Poster Offensive Launched, #bajanswantchange



Th historically passive Bajan continues to explore non violent tactics to express disapproval to the myriad of concerns prevailing our once small proud country. With the emergence of technology and along with it the exponential growth of social media, two BU regulars have come up with the idea to create posters to graphically detail our concerns and to use social media as a vehicle to communicate those concerns.

Here are a few posters which have been created so far by Sunshine Sunny Shine and pieceuhderockyeahright and one other. BU posted a couple to Twitter under the hashtag #bajanswantchange. All creative Barbadians are encouraged to create posters and post to social media platforms using the hashtag #bajanswantchange or any other which resonates with the theme. What should be the motivation? A functional democracy calls for all citizens to participate 24/7. Once every five years is disengagement by any definition.

#bajanswantchange @budavid


  • @ Vincent

    I will settle for change, a change that will break up this “nefarious musical chairs” where one party, even in the face of the comprehensive auditor general reports, citing all sorts of complicity read teifing, CANNOT PROSECUTE the known criminals

    So de ole man ent want the BLP back in when the DLP gets kicked out.

    Now if we can get strong leadership during that dislodging well MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE

    But in that Chance there must be a contractual agreement that devolves power to the People of barbados as the final seat of power.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI February 11, 2017 at 3:54 PM #

    We live in hope…….be fruitfull and multiply,so that you may begat numerous progeny,sufficient to lead our poor benighted country……..thats the only way to get your desire.


  • The Barbados Auditor General Leighton Trotman has confirmed for over 35 years that the BLP & the DLP parties ARE BOT THEIVES

    WE THE BAJAN PEOPLE are going to kick both of you out of Parliament in 2018

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  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Right on the ball my sweet piece

    What more evidence Barbadians need besides the auditor general reports. I cannot understand why ignorant bajans accept what they do when only a few prosper under both while the others suffer thinking they will get better under them. None of Dem Bees intends to act on the auditor general reports because it would literally put a stop to the ease at which they get their kickbacks. That is why I am going push the ATIAC (Accountability, Transparency, Integrity and Anticorruption thingie). If they want Barbadians to believe that they are not corrupt, they never accept gifts or drawbacks or do not have millions of dollars stash away for safe and undetected keeping, then TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST. My SWEET PIECE. We the citizens of Barbados are asking all current Politicians to take a LIE DETECTOR TEST to prove their honesty.



  • Anonymouse -TheGazer

    Took a look at your last set of posters. Seems as if the the thumbs-down posse is following you there as well. Do you call them loyal fans? It gave me a good chuckle for this Sunday morning.


  • And to show how we MUST NOT TRUST THE Barbados Labour Party either here is evidence of how they conspired to do their own law breaking thing in 2006/7 when they were seeking re-election

    the above is a graphic that represents an article submitted by Mr Caswell Franklyn here today that chronicles the mechanisms that those scvunts used when they were in power FOR 14 YEARS.

    The ingrunt thought that they are the solution to our problems AFTER 14 years of their own brand of incompetence is ludicrous at best and sheer madness at worst.



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  • For the first time in 52 years, Barbadians will have a chance to end this DLP and BLO duopoly when the General Elections are called

    This Game of “Musical Chairs” Between these political, TWO TEIFING POLITICAL parties MUST END

    We the People are tired of being the victims of their uncaring thirst to get rich from the Treasury of Barbados.

    The Next Party to Run Must give the Office of the Auditor General Teeth to Prosecute


  • @ Well Well & Consequences

    Thank you for asking me to find this.

    It allowed me to see something else which, though i suspected it, it was not what I expected

    THis one is slightly different to accomodate the red on red background for item 5

    You will also note that the count is less than the 7,000 previous users.

    Do not be dismayed by that.

    What it shows is

    (a).that one’s fight is noted

    (b).the level to which she will go to broach no dissent

    (c).her co-conspirators

    Just have to up the stakes thats all.

    I hope that you are watching and others are also watching and understanding how wicked these people are

    THis is NOT A GAME


  • 007 Chris Bond Issues ultimatum

    “Delisle (Worrell) read my script or you going be in deep sh*t”

    Delisle Responds

    “we Worrels rule so EF. You”

    Dat dont rhyme do it?

    Oh oh i getting send to the back of the class…


  • When de ole man saw a blog here on BU paying homage to Sandra Husbands.

    De ole man said a few tings to my ingrunt self, mostly badwords that i could not possibly repeat on Barbados Underground AND NOT BE BANNED.

    But among those cuss words that came to my mind as I reviewed the so called compliments to Miss Sing-A-Long-Song-of-What-I-Think-Can-Be-Done-But-Will-Never-Happen i came to unnerstand dem strategy.

    It is simple, to come pun BU, the most widely read blog in Barbados and launch dem campaign.

    Even though it is one, for this most impotent of candidates, it is not a bad idea for them to come to BU and presentr their dirty linen, for all to see.

    here is he lady seeking to run against Minister Dumbville Inniss the very Sandra Husbands who has been the impotent c0-head of the Small Business Association for nuff years.

    In that time, she and Lynette Holder, good pally george to Mugabe, have presided over an organisation that ostensibly is the representative of the small business community but has aggrandised self over membership.

    We need to get a man like Leighton Trotman, a Man with an Iron Backbone, THe Auditor General of Barbados to do an assessment of dem vagabonds from long time back to when dem was did jump pun dem erstwhile buddy Deighton Babb and oust he from dat organisation and times aforetimes…

    Expose all de records and see if dis Sandra Husbands stand up to such scrutiny and shoes her to be worthy of the HoA or confirms what the ole man know which is dat she and Dumbville is “two peas in a pod” Tweedledee and TweedleDeeDumb, and they both must be voted out!!


  • In the unlikely instance that some of you may be interested, wid all de “readership” dat de ole man getting fuh de grandson’s “Stoopid Cartoon” fliers, de ole man campaign is now getting “moderated” in the United States.

    Now what dis means is dat (a) de office of de Attorney General of Barbados one driel Nitwit under instructions by ammmmmmmm Fumbles Stuart has and (b) of course, not to be left out, Mugabe Mottley has taken insult from the “No to Musical Chairs governments of the DLP and No the BLP” dat de ole man running.

    Now it really is not too important whether IMGUR does or does not let de ole man publish pun dem site, causing dere is thousands of other ones that will publish de grandson materialsjes so.

    But what is important is that dem has gone all de way to de United States of America to complain for de ole man and me grandson and “DE STOOPID CARTOONS”

    Now here is the thing that wunna gots to unnerstand about the sequencing of these events.

    AC and she peoples ent really badger de ole man, even doah he was saying some serious tings bout dem but suddenly, as soon as there is talk bout a third party, AND DE OLE MAN START TO SUPPORT THAT THRUST wunna Mugabe-ites start complaining.

    Ironically, for those who are interested, de Mugabe-ites did not want to work wid de ole man at any time, in fact wunna wnt so far as to warn way wunna certain peeples dem with the “DO NOT ENGAGE” INSTRUCTIONS.

    Well here is a bit of information to Kerrie Symmonds, And Ralph Thorne and Eddie Hinkson, and George Payne and even you Shark teets Dale Marshal and all uh wunna.

    All uh wunna Mugabe-ites telephones are being tapped!!

    All uh wunna who has pledges to support the Covenant with the Devil now called the “Covenant of Hope” are now being monitored, on wunna phones, for all wunna communications!!

    ent that comical. Wunna has pledged allegiance to Mugabe and wunna being tracked by Mugabe. Steupseeeee

    So wunna is being internally and externally monitored – by the DLP devices, wunna lef at station hill as well as by Mugabe’s devices so wunna can be forewarned and make sure that

    (a) when you go anywhere to discuss your secret conversations turn off wunna phones and tek out de battery and remove the chip from the phone BEFORE WUNNA START TALKING

    (b) ammmmmmmmm ********** or

    (c) ammmmmmmmm *****

    Since wunna is not any friend of mine, I will not tell wunna bout B and C

    Your whatsapp communications are not secure …..

    Have wunnaselves a good evening hear?? heheheheheh


  • Many are wondering how Dale “Teets” Marshall, the former Attorney General of Barbados could be talking bout “scandalous”.

    A few remember when he, and his colleague Mugabe Mottley, under then PM Owen, gave a NON COMPETE contract to VECO, to build a whole prison, (to replace one which burned down in mysterious circumstances) WITHOUT A NEX FELLER BIDDING.

    A CUNTRACT for which TEETS did not even know the Currency in which the contract was made. Steupseee !!!

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  • The “conversation With the Nation” to plagiarize that well known Voting Message that each of us has to have with people that we are speaking to is one which emphatically states that we cannot continue to do this shifting from DLP to BLP and SERIOUSLY EXPECT ANY DIFFERENCE.

    Any person who is advanced on a political platform, while they are not going to be “white as show” cannot be a man or woman who

    (a).has a proven exhaustive track record as a charlatan and a teif and a waste foop of political renown like the Dale Marshall’s and Lynette Eastmonds and the same ole same ole Mugabe’s

    New Wine in Old Vessels DOES NOT WORK.

    (b).Concommitantly, we have seen what popularity based on how deep a feller voice is on a Sunday Morning mellow Moods has gotten us with the feller who believes that a waistcoat going hide his buffalo Guts – yes one Steve Blackett who wunna now know is as dumb as his voice is low.

    The fellows have to come with serious proven performance and AND concrete ideas that they have shown to work.

    And let me explain that SHY*E fuh wunna.

    Mugabe been in office for a long effing time.

    Both as Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Education, and Attorney General and every udder ting dat de ole man cant remember now.

    What is she record??

    She oversee de School Meals Scandal wid dat Syrup ting, den de US $236M waste foop called Edutech, den de burning down of de prison (no she ent oversee dat, she was minister when that happend and was de minister dat get VECO BUILD BOLT and a price dat Teets ent know whether it was BDS or US$$’s

    Now de ole man ent know who get what $$ for building de schools Jose, nor who benefit millions from the Eduteck scam, a body has to be Illuminat(ed) for dat sort of insider information but dis is what de ole man believe dat we as so called intelligent Bajans (doah I seriously doubt dat 98% of this electorate fall in dat category) dis is what we need to do.

    “Mugabe, what has you done in de last 9 years that you was LoO?”

    Tell a man whu it is dat you do to show dat , EVEN DOAH YOU WAS IN DE WILDERNESS, like de DLP soon going be, TELL A MAN WHAT DE EF YOU DO

    And de answer comes back t all uh wunna (a) attend funerals of de constituents (b) walk bout in white (c) protest gently when certain issues come up (d) latch onto some topics dat David Come Sing a Song bring up

    In short Mugabe ent do one shyte

    But, by the same miracle dat de DLP was supposed to cause to happen in 2007, she is supposed to change all of dat when she get to be Prime Minister

    Steupseee!!! all uh we deserve de bulling dat de BDLP giving we doah


  • Fake News media CBC Reporting Lies, Nation Spews, The Reprobate and Barbados Delay all report that noted Inspirational Speaker and Globe Trotter Avanish Saw-a-Rock (not related to the other Rock fellow) will be giving a Lecture on “Mugabe? For Self, Not For Bajans.

    The Lecture will be held the day after Baba Elombe speaks at the Union’s Place and 4 days after Government workers are scheduled to be paid their $50M Central Bank printed salaries.

    If the money does not get printed and paid wunna can be sure that the Lecture ent going be held at the Grand Salle


  • For a few here the above Stoopid Cartoon Poster will bring some chuckles

    For others it will bring some distress

    But there is something that De Ole Man wants to have all of you consider.

    And by all, I include Mugabe too.

    What is being contested here?

    Is it a seat to realize one’s aspirations of being Prime Minister of Barbados?

    Is it the prestige of such a position?

    As we can see the last two people who held the position, they got tied up in the moment and the rest is history, we are here suffering through the second fellow.

    Is it to make a contribution for country and for every single bajan be they black white, indian, lebanese, syrian or other, is it to empower every one of us and give us all a chance to eat at the table of life in Barbados?

    If it is then this Stoopid Poster will be like water on the back of a fellow patriot who loved this country and our people at great cost to self (I am not talking bout you Mia) but if it is not, then we are embarked on some perilous pathways to perdition and not progress.

    I will ask a rhetorical question though while i have you here.

    Why do so many have this unshakeable belief that you are a Mugabe in the making?

    Why is it that we feel that this is not going to be a place where all voices can speak out and be heard? why is it that there is such vitriol from your former boss? Why? Why ? Why?

    You know something though, many would forgive all the other purported thing IF there was just one smattering of “For Country and Barbados, seen in your engagements but …

    Steupseeee all this is vanity and vexation of the spirit, all these perimeter sensors and allthe other stupid oaths and invocations when all we Bajans want is a man or a woman who will say, I pledge allegiance to my country Barbados and to my flag….” and mean it.

    That yo-yo musical chairs exercise has to stop though and you HAVE TO COME TO THE PEOPLE with something different than that meaningless piece of Covenant Paper.

    We ent tekking that pup no more Ms. Mottley cause look where it has brought us at today.

    Look how we have come to a point that any one of the Stoopid Fliers about the DLP shows the counts up in the hundreds but anything that is contra BLP is not allowed to count.


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  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    Respond to what I wrote. Check it out now.


  • Dearest Suzanne, I did.

    Do not think that the ole man is not responding sometimes i do still sleep or might not be online or just sit and review what is written.

    Let me give you viewpoint of what continues to be the ole man’s focus here in this country that we have lost.

    “…The man who was shot and killed at Lascelles Road, St James in the early hours of this morning has been named as 25-year-old Andrew Antonio King of Military Road, Bush Hall, St Michael…”

    That this happened and continues to happen under successive governments, with my due condolences to the family of the young King is like one saying that the sun rises in the east, in short it is the norm that we are becoming accustomed to

    One Killing of one person a week –

    Welcome to barbados Gem of the Caribbean Sea.

    This speaks volumes to the inheritances of successive Attorneys General of Whom Mugabe Mottley and Dale Teets Marshall, who now are being offered up to the Bajan populace as replacement to the current clown Adriel Nitwit Brafwit

    Are you with me so far my dearest?,-59.6361199,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x115bf60bc36bf386?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi-uJe99KPSAhUBDWMKHczmBLcQ_BIIajAK

    But let the ole man switch topic for a short while as I focus on the mechanics of this LIME GROVE/LASCELLES Road INCIDENT

    You see that google map above? It might be clickable/searcheable. use it to locate the Holetown Police station.

    You with me dearest? You understand what serious dog badword we are in?

    At one side of the Coin we have the Royal Barbados Police Force saying that they are going to Kill Nazzim Brathwaite of Wildey the Pine and at the other side we have them sitting on their asses, a stones throw away from a murder where they report “they heard what sounded like shots…”

    You feeling the gravity of where our society is when the RPBF could be filled with 8 or more criminals and these criminals are sitting down on their asses while we yutes dem getting killed?

    You understand the state that we are in?

    De ole man ent even going say nuffin bout how a big up expensive place lik LIME GROVE ent got no cameras outside dem place, man even concealed cameas would at least give de tourists dem a sense of safety…whuloss but dem fellers real cheap doah

    Well doan leh we go to the glaring fact and lack of any sort of commentary by so called politician for area.

    If it was bout potholes or any inanimate, anti DLP issue you would hear Kerrie Oblong Head Symmonds mout but it is about shooting deaths and he going keep he Oblong Head ass quiet cause he ent want to offend nobody .

    We are lost My Dearest Lost!!!


  • @ Pieceuhderock,

    I went to my best friend google to try to contextualise the shooting in Holetown.

    One of the men reported to have been shot had this on his facebook page.

    “kool person just doan f— wit me luv good people regardless of their or my situation. Believ in karma and i know someday mine will catch up to me”

    Guns, drugs and incompetent leaders will continue to contribute to the killing of our young people,


  • @David,

    had to sanitise my post . lol. delete the one in moderation


  • Any initiative to destroy this duopoly of the D & BLP IS A MUST.

    Anything that will commence the needed strategy to dislodge the endemic corruption, in the bowels of these two constipated parties, must be pursued.

    The DLP lead by the beasts Fumbles or Mugabe must both be destroyed.

    they must permanently be dislodged from our entrails and flushed out of the Barbados body politik by some radical but legal political disruption, equivalent to a castor oil purge.

    Not these meaningless Marches led by people dressed in white


  • Do not let our enthusiasm for change=ing this Incompetent government of the Demonic Labour Party drive us into the hands of she whose intent is to change this country’s name from Barbados to the Republic of Mugaby-ville

    We need a change rom this alternating Corruption of the DLP and the BLP

    Vote them both out


  • So now they have catspraddle the Governor of the Central Bank

    THe next hurdle that they face after printing the monopoly $50M is to find forex to go forward with external FOREX needs.

    So now de next movie that will be showing at theatres all over Barbados and on every single Television will be the Hollywood Block Buster or sorry the Mugabe-ville blockbuster

    Kiddin the Impaler

    Special appearances by the whole troupe of the Demonic Labour Party

    The movie has to be vetted by the Fair Trading Commission so we will await its outcome

    That is in two weeks time so stay tuned


  • The Gazer, one of the many BU commentators and social activists living in the North American Diaspora asks these question during the most tumultuous times in Barbados’ history

    It is a time when the most incompetent government the country has ever known – the Democratic Labour Party forms the administration.

    The Gazer poses some hard hitting commentary “I see that you have reached the point where you want to move to more than words…”

    He followed that segue with the following soul searching questions

    I too have reached such a state, but where do I go?
    I am ready to vote, but what are my choices?
    I am ready to march, but who will I march with?
    I can spare a few dimes, but who will I give them to?
    I am willing to be lead, but who should I follow?

    This Stoopid Cartoon seeks to present an practical alternative and do-able action as it relates to his questions and hopes to provide some answers.

    THe idea quite simply is to address the desire of many competent and honest bajans who want to serve but are unfamiliar with the process of doing so


  • This screen shot shows how the ultra secret database of the Barbados Census Department, CITIZEN INFORMATION WHICH BY LAW IS SUPPOSED TO BE CONFIDENTIAL, has been illegally merged with the Geographical Information Database of the Barbados Water Authority.

    This provides the Democratic Labour Party with the information of (i) who lives where and (ii) more importantly, permits them to manipulate voter data during the upcoming elections

    While, neither having a GIS system, nor a proper Census Gathering App is undesirable for a nation, what is illegal is that the Census Information being used and provided to BWA is disallowed by law.

    The Barbados Water Authority surveys was a cover through which the DLP now is able to click on any household, while at their George Street HQ, and tell who lives in a house, if they are employed, where they work, how much money they are earning .

    But what is wrong and illegal is that the Government of Barbados has paid for the the Democratic Labour Party’s Voter Management system!!

    here is a screen shot below

    So George Pigrim and AC can click on any household and tell all we business

    The DLP can then, by using its illegal software, impute your vote and therefore assign resources to that jurisdiction or constituency and effect the usual “corn beef and biscuits.” scam

    Is this the software that the imposter Stephen Williams claimed to have been the developer of when he was speaking that the symposium dat Dr. Boyce of the European Development Agency is purported to commend?

    Now here is a thing for general consumption as we gullible citizens continue on our merry march with Mugabe.

    Suppose, and de ole man repeats, suppose dat a former government had access to the ballots and stubs that are left in safekeeping at the Central Police Station?

    Whu after all a Remington 30.07 disappear and the USofA still ent know where it gone!!

    Is it not possible then, over the course of years said party was in power, said party could technically have matched the so called secret ballot to a stub and reconstitute a clear picture of who voted for whom?

    Clearly this is a Robert Ludlum type confabulation but you tell me my man what the format of the Barbados Water authority’s survey document was, a document solely to give you a water meter, tell de ole man whu um looked like!!

    Wunna wid de ole man yet??? Wunna understand why WE MUST VOTE OUT BOTH THE DLP AND THE BLP??

    Steupseeee, I really gots to see if my girlfriend in Europe can put up wid an ole man like me dribbling all ovah she furniture in she penthouse in ***



  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Darcy ”Hidden Agenda” Boyce is never too far from the money. Chris got his man. Now it is time for the pig that was taken to the butcher to start his squeal now that his grunts have ended.


  • Who can recall that it was Darcy Boyce in charge of the BTII when VECO was awarded the contract as part of the Bridgetown redevelopment project and Darcy had to hurriedly rescind the tender.This was under Arthur and he reported to Barney Lynch at the time. Funny world we live in.


  • So we have Darcy partner at KPMG Peat Marwick now KPMG BArbados and the OECS
    Darcy’s wife at ButJerkaman
    Butjerkaman appointed subsequently to the Central Bank
    Darcy as Minister of Energy
    Knighthood awarded Sir Kyffin
    BNTCL sold exclusively to SOL owned by Sir Kiddin owner of a church
    KPMG Barbados and the OECS as the intermediary and evaluator of the BNTCL offering and future pricing structures
    Darcy formerly at BTII, the owner/administrator of the properties that are under the portfolio of the Bridgetown Redevelopment project several of which are along Bay Street.
    Darcy’s buddy Stuart Road or is that “he who is on the Way” or Lane to Abundant Life, Christian Extraordinaire



  • Well Well and Consequences’ post on another blog about a Pat Hoyos article was the genesis of this idea

    In his article in the NationNews, (forgive de ole man for using those badwords here) he mentioned that he heard “..a group of a dozen or so top business people with proven track records and good reputations should be brought together by someone and allowed, essentially, to run the Government…”

    For all of you businessmen who are out there talking pretty should you want to put teeth to said “verbal? movement” you may think of funding a few thousand T-Shirts like the ones below.

    It makes sense for wunna to spend ($15 a T shirt at 5,000 tshirts for a total of) $75K and save wunna multi million enterprises

    All uh wunna hotel owners and ting who does only suck the life out of the economy what skin wunna got in dis game udder dan wanting more incentives.

    That would be a real start this “revolution” that wunna hiding and talking bout and the DLP and MUGABE MOTTLEY are both so fearful of

    I should let wunna know that Mottley, and her agents, are now doing their ***copying to run their campaign”


    But Mottley doan have GOD pun she side like de ole man do for although worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see GOD remains de ole man’s solid hope.


  • Great t-shirt. Like the colours and the logo.


  • Thank you bajans,

    You ent see how mia got she own copied pun de owl man styling??/

    Monkey see monkey do

    May Fumbles and Decimals bond also copy de ole man Stoopid Cartoon and heheheheheheh

    Whu de ole man meant to say is dat i hope dem be quick in their tasks (of calling an Election…)

    So the Electorate MAY BURY THEIR A$$e*


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Another insight for use of the incoming third party

    In addition to your contractual pledges of making the Power of Recall law, of making integrity legislation law and of making freedom of information coupled with whistleblower information, the backbone of your platform, de ole man has a suggestion to make

    You must agree, by similar binding contractual terms of your pledges, to prosecute all of the ministers who have been complicit in, party to or directors of, schemes that have teifted de money from de peeple of Barbados via various schemes.

    You shall pledge to unravel all of the Central Bank transfers and demand that all correspondent international banks return said monies under threat of money laundering with various counterpart governments


  • Piece, why don’t you get some t-shirts made up in China for sale on the net? You could sell them on e-bay and earn for foreign ex. You would have to get a got size lot to reduce costs but it is doable.


  • .. “a good size lot”


  • There are many who believe that “it is Mottley’s” time. Many chant it is time for a “woman Prime Minister” (and woman is used advisedly here) but many are asking that people stop and examine the legacy of this Woman that they would seek to hold up as Prime Minister material. CAN BARBADOS AFFORD MUGABE ???


  • Now wunna (dem know who I talking to), wunna really gots to tell de ole man EVEN DOAH WUNNA GOT DE SAME TING through effing wunna tink that it going mek a difference?

    Wunna tink dat cause wunna got a Glock 17 and I got a Glock 17 (actually two) dat wunna kin shoot like de ole man?


    And for the fellow dat give wunna de other thing, christian scamp dat he is, DO HE FEEL DAT by giving wunna dat ting, dat it going mek a difference??

    Wunna unnerstand how to use um???

    Do he?

    What de ole man forget wunna scvunts will NEVAH KNOW!!

    Watch muh dennnn!!


  • Owen Arthur – Patriot to the Core… and true Bajan.

    Mugabe Mottley – Rotten to the Core ….and a True Bandit.

    Lurking, with her ali baba eyes, accompanied by her 29 alibaba teives who wish to effect banditry on the Prime Ministership Post of Barbados.


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I sometimes wonder about these political matters and our obvious allegiances.

    I honestly do.

    Some days I am heartened that you have truly embraced the George Linnaeus Banks chant of “For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can do”

    But other days like today, when i come across things like this I get disheartened and I falter.

    I mean.

    I even under stand the following

    I understand all of the *** and the ***, they are useful tools aren’t they?

    I now seeing that Mia is using them in her Campaign

    She is so dishonest though she even claiming that she is responsible for causing the government to have stopped the CAHILL Mess and the 0.0007 Taxes!!

    I also understand that your household comprises several people, MANY of whom are Mugabites.

    I understand the anti DLP focus rather slant of the Blog

    whu after all I am part of the anti Fumbles campaign

    But what i cannot and WILL NOT accept is the truncations of the IMGUR images to hide the counts on all pictures that are contra Mugabe Mottley

    And now the IMGUR count insertion that tries to make what is a 244 person count look like 4

    These documents that the grandson uses are “templates” a point that ONE OF YOU, went to pains to share with the BU community some moons ago, to show how you were aggressively monitoring de ole man,

    I got that loud and clear

    But what you must understand is that “any variation to the size of said templates, becomes an anomaly to the ole man, it might be a centimeter out but I does see um, dat is one uh de tings dem train de ole man to do, my man, alternative facts euphemism falsify tings dem.

    Um is a visual anomaly, And de ole man doan like “anomalies”

    Let this thing regarding the government of barbados “play out” in the normal way where all bajans got a chance to say what dem like bout Owen and Fumbles and Mugabe without this type of “intervention”.

    De Mugabe crew would do well to just use the software thusly grafted and go long bout she business and you would do well to ***

    De nex we can expect is a javascript tool that screenshots our computers remotely.

    Remember George Linnaeus Banks, stay neutral

    Look Fumbles going loose dis election.

    And Mottley is NOT GOING TO WIN because she is toooo cravateous

    One of three things can happen though



    A BLP with a non Mottley format is tabled and that wins.


    But this thing about stopping de counter pun de Ole Man images IS TOO PIDDLING for Barbados Underground to permit *** to do.


  • Nonsense!

    You need to analyze image size/aspect ratio etc.

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  • Even in these small things Mugabe Mottley is prepared to lie?

    What the eff did she have and her BLP lazy as* representatives do when the CAHILL issue surfaces.

    What did she and her people do to force the recant by the DLP government of the 0.0007 taxes?

    She sat on her fat backside while Kammie Holder and the BU community activated all over the cyberspace airwaves for change.

    and now here she is speaking bout “Stepping UP for Change”

    A BIGLY Parasite of the highest order is this MUGABE MIA MOTTLEY.

    We are voting the DLP out but if she can do this thing and seek (tangentially) to take credit for the stoppage of these DLP purgatory plans, especially considering that she did squat, she is to be VOTED OUT TOO!!

    If i wrong tell me I wrong but you mean dat you even teifing Kammie and BU ting too?


  • A well placed source in the Barbados Labour Party corridors has shared this information

    “The proposed appointment of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur as Economic Advisor euphemism for replacement Minister of Finance, has made Mugabe Mottley Leader of the Opposition (a position Mr Arthur once held) & the current Minister of Finance Decimals Bond Stinkliar very very vex


    As further reports come in the public will be updated


  • In a move that has shaken up the 50 year old duopoly of DLP and BLP musical chair governments the entity and political party *** today signed a Contractually Binding Accord with the electorate of the country Barbados.

    The People’s Accord is a contractual document that will employ enumerated actions amongst which is its enforceable and legal procedure to investigate, try and then lock up teifing ministers of Government,

    THIS IS A FIRST IN THE ENTIRE CARIBBEAN BASIN AND HAS PROVEN TO BE THE BASIS UPON WHICH BARBADIANS HAVE UNANIMOUSLY ENDORSED THE *** and voted in a Civic government with representatives in every one of the country’s 30 seats.


  • @ David (not the substantive one)

    I am submitting this post to you, the non substantive party who assists the Honourable Blogmaster.

    You do understand templates don’t you?

    And you do understand that each template has a specific dimension?

    Look at the top of “the page” and you will see that each “template” has a specific dimension

    So, if that item is imported on a machine that you cant see (heheheheheh) and the same template is imported and then the second template is overlaid THEN when you zoom the overlay you can see the grid and the “insertion”

    You now doing this stuff, you ent like Caswell nor Darwin nor the Brigadier who went to military school to do this stuff, but de ole man….heheheheheheh

    anyway the specific one that juxtaposes Mugabe and Arthur that is showing a count of 5 here, it is at 589 views now heheheheh


  • Piece

    Looks like you going to have to dump the OSA posters as your boy is not coming back……all of that energy wasted on a non point……cuddear


  • BU changed nothing.


  • @ Vincent.

    ammmmmmmm… I getting tired uh trying to explain dese nuances to you.

    ammmmmmmmm Whu is a template?

    template tem·plate or tem·plet (těm’plĭt) n. A pattern or gauge, such as a thin metal plate with a cut pattern, used as a guide in making something accurately, as in woodworking.

    What is the population of the world?

    In demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living. As of August 2016 , it was estimated at 7.4 billion. The United Nations estimates it will further increase to 11.2 billion in the year 2100.

    Do you have the slightest idea what de ole man is creating?

    Steupseeeee, a lamborghini in a race with Skodas

    If Mugabe wins de ole man CANNOT remain here… do you understand that?

    Mugabe is NOT a patriot nor does she brook dissent and I pray, like Brother Bush Tea and many others here have announced, that wunna DO NOT have make a decision at the ballot boxes that result in wunna having to suffer through that Despot.

    De ole man’s tools are not for wunna cause, irrespective of whu de ole man say or propose in any format, to either BLP or DLP, wunna as a nation is not ready.

    “Ohhhhhh say can we see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed as the twilight’s last gleaming….heheheheheheheh


  • Piece

    Wuhloss…..yuh mien tuh sey yuh tellin muh dah alla dis play play es bout MAM chasin yuh out de country….ah lissenin…wah appen…wah yuh doo she?

    No piece I have not the slightest idea what you are saying or creating…….I do know that we all have to forget our little petty egos and prejudices and come together to save this island and the region or perish together……quite true that both of us are in the departure lounge and only finding work for idle hands on here hoping that we make sense to the ones coming…….thats where our difference lies ,the future generation must have the 3 sides of the coin as opposed to your one side……..does your hatred go back to Rugged?


  • @ Vincent

    my one side???

    May you have hurt me man, hurt me….

    I have yet to see a 3 sided coin in use in Barbados though you might be using a what is that word? ahhh ammmmm metaphor?

    yes Carl More of Less better would be proud of me.

    You mean like DownLowe batting all sides?

    Let me explain to you about egos. On second thoughts let me not do that.

    Dont call my perspective “one sided” consider the tireless application I have for these matters to be a “constancy of spirit” befitting an ardent soldier or other party for whom there is a task that does not know “we did not take that Hamburger Hill sir.

    Both the DLP AND THE BLP are a scourge.

    I have applied my efforts to the DLP and S&P has applied even bigger blows than mine to their coffin.

    The ones that must be disposed of are the ones who are lingering in the shadows.

    THe ones who have done nothing for 9 years while they were the opposition, the ones who are going to march tomorrow in the deluge of rain that my Lord will send for them.

    Dis is what the ole man here praying for, at this hour of the morning, while you sleeping resting up for your march, and while I holding the glocks in my fists (finger outside of trigger guard.)


  • @ Vincent

    I hope this meets your requirements for the :other side of the coin”

    I cant do the third side cause dat is ambidextrous or in-betweener stuffheheheheheheh


  • @ Vincent

    Whu bout dis one?

    Is it consistent with your preferences to denigrate the DLP and leave your Mugabe boss alone?

    In a scene that could only be out of a old switchboard movie Minister of Fine Ants (not Finance) Chris Decimals Bond & Prime Minister FUMBLES Stuart of Barbados cursed and ehn fired the telephone operator in the phone exchange of the Banana Republic Barbados yesterday. It would appear that, contrary to Decimals Bond’s explicit instructions she permitted a call from the Ratings Agency Standard and Poors into the island. Minister Decimals, as you can see from the photo, was livid and fired the old granny immediately after telling her, in Duguid Style bout her mudda chvunt. The elderly lady cried all the way to the Central Bank where she went to cash in her worthless Government Bonds



  • This poster has its genesis in a blog poster here by Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch called “THE JEFF CUMBERBATCH COLUMN – OUR DARKEST HOUR”

    There are several statements in his stirring article and being the plagiarist that de ole man is, I have copied one of its several “eye opening sentences” below where he state

    “…I am aware as any that this reformation will require a shifting of the basic norm of our constitutional ethos.

    This does not come easily, especially since it would require the very authority with the power to alter the existing order to engage in an act of self-destruction.”

    In walking bout barbados and going to play dominoes with the Station Sargeant, de ole man does hear a sentiment among the common man of “enough is enough”

    They are crying out for relief from these two political parties replete with their devils and imps.

    What is going to win this campaign for “the Non Partisan Third Element” is, among many thing, going to be its message

    I have submitted this poster below and am wondering if it is “too harsh” and wonder if it is in keeping with Jeff’s remarks about “a shifting in the basic norm of our constitutional ethos?”


  • On one side we have the dipsh*ts i.e. the Democratic Labour Party led by Fumbles Stuart and Chris Decimal Bond Stinkliar.

    and on the other, side the lurking Barbados Labour Party led by Mugabe.

    In the middle are the suffering masses of Bajans BETRAYED by BOTH PARTIES.

    Parties replete with men and women who only want to get rich and dont give a damn about the people who voted them in.

    Neither has the integrity, nor the competence, nor the commitment and certainly, not the vision to take us anywhere other than to the proverbial “cleaners”


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My sweet piece

    They giving my poster the thumbs down…wahhhhhhhhhhhh, muuuuuuhh, they don’t like me. Just because I pushing BIMjans to rid themselves of their foolish loyalty to B and D. Wahhhhhhhh piece where you is.


  • Good morning my Dearest

    De ole man was guarding that which cannot be guarded heheheheheh life and limb

    Let me share a few things with you.

    Two actually.

    You are not going to be liked. If you were not making an impact on those swine then they would not leave the Bajan Blog of Barbados Underground and go to the United States of America, AMONG 150 million viewers a month AND GIVE YOU A THUMBS DOWN.

    That means that what you are doing is wukking.


    You are averaging 425 votes!!!

    425 votes for a topic on politics in Barbados is damn good

    That is 1/20 of the size of a Bajan constituency.

    Dem is not going to like that my dearest.

    Not in the least.

    Keep on hitting it dear, keep on hitting it


  • @ Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch,

    Again the ole man shoots this volley at your bow confident that you can face the fusillade

    I would respectfully ask you sir if the Stoopid Cartoon Poster that follows meets your standards for “…commit to a renaissance of the Barbadian socio-political compact…”

    THis hypothetical which i am sure the incoming political parties WILL INCORPORATE IN THEIR modus operandi is structured thusly

    “In a first for the Caribbean Region, The Third Element, Barbados’ Newest Political Party, pledged 10% of every dollar that it is able to recover from the country’s teifing Ministers of Parliament and a handsome 20% if the Ministers are Locked up post prosecution

    The Amnesty the Third Element offered is to “incentivize any party that may have inadvertently participated in the teifing” and has been extended for one month.

    Already a number of anonymous packages have been delivered to Third Element administrators which contain irrefutable confirmation of the theft.

    Copies of said documents WILL BE BROADCAST IN THE NEWS MEDIA AND CYBERSPACE, post the completion of all criminal proceedings.

    Briefs however will be prepared for the public in a manner not to “compromise the prosecution process”, but to effect transparency throughout the process leading up to the incarceration of the Criminals


  • In a new twist on the instance of the recent importation of Water Tankers, rumour has it that the trucks that appeared in the Port, for whom the owners were unknown, allegedly belong to Minister in Charge of the Water Works – none other that Bulldog Estwick.

    Now please note that no remark is being make per the truth of this claim and no imputation is being made as to the ownership being his.

    Neither should one assume that, given his irresponsible behaviour regarding pulling a gun on fellow parliamentarian Dale Smiley Teets Marshall, that this accusation is anything other than a falsity.

    For this is an honourable MP as they are all honourable MPs.

    Why if that were true, it would mean that the minister did in fact perpetrate a crime against the people of Barbados for personal gain.

    Insofar as he would have ensured that bajans were not getting water and then did, with malice and fraud aforethought,go forth an purchase water tankers for his personal business.

    Such would then mean that he, while minister of the Barbados Water Authority, would thereafter have engaged his own water tankers, to deliver water to homes he had deprived.

    As an economist, Estwick would have starved the supply of water and then created a demand for hs trucks.



  • Consumer Affairs in Barbados is something like “the price is right” all you have to do is bring “something to the table” and I did not say “leave something under the table” and everything is taken care of. Certainly that did not happen with the telecommunications giant Cable and Wireless then Bartel then LIME now SLIME and that wont happen with this SOL BNTCL monopoly either. Leh we wuk up and have a good time….


  • In what can certainly be give another “Hats Off”, and standing ovation, the patriotic blog, BARBADOS UNDERGROUND and their support of the campaign against 8 Police Officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force has led to 2 of of the * officers who sought to murder Nazim Blackett, being tried for Police Brutality. this July

    For more of this unstinting campaign by the Blog see the article

    It just goes to support the belief that “a few good men can turn anything around”

    To the Honourable Blogmaster David King and his household thank you for a job well done


  • Is the rumour true? Will Chris Decimals Bond 0.007 OR 0..7 (depending on which day of the week it is) be leaving Barbados to take up residency in Amurica? A confidential source within the corridors of HRH Snivel Service shared with our agency that Decimals has been packing home contents in containers to be transported to his Washington D.C home.

    Now for a Minister of Fine Ants who does not know where to put decimal points, to want to bail out of the HRH Snivel Service at this stage, means that things are really bad.

    And for those of you wondering what is HRH SS is stands for His Rsshle Highness Snivel Service where Scum like Decimals and 15 other Slime Balls toil under HRH the Head Rsshle Himself Fumbles Stuart de Prime Sinister sorry Minister (man I nearly said Spinster heheheheh)


  • @ Carson C.

    Welcome back

    Thanks for the news.

    You said and I quote (correctly) “PRIME MINISTER Freundel Stuart has been elected as an Honorary Fellow of Feeble College.

    The Governing Body of Feeble College, Oxford University, at its meeting on March 8, 2017, has shared with bajans that when Fumbles attends the function in Englant, they plan to lock his ingrunt donkey in HRH prison at London Bridge, for his exceeding “hignorance without a cause or pause”.

    So that will mean Fumbles HRH – His Rsshle Hignorance will be in Her Royal Highness’s Prison which the british call “the pokey”.

    Ammmmm de ole man had better rephrase that cause it sound like Fumbles going Feelble and will end up in the Queen’s “pokey” and that does not sound too good (not like Fumbles).

    Liked by 1 person

  • Lest we Forget, Mugabe Marching Mottley – 30 yrs of Nothing

    People dont think that the ole man has forgotten the other half of the “six is half dozen” in this musical chairs BLP DLP foolishness.

    Here is the so called politician Mugabe who, like how a certain late sojourner was called the Minister of Funerals, should be called “the Minister of Meaningless Marches”

    Mugabe Mottley has spent 30 plus years in the House of Assembly and has in that time done nothing but waste US $236 Million dollars on an ineffectual project. (We ent get time to add up de prison fiasco nor the highways ingrunce.

    Her claim, for the benefit of one Enuff, proselyte? heheheheh of Mugabe, is that, after purchasing Millions in obsolete computers they had to throw them all away after 5 years.

    But Mugabe like a march and a music outing, and Bajans, ingrunt Brassbowls that we are, like to Wuk up every chance we get.

    “Mugabe Marches in March with another Meaningless March”

    Come leh we wuk up and have a good time.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger
  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Piece…check out the views.


  • Barbados has had a duopoly of incompetent political parties for the last 50 something years and both of them are replete with idiots of the Superlative Calibre.

    They now see themselves as “The Only Options for Bajan Voters” and of course the docile population loves to alternate between these sheep and the billy goats.

    But it is time for a more committed choice on our ballot other than the





    Vote the DLP and BLP OUT!!!


  • And for those of Us who believe that “Mugabe is the choice”

    Wunna has got to wake up and remember who Mugabe is.

    From the first time that she got in we heard rumours of School Means Syrup till when dem get toss out in 2007 with the VECO prison scandal.

    In fact as recent as the other day she is purported to be involved in the Four Seasons Calabash Persuit or is that Avanash? well anyway dat ting wid paradise


  • Bajans are known “mouters”…

    We talk alot…almost as much as Trump Twitters.

    so lest Barbadians all forget the sins of Mugabe, this anointed “Prime Minister of Privilege”, IN WAITING, here is a special edition to Bring Back Remembrance of these purported “INFELICITIES”

    Liked by 1 person

  • The BLP/DLP duopoly has continuously disobeyed or broken every single financial rule during their successive tenure at the helm of government of this small island of Barbados.

    As a percentage of GDP, these governments average unaccountable expenditure of 10% of GDP a year, read teifing a Fact that the Auditor General has reported every single year for the last 25? years.

    Ergo the title of this Stoopid Cartoon poster “Fact – the Auditor General Reports”

    oh dear I seem to have misspelt the word “Fact” and misplaced the word “Reports”

    Liked by 1 person

  • Wunna need to remember that Bajans have short memories.

    So these Stoopid Cartoons are like “griots” and seek to support “The Remembrance of Things” that they (nearly said Vincent) would wish us Bajans to forget.

    In their quest to make the “anointed Mugabe” being “born of privilege” King, sorry Queen, sorry whatever. they would erase the pages out of history’s book.

    23 plus years of waste foopism lurking in the corridors of the House of Assembly

    So lest we forget, here is a flier to remind us of the purported “INFELICITIES”.



  • Continuing the series of “The People’s Response to the DLP (Alternative) E-Facts” 

    The Demonic Labour Party has launched a campaign of lies and deception that they are calling E-Facts.

    This version contains what the People really need – the Truth

    Its name E-Fvckts is derived from what the DLP are doing to the Bajans WITHOUT GREASE!!


  • @ Vincent

    Your lesson? in “How to Promote a Third Initiative & Win an Election” continues

    The Merriam Webster’s Definition of “derision” is

    a: the use of ridicule or scorn to show contempt
    b: a state of being laughed at or ridiculed : a state of being derided

    Today i will juxtapose the much used “Primus Inter Pares” coupled with a purposed misnaming of a gorilla, a baboon, to underscore this word derision and to display what “hits” are and how hits are used to weaken candidates in constituencies.

    I do hope that you are up to it

    The objective of this exercise is to utterly discredit the Democratic Labour Party with especial focus on its Buffoon and baboon? Froon.

    It is very easy to show that this Primate, first among them, has been able to lead them and consequently us down this road of 19 downgrades.

    So slowly yet inexorably, one will this message to a crescendo of such an ubiquitous nature that all see clearly the DLP leader Fumbles AND HIS troupe of accomplice monkeys as non options.

    And one does this using (a) facts (b) alternative facts (c) inference (d) derision (e) **** and (f) ***

    These two additional elements, now “hidden” will soon be seen , so don’t get too antsy, you are in primer class and that is at Calculus heheheheheheheh

    What you will realize is that, IRRESPECTIVE OF ALL THE $$ that they are now raising , most assuredly NOT to bribe their way back into the House of Assembly, they CANNOT CONTROL the Internet.

    It is a phenomenon that few e.g. Stephen nor Lucille nor Pigrim don’t truly understand.

    It is like a fellow capturing the internet session caches to see where their target goes BUT, EVEN ARMED WITH the urls, he cant comprehend nor concatenate what all of the urls mean.

    Always “through a glass darkly” always.

    1.Remember the word Derision

    2.Remember my audience – the Young People

    3.Remember the keywords “bandwidth” and “hits”

    And now for your viewing pleasure here is Primus Inter Pares. Enjoy.


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