Poster Offensive Launched, #bajanswantchange



Th historically passive Bajan continues to explore non violent tactics to express disapproval to the myriad of concerns prevailing our once small proud country. With the emergence of technology and along with it the exponential growth of social media, two BU regulars have come up with the idea to create posters to graphically detail our concerns and to use social media as a vehicle to communicate those concerns.

Here are a few posters which have been created so far by Sunshine Sunny Shine and pieceuhderockyeahright and one other. BU posted a couple to Twitter under the hashtag #bajanswantchange. All creative Barbadians are encouraged to create posters and post to social media platforms using the hashtag #bajanswantchange or any other which resonates with the theme. What should be the motivation? A functional democracy calls for all citizens to participate 24/7. Once every five years is disengagement by any definition.

#bajanswantchange @budavid


  • @SSS,

    Have you been in contact with Piece? I have not seen him on here for a while. I hope he is okay health wise. We lost Bonny Peppa, ROK and Amused. Hopefully Piece of okay.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    I have no idea. I sent him an email but he has not responded. I, too, hope he is ok


  • Onions as well.


  • @Vincent,

    David said that Old Onion Bag was on here under a different handle. You sure he passed? David never said anything about it.

    I was sorry when I heard about Amused. He was a very nice person. I always got a Valentine and Christmas card from him every year.


  • Old Onions Bag is alive and kicking.


  • David&bajans

    Glad to hear.


  • @ Bajans

    Thank you for your expression and interest in my health and continuing sojourn on this side of the divide.

    I am here STILL yet a while longer and survive to serve at the discretion of the Almighty.

    @ SSS

    I am well.

    I did not get your email as yet since the fellers used their proxies and wreaked some havoc on the account.

    I was forced to speak to Google’s *** and alert them as to the practice so they are aware of the situation and are going to be watching the parties with greater interest.

    I note that the Posters and stoopid cartoons have stopped here on BU

    But i note that what was started here now has become the main meal of the day as orchestrated by the DPLP and the BLP in the many snippets and tele-prompted adverts etc.

    Not one original thought or action on either side of the divide. All both sides are doing is decrying the others policies and actions yet bringing noting to the table that stabilizes our economy.

    I also note with some interest “the change in complexion” of the BU site which for the patriot and observer who is only interested in seeing a better Barbados presents a stark disappointment at best and a selllout at worst per the BU charter.

    The fact is that the Democratic Labour Party is moving to a complete washout is clearly evident to all bajans but where one used to see persons present serious counters to the jobby ideas espoused here by either of the political parties, now one sees a type of laissser passer for the inept submissions of the BLP supporters and their leading cuntsultant.

    Sometimes you just need to stop and step out of the race and watch the jockeys who are whipping their horses mercilessly while pulling back on the reins/bridle in the horses’ mouth.


  • @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right,

    glad you are ok.



    I’m happy that you’re okay and have returned to BU


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Hants and Artaxerxes.

    Thank you both.

    Took some time away to view the forest


    And fight we must because if there is not a “last bastion” from which to launch a defence, the Macron’s and Mugabe’s, once they ascend to the Champs Elysees and LLaro courts of this world, will show their true colours to be dictator and Presidents/ Prime Ministers for Life.

    And, inasmuch as BU has the latitude to mount this academic discourse for verbal tournaments and dissenting opinion in cyberspace, at 2017, Mugabe WILL CRUSH IT IN 2018!

    Mark do ole man words.

    Cause the only “allegiance that she pledges” is to the Mottley clan and even that will go the way of the dodo bird if it threatens the Will of the Tyrant..


  • @ PUDRYR

    Welcome back we/i miss you


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My sweet Piece

    First, welcome back hon. Secondly, I hope you are in the best of health and ready to continue the battle. Thirdly, the next time that you are planning to leave me without telling me, I hope you know that I will leave your ass for good and you will have to find another woman, maybe Angela Skeete or some other.

    Concerning your observation of the posters, they have not died. As you know, I depend on colleagues to produce them for me. Lately, everyone has been hyper busy and pressed for time. Honestly, I missed you.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    one more thing Piece

    Imgur is not allowing the posters to be featured by me on BU anymore. So each time I post the link, there is no image. Also Barbados Today, has thrown their comments moderation block in my tail hole as well, so it seems I cannot post there anymore LOL.


  • @ SSS
    …so are you saying that BU has become the only Barbados Free Press?


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Bush Tea

    It would appear so. Barbados Today has shown their true colours. I guess they do not like the idea that I am the poster girl on BU, and the fact that I do not spare Mottley or Stuart. The days of sugar coating the shite that politicians do must come to end. The state that Barbados is in demand that we operate in high levels of transparency


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    [[Dearest SSS

    I am writing you in the square brackets to afford us absolute secrecy.

    First of all, yours is the sweetest of the “welcome backs” that i have gotten and will get here.

    Do not let any of the others know this causing de ole man fears dat dem may start saying things bout “how my tongue longing out me mouf with the slobbering etc., …”

    But in the similar vein of slobbering, please do not leave me dearest for i would not just miss you, i would be disconsolate without you….

    (“Dere he go again slobbering all ovah de blogmaster’s pages…”)

    Sweetest you have hurt me badly though.

    No I have recovered from the thought of you leaving me but I know not what i did to you that would cause you to curse me so.

    Angela Skeete!!!

    Did I hurt you so badly? Why would you wish that “netherworld dweller” upon me?

    Surely there must be something that I can do to get back in your good books?

    Sweetest, even if you had cursed me like how Jester Physical Deficit Ince cursed the private sector, I would have taken it but look what you have wished upon me (and my appendages)

    Oh woe is me, abandoned by my Sultry Superlative Siren to a fate worse that bats!

    Set me the task fair maiden send de ole man thence to slay any dragon but please take back that cussing and bad wish from me.

    As to the treatment that you have received at the hands of Barbados Today, another of the BLP (stooge) online newspapers, such is normal treatment.

    For a while I was amazed that you were able to comment so freely on so many topics with such fervent application AND NOT BE SANCTIONED as in shut down.

    You were just introduced to the Rule of Thumb that you can say what you want about some people but a certain set particularly Mugabe Mottley IS NOT TO BE SPOKEN OF.

    Such falls into the category of cursing rather sinning against the HOLY GHOST and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

    But I will say to you that you should take hope in your “censorship status” since such is indicative of the fact that you are saying things that are making people afraid.

    Much like the likkle game the fellers played with de ole man google mail account.

    What these things confirms is the absolute fears that they have of you and the extend that they are prepared to disrupt your communications.

    Take comfort in the fact that it could be worse SSS, for, not content to confine you to moderation on their site, they could send their peeples to permanently sanction you.]]

    @ Watchman,

    How are you doing sir? I hope all is well with you?

    Forgive the fact that I have not *** but as de ole man was explaining one was (a) getting too many requests for assistance (b) being sent too many documents off the back of trucks and (c) generally mekking peeple dem uncomfortable.


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  • Vincent Haynes


    Chuckle…..ah did welcome yuh back awredy……ah too like yuh fullsome prolixing above and am happy you an SSS back together agine.

    We will tussle anon over the immaterialness as to who heads the next govt.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    LOL. I take back only Angela Skeete. The thought of you aligning yourself with whatever the shite it is makes my skin crawl. I am surprised that Barbados Today did not pull the plug on me ever since the first Mottley comment. Guess they wanted to appear fair. However, they know that I know the moment I started attacking Mottley, they were not allowing the comments but every comment for Stuart and the ignorant DLP they allowed. A real kubba online media. Allowing themselves to be bought just like the darn nationnews.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Dearest

    Thank you, it hurt me to think that you consigned me to such a fate.

    Indeed my spirit was in much turmoil and I said that we will not meet for that promised repast.

    But now I am refreshed


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Vincent

    I really fear that your pronouncement for the BLP is correct.

    This was the proverbial “watershed” that moment in time to disrupt the cabal BUT given the absolute paucity of candidates that abound @ Today de ole man fears that the Whitewash that is coming for the DLP will only bring in the BLP, in such quantum, that there will be no opposition in the HOA.

    No opposition means a single party state and that, under Mugabe, your peoples Vincent, is a dictatorship.

    Let de ole man speak briefly about disruption of the status quo and how representatives who wish to at least have a fighting chance have to fashion their campaigns.

    Third parties who are reading these words, and i do not fool meself that they do, have to understand one thing.



    and these masses see the BLP and DLP oligarches as the source of their pain and suffering.

    De Ole man would suggest a campaign that leverages that perception.

    What de ole man would do is to advance a public campaign of “CLEANING SHOP”

    what it will do is publicly state for all bajans that it will

    (a) implement every single action of the Auditor general’s report going back 15 years

    (b) it will then bring legal action against every single person or board implicated in that report

    (c) it will solicit the assistance of the governments of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom and those that have prosecuted parties involved in the Panama papers, in the supply of forensic accountants

    (d) and it pledges to seek monetary restitution from all ministers and statutory boards and Heads who they find

    and last but not least (e) lock up any minister wherever they are.

    Now, here is the thing about this simple campaign.

    (1) Who is the target of such a campaign? THE SAMLL MAN

    (2) What is the % constituency of that grouping known as “THE SMALL MAN”? i.e. what is his voting power?

    (3) What will the outcome of that campaign be as such relates to the status quo of the BLP and the DLP?


  • Vincent Haynes

    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI July 5, 2017 at 5:59 PM #

    I prefer to deal with the doable and possible.

    …..which boils down to relegating the past and deal with integrity and no corruption from henceforth on.

    ……In order to ensure this happens as you rightly stated the masses have to be the guardian/watchdogs of the realm.

    ….they have to be fully seized of the dire state of the country and the steps needed over a period of years to bring it out,during which time every I&T’s doting and crossing has to be watched.

    We are not that far apart except for your virulent dislike of the Mottley clan,presumably queens park and history have something to do with it.

    …you rightly pointed to our size which means that with an aware populi we can control actions.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI

    @ Vincent

    I will speak to your statements in the order that is most important (to me)

    I have no “virulent hatred of the Mottley clan” nor Mia Amor Mottley.

    I abhor the possibility to dictatorships.

    I have no problem with alternative lifestyles, we did not make ourselves Vincent. So I cannot iwith all conviction decry Jerome, WeJonesing, Pigrim nor any of them, it is the pack of cards that they got and I cant judge them for that.

    I abhor mutilation and anger that is directed toward another person because that party spurns you for another.

    Now that you understand that, i hope you understand the context of all my statements here and that in future when you see me say something it is in that context/lens that you filter my comment(s)

    Now we are past that issue let me move on.

    I understand where you want to be BECAUSE THAT IS A PLACE THAT I WANT TO BE TOO but the fact is that getting there, using the sparsely delineated pathway that you stated above, is wishful thinking at best and fanciful at the worst.

    For the sheeple to be seized of the dire state of the country we would have to perform brain surgeries and replace what is in the heads of 90 percent of the population.

    For us to have people responsive and responsible as guardians of our governance that will require an entire resent that cannot happen in 5 years!

    Mine is the immediacy of the issue of a pending one party state where “alernatives” and “growth” will be fostered by a citizen call Mottley who will embrace all of us and not perpetuate the status quo BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE HER MINDSPACE IS.

    My experience is my own and I do not seek to contaminate anyone’s waters with that.

    What you however have as a coterminous experience that all of us Bajans have been subjected to, is the wastage that was Edutech and US$236 million that was and still is pivotal the informing that populi that you speak of

    You are going to be very much surprised with the resources that are going to be employed during this coming election and mark my words you will say if they were employed to address the dire situation that we are in, this country would be a much finer place.

    This IS NOT BOUT MOTTLEY NOR FUMBLES this is about our duty to country Vincent and until you and I demand more of this revolving door of buhkvunts tings going get even more dread


  • Piece

    We are saying the same thing… what yuh cussin bout…..I don’t do prolix…..leave that to you and DPD…….remember Tom was PM.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    There is a power in pictures that has been and will continue to be exploited positively and negatively in all spheres of human interactions.

    It is why T’Challa he whose arch nemesis was Mandrill back in the days of Stan Lee and Steranko will now gross $165 million US in its first launch

    Images WILL BE PARAMOUNT IN THIS UPCOMING ELECTION and, if crafted well, will convey the much needed messages to complement to verbal monologues and verbiage that will be unleashed on the 15 second attantion span of Bajans and more particularly the electorate.

    The message is quite simple

    Fumbles as the imcompetent

    Fumbles as leader of multiple incompetents and theives – not a difficulat thing to do)

    Fumbles and Stinkliar as the decrepit duo who have mismanaged the economy of the country over the brink of disaster.

    AND de ole man’s favourite

    NOT ONE EFFING SEAT for any one of them them because they have destroyed Barbados during their 10 years of occupation.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    The grandson has been tied up so the Stoopid Cartoons have been slacking for a while

    What should the message to the electorate look like?

    Should it be “gentle” and appeal to reason? a commodity which many believe EXISTS IN SUCH MINISCULE QUANTITY in Barbados to be bordering on inconsequential?

    Should it be based on truths, half truths, lies or a combination of the above? as per the usual modus of operations?

    Should it be crude or borderline crude? like the usual campaign meetings?

    Should it be a combination of the above and delivered in such a relentless manner that the DLP bribing mechanism will have some difficulty overcoming the barrage.

    So what if, in presenting a combination of the above, one were to develop the following flier?

    Which category would it fall into?

    What would be its effect?

    Does it ascribe derision to Fumbles?

    Does it in any way speak to the type of management experienced during Fumbles 10 years in power?

    Does the imagery of the proctologist do anything to underscore Fumbles’ bul*ing of the people

    Has its crudity exceeded permitted decency?

    Or is it just right to emote the desired response?

    Does it effectively speak to the bungling political administration of this government by likening it to an anal probe?


  • Each of the Demonic Labour Party can have a RH Cartoon line.


  • PieceUhDeRockYeahRight


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght


  • Piece Uh De ROck Yeah Right


  • PieceUhDeROckYeahRight


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    The longest day has an end and the end of the DLP is near


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • PieceuhdeRockYeahRight

    It is rumoured (on CBC REporting Lies) that in an upset vote at the HQ of the Demonic Lying Party DLP Fumbles Stuart was ousted and has quit the DLP.

    It is also rumored that he will run as leader of the Pimps and Prostitutes Party.

    When contacted the PPP spokesman is alleged to have said “Fumbles is the most Qualified Pimp and Prostitute that our party could have attracted”

    The spokesman also went on to say “..we are expecting the rest of the incumbent prostitutes in the DLP to join him…”

    “The other 14 prostitutes we are not too sure of since they are “sitting on the Hill, not fence, at this time”

    Prostitutes from Bush Hill are protesting at this time and have said that this is an insult to their profession.

    Lead prostitute is said to have said “we are prostitutes, we sell fronts, WE ARE NOT LOWEDOWN SLUTS..”



  • Sunshine sunny shine


    My poster won’t upload on your site. Stuuuuupse


  • Piece Uh De ROck Yeah Right

    @ SSS

    You might try to copy/use the link on the right that says “direct link”

    The other links that you are using are “local” to your hard drive and therefore wont work.


  • Sunshine sunny shine

    My sweet piece

    Will respond to your comment shortly. I got my boys working on others.


  • Piece Uh De ROck Yeah Right

    Dear SSS,

    I understand that you have been busy, such sometimes happens – we all have our challenges


  • Piece Uh De ROck Yeah Right

    The above Manifesto is the correct publication of the Demonic Lying Party.

    Many will ask where this copy was obtained.

    The answer will amaze many of you.

    Earlier this week, during an emergency meeting of the Demonic Lying Party at the George Street Auditorium, the overpriced food served by Dumbville’s caterering firm gave all the DLP attendees the bowels.

    Unfortunately, there was no toilet paper available to wipe the running pooches of those people and Pigrim and WeJonesing suggested that the Manifesto be used to wipe dere pooches.

    The shyte document blocked up the toilets and a plumber, a relative of Pigrim and We Jonesing, both men well versed in proctology, recommended a plumber for the job.

    Said plumber retrieved one of the unused toilet rolls/manifests and it was he who exposed this shyte, figuratively and literally.

    PS. both Pigrim and WeJonesing said that the toilet paper replacement/manifesto was the best tolet paper ever to have wiped their sensitive badwords

    PSS De Full Manifest Coming soon – De Plumber cleaning up the rest of the pages


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


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