Kerri Symmonds Should Have Been Yesterday’s Man

Ram_BoolaniUnderstandably the focus on BU and the wider public has been on the government and its travails managing the economy, or should we suggest the society. It is only fair however that from time to time we peep into the world of the Mia Mottley (MAM) lead opposition. After all the opposition is the government in waiting and therefore deserves our attention.

The reputation which the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) had for not washing dirty linen in public has been dispelled in recent terms (refer to the ridiculous matter brought before the Court by George Payne and Edmund Hinkson). To compound the matter Barbadians learned this week about the appointment of Kerri Symmonds to Deputy Leader of the BLP. One has to wonder about the wisdom of the appointment on several fronts. Especially when there is no legal reason for MAM to have to appoint a deputy in a situation where she is clearly struggling to exert control.

Symmonds has developed a dotty reputation in his political career so far. Unlike the US media who would have placed Symmonds and the BLP under pressure to explain his resignation from the Senate over a domestic matter which caused him to slash the car seats of his former wife, there was no appetite by the local media. There was no din raised by women’s groups. Symmonds has been allowed to reenter the political arena without undue pressure. It is now a matter record he was able to win the St. James Central Seat from a weak incumbent. Some may suggest this speaks volumes about the political maturity of the Barbadian public.

In the lead up to the last general election DLP surrogates repeatedly asked Symmonds to explain the details about how he consorted with Johnny Tudor (a former B, a former D) to show that his car was of an incorrect age to ensure a buyer obtained a loan to purchase the car. There is the well publicised marital dispute which led to his resignation from the Senate. And what about the document posted above? It is never too late to ask for explanations. The time has come to demand answers to questions from our politicians. The free rides both figuratively and literally are over.

If this appointment were to backfire on MAM she has no one to blame except MAM because she requested the document posted above from then AG Michael Lashley which she used to persuade Symmonds to resign from the Senate.

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  1. Was it also not you that sent an article that was published in the Nation under the name of Sir David Seale when you wrote and submitted the article for publication ? You remember Sir David had to have a press release done because you fraudulently proported to be he, someone other than yourself ? Was it not you Franklyn ? What is wrong with you and any truthfulness and honesty left in you for they obviously do not reside with you.

  2. @Casewell (aka Lassie). I think you have been rumbled. I think we all know who is being economical with the truth (and it is not me). BTW, how much to you charge to represent people before the immigration authorities?

    @Well Well. | July 29, 2013 at 5:48 PM | Your question about timing is approriate. I have been speculating on that myself and now do so out loud. O$A “translated” DACS from AG to CJ – and MAM into DACS’s AG position in one fell swoop. THEN, O$A lost an election and withdrew from leadership of the BLP. MAM took over leadership of the BLP, but THEN O$A debunked her and took the position back for himself. THEN O$A lost another election and it was clear that the people did not want him running the country. MEANWHILE DACS, having been dismissed as CJ, saw his aspirations trampled into the dust and his “legacy” fully revealed as being the total destruction of the justice system. DACS is therefore looking for a come-back and for that he needs political power – and O$A is a spent force, except for the lobby he has within the BLP of which the leader is Kerri. Now, DACS is a close relative of MAM (through the Talma family – DACS’ mother was a Talma) and MAM is very nepotistic as far as her family is concerned (a serious flaw that she must correct if she hopes to lead the country) and DACS’ political and judicial bread is best buttered by siding with MAM and demonstrating to her how useful he can be. The time has come, therefore, to get rid of any internal party opposition to MAM and DACS make no distinction between fair and foul means, as we all know. Enter this meritless document and can be misrepresented to make it appear as if Kerri has peddled political power to his own financial profit. How to plant it? Simple. Use his poodle Casewell. Problem is that Casewell butts heads with DLP supporters who, much as they would like Kerri to he guilty, count integrity as paramount. And that is the line that my speculation has taken and I stress this is speculation, not proven fact. But it is interesting and must have crossed the minds of all. Also, let’s face it, the BLP chances of winning an election with Kerri as leader re akin to those of a fart in a hurricane.

    @ac. Seriously, I find it always best to be fair. The problem with our respective governments (and judges) is a total lack, not just of integrity legislation, but of integrity itself. In the (God forbid) event that Kerri ever finds himself in a position of real power, let us hope he displays the same sort of integrity that has been accorded him here by yourself, Well Well and others, in that, much as we do NOT admire him and would seriously consider leaving the country if he was running it, we nonetheless did NOT buy into the carefully manufactured defamation that Casewell was trying to foist on us. We acted with integrity.

    @Observing. On the contrary. I always find the tactics of Casewell and his master amusing. Gutter-like and utterly transparent. And the defences that Casewell uses are always so Simmonsian in tone that you know at once whence they come – certainly not from the superior legal brain of Casewell!!!! A man whose legal representation is, in his own estimation only, better than that of any proper lawyer. God help us – soon he will be making application to the courts to be a McKenzie Friend…….and given the degree of idiocy and DACS support by members of the judiciary, he may be allowed to do just that.

    • Please note Caswell did not provide BU with the document posted above. Also the Nation newspaper apologised for inserting Sir David Seale’s picture in a Caswell article. It is therefore incorrect to accuse Caswell of any wrong in connection with this matter.

    • David

      Why bother with Amused and his other pseudonyms, the truth if of no consequence to him. He is just a hateful person that occupies his time with jealous tirades of envy against DACS. I know he can read and understand but he reads my comments and misinterpret them to satisfy his fiendish desire to attack people who are better than he is in every respect. Can he point out where I attacked Kerrie Symmonds? I merely attempted to set the record straight from my personal knowledge of immigration procedures.

      You ever realised that this liar, Amused, always has friends who he manufactures from all over the world when he comes on BU to spread his vitriol. But I will leave him in the capable hands of Robert Ross who always debunks his misinformation.

  3. Is it not more than passing strange that the car thief and crook having been exposed as a wayside lawyer having written expensively on what Symmonds should have charged for his services as an attorney while serving as a Minister of Government is now dumb, mute and voiceless when shown the error of his legal argument, Frankly Franklyn you are like an empty tin can useful for nothing more than putting in the garbage dump, and please not in the recycle one either.

  4. Is it not more than passing strange that the car thief and crook having been exposed as a wayside lawyer having written expansively on what Symmonds should have charged for his services as an attorney while serving as a Minister of Government is now dumb, mute and voiceless when shown the error of his legal argument, Frankly Franklyn you are like an empty tin can useful for nothing more than putting in the garbage dump, and please not in the recycle one either.

  5. Amused………….it’s time that both DACS and MAM go rest their tired old asses and take all their progenies of nepotism, favoritism, patrony and corruption with them, that includes the present administration, we are entering a new era where those games have no place in the scheme of thing and will not contribute to anything other than more blight and exposure, we have entered that place where i hope they have the intellect required to plainly see that if they continue to do the same things repeatedly done by their predecessors they would be more than dumb, even with all their paper certification, to expect different results………..the new era has become the game changer.

  6. @Well Well. You might have added that the new era is due in no small part to BU. What could be hidden before now almost instantly sees the light of day. There is no cover now to hide behind. It is all out in the open. For one man to have the extraordinary courage to do that and manage to be true to his own views and opinions, while allowing others free rein to express theirs, is completely beyond belief – and praise. To David the entire country owes a debt it can never even attempt to repay – and he has to remain anonymous so that when the honours dishing out, they pass him by. Personally, I think he ought to be named as one of the heros of the country. He certainly is that already in the minds of most Bajans.

  7. Amused……….how right you are, David’s actions and subsequent success in highlighting the many facets of the political system on the island is indicative of the new era we have entered………that is a debt that cannot be easily repaid, though some is looking on it in a different light because they don’t have the mental agility to comprehend that it makes the island a better place and in touch with the world while it enters a new phase, they will understand later, they are just slow.

    His honors for doing the right thing (David’s) should have nothing to do with all the titles out of England that seems to be sold to the highest bidders in one way or another on the island, that would be a gross insult to David. I would not have envisioned this many years ago when we were able to identify the frustrations enlightened people felt about the stark inequalities practiced by corrupt politicians from both parties and dishonest lawyers firmly attached to the political system, courts, parliament, etc., it actually came as a pleasant shock when i heard about BU.

    Suffice it to say, though those who are guilty of all the above practices will never agree, too bad, so sad, people feel much better knowing that politicians can no longer easily get away with lying to the taxpayers nor instill a subtle form of dictatorship against the taxpayers by themselves and their monied friends and masters. This will make it even more difficult for them to continue to sell the island at any price.

  8. Look…….those fires on the island were burning since i was a child, the culprits who have been destructive with such wild abandon for the past 40 years plus are only now being afforded their comeuppance in the form of exposure, most of them have already been planted in the earth and never paid for their crimes, i guess this lot will have to feel the full brunt of the fire, hope they know running into a church every sunday like caroline herbert, et al and the many others who know of whom i speak, will not help them escape Karma.

  9. @ Well Well

    Still burning: Violet Beckles, those Britton Hill deaths, etc. Agree, too many never paid their crimes. Feel sorry for people living on that island. Things will not get better just worse. The S&P and Moody’s will be back and now with good news. The ax chopper will hurt more than just those prison workers.

    It’s a mess down there. It’s just a mess. I would somehow find a way to get out of that hell hole.

  10. Look………..unfortunately not everyone can leave the island, people may have to endure some massive hard times, then their eyes will become open and they will see clearly, problem is, some have short memories for what is most important and when they see paper money in abundance they tend to easily forget and fall into the same old cycle……….it is a learning process and work in progress.

  11. @ Well Well

    We don’t live there but know the situation there is bad. Do you think people who do live there know that it is actually that bad?

  12. Look…….no, most of them don’t, neither do they care, they believe in the power of man or lack thereof (politicians) and continue to depend on them thinking that will save them, some would not even consider using their own initiative, they are waiting for things to get better, according to what the politicians are telling them in the package of lies that are readily available, have you not noticed the yardfowls on here, how far removed from reality their brains function, the politicians just wind them up and let them loose, mind you these are politicians who are not nor have they ever been the brightest bulbs are able to successfully manipulate the sheeple, just imagine the mental agility, or lack of, emanating from these same yardfowls and all the garbage they spread around the island.

  13. And there is a Symmonds part two also in writing a lady who he took her passport from and with held the ladies passport for months while supposedly doing an Immigration matter which he never provided her with her requested status and then demanded of her sex for services, once again while he acted as a Minister of the last govt amazing, sickly and sad that someone can stoop so low while using their position of authority to to inflict pain and suffering to those less fortunate in society.

  14. Must repeat statement posted by by ac 07/27/2013 @ 7:35pm “at a lost for words, members of the BLP allowed this nomination”!!!

    My degree is History and Education not Social Sciences, but experts in the field of social sciences proclaim that a person is a product of his environment. Kerri Symmonds alike the singer Rihanna is a product of his upbring in Barbados. Rihanna we know is chaotic and mentally off-balanced. Rihanna was brutally beaten by boyfriend Chris Brown and according to journalist, Billy Johnson on 11/06/2009 she said “I’m glad it happened to me. . . . I can help young girls. . . . I will say to any young girl, come out of this” but her relationship with Brown since the beating is on and off again. She is a product of her environment, her upbringing in Barbados. Rihanna’s mother [Monica] according to journalist, Billy Johnson was frequently beaten by her father, once breaking her nose. Kerri Symmonds, during the course of his upbringing was likely exposed to domestic violence. He like Rihanna is chaotic and mentally off balanced.

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