matters out for years so that the injured claimants get no treatment, even if they are coughing up blood, the lawyers and insurance companies, particularly CGI Insurance. ..shows no empathy,.

    Those are signs of true sociopaths.

  16. Quite true that we have allowed them to believe that our money is theirs for the taking. We fail to understand that unity is strength and continue as a result to fight individual battles.

  17. All lawyers are crooks.
    It is endemic to the trade.
    One or two of them may be able to conceal this fact for a time, but NOT ONE could withstand a stringent audit…..
    All Bajans are brass bowls.
    It comes with the culture.
    One or two may be able to conceal this brass bowlery, but practically all of us have great reverence for any idiot calling themselves a lawyer.

    No wonder we are in self-destruct mode….

  18. Donna…..bajans do need to educate themselves about things legal and stop leaving everything up to the lawyers, that is where they use their knowledge to take advantage and steal from clients.

    You used to be able to buy a fees list from the government printery on Bay St. next door to government headquarters, it should still be available, it tells you what QCs and other lawyers should be paid for ALL their services…including personal injury, the lawyer will not tell you, particularly if you do not ask….

    The document will read…….Legal Profession Attorneys-at-Law Remuneration for Contentious Business Rules 1997…I am yet to see a BU attorney post this on here, I could be wrong, but just in case.

    Clients need to question their lawyers and ALWAYS stay on top of their cases…if your lawyer have a problem with that, get rid of him and consult with one of the Registrars.

  19. Should read:

    Clients need to question their lawyers and ALWAYS stay on top of their cases, ask questions about everything, let nithing slide, educate yourself…if your lawyer have a problem with that, get rid of him or her and consult with one of the Registrars…going forward.

    Too many lawyers in Barbados are wicked to their clients, lie to their clients, steal from their clients, mislead their clients, take brobes from insurance companies to destroy their client’s cases and do not do the job for which they were hired.

  20. @ Piece

    Are we sure that that is a good idea?

    There is nothing special about lawyers

    There’s nothing special about anybody else either

    But the lawyer, in particular, have done more damage to our society than anybody else.

    For example, it is only Cheltenham and a few more who would admit that the police beats people to exact self-incriminatory statements.

    Where has been the activism about that amongst the main?

  21. As a matter of fact, that Attorneys Fees List should be public knowledge and posted on the Bar Association’s website, right where you find ALL the registered attorney’s names and their specialties….so that clients can know what they are paying for and get what they pay for…..why is this fees list a secret in Barbados.

  22. Some months ago I met someone I had not seen in years, they were telling me about their divorce and their then lawyer, who has now been a judge for sometime, charging them 50 thousand dollars for representation in the divorce. I do not care who the lawyer is… divorce cost 50k in Barbados, the then lawyer knew the dude had money so that is why that amount was charged…he found out later that a divorce is not 50k.

    That is why lawyers’ fees list is a secret on the island… fleece clients, a real bar association would not allow this wholesale thievery, they would post attorney’s fees to their websites.

  23. @ Donna and Well Well

    Excellent post re the Lawyer fees being posted here and more importantly the Bar Association website.

    And the public should know that if a lawyer will not give them a written opinion DO NOT USE THAT LAWYER!!

    @ Pachamama.

    I am becoming more jaded by the moment after I read your pronouncements and those of Bush Tea.

    There is only so much “truth and realistic confirmations” of what is happening here, on this rock, and worldwide, and there comes a point when, after you point out these things that are self evident when a man can’t take no more and throws one’s arms up in the air and gives up.

    Look, I agree with you that a lot of them are crooks and sellouts and have signed off with certain other lawyers to sell you out.

    Another set have no balls,

    But i feel, against all the odds, that there are still a few who, while they “bat the averages” with client funds, and hope that the pyramid game that they play with client accounts, pans out, they are still committed to “doing the right thing”.

    It is to those few lawyers, and other citizens across the “diaspora” that de ole man sends out this plea Pachamama.

    If i do not believe that there is hope, I could as well lay down tonight and beg GOD to “take me home” because this would be a pointless existence and this brief sentience here, would be for nought.

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