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  1. Well Well & Consequences April 20, 2016 at 10:14 PM #

    Oh yes….this will certainly make people take notice.


  2. NorthernObserver April 21, 2016 at 12:58 AM #

    The name is coWan not coHan


  3. Well Well & Consequences April 21, 2016 at 7:22 AM #

    Where are all the big mouth posters who love to jump in and contradict everything said on here, have they no positive part to play in the same things they been on BU yammering on about….it’s time to put up or shut up, sh*t or get off the pot.


  4. Violet C Beckles April 21, 2016 at 6:39 PM #

    Well well, BU got the tapes and also was posted or talked about on ND Radio , over 15 million hits also helped. at that time. The number are growing as i heard,So its good .

    much land fraud was in that deal , and when the people wake up to where the land fraud money went that was stolen from VAT, for over 18 years , that also will be a big deal, Panama Papers , Swiss Banks and laundering on the top levels in Barbados,, NEXT to COME.


  5. Well Well & Consequences April 21, 2016 at 8:42 PM #

    What bothers me are the posters who have so many opinions even before I came on here and when the intelligent posters decided that 9 years of talking, cussing each other and making everyone miserable had run it’s course and that it was time to walk the talk…..many posters disappeared in the true bajan style of “not me bozie”…..very troubling indeed….some only stayed on to sa6 how afraid the brave posters should be.

    But in saying that, am glad to hear that it’s going viral…..that’s the stuff of legends, that’s the self confidence and 9 years of determination paying off for BU.


  6. Well Well & Consequences April 21, 2016 at 8:43 PM #


    Violet…how clearly we see the problem.


  7. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 22, 2016 at 4:58 AM #


    This poster initiative is really exposing who are just simply on BU to talk and write pretty. They have a lot to say over a lot that bothers them. I am advocating Change must start first with what we know to be wrong with these who are elected to decide on behalf of all Barbadians. How you can just sit back allow those who contribute campaign donations to politicians dictate and influence politicians the way they do. You have some very disputable matters and decisions being made by leaders that reflects a close relationship with the business sector that cannot rule out what most believe to be a relationship that derives mutual benefits. As I have said before and will say again, we are here because our leaders brought us here, and if what our leaders are doing is the cause for us being in this predicament than the first people who must be targeted for change is them. There must be called to account and called to be transparent. Every possible thing must be done to protect the interest of Barbados as a whole and not the greediness of an immoral few.


  8. pieceuhderockyeahright April 22, 2016 at 6:23 AM #

    My two ladies-at-arms,

    I am disturbed, seriously unsettled and I will share with you why.

    Over the few months that we have met and eaten here together and the cyberspace plate of national discontent” I have seen the two of you take on anyone and everyone who assailed your person, you reputation, your values and your country.

    Recently a fellow made a comment about I forget what it was and you Well Well and Consequences gave him a ammmmm, an orientation of what bad is in the real world and how a fellah can hide bout here but if they brought it to your world, well let us just say that you explained that it is not only animate things like dogs that “bark” a gun can growl too

    For my girlfriend Sunshine, another fellow ventured into the bounds of ammmm oral impropriety and amm was jacked up.

    My point is that the two of you ladies are not anyone i would like to meet in a dark alley with bad intentions towards either of you.

    That strength and resilience and “stand-your-ground” that you exhibit in those areas which is not dependent on any outside resource is what is being called on here.

    Do not be too concerned about the seeming lack of support in writing here because that is deceptive and i will tell you why.

    Certain fellows might, because their alter ego is known, decide strategically NOT TO POST A PANG HERE because they KNOW the repercussions.

    That does not mean that they are not supporting us.

    You Miss WW&C are in Canada, Ms Suzanne are in Europe but when i wish to find out about the insurance scams and the malaise with doctors reports etc, I listen to WW&C.

    When I want to be stimulated about why WE MUST FIGHT & NOT GIVE UP, I listen to my Suzanne.

    He Daddy lives and while he lives her code has caused her remain silent on the many occasions that she has engaged with certain people.

    So you both give me inspiration and doubtless, when a man does not come here and click a like below you name, you are seen.

    At my ole age I am a IT slouch, so I get the grandson do a thing or two when he can but look at you Suzanne.

    You, a beautiful black woman, are in Europe where it is fashionable to have some cocoa, and you engage a graphics artist, and deal with his understandable advances, go to dinner with a man who is obviously besotted by your beauty, and submit that fantastic “To B or not to D” what is the difference?

    You feeling me?

    Why, why would you who live in obvious comfort, need to even bother to brave the advances of another male (chauvanist pig?) to contribute in this way?

    Do you ladies know what that means to us MCPs who with our big up concept of ourselves, realise that you risked physical advances of this dinner mate, or Peter Harris finding out who you are, and where you live in Canada BECAUSE YOU HAVE A LOVE FOR COUNTRY?

    Doe the Blogmaster have to give you the number of clicks associated with either of your names so that you understand that you have a following?

    And even if you had no following, does that really define you? Does that drive you? is that why you post?

    You do this because it is the right thing to do, nothing else.

    And when a man does the right thing, NOT EVEN GOD WILL ASK FOR MORE.


  9. David April 22, 2016 at 6:41 AM #

    Barbadians we all know are in the main a passive lot. We have many examples of it. As usual a few courageous ones will have to make the sacrifice. If we are able to persuade the Whites to join the cause, the dog dead.


  10. Well Well & Consequences April 22, 2016 at 8:43 AM #

    It would be in the best interest of the minority whites to join the fight, when we talk change it should be to benefit the entire ppoulace as a whole and show how it CAN be done, that is called being a role model, devoid of greed, corruption and self-serving aggrandizement. …something the world cam emulate.

    Question is, are the minority whites willing to show maturity in that aspect.


  11. Well Well & Consequences April 22, 2016 at 8:47 AM #

    Piece…Peter Harris does not want to know where I am, trust me, it’s so much better and safer forbhim if he dont.

    We have to do the right thing, that is how we are defined.

    We are known by the way we treat each other.

    Just ask all those who have now found their names and dirty business spashed across cyberspace, those who fly above that radar, have no such problem.


  12. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 22, 2016 at 9:35 AM #

    My Sweet Piece

    You have a wisdom and way with words that make it incredibly hard not to believe anything that you write. The level of depth speaks to a man who is very advanced in wisdom and understanding, as much as his collective reasoning exposes the deeply rooted academic that you, indeed, are.

    As you rightfully said, there are somethings I am not permitted to say, at least not yet. I am bounded by oath as requested by that pooch licker DLP father of mine, not to say. He told me I could do whatever I like when he dead. The only thing I can say pertaining to him is that he is very very pissed at what the DLP is doing in the name of management. Be that as it may, he is a loyal follower because no one, besides me, can hate what the Barbados Labour Party stands for, more than him. You may think using such words to describe my father can easily be misconstrued as disrespect. But, let me tell you, it is far from it. He is an incredible mind, and loves to debate, so when he and my brother meet from time to time, the debate is hot, raging and simply war like. It keeps him sharp and we entertained. Actually he writes something like you hehehe. However, I am different to the two of them. They are somewhat laid back while I am a go getter. I am more like my mum. I do not believe in wasting time if there is a cause to be had. My colleague helped and he ask me to go out with him. I did, because he is a very nice guy, but 10 years my senior. He knows me well, and so when I told him about this he said, ”you need to be careful because when you are about something, YOU ARE ABOUT SOMETHING”!

    Barbados is a wonderful island, piece. What we were able to do with our little is nothing short of a miracle even though the evidence is pointing to a great deal of mismanagement issues, borrowing and spending stupidities that escalated the national debt, and systemic neglect of the social constructs. What is defining Barbados, now, is nothing but negativity and blatant disrespect.

    Barbados is a divided house because the politicians have made it so. We have a Prime Minister that is the most talked about in the negative. His ministers are subjected to the same lambast as he is, while the very strings that keep a society together is being ripped apart by all that they are doing.

    We have an opposition that though speaking out against the obviouses is behaving like vultures and jackals in the waiting. Their leader cannot hide her inward exuberance for that first female title and by her actions alone, is taking a no holds bar approach to controlling the dissent in her party. There is just no energy coming from them that can make me believe that they are what Barbados want at this time. Their history is so dark, but the DLP is slowly surpassing them.

    Piece, our politicians are the key to changing the mindsets of Barbadians. They are the ones in the best position to change passivities and evoke inspiration for all Barbadians to step up to the plate and make Barbados great again. So the SSS believes wholeheartedly that to change Barbados, you have to change them. You have to hammer away at their inconsistencies and expose the wrong in their speeches, the foolishness in their behaviours, the poorness of their mannerisms, and the conflict of interest decisions they make that makes you believe they are schemers and tricksy.

    You have to expose their mutual arrangements with the business sector. Ask questions as to why Mark Maloney and PRECONCO, JADA JADA who ever else, are entitle to all government business that has no place for the small man.

    Barbados is a gem, piece, you know this, I know this, everyone that love a pieceoftherock or its entire whole, knows this. The people are just beaten down, trampled, stomped and pressed into docility. They are dependent on government, the private sector, their few initiatives to provide a living for them. They are in opposition to each other and do not know what it is to unite for a cause. I want to live their again someday, perhaps find me a husband there and start a family. At the present moment, if you never lived in Barbados to understand what it takes to survive in Barbados, you could easily get lost in its expense, poor services and frustrated systems. I know what proper systems does for a company and a country and it is for that reason that I feel the need to protest against the wrongs in our island by protesting with posters. I WANT BARBADOS TO WORK ACCORDING TO A PROVEN PLAN, and not the current system that benefits only a few.

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  13. Donna April 22, 2016 at 9:52 AM #

    Well I live in Barbados and I am known to many of them but before I saw your initiative I got tired of the anonymous posting and started to post elsewhere in my real name. I told them how long I have voted for them. I told them how they have disappointed me. I commented on articles about them in the frank way they all know to expect from me. We may cross paths sometimes but I do not move in their circles as I am not attracted to the “high life” but if I see them to their faces in the right forum I will repeat it. I expected more from them. I am very disappointed in them. They owe their “lofty positions” to us and now treat us with disrespect. They behave as 15th century kings when they were elected to be 21st century servants.

    Right now I am busy “home schooling” my son for his exams in a few weeks time. School is not what it used to be and I refuse to send him to the seemingly mandatory lessons which supplement the teachers’ incomes. Don’t have much respect for the pieces of paper but that is our system at present and I cannot change that overnight. I will be with you in your campaign when I am able to devote my attention. Never fear! Do not give up!

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  14. Well Well & Consequences April 22, 2016 at 10:03 AM #

    Donna…9 years of talk on BU was more than enough, it was time to take the talk to another level, some may have been comfortable talking for another nine years, unforgivable, some identities may be known so they have to watch out for retaliation from the ignorant, quite understandable, some might be able to help quietly and privately behind the scenes, commendable, but make no mistake about it, it would be unconscionable for those who live outside, have corporate and legal experience like myself, not push for this to move to other levels so BU and the people on the island can see, it’s not all just talk.


  15. Donna April 22, 2016 at 10:07 AM #


    You and I are in the same boat regarding our fathers. We are also on the same page with respect to the BLP. I was born in England but fell so in love with Barbados that I never even thought of claiming British citizenship. I knew Barbados was far from perfect but I believed we were on the right path. That is all I asked for and that is all it took to make me swell with pride and declare my National Anthem to be the best in the world. Actually the Prince Cave arrangement used to bring tears of happiness to my eyes.

    Now I feel like crying for a different reason. We have fallen off the path. There is progress only for a few and slave like oppression of the masses. The masses are so busy fighting each other that the cannot fight the real enemy. It is that old divide and rule colonial policy all over again but this time it hurts more because it is our own people doing the dividing. They have created this imaginary divide between the DLP and the BLP and the fools have fallen for it hook line and sinker. There is only one party – the DBLP and to the victor go the spoils.


  16. Well Well & Consequences April 23, 2016 at 9:14 AM #

    The politicians are crawling out of the woodword to demand change in the judiciary….


    Yes more judges are needed, so it’s parliament, the Prime Minister and the attorney generals office of both DBLP have not done their jobs re more judges for deacdes…but even so, why are there no stenographers in the supreme court…none, how can you be a developed country and everything is still hand written, court cases, stii hand written by court clerks/assistants, you have backlog and no stenographer, that means vital information in the cases is omitted dailym the few judges cannot be expected to remember everything,

    The adult leaders in parliament with their title-itis and low intelligence re how to resolve issues…are the ones causing all the problems on the island..


  17. David April 23, 2016 at 2:58 PM #

    Judicial system grinding to a halt


  18. Colonel Buggy April 23, 2016 at 3:16 PM #

    Donna April 22, 2016 at 10:07 AM #
    Even all the way from Europe the grass looked greener in Bim, so much so that 5 days after I was discharged from HM Forces I was back in Barbados . There were a few ups and down, during my time back in Barbados, but on the whole things went fairly well for me , but in recent times I have been questioning myself over my haste to return home.

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  19. pieceuhderockyeahright April 23, 2016 at 4:29 PM #

    Smiley Teeth Dale Marshall is the very epitome of an inactive Attorney General as was Fumbles Stuart and the current Adrain Nitwit.

    All he does differently is to smile he teets at every opportunity that he gets.

    “By their works shall ye know them…”


  20. Well Well & Consequences April 23, 2016 at 5:43 PM #

    Piece…why did Dale Marshall not make the changes when he was Attorney General, why did Mia not make the changes when she was Attorney General, why did Fruendel Stuart not make the changes when he was attorney General…well we know Adriel Brathwaite, attorney general, is waiting for somebody, anybody to approve his draft legislations.

    What work have any of the past attorneys general did over the years that nothing got done.

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  21. Well Well & Consequences April 23, 2016 at 6:12 PM #

    From some of the comments in the below article, the most ignorant in the society, continue to miss the whole point of the article, just like those who fought against political indepence and those before them who betrayed those trying to end slavery, most recently, those who betrayed Clement Payne and did not want to see the majority on the island with a living wage and today’s gang of treachers greedy animals who do not want to see a fair distribution of economic wealth on the island.

    I cant understand which part of not sustainable this decades old practice of one small minority of people owning all the land by whatever means they can, stealing being the most popular method, getting all the taxpayer contracts and hoarding their illgotten gains that the leaders and greedy business people who talk crap because they know nothing about history and would like to continue feeding the people lies to gain wealth……also do not understand…it has to stop, everything else had to stop or be significantly reduced and so will this..

    “Change must happen – Sir Hilary

    Barbados cannot continue the way it is.

    The warning was issued by Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies Professor Sir Hilary Beckles as he delivered a lecture here last night.

    He said the current situation in which there was white supremacy and black marginalization in the local economy was simply not sustainable.

    Sir Hilary was at the time delivering the 31st Elsa Goveia Lecture at the CLICO Centre for Teaching Excellence at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, St Michael.

    Speaking on the topic, The Revolution of General Bussa and the Making of Barbados Today, Sir Hilary also lauded the leadership of National Hero and Father of Independence Errol Walton Barrow, as he spoke of the indecisiveness of today’s leaders.

    “This was a moment of leadership, the people were still fearful and when a people are fearful because of their history, they require leadership, not referenda.”

    Sir Hilary said: “ There is in Barbados a division of labour which says that the black community will occupy and control the politics and the white elite will control the economy, and this is supposed to be an alliance for democracy.

    “The argument is that the revolutionary struggle has come to an end and this is the end of history . . . [However] the Barbados society in its current structure is not sustainable,” Sir Hilary warned.

    He added: “Economic white supremacy is subversive of democracy, it is not sustainable. All of us citizens of Barbados have to examine this model and transform it. It has to be transformed in order to fulfill the vision of our ancestors in General Bussa’s time, General Greene’s time of 1876 and Clement Payne’s time of 1937. It can only be done if the economic democracy movement is revitalized and insisted upon,” he added.

    Sir Hilary, who is regarded as one of the region’s top historians, contended that young Barbadians deserved a more democratic society.

    He argued that a high price had already been paid for freedom and democracy and that reparatory justice was still critical on behalf of black nationalists who fought for the liberation of Afro-Barbadians and had to contend with treachery from persons in whom they had placed their trust.

    Recalling a critical period in this country’s history, he told his audience which included world acclaimed Barbadian novelist George Lamming and retired historian Sir Woodville Marshall that General Bussa, who led the slaves into revolt, was betrayed first by the free-coloureds at a battle in Lowthers, Christ Church and later by the Black troops of the West Indian Regiment at Golden Grove Plantation and Bayley’s Plantation in St Philip.

    Sir Hilary went on to say that in 1937, leader of the nationalist movement of that period, Clement Payne, had to contend with the treachery of the negrocrats of the day.

    He also pointed out that Barrow faced strong opposition from the white community and some elements of the emerging middle class in his drive for nationhood.

    “The independence movement in Barbados was divided. The white community on the whole did not support independence. Barrow was fearful that the black people were fearful and he knew that if he had placed independence before the people of Barbados in a referendum they would have rooted to stay as a colony. He did not trust the vote for independence and so he said, no referendum.”


  22. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 24, 2016 at 5:25 AM #


    It is a sad and dismal reality but it is the truth. The script for these two parties have remained the same in spite of changed faces. The Barbadian society can only be as good as the visions of its leaders, the ability to exercise hindsight, and the integrity to know what is true. Barbados’s existence after 50 years of the brag independence has only widen gaps and reinforced biases. We can speak to those times of our strives, but there is too much consistency in our lack of impetus to move towards change that is targeted at developing a go getting disciplined nation. It is that fundamental belief that if it is not broken don’t fix it that has Barbados stuck in the rut and struggling to get out of the time warp. Our politicians have subscribed diligently to this ineffective model because it has served their purposes well. All you get from them is the same type of nonsense year in and year out. I am convinced that the key to motivating Barbados towards the greater good is in the hands of our leaders. And, it is for that purpose, the mantra of ” Change Our Politicians and You will Change the Nation” must be sounded. We can only do this if we push for greater regulatory controls against them and possible constitutional changes that make them accountable. We already know the great difficulty it will pose to try to change the ideologies of bajans. That type does only change through fire burning the bamsie. Exposing all that politicians do must be the focus to bring about that change. There must no longer believe that their bubbles are intact and well secured. Bursting them by calling them to account is the only way. I am not interested in who post, who supports me or thinks what. I know Barbados is highly double standard and hypocritical society and the many who write on here are happy to display their intellect. In other words, just sounding brass and tinkling cymbals.


  23. Well Well & Consequences April 24, 2016 at 5:52 AM #

    No one in their right minds should ever invest their money in another insurance ckmpany in Barbados, there is enough proof that they should not, ever again. Leroy Parris and the whole board of thieving directors of Clico, should be in prison.



  24. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 24, 2016 at 5:58 AM #


    I read that article I am really not interested in it even if it is telling the truth. I am focus, fixed and attached on these elected leaders. It is their relations in campaign contributions and other perks that keeps those who are paying the pipers always picking the tunes. If you are telling me that our brightest minds elected to serve the people can only do so after they have paid their dues through the awarding of contracts or creation of projects that serves know real relevancy, or simply create municipal taxes under some idiotic method to pay another campaign contributor is prudent management, than it is obvious that the buck must stop with them and it must be taken away from them as well. I have said before that black Barbadians hardly own anything and so they cannot control our influence anything. Beggars are hardly ever choosers, and to create a begging state and expect that their will be favourable shift towards wealth distribution, I really got to ask what is it that disadvantage Barbadians will do that will break that cycle. This is a pandemic of black mentality across the entire earth. Black people just seem not able to pull it together in order to get together. There dependent mentalities is so evident in the way they suck up to the white man and seek to castigate and turn down their own.


  25. Exclaimer April 24, 2016 at 6:23 AM #

    I have argued over a number of years, correctly, that our region will forever remain impoverish (socially, economically and politically) until we decide to seek out external players to narrate the reality of our Caribbean region.

    Our region cannot rely on our political parties, our media, our legal systems, our religious bodies, our business communities to assist in the construction of a harmonious, civil, respectable and a safe society for her citizens.

    Take the example of Guyana and Trinidad, two countries which over a number of years have been practising ethnic cleansing. Their indo-communities have been being systematically slaughtering their fellow Negro citizens. Yet, not a squeak from our leaders; for them it is just business as usual.

    Slavery may have ended a long time ago but its residual roots remain deeply embedded throughout our region. The wealth of the region remains in the hands of whites, light-skinned Negroes, Indians, and recently arrived minorities who are being propped up by the region’s Negro masses.

    Graphic communication in the form of posters is a great idea but it should be just one part of our strategy to instigate change. We badly need the help of the foreign media to reveal to the world what is happening in our region. We should also invite foreign political activists into our region to show us how to mobilise the masses. How about linking up with Amy Goodman from DemocracyNow.org?

    The link below ticks nearly every box that BU has been discussing over the last ten years. It highlights how the plight of the Negro man in the Caribbean has remained stunted since the collapse of slavery.

    “Island of music and murder: People & Power looks at the controversial handling of gang violence in Jamaica.”



  26. David April 24, 2016 at 6:33 AM #


    Our little region lacks geopolitical importance to command the interest of media organizations from the North. Look at what is happening in Burundi for example. Unless one searches for news in non traditional markets you will never know about it.


  27. Well Well & Consequences April 24, 2016 at 11:04 AM #

    ” Our region cannot rely on our political parties, our media, our legal systems, our religious bodies, our business communities to assist in the construction of a harmonious, civil, respectable and a safe society for her citizens.”

    They can’t, the leaders suffer with title-itis once exposed to these roles and become self-absorbed only interested in satisfying their lusts and desires, they are utterly useless to the populace by then.

    SSS….. Since traditional methods of exposure obviously will not work, untraditional methods using the current social media viewed by hundreds of millions of people on a daily basis will be much more effective.


  28. Well Well & Consequences April 24, 2016 at 11:14 AM #


    So much to learn from others.


  29. Well Well & Consequences April 24, 2016 at 11:21 AM #


    So much to be careful of and watch out for.

    Exclaimer…in trying to dismantle the system of minorities and business people colluding with politicians to disenfranchise the majority population through land theft, million dollar contracts for bribes, insurance fraud and any crimimal acts they can get away with to protect and maintain the grip they managed to have over the 40 years, one also have to watch out for them adopting new methods to maintain control over politicians and titled idiots.



  30. pieceuhderockyeahright April 24, 2016 at 11:07 PM #

    @ The Blogmaster

    Saw this Book over the Weekend in Roberts Book store

    Did not even know that it was there but, when i was leaving I heard someone quarreling about the price on the book

    The cashier was explaining that the book was $70.00 but the person who was offering to buy all of the books in the store “because they were corrupting the morals of Bajans” was claiming that the books were for 0.07cents.

    Yes you guessed it correctly

    It was the Minister of Fine Ants Cris Stinckliar !!


  31. David April 25, 2016 at 1:39 AM #




  32. Well Well & Consequences April 25, 2016 at 5:46 AM #

    Nice editorial…lol


    Lol….Piece, ya nearly made me go online to order the book. What a blockbuster such a book would be.


  33. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 25, 2016 at 8:07 AM #

    My >Sweet Piece

    So sorry, these days time is against me but, I got to say, I just loving it. Hahaha until I meet with you, there is no way in the world that you can be an Octy. To young in the mind, too sensible to be an old stiff set in your ways.


  34. Well Well & Consequences April 25, 2016 at 5:54 PM #


    This is what intelligent people dom they knpw not even a good thing lasts forever, there comes a time for drastic change.

    These Saudis made unimaginable money from oil, yet they know it’s time to move away from it, they know it’s time to start changing their attitudes toward females. Something for leaders in Barbados and the Caribbean to learn, they love to and are quick in copying negatives, here is a positive worth copying.


  35. Well Well & Consequences April 25, 2016 at 6:01 PM #

    *This is what intelligent people do, when they know…


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