Kerri Symmonds Should Have Been Yesterday’s Man

Ram_BoolaniUnderstandably the focus on BU and the wider public has been on the government and its travails managing the economy, or should we suggest the society. It is only fair however that from time to time we peep into the world of the Mia Mottley (MAM) lead opposition. After all the opposition is the government in waiting and therefore deserves our attention.

The reputation which the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) had for not washing dirty linen in public has been dispelled in recent terms (refer to the ridiculous matter brought before the Court by George Payne and Edmund Hinkson). To compound the matter Barbadians learned this week about the appointment of Kerri Symmonds to Deputy Leader of the BLP. One has to wonder about the wisdom of the appointment on several fronts. Especially when there is no legal reason for MAM to have to appoint a deputy in a situation where she is clearly struggling to exert control.

Symmonds has developed a dotty reputation in his political career so far. Unlike the US media who would have placed Symmonds and the BLP under pressure to explain his resignation from the Senate over a domestic matter which caused him to slash the car seats of his former wife, there was no appetite by the local media. There was no din raised by women’s groups. Symmonds has been allowed to reenter the political arena without undue pressure. It is now a matter record he was able to win the St. James Central Seat from a weak incumbent. Some may suggest this speaks volumes about the political maturity of the Barbadian public.

In the lead up to the last general election DLP surrogates repeatedly asked Symmonds to explain the details about how he consorted with Johnny Tudor (a former B, a former D) to show that his car was of an incorrect age to ensure a buyer obtained a loan to purchase the car. There is the well publicised marital dispute which led to his resignation from the Senate. And what about the document posted above? It is never too late to ask for explanations. The time has come to demand answers to questions from our politicians. The free rides both figuratively and literally are over.

If this appointment were to backfire on MAM she has no one to blame except MAM because she requested the document posted above from then AG Michael Lashley which she used to persuade Symmonds to resign from the Senate.

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  1. Wuhloss!!! Now watch the BLP political spinners descend here on BU to tell us that we do not understand the “context”.

  2. The above article speaks to the political maturity of the barbadian populace or the lack thereof, but my question as usual goes to the heart of journalistic integrity in Barbados. How can an uninformed public be expected to make informed decisions in a climate where one telephone call chokes all access to legitimate news stories? There is any number of similar stories involving these politicians of which john public knows nothing. These are the anointed hands gifted the strings of the public’s purse, for as we were recently told there is no real corruption in Barbados. The same can be said for journalistic integrity, especially as it relates to the print media.

  3. The unbridled attacks continue without abatement from the cesspool that is the newsroom of the Barbados Nation. Why because there is no competition. The Advocate continues to languish for hard to find in a country with a literacy rate of 98% is A Few Good Men.

  4. @lol10 | July 27, 2013 at 6:49 AM | Why not just try to tell us that it “lacks context”? Or is that what you mean? Remember, we are cattle and very stupid and we need guidance from people like you so that we can recognise the noses on our faces.

    @ac. For once I will actually encourage you. Crow away.

  5. MAM ought to be wary of the people she entrusts with authority. This is one of her major political and moral character weaknesses which she needs to always be very much aware of.
    She made a similar faux pas with Smiley and was rewarded by a stab in the back.
    She should follow Freundel’s position of not naming a deputy and operate on the principle that ‘a deputy is NOT essential and any number can play as Acting Leader’ when I am not available.
    Kerrie has every legal right to be a sitting member of Parliament but if we are going to assess his moral qualification or suitability to be a leader in whichever capacity then we would have to be fair and ask if Donville Inniss has the moral qualification to be a Minister of the Crown.

    She also ought to be aware (and take a measure of comfort and security) that the BLP under Symmonds or any other “anti—MAM” conspirator would not impress the ‘thinking’ electorate as was demonstrated by OSA’s (and his horse-trading note of political betrayal) bid to make local political history since Independence.

    She needs curry no favours or kiss anybody’s backside sitting on the Opposition benches with the concealed objective of replacing MAM to be leader when this DLP administration falls in the coming months.

    This will not be another use and abuse and overthrow of Mia as took place when the BLP smelled the blood of political victory on the then pending demise of DT.
    She should also be wary of the duplicitous nature of those ‘agent saboteurs’ who might smile with her but are only waiting if given the chance to work an “Et tu, Brute?” act of disloyalty to undermine her growing nationally appealing leadership. We are willing to bet that if a poll was carried out (even by Peter Wickham) today MAM would come smelling of roses at top of the dung heap of the “most mediocre” set of leaders Barbados has ever had.

    So here is a message for all of those who might be seeking to or would like to see MAM removed: It will NOT work this time; even if Estwick crosses over or some one takes gravely ill on the other side to trigger another DT moment of a political palace coup.

  6. Wow, this is ground breaking for Barbados Underground.

    An article actually showing a Barbados Labour Party member in the correct light.

    I am wondering what it took to get this publish here on this blog and I will wait and see if there is more in the mortar than the pestle.

    Is it someone in the BLP trying to get rid of this guy in favour of MAM. After all he is Seethru’s pick for Leader of the opposition.

  7. Political Parties and by extension Politicians, are in business. They do what they do to make money. Sorry if that offends some, but the facts bear this out. My only request is that they are treated like businesses and be forced to be registered entities that can be held responsible for wrong doing, no matter whether they remain in office or not.

  8. offtopic

    Miller(uncle tom)

    Here is another guy for you to curse black is white.

    ADRIAN LOVERIDGE what say you about this?

    “A HISTORIAN is charging that the work permit system is being manipulated to reserve jobs for white foreigners.

    Trevor Marshall said yesterday that “elite whites” were being allowed to come into Barbados to take up top positions under the guise that employers could find no suitable candidates here to fill the positions.

    An unapologetic Marshall, who also took issue with whites being allowed to sit in Parliament without facing the electorate, spoke against “job reservation for elite whites” as he delivered the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) lunchtime lecture on the topic 175 Years of Emancipation: How Free Are We?.

    “We are going through a recession and there is talk about our laying off people and yet . . . so far for this year I have counted in our newspapers 14 notices headed ‘work permit’,” he said. (DP)”

    Historian Trevor Marshall

  9. This boy Symmonds is unfit to sit at a table of honest decent people further more to sit in The Parliament of Barbados the man is a thief and he is fraud
    When he had a car to sell that could not be financed by the loan agency who did he turn to for help in his dishonesty none other than another dishonest bastard of Johnny Tudor to change the age of the car to make it appear newer than 5 years old, now in my books both of them should have faced the courts but DPP Leacock thought better, I wonder why? A friendship of sorts?

    Amazingly and sadly so in my books for Mottley to be aware of this fraudent act by this fraud and for her to concoct this arrangement to foist this vagabond and crook onto Barbadians as some one that Barbadians should entrust with matters that require honest and sincere judgment for this island it will not come from this dishonest fraud of Symmonds made worse by Mottley knowing fully well what she had on her hands and for her to pass him of as suitable second in command is just dishonest of her.

    It maybe time that Marshall opens his mouth as a senior member of a BLP Parliament and for him to lead the charge. At least I think he has some honestly from within and for Arthur to speak openly about what he has left behind as leadership of the BLP and what needs to happen to bring a BLP person to the fore who is not tarnished by the odour of CORRUPTION and FRAUD as Symmonds, Arthur and Mottley so clearly are touched with.

  10. Wuhloss ! follow Fruendel POSITION………….qoutable quotes miller…….Now i crying……………Wait i about to jump out the window………somebody push……

  11. Don.t expect a reply from Adrein he is on BU record as saying that the working class in barbados has not contributed anything on the same level as those who have invested in Barbados. in other words the the poor black working bajans should be eternally grateful to the white elist. i have asked him for clarity be refused so i will interpret his comments as i see fit

  12. ac

    HA HA HA HA … I ain’ want nabody push … I gun be pun de ground to ketch yah and I really don’ know how much you weigh …

  13. @ Carson C. Cadogan | July 27, 2013 at 8:19 AM |
    “A HISTORIAN is charging that the work permit system is being manipulated to reserve jobs for white foreigners.”

    Remind us again, Carson, which party forms the ruling administration?

    Are you by a fat chance of a red herring suggesting that the DLP administration is in cahoots with the manipulators (white shadows) of the system which by coincidence happens to fall within the portfolio of who again?

    Don’t you realize or can you fathom the gravamen of self-ridicule and damnation of the same party which you claim is the party for Black Bajans?

    Or is that asking too much of you like the $64 million cut in payroll question?
    Even your man Fumble is distancing himself from the poor beleaguered Doctor Governor of the Central Bank with his prescription of a sharp swift dose of bitter economic medicine costing $400 million to be paid before fiscal year-end.
    Now when will he be thrown from his Ivory Tower in Church Village where he practices ‘voodoo’ economics?
    Now there is a real Uncle Tom for a Doc back stabbing his PM with bad advice!

  14. Also of interesting and significantly so the boy Symmonds obviously intended to steal this man’s money when one looks at the date of the transaction on the day before of the election of 2008, he knew exactly what he was doing on the14 th January 2008 when he met with Mr Boolani the sad thing was that Mr Boolani was not aware that when he handed his money to Symmonds that he was dealing with a CRIMINAL and a FRAUD who should be locked away behind bars at Arthur’s and Mottley’s VECO Dodds Prison.

    This actually is quite clever and cunning of Mottley to elevate Symmonds to put him in the limelight only to be exposed in short order that he is a criminal and a fraud so she can be seen to have embraced him but by his own actions and his Criminal behaviour she had to set him adrift and set him free.

    • @Old Onions

      Do you think it is possible to talk and chew gum at the same time?

      What is your position on the matter raised?

      Even if it serves to try to distract is there merit is putting our public figures under the microscope?

  15. @ Let them gather>
    another dishonest bastard in Johnny Tudor

    A superfluous comment you don’t have to say dishonest bastard and Johnny Tudor in same sentence. Tudor means dishonest if you get my drift. Saddle head Symmonds feeling he oats he sound more pompous and arrogant than ever. He gripping Mia by the short and presumably curlies. With scumbags Payne and Hinckson battling to the finish as to who is the bigger thief Mia has nowhere to turn. The BLP deserve wife beater. The affidavit at the top confirms what we know about knifeman Symmonds. This pretentious joker should be banned from holding public office. BLP pimp miller say a Wickham pole would show Mia leading. Leading what or who ? The only things Mia leads are ex prisoner Bayley the taximan and a jet ski she breakdown with mass.

  16. @ ac | July 27, 2013 at 8:58 AM |
    “Wuhloss ! follow Fruendel POSITION………….qoutable quotes miller…….Now i crying……………Wait i about to jump out the window………somebody pu”

    You are really pathetically intellectually challenged, indeed! What position is the PM holding? One of a vacillating court jester trying to appease the audience? The man is more malleable and subject to changes in the buffeting economic winds than a dumb weathercock.
    Can’t you see there is utter conflict between the PM and the Governor of the Central Bank. Come on, ac, that is as clear as the muck you wallow in at George St. at Friday’s feeding time.
    The Governor says one thing which the PM agrees with. Sir Frank disagrees. The PM changes his mind about the whole shebang.
    Then where is the real MoF in all of this?
    Who is the real piggy-in-the-middle here if not the PM?
    Will the genuine heavyset buffoon passing off as the little (intellectual runt) Napoleon of the Animal Farm litter be weighing in to further muddy the waters on this Sunday Brasstacks on VOB? Will we seethe return of Dr. Snowball to take his rightful place as chief of the Piggy Bank?

    Just one soap opera of a comedy of errors performed by a troupe of monkeys on the farm reminiscent of Bumba’s calypso parody of Sandie’s stubbornness of rocking to the left and the others mockingly moving to the right and the entire Cabinet start laughing at one another like a true barrel of monkeys.

    Lord please help Bim in all of this confusing monkey business called public administration under this complex complicated conundrum called Stuart’s management style!

  17. …Tell ac and Carson….tah cah dey Brassbowl n some…. of pot shots and pimpology thats what….don’t they have enuff on the economic plate come August 13th than to come wid monkey nuts as distractions? Tell Dem to tell us who next gine home and how they plan to address the $400 Mill….I knew DEM did quite TOO LONG….Dis is just annnuda Tourism Conference Call tactic ( No Vat scenario) stunt to distract all of what is coming…Wanna bald pooch CATS !..tell we bout dez things dat we gota deal wid come August 14th

  18. @ Passing by | July 27, 2013 at 9:33 AM |
    “BLP pimp miller say a Wickham pole would show Mia leading.”

    It would be more fittingly appropriate (if you can appreciate the redundancy by looking in a mirror) to refer to me as “MIA’s Pimp”.

    Well if you don’t trust Wickham then do your own but after August 13th.

    BTW, “Passing by”, ask the godmother of Dr. Estwick child, whose shoulder the politically abused John cries on if not on the mother harlot’s?
    Being torn between two Johns (Big Buffoon smelly John and the politically used and abused gunslinger shorter John) who hate each other’s guts and are in a permanent state of political war is not easy, not even for a professional prostitute who has also been used and abused.

    Now figure that one out and report back to the Superfly Daddy of a pimp called Uncle Tommy Miller.

  19. David the onion sack will only agree once it is a one way street that is when the DLP are under the microscope does not work when the BLP has to be asked tough questions about honesty or Corruption by that lot.

  20. Did somebody in thev peanut gallery shout “POOR JUDGEMENT” unbefitting of good leadership…………………..I agree………….

  21. There are many more instances of shady dealings by those who occupy the seats of our parliament that have gone unnoticed …..or should I say unreported. Tic for tat it seems for if we shine the light on Kerrie somebody shouts Donville. The time is now for barbadians to recognize the fact that our parliament functions as a fraternity. One member will never out nor expose another. Forget the grandstanding they do from time to time, like the convention of that P A C, an extension of parliamentary privilege which really stands for Protection Against Conviction. The time is now for us to accept as fact that while they Rub Shoulders with some, while their palms are greased by others. The time is now for the Millerthewhateveryouarenow to tell us exactly where do we turn “when this DLP administration falls in the coming months” since the government in waiting has been as secretive about its multiple internal fractures as the current government has been about our true fiscal position.

  22. David

    I was an immigration officer and it never ceases to amaze me why persons seeking any immigration status in Barbados would have to get a lawyer. There is simply no role for a lawyer in the process except he wants to play postman and deliver the documents. The forms are straightforward and do not require any input from a lawyer. Even so, the rules for non-contentious business sets a fee of $1,200.

    The only time a lawyer might be required is in a situation where the person’s application for permanent residence or immigrant status has been refused, or where the person is appealing against a deportation order.

    I will address the issue of the appointment to a non-existent post in a separate post.

  23. Good comment HH, we always seem to focus on the symptom at the expense of the cause. And around and around we go. To think this morning we have another blog which addresses the intelligence (or lack of) of the human species.

    • This type of application does not require a lawyer, but sadly I don’t know of any lawyers who would say that to a client. I have assisted at least 100 prospective immigrants with their forms and have never charged a cent. Mind you, I have also done a few appeals to the Immigration Review Committee for which I charge but nowhere near $1,000 as compared to the $5,000 quoted above.

  24. REPORTER: hi you guy in the red shirt………….what is your name. ,.Miller!.. REPORTER: may i ask you for your honest assesment of the fire storm surrounding this issue…..YES! most deserving of a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE … REPORTER: thank you for your forth rightness and honesty……..MILLER you are welcomed! boy do i need a drink! a bunch of jackasses ! what were they thinking when they made her leader!

  25. BAFBFP “Political Parties and by extension Politicians, are in business. They do what they do to make money.”

    You are wrong BAFBFP.

    They do what they do out of the goodness of their heart and the good of the people and their country…..If yuh believe me….
    I got piece a land for sale. It is about half mile west of Beachlands pun a place call Dottins.

  26. Since it is unlawful in Barbados to offer or to receive a bribe and since Ram Boolani has written under oath that he offered a bribe, Ram should be prosecuted.

    And poor me. I’ve never been offered a bribe. I wonder why people don’t come to me with handfulls of cash.

    And another thing I don’t offer nor give bribes either. If I can’t get the thing lawfully (what ever the thing is) I do without it.

    And yes “the thing” includes “the thing”

    • Ram was not offering a bribe: he was paying for a service as I understand it. The only problem is that he should have paid $1,200 if he engaged a lawyer. Mind you, he did not need a lawyer.

  27. The authorities in the United States may also want to look to see whether Dr. Hermante Boolani is up to any tricks now that he is with them.

    We have a saying in Barbados, “The fruit don’t fall far from the tree”
    or “like father, like son”

  28. @millertheanunnaki,

    Your love for Mia Mottley and desire to have her as Prime Minister of Barbados is laudable.

    Keep up the good work. Kathleen would be impressed.

  29. David wrote “That is a matter for Symmonds and Boolani.”

    True. but it is also a matter worth of investigation by the appropriate “entities”

    Heard about the Senate scandal in Ottawa?

  30. Let them gather at 9:29 p.m. “the sad thing was that Mr Boolani was not aware that when he handed his money to Symmonds that he was dealing with a CRIMINAL and a FRAUD”

    But when Mr. Boolani handed over the money, he Mr. Boolani knew that he was committing an unlawful act.The elder Boolani can’t be nuh fool. He smart enough to got a doctor son.

    He had to know that offering a bribe is ILLEGAL AS HELL.

  31. @passing by “He gripping Mia by the short and presumably curlies.”

    Nabady don’t carry short and curlies nah more, especially in this heat.

    Everybody carrying a Brizilian. Ask Richard Hoad what is a Brazilian.

  32. David

    I was an immigration officer and it never ceases to amaze me why persons seeking any immigration status in Barbados would have to get a lawyer. There is simply no role for a lawyer in the process except he wants to play postman and deliver the documents. The forms are straightforward and do not require any input from a lawyer. Even so, the rules for non-contentious business sets a fee of $1,200.

    The only time a lawyer might be required is in a situation where the person’s application for permanent residence or immigrant status has been refused, or where the person is appealing against a deportation order.

    That also applies to any country worldwide, people are warned incessantly that lawyers can be unscrupulous and charge for immigration services that are free. Some lawyers have no soul.

  33. @ Simple Simon
    Nabady don’t carry short and curlies nah more, especially in this heat.
    What are you trying to tell us SS? Does that mean women of a certain age are getting “Brazilians”? Is that where the phrase “bald pooch cat” came from?

    Anyway if anyone down there is thinking of getting a “Brazilian” I will nominate them for a Barbados national award e.g. “The bald Pooch Cat Award” for bravery under torture in the service of ………

  34. I have an admission to make and in order to make some of these points i find that i am revealing alot bout myself and risking getting lock up for my acerbic tongue, getting read out the church and wus of all, de madam leffing me.

    De madam is what we Bajans call a low-islander. I ent going say what island or dat gine give way a nex clue.

    Pun weekends i does have to learn a nex language to be able to speak to all de scunts dem en dis banner going home back. It is a linguists’ heaven to be at we house.

    But back to de point.

    I wonder how many of you holier than thou, believers in de system bloggers really know the highway robbery that CARICOM citizens wh “ent right” wid Immigration, going to lawyers and getting fxck by this so called legal fraternity?

    If the St. Lucians Jamaikis and all de rest was to come pun dis site and tell you how certain lawyers does charge dem $15,000 and end up doing nothing, and hold them under threat that “since the process start Immigration got your papers and if you dont come in and pay a little pun de account, i doan know what going happen if dem pick u up” I have not Commission g nuhbody nor Khan any of you say i give anybody name here.

    If de Ombudsman were doing his job, or the Bar Association, de Disciplinary Committee or any of the brotherhood, all uh Dodds wud be full up.

    Imagine the irony of this, de same lawyers who defending peeple who dem f**k up, rob dem in fees, misrepresent and get dem lock up, get de lawyers as cell mates to really show dem the knitting in the pillow when de night come.


    • Piece

      Only Guyanese go home back. The others go back home.

  35. Piece………….i nearly collapsed, we know who they are, it’s just to get them into Dodds to see the knitting in the pillow.

  36. @David

    BTW, this document gives me pause for the following reasons

    1. it has no JP stamp visible.

    2. Ram Boolani is definitely a relative of We Jonesing, Minister of Education, also enemy of the Queen’s English language

    I will explain why i believe this relation to be true

    “I hereby signs ….” a phrase that only we Jonesing could compose.

    But (dis conjunction ting gots to stop), but it has to be that the Justice of the PIECE Elma Grant ( no relation to Piece of De Rock Year Right, to be sure, nor Robert Ross’ a “Nasty Piece of Work”) did not dictate this document.

    She MUST HAVE signed after the fact, or assuredly she would have picked up this subject/verb agreement anomaly, so clearly visible on the official document that she was affixing her name.

    Whey is we in my cuntry Bim going???

  37. 14th January 2008 was the day before General Elections in Barbados and the day before Oblong Head Symmonds lost his seat and the BLP was put out of office.

    But all of that does not matter, what matters is what way will Estwick vote when Mia calls for a divide over Buffoon’s Budget on 13th August.

  38. David | July 27, 2013 at 9:48 AM |

    @Old Onions

    Do you think it is possible to talk and chew gum at the same time?

    What is your position on the matter raised?
    Come next week look for some doctored pieca -crap that I will be sending BU under a different name of course….claiming Min X tief exam marks or bud a sheep equally salacious for the hungry mongrels to chew gums on….seek n thou shall find…watch !

  39. @ piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right… Ya getting patta cake,and dat is some ah de sweetest cake dis side ah de region. Dat and den de bajan version. Seriously though, how does BU get access to this document and the main stream didn’t, for surely they would have published it.

  40. David;

    Looks like Business as usual on BU.

    PODRYR has partially dissected the Boolani document in a way that might give some pause to those who want to further discredit a person whom I personally don’t like, Kerry Symmonds.

    Caswell Franklyn has indicated that several lawyers are in the (not illegal) business of unnecessary facilitation of Immigration matters for persons wishing to get immigrant status here. It therefore appears, even if only at face value, not to be proof of an illegal act by Mr. Symmonds

    It should be also well known that Guyanese were under the gun by the new DT administration in 2009 when this document was purportedly signed. That situation might well be advanced as a reason for Mr. Boolani wishing to use any available means to try to secure immigrant status for his son.

    David, there are however some questions that you need to provide answers to for the BU family in order to ensure unbiased conclusions. Some of these are:-

    What is the provenance of the Boolani letter? Who were the persons concerned? Was Michael Lashley involved in righting any wrongs done to Mr. Boolani? Was it purely a political trap? Are the facts in the letter true? If they are true did Mr. Symmonds do anything illegal? Did he have any undue influence over the immigration department when he allegedly accepted the 5K$ from Mr. Boolani? Could any other lawyer have legally acted for Mr. Boolani in this matter? Does the suggestion of fraud, etc. merely has to do with Mr. Symmonds having been a disliked BLP politician as well as being a lawyer?

    David, in your chapeau, you hint that the copy of the letter you posted came from the then AG because MAM requested the document posted above from then AG Michael Lashley which she used to persuade Symmonds to resign from the Senate. If that is true AG Lashley was in possession of the document which he gave to Mia to aid in removing Symmonds from the Senate. Doesn’t this tell us a lot about the inter-party machinations of MPs that few of us know about? How did Mia know about the document? Was its provision also a trap for her?

    Who is the JP? Was she a BLP JP or a DLP one? Was she active in Politics? What was the real use that Boolani intended that it be put to? Who advised him to swear to this document?

    There are so many more questions that could be asked of this document and the circumstances surrounding it, prior to it being accepted as further proof of Mr. Symmonds unsuitability for public office.

    Hope some answers along these lines will be forthcoming.

  41. @ checkit-out,

    All we need to know is if Mr. Boolani gave Mr.Symmonds $5000 to “facilitate” and having failed to “facilitate” did Mr.Symmonds return the $5000 to Mr.Boolani.

    Was this transaction a bribe or a legitimate fee for services?

    When you give up private life to become a public figure like the monkey climbing a tree your ask is exposed.

  42. @ checkit-out… good and pertinent as your questions are you must know that there will be no answers outside of those that David may attempt to provide. These guys are all for one and one for all. As much as that document might have been public record, public discussion in bim is a no no. Doubt me? Call brasstacks. Was there any real outcry when the Queen’s Counsel moon the judge? Did that get as much airtime as the idiot mother [for lack of a better noun] beating a child with a plank? Know why? Dem aint nobody….caaan do nuting fah anybody.

  43. Hants | July 27, 2013 at 3:24 PM |
    @ checkit-out,
    All we need to know is if Mr. Boolani gave Mr.Symmonds $5000 to “facilitate” and having failed to “facilitate” did Mr.Symmonds return the $5000 to Mr.Boolani.

    Simple to the point Hants. Did the blubber man take Boolani money and did nothing or did he execute the job for Boolani? If the former he is a crook (looks like most lawyers are) if the latter he is a normal professional.

  44. The man to this very day continues to wish and to hope that Symmonds would give him back his money the boy is a thieving women beater and dishonest car salesman who knows no honesty, Haynesley Benn has his measure he knows more about Symmonds’s dishonest act thru Mottley than many he knew before Symmonds that Mottley was going to fire him for this and for slashing and for Symmonds beating up badly on his wife.

  45. The man to this very day continues to wish and to hope that Symmonds would give him back his money the boy is a thieving women beater and dishonest car salesman who knows no honesty, Haynesley Benn has his measure he knows more about Symmonds’s dishonest act thru Mottley than many he knew before Symmonds that Mottley was going to fire him for this and for slashing and for Symmonds beating up badly on his wife

  46. wait wuh happen to miller……….the ethics bar is dragging on the ground,,, miller the bLP needs your muscle to help pull it up…….

  47. Could it be that Mr Boolani was told by attorney that paying him that $5K, his son would get his docu same day or close thereof instead of the normal time it takes to process, which might be months and Sundees; making Mr Boolani to believe that he (attorney) had “pull” inside the immigration office whereby he (attorney) walks in and walks back out with document in hand?

    Just another easy buck. Maybe attorney try to impress but couldn’t express.

    • The charge has been made and Symmonds can post to BU or send a note privately to clarify the matter. Until

  48. David what clarity can ANYONE want other than the written word in this sworn document that the man paid Symmonds on the day before elections expecting that Symmonds would have been in a position the day after elections to fulfil the request made of Symmonds and with his cost paid he had every right of expectation.
    however had Symmonds been an honest person when the man returned asking back for his money for a job undelivered and not done but SAymmonds in his ravising manner told the man his money burn so whatever that gentleman’s hopes were they were dashed once symmonds was put out to pasture.

  49. with all this talk about symmonds I am still at a lost for words how the leadership and members of the BLP allowed this nomination/

  50. Stop looking for a Saint to be a politician or a politician to be a Saint . We need all the talents we can find. We need people to do a job. When you go to a gas station for gas ride a bus , do you wonder if the driver of the tanker that delivered gas beats his wife or are you interested in filling up ?


  51. Tom Adams was a brilliant Prime Minister
    Ask anyone who knows , if he had a history of beating women. Ask Denise Sheperd -Johnson if she knows anything about Tom.
    The brilliant Errol Walton Barrow had people ask questions about his orientation. Barrow and his wife Carolyn lived together, were divorced or lived happily after ?
    Wunna could really shut wunna ass though !!

  52. When these fellas looking for money they promise people anything. He could have simply told the Gentleman that he was no position to help him with immigration matters and let the man keep his coppers in his pocket.

    But the problem is that these BLP politicians have no shame. I remember clearly one New years day Seethru, mind you bright new years day, accusing some one in his party of stealing money which ought to be in the coffers of the opposition account.

    I have lived to see documents published here on this said same Barbados Underground which stated, “during the meeting personal insults were traded between many of those present. The claimant, himself, accused MAM …………………………………………..of criminal conduct. Specifically, he alleged that she had embezzled funds from the BLP during her tenure as leader of the Opposition…………….”

    Money and BLP members, I don’t know……………..


    “Tom Adams was a brilliant Prime Minister
    Ask anyone who knows , if he had a history of beating women.”

    You forgot an important part, he also loved the white stuff which addicts push up their nose.

  54. It must be extremely uncomfortable to be a Barbados Labour Party Parliamentarian at this point in time. The cannibalization within that party is something awful.

    I would not trade places with a BLP Parliamentarian for all the tea in China.

  55. What was the orientation of Cammie Tudor ?
    Would he have supported same sex marriages ?
    Did it affect his brilliance ?
    It probably did though because Cammie is responsible for the state Barbados is in today: He rushed and had Erskine Sandiford installed much to the chagrin of Richie who should have been Prime Minister of this country . The rest is history

  56. @ Carson C. Cadogan

    Agree 100% ‘It must be extremely uncomfortable to be a Barbados Labour Party Parliamentarian at this point in time. The cannibalization within that party is something awful’.

    That BLP group is thrilling and suspenseful. American Film Producers Michael Bay and or Jerry Bruckheimer should consider them for movie making; box office hit for sure.

  57. Just asking your post are not relevant to this discussion were you to ask where the funds belonging to the BLP that Arthur left in a Bank account and that Mottley evaporated once she became Leader of the Opposition or why would Symmonds change the age of a vehicle owned by himself to get it sold or why he savagely Beat Up his Wife and then Slashed Her Car Tyres or why having not been able to provided the service expected by Mr Boolani why then did he not do the HONOUABLE THING and pay back the goodly Gentleman his hard earned money and be done with that shaDYDEAL ? bECAUSE HE IS A dISHONEST LIAR cROOK THAT DESERVES prison asap.

  58. @ Tell me more | July 27, 2013 at 9:57 PM |

    Sounds good by me! But let us do a deal. As the ole time Bajan saying goes: “Do fuy do ent nuh obeah”.
    Let us do some horse trading like Fumble and OSA over MIA and the Eager Eleven.
    We will back you to the hilt in getting the wife beater seat “slasher” swindler and political backstabber behind bars in exchange of Fumble removing his arm of protection from around Leroy “Greenverbs” Parris.

    Deal or NO deal?

  59. Oh F..the F_in phony….F_in Fakespare, F_in Faux Pas, F _in farthing, F_in move forward..F _in folly, F_ in farinaceous and the F_in forsake for F _in most fractious and F_in the friggin frogmarch….. F_in lime juice neva spoil F_ in vinegar..neva hear dat? Well F dat true what all the F_in commotion about?

  60. Let’s stop and think this through here…..the man above paid (according to him) an illegal bribe and wants to complain? Does he have proof of this payment? A receipt? Anything? I guess not.

    So how do we know this happened or is this political theatre? What credence should we give to a document which basically amounts to “the writer of this document asserts that this happened and asks you to believe it on no authority other than that he said this happened.”

    • @Just Asking

      What does a Justice of the Peace (JP) do?

      All JP services are free. They have two sets of responsibilities – ministerial and judicial. Their ministerial roles include; Witnessing signatures on documents Certifying copies of documents Completing declarations (including statutory declarations), affidavits or affirmations

  61. So wait a JP can’t be a F_in Fraud?….Like your memory kinda short ..$30 million to be exactin and a phrase of F-in Lie Cheat or Steal….null point breds..F_in null point dat one…

    • Then Onions if the JP’s signature was fraudulently obtained what do you think Symmonds should do? Surely you have informed him by now?

  62. @David. Something bothers me about the convenience with which this document, sworn in 2009 and complaining of a matter from 2008, has suddenly made an appearance. I fear that I may well have been guilty of over-exuberance and lack of careful weighing up of the matter. BECAUSE some bits have been niggling at the back of what, for want of a better word, I call “my mind” since I read it. It has taken over 4 years (getting on for five) for this document to surface. Why? ALSO, what was the purpose behind swearing such a statement in the first place – what was in meant to achieve?

    First, let me say that I am a MAM admirer, but I certainly do not admire Kerri in any way whatever and I question what could possibly have possessed people to vote for him in the first place. As far as the last elections are concerned, I supported the DLP and Freundel Stuart and, given the general state of the BLP at the moment, if there was an election tomorrow, I would support the government and PM all over again. I know the choice is between the devil and the deep blue, but since that is the only choice we currently have, that would be mine.

    But fair is fair

    My knowledge of immigration matters is not great, EXCEPT I have had family members who have immigrated to the USA, the UK and Canada and they have, each and every one, consulted me on the process. Each and every one of them has gone through an immigration lawyer in their applications and I have had the advantage of discussing these matters with almost all of the lawyers concerned. The most recent was about two years ago and the lawyer’s fee was the equivalent of Barbados$6,000.

    The reason for having a lawyer is that the applications themselves and the sheer body of evidence and paperwork needed is, frankly, considerable and very daunting to anyone not used to it and nervous at the prospect in the first place. I have no idea if Barbados immigration is the same: whether it requires criminal record checks; undertaking not to become a charge on the state for a period of time and proof that the funds are available to keep this undertaking; etc. Then too there is the ease with which an application can be rejected simply because a single element is missing and you have to start all over again.

    While I myself have no actual knowledge of the process or finer points here in Barbados, I have been considerably exposed to the process in the other countries named above. Therefore, I utterly reject the concept that there is no need to have a lawyer do it for you in Barbados, simply because it is cheaper to do it yourself. It is cheaper to do it in other countries as well, yet my relatives have all found the process to be far simpler and less stressful by paying a lawyer. What price peace of mind?

    In any case, whether you choose to retain counsel to do the job for you is, frankly, your choice. It is your money and no one has the right to dictate to you whether or not you should have a lawyer deal with the matter for you.

    The question, therefore, is whether or not Kerri Symmonds was retained as counsel for the purposes of this immigration application? If yes, the next question is whether $5,000 was the amount agreed between the parties for his work on the application? If yes, then Kerri has no case to answer and the client has no grounds for complaint. Counsel undertaking to do the work and submit the application does not in any way guarantee (or imply a guarantee) that the application will succeed. I cannot see how counsel could possibly guarantee such a result anyway. Especially if he belongs to a political party that is out of power.

    There are countless things that Kerri can be legitimately questioned on and I personally have little use for him – de blood done tek. However, after mature consideration, I think this may well NOT be a legitimate complaint against him.

    • Amused

      I applaud your attempt to be fair for once but you must be careful when setting up straw men to knock them down. No one ever said that there is no need for a lawyer because it is cheaper to do it yourself. In the Barbados procedure, of which I am quite familiar, there is absolutely no need for a lawyer. There is nothing that a lawyer can do to influence the process: he is reduced to the role of a messenger. All the lawyer can do is carry in the forms. The forms are quite elementary, even AC would be able to complete them. For delivering the forms the scale of fees require a minimum fee of $1,200.

  63. Caswell Franklyn | July 28, 2013 at 12:31 PM
    The forms are quite elementary, even AC would be able to complete them.
    but I am not as dumb as YOU to believe that I would choose to save a few dollars in preference to hiring somewhat who has more expertise than i and knowledge in such an area……leave it to you to solve complicated issues with simplistic answers

  64. @ Amused …Your post dated July 28th. at 12:12 pm as it relates to the USA could not be further from the truth. All any lawyer can do is fill out your paper work, a relatively simple task that can be done by anyone that can read. What peaks my interest in your post though is your claim that almost all of these lawyers discussed these matters with you. Why, may I ask? So that you may save your next family member that seeks to live here in the states some money, no application is rejected simply because some element is missing. You are contacted and asked to submit whatever documentation that was deemed missing.

  65. Amused;
    Good to see someone has totally agreed with one of my posts that are normally ignored. Thanks

  66. Simple Simon:

    you are right, no immigration lawyer is required in Citizenship and Immigration Canada, everything is now done online, you have an online account and you deal with it accordingly, don’t let anyone tell you different.

  67. @Caswell Franklyn | July 28, 2013 at 12:31 PM | “……….you must be careful when setting up straw men to knock them down.” That is infinitely better than painting an inviting target on my back. In any event, I am not saying that you may not eventually knock down what you have described as “straw men” set up by me, but I AM saying that thus far you have failed comprehensively to do so.

    WHY are you, a bush lawyer who claims some legal training, so damned eager to suggest that Kerri, a lawyer, was peddling influence, instead of merely practicing law? $5,000 is just about the right amount for a lawyer of Kerri’s seniority and experience to charge for such a job – I know because I have checked with friends who do that kind of work. Therefore your most helpful information about the immigration process is merely a red herring, a weak and transparent attempt to ground your baseless accusation that Kerri was peddling influence, instead of exercising his right to practice law. And I cannot tell you how much it offends me to have to come to the defense of Kerri.

    The fact that this payment could be subject to misrepresentation (and the resulting defamation) is part of the legal system failure under which Barbados suffers. FOR, if it were the UK, the USA or Canada, Kerri would have been required to provide the client with an opinion letter, setting out the terms of his engagement, the approximate or agreed cost and an estimate of the chances of success – this is a letter that would have to have been sent in duplicate and the client would be required to sign and date and return one of the copies, while retaining the other for their files. But of course it would mean that there would be a paper trail to cash (and undeclared) payments that most Bajan lawyers (with some notable exceptions) like to keep quiet.

    So really, Casewell, your only possible complaint is that Kerri did not declare the payment to the tax man. And I would be careful how you went about making that statement as well, because Kerri would be fully within his rights (as indeed he likely is NOW ALREADY) to serve you with the pre-action protocols and, if you failed to give him the satisfaction required, to proceed against you for defamation. You can check this out with your master who crafted the unsatisfactory Defamation Act and introduced the CPRs.

    As I said before and I repeat, I am no admirer Kerri Symmonds, BUT, FAIR IS FAIR!!!

    @ac | July 28, 2013 at 12:53 PM | I completely agree with you and, for the record, I have never thought for a moment that you were dumb – quite the contrary – merely wildly excessive. And you fight your battles with commitment (sometimes blinkered, but always total). Therefore, you provoke a like response from those who also feel passionate about their views – which is 99.9% of Bajans. So follow me here for a moment and consider that I am about to say before rushing in……it may benefit your side and views.

    Now, as a MAM supporter, I think Kerri should get permanently lost. BUT, not by using these tactics. As I say, I have no doubt that Kerri was merely charging legal fees for work. And, if Mr Ram Boolani is the type of man who is prepared to pay for political influence in the first place (and I do not believe him that this is what he did) then the truth of his document has to be viewed with a degree of caution.

    @Hamilton Hill | July 28, 2013 at 12:54 PM |. I respond:

    • “All any lawyer can do is fill out your paper work, a relatively simple task that can be done by anyone that can read.” It is some decades not since I had anything to do close up and personal with any application for USA immigration and I m not going to take the time to study the system now just to dispute your allegations. BUT, ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT SOMEONE WISHING TO RETAIN COUNSEL TO DO IT FOR THEM, CANNOT EXERCISE THEIR FREE WILL TO DO SO? I reiterate, at what price peace of mind?
    • “What peaks my interest in your post though is your claim that almost all of these lawyers discussed these matters with you. Why, may I ask?” You may not. It was their choice and is not open to question or implied denial of that right by you.
    • “…… application is rejected simply because some element is missing. You are contacted and asked to submit whatever documentation that was deemed missing.” Which delays the process and costs more money and places addition mental strain on some people.
    • I will also add that I know of several Bajans who are married to US Citizens and have been for many years, who are still fighting for the right to live with their spouses in the USA and have had to retain counsel to deal with matters for them. So, the ease with which this process is accomplished in the States is, frankly, a figment of your imagination.

    @Simple Simon | July 28, 2013 at 3:07 PM | “but amused, at this link Citizenship and Immigration Canada says that a lawyer in NOT required.”

    You are CORRECT!! And Canadian citizenship is the one on which my knowledge is most current and, I assure you, completely up-to-date. NOW, have you ever visited the Toronto passport and citizenship office? I have!!!! The one I went to with a relative and their lawyer was on Victoria Street, close to a hospital. The office takes up, as I recall, most of the floors of the high rise, except for the ground floor. In the ground floor and the adjacent buildings are there are nothing but immigration lawyers’ offices. There are MANY reasons why in Canada immigrants choose to have legal representation. One that springs immediately to mind is the fact that Canada does not make it all the easy for the spouses of Canadian citizens to be granted “landed immigrant” status. This difficulty is compounded in Canada by the fact that gay marriage has been a feature of Canadian life since about (and I speak under correction) 2001. And most partners of Canadians applying for “landed immigrant” status come from countries where same sex marriage is not allowed – like it is not allowed in the majority of Canada’s nearest neighbour, the United States. Therefore, like in the USA, a great deal of emphasis and enquiry is placed upon confirming that the marriage is NOT a SHAM!!!! Well, some people feel far more comfortable having a lawyer oversee this operation for them. Wouldn’t you?

    In the UK, on which I am also very current, immigration has been tightened to a very large degree, just during the last year. It is now very difficult to obtain a “permanent residents visa”. And once that expires and one applies for citizenship, that process too is very complex.

    @Well Well. Yes, but the application is not as simple as it is made to look.

    Final note. How many of you know Bajan men who are married to foreign women, or Bajan women who are married to foreign men? If you do, and you must, why not ask these foreign spouses (specially the men) how simple it is/was for them to go through the Barbados immigration process? And I know that some will say that this particular incident had nothing to do with spousal immigration applications. But my friends, this is Barbados where if the immigration officers can find any conceivable way to complicate a matter, THEY WILL!!!!!

    • Amused

      Once again you are doing your dishonest thing. Point out where I ever accused Kerrie Symmonds of anything.

      You claimed that you check with friends who do that type of work and they suggest that $5,000 is about right. You should also ask them what the Non-contentious Business Rules suggest as the fee for this type of work. The answer: $1,200, and this is to fill out a simple form. The hardest question on the form, in my experience, is where persons are asked what is their father’s date of birth.

  68. Franklyn the hardest question for you is how to get you to be honest? You are either sick liar or a deranged mentally unstable person who would not know the truth were it to slap you in your face.
    I only wish that the BUDGET family see you for what you are a fraud alert wife beater and person that is known to the courts of Barbados

  69. @Casewell. I finally conclude that you are simply obtuse, rather than being deliberately obtuse. You say, “You should also ask them what the Non-contentious Business Rules suggest as the fee for this type of work.” The salient word in that is “SUGGEST”. Go tell your master I said so. However, neither you nor he nor anyone else can mandate that fee. That would be a restraint of trade. It is up to the parties themselves (lawyer and client) to decide what is to be charged and paid. Not to you nor your master. And the going rate, for the information of youself and your master, is about $5,000. Otherwise, the lawyer has the right to refuse the case. End of.

    • Amused

      You keep coming on this blog and telling deliberate lies to make yourself look good. I know many of the lawyers who do immigration work (I meet them at Immigration Review Committee hearings) and it is my understanding that they charge minimum fees. I have even spoken to two (who shall remain nameless) who told me that they charge some of these people less despite the minimum fees because the people needed help and quite frankly they regard the $1,200 as too high.

      You continue to lie for what reason?

  70. Amused…………… must have reading and comprehension skills to understand and fill out immigration paperwork, yes, it can get complicated, your best bet would be to find someone, preferably a university student who can do research to help, but paying a lawyer thousands when it is not necessary can and does lead to all types of extortion. One of the reasons i suppose Canada makes sure, you are on their website and if someone else is doing the paper work for you, you have to identify them and it is documented on the Canadian Immigration website……….systems must be put in place to protect the vulnerable who are unaware of simple matters.

  71. Amused…………..don’t know when last you been to Canada or had interaction with their immigration, but you are highly dissuaded from visiting their offices unless during your online and ongoing application, they require you to pay a visit, which is now extremely rare, since you can upload all requested documentation to their site……’s a whole new ballgame and the interaction of lawyers only becomes necessary in certain extreme cases. When the process is finished you receive an electronic update with hard copies mailed to you, in my opinion it beats sitting in an immigration environment and/or paying lawyers.

  72. Well Well. I agree with you on paying a lawyer when it is not necessary. And I have to say that I don’t think it a good idea to pay ANYONE when it is not necessary. I fully accept your alternative suggestion that a student can be hired, but then you must reveal that student’s name (which is completely imaterial since your signature on the document means that you accept its contents as being true). Some people, myself being one, would prefer that the name of the person drawing up the documents be an immigration lawyer, rather than an itinerant student. But that is just my preference.

    I relate to you one case that I know of. I friend of mine (Canadian) for many years worked in another country. And I mean about 10 years. While there, he met and married a lovely woman of that country. They had a daughter who was duly registered with the Candian Embassy as a Canadian. The time came when he received a very good job offer from Canada and, in due course, has his infant daughter’s Canadian travel credentials issued and applied (via the internet) for landed status for his wife. And was refused. His wife has no criminal record whatever, has a university degree etc. So, for two years his wife continued to live in her native land along with the daughter and travelled to Canada as often as they could afford to spend whatever time Canadian immigration would allow her to, with her husband. Finally, after two years, her landed status was granted. And it required the services of a lawyer to make sure that it was moved forward.

    In this day and age, such a delay might well have spelled the end of a marriage to the detriment of the child. That it did not is simply the luck of the draw.

    Another friend of mine who married an American in Barbados, is still waiting (after 7 years) for her resident alien status in the USA. And they too have had to engage a lawyer and, once again, there is no criminal record involved. So the commute between Barbados and the US by one or other continues.

  73. Amused…….they are definitely clamping down on issuing green cards in the case of the US, even if you are married, landed immigrant status as inthe case in Canada and even more brutal, the British are refusing to allow spouses and children of UK citizens any entry visa unless and until they can prove they have in their possession three times the amount of money needed to survive in the country, there is a clamp down so in extreme cases i see where you must have an attorney to get past the red tape, i suppose it is now the choice of the individual to access the services of an attorney………

  74. @Well Well. That is the point that Casewill was trying to obfuscate with “suggested” and “guideline” fees of $1,200 to imply that Kerri had indeed not been obeying some non-existent law that mandated him to charge only $1,200 and that in charging $5,000, Kerri was in fact charging for political pressure that he, an opposition senator at the time, was going to exert on that law unto itself, the immigration department. I checked with counsel who handle immigration matters and was advised that the expected fee would be $5,000 and this is due to the time they have to spend dealing with the idiots in the immigration department. Some of them do not charge a flat fee like $5,000, but bill by the hour. So I leave it to you to work out how many hours it takes with the immigration department and bearing in mind that the hourly rate of a silk is now about $1,200 and for a non-silk like Kerri, about $600. By my calculation, this client was wise to go for a one-time payment of $5,000 as an hourly rate would have cost quite a bit more. And by the way, the one time payment option is offered by most counsel in the USA, Canada and the UK. You clearly are in the UK, so you are able to check and verify that.

    Now, I am not for one second suggesting that Kerri did not make a lot of whichever high-ups at the immigration department he is friends with and suggest that he was therefore in a position to expedite matters. But the truth is that his fee was not at all out of order. Also, the payment was made in 2008 and this document is sworn in 2009. So where does this Mr Ram think he is living? In a country with an efficient civil service? Is Mr Ram on something herbal?

    Finally, we are not told if this son of Mr Ram ever got his immigration approved and, if so, when? Does anyone know the answer to that? Because without those questions being answered, it appears to me that Kerri never had a case to answer in the first place and, in the second place, the release (not the publication by BU, but the release) of this letter is likely malicious. And Casewell has, under his own name replete with heavily air-brushed photo (they probably used the chest hair of which Casewell is so proud to do the brushing with) he has spouted forth in a manner that is, well……Casewell knows a lot more about law than I do, so I don’t want to have my feeble views on law made to look stupid by his superior legal brain and my half a brain exposed by his formidable intellect.

    As a MAM supporter, I was joyful when I saw the document. But I was wrong and I admit it, with apologies to Kerri, the SOB. And you have no idea how distressing it is for me to have to admit that in connection with Kerri. But, fair is fair.

  75. Amused………more questions than answers as it relates to that particular case, i like you was wondering about the timing in release of the document knowing the ruling party had a bigger bombshell to be dropped on it ,not to mention a fresher skeleton in it’s closet with more decaying flesh to stink up the place a la Pickering/Austin/Jolly, etc, etc.

    I had an experience with the immigration department in Bim, trying to get citizenship for one of my grands born in New York, it was no fun, provocation, an hour on hold on the phone, and my grandson was entitled to get his citizenship through their hereditary procedures, it took 7 months because i was determined and handled it myself, so i can just imagine someone not born on the island with no familial connections trying to obtain residence/citizenship and the hell on earth they would be put through…………a friend of mine who taught in Barbados for 30 years, it took her the better part of 20 years, after she retired to receive her citizenship in Bim, it certainly don’t take that long anywhere else, you might get bogged down in paper work and all types of nonsense, but that length of time is unconscionable.

  76. Franklyn when was the last review hearing you sat on it had to be prior to 2008, you are a self opinionated ass.

  77. you have no status within this govt and so therefore you would not be selected to any review board, please come clean for once in your life.

    • This Fart in the Wind is really stupid. I never said that I sit on any review committee: I represent people before the Immigration Review Committee not just like a lawyer, just better than. You see some of the lawyers bluff: I go prepared.

  78. man amused I agree with your assessment of the document…. At first glance I thought like everyone else . however you did well in separating the forest from the trees… anyhow Caswell is being CaswelL. must be contradictory and controversial.. Nobody else would dare be like him. …..

  79. Now I have sat and listened and read a whole load of hog wash from this fraud Franklyn and company, as to the merit or demerit of the payment collected and not returned to the Mr Boolani for his payment to Kerrie Symmonds to beat the system at Immigration and get him his son’s status with a day to go while Symmonds was still a member of the ruling party up to that time.

    Now we have an abortion lawyer in Franklyn giving people false and very badly flawed information as to the cost that Symmonds should or should not have charged for committing this crime of the theft of this gentleman’s $ 5,000.00.

    Had Franklyn had an ounce of common sense or decency or truth his argument should have been that on the 14 th day of January 2008 that SYMMONDS COULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAKING A CENT FROM A PERSON AS HE WAS AN AGENT OF THE CROWN AND A MINISTER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS IN THE FORMER BLP GOVERMENT.

    And as such could not be in any position to accept any money as if he were acting as an Attorney as a Minister of this country the law does NOT permit or allow for Symmonds to work as attorney while he or she is a Minister of Cabinet.

    I have listened to the backyard lawyer in Franklyn and I have been wondering why he continues to have an over inflated ego and impression of himself legally minded that he is not and this simple case proves his ineptness and his false and unsound utterances on this site the only place that he gets to appear and blow his own horn.

  80. Franklyn you see people on BU do not follow you nilly willy, people on BU can read write and think and are wiser than to let a person who was charged with theft of a car and beats up on his wife in public places such as the NIS, these people are wiser and smarter that the Franklyn’s of this world, they know when they are having wool pulled over their eyes by criminals like this guy.

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