Some People Are Fighting A Five-Year Political Campaign

Submitted by Dear Loving Person

With general elections not due for another five years though, team Barbados urgently needs to address the economy and does not need so much political rhetoric.”

Sanka Price described as the omniscient editor

Sanka Price described as the omniscient editor

The  above is an unsolicited bit of advice from Nation columnist, Sanka Price, posing as he often feigns to be the omniscient editor, who is attuned to the pulse of the nation. He would be well advised to take some of the same medicine he is prescribing. His “weakly” contributions are precisely that – partisan political rhetoric, being passed off each time as objective, analytical prose. I wonder if he reads the texts presented before he affixes his name. If he did, he would realize that his opening sentiments are acutely applicable to him.Talk about ‘spitting in the wind and it lands in your face.’ Well, his contribution in today’s issue was a classic example.

He is being used to fight other people’s battles, as week after week his dislike and condemnation of the DLP administration are patently obvious. The February elections are barely three months behind us, yet his drawn campaign swords  remain unsheathed. But, he is not alone in this misguided effort to seek to derail this administration, rather than face the stark economic reality that is confronting EVERY OTHER country in the world – including the US, the UK, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela, the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, etc.

For instance, only last Monday, a public holiday, on VOB’s Brass Tacks programme, we heard still BLP hopeful, Indar Weir, and DLP antagonist, Dr. Sally Cools, asking, Senator Reggie Hunte, not once but three times, to “name at least 10 things the DLP did in the last five years’. Senator Hunte started by stating “we have built lots of houses”; but before he could continue he was unceremoniously interrupted by both of his above mentioned opponents who shouted: “you see, he cannot even mention one thing they have done”.

I wonder where these two individuals were last February. All the pertinent issues were well ventilated; the DLP’s achievements and challenges were clearly articulated; and the electorate spoke. Weir and Cools were probably on another planet. They certainly  could not have been in Barbados during the campaign to ask such a question.

Well, without seeking to rehash the last election, here is some salient information for both of them, as well as for Sanka Price, Peter Wickham, Albert Branford, Patrick Hoyos, Carl Moore and the other BLP mouthpieces at the Nation, who also contribute their ‘weakly’ diatribe, seemingly oblivious to what is taking place across the globe.

Here are the unvarnished facts:

  • the DLP executed a fantastic housing programme; building more houses in 5 years than the BLP built in 14 years in office – Workhall, Woodbourne, Parish Land, Marchfield, Greens, River Crescent, French Village, Cherry Grove, Vineyard, Coverly, Arlie Heights, Sayers Court, Pool, Forty Acres, Lancaster, Four Hill, Tweedside Road, Country Towers, Valarie, and Forde’s Road, etc. all attest to this;
  • the 500 housing lot programme provided many low income persons with lots at $5 a sq. ft;
  • NHC tenants of 20 years standing were given their units FREE of cost;
  • land taxes were reduced;
  • first-time home owners did not pay VAT on building materials;
  • new Blackman-Gollop Primary School, new Maria Holder Nursery School and new Thelma Berry School built, while St. Ambrose Primary and Anne Hill School were rebuilt;
  • sixth forms created at the Ch. Ch. Foundation and St. Michael Schools;
  • the Lodge school was re-built;
  • construction of additional blocs at Harrison College, the Alleyne School, Parkinson School, the SJPP and St. Lucy Secondary, and hard courts at Princess Margaret and St. James Secondary;
  • construction of roundabouts at Boarded Hall, Coral Ridge, Speightstown and Lancaster;
  • widening of the ABC Highway from two to four lanes from the Darcy Scott Roundabout to the Garfield Sobers Roundabout;
  • construction of new Post Office at Oistins;
  • Barbadian students can now borrow up to $100,000 from the Student Revolving Loan Fund (it used to be $50,000);
  • the interest rate on Student Revolving Loans was reduced from 8% to 4%;
  • revised income tax bands that gave  all workers additional disposable income;
  • major remedial work completed on the BIDC building at Newton Industrial Park, on which the last Government wasted $M9, and from which the last contractor ran off with millions of taxpayers’ $$;
  • the St. John Polyclinic substantially completed;
  • free bus rides for all students;
  • free summer camps;
  • energy grants provided to assist unemployed persons and the elderly, over 65 years old, in paying their electricity bills;
  • establishment of a $25 millionTourism Industry Relief Fund to assist hoteliers and stakeholders;
  • increase in the minimum wage from $200 to $250 a week;
  • a massive $M60 Warrens Road and Traffic Safety Improvement Project;
  • an intensified road repair programme along major highways as well as secondary roads;
  • NIS unemployment benefits were increased from 26 to 40 weeks;
    * Constituency Councils were established and are functioning;
  • passage of the very important Employments Right Act;
  • several Double Taxation Treaties signed to favourably position the country;
  • construction of a Leachate Treatment Plant;
  • commencement of a modern Waste to Energy Plant began;
  • commencement of new headquarters for the Barbados Water Authority;
  • start of a new headquarters building for CXC;
  • improvements to the QEH and polyclinics;
  • expansion of the Community Health Programme to include home visits to mentally ill patients;
  • increase in old age (non-contributory) pensions and maternity and funeral grants;
  • several elderly people’s home repaired and replaced by RDC and UDC;
  • novel agricultural initiatives with small farmers in Christ Church, St. John and St. Philip;
  • reduced the fiscal deficit from 9.1% to 7.4 % by 2011;
  • maintained the foreign reserves at 1.5 billion $$ ( 18 weeks of imports) during the recession;
  • laid the foundation for a green economy;
  • initiated a Water Augmentation Project and a National Tractor Cultivation Project;
  • started the Cassava Feed Project;
  • improvement to the Drug Service and overhaul of the national formulary;
  • intensification of programme to eradicate plant pest, like the Giant African Snail,
  • which is now under control;
  • re-introduction of an agricultural extension service to farmers;
  • work commenced on a new Fairchild Street Public Market;
  • and, single mothers no longer have to go to the courts for child support, and leave empty-handed and disappointed because of delinquent fathers.

All these were accomplished in the worst economic recession the world has seen since the 1930. That is  the DLP’s record over the last five years, and there is more.  Dr. Cools and Mr. Weir, on the other hand, you failed to ask Senator Hunte on Monday what the DLP inherited in 2008. You ought to be ‘fair and balanced’ as moderator, David Ellis, said during the discussion.

Here is some of what greeted us on assuming office: colossal wastage, cost over-runs, nepotism, infelicities, corruption, unethical hiring practices, dozens of over-paid but non-functioning ‘friends and family’ consultants, massive debt, an inflated and under-functioning public service – several departments and statutory boards were set up that are duplicating what others are doing, e.g. UDC, RDC, Invest Barbados, the Pan African Commission, etc.

So, armed with the above irrefutable evidence of the DLP’s achievements, and in spite of the difficulties created for us by several factions last time out; in spite of the worst global economic recession in 100 years; in spite of the related socio-economic challenges;  in spite of the  doomsday prophets; in spite of the persistent canards; and in spite of the back-stabbers, the mature and knowledgeable Barbadian electorate realised that the challenges and difficulties we faced were not of our own making (and that the opposition could not do better) re-entrusted the country’s affairs to a caring and capable DLP.

It is evident that Team BLP, including the above mentioned apologists, are still in anguish from the their February loss, and they are now hell-bent on fighting a five-year election campaign. The DLP will neither be drawn into nor be engaged is such tactics.

With God’s help and an understanding and reasonable electorate, we will continue to work in the interest of the vast majority of Barbadians, and pitch tent at the appropriate time. Not before!

137 thoughts on “Some People Are Fighting A Five-Year Political Campaign

  1. When we discuss housing it can’t be based on numbers but on take up. We have Greens, Lancaster, Constant and Coverly where the vast number of house remain vacant.

  2. Alvin………………gotta admit things are heating up in Canada, they are asking Ford to resign, get out of City Hall………..lots of drama.

  3. “Head of the IMF Christine Lagarde in court charged with embezzlement and fraud”
    23 May 2013

    The head of the International Monetary Fund arrived in the dock of a Paris courtroom today as she braced herself to be formally charged with embezzlement and fraud.

    Christine Lagarde’s humiliation is not only a massive personal blow which could lead to her resignation, but one which will plunge the world’s banking system into further ignominy.

    This is the woman our brave Central Bank Governor had to stand up to and tell off.

    Brown noser millertheanunnaki was Livid that a Black Central Bank Governor should be so brave and he said that the Governor ought to have known his place.

  4. “The clearly nervous 57-year-old said nothing to reporters as she entered the Court of Justice of the Republic, a special tribunal set up to judge the conduct of France’s government ministers, shortly after 8.30am.

    Lagarde faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail if found guilty of the very serious charges.

    It was when she was President Nicolas Sarkozy’s finance minister that she is said to have authorised a 270 million pounds payout to one of his prominent supporters, so abusing her government position.

    The money went to Bernard Tapie, a convicted football match fixer and tax dodger who supported Lagarde and Sarkozy’s UMP party.

    It came after Dominque Strauss-Kahn, another senior French politician, was sacked as IMF chief following allegations that he attempted to rape a chambermaid in a New York hotel.

    Ms Lagarde began campaigning to succeed Mr Strauss-Kahn soon after his arrest for the alleged crime.

    But now it is Ms Lagarde, a lawyer and retired synchronised swimming star, who is facing a long court process of her own, as well as a possible jail sentence.

    The scandal will not only pile further shame on France’s political class, but worry politicians and bankers desperately trying to resolve the global financial crisis.

    Mr Tapie, the former head of adidas in France, claims he was cheated out of millions by Credit Lyonnais bank when the sports kit empire was sold in 1993.

    In 2007, Ms Largarde ended the epic dispute by ordering a panel of judges to arbitrate and, in turn, they awarded Tapie the damages.

    Opposition MPs were furious, with former presidential candidate Francois Bayrou accusing Ms Lagarde of ‘dipping into the taxpayers’ pocket for a private beneficiary.’

    Mr Strauss-Kahn’s Socialist Party also accused Ms Lagarde of improper conduct, pointing to the fact that Mr Tapie was a vocal supporter of Sarkozy.”

  5. I wonder how “miller” is taking this? I am believe that he is shedding tears.

    Barbados Labour Party people are always on the wrong side of everything.

  6. The Barbados Labour Party members and supporters were relishing the thought of the IMF waltzing into Barbados and taking it over. Now it would appear that the IMF have a few problems of their own.

    PRODIGAL SON, OLD ONION BAGS, DAVID, where are you/ The cat got your tongue???

  7. @ David

    The Mrs Legarde saga sounds an offal lot like that infamous arbitration in Barbados a few years ago, involving a big government building awarded to contractor who didn’t prequalify and who was not invited to bid but got the contract and got millions of dollars more money than work completed, who was then terminated by the GOB. Sued the government agency and won tens of millions in damages and earned tens of millions more in interest on the damages but still ain’t yet get paid.

  8. Look at the bias in the “If I was” and Question Time section of the Saturday Nation- you can plainly see the hand of the editor Sanka Price in these columns.
    Many of the questions posed reflect arguments which he pushes during the week in his or Mascoll’s articles.
    He uses his position as editor to try to sway public opinion. His columns do not enlighten or educate. There is nothing wrong with taking a position but if on every issue as a columnist you can only attack one side, you need to look in the mirror.
    Mr. Price has not done his profession proud, his stands are not based on principle because he should be throwing journalistic bombs at both sides.
    Can you imagine two DLP ministers going to court? Price would devote at leat 4 articles to this. He would be writing about ineffective leadership,heads rolling,tie for the leader to step in,etc,etc. Instead he gives a quick mention in one of his columns and never mentions it agian.
    I say that to show that Price is too onesided in his critiques.
    The sad thing is that he convinces himself that he is a crusader for truth but unfortunately his justice scales are leaning heavily to one side but either he cannot see or will not admit it publicly.

  9. Carson you sharing licks like peas. LOL I want to hear more about Rawdon’s home coming. LOL

  10. Rawdon Adams mother still resides in Barbados and usually reliable sources suggest he wants to come home to be with her and dip his toe in the political waters by contesting the St.Peter by-election in October this year. Clyde Mascoll is UNELECTABLE so he could as well give up on his dreams of being a MP again.

    Colin Jodan is a decent sort of fellow but a bit of a buffoon, not that that alone would exclude him from sitting in Parliament. If the people of St. Peter were to elect someone like Mascoll or Jordan or Miss Alex, after have an MP like OSA, then they would deserve the buffoon they get. STUPSE……………………why Wickham don’t go and rest himself and stop flying ‘deviant’ kites.

  11. remember it RAWDONthing to unseat MIA.’s father who imported Seethru from Jamaica to run for St. Peter, I think that use to be Berton Hinds seat.

    So now Seethru wants to import RAWDON to run for St. Peter. He is returning a favor.

    Plus any

  12. remember it was RAWDON’S father who imported Seethru from Jamaica to run for the St. Peter seat, I think that seat use to be Burton Hinds.

    So now Seethru wants to import RAWDON to run for the St. Peter seat. He is returning a favor.

    Anything to unseat MIA.

  13. @ Carson C. Cadogan | May 24, 2013 at 10:06 AM |
    “I wonder how “miller” is taking this? I am believe that he is shedding tears.”

    Yes indeed CCC, with tears of joy to know justice and the rule of law still exist in some places even when highly placed officials are involved.
    Can you imagine the orgasmic state of elation if similar treatment is awarded to Leroy Greenverbs the Parisian fraud?

    But how can we expect such exposure when he is protected by people in the highest places and backed by the highest legal powers in the land called Bim? The corrupt capstone of that pyramid of fraud called CLICO Barbados lies truly at the very top.

    When we see your buddy Leroy the unashamed King of swindle, money laundering and tax evasion in similar straits we will have a tête-à-tête about morality and justice whether in corrupt republican France or prim and proper colonial Bim; if you get the miller’s drift.

    For now, goodnight sweetheart and don’t let the bitch bite.

  14. @ Well and Hal:

    Educated Barbadians know that taxes underwrite subsidies to gov’t entities. corporations and private businesses. Stop the folly on this thread and share on the numerous savings I make because I do not pay taxes plus annual school fees plus buy each book for each child in sec sch.

    It does not hurt anyone to be honest regardless of association.

    Be honest paying taxes does not pay the total cost related to school fees.

    a $2.00 chance does not even imply that I paid $100,000.00 that was won.

    Now share intelligently and let us rejoice that today regardless of political affiliation our children get free education in schools provided by legislation passed under the DLP led by our Father of Independence.

  15. Are the BLP supporters implying before next elections that we must pay for our education? Education will not be free under a BLP government! I that your campaign promise?

    Quit while you are ahead.

    Give honour where it is due.

    Hal congratulate Carson for the application and discipline and high regard for education. Bless the Party that introduced it because Owen and the BLP did not.

  16. millertheanunnaki

    I would also recommend locking up the person who gave the Contract “to contractor who didn’t prequalify and who was not invited to bid but got the contract and got millions of dollars more money than work completed, who was then terminated by the GOBBarrack to build “the building in Warrens ” “.

  17. “BY RICKY JORDAN | SAT, MAY 25, 2013 – 12:10 AM
    CANDIDATES OF THE Opposition Barbados (BLP) Labour Party not only spent the most in the February 2013 general election but current Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley shelled out the highest amount overall.”

    I wonder if “just asking” and “PRODIGAL SON” READ THIS AS YET?

  18. @ Brief

    Taxation is pooling costs, individuals do not pay for all state provided goods and services, but ALL costs come out of taxation.
    I know things are different in Barbados and Barbadians are so clever that no one else in the world fully understands these complex economic issues, but @Brief I hope you are a lawyer and not economist as I would worry for your employers or students.
    Again, lesson 101 in public finance – governments do not work. They tax.

  19. Hal that being said, when BLP subsidized fuel charge for nuff years I enjoyed the low cost to BL&P especially. Now go’t is forcing me to pay directly for it is realized as a cost to me. So BLP gave me the fuel charge free and the DLP gave me it at a cost that really really hurts.

    It was free to the consumer under the BLP now it is a realized charge, direct payment in recession under the DLP.

    I do not pay term fees for my children in public sec school, but my children in private school I pay an annual fee and for every sport discipline totalling more thatn $3,000.00 per school year.

    I am an economist when it comes to my finances and an attorney when deliberating with my family’s conflict.

    When the road taxes were increased by more than 100% in 2008 the BLP did not shut down Barbados exclaiming that it was too exorbitant tell me why?

    The money is coming from the working class majority of whom did not pay annual fees for education. I do not see through the eyes of politics I see through the eyes of a consumer. If I do not pay for it, it is free.

    You give to me a gift and then tell me to pay you – it is not a gift, even if I contribute a percentage to it – it is not free I paid.

    If you desire to re-educate Barbadians in the context that others pay for the education they receive and it is not coming from their family’s revenue as a consumer and not a taxpayer – then lay the ground work to re-educate. It will have to start in infants/primary school. That is what I know about Bajan.

    With my experience in paying annually for children’s education – your public sec and pri sch education is indeed free. I am paying for sec sch education – my family’s choice – it is effective .

    We place children in your pri sch and was asked to pay teachers for lessons – only to learn that the part the syllabus was taught during school hours and part at lessons. I was furious but it was my voice only. If that is what you refer to as payment for education well yes because lessons fees are directly from the consumer after taxes.

  20. Brief……………if you read what i said thoroughly, you would have seen where specifically noted that the eduction costs comes not only from the taxpayers, but loans and grants from EU or North American entities, you do not and will never make enough money to pay for every child’s tuition barbados tuition, where would you get it from…………..and it is still not free, not free, not free, someone has to pay for it. In your exuberance you missed the whole point.

  21. That should read:

    Brief, you will never make enough to be taxed to pay for every child’s tuition in Barbados, government will have to make up the shortfall from somewhere, government is always broke and have to borrow, tax or get grants from somewhere, education is not free, not free, not free. Did the BLP charge anyone for education during their 14 year tenure? you guys need to stop spreading propaganda, i am not a party person, but blatant lies will not help the current situation. Brief………….

  22. “remember it was RAWDON’S father who imported Seethru from Jamaica to run for the St. Peter seat, I think that seat use to be Burton Hinds.”

    Wasn’t Arthur employed in the Ministry of Finance immediately before running for St. Peter?

  23. Submitted by Dear Loving Person

    “With general elections not due for another five years though, team Barbados urgently needs to address the economy and does not need so much political rhetoric.”@@@

    If you not ready to deal with the LAND issue , then go back to sleep ,
    Nothing , moves , work nor can happen with out Land,

    Sooner or later you have to land on Land. Now who is the Rightful owner. ?Apply the Law and not Fraud by Ministers.

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