Some People Are Fighting A Five-Year Political Campaign

Submitted by Dear Loving Person

With general elections not due for another five years though, team Barbados urgently needs to address the economy and does not need so much political rhetoric.”

Sanka Price described as the omniscient editor

Sanka Price described as the omniscient editor

The  above is an unsolicited bit of advice from Nation columnist, Sanka Price, posing as he often feigns to be the omniscient editor, who is attuned to the pulse of the nation. He would be well advised to take some of the same medicine he is prescribing. His “weakly” contributions are precisely that – partisan political rhetoric, being passed off each time as objective, analytical prose. I wonder if he reads the texts presented before he affixes his name. If he did, he would realize that his opening sentiments are acutely applicable to him.Talk about ‘spitting in the wind and it lands in your face.’ Well, his contribution in today’s issue was a classic example.

He is being used to fight other people’s battles, as week after week his dislike and condemnation of the DLP administration are patently obvious. The February elections are barely three months behind us, yet his drawn campaign swords  remain unsheathed. But, he is not alone in this misguided effort to seek to derail this administration, rather than face the stark economic reality that is confronting EVERY OTHER country in the world – including the US, the UK, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela, the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, etc.

For instance, only last Monday, a public holiday, on VOB’s Brass Tacks programme, we heard still BLP hopeful, Indar Weir, and DLP antagonist, Dr. Sally Cools, asking, Senator Reggie Hunte, not once but three times, to “name at least 10 things the DLP did in the last five years’. Senator Hunte started by stating “we have built lots of houses”; but before he could continue he was unceremoniously interrupted by both of his above mentioned opponents who shouted: “you see, he cannot even mention one thing they have done”.

I wonder where these two individuals were last February. All the pertinent issues were well ventilated; the DLP’s achievements and challenges were clearly articulated; and the electorate spoke. Weir and Cools were probably on another planet. They certainly  could not have been in Barbados during the campaign to ask such a question.

Well, without seeking to rehash the last election, here is some salient information for both of them, as well as for Sanka Price, Peter Wickham, Albert Branford, Patrick Hoyos, Carl Moore and the other BLP mouthpieces at the Nation, who also contribute their ‘weakly’ diatribe, seemingly oblivious to what is taking place across the globe.

Here are the unvarnished facts:

  • the DLP executed a fantastic housing programme; building more houses in 5 years than the BLP built in 14 years in office – Workhall, Woodbourne, Parish Land, Marchfield, Greens, River Crescent, French Village, Cherry Grove, Vineyard, Coverly, Arlie Heights, Sayers Court, Pool, Forty Acres, Lancaster, Four Hill, Tweedside Road, Country Towers, Valarie, and Forde’s Road, etc. all attest to this;
  • the 500 housing lot programme provided many low income persons with lots at $5 a sq. ft;
  • NHC tenants of 20 years standing were given their units FREE of cost;
  • land taxes were reduced;
  • first-time home owners did not pay VAT on building materials;
  • new Blackman-Gollop Primary School, new Maria Holder Nursery School and new Thelma Berry School built, while St. Ambrose Primary and Anne Hill School were rebuilt;
  • sixth forms created at the Ch. Ch. Foundation and St. Michael Schools;
  • the Lodge school was re-built;
  • construction of additional blocs at Harrison College, the Alleyne School, Parkinson School, the SJPP and St. Lucy Secondary, and hard courts at Princess Margaret and St. James Secondary;
  • construction of roundabouts at Boarded Hall, Coral Ridge, Speightstown and Lancaster;
  • widening of the ABC Highway from two to four lanes from the Darcy Scott Roundabout to the Garfield Sobers Roundabout;
  • construction of new Post Office at Oistins;
  • Barbadian students can now borrow up to $100,000 from the Student Revolving Loan Fund (it used to be $50,000);
  • the interest rate on Student Revolving Loans was reduced from 8% to 4%;
  • revised income tax bands that gave  all workers additional disposable income;
  • major remedial work completed on the BIDC building at Newton Industrial Park, on which the last Government wasted $M9, and from which the last contractor ran off with millions of taxpayers’ $$;
  • the St. John Polyclinic substantially completed;
  • free bus rides for all students;
  • free summer camps;
  • energy grants provided to assist unemployed persons and the elderly, over 65 years old, in paying their electricity bills;
  • establishment of a $25 millionTourism Industry Relief Fund to assist hoteliers and stakeholders;
  • increase in the minimum wage from $200 to $250 a week;
  • a massive $M60 Warrens Road and Traffic Safety Improvement Project;
  • an intensified road repair programme along major highways as well as secondary roads;
  • NIS unemployment benefits were increased from 26 to 40 weeks;
    * Constituency Councils were established and are functioning;
  • passage of the very important Employments Right Act;
  • several Double Taxation Treaties signed to favourably position the country;
  • construction of a Leachate Treatment Plant;
  • commencement of a modern Waste to Energy Plant began;
  • commencement of new headquarters for the Barbados Water Authority;
  • start of a new headquarters building for CXC;
  • improvements to the QEH and polyclinics;
  • expansion of the Community Health Programme to include home visits to mentally ill patients;
  • increase in old age (non-contributory) pensions and maternity and funeral grants;
  • several elderly people’s home repaired and replaced by RDC and UDC;
  • novel agricultural initiatives with small farmers in Christ Church, St. John and St. Philip;
  • reduced the fiscal deficit from 9.1% to 7.4 % by 2011;
  • maintained the foreign reserves at 1.5 billion $$ ( 18 weeks of imports) during the recession;
  • laid the foundation for a green economy;
  • initiated a Water Augmentation Project and a National Tractor Cultivation Project;
  • started the Cassava Feed Project;
  • improvement to the Drug Service and overhaul of the national formulary;
  • intensification of programme to eradicate plant pest, like the Giant African Snail,
  • which is now under control;
  • re-introduction of an agricultural extension service to farmers;
  • work commenced on a new Fairchild Street Public Market;
  • and, single mothers no longer have to go to the courts for child support, and leave empty-handed and disappointed because of delinquent fathers.

All these were accomplished in the worst economic recession the world has seen since the 1930. That is  the DLP’s record over the last five years, and there is more.  Dr. Cools and Mr. Weir, on the other hand, you failed to ask Senator Hunte on Monday what the DLP inherited in 2008. You ought to be ‘fair and balanced’ as moderator, David Ellis, said during the discussion.

Here is some of what greeted us on assuming office: colossal wastage, cost over-runs, nepotism, infelicities, corruption, unethical hiring practices, dozens of over-paid but non-functioning ‘friends and family’ consultants, massive debt, an inflated and under-functioning public service – several departments and statutory boards were set up that are duplicating what others are doing, e.g. UDC, RDC, Invest Barbados, the Pan African Commission, etc.

So, armed with the above irrefutable evidence of the DLP’s achievements, and in spite of the difficulties created for us by several factions last time out; in spite of the worst global economic recession in 100 years; in spite of the related socio-economic challenges;  in spite of the  doomsday prophets; in spite of the persistent canards; and in spite of the back-stabbers, the mature and knowledgeable Barbadian electorate realised that the challenges and difficulties we faced were not of our own making (and that the opposition could not do better) re-entrusted the country’s affairs to a caring and capable DLP.

It is evident that Team BLP, including the above mentioned apologists, are still in anguish from the their February loss, and they are now hell-bent on fighting a five-year election campaign. The DLP will neither be drawn into nor be engaged is such tactics.

With God’s help and an understanding and reasonable electorate, we will continue to work in the interest of the vast majority of Barbadians, and pitch tent at the appropriate time. Not before!

137 thoughts on “Some People Are Fighting A Five-Year Political Campaign

  1. Why do politicians like to invoke God in their utterings, God has nothing to do with politics and definitely nothing to do with corrupt man-made systems.

  2. I read that this morning, this could bring down the Trinidad government and cause fresh elections if the emails are verified.




    Sanka Price right.- he right !! right to criticise the DLP –that dishonest bunch of persons who told lies in 2008 and 2013 and get the last BUY ELECTION knowing full well that they could not handle the country. In the old days the men would have engineered to lose that lection to save the country. But what did you have ? –A BUY ELECTION –distorting everything==SHAME ON THE DLP

    Continue the good work Sanka

    Who ever wrote this piece of shit is just another Dangerous Lying Piece of shit talking conniving to continue to fool Bajans JOKER

  4. Sanka Price has really lowered the bar as it relates to fair and balanced journalism. Unfortunately, because he spent the last 5 years years being so consistently one sided and biased in his analysis , he is like a one trick pony set in his ways and whose articles are as predictable as night following day.Every week , he is attacking the government but refuses to counter with anything critical of an opposition with an almost equal numerical presence.

    He is basically abusing his position as a senior editor at The Nation newspaper to push a partisan agenda. He does it with his columns and he certainly does it with the “Question Time ” and “If I wuzz” sections of the Saturday Nation of which he is the editor.

    It is a shame that the Nation newspaper refuses to ensure that Barbadians get balanced columnists but instead have to listen to partisan commentary every day the Nation newspaper, the BLP journalistic prostitute.

  5. The fact that the most partisan individuals can say “keep up the good work Sanka” should be a wake up call to Mr. Price and his conscience.
    Anytime, you are being praised by party yardfowls consistently, maybe it is because the yardfowl realises that you are fulfilling a partisan purpose and not a sincere , impartial writer.

  6. It seems that the major criteria to be a columnist in The Nation BLP newspaper is to be a BLP Supporter or to attack the government.
    That is why Caswell Franklyn is now the latest Nation columnist – check the trend.
    Mr. Franklyn in a response to this assertion said on this blog a few weeks ago that he was instructed by the Nation not to write anything political .
    Yet, he proceeds in his columns to suggest that Donville Inniss was demoted and then to launch a blistering broadside against the Hon. Prime Minister last Sunday.
    What Caswell Franlyn meant was thet he can write political articles in the Nation if they are critical of the DLP.
    Franklyn for all his talk will not dare write an article lambasting Mia Mottley or else he will be looking for a paper to write in. Is Caswell Franklyn a man or a mouse?

  7. “…is a shame that the Nation newspaper refuses to ensure that Barbadians get balanced columnists…”
    The “Nation” is the popaganda arm of the One Caribbean conspiracy whose primary objective is to be, to this region, what the illuminati and the “One World Order” wants to do to our world.

    When Harold Hoyte and his gang of traitors sold out to the Trickidadians, they essentially handed the PR victory over to the enemy of Barbados.
    Unfortunately for them, they did not factor the impact of BU or the guts and tenacity of BU David into their plot and now they are in duck’s guts in terms of effectiveness….

    …said all that to say that Sanka Price and that ilk are doing EXACTLY what they are paid to do….destabilize Barbados.

    If the BLP had won the elections, they would have been anti BLP too (what were they before 2008?) the Nation is just plain
    ANTI- Babados.

  8. Caswell is a standpipe lawyer, smart enough to know some of the law but dumb enought not to know most of the law.

  9. “….Is Caswell Franklyn a man or a mouse?”
    Stupseeee….what man what?!?!
    …a mouse nuh!
    Otherwise we would have a BUP in place and all like now so, nuff brass bowls would be stacked up at Dodds…..

  10. A good look at that list of things done under this jack o lantern DLP would show that there is nothing earth-shattering extra-ordinary about any of them.

    They fall with the range of what is expected of this piss poor government.

    Also, it is sad and sickening too when DLP/BLP people beat their chests or bosoms and seek glory and ecstasy over things that these DLP/BLP governments are expected to do on the behalf of the public in Barbados.

    These people must surely get a life! Get real!! For, their respective governments are not providing the recipients of these middling half hearted benefits with any favours any tokens – which the purveyors of such things really think they must be engaging in.

    Surely if the vast majority of people in Barbados had the absolute means to acquire many of those things that are listed as DLP achievements, some billy goat would not now beating his chest over this excessive dependence of many people in Barbados on the government for many things.


  11. Lovin Dear

    16-14 win and you talkin monkey? GREAT EXPECTATIONS….you ever hear bout short change?

  12. Wonder what the BU family thinks about Wickham’s comment about the DLP throwing Benn to the wolves and therefore creating a hurdle to winning the seat. Benn is 63 years old and if Arthur goes the full term it means Benn will be pushing 70 in 2018 possibly 2019.

    We see great folly in Wickham’s statement.

  13. The Barbados Business Authority of Monday, May 20, 2013, presents the Issue: Has the Barbados’ economy reached its tipping point? As usual in this business newspaper, there are two persons who present different opinions on the issue at hand.

    In this latest edition, one of the persons who presents an opinion is Mr Ryan Straughn. He is of the position that it is no longer a matter of whether the political economy has reached the tipping point, ( but) that, ‘it is time to put on your pyjamas and say, “Good night”‘. He points out that with businesses closing rapidly, bankers and insurers losing confidence in government paper, this has to be the case.

    As for the other person, Mr Tennyson Beckles, he blatantly refused to answer the question, but prefers to go on some kind of waffling meandering effusion of his own.

    Anyhow, in her own well put together, well researched coherent piece, Ms Natasha Beckles, in outlining the editorial parameters around which the issue is set, and which is something that always precedes the two opinions or perspectives, refers to, what we might call, a massive case of strong headedness by Leader of Government Business in the Senate and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Maxine McClean.

    Ms Beckles cites something that Senator McClean was reported to have said in a previous Nation Newspaper edition of March 26, 2013, which is the following: that ‘it should not be taken for granted what the Democratic Labour Party administration had been able to achieve since taking power in 2008, in terms of keeping the economy on an even keel during a recession that brought other developing countries to their knees’.

    Furthermore, Ms Beckles also chronicles what the Senator was reported to have said in the said earlier edition, “I can say categorically that we were able to stabilize the economy.”

    Indeed, this former UWI Cave Hill Management Studies Lecturer should have told that latter ignorance to the trees in the forests in Benny Hill.

    But then again she is such a foolish talker at times.

    What this arrant political joker must be told in no uncertain terms is that at this stage, Barbados has entered it sixth consecutive year of depression and that it is getting worse and worse materially financially politically by the day for thousands upon thousands of people and for many of them that have their own businesses in this country.

    What economy stabiized what!!


  14. The only thing Sanka Price is good for with regards to the Nation is I Confess, who carry away who panty in Pudding & Souse; & the Health magazine. Just like Albert Bransford I skip over his Editiorial contributions in the paper.

  15. In regards to Sanka Price, is there not a quote somewhere warning people against taking counsel from ‘fools’?
    The reality is that Sanka Price is just an OSA lacky, he and Kaymar used to call OSA daily planning the next days edition of the Nation Newspaper.
    I also been told that people down leave anything in the open around the ‘fowl tief’ cause over the years too many thing went missing.

  16. David………………some people don’t enter age into the equation or in the grand scheme of things, they think everything is forever.

  17. If I were the omnivorous Lovin Dear..I would be glad I get TWO PICKS and not ONE and din even win a poop, ..compared to Poor Benn, who din get nuttin… AND even had mo votes..whaloss!


    Another member of the family finished her first degree yesterday. That makes three memebers of the family with first degrees. HILARY BECKLES wants one degree in every house hold, but we have three. Two on there way way to second degrees and ultimatelt Phd’s.

    Coming from very poor backgrounds this would never have occurred under the Barbados Labour Party. They fought long and hard against free secondary education. We would have had to be WHITE or privileged blacks. We were none of those.

    Democratic Labour Party through God’s grace made it possible.


  19. A major international credit rating agency is warning of more Caribbean sovereign debt restructurings ahead of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) annual meetings in St Lucia this week.

    The Wall Street-based Moody’s Investor Service said on Monday that it expects sovereign credit quality to continue deteriorating in the region.

    “We see the defaults of Belize (Caa2 stable), Jamaica (Caa3 stable), and Grenada (unrated) over the past year as being part of a broader debt crisis in the Caribbean,” it said in a report.

    “Moreover, we expect the risk of sovereign default in the region to persist as countries continue facing a combination of solvency and liquidity pressures and are increasingly unable and unwilling to service debt,” the report said.

    Moody’s said the Caribbean’s debt overhang is a “legacy of debt accumulation that started in the 1990s as governments accelerated borrowing, often from external commercial sources, to finance public-sector investment.

    “At its core, the Caribbean’s debt crisis is the result of a combination of poor fiscal discipline and unproductive investment that failed to significantly raise potential growth rates,” it said, adding that it resulted in “low and declining long-term growth”.

    Moody’s warned that an increasing number of Caribbean countries are likely to renege on their debts, stating that they are running out of options in addressing limp economic growth and dismal state finances.

    “At the moment, we see a high probability that Belize and Jamaica will relapse into default,” Moody’s said, adding that some countries, such as Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname are more economically stable than others.

    It said Jamaica has a debt-to-Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio of more than 100 per cent, while the Cayman Islands and Bermuda have ratios of 23 per cent and 28 per cent, respectively.

    Referring to International Monetary Fund (IMF) data, Moody’s said most small Caribbean states have debts-to-GDP ratios of more than 70 per cent and a current account deficit of 23 per cent.

    The rating agency said the “policy toolkit for reducing debt in the Caribbean is limited”, adding that many countries cannot devalue their currency because exchange rates are usually fixed or managed.

    In light of big budget deficits, Moody’s said many Caribbean countries are unable to stimulate growth through spending and investments.

    “The lack of options has left debt restructuring as an attractive tool to reduce public sector debt,” said Edward Al-Hussainy, the report’s author and a Moody’s senior analyst.

    “As new restructurings unfold, we expect governments to be more aggressive in seeking principal haircuts to achieve lower debt loads,” he added.

    The report noted that the region has also been adversely affected by extreme weather that has often resulted in humanitarian and economic woes.

  20. David this is the piece that has stood out for me

    Moody’s said the Caribbean’s debt overhang is a “legacy of debt accumulation that started in the 1990s as governments accelerated borrowing, often from external commercial sources, to finance public-sector investment.

    “At its core, the Caribbean’s debt crisis is the result of a combination of poor fiscal discipline and unproductive investment that failed to significantly raise potential growth rates,” it said, adding that it resulted in “low and declining long-term growth”.

    Where was sanka price and many of the newly born fiscal hawksothers when debt was being racked up on all the unproductive projects (cricket world cup, gems, new prison, judicial centre, UDC, RDC, electricity subsidy) to name some.

    • @Observer

      You are being coldly analytical but our taste/culture has bee defined for a long time by consumption behaviour. How is it possible for a political party to make decisions which go against the grain of popular view?

  21. this is a really silly article…u should get ur facts correct…students can only borrow up to $50,000 from the student revolving loan fund NOT $100,000 unless they changed it December last year. the housing programme was NEVER the creation of the DLP, it was under the BLP that they were started but 2008 elections interrupted it, the DLP just continued. however, look what they did to Coverly, they sold it to that thief and the rest is history. under the DLP the NHC has REDUCE the amount you may borrow for housing purposes, for years it was $50,000 but the jackass govt reduce it to $30,000!! can you imagine that?…i would not waste time pointing out ur other inaccuracies, read, read, read

  22. @The Dummy @ Dumo | May 22, 2013 at 10:25 PM |
    Caswell is a standpipe lawyer, smart enough to know some of the law but dumb enought not to know most of the law.”

    AND U ARE PITIFUL NOBODY WHO CANNOT MAKE A CONTRIBUTION…but ur name does tell us who u are

  23. Now I am neither B nor D.
    I just look at the list and ask myself.
    Have others reading the list , put forward for our admiration ,trepidation, a feeling of misunderstanding; a feeling that says,:
    These are very good things.???
    So why are we as a Country STILL IN such a mess
    . Are these not “Sops” in exchange for votes and at the cost of the whole populace??
    Giving away houses FREE??
    20 years qualifying ? Why
    Did we not all pay for the cost of building the houses in our taxes?
    So whats wrong with the rest of us??
    What is it about having a “Subsidised” rent for 20years that “Qualifies” you for a “FREE GIFT” of a dwelling.
    If I was a hard working family living next door and for only 17 years I would be a little vexed.
    $60,000,000 for a ROUNDABOUT.Are we REAL.AND was that the final cost? $60,000,000 !!!!!!
    Lots of “unrealities” just “TUCKED IN” to PUFF the whole list up into something.
    WHAT IS “laying the foundation of a green Economy”??
    What is “Started a Cassava Feed project”?? For whom? For what objective? At whatcost? After what objective surveys of DEMAND and final costs of production?
    LAND TAX DOWN??? I never noticed,maybe just mine they missed?
    “An intensified road repair programme along major highways as well as secondary roads” .INTENSIFIED???? What the “Cheese on Bread” that mean. I presume we are talking MTW?? INTENSIFIED..??

    Lets see some proof.
    When I see some acheivements wrapped up in a wadding of BUMPF and FLUFF , I begin to smell a rat.
    Dogs bark. Cats Miaow .
    What do BULLSHITTERS do?

  24. @NationBLPnewspaper | May 22, 2013 at 10:21 PM |
    “…Yet, he proceeds in his columns to suggest that Donville Inniss was demoted’

    HE WAS DEMOTED,… Ministers are paid according to the Ministry they head, the Ministry of Health is much more taxing, he salary has been reduced due to the Ministry he is now heading…HE HAS BEEN DEMOTED

    “and then to launch a blistering broadside against the Hon. Prime Minister last Sunday.” …ARE U FOR REAL? Caswell explained to all and sundry how the PM a ‘big able’ lawyer did not even know about the laws in place to deal with buying and selling votes….Primus Minister est magnum naribus ingens labiis nigrum Asinus asinorum… if as a lawyer something so fundamental as that, an ordinary citizen would have to educate him on…well it means to me that i too should run for elections next time since it appears to me that even the dumb too have power…if people that cannot read, could head CLICO and control even the DLP thru money, then i can fully understand why the PM had to be taught certain important things by a very brave citizen…i hope Caswell continues because as far as i see it, he knows our laws better than the thieves who are being paid to know them…

    i do not know why these et orci orci are controlling our economy but it is obvious that they should step down and let humans be in-charge again
    (i.e. THE P.M., THE C J and THE A G)…makes me want to puke…)

  25. The DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY will continue to be always ahead of you BLP jokers.

    As you BLP members and supporters think in slow motion it will take you about another twenty years to understand the brilliance of DEMOCRATIC PARTY policies.

  26. Observer………………I see where they are suggesting they either adopt the US currency and forget the EC currency (which would be extremely difficult if not impossible, unless the US has other plans) or face some very stringent and harsh austerity measures going forward just to stabilize the economies in the Caribbean, that also includes Barbados.

  27. @ Carson C. Cadogan

    I know it has an easy appeal to those who want to interpret history in their own way, but there is nothing in Barbados called free education.
    It is paid for by the taxpayers.
    In any case, part of the problem in the Caribbean – and Europe and the US – with getting degrees in some subjects is that we suffer from degree inflation.
    What we need in Barbados is a university that ups its game, both in terms of research and teaching.
    We must put a halt to the ever-expanding UWI.

  28. Observer,

    In the above posts that you made about Moody’s analysis of the serious government debt crises that many countries within this CARICOM region have been experiencing, we see no direct reference to the Barbados’ government’s current serious debt crisis?? Could you tell us and the others on here why was that?

    Or is it really true that this particular Moody’s report was focussed on the OECS, according to what we would have heard reported about the same Moody’s report on Starcom Network’s 12.30 pm newscast on Tuesday earlier up in the week, that among other things recommended by them to the OECS was the so-called devaluation of the OECS currency, or the adoption of the US dollar as key aspects of improving their export competitveness, to help them overcome their worsening governments’ debt situation??


  29. To the author of this piece of nothing………………

    If the DLP had won the election fair and square, people would have accepted the vote and moved on. As it stands, you stole the election by buying votes with large sums of money and the very people who thought that they would have had a change in government to change the disastrous course that this country is on, are very concerned that this useless government headed by a learnt jackass is allowing a man who knows nothing about economics to destroy this country.

    That is the crunch of the matter and Sanka is absolutely right in his assessment of Chris Stinkliar. He is out of his depth. Though I completely disagree with his assessment of Donville Inniss………………to me, he is the DLP’s clown prince, talks too much, comes over as a bully and may well be just another economic failure as Stinkliar. Though I have to give it to him, Inniss has some business sense since he has used his skills to become very wealthy!


    Anything to knock the good work of the DEMCRATIC LABOUR PARTY.

    however you and other BLP people try, you can not get away from the good work that the DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY has done for this country and the good work that they are continuing to do. Without the DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY you and PRODIGAL SON would not be where you are today.

    You can put that in your pipe and smoke it!


    “We must put a halt to the ever-expanding UWI.”

    The problem with Black people like you is the fact that you have climbed up the and now you are seeking to kick it down.

    You have spoken in true Barbados Labour Party fashion.

    • @ Carson C. Cadogan

      It is nothing to do with climbing, but with improving the quality of the university. Not taking in students on so-called foundation courses judt to make up numbers, when they rightly should be getting remedial education.
      On no spending taxpayers’ money to mass produce lawyers and historians and cultural theorists and people spending what little money in government coffers to study cricket.
      It is about setting benchmarks, like giving the university ten years to reach the top 1000 universities in Latin America dn the Caribbean, and fifteen years to reach the world’s top 5000, measured on any global benchmark.
      By reviewing the contracts of dons so that every five years they must produce a book or at least five peer-reviewed long essays in reputable publications.
      Shifting government spend on education from first degrees to post-graduate work;
      At the very least we need to audit and reform a scholarship system first introduced in the 1920s.
      Mr Cadogan, improving our university is not to dumb down. But putting a graduate in every home, even if it is a degree in journalism, is dumbing down.


  32. Hal…………..don’t care how much you point out to people in barbados that education is not free, neither is the bus fare for kids free, the taxpayers are paying for it, you could say it until your are blue/green/purple in the face, the government ministers and their stoolies will forever say it is free, inferring that the government is giving the taxpayers something, which they are not. Hal………….you will learn to just leave them alone, they will have more enough to keep them really busy very soon.

    • @ Well, Well

      I fully understand you, but why do our newspapers and phone-in radio programmes explain such basic economics. How can a society that is so badly informed make rational informed decisions?

  33. Persons who worship the Barbados Labour Party and pushing the “sell everything” agenda, should re-read this article.

    “New Zealand’s Vaunted Privatization Push Devastated The Country, Rather Than Saving It ”

    by Murray Dobbin

    It has been so long since anyone in the business press has praised the New Zealand “miracle,” it’s almost as if we imagined the whole thing. But, of course, the current silence is really no mystery. The 15-year free market experiment has been an unmitigated disaster. The suffering caused among ordinary New Zealanders is well known: the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world; the proliferation of food banks; huge increases in violent and other crime; the bankruptcy of half the farms in the country; the economic disruption of hundreds of thousands of lives; health care, education and other social services devastated by the mad marketplace scientists.
    But, of course, neo-liberal ideologues don’t hold much truck with the human consequences of their experiments. So let’s examine those things they do care about. The revolutionaries promised to tear down the “debt wall,” unleash spectacular economic growth, spur foreign investment and productivity, create enormous new wealth and new and better jobs.

    They failed on every count. Instead of a brave new economy, they delivered an economic version of Frankenstein’s monster. The initial wave of changes — deregulation, privatization, tariff elimination — was justified by the infamous debt crisis. This was a ruse all along.

    It would be good to do a little historical reading. That would be better than throwing out the baby with the bath water.


    Keep talking to “Well Well” you are both in the same boat.

    Just trying your best to keep down Black people.

    • @ Carson C. Cadogan

      Be rational. Services must be paid for. Who pays for public services?

  35. Carson………….that is unfair, we are looking at reality. Would you believe me if I told you that millions of jobs have now gone online, guess who is getting the most of them?? South East Asians who are charging 50 cents and hour and $1.46 an hour for what I used to be paid $30.00 an hour in the States. Hal is just trying to point out to you that with all the degrees out there, people cannot find work, cause employers are paying slave wages these days……………………in 3-4 years Bajans will not be equipped to compete in the new job market, no one wants to see black people down. Most of us out here are aware that your leaders in Bim are not even aware of these event now occurring.

  36. Carson Cadogan congrats.My family also experienced the first degree member of the family.My niece recently graduated from University.
    Like your family,my family was extremely poor and impoverished.However through excellent guidance from my departed mom,my other brothers & sisters along with Yours Truly were able to overcome those obstacles and be rather successful Black and proud Barbadians.
    Thanks to the great Democratic Labour Party,many other poor Black Barbadians were also able to improve their lot.
    My mother always reminded us that the despicable Barbados Labour Party was always against the introduction of free secondary education.She also reminded us that it is the late great Errol Walton Barrow that provided the opportunity for the vast majority of poor Black Barbadians to have access to free secondary education.
    All right thinking Black Barbadians should be thankful for the great Democratic Labour Party.It is the Democratic Labour Party that we as Black Barbadians were able to improve our lot.
    Carson Cadogan,AC & all the other Democratic Labour Party supporters,we are moving forward with this great party.
    Long live the the Democratic Labour Party.
    NB At least fifteen (15) years in the opposition for the corrupt,beleaguered Barbados Labour Party.

  37. Those degrees that everyone is spending hundreds of thousands on at universities and are so proud of achieving will be worthless with things as they are unfolding. People have to be equipped to get hired in this new world where everything is now reverting to slave labor because South East Asians are willing to be exploited and take the lowest of salaries although they too have impressive degrees.

  38. Hal………………they don’t care and will not believe us until it hits them. I remember vividly the government being warned in 2007 about the impending economic disaster, no one in Barbados believed the very people who are responsible for creating the disaster and who was trying to warn them, do you really believe that they would believe you or I trying to warn them what to expect?, they have to feel it before they will understand. I have given up on them, sometimes it’s best to let them fall in a hole and watch them climb out, they are resilient they will survive.

  39. That is HAL AUSTIN’S opinion, and we all know how wrong Barbados Labour Party supporters can be. Case in point, the last General elections, all BLP people including HAL AUSTIN had the BLP winning twenty nine or thirty seats.. If we want to go further just look at the Barbados Labour Party predictions for World cup cricket. $750million spent which was supposed to cause a flood of visitors to Barbados and make everybody rich, didn’t happen and the wild spending by the Barbados Labour Party and its members and supporters have us where we are now.

  40. How can the NIS be taking in 15 million monthly when so many people are being laid off? Up to yesterday, it was announced that Pages at JB’s is closing at month end!

    The problem the minister has is that he has exhausted the available NIS funds. Is anyone wondering why the FSC is now compelling the credit unions to put their monies into banks knowing that there are limits to how much money banks by law can keep as liquid cash.

    By the way, dlp………cant you stop lying??????/ Your list is taken from the DLP manifesto……..promises, not many of them kept………..and the glaring lie is the Student revolving loan claim..up to recently, the limit is still $50,000. As you dems are always lying, why dont you at times try to tell a truth now and again, huh??

    • @ Carson C. Cadogan

      I know sometimes critical reasoning is not our strong point, but governments do not work, they get money from taxpayers. So, ipso facto, taxpayers pay for public services, ie education. Am I wrong?

    • @ Carson C. Cadogan

      Stop throwing a tantrum and answer the question.

  41. Hal……………….as long as these two parties can keep convincing generation after generation of Bajans that education is free and so is bus fares and it is all because of either/or government, generations of families will believe themselves beholden to and owing the politicians of both parties life time of votes, bought or sold, and they will effectively remain mindless sheeple.


    If in doubt re-read:


    It is useless talking to you.

    You just want to keep down Black people”

    • @ Carson C. Cadogan

      How do governments get their money? Who pays for public services?

    • @ Well, Well

      We must persevere with Carson. He simply gets things wrong.

  43. @ Carson C. Cadogan

    Stop contributing to the propaganda about free education. IT IS NOT FREE. Repeat after me: IT IS NOT FREE.

  44. Hal…………………these are people who are unable to think beyond party affiliation, even when it’s for their own good. Prime example, we started debating about the thievery at CLICO and the fact that the victims may not get compensation because of a government led conspiracy, we also started with the sissy defamation suit being used by Parris to distract…………..just go on the thread now and see what it has reverted to, they just don’t have the ability to think beyond party affiliation, and they talk about how superior they are to Haiti and the other Caribbean islands ….but the mentality is the same or even worse with the education factor thrown in…………it’s horrifying but it is reality.

    • @ Well, Well

      You are right, but we must try. It is the result of education by rote. Carson finds it a bit difficult separating reasoning from party propaganda. But persevere with him.
      I am sure he had no problems at Roebuck Street and/or the Garrison. Since the 1870s Barbadian have been known for their education It is what we exported. Go down the islands and ask local people.
      Education did not come to Barbados in 1961 or 1963.

  45. Wait Hal entertaining Carson?……whaloss….Uk got a bank holiday Hal ?
    Carson why you din help the body who now got 2 picks at positions when she did compiling this mumbo jumbo? They two a wanna Cck-heds might have cum up with something more interesting to read than this nuck nuck trite…LOL…and still lost D seat ..AGAIN

  46. braggging about degrees
    family and how many

    some households–=100% degrees

    no bragging from them

  47. Hal……………..I don’t know how often you go to Barbados or how long you spend there, but lack of reasoning skill has become an epidemic, the education by rote has done more harm than good.

  48. “the 500 housing lot programme provided many low income persons with lots at $5 a sq. ft;”

    Where i the proof? Who owns/owned Pool, Cherry Grove/Henley and Guinea and how much were they paid for the land?

  49. The Democratic Labour Party will out live all of you.

    The latest casualty, Owen Arthur!!

  50. Prodigal Son | May 23, 2013 at 1:21 PM |
    To the author of this piece of nothing………………

    If the DLP had won the election fair and square, people would have accepted the vote and moved on. As it stands, you stole the election by buying votes with large sums of money.
    My question is where are the votes that were bought? The same percentage of Barbadians have been voting for decades namely around 60%. In 2013 it was the same old story around 60% of eligible voters went to polls. So where are the extra voters who received money to vote? There was no spike in voting.

    I’ve heard this question asked more than once but the BLP hot shots like onion and miller along with Prodigal refuse to answer. Its obvoius any votes that were so called bought was inconsequential to the result.

  51. Detective…………think you are missing the point, they now have to pay their ardent supporters to vote, no pay, no vote. sold to the highest bidder, there are only two parties on the island, easy barter.

  52. Well Well

    If there was vote buying it was by the BLP.

    We do not engage in foolishness.

  53. detective
    You claim to be a detective……………use your investigative powers to find out. Ask Donville, Ariel, Freundel, Blacket, Carrington, Paul, John Boyce, Michael Lashley and the man holding the bag of money……..the Minister of Finance. They could tell you where the vote buying went on!

    Some detective you are…………change your moniker, do!

  54. At 2.30 on election day, Donville called Stinkliar………..Chris, Chris….I in trouble, I gine lose my seat…I cant lose my seat… I need reinforcement….Chris said,,,,dont panic Donville…I coming with reinforcement. Bags of money and ZR’s full of people who sold their vote! Dems stop the bs.

  55. Prodigal Son | May 23, 2013 at 4:13 PM |
    I heard the same exact story about Mia Mottley. She play the role you place on Chris.
    The point is if money was distributed to potential voters they still didnt vote because the 60% turnout weve seen for decades remained undisturbed in 2013.

  56. Prodigal Son

    “The point is if money was distributed to potential voters they still didnt vote because the 60% turnout weve seen for decades remained undisturbed in 2013”

    This statement is putting in a difficult position.


    You have to dig into your bag of lies and come up with something quick. You are loosing face.

  58. In i952, the St.Leonard’s Boys and the St. Leonard’s Girls Schools were opened. These schools did not charge school fees. In 1954, Luther Thorne was appointed the first Minister of Education under the BLP. In 1955, the Princess Margaret and West St.Joseph (now named Grantley Adams Memorial) schools were opened. No fees were charged at these schools. In 1960, Parkinson Secondary was opened. No fees were charged at this school. In 1961, Mr J. Cameron Tudor was appointed the first Minister of Education under a DLP administration. In 1962, school fees were abolished in the Government Secondary GRAMMAR schools.

  59. Ping……………….what Hal is trying to help Carson understand is that the taxpayers have been footing the bill for the schools since that time, along with whatever aid comes out of North America and Europe………………government has no money to fund squat without taxpayers money, it is simple logic. taxpayers also pay the same government ministers salaries, simple logic…………..taxpayers, taxpayers, taxpayers……………without us there would be no monetary system, no economic system, no ministries, no government projects………………..government ain’t shit without taxpayers. simple logic.

  60. Prodigal Son
    What about the black Range Rover with OSA, Hallem, Farley and ‘The Law’ inside up by Donville and down by Hutson raining Grantleys?

    That same black Range Rover went up Ch Ch East to attack Lowe but it was too late cause had his voters mobilized. The Black Range Rover was next seen in the evening in St. Phillip South raining more Grantleys before leaving after Wood declared the seat safe for the BLP.

  61. The DLP didn’t buy anymore or any less votes than the BLP Election Day, the problem for the BLP was that senior operatives of the BLP worked with loads of money in St.Michael and Christ Church on Election Day to ask them to support the DLP.

  62. What I don’t understand is that whatever Wickham poll you take, they both showed Stuart and Arthur in a statistical dead heat. If the polls are showing that why wouldn’t the election be very close? Why wouln’t the incumbent likely win in a close race?

    Prodigal what was the trend in the polling on stuart? I seem to recall him going from 9 to 23 then to mid thirties. Why would be BLP victory be inevitable with such polling trends?

    I am worried about attempts to hijack the demcocracy with money.

    A new poll was produced within 48 hours that showed a prediction closer to that wanted by the moneyed classes. Was money involved? Are we happy with that kinda money?

    Do people get paid to write columns of a particular slant? Are we happy with that kinda money?

  63. How come the longest line on Election Day in St. Joseph was not the polling stations but the BLP’s candidate in that constituency, Sheriff Marshall?

    A picture is said to be worth a thousand words but on Election Day a cell phone picture in St. Joseph was worth upwards of $300.00 if it was an image of a ballot papers with a BLP (X)

  64. Observing
    A lot of people don’t know that the BLP election campaign ran out of money 6 days before Election Day. This is what accounted for the ‘suspicious’ CADRES’ poll, that poll was needed to get the private sector believe the BLP could/would win and hence bring bag and bags of cash.

    The problem was that a lot of the cash raised by the ‘suspicious’ poll ended up being used by BLP operatives to make sure OSA defeated and consequently the end of his political career.

  65. OSA was betrayed on the last day of the campaign but what do they say about revenge and cold dishes again?

  66. In British Columbia a coupe of weeks ago, up to the time of the election the polls had the incumbent NDP ahead of the Liberals by as much as 20 points. the Liberals won the election. I have never heard any accusations here of vote buying, and additionally only 52% of the electorate voted. In Barbados when the polls were announced on the last week of the election the polls showed an undecided of almost 29%. I predicted then that the polls that showed the BLP winning by the predicted amount were wrong. (I won some money on a bet theat the DLP would be reelected. In Barbados the percentage difference in committed BLP and DLP supporters are almost the samthe DLP choice of leaderhen the BLP win it is because the DLP supporters switch wither because of panic; as in the case with the 8% cut, or because as in the case the following election the election was fought on the platform of Crime, which was not a popular topic and the slogan (going with Owen) resonated with the BLP supporters and some DLP who were not enamoured with the DLP choice of leader. It seems the DLP supporters are now comfortbale with their team again, so the BLP will have a hard time still.

  67. Alvin
    The BLP supporters actually believed the ‘suspicious’ poll and could not see (before Election Day) how it could that the BLP would not win the Government.

  68. @Ping Pong
    When St. Leaonard’s Parkinson and those schools were opened, this was before independence. They were not listed, or regarded as Secondary schools in the strict sense of the word. their curricula were restricted and restrictive, and their funding was partially paid by some fees. @WellWell if the taxpayers are footing the bills for the schools they are footing the bills for themselves and their children. the important thing is that where persons had to pay to go to secondary school; as I did, because parents were now able to access the education of all the children without having to pay money out of their earnings, every child had/has the opportunity to attain the higeest level of education he/she is capable of achieving. No funding for eduaton comes out of North America or the U>K. Barbados does its own funding from whatever source, from the taxpayers, from borrowings, or through grant funding for studies etc.

  69. 4 recent news items caught my eye:
    – No outrage on Pastor Tony Lowe joining growing list of preachers charged for sexual assault on little girls.
    – Wickham trying to stay relevant with tall tale of the PM dissing Haynsley Benn.
    -Wickham in Trinidad newspapers conducting pole research on homosexuality in TnT. Who would have guessed. Duh!
    – Wickham reveals gravely voice DJ Alex Jordan is a BLP interested in running for Arthur’s seat in St. Peter. Did’nt know she was political.

  70. Alex Jordan is Oscar Jordan daughter but she may have something in common with Leader of the Oppostion. Given that Wickham is on the fringes of moral society and given that he is very close to Mia, it should surprise no one that he is ‘floating’ Alex’s name for St. Peter. The problem is Owen already has agreed to place Rawdon as the candidate for the BLP in the St. Peter by-election in October.

  71. You Dems don’t have a country to run, though? You won, now govern. But I forgot, you all are trying to distract from what is going on with this country. But the bottom is soon going to drop out and I will wait to see what you all will say then. Blame it on OSA.

  72. Alvin……………..when parents stopped paying the individual fees for their own children everyone started paying for education for everyone’s children, the taxpayers foot the bill for education in Barbados, Alvin, what we are trying to do is get rid of the myth and lies that education is free and governments are doing the people a huge favor for free, that’s a lie, taxpayers pay for everything, so much so that there is enough for politicians to rob the taxpayers blind.

    Alvin………….there has always been funding coming out of Europe and North America for education in the Caribbean, Barbados included, funds are always set aside to help with education and scholarships, it never stopped, you just don’t hear about it, cause the same ministers always have other agendas, but the money is made available to governments for educational upgrades.

  73. Alvin……………even the loans, and i know you are well aware of this, that governments acquire for educational purposes or whatever else, is borrowed in the name of the taxpayers, to be repaid by the taxpayers by generations of taxpayers going forward. The grants they receive from Europe or North America for education or agriculture or whatever is the only money taxpayers do not have to repay, taxpayers pay for everything else through their noses. We are just trying to let those who are not aware and live in party affiliation land know that they do not owe governments anything, governments come and go and can be changed, but the taxpayers are here to stay and is the foundation of any country, not these fly by night jackasses for political parties.

  74. mascoll on tv saying the dlp has borrowed more in the last five years than the blp’s 14 years. What he does not say and is allowed to get away with is that projects like the highway, the prison, the judicial centre to name some were housed in special purpose fully government owned vehicles to hide the debt and borrowing. These have now been brought on the books

    • @Observer

      This why economists who are aligned to political parties will lose SOME credibility.

  75. of course there was no global recession of this magnitude to contend with in the 1994 to 2007 period.

  76. Observer…………………you forgot to mention that the taxpayers in Barbados will be repaying those same loans the government(s) borrowed for the next 5-10 generations to come, long after most of us including the same ministers are in our graves, our children, grandchildren, great, great, going forward will be repaying loans borrowed by the minister’s whose monthly salaries are also paid by the taxpayers………………….let’s hope somewhere along the line the country gets some sort of debt forgiveness to start a clean slate.

  77. Well well I believe that we have to deal with the deficit and by extension the debt right now.
    The government’s strategy seems to be to try to hold things together, keeping people employed and social services largely intact even in the face of the recession. This is admirable and the debts run up has bought us a level of normalcy and social stability over the last five years. That is not to be sniffed at, unemployment at 15% or more and people having to pay for social services will have serious social impact.

    My view is that given that we are in a new normal in the world economy they cannot continue this policy without us getting into a debt trap from which we cannot escape. They have held for longer than is financially wise and longer than they could reasonably be expected to in the environment,

    What I cannot deal with is the chorus laying the blame on the PM and the current administration. They seem to refuse to accept the impact of the global recession. They refuse to accept that projects like Cricket world cup have added a whole heap of debt. followed by debt service and higher current expenditure. What people like mascoll seem to overlook is that the capital project of today is your recurrent expenditure of tomorrow. The blp undertook all these capital projects that have not added any new revenues but have increased debt service, recurrent salaries and other expenses. but many in the private sector made big money off these projects, many got jobs during the construction phase. who is now holding the bag and dealing with the hangover from the boom in capital projects in the 2003 to 2007 period?

  78. Observer………………it is clear and understandable that the debt problems did not start in 2008, but long before because of unwise investments, but now the debts are at a level that is not humanly possible to reduce under current conditions………….you know there will be a blame game although there is more than enough blame to go around about that debt accumulation. The party in the hot seat will be the one expected to reduce or make those debts disappear, anymore added debt will be cause for finger pointing.

  79. we still have some reserves so we can pace ourself if the financial sector does not try to force a frontloading of the correction. You know the financiers who provided all the loans based on their expertise about the viability of projects and capacity to repay are now the most self righteous.

  80. Well Well

    “Ping……………….what Hal is trying to help Carson”

    Not help me, I didn’t ask for his help.

    Let him go and help Mia, she is soon going to need all the help that she can get once RAWDON ADAMS sets foot on Bajan soil.

  81. @Well Well
    No country wil ever be debt free. What is important is that the debt level remain manageable and the repayment schedule stable. Jesus said ” think not of the morrow for the morrow provides for itself.”. Why are we thinking about the “debt” that our grand-children or great-grand children will have to repay, (to whom) and eating up ourselves. Who knows what conditions will be like ten or fifteen years from now. I won’t be here in any case then, so why should I worry about it and get ulcers? Our children and grandchildren will manage quite well.They will adapt. If we are where we are now, considering where we came from, our grandchildren will be further ahead having taken over from us. Who knows, the drilling of a single well offshore, due to start in the not too distant future, may be the start of an oil boom that could put us on a footing with the emraes of the middle east.Fforgive me for going biblical in this blog but Jesus also said: “consider the lillies of the field, they toil not neither do they spin, yet your heavenly father has provided for them so that Solomon in all his glory is not arrayed as one of them.” I say relax and let things unfold; you must have lived in Canada when Pierre Trudeau remarked, and it is applicable today, “The universe is unfolding as it should.” (Islandgal stupsing again and mumbling “he talking shoite again) It should be a nice day tomorrow. The Blue Jays won again tonight, Rob ford fired his chief of staff, the Sun had a week of mourning and Peter Worthington is buried.
    See, the universe is unfolding…

  82. Not one vacant lot of land has been conveyed to anybody in Barbados under the 500 lot at $5.00 a square foot programme because all sales from the NHC have to get a release from the NIS as it attempts to collect the outstanding hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to it by the NHC. The NHC changed the price of the land at the much talked about Workhall, Greens etc to be sold at $5.00 to make up the numbers to the 500 because they only manage to find about 300 vacant lots to be sold. They playing with numbers to say they had a successful programme, but all that success was because those things were already in progress, Michael Lashley just come and reap, he didn’t have to sow.

  83. mystified

    Your BLP track record on housing and land for the poor of Barbados was abysmal. It was easier for people from all over the World to buy land and house in Barbados than for Bajans to buy land or houses here.

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