Bizzy Williams Supports Butch Stewarts’s Sandals/Beaches NOT Bernie Weatherhead’s ALMOND Suggestion

Local entrepreneur and the other member of the Williams dynamic duo Bizzy Williams has thrown his support behind Butch Stewart and Sandals/Beaches at the expense of local tycoon Bernie Weatherhead. Bizzy Williams letters to the local newspapers have gone under the radar this week but given the importance of tourism, the washpan of concessions to Butch Stewart and the success of Bernie Weatherhead as a homegrown businessman it is worthy of discussion.

Read Bizzy’s letter to the traditional media:

Opportunities with Sandals/Beaches

My loyalty to Barbados and the people of Barbados has no bounds. My track record is transparent. I have many hard-working Bajan friends who share my feelings about our country and its people who are busting their brains to find ways to get our rock out of this recession. “Bernie” Weatherhead is one of them. I have admired his work and continuous investment to expand his business enterprises in Barbados. To demonstrate, we recently placed most of Williams Industries Insurance business with his Sun General company. I shop at his I’mart and Hallmark stores. I attended the reopening function of the failed Almond Resort in St Peter and I listened carefully to what he said and what our Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy said in their speeches. I commend “Bernie” for what he has achieved.

I have not invested one cent in Sandals. I have no reason whatsoever to be biased one way or another, but I feel obliged to sacrifice my friendship with Bernie in favour of my loyalty to Barbados if I am forced to choose. Barbados needs the power of the marketing juggernaut and the quality of the Sandals / Beaches brands in the US market especially, to put Barbados back up there as the most desirable destination in the Caribbean. And in my view, Barbados has to send a clear message to the world that when we commit to a business agreement we abide by our commitment.

118 thoughts on “Bizzy Williams Supports Butch Stewarts’s Sandals/Beaches NOT Bernie Weatherhead’s ALMOND Suggestion

  1. Oh my goodness!
    Does the rest of Barbados feel that one Butch Stewart is going to be the saviour of Barbados’ tourism?

    Is Bizzy saying that only Sandals and Beaches have the magic wand?

    What if we do to the Almond’s brand what Stewart did with the Sandals brand?

    After all, there was not always a Sandals and Beaches……..did not Sandals come first and then a Beaches brand came?

    Did not all this success come from aggressive marketing?

    Does Bizzy not think that if Weatherhead “copies” Stewart’s playbook, he could do the same to the Almond brand?

    Does Bizzy ever read Tripadvisor to see some of the reviews that clients of Sandals and Beaches post?

    I am still of the view that after the thug in chief refused to help Almond’s shareholders when they reached out before it closed its doors saying that it was a private company, it had no right to go and push out Doyle from Crane who wanted the property…what changed between ignoring the shareholders and when Doyle expressed his interest in the property? Does the bank roller of the DLP have anything to do with this?

    What Barbados needs at this time is to put money into marketing but as we know putting money into constituency councils is more important than putting money into marketing Barbados. But there again, that is not important….this inept incompetent government just fired the whole marketing team at the BTA!

  2. fool are you unaware that putting money in an entity that had miliions of dollars thrown into it in the past without having competent people with good marketing strategies is not the solution.

  3. Bajans too love their White, red and pink people, hear! Even at the worst of times, these are the people, a conversation between, must be a subject for the rest of us. People who can only claim success based on government help. It is the service to these people that is at the centre of our current problems. We are lost

  4. Bizzy Williams must be complimented for his honesty. It is pure folly to blame Butch Stewart for developing a world class product/brand. While the concessions may be genuinely considered to be somewhat extravagant the reasoning for doing such could be understood by objective persons.

  5. Bizzy wrote that he lost over 5 million as a result of investing in Almonds why should he support an entity that cost him that much? If there is anyone who believe in throwing good money after bad? If they are out there they should step up to the plate.

    Bizzy is speaking out of experience and is entitled to his opinion just like the Party eunuchs who know that talk is cheap and have never invested a cent in anything.

    • We have two issues here:

      The value of a Sandals bringing marketing muscle to bear and whether the washpan of concessions given is/will be worth it.

      The other issue is government enabling the environment to support local entreprenuers. The fact the BHTA and Intimate Hotels have had to make a lot of noise to demand greater level concession is instructive.

  6. This inept incompetent bunch of wild boys we have for a government gave Butch Stewart 40 years of duty free concessions, is providing a new brand hotel built to Butch’s specifications and we have people talking crap. Does Bizzy not think that if Weatherhead is given the same 40 years of freeness, he could not make Almond world class too? Give me break!

  7. @ David
    You know of course that there is no corelation between wealth and common sense in relation to white people in Barbados…
    ….otherwise Lowdown would be a billionaire and certain moguls unnamed would be like ninja man….

    There is this propensity to look for the EASIEST way to achieve wealth. 99% of the time this involves begging, prostitution, or stealing.
    The CORRECT approach of course is to EARN success by developing and excelling at the natural talents which we all have. Sometimes this may mean that brilliant success is reflected in a modest income, a limited bank account or a small chattel home…..if our “talent” happens to be such…..

    Is Bizzy not looking to jump into bed with Butch in search of some of his largesse?
    Would it not be better to DEVELOP our own LOCAL TALENT TO ITS MAXIMUM?
    …..which path do you think Lowdown would choose….?

    Bizzy is a joker just like Sargeant…. Anyone who invest $5m into any shiite – and then is unable to exercise any influence to ensure its success HAS TO BE A JOKER….be it Almond or Red Jet.

    Bushie don’t know why David thinks that what Bizzy thinks is worth discussion on BU… Bizzy is just looking for some relevance – and ain’t yet realize that he can’t tie Lowdown’s shoelaces when it comes to commonsense……
    Bizzy just got more dollars than sense….
    SARGEANT ain’t got either….LOL Ha Ha….

    • @Bush Tea

      We have a problem because the model which countries follow today is based on conspicious consumption.

  8. @Pacha
    Right on the money.These whiteys so called all head WELFARE COMPANIES.They are no better than the Fatted Calf Mendicants aka as barefoot bag blind dlp bandwagon jumpers.
    Success is success.If Bernie can be successful with the existing property why do we need this abrasive backrow fella to leach off our backs.Then again, Stuart,Sinckler,Worrell are all visionless,spineless and hopeless.
    Put some money in the party and get a pick on a board is their modus operandi.

  9. Bush Tea,
    “Bizzy is a joker just like Sargeant…. Anyone who invest $5m into any shiite – and then is unable to exercise any influence to ensure its success HAS TO BE A JOKER….be it Almond or Red Jet”……………

    Dont forget Carib Express!

  10. @BT
    Bizzy is a joker just like Sargeant…. Anyone who invest $5m into any shiite – and then is unable to exercise any influence to ensure its success HAS TO BE A JOKER….be it Almond or Red Jet
    In the investment world there is no sure thing, I invest my 2 shekels here and there and have been required to fill out forms which indicate my risk level. I could opt for conservative and earn a small return or I could opt for high risk and make much more of course I could also lose more.

    People often take risk for they are looking for a big payday and if Bizzy’s comfort level is to take big risks kudos to him. You of course take your money and put it into the Credit Union and look at a couple of zeros in your bank book and say “ looka me I am smart” and cuss the credit union management on the blog when they take extravagant trips with your money which is not keeping pace with inflation.

    So to use an old cliché while the grass is growing the horse is starving and Bushie’s horse looks like a Jackass.

  11. @PS

    If the cap fits wear it, I challenge anyone to look at your posts and they will come face to face with the living king of insults.

  12. @ David
    We have a problem because the model which countries follow today is based on conspicious consumption
    Exactly right!
    …so our solution is to stick slavishly to that model?
    What is wrong with a model based on INDIGENOUS development and let the chips fall where they may…?
    What about building on our STRENGTHS….instead of importing scam artists…?
    The damn credit union is a strength
    The sugar industry is a strength
    Our SMALL FLAT topography is a strength
    Out climate is a strength
    There is value in the brass bowls who populate the island… They are friendly, generally peaceful, pliable and compliant…

    Shiite man….our main problem is the set of jackasses who came after Barrow…..a situation which HE created (… by not instituting a MERITOCRACY like his pal Lee Kuan Yew…..)
    Instead he hand-picked a mock stick just to spite Richie …and the rest is history…..
    Steupsssss…! If yuh start wrong yuh can’t end right.

    • @Bush Tea

      From the start of BU we have had to confront the issue of when will the tipping point come to trigger a new beginning, a new attitude, BU submits we have to crash and rebuild IF we are able to.

  13. @ Sargeant
    …man don’t get vex.
    If you can’t stand the heat …do like Peter Wickham and buzz off….

    If yuh talking shiite yuh talking shiite….you expect to compare a NCO investing a couple dollars in a general investment fund and hoping for the best to someone investing $5M in a specific enterprise….?
    Grow up do!

    When Bushie invest seriously in any shiite the Bushman is buying INFLUENCE skippa…. If um fail after that only Bushie is to blame.

    LOL …in your case you just tossing out bait and hoping for a good bite – as Hants would put it……
    Wuh you may as well buy Lotto tickets…..

  14. The Sarge threw his corn, he didn’t call no fowl. Nonetheless today I learned that the meaning of EUNUCH is YARDFOWL. As I read sometime last week “Yardfowl Of The Year.” Tek a bow!

  15. “so stuart and sincklet are spineless!” so what spined did the blp produce over the years that has been of any major significance in producing a sustainable tourism product one which would have been sufficiently strong enough to weather the economic on slaught in the tourism industry.

  16. David
    …you better done with this crash and rebuild approach yuh….that shiite don’t work in the 21st century. When you crash nowadays your ass STAYS in the grass….
    Um is only our government with this mashup and buy-back mentality….
    Name Bushie a country that crashed due to idiocy and came back to sustainable success…..
    If we can’t LEARN from our mistakes and use our INTELLIGENCE to make corrections then we may as well crash and burn anyway….
    Rebuild for what then….?
    To do more shiite…?

  17. These posts from the brothers in arms BT & PS are prime examples of why the Barbados economy is down the chute. They criticise an entrepreneur because he lost money on a venture and it speaks of a backward mentality of some Bajans who believe that keeping their money in the Bank is the way to create wealth. They are the first in line to criticise “foreigners” who take advantage of opportunities and start successful businesses. Since the only sure things are death and taxes and the Gov’t has the monopoly on the former perhaps Bizzy should invest in funeral homes and crematoriums.

    Someone once said that the man who never made a mistake never made anything and it is obvious that BT & PS never made anything.

    BT what vex what, you pompaset all day with empty talk so I am doing my bit to expose “the sage of BU” as a nude king.

  18. “My loyalty to Barbados and the people of Barbados has no bounds.”

    Both Bizzy and COW love to wrap themselves in the flag when making pronouncements. Reminds you of the Bryan Adams hit song: “Everything I dooo, I do it for you.”

    He is an astute businessman and entrepreneur — you can’t take that away from him. But he has now become a legend in his own mind.

  19. Sergeant

    I have learned right here on BU and you should to: that you should never hit a man who has more friends in the room than you do. You know, we are some funny creatures because so easily we can see the biases and illogical reasoning in others, than we can see in ourselves.

  20. Bizzy loves Bim ? He full of shite! Bernie is a local but Bizzy wanna deal with the Butcher of Paradise.!! This guy(Bizzy) is a effing hypocrite..He loves Bim when it suits he..Phony as a three dollar bill.I guess Burger King is we culture now!

  21. Pachamama | March 29, 2014 at 10:03 AM |
    Bajans too love their White, red and pink people, hear!

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Bizzy, Cow, Weatherhead and the business elite rake in tons of easy money from the government because blacks fear them and pay them too much respect, in addition blacks don’t trust each other. The Bizzies have used black disunity to the maximum to line their pockets with government funds. As Denis Clarke said at the Social partnership meetings these pink people come with no ideas or commitment to move the country forward. They come with all sort of reasons why they should get more handouts, concessions and government contracts. The hotel sector is a prime example. The pink people are a of bunch of buy and sell jokers who stuff their pockets off the backs of the working class at the same time circle the wagons around themselves and live high on the hog.

  22. Duncan Brathwaite wrote “blacks fear them and pay them too much respect, in addition blacks don’t trust each other.”

    So how can we change the status quo?

    Where are radical black leaders who will implement change and teach black people to support their own?

  23. Lot of the money being collected for staying at Sandals in Barbados is being collected in the USA, How does that help FX? Until we get competitive with our currency and get away from this fixed peg to the worlds strongest currency, things are not going to change. Barbados will continue to be one of the most expensive destinations for a holiday in the world. That is the first big issue. As a result there is a little investment in new facilities because business people can not see a viable return on investment. Our next biggest issue is the appearance of the place. Take a look at all the garbage hanging around the place. Not exactly a 5 star experience.

  24. Let us just stop a minute and think what is being said here.

    Bernie Weatherhead has taken over management of Almond Beach Village, re-opened it with about 160 rooms, is employing local people, spending monies locally and to the best of my knowledge banking revenue generated locally, while paying all Government taxes and will continue doing so until April/May 2015.
    Sandals Casuarina is employing some local people up until next Tuesday, then closing until December 2014. It has stated that it will invest US$65 million to upgrade the property, not by currently adding rooms, but increasing the number of restaurants and other facilities.
    So still 280 rooms with a loss of over 16,000 ailine seats due to closure over the next eight months. Prior to closing and when it re-opens we have absoluelty NO idea what proportion of funds which are collected overseas will come to Barbados and their Chairman, Mr Stewart made it absolutely clear that he had no intention of answering this question
    recently, despite being granted unilateral extraordinary concessions by Government (the taxpayer) over the next 40 years. When Sandals re-opens possibily in December it will NOT generate anymore airlift or arrival numbers as Couples would have maintained these under their management. YES! jobs in the construction industry will be created including probably for the Williams Brothers companies, but the vast majority of money spent will be inputs requiring foreign exchange.
    Doubts remain of exactly what fiscal benefits the Government will extract from Sandals as the public has not been told about FX earnings and VAT payment by them. This could easily be substantianted by looking at their first two VAT returns filed.

    As to Beaches, subject to planninng permission it is difficult to imagine that any Beaches property at Heywoods could be open before May 2017, so again no increase in arrival numbers, airlift or measurable destination benefit to Barbados before this date.
    Government has stated it will be Chinese (Peoples Republic) funded and who will undertake the demolition and reconstruction. Will it be local companies employing local labour or the Chinese?

    There are also remaining questions to be answered, including WHY Sandals Resorts International paid over US$12 million to the TCI Government to avoid measures being taken against Directors of the company in the ongoing bribery, corruption and money laundering case involving the fomer TCI Premier.


    A bunch of crooks who lost their money, they never did it right or they be able to show the books , and then we all can learn , To hide your numbers and just talk, says you were not working above board,To loooooose 5 Millions mean you had 5 million to play with. How did you make the money in the first place , and so you shall loose it,.

  26. Duncan…….you tell the truth and if black Bajans were not such inherent hypocrites, they would admit to their weaknesses, gather some strength and start acting like that they are the majority in Barbados, in saying that, of course one would have to start with the weak-kneed, weak-minded deceitful leaders who are the first to admit that none of them are head of state in Barbados, real proud to admit that they are mere messengers.

  27. \
    Bizzy said he lost 8 million with the collapse of Redjet.Repeat 8 million!Add the 5 million he lost in Almond and the few million he lost in Carib Express,the airline notorious for having 42 company cars before they could get proper route rights.Geoffrey and Bernie didn’t know the financing of an airline is a bottomless pit without the right people in the right places.To be sure Bizzy should run from anything to do with tourism even offering free advice to his “friend” Bernie.Reminds one of another fellow who said his friend is no leper! Run from these users all.

  28. Hants

    it is a hopeless endeavor to teach black folk at this period in their history to support each other, when the DIVIDE and CONQUER mentality is so intricately interwoven in our DNA it is a shame. The pages of the history books clearly shows that most of the unsuccessful REVOLTS during the institution slavery( without the exception of the Haitian Revolt of course ) were caused by house slave informing on his black brother and sister in the field. The Nat Turner’s revolt is a prime example of this perpetual mentality which continues to be our Achilles heel to this day.


    Red Jet? did it fail for the MOF -Sinkman wanted 10 million$? 5 million$ for himself and another 5 million$ for others?
    Did Bizzy refuse to pay? and so went RED JET?

    Bizzy and COW made Million paving Violet Beckles lands also in to roads, and buildings,, Money paid out from the BLP and the tax payers

  30. @Sargeant “Since the only sure things are death and taxes and the Gov’t has the monopoly on the former”

    The government has a monopoly on death?

  31. Sargeant – I don’t recall Bizzy having any investment in Almond. he invested in a hotel down in St. Lucia with Ralph Taylor. The two of them got together and cuffuled BS&T & Goddards into letting them use the Almond brand. Real conflict of interest. That is where he lost his money – I guess he telling a little white lie there.

    I Agree, with if a Barbadian was given the 500 million the government giving Sandals to build the hotel and the 40 year concessions with it – anyone would build a fantastic place. Not only a Jamaican can do that. Why is it that a Barbadian first is not given that chance? The government need to re-look that right away. Bizzy you sounding Jamaican – not barbadian.

    I am 100% Barbadian – put it back out to see who would come forth.

  32. I read that article and had to laugh. We in St. Lucia are struggling and the only person who makes money out of Sandals is Bizzy and his good friend Chastanet. They own all the things that Sandals uses for guest. I am sure Bizzy is only backing Butch Stuart because he has a similar deal set up already for Barbados. He has to speak for the mouth that feeds him – and that is sad. He is actually putting his money over country – be ware. No patriotism there.

    A St. Lucian in Barbados

  33. My black brothers and sisters please know
    Bizzy/Cow will be making $$$$$$ when the hotel is push down and rebuilt.
    The Williams used our black brothers and sisters hard work to get to where their are today the so call whites can go to what their call work and get paid at cow/bizzy until they feel like stopping but the blacks must stop working at 65 yrs a white thief he is shifted to some where in the company .a black thief dismissal on the spot
    Cow was selling SAND for $53 a ton plus vat for the last 5-6yrs

  34. Prodigal Son | March 29, 2014 at 11:24 AM

    This inept incompetent bunch of wild boys we have for a government gave Butch Stewart 40 years of duty free concessions, is providing a new brand hotel built to Butch’s specifications and we have people talking crap. Does Bizzy not think that if Weatherhead is given the same 40 years of freeness, he could not make Almond world class too? Give me break!

    ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….wuh dammmmm..the blp had the longest reign of govt so it beehooves me to hear u talk about concessions and freeness of any kind,,,,given that during the blp illustrious reign of wealth and power,,, the said industry was given a truck ,load of concessions plus loans plus what the taxpayers do not know about ,,,,and most was squandered …..added to the numerous hotel closures some of which the taxpayers monies had been given to keep them some of those hotels afloat and which the taxpayers are still having to pay for,,, i meaning bizzy might not be the kind of glowing example or the spokesperson one would want to hear from on such an issue ……………
    however when the rubber meets the road,,,,the bottom line is about barbados and setting it on a path towards sustainability….and on that score he is absolutely correct……..two thumbs up for bizzy,,,,,,

    • A reminder when we refer to hotels being closed in Barbados that several were converted to condos and villas, an approach which BU is on record disagreeing. Also note that THIS government pumped millions into the hotel industry in relief, it was not just the BLP. Finally even the MoT of Barbados has admitted the sector is not competitive and needs help this has been seen with concessions to be offered to the industry at large. This comment is for the armchair critics whose source of Barbados news is the Internet.


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  35. in the best of times barbados under the blp had( close) to one hundred hotel closures,,,,,,,,yes in the BEST of times .. NO this govt not willing to take a chance of such a repeat,,,,,,,and this govt is now taking care in avoiding the mistakes of the past,,,,and has set out on a mission determined with care and diiligence to produce long term results in a market which has seemingly proven to be lacking in guidance and progressive movement .. however ..progressively sliding further and further into a whirpool of wishful thinking while waiting solely on govt support to pull them out . butch stewart might not be the all in all ,,,but when stack against what( we) have now,,,,,,his strategies outpaced all others

  36. bush tea unlike u i will give credit when credit is due,,,,,i have said enuff negative about the williams bros,,but on this score it is about an industry which has been in a death spiral,,being given the much needed help and needed strength via support through the sandals brand,,,,all else is just hogwash and nothingness from which nothing can be gathered or gained,,,, nothing to do with bizzy,,all that he said should not be like’ burning’ news but should be aptly applied by barbadians who wants to see what is best in helping the country move in a positive direction,, .., i know bajans can be proud almost to a fault,,,,, and see such movements by outsiders as intrusions and a disrespect to their pride ,,,,

  37. Shakespeare once describe the efforts of the proletariat as the act of tossing their sweaty, greasy caps in the air in triumph like a many headed hydra. This conversation here comes quite, quite close. Money continues to dictate what does or does not happen in Bim. Skin color has and will have little to do with what is commanded.

  38. yes this govt has/did pumped more money into the tourism industry an industry which kept asking for more ,,recently in the last debate the call for more money by the BLP leadership mia mottley did not go unnoticed in her relentless criticism of govt for not giving more which led Sinckler to quickly reply that more does not necessarily beneficial unless it is channeled in proven or profitable directions on which he is right….. as so far what millions that were given to tourism did not produce the great results which was “said” to be had,

  39. @Bajan 100%
    I Agree, with if a Barbadian was given the 500 million the government giving Sandals to build the hotel and the 40 year concessions with it – anyone would build a fantastic place
    Given a chance some Bajans could operate the business effectively but would they have the tools that Sandals can bring to the table? Would they be backed by the marketing muscle of a Sandals? Could their ads attract the same number of eyeballs of a Sandals? Which entity would do more to raise the tourism profile of Barbados.

    Sandals is the perfect vehicle for Barbados to ride if it is to regain its moxie as one of the leading tourism destination in the Caribbean. The other brand is just a continuation of the status quo on its best day, or playing catch up when times are tough.

  40. “Prodigal Son | March 29, 2014 at 11:24 AM |
    This inept incompetent bunch of wild boys we have for a government gave Butch Stewart 40 years of duty free concessions, is providing a new brand hotel built to Butch’s specifications and we have people talking crap. Does Bizzy not think that if Weatherhead is given the same 40 years of freeness, he could not make Almond world class too? Give me break!”

    You really need to take a break, Prodigal and get hold of yourself otherwise your opinions would be seen as nothing more than irrelevant partisan rantings and ravings not worthy of comment.

  41. What about what I wrote is partisan ranting, balance? Read what Bajan 100% wrote and tell me if the person is not saying the same thing as I did.

    You give a man 40 years tax free concessions, build a hotel to his specifications and when I point this out it is partisan rantings? I expect better of you!

  42. Balance

    Are you kidding? I beg your pardon but what you have expressed above is certianly an understatement by any standard judgment. Because everything this man ( Prodigal Son )has written on BU thus far, has been impregnated and saturated with a hostile partiality for the opposing political narrative. And what he writes has become so commonplace, that one gets the sense that he is venting to appease his pathological hatred for the defeated his party has suffered in recent years. Now, what we’re dealing with here is an obvious detachment from reality, that warrants some kind of psychological intervention on this man’s part. In conclusion: it is not my design to deliberately endeavor to undermine the validity of anyone right to express his or her opinion, but it certainly infuriates me when one writes with the expressed purpose of causing detriment without justifiable cause, as he has done here on numerous occasions.

    • Alex Mcdonald who is head of the Barbados Private Sector is quoted in todays newspaper that if the deal between the government and Beaches is not closed it should consider Bernie Weatherhead’s offer. BU finds Mcdonald’s position interesting because it obviously reflects a wider position prevailing in the private sector. The government should do well to build a bridge here and avoid the stupid responses seen from Minister Donville Inniss to every issue which he construes as anti government.

  43. David, agreed. What was wrong with the Sandals (whichever is the actual company that will own and operate it) is the secrecy that surrounds the deal and the continued lack of full disclosure. Government clearly (yet again) had not thought through the consequences to the entire remaining tourism sector. Having said that ,the deal with Mr Weatherhead was not either and the public is certainly not aware if anyone else was offered a comparable arrangement that Bernie secured. Someone has to sit down and measure the short. medium and long term benefits that will be achieved through BOTH options, before any intelligent decision can be made.

  44. I am at a loss as to how Almond can still be considered a valued Brand and Brand Name. It is a FAILED entity. Rebuilding the Almond Brand would be a difficult task.
    It is easier to build a NEW brand. Call it Heywoods Resorts or some such name.

    There is no question that given the resources Bernie Weatherhead is capable of building a successful Hotel Brand.

    There is no question that Sandals is a powerful successful hotel Brand / chain.They too can make a Sandals/Beaches Barbados into a profitable Hotel / Resort.

    The one thing that always concerns me is that when Government invest in these multi million dollar ventures like 3S, Veco, Four Seasons and Sandals they do not show the how why wherefore the money is spent.

    There is no difference in building and operating a Supermarket / Rumshop and building and operating a Hotel.The process is the same by the end result should be that the venture is profitable.

    For all those who sing the praises of all things Canadian you may be interested in the current state of Canadian politics.

  45. “There is no question that given the resources Bernie Weatherhead is capable of building a successful Hotel Brand”

    Perhaps Maybe or Maybe Perhaps, but what empirical evidence Mr Hants do you have to support your statement with his track record s his track record as a successful hotelier under dispute having had to shut down his flagship hotel Sandridge within walking distance from Heywoods a few years ago.

  46. “What about what I wrote is partisan ranting, balance? Read what Bajan 100% wrote and tell me if the person is not saying the same thing as I did.

    You give a man 40 years tax free concessions, build a hotel to his specifications and when I point this out it is partisan rantings? I expect better of you”
    Yes indeed, Prodigal, you are indeed entitled to your opinion but I implore you not to let your anger overcome your emotions. you are making CCC and AC look like your pupils and I even sense an effort by AC to tone down her illogic. all have the right to stupidly support whichever party they like but not at the price of their commonsense. What is ironic is that when the fatted calf is cut, diehard apologists people like you and AC and CCC don’t usually feast but are left to fester.

  47. is it me or is it some malfunction in my computer ….some how on numerous occasion….if find that the” rate voting” mechanism which is credited to rate a comment is turned off,,, kinda suspicious also a under handing practice which lacks the very transparency one which stands high on the totem pole of barbados underground ….now it seems more likely than not ….he riggges the rating and voting process by locking out some bloggers who would like to participate in the rating process ,,shame on u DAVID,,,,,,,,shame on you,,,, for the past few weeks i have monitored this child’s play designed to pull or sway public opinion in favour of the BLP yardfowls with a rigged voting system one which can be easily interpreted as one of being supportive of one partry (BLP} and shutting out bloggers whose vote may be in dissent while at the same time (also) denying same process and even handiness to the DLP bloggers who might support each others comments SHAME ON YOU DAVID BU… transparency my foot i have the evidence to prove .

  48. “Hants | March 30, 2014 at 11:49 AM |
    @ balance,
    Which part of “given the resources” do you not understand ”

    it isn’t the ‘given the resources’ thing which concerns me Mr Hants because mountains can sometimes be made out of molehills; it is his capability given the fact that he had to close down his flagship a few hundred yards away from Heywoods-Almond and i simply ask what evidence do you have of his successful track record in managing hotels given your carte-blanche endorsement. Due diligence on Mr Weatherhead might very well be unflattering.

    • So we are contemplating importing a CEO for the NEW tourism authority?

      CEO search

      BARBADOS IS GOING on a global search for a chief executive officer to head the island’s new top tourism marketing agency.

  49. David….

    We have gone full circle as I recall in the 60’s and 70’s all major players (airlines and hotels) in tourism had to send bajans to be trained in their respective fields… in this second decade of the new century we have to look for people far and wide to show us how….or….. we can be generous and say that govt. is trying to attract bajans from the diaspora…..

    • @Vincent

      Is it not incredible that Barbados and the Caribbean is regarded as one of the most tourist exotic destinations in the world and one which we have been practicing for so many a year yet we have to outsource Board CEO expertise? One side of the equation we continue to leak forex and by our own making we do same.

  50. David wrote “So we are contemplating importing a CEO for the NEW tourism authority?”

    Vincent Haynes wrote “we can be generous and say that govt. is trying to attract bajans from the diaspora…..”

    Gentlemen it is entirely possible that no qualified Bajans want that job because it is a very difficult job, does not pay very well and no one who is currently employed would want it.

    • @Hants

      Your posit is very possible and it would still be an indictment on Barbados and Barbadians.

  51. @ Hants | March 30, 2014 at 6:06 PM |
    “Gentlemen it is entirely possible that no qualified Bajans want that job because it is a very difficult job, does not pay very well and no one who is currently employed would want it.”

    Maybe Butch Stewart could help out by “seconding” one of his fully ‘Sandalized’ lieutenants (preferably one with a good creole background but of Anglo-Saxon extract) to fill the breach so that the local workers’ plantation mindset would be fully operationalized.

    So this is where the billions invested in higher education have come down to? Not one holder of an MBA or PhD with a yellow and blue diploma in yardfowlism can be found locally?

    Why not do like the BIDC and hire a political has-been?
    Why not ‘relieve’ poor Jepter Ince from his ‘fiscal’ duties in both the Senate and Cabinet and make him the ‘physical’ president of both Tourism management and marketing agencies.

  52. The top dog should have a successful track record in sales. The MBA types have been tried with no success. The last guy had qualifications popping out of his ears and experience in every department in tourism except selling. He was given a fancy car as part of his separation package. Miller’s comment about getting a Sandals guy resonates…

    • @BAffy

      Do you remember when Arthur and the BLP hired a Butch Stewart disciple to head marketing at the BTA? Believe it was around the time we hired a Bajan in the diaspora to head then BNB and a few others were brought in, Griffith now Christian etc. How did that go?

  53. “BARBADOS IS GOING on a global search for a chief executive officer to head the island’s new top tourism marketing agency.”
    Why go so far when they have at their disposal their own Ms Sylvia Lynch who it was rumoured was the centre of the dispute between Mr Sandiford and his adamant Tourism Ministers in 1991 over the filling of the top post at the BTA. Not only is Ms Lynch a suitable candidate by virtue of her years of experience with the BTA but Ms Lynch was afforded the opportunity then to acquire the necessary qualifications in order to position herself for the top job on the relinquishing of the post by Mr Sandiford’s preferred choice at the time, Mr Tony Arthur for a diplomatic posting to accommodate Ms Lynch on her return.

  54. what is in it for bizzy??????got to be something to want to bring another foreighner in to little barbados.
    bizzy is a foolish ass anyway.i mean just look at the inbread jackass.
    bizzy bizzy money grabbing as usual. nothing is never enough ?
    if he never work another day in his life he already set for life.
    fucking idiots rule barbados.

  55. weatherhead would be the obvious choice as he is a barbadien.
    this other jackass butch the greedy wicked , theiving ,plotting ,asshole
    can stay where the ass he come fro .have you barbadiens not sick of these tunts from where ever coming and taking our land.
    dem want killing. all dem

  56. why not let the Chinese take it ,in Lew of loans.owing and make a china town as a visitor attraction ,eat dog and cat and ting so.blasted idiots
    that shitty beach and location. it will fail always . beach is shit.too far from anything.i think you should turn it into apartments for the mad . a extension of the mad house or a government housing project.
    that location was always a really bad idea.from it was here woods.
    or what ever it was .crap location.

  57. Why are people jumping to the conclusion that a Global search for a CEO is inherently bad for Bajans? Are they projecting their own insecurities that Bajans are unable to compete with others for top positions? Perhaps the posting might attract a qualified person (Bajan or other) resident in another country who is untainted either by proxy or in person by the internecine warfare that follows every decision made in Bim.

    I can only hope.

  58. Is there anything strategic that you understand Sargeant….?
    What do you think justifies our enormous expenditure on education over the last 60 years?
    When you advertise for an outsider to come and manage your family business what are you saying to your sons and daughters who you spent so much sending to school to PhD level? …are you building self esteem and self worth?
    …why not save the damn money on education then – and offer an even higher salary to high value outsiders?…..or does that remind you too much of the plantation days..?

    Listen corporal, THE WHOLE POINT of national leadership is about the DEVELOPMENT of YOUR people…..YOUR FAMILY….. That means providing opportunity, expecting much, and DEMANDING results….not dissing them and bringing strangers to rule and babysit them.
    …..unless of course your family are all a bunch of brass bowls… which case why waste good money on educating them….just bring REAL people to piss on them……
    Bushie will soon demote you to private….

  59. Bushie
    Am I to conclude that all the noise you make about Brassbowls was just your way of mamaguying everybody? Wuh I would be afraid to hand over the reins of any organisation to any of the Brassbowls that you keep saying we educating and have running rampant all over the place. Can’t you be consistent for once in your life?

    The global search for a CEO does not exclude Bajans, sometimes companies search externally too but the best candidate may be an internal applicant and you do understand the concept of best don’t you? If a Bajan in Timbuktu applies and is the best would you consider him as “external”?
    I like I gwine have to bill you for these lessons that I teach periodically, here is another lesson:

    Have you been following how the Malaysian Gov’t has been handling the disappearance of flight MH370? You see how the officials don’t know what way is up,North, South, East or West, you see in their daily briefings how they are reacting to every possible sighting of any debris on the ocean as a potential crash site. Yuh notice how in the early days they said that one of the passengers who carried a stolen passport looked like Mario Balotelli, yuh see how they sent a text in English to the primarily Chinese relatives of the missing passengers? Would you classify them as Brassbowls? I hope your answer is yes, but do you know the policy the Malaysian Gov’t employs to qualify for the top jobs in the country? They have a policy called “Bumiputra” (Bumiputera) which is a kind of affirmative action which reserves the top jobs for the Malays who make up 60% of the population. All the other minorities are shut out, so when you see the The Minister of whatever or the Head of the Air Force or the Head of Civil Aviation grinning and giving daily updates they all owe their jobs to “Bumiputra”

    But of course you would call it “national development” but a policy of ” Bumiputra” could be contributing to the decline of the Tourist Industry and a little mix of the gene pool is not necessarily a bad thing where would you be without ½ Guyanese Rihanna?

    This one is on the house but next time I will be coming for payment.

  60. @ Sarge
    Good try……for a NCO….
    Bushie realizes that this level of analysis is above your rank and pay grade but try to follow……
    The Malay bumiputra policy that you malign is CORRECT.

    The objective in life is NOT to be richer than COW or Bill Gates (or Bushie 🙂 )…..BUT TO BE THE VERY BEST THAT YOU CAN BE…..

    THEREFORE, if a national strategic policy is to achieve that vision, it means making the most of your own brass bowls…..
    If you discard your OWN brass bowls in favour of outsiders, then even if you become as rich as Bushie, you will have FAILED strategically…. (gained the whole world and lost your own soul)

    The policy you describe of the Malay government is ENLIGHTENED….even if they do not become as rich as the Japanese. THEY run their own affairs. THEY call the shots……whether the USA press like um other lump um…

    THAT, skippa, is what a MAN is……

    ….besides….they seem to be doing quite well thank you….owning a fleet of 777’s with LOCAL pilots who seem to have withstood the scrutiny of the world…..

    Did the USA do any better with that passenger jet that they shot down and blamed on an exploding fuel tank?…..Wuh shiite – EVERYONE knows that that was bare lies…..

    Malasia can tell the whole world to piss off……but…
    ….Stuart can’t sneeze without the local foreign cabal’s permission…
    …Japan can’t shit without the USA’s say so…
    …and the USA can’t fart without China’s say so…..

    What does THAT tell you?

    Man Sarge……, the day that you could teach the bushman ANYTHING of value, Bushie will write you an open cheque issued on a BU IOU……..

  61. Balance

    Weatherhead did not close down Sandridge – he sold it just before the crash of 2008 for real money to a developer who could make more money (at the time (pre 2008)) rebuilding it as condos – exactly why most hotels sold before 2008. As a walker of that beach most mornings I can tell you that was one property which always had rooms occupied right through the year, even during the summer. Always had people on the pool deck or on the little beach in front the hotel or in latter years on the beach which is now St. Peters Hotel – the little beach could not hold all the guest.

    The hotel manager once told me they ran occupancy of near 90% year round even in the summer months. From what I understand many regard Weatherhead’s decision to sell and cash in just before the crash an oracles foresight – even when persons around him questioned the decision – time proved him right.

    If you want to look further look at all the other businesses he is involved in – hotels and other tourism companies. Or more importantly walk past Almond on any day and see what the hotel looks like right now and how many guest are there. I have and it looks great.

    I lend my full support to the Government looking at all options available as stated in yesterdays paper by Alex McDonald. I think a Bajan running that place would be better in the long run and see more of the profits of the hotel making its way back to Barbados.

  62. I hate to say this, but I sidin’ wif the NCO … Sorry Bush. You remember dah position called Chief Justice … the one that was open to any person as long as they were born/practiced in a Commonwealth country …? Remember the guy that the rules were changed to accommodate ..?

    My problem however is the type of person that they would be seeking to employ. The person that they should be looking for is one that will earn far more than he costs … but his asking price will be very high. It means of course that failure would be very expensive.

    Are there no people in Barbados who are adept at selling their own properties overseas …? Selling Barbados overseas may be a step up, but still on the same path. What about people who are successful as Travel Agent operators…? These are people for whom experience and talent are the only qualifications necessary.

  63. I find it funny when bajans says that these large companies employ people and invest in Barbados and hands off. The bottom line is profit. These guys are big fish in a small pond and could not make it outside of this island. Williams, haloute, Bernie …ect do provide stability but should we be holding them up to such high regard? Even when regional entrepreneurs expand out of their comfort zones like butch and Simpson, I can guarantee you that the profits are stashed in us bank accounts and don’t benefit their respective countries.

  64. Annie – Can’t speak about Haloute but Williams and Bernie are spread right around the Caribbean. But what is important is that they are Barbadians and live right here on this rock. So even if they had money outside at least most of it is going to come back home and be spent here where they live. And if you want them to become truly global players “outside their comfort zones” as you put it, then they have to have money outside our country where they have other business.

  65. Bushie
    I understand why you are so knowledgeable about Brassbowls, you likely hold the reins of chief cook and bottle washer of the group.

    You were so desperate for something to support your theory that you donned BAFBFP’s tinfoil hat about the US shooting down a jet and blaming it on an exploding fuel tank.

    Your unqualified support of the Malaysian Gov’t policy was just another way of confirming my supposition that you don’t have any confidence in Bajans ability to compete for top jobs against outsiders.

    Yuh grew up stupid under the union Jack and there doesn’t seem to be any improvement for you under the aqua marine and gold .I’ll be down in a couple of months and I coming for muh money.

    USD and/ or CAD please.

  66. Baffy
    No problem…side with the NCO….birds of a feather…. 🙂

    The truth is that if you realize that you are inadequate yourself, there is probably nothing wrong with burying your few talents under the sand and looking to hitchhike on someone else’s coat-tails…..

    Bushie don’t REALLY expect any different thinking from brass bowls…..just saying what REAL PEOPLE would do….

    Every damn since Bushie suggested that you get together with Caswell and make Bajans an offer that they would be HAPPY to accept…. and all wunna doing is talking a lotta shiite bout finding some white fairy godfather to come and make wunna rich so that wunna could buy 50 inch TVs and IPhones…….

    ….Bushie thought that you was up there with colonel buggy man, ….but you like you is just another piece of cannon fodder like the corporal yuh….

  67. I went away and have come back to finish my thought which was not complete above. At the end of the day Butch is a Jamaican and he is not going to bring any more than he has to bring in to Barbados. Have you read about the experience that Adrian from Peach & Quiet had when he paid his bill at Sandals Barbados? They could not even give him a VAT invoice.

  68. Jo ann I would like to see Simpson invest in something more sustainable at home. Selling cars and oil to consumers is not doing it. They are doing something sustainable in Guyana so why not here? I know for a fact that itc a main transactions and account reside off shore. Having office and home here does not come near to making your billions offshore.

  69. Sargeant | March 31, 2014 at 8:40 AM |
    “Hallelujah, BAFBFP has seen the light …”

    Now where do I start with that … Sarge you beginning to scare me now …

  70. WTH!!!…..Sargeant….you beginning to sound about as logical as ac and Dompey now…..
    Nothing in your last post makes ANY sense…. Obviously you malign the Malays because CNN does……
    Obviously you believe that the fuel tank exploded because CNN said so…
    Shiite fella… make the perfect Sargeant….

    Yours is not to reason why……
    ….look go and kill as many of the “enemy” as you can – cause the general and CNN said that they are “bad” people…

    Man not a damn cent fuh yuh!!!

    @ Annie
    People like Weatherhead will not be promoted in Barbados because, like Lowdown, he depends on his actual ABILITY for success. This probably means that he don’t kiss donkeys, pay bribes to pimps, or grovel……
    …they will only call on such people when their asses are deep in shit and the NEED someone competent to bale (or bail) them out…..

    In two or three years when Bernie gets things to settle down they will dump his donkey for one of their incompetent (but bribe willing) cronies….

    Until we can get some INTEGRITY and OPENNESS in government, we are just pissing upwind…..
    ….and Caswell and Baffy keep playing the donkey…..

  71. Is this BU Hal in de Nation

    NO DEAD END “As such, says coordinator of the St Lawrence Gap revitalisation programme Hal Austin”

    Wha a big up like you doing in de Gap?lol

  72. Pingback: Bizzy Williams Supports Butch Stewarts’s Sandals/Beaches NOT Bernie Weatherhead’s ALMOND Suggestion | Black In Barbados

  73. I believe that Barbados needs a high profile international brand if not Almond then another. I see Sandals advertise all the time on CNN domestic just imagine what we could do with that push…however Bernie Weatherhead is heavily invested in the tourism product including some Hotels that lose 6 figures every month, (don’t ask I just know). He keeps them open, keeps Bajans employed and the foreign currency in the island and for that I give him credit.
    Maybe we should dump the board and all the salaries and go with a good ad campaign, the UK would be the priority, then US and Canada.

  74. The Police Band and the Merrymen along with Paul Foster,Frank Odle,the Niblocks,Caves worked magic for Barbados Tourism.The Police Band and the Merrymen are still with us,but the new dispensation prefer to get on the DLPTV and talk bare sh%&@*te everyday as God send and fly first class and stay at the Waldorf Astoria and think that that is vision and hard work.Donkey holes and the bag blind brigade, ruiners of Barbados.

  75. Hello!!!??? I just went to Almond and it looks amazing, Wheatherhead has done a wonderful job… to get rid of all these buildings to put who knows what, concrete structure, would be crazy…. the place is so warm and inviting…. I saw a lot of people… food was fantastic… I am sure all those people that were there will come back…. for sure…to this island..thanks to Mr. Wheatherhead and staff..

  76. Mr. Loveridge.
    What secrecy are you referring to?
    From all indications the agreement with the government and Sandals/Beaches has been an open one with the list of concessions and the general terms being made clear to the public.
    And it has also been made clear that Sandals/Beaches will run the property under their flagship while the government and the people of Barbados maintains ownership.
    I understand your position about “full disclosure” but you cannot reasonably expect that any businessman or government would fill you in on the intimate details of an endeavour while it is still being negotiated. And even after the agreement had been made, you and me were informed of the decision and the terms of the under which it was met.
    Regarding Mr Weatherhead and what he has managed to do with Almond, the public must be properly informed.
    Yes… he made a profit. Yes he appears to have done well with it.
    But to what extent? What percentage of the rooms were being used? (One third). That is not full occupancy and we’re in the middle of the season. What happens when the summer months his us, will they then be using smaller amount of rooms and still record a profit?
    And what is this profit measured against? Operational cost alone?
    How many people were employed during this time? How long were they employed? What were the economic benefits to Barbados during this period?
    Are we asking these questions or are we as Barbadians so consumed with the idea of “keeping it local” that we continue to miss the bigger picture?

  77. Yazzis
    I have to agree… What really is so wrong with the existing plant that needs the major over haul ..? MY God … aren’t you also tired as well with mauby pocket administrations that boast of champagne tastes …?

    I disagree. One effective administrator should be enough for any organization. More than one leads to infighting. If the administrator’s role does not carry sufficient teeth, well that can be changed, can’t it…?

  78. Is all this opposition against the Beaches brand and Butch Stuart because Bajans really think its not good for the country or is it simply because its not a Bajan who owns Sandals?
    Prodigal Son and others have shared brilliant ideas for marketing and simply “copying” the Butch Stuart play book with the hopes that Almond comes close to the level of Sandals.
    But we fail to understand that the Sandals Brand was around for over three decades. Its not a oneoff agressive marketing campaign that did the trick. Its over 30 years of hard work and expansion.
    Does Barbados have 30 years to experiment with Almond? It certainly doesnt seem so from the lastest reports of government financing.
    C’mon man. lets be practical here and honestly look at whats before us with an OPEN mind.

    We bajans do so till we scare away the whole caribbean and soon the whole world from our shores. its just “us us us us us us”… Can’t we see how the closed minded approach continues to affect our own growth?

    • @Baffy

      You missed the point. How well can the CEO perform if the government does not allocate sufficient budget to do the job?

  79. What I would like to know is exactly what is being built with the loan to build the hotel? I read it was over 500 million dollars somewhere. What exactly will Sandals build with that? Basically 400 rooms – that comes out to 1,250,000 per room or there a bouts (that is 3 times the cost of my house for a bedroom). The average cost of building now can’t be over $250-300 per square foot at a very high end – see what size hotel you could build at that cost with 500 million – you could build real rooms not just 400. What type of rooms are they going to build at that price and can Barbados really afford it?

    Can Sandals bring in that much money per month for us to repay the loan?

    What about corruption in the mix? And Sandals is known for that too. Look at what happened year before when they had to pay their way out of corruption charges in St. Kitts I think it was. They settled the whole thing out of court but paid away lots of cash to keep it quite – google it. Just imagine what is going down here in Bim.

    Sorry, I just googled it – was in Turks and Caicos, they paid way US$12 million to get themselves out of hot water after bribing ministers in Government.

    What is really going on around here?


    FRAUD ,and not tourist or tourism is the problem for Barbados , to many people have been burnt to return or say good things to this point, They will go else where and speak bad of lack of enforcement of laws , That are Basic in other parts of the English speaking World.

  81. Plantation Deed

    Jamaica is one of most violent countries on the planet today and yet this hasn’t prevented the tourists from flocking to Jamaica in great numbers. I hope this piece of information put to rest your apparent irrational fear, regarding the existence our tourist industry.

  82. Questions?

    With 500 Million Barbados could construct a medium sized cruse ship and launch within four years. If it were to be built locally, dwell on the potential for specialized artisan skills …. wow


    In the case of the CJ, would he require a bigger budget to employ more Judges ..? Is it possible that judges have tenure and so the Chief’s power over them is severely compromised?

  83. man sarge talk uh talk don’t pay dat old dinosaur BT no mind,,,,,,,,,,,,,his mentality is reminiscent of the past, trust me he still storing old wine in new bottles,,,man cheap fuh days… i won’t be surprised if he was the gene running the transport board,,,,,like nuff patch up work,,,,,,,,the man can;t even understand value,,,,,but like to talk nuff puppp.

  84. LOL @ ac
    You know that you can destroy a persons reputation by agreeing with them don’t you…?
    …poor Sarge….


    Dompey | March 31, 2014 at 6:16 PM@ they worry to much about numbers, people take risk every day and even more danger in other places , At least with a crime being done, We can look for them and seek the law, In crime of paper and pimp titles they all hide behind each other,
    I can tell you all for sure , I know at least 20 to 40 person that dont come to Barbados for the last 5 years, When people come its a chain reaction to come and not to come , These fool talking hotel rooms and taxi, all day and night , The not thinking people and the law to protect them when travel
    Some tourist even get better police movement then the people who live here, Its all about money to the lawyers and the government , Who they can rob out of their life savings , If i was not born here i would not come back after my own family was rob and the police did nothing, How many families broke up because of Barbados crook lawyers and Ministers , I Know of 4 large families that refuse to even come back ,
    The same nasty spine runs in St Vincent and Antigua, and Barbados , Sirs crooking people Sir Stanford,Crook, Sir Cheltenham crook, Sir C.O William Crook,ExCJ Simmons Crook, EX, COP SVG Crook, Ex COP of Barbados Crook, and then look at LIAT ,same crook government fooling the workers,


    BAFBFP | March 31, 2014 at 6:30 PM@
    More Judges, well where will they come from ? not the lawyer pool of crook we have , Even the CJ will have a hard time stepping in dog shit looking to pull out the few good one that MIGHT BE AROUND,
    Crook lawyers move up to be judges , We have that already

  87. @Dompey
    “Jamaica is one of most violent countries on the planet today and yet this hasn’t prevented the tourists from flocking to Jamaica in great numbers.”

    And isn’t it because of that same crime and violence that tourists visiting Jamaica mostly restrict themselves to all- inclusive hotels. Similar situation to Dominican Republic and Cancun.

    We do need a few all-inclusive hotels in our mix to cater to visitors who are looking for that type of experience. However the majority of visitors, especially from the UK, are attracted to the fact that they can move freely around the island, visit Oistins, enjoy some drinks in a rum shop, go to any beach etc etc. without fear of being a victim of crime.

  88. Nostradamus – most of the hotels in Barbados now have All-inclusive rates for guest or are fully all-inclusive – this has been so for a long time. What do you mean by we need them in our mix?

    The fact is most of these guest do not venture out of their hotels as they have it all there. Why do you think Sandals is building 8 restaurants – for the people to go down to Oistins – no, to feed them all when they are hungry!

  89. THE REAL ISSUE ….We as a country had a falloff in demand for the destination couples with internal RECESSION that lead to the government being forced to BEG for some form of investment. Hence we have all of these CONCESSIONS that in a better situation would not have been given or thought of. We are now reduced to being MENDICANTS!!! We have lied to ourselves and believed our own lies about our PROGRESS….(PATHS TO PROGRESS) and are now facing the reality of our FOOLISH THINKING!!!!

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