Caribbean Repara­tory Jus­tice Pro­gram: Ten Point Action Plan

Submitted by Jahpaint
Citadelle Lafer­rire, Haiti

Citadelle Lafer­rire, Haiti


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  1. I think that I was taught to think from a very young age that black is beautiful. So therefore, those stereotypes regarding the African race, has had little or no meaningful impact on my self image. Now, this isn’t meant to be racist because I believe that every race actually brings something positive to the table of humanity. But when I was a young lad in Barbados, my friends and I sung the song: ” Black is power white is flower, we get stronger by the hour.” And it is funny how in the womb of this predominantly black nation, we were cognizant of reality race. Now, I have had a unique upbringing in Barbados: my mother spent her entire working years employed by several white families throughout the island of Barbados, and this brought me into direct contacted with them. So I played fought, cried and eat with many of the white folk my mother worked for during my early. But, more importantly, during the 1970’s many of the white folk in Barbados held they Horse and Dog shows at District A Police Station, where I had resided at the time. And what was interesting of this experienced: my friends I cemented a friendship with one of the richest white girl in Barbados during the 1970′ s. Here name was Rachel Dean and her father Mr. Dean, was one of the richest white man in Barbados during to 70’s. Now, Rachel, treated my friend and I as her equal, even though deep within she may have probably felt differently, she never showed it. I am quite sure many of the white folk here on BU knows who I am talking about?

  2. Dompey

    There were roles the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the Quakers played in the Caribbean prior to the arrival of the Methodist and Moravian missionaries in the mid 1700’s.

    In fact, you will find the Methodists have a direct link to the Quakers through the mother of John Wesley.

    The Anglican Church had broken from the Roman Catholic Church under Henry 8th in the 1500’s.

    The Quakers post date these two churches. They were/are referred to as dissenters. Their date of emergence was 1648. They arise after the publication in English of the King James Bible c. 1611 and evolve out of the understanding George Fox, their founder received.

    If you go after understanding what role they played in Barbados in the 1600’s you will find most of what the historians tell us today is plain rubbish!! You need to understand what happened in the Reformation, the key period of history.

    For starters, google The Forbidden Book and watch the Youtube documentary to understand how we got the English Bible.

    You are doing yourself a disservice by not being able to differentiate these three roles, ie Roman Catholic, Anglican and Quaker.

    Lumping the three as “Christian Churches” will get you no understanding of the effect Christianity had on the abolition of first the Slave Trade and then Slavery itself.

  3. Dompey

    It might amaze you to know that some of the names you call as white were/are in fact direct descendants of slaves in Barbados!!

  4. John | April 26, 2014 at 7:35 PM |


    It might amaze you to know that some of the names you call as white were/are in fact direct descendants of slaves in Barbados!!
    Chuckle….so true and that is where the reparation argument falls flat on its face……we are interbred…..check the Wards……the left hand paying the right hand…..the melanin rich and poor have the same ancestry…

  5. David | April 26, 2014 at 8:13 PM |

    Chairman Fruendel Stuart is leading the charge for to claim reparations on behalf of Caricom. Who don’t like it suck salt.


  6. How does one appoint the village idiot or the country bumpkin who scores nought on the village team every time he bats or wears his jacket inside out while walking through the village dragging a tot on a string?

    To lead the charge we have appointed Fumble, he who cant run the affairs of Bulbados is now being sent to champion reparations?

    Game over, we have lost all that money being paid to those English lawyers to plead our case and then some….

  7. chuckle…..while the nay sayers and the hate filled mongers in barbados heaped scorn and disdain on the Rght Hon PM Stuart.. the distinguished notables among his peers sees a picture of a man with high moral character and one destined for great leadership,…

  8. It is not that I hate the Right Honourable PM Stuart, nor love him any less than my other fellow Barbadians AC, it is that I love my country more..

    The operative part of your sentiment of endorsement incorporates as if by freudian construct the future perfect, a future event, “one DESTINED for great leadership” and therein lies the connundrum.

    We bajans need a batsman for the here and now, not a once and future king…..

  9. all can fumed and holler all u want,,,but the future of a country must be built by those parameters that are important for the well being of ALL.. that being people and country,,,,,and not decided by a few,,,, it should be important to note the importance of the role he was given as it is one reflective of responsibility and reflects on stuarts ability to lead,,,, it would be a part of his legacy

  10. exhibit A davids amnno to downplay the relevance and the importance of pm stuart role in leading the CHARGE for reparations,,,nice job david,,,,as usual waving your colors high in the air and playing the grand master role of ALL THINGS NEGATIVE PERTAINING TO BARBADOS,,,,,,

  11. THIS NONSENSE WILL NEVER HAPPEN. other wise all most all the world would have this nonsense going on.
    after it was abolished.After slavery was abolished in 1834.
    i would tend to look to your slave masters in barbados right now,on the west coast and buying all our land as i write this.
    are we really so blind??????????

  12. @ AC.

    While i do not retract what i have said about FUmble being a bad batsman for the wicket that Barbados presents at 2014, I must admit to a little dissembling.

    The Chairmanship of CARICOM rotates among the leaders of CARICOM Prime Ministers every 3-6 months so it is not by virtue of his skill sets that he has been accorded this function but by lots, much like how to become a permanaent secretary in Bulbados, you dont have to be the brightest (I give you Edison Alleyne of “I want to squeeeze your botsie miss young secretary fame”) but just be there long enough while your other colleagues either die, retire or cuss one of the former inept DLP or BLP Ministers

    De ole man really should know better that do these naughty things and lead on the neophytes but dem tek way de license and dere is only one space in de car pool for de church car dat is pass fuh de madam, so i is lef home to cook, and to try to cook up storms heah pun BU

    I sorry doah, you did doing so well wid you chant bout “reflective of responsibility” and all of that goobledygook real impressive en ting… wheel and wheel again….

  13. @ Piece
    Bushie begs to disagree with you….
    Putting Fumble in charge of reparations is a master stroke by the other CARICOM leaders….just like putting Arthur in charge of CSME.

    ….send the brass bowls out front…..
    If they get through – we benefit
    If the fail – we laugh at their asses
    In any case….we lose nothing.

  14. well expected the brick bats would pelt there usual resources my comments are reflective of my observations here on bU over the past seven years,,,,,,

    PDYR,,,,,, For Your info,,this is a new role irrespective of all or other roles given to past leaders or leadership of Caricom……..this role is higher on the list as it entails and encompass the past and future of carribbean countries connecting them to countries which have refused to answer the call for past injustices such a role would be played out on an international platform for all to see……having said that would not expect you to comprehend or validate such importance and to whom it was given…….have a bless day,,,,

  15. good question bushie,,,,,,,,the most pertinent question you have asked in my five years……GOOD JOB……. NOW GO FIGURE.

  16. Rather than target the injustices of slavery which have been around for millennia I think there should be a committee set up to try to understand why after all those millennia, some humans were able to figure out slavery was wrong and do something about it.

    This is the message to spread, it is wrong and it took the experiences mankind gained right here in Barbados for a stop to be put to it.

    Instead of concentrating on the bad and the ugly, look at the good and the beautiful.

    Let that message go out to all the places where slavery is still practiced in whatever form or fashion.

    Our problem is we have become less capable of seeing past the bad and the ugly than we were at one time not so long ago.

  17. @ John
    …trust you to come with some shiite again….
    Who are these “good” people that decided that slavery was “bad”?
    There are always a few who have a conscience, …but slavery ended when it became uncompetitive as a means of production. When the plantation owners started adding up the cost of having so many damn slaves to house and feed – (not to mention the hoards like you and Islandgal – who were actually family due to the percolation) they ended the slavery thing, ….and went for “emancipation”, where the blacks were then forced to pay their OWN way, while doing the same plantation work for pittances….


    • @Bush Tea

      Better known as the apprentice period.

      On Sunday, 27 April 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  18. @ AC

    First issue – bless is a verb, blessed is the adjective as in “Whom Jah bless, let no one curse…” you must be guyanese cause only they say “have a bless day” but at any rate, and you can ask our Guyanese DPP to comprehend or validate that, it is bad grammar.

    Second point, a batsman comes onto the cricket field when his team mates have scored 265 runs, the clown in this case Fumble, is only “inheriting” that score and has done nothing to aid in that score, so your statement about this being a higher role is again, ingrunce.

    The role, and importance thereof, is not assigned to Fumble alone, AC, his predecessor and his successor, in 3 months will have the same role of advancing this Reparations talk on the international stage..

    I oan know why I does do did to meself doah… like i gots a likig for self mutilation or someting….

    @ Bush Tea

    The Johns (almost said Johnies of this world are always very quick to intone the “why cant we all just get along” line

    I would wish to pose this question to John

    Suppose you were to be tasked with the matter of Aribert Heim, Dr. Death the Nazi criminal hunted by Simon Wiesenthal” what would your response be?

    Would you tout this which cant we all just get along line then? Do you thing that what the Nazis did was any less dehumanizing that what the slavers did, and do you think that they should pay in some form or fashion that even I ole fart that I am, am still grappling with?

    I believe in self actuation and i will never hold this woe-is-me line but when i look at Haiti having to pay France because of taking a stand on the wickedness that is slavery and the companies and aristocracy that has and still does benefit from the legacy of slavery well it jes doan seem right to adopt this let bygones be bygones line do it??

    Jes’ me me a bearing here though. Is one of dem who feels dat de two white fellows dat bun down that field should get leggo pun bail?
    jus asking!

    !/2 hour till de insulin, de madam soon home, and de food get cook and ‘ent burn nor nuffin so I still in de main house and not de dog house…

  19. Suppose you were to be tasked with the matter of Aribert Heim, Dr. Death the Nazi criminal hunted by Simon Wiesenthal” what would your response be?

    I would go to Wikipedia to find out who Arbeit Heim was where I would discover he has been dead since 1992

    Thereafter, I would not waste my time !!!

  20. Do you thing that what the Nazis did was any less dehumanizing that what the slavers did, and do you think that they should pay in some form or fashion that even I ole fart that I am, am still grappling with?

    Slavery is dehumanizing and has been for the millennia it has existed.

    Atleast even you recognize slaves were of value to their owners and so unlikely to be harmed …. more likely to be treated well.

    The Nazis in their final solution sought to expunge the Jews from Europe.

    They indulged in some slavery along the way but their goal was the annihilation of the Jews.

    There really is no comparison.

    • @John

      if there was any lingering. Doubt about your capacity to understand the devastating impact on Blacks under the rule of slavery you just confirmed it. The words are there for all to see. What Bolshevik shit!

      On Sunday, 27 April 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  21. David

    I am a descendant of the same slaves as the people who claim to be Black.

    My ancestors went through the same trials.

  22. David | April 27, 2014 at 12:20 PM |


    if there was any lingering. Doubt about your capacity to understand the devastating impact on Blacks under the rule of slavery you just confirmed it. The words are there for all to see. What Bolshevik shit!

    It took a bit of time to sink in but I realize that I have never been called a Communist before on account of what I have said. That is not to say that I don’t see the theoretical benefits of Communism, I am just a bit leary of its practice.

  23. @ John

    You seem to like the Internet alot so you may like this (uncorroborated, generally not sound) source as the azimuth for your flawed reasoning about survivors versus descendants receiving reparations.

    “China refused war reparations from Japan[5] in the 1972 Joint Communiqué, Japan gave ODA (official development assistance), amounting to 3 trillion yen (30 billion USD, 90% of which are low interest loans). In Japan, this was perceived as a way of making amends to China for past military aggression. According to estimates, Japan accounts for more than 60 percent of China’s ODA received. About 25 percent of the funding for all of China’s infrastructure projects between 1994 and 1998 — including roads, railways, telecom systems and harbours — came from Japan”

    Who was this US$30B directed to survivors or descendants?

    The thing is that when you idiots are stripped of the leave it alone and let bygones be bygones drivel you resort to the survivors versus descendents position much like trying Castling Chess) in the case where your king will cross the path of an attacking piece (of the rock yeah right)

    Sorry could not help that last one…

  24. What are all the Activists doing about modern day Slavery? Surely those that at truly, genuinely concerned should be taking concerted action on places like Sudan? What about all the Black young ladies (other races too) being enslaved by Pimps, (proportionately more Black in the Cbean and Nth AM) Surely the emphasis should be on preventing slavery today!

    While it would be good that the Europeans pay reparations in the form of funding better Education, Healthcare etc(preferably by actually building the institutions and systems and NOT sending cash to get thief by the Pols) No amount of $$$$$ are going to change the evils perpetrated in history.

    Additionally,why should people that were never slaves be given cash?Who would think the boys on the block collecting $10,000 each, are going to really put it to good use improving themselves? Why would they deserve cash?

  25. PDYR……if you analysis is true ,,it means that there were other batsman batting on the” reparation field” which is not true …however from my point of disadvantage,,it is clear that in this case the wicket has only been rolled out and the FIRST man called to bat is PM STUART……whose performance must be stellar that as it may,,,,,,PM STUART was given the coveted FIRST to bat ……..a FIRST upon which a great deal of responsibility lies on shoulders,,, ask Sir garfield sobers…….hav a bless day……..ole man……..

    while i am at it let me Congratulate the PM for being the first to be chosen among his peers to lead the charge moving forward attempt to bat on a sticky wicket,,,,,,from my disadvantageous view the bowlers are deadly and faster than grease lightning…… but one must not deter but face every fast ball in a manner as if one life depend on it for survival…..

  26. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on War Reparations FOR VICTIMS.

    “War reparations are payments intended to cover damage or injury inflicted during a war. Generally, the term war reparations refers to money or goods changing hands, rather than such property transfers as the annexation of land.

    Making the defeated party pay a war indemnity is a common practice with a long history.

    Iraq and Kuwait[edit]

    After the Gulf War, Iraq accepted United Nations Security Council resolution 687, which declared Iraq’s financial liability for damage caused in its invasion of Kuwait. The United Nations Compensation Commission (“UNCC”) was established, and US$350 billion in claims were filed by governments, corporations, and individuals. Funds for these payments were to come from a 30% share of Iraq’s oil revenues from the oil for food program. It was not anticipated that US$350 billion would become available for total payment of all reparations claims, so several schedules of prioritization were created over the years.

    The UNCC says that its prioritization of claims by natural people, ahead of claims by governments and entities or corporations (legal persons), “marked a significant step in the evolution of international claims practice.”

    Payments under this reparations program continue; as of July 2010, the UNCC stated that it had actually distributed US$18.4 billion to claimants.[citation needed]

    There have been attempts to codify reparations both in the Statutes of the International Criminal Court and the UN Basic Principles on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims.”

  27. the jews today are benefiting from the holocaust,,,never heard nobody pick teet when the jews said NEVER FORGET,,,,,and boldly took their case to the international courts ..not one stumbling block or questions pertaining to HOW and WHY and WHO ..should received this or that,,,, the survivors of the holocaust and the benefactors some are set for life,,,many of the money which some of these jewish individuals have received would be inherited by their offspring children and gran children after they dead .some of them might never have to lick stick for the rest of their lives,,however in the case where blacks seek justice and fair find the hate and jealousy raising it ugly heads ,, and even some blacks who believe that the black race does not deserve one red cent from the accused ……as always crab in the barrell mentality would cement or fate,,,,,,,

  28. Is one of dem who feels dat de two white fellows dat bun down that field should get leggo pun bail?

    I went up to Chancery Lane to see a fire earlier this year, it may have been the one the two boys set. Every year up there burns. The area on which people plan to build or are keeping as an investment create in my view a public nuisance and asks to be burnt during the dry season.

    Those two boys should receive a caning for acting as irresponsibly as they did by choosing a time when homeowners would be at work and the sun and wind the hottest and highest.

    However, they removed a public nuisance which sooner or later would have been removed by someone else.

    There was a 2 day period earlier this month when the fire brigade responded to over 50 fires.

    Bajans love fires, lighting them and watching them.

    I think a night time controlled burning program during the dry season should be undertaken island wide.

    An alternative is fines on landowners to keep their property in order.

    Maybe a combination is in order depending on the location of the land.

    It will reduce the stress on the Fire Brigade and give a vent for boys in areas where land has been left idle to create a hiding place for rats and criminals.

    It will also reduce the possibility of serious loss for home owners like the ones in St. Philip who lost their houses, or Christ Church who lost their cars earlier this month.

    Kind of like a de-bushing program.

    …. ok , so it may reduce the availability of bush to make tea but what the heck, life goes on.

    All that is needed is responsible adults to plan and execute.

  29. What the Johns/Johnnies of the world are yet to figure out is, if someone had sued the asses off the very first slave traders or better yet, hung them until they shat themselves, the present lot of descendants of slaves would not now have to sue the descendants of the last lot of slave traders, there would have been a lesson learned somewhere in there back then cause there would have been a lot of dead ass slave traders back then to everyone’s delight, would have saved our ancestors lots of grief……….so, with this present lawsuit for reparations, the potential for a new gaggle of slave master jump up wannebes is being GREATLY REDUCED,i hope i have made myself clear…christ, it’s not rocket science.

  30. “JERUSALEM (AP) — In an annual ritual, Israel will come to a standstill Monday morning for the country’s official Holocaust remembrance day. Air raid sirens will wail across the country as pedestrians stop in their tracks and drivers exit their vehicles and bow their heads to honor the six million victims of the Nazi genocide of World War II that wiped out a third of world Jewry.”

    In a weird quirk of fate, Israel will observe as Remembrance Day for the Holocaust the same day we will observe as Heroes Day.

  31. @ John

    You remember Arson Truss? He was the onliest politician in Bulbados who burn down every unsuccessful business dat he had, collect de insurance money from all uh dem, and ent get lock up.

    I was reading your passionate plea for thiese two fellows to receive knighthoods for burning down rabble land that is harbouring ratsa and criminals!

    I honestly could not believe that reasoning coming from a man who is supposedly bright and reasonable.

    Then, not content to promote your Self Appointed Reserve Firemens Scheme you then went one step further and suggested that it would be best if this gaggle of self appointed reserve firemens burnt the fires at night!!

    Well John, I really thought that the award for JA went to she who i love dearly, no sireee dat is not de wife, dat is my nemesis here pun BU, but i going have to reconsider that in addition to she and dat next fellow dat does buse me now and agin, you is a serious contender fuh dis award.

    Where you was pun dese days dat dese mysterious fires is plaguing Bulbados?

    Is you related to Aaron Truss?

    David[BU] whu is dis man IP address and he real, real address, i tink dat de Guyanese DPP ( I add he nationality to cause insurrection fuh de xenophiles) need tuh investigate dis so dat he and de Commissioner uh Police cud put de blame pun Johnie muh boy like de former Commissioner did say dat de real rapists as de fellows he ingrunt police did arrest!!

    John, whu part you say you live again, and whu you say bout did Chancery Lane Fyah agin,

    Hello 611? Dey is a fellow heah pun BU dat know bout all de mysterious fyahs in Bulbados, I trying to get he to give out he real name so i gine hafta call wunna back ….wunna hear?

  32. Figured I would get your goat with a commonsense solution!!

    Always works!!

    Control Burning was the norm for a year (or two) in Barbados in the 1970’s.

    This was done to make it easier for Bajans to reap the canes.

    I can’t remember the chronology but I think it was abandoned before Vincentians were hired to cut the canes in Barbados because it affected the yield adversely.

    After that plantations were paid a green cane incentive by the factories and this was distributed to the workers.

    Every week during crop, most if not all plantations burnt on a Sunday night and Tuesday/Wednesday night enough acreage for a couple of days work.

    Sometimes plantations helped one another.

    I recall as a boy my cousin and I regularly took part. We either drove the tractor, operated the hose on the fire cart or burnt the canes. Two adults were present, the plantation manager and the supervisor also involved in the work.

    We burnt the bottom of the field then went up usually the south side so we burnt against the wind. When we got to the top of the field we went across and then came down the north side either burning or outing fire.

    By the time we got across the top we often only had to wait for the fire to blaze and then burn itself out. We then checked around the field and went home.

    The four of us never lost control of any fire we set and managed in the controlled manner I described.

    I figure we burnt hundreds of acres over the period. For us boys it was great fun too.

    I can’t recall a Fire Engine ever being there, how could they be at so many plantations at the same time. Sometimes an officer would drive by and check with his eyes and also with the manager.

    Besides, their equipment was and still to a large extent is limited to the paved road.

    It was deemed necessary at the time, the manager informed the Fire Service and we got on with it.

    We started at 6:00pm and finished by 8:00pm.

    I learnt to have a healthy respect for fire and understand how to anticipate and limit its many moves.

    Organized burning at night of areas the Fire Service know will burn in the dry season can prevent a lot of the losses we suffer every year. It can reduce the pressure on the Fire Service greatly.

    Instead of having over 50 fires with which to contend in two days across the whole island, the areas which the Fire Service know cause problems every year can be burnt at night in a controlled manner.

    They can manage parish by parish and know that if there is a large fire in the day in one parish that the major areas in other parishes have already been burnt so they don’t have to hold back limited resources.

    Persons suffering from asthma can get out of the area at the time it is scheduled to be burnt and not be surprised and stuck without transportation when it is burnt unexpectedly.

    There can be control and some sort of civilisation.

    Simple logic ….. no need to be a rocket scientist!!

    It is sometimes called management.

    Bajans run to a fire … and away from rain!!

    Pointless appealing to them not to light fire.

    Unlike the early 70’s when we produced upwards of 100,000 tons of sugar on a large acreage we no produce less than 20% of that on a correspondingly lesser acreage.

    Much of the unused land has been allowed to grow bush because it is uneconomical to produce sugar. It becomes a public nuisance because its worth is not respected and people will purposely light it to get rid of cow itch or reduce the eyesore it causes.

  33. WELL WELL…IF ,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,,,now go back to the drawing board and say something sensible,,,,,,,,,,if………if,,,,,,, doesn’t change anything,,,,,,,,

  34. @ John,

    I concede to the point on Controlled Burning and all i can say is that the asthmatics cant all “get out of the area” especially at night when I supposed t be at my home doing homework, or tekking my medication

    An excellent repartee and the old man bows his head to what is a sound reasoning and i am not too old to relinquish a position to wiser, reasoned council.

    We get rid of the eyesores and the cow itch, the rodents and the safe havens for the criminal element who always lurking.

    I still isnt gine let you off for the substantive part of the blog regarding reparations.

    I like to listen to, read or otherwise assimilate the wisdom of the ages and i came across this one which I am sure being the avid reader and searcher that you are, you may be inclined to “suffer” through.

    I just started it myself and will probably revert to it tomorrow at 2 or three when de ole man wake up to watch and mek sure that the harbinger of death doan come and tek he while he sleeping.

    One eye in de pot and de udder up de chimney wid a bow-wow-wow…

    It is not really the money thing that i am concerned with, what causes me fear is the equation by which people going get the money, if it is paid to individuals, I CAN GUARANTEE REPARATIONS IS NOT GOING TO WORK.

    However I am similarly disturbed by the other modalities of dispensation which involve paying the blensers to the incompetent governments that we have come to know so well, i hope it doan happen before 2018 doah while dese fellows in.

    The thing is John there is alot that we HAVE TO DEAL WITH, we just cant sweep this one under the carpet wid that Its past, get over it mentality.

  35. PODR

    I saw that video already but could not remember the outcome. Both sides had some good points and were very persuasive. I cheated and jumped to the end.

    The more we know about our past the less likely we are to repeat its mistakes …. cliché but true.

    The point about the control burning in the 1970’s is that there were obviously strong voices opposed to it but the decision was implemented.

    When it became obvious we were wrong we made a decision to stop.

    Despite its flaws, I like that a lot about the previous generation charged with charting a way forward, it could listen to reason and change direction.

    I am not sure if this current generation can.

    It is too brainwashed and disconnected from the land and much of our economy is in tatters as a result.

  36. @ John

    The Purpose of Letting Land Run to Fallow or “Why we are encouraged to reason together”

    When I was mucccchhhh younger i remember that my grandfather would talk about land going to fallow.

    Ole people had such a way about them, wisdom that came through the years i guess, but an appreciation of things that worked.

    I just did a search for that concept and found this “Agriculture can be draining to the soil, especially when farmers plant the same crop year after year. The reason is simple: Each species of plant leeches something from the soil while giving something else back. For instance, soybeans leave nitrates in the soil while corn absorbs nitrates. To replenish the chemical composition of soil after a crop, some farmers let their land go fallow so that the native plants can naturally restore the soil’s balance”

    Read more:

    Now let me see if the ole man can put all his thoughts together

    (i) we have a problem where land is allowed to fall to states of unacceptable ruin and dismay and provides harbour for rats and the two legged criminal rats
    (ii) the land left to its devices springs bush and wild tamarinds that overun our districts
    (iii) we have some sort of Agriculture Development Project up in St George close to COttage that is supposed to know about canes and that sort of thing and genetically producing robust cane like the Australians have done with crossbreeding our black belly sheep

    What if John, and I know that this what if is as herculean a task as “what if the Minister of Education, We Jonesing, cudda speak proper english and put together a relevant curriculum for the “chilrun” of Bulbados.

    But what if these indolent public servants at this BADMC could look for a resilient crop, which would support this “run to fallow concept”, cover the earth with a ground cover of 2 foot maximum height and reduce the prolific grass/bus/wild tamarind eyesores that we are seeing?

    Is there such a crop that can do this and will jes grow, widout much water, in de times when the sun hot, and de water short?

    I en know John but de ole man figure dat effing we cud put a man pun de moon, and effin we gots people like Fumble and Sincliar dat cud do magician tricks and mek de Central Bank, in the absence uh money, print mock money en ting, we mussee got a few Bajan mad mens like dat fellow Richard Hoad, or Lennon Chandler or some body dat got brains and does use it, to come up wid a ting to tek care uh de ground cover and not become a wild fire about to kill all uh we asthmatics!!

    Even if we did get somebody at de Future Centre Trust or one uh dese Green Business peoples to examine and integrate a sea-water desalination project tuh water dis resilient crop once evey two weeks or so whu it wud still mean dat we growing sumting to feed we guts, getting rid uh de bush and tief havens and reconstituting de land fuh when nex we gine use it

    I en really know bout how to get rid uh de rats, i did tinking bout a rats party, you know, one where de rats in de house uh parliament put an ad in de newpapers and invite de ones in de cane fields to come down deah and den we get somebody tuh bun down that 365 year old building, but dat would be Controlled Burning (arson) and euthanasia (not murder).

    I may not be posting pun heah fuh much longer causing I can see dat tomorrow self Chris Sinckliar gine rise up in de parilaiment and say dat Piece uh De Rock Yeah Right advertise dat “he and he cohort want killing by fire”

    Whu you tink?

  37. @ Well Well

    Wogs, spics and niggers this is the reality of the black, uppity nigger.

    And this is why I have problems with the filth that CBC broadcasts to my children and grandchildren.

    I am not preaching hatred but I believe that we need to air our history on a national stage in a way that these indolent black “yutes” under the tamarind trees in Bush Hall and cross in the Pine doan ever forget and that the ones who prostitute themselves with the blackies and the crack do so AFTER seeing the reality of literature like ““Sammy Davis, Jr., A Personal Journey with My Father,” and other serious insights into the fight and uphill battle that we still face

  38. Sammy was treated horribly!
    However, the critical point is that HE was TOTALLY CONVINCED about his talent and prospects. He was determined to succeed. Where did he end up?

    Married to a beautiful woman across racial lines and friend to the top entertainers of the day, Frankie and Dean, a Rat Pack member. Naturally, he made millions of people very happy with his talent.

    Sammy, did not let the racial crap get to him in a self defeating way!
    Never let others decide where U are going.

  39. Piece….they, black youths are being fed a steady diet of the wrong culture, they cannot find themselves with the garbage they see so often.

    Money…..there is merit in what you say, but it does not mean racism is not still alive and that it should not still be vigorously resist like the poison that it is, it has to be eradicated permanently.

  40. @WW
    My advice to the youth especially is NOT to wait for eradication of Racism, dont believe that “woe is me”, develop Positive Psychology realistically ( not everyone can reach the very top) and relentlessly pursue.

    The Black Community must be careful NOT to perpetuate Negativity.
    However, the objectives of Equality etc must always be in focus too.

    Clever Black parents probably make it clear to be careful of racism BUT aim for the top regardless!

  41. @ Money Brain

    The strain of “develop positive attitudes” is all good WHEN there is an environment which encourages this.

    I have lived to see 5 successive generations of a family born in the American slums of Harlem, grandmother, mother, daughter, grand daughter, and great gran get breed at 13 years old and each have 5 to eight children the great gran is on her first at 14!! And live off of Social Security and food Stamps. Love Live America, one acre and 5 mules, bless that great country, purveyor of souls!!

    These positive attitudes DO NOT SPRING UP BY some magical auto-genesis as you seem to be positing. They need nurturing by real men not the Mamby pamby Ralph Boyce’s at MESA.

    You might have lived in a household with a positive matriarch one where, even if your fadder was absent, you muddah ruled with an iron will and sowed the seeds of a positive self imagery that was not diluted by New Jack City or Machete or any of the senseless killings that Jason and Freddy of Friday the 13, House at the End of the Street and SAW glamourize. You do know one must have the skill to watch filth and to know how to discern that it is filth.

    Aint eveybody who watch Django who can compare and contrast this Tarrantin version starring Jamie Foxx (or in fact Leonardo Di Caprio) with the Sergio Corbucci’s Django of 20 years ago starring Franco Nero and the Lee Van Cleef Sabata precursors eons ago.

    Very few of these “children who will give birth to children” can even understand the nuance of “a time to kill” because life without dignity is not life at all and the senselessness of killing a man because he stepped on your Timberlands

    And who is the enemy to the black man here in Bulbados?

    I too old to venture from these shores to Amurica at my age) so i gine keep this pointed at where this talk bout reparations needs to start – via constant indoctrination by we TV CBC.

    Flood it with the message of self determination and uplifting content for the 95% of we dat live heah. So what if I preaching exclusion of the other 5%, wid all de resta TV dat dem gots pun cable and internet and de Dream Boxes dem gine get cater to.

    But I is an ole man bound by time, the insulin clock and the harbinger of doom and gloom, no not Chris Sinckliar and Delisle Worrell, de One with the Sickle

    Reparations start here in the mind through simple things like TV, radio, values, programming, the fifth estate, voting out the DLP but replacing it with competent foot soldiers not the filth that we seeing lining up at the ballot boxes.

    And please doan gi’ me dem African movies dat does show bear drivel, give me uplifting messages so I can know of Biko, Patrice Lumumba and the active oppression and assassination of my brothers that continues up to today.

  42. @Piece
    I never said it is easy.

    BUT giving each young person $10,000 in Reparations will certainly not solve anything for the vast majority either!

    The whole system needs revision. Encouraging nonsense via perpetual Social Security and Food Stamps only, without insisting that people learn the tools necessary to extricate themselves from poverty will lead nowhere. Same for jailing people after poor education was supplied for years and then during incarceration doing little to educate them.

    You are sure correct that the garbage on TV and other media is NOT exactly BRAIN FOOD! This is why proper “social engineering” is useful if conducted sensibly. There are countries making excellent, rapid progress by implementing strategies that lead to improvement. Lets learn from them.
    Naturally, many Western Nations cant change because people have the rights to NOT improve and continue sucking the lifeblood out of the country.

    This WILL change since most of these countries are Bankrupt or close, at the same time that the highest proportion of Retirees are due cash! The Math can not work!

    It is important to know of Biko et al, as it is to know that South Africa is now under Black Government. What progress is being made there with regards to Education, Healthcare et al? Has the rape of young Black females reduced in the last 10yrs? The emphasis for the youngsters education must be on how to position them for a productive and rewarding life above all else.


    This being a righteous train
    Train to Zion

    When I was just a kid
    My Mama used to teach me this song

    This train carry no backbiters, this train
    This train carry no backbiters, this train
    This train carry no backbiters
    Carry only Jah Jah, Jah Jah chosen people
    This train

    This train carry no wrongdoers, this train
    Said, this train carry no wrongdoers, this train
    This train carry no wrongdoers
    Only carry, carry Jah righteous people
    This train


    This train it is bound for Africa, this train
    This train it is bound for Africa, this train
    This train it is bound for Africa
    Not to carry no weakheart, but Jah righteous people
    This train

    This train it is bound for Zion, this train
    This train it is bound for Zion, this train
    This train it is bound for Zion
    But only carry Jah Jah righteous, Jah Jah righteous people
    Come in love and unity
    This train

    Tell me now!
    This train

    This train don’t carry no oppressors
    This train

  44. Money said:
    “Clever Black parents probably make it clear to be careful of racism BUT aim for the top regardless!”

    Money………so what do you propose the clever bajan white parents tell their children with regard to discriminating against, hating black people on the island….let me tell you their was a teacher at the Ursulines name Goddard, she used to tell 4 year olds that black was bad, eventually the school had to get rid of her and the thing is her skin is the most disgusting and spotted to look at, very unattractive, but, do you know how much psychological damage she caused to the bajan white, black and mixed breed children at that age who to this day remember what that bitch said….I am thinking that clever bajan whites should be telling their children don’t practice racism and actually practice what they preach, if they are of a mind to do so………then and only then will all things be equal.

  45. @WW
    Teaching Racial Discrimination is obviously HEINOUS! (practicing too)

    Things are never equal! Too many variables of which Race is one only. Treating people equally is what is required.

  46. I was sold as a slave in Africa, to an European (ooh-yeah)
    I was bound in chains and takin’ me on to the Caribbean (ooh-yeah)
    New faces that I met, sayin’, they are my master
    Teach I to be like fools
    Jah Jah, use to cheat on the Bible rules
    They use I and I for tools
    Is a good thing I stick to Jah golden rule
    I never miss a day in school
    Teach I should teach I to analyse
    I invert my life’s situation
    Then I really get, to realisin’
    A Rastaman first, bring civilization, on ya (right-ya)
    Rasta civilize ya! (on-ya)

    Israel your history say
    From 1655, we have been working on the same plantation
    Chanting the same recitation, sayin’
    Jah Jah is loving and a who don’t love
    Him never know Jah (ooh-no)
    Coulda never know Jah (ooh-no, no!)

    Robbing, cheatin’, hatred and war
    That is the culture of Babylon heart
    Sayin’ they teach us of so called civilization, on-ya (on ya!)
    Babylon, you are a sly old fox
    Lock you in the box and a throw away the key
    For all those tricks you play when I was near
    Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah got the master key
    And a Rastaman, bring civilization, on ya (right-ya)
    Rasta civilize ya! (on-ya)

    Israel your history say: From 1655, we have been working on the same plantation
    Chanting the same recitation, sayin’
    Jah Jah is loving and a who don’t love
    Him never know Jah (ooh-no)
    Never, never know Jah (ooh-no, no!)
    Babylon, you are a lying old fox
    Lock you in the box, and a throw away the key
    For all those tricks you play when I was near
    Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah got the master key
    And a Rastaman bring civilization, on ya (on-ya)
    Rasta civilize ya! (on-ya)
    And a Rastaman bring civilization, on-ya (on-ya, right-ya)

  47. France is quite desperate but active to keep a strong hold on his colonies what ever the cost, no matter what.
    In March 2008, former French President Jacques Chirac said:
    “Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power”

    Chirac’s predecessor François Mitterand already prophesied in 1957 that:
     ”Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century”

    At this very moment I’m writing this article, 14 african countries are obliged by France, through a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into France central bank under French minister of Finance control. Until now, 2014, Togo and about 13 other african countries still have to pay colonial debt to France. African leaders who refuse are killed or victim of coup. Those who obey are supported and rewarded by France with lavish lifestyle while their people endure extreme poverty, and desperation.

    Money Brain are you aware of the crimes that France & European Powers committed against African People .

  48. Who could argue against the fact that some three hundred years of slavery, has had a lasting impact on our efforts as a Black people in the Western-hemisphere to achieve our full potential as a human beings. And I know that there are some who have tried to advanced the argument that we ought not look back in the past because it only serves to retard our progress. And my response to that argument would be that the past with its good and evil lives in the present. It took America hundreds of years to achieved the kind of economic and political influence it now enjoys in our present time; it just didn’t happened overnight. So on the same token, it will take the man of color a long time to get his act together I believe.

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