Understanding The Appointment Of Kerrie Symmonds To The Barbados Senate

Senator Kerrie Symmonds

The recent announcement of the reappointment of Kerrie Symmonds as a government Senator surprised BU. While there has been a lot of debate about the non-reappointment of former Senators Elizabeth Thompson and Arthur Holder, our surprise has more to do with the reason why Symmonds resigned last year. Symmonds was involved in a widely publicized marital dispute. BU posted on the matter at the time to join local media which reported on a protection order being filed to keep Kerri at bay [it is our understanding his divorce is at the advance stage].

Symmonds widely reported to have resigned contradicts rumblings which suggest that former leader of the opposition Mia Mottley pressured him to resign. Perhaps the e-letter authored by his father Dru Symmonds currently making the rounds in cyberspace gives weight to the view Kerrie was pushed.

The concern which BU has about the Symmonds appointment to the Upper House has more to do with the obligation of public officials to be transparent when dealing with the public. It is BU’s understanding the request for a Protection Order from the court stemmed from the tyres and car seats of the vehicle owned by his wife Andrea being slashed. As human beings we maybe able to empathized with Symmonds at his actions in a failing relationship. People handle problems in different ways.

Given Symmond’s domestic challenge and his reaction to a marriage gone bad, the public of Barbados deserves an explanation on two fronts. Senator Kerrie Symmonds needs explain what remedial steps he would have taken to assure the people of Barbados that he has a grip on his personal situation to the point it will not embarrass the country, again. Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur also bears some responsibility in light of Kerrie Symmonds’ resignation under Mottley to properly outline his reason for reappointing Symmonds, an obvious undermining of Mottley. Some will say he is under no obligation to take the public into his confidence on this matter but in light of the current fracture in the relationship with Mottley if for no other reason he needs to offer an adequate explanation.

Is it unreasonable to think that Arthur and Mottley on the eve of the Barbados Labour Party Annual Conference should be utilizing his best negotiating and relationship skills to bring his party together? It is not loss on some that Kerrie Symmonds has been preferred to Liz Thompson who had to endure the razor sharp tongue of Kerrie Symmonds on the political trail before he switched to the other side. To add insult to injury beneficiaries of Arthur’s politics of inclusion [Mascoll/Symmonds] appear to be favoured instead of the red-blooded BLPites like Thompson and Holder to a lesser extent.

Is it sensible for Arthur to ignore the popularity of the Late Prime Minister David Thompson which has as its foundation the prerequisite of being people centric? We live in a new age where transparency and accountability is being demanded of public officials. The BLP by appointing Kerrie Symonds to the Senate without an adequate explanation is insulting to the public it serves.



  • David;

    Re. David | November 16, 2010 at 9:51 AM |

    Now why would you want to remove the evidence?


  • @checkit

    Do you think an anonymous person is qualified to speak on behalf of the BLP? If the answer is no why should they be allowed to use the BLP logo?


  • David;
    I certainly agree with you that an anonymous person should not be allowed to use the BLP or DLP logo for that matter. But the agency that should make that call, imho, is the aggrieved party, i.e. the current BLP or DLP authorities.

    I think the purported BLP website is not the full one that I looked at a few weeks ago. Someone is in the process of modifying that website. We don’t know who and, in the interest of justice, I think that the modified website should have been allowed to remain up until Ms. Mottley or the current BLP leader requested that it be removed. In fact it would have been quite interesting to see who would request such.

    As it is, with the evidence to be taken down, no one will be any the wiser as to which BLP faction or DLP mischiefmaker might have penned the article.


  • pfffffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrphrt ….

    Sorry, must be something I ate last night ….!


  • Don’t mind me do carry on …

    pfffff ……pfffffrrrrrrrrrt …..

    (this ain’ lookin’ good …!)


  • Yah know – Moses was called a murderer even though he lead the people of Israel from bondage as instructed by the Supreme God. He killed one man according to the record in the Bible – Genesis.

    My question is: Does Kerrie continue to physically or emotionally abuse his (???ex)wife? Also, like David requested, what treatment is he undergoing to control his anger? Is there a change is his behaviour toward Andrea?

    I don’t support the BLP, has never and will never. My queries are based in exonerating a changed man based on facts. Is Kerrie Symmonds undergoing management control therapy? Before I say emphatically that he should not be in the Senate, I need the answer.


  • Anonymous Numero Uno

    Awwwwwww Mr/Ms Different………..leave this alone. It’s a personal matter and isn’t it sub judice? Do we know the facts ? Is that other member of parliament who appears to be perpetually high-strung, and is alleged to have pulled and brandished a gun threateningly in the precints of Parliament, undergoing anger management control therapy? Are you interested as well in exonerating him as a changed man?


  • Like OSA said the party needs Mia! Did he say that ? Mia is strong and determined to bring the Blp into a place were it would be respected for its stance on integrity asnd not the same old gutter politics that it has handed Barbados for 14 yrs. She should not back down and bow at the knees of OSA .In the long run the Party would be better for it.


  • I like Maxine Mclean. I like Kerrie Symmonds. I think that they are both smart and effective politicians.
    Those who know Senator McLean knows that she has an adult son. Those of us who went to school with 5 of the young man’s aunts know exactly who is father is (and it is MOST CERTAINLY NOT the late David Thompson).
    Tell that duppy Midnight Cravings to go to hell (which is exactly where he/she belongs)


  • David re your | November 16, 2010 at 2:19 PM | post.
    I just had a look a BFP and realized that the person who posted that comment on the BLP general conference and had his handle linked to the BLP website was quite likely engaged in a false flag operation, using the Anonymouse proxy site in Germany.

    I might therefore have been correct that it was most likely a false flag attack (not done by the Mia Mottley faction of the BLP) and you were also correct in suggesting that it should be taken down.

    I wonder who has the resources, contacts and knowledge to engage in such sophisticated web machinations?


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