Eulogising Baroness Margaret Thatcher

The late Margaret Thatcher

The late Margaret Thatcher

Whether one is on the left or right of the political centre the legacy of Margaret Thatcher will be narrated differently. For many Barbadians she will be remembered as the British prime minister – in partnership with US president Ronald Reagan – who had the ‘balls’ to attack communism and hasten its dismantlement. For others she rightly earned the nick name Iron Lady because of her economic policies which had embedded the dismemberment of the labour movement not to forget her successful strike against Argentina to win back the Falkland islands.

The extreme views which Thatcher often provoked from the public during her tenure remain a talking point and will definitely characterize her legacy. BU’s acid test of her effectiveness as a political persona maybe defined by her 11 consecutive years of rule; the longest consecutive tenure by any UK prime minister since 1832.   It must be stated that infighting by the Labour Party during her tenure and the opportunity which the so called Falklands war presented obviously contributed to her success at the polls. Ironically it took a stab in the back by her political party to cause her demise.

What cannot be refuted is that Thatcher’s foreign policy made  her a major player on the world stage. Equally her domestic policies for a myriad of reasons resonated with world citizens. Surely there is no politician who is loved by everyone however part of Thatcher’s legacy was built on a political philosophy where she was prepared to defend her positions to the death. Agree with her views or not her willingness to fearlessly defend the courage of her convictions provoked admiration in the  BU household during her period of rule –  there is the  regret that many local politicians do not show a willingness to demonstrate a similar quality.

Thatcher’s position on how the UK should integrate in the EU should be flagged on her bio. It was a position which is analogous to what Barbados is currently confronted with Caricom. Pursue economic cooperation by all means but do not surrender our birthright in the process by selling of our indigenous institutions which are an embodiment of who and what we are as a people.

When the dust is settled on Thatcher’s legacy the cold reality must be factored. When Thatcher assumed the reins of government in 1979 the economy was  marking time. Some may recall that the International Monetary Fund was in Whitehall. On yesterday’s talk show Tony Hoyos and Tony Best were critical of the fact that the labour movement has not recovered from its battle with Thatcher to this day. What they neglected to mention is that when Thatcher assumed office the UK economy was under the heavy influence of a strong union movement. The record shows that before Thatcher was elected UK had to suffer innumerable strikes which affected its economic performance. Thatcher obviously assessed the situation and history shows she concluded that her economic policies would have been defeated if she did not address the union issue. Whether you agreed she showed leadership by her decisive decision making.

Even in death her request not to stage a state funeral on her behalf because she feared it would provoke a divisive debate in parliament tells a story. The UK government it has been reported will settle for a  ceremonial funeral on April 17, 2013.

May she rest in peace.

186 thoughts on “Eulogising Baroness Margaret Thatcher

  1. Pacamama
    Stop the old approach of painting the LG as these pathetic people who need to be protected. That group is one of the most intolerant groups in the world. remember their campaign of “outing” people who are of their behavior but DARED to oppose them. Did any of think what that did to their families, to their children, to THEM. No the LG agenda was the only thing that was important. Now people have the BALLS to say to you that what you are doing is not right, you bring the old thing about they came that body no one said anything when shall they come for every one. Or attempting to link yourselves with the black struggle. Even here in Bim most of the people who live in your “environment” live in fear of being “outed” and the entire society crying shame on them. So do not come with that non sense around me. If you and Peter Bullham get your way, the human race would be extinct in a hurry.

    Peter Bullham is the main spokes man for this “nasty” thing that you are trying to make “normal”, and I shall always oppose the agenda.

    Island and Kiki
    Do not get me started. This is not a band wagon for you.

  2. Island and Kiki
    This is the old Le Mule do not get caught up. You gave me the name and you know what my characteristics are.

  3. Paacmama
    I have to leave this with you before I go. You have some over weight “men/woman” in Barbados stuffing themselves in women’s clothing attempting to give a very pathetic appearance of being normal. we in Bim have tolerated that for a long time. Yet our AIDS epidemic is driven by men who have sex with men. Our ratio for incidence and prevalence support that. The LG agenda of outing these people have made it very difficult to get to them in any sort of meaningful way. Do you really understand how it looks when these greasy men stuffed in women’s clothes are in public outing these people or on face book. And you dare to speak to me about tolerance; yet you and your crowd practice hatred and social terrorism but gleefully point to any one who dares speaks to the requirements of God’s word as in tolerance. Because of your behavior there are a number of wives and mother and sisters and other women who are one sexual act away from infection because of the frightened bisexual man who you and your crowd may “out”. Therefore, the epidemic continues unabated.

    There is no thing about lesbianism and bulling that is “normal”. I do not care how sweet you and Peter Bullham think that it is. If VOB gives him the right to launch his attacks, then I reserve my right to respond on BU. Your kind of thinking would never see the principle of my stance all you see is who he or she think they are. Yes, Bullham I listen to you and Baffy; I now have serious doubts about Baffy, using the word ass a lot these days .Baffy I like my ass that is why you can not come near it.

    You know what is laughable, I like Peter as a moderator. I would rank him in the top three at VOB. But he can not expect to use that forum as missile testing range and not have ordinance returning to test the vulnerability of his positions.

    Pacamama, I have things to do see you later for another taste of my verbal tongue.

  4. Look at the leader of the opposition do think she looks like a “normal” woman. Yet, she forgets or does not know running a country is like running a family unit. Hence she would never have a clue. Sorry, Miller I know I promised not to chastise your Mam, but just this once for 2013.

  5. First my apologies in this has already been covered in this blog.
    It was a little sad to hear an esteemed career diplomat on Down to Brass Tacks yesterday state that the then Margaret Thatcher call Nelson Mandela a ‘terrorist’.
    I believe the facts show that she stated that the ANC was a ‘typical terrorist organisation’. At that time and in fact, up until 1990, ANC was universally recognised as a terrorist organisation with even a military wing, the MK.

    In hindsight, we can all change our views, but let us not try and change history.

  6. Lemuel,
    Your comments are being sent to the Fixated Threat Assessment Unit (Babylon) for consideration of hate law breaches and further action

  7. @Sid Boyce
    It was not a “guy” who asserted that Canada helped write the Apartheid laws, like a great many statements on this blog her declaration can be filed in the Apocryphal folder.

    • How remiss of me. After typing “your slip is showing” I went on to refer to her as “guy”. Apologies and thanks for spotting it but thereby hangs a tale, ladies are a rare species not often sighted on BU.

  8. @Adrian Loveridge

    Semantics/logic/,semantics/logic,semantics/logic! If the ANC is called a terrorist organisation and Nelson Mandela is seen as the leader of that group isn’t he being called a terrorist? Terrorist is in the eye of the beholder what the Brits called terrorist the Africans called “Freedom fighters”.

    I think the Brits also applied the terrorism label to the IRA yet Gerry Adams the IRA “political” leader was able to travel to the USA on fund raising expeditions and the Brits never raised a word of protest…… who de cat likes etc.….

  9. Adrian

    “I believe the facts show that she stated that the ANC was a ‘typical terrorist organisation’”

    I guess that you are willing to remember it in a way that would make that witch seem human.

  10. Amused

    “Better take a few pills. War had been declared ”

    This is where you are wrong, War HAD NOT been declared.

    “The Belgrano was neither ‘approaching’ the task force and was it a ‘threat’? That statement was put out while the British task force was still travelling South, as a warning that any approaching aircraft etc might be shot. Once the Task Force had arrived, it then announced on 28 April the Total Exclusion Zone – and, that would have superceded an earlier statement. War was not declared, that is why these definitions were important.”

    • Mind games are a part of warfare and the Belgrano was too big and inviting a target to miss of leave alone.
      I can remember occasions with the Indonesian incursions into North Borneo where their soldiers were free to roam their side of the border, creep across to our side and set up mortars and machine gun nests to unleash quick and surprised attacks.

      In the one case, a LZ (landing zone) prepared to give the impression it was there for helicopters. The Indonesians crept across the border and set up mortars at night which they unleashed at first light. What they didn’t know that it was a carefully set trap. Mortars on our side were ranged elsewhere to strike the same distance so when their mortars went off, from our side there was a barrage unleashed which blew the Indonesian team and their mortars to bits.
      On another occasion the Ghurka unit crossed the border against strict political orders they were not to do so and when 2 Indonesian soldiers appeared they picked one and shot him to bits whilst letting the other one to run off screaming about how horrible it was.

      It was a 2 way street, the Indonesians crossed the border and captured a Ghurka, his body with his balls stuffed in his mouth was put in a boat and floated down the river for our side to find.

      On another occasion they let the Ghurkas prepare an ambush position on our side and then rushed them inflicting casualties and I remember one survivor with a bullet hole in his back standing rigidly to attention as he was about to evacuated for treatment.

      Incidents like those are part of the psychological side of warfare with which to demoralise the enemy.

      The commanders on either side know one another quite well and even respect each other, but each is trying to outsmart the other.

      Dresden, the bouncing bombs of “Bomber” Harris … etc. are typical, they serve to weaken the opponent’s resolve and to send the message that they can’t win.

      If you can defeat the enemy psychologically you can defeat them with fewer losses.

  11. @Adrian

    You are correct. Even Mandella agreed that the ANC was labelled at the time a terrorist organisation. Remember Mugabe et al emerged from terrorist organisations as well. The point Peter Wickham made yesterday is on point, the period must given context. It is like Christian tossing the Bible because slavery was a way of life. Context!

  12. Carson,

    I think that I personally suffered a great deal more than most under Margaret Thatcher’s rule, being a victim of the National Union of Seaman’s thug tactics. But, history will determine her overall contribution and I am not going to try and change it.

    • Adrian,
      I take it the same seamen who gallantly rallied to her call in the build-up to the Falklands war, the same seamen that she later told to go take a running jump because she had no further use for them.

      Without those seamen the Falklands could not have been retaken.

      If you were their victim, they were hers big time.

  13. @ Adrain Loveridge

    We think that history will show and indeed is showing right now that the real terrorist are people like Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan they predecessors and successors, including Obama. Let us cite what these terrorist states are doing right now in Syria – supporting their Saudi/Qatari led Al-Qaeda to wreck a country to achieve political goal by threats and violence. We are convinced that whites have no capacity to fully understand the graviment of the destruction they have wrought on Pachamama. Absent such a realization the Loveridges of this world will continue to mount all types of excuses, obfuscations, denials of fact in order to maintain global control.

    What is regrettable for those of us who were deeply involved in the anti-Apartheid struggle, including carrying messages in and out of the apartheid regime, that the same people like Loveridge and Cow Williams, devotees of the Thatcherite racism, had cause to praise Mandela after supporting Apartheid, even if with their silence. This tells us that we wasted our efforts in trying to get this useless bastard, Nelson Mandela, out of jail. For conditions in SA, for most black people, are worse today than under apartheid. We fought a 100 year war against whitey and won, but they still control our stolen land. For it is Mandela who agreed to white economic domination in SA for years to come. In this respect SA has been Barbadianized. Thatcher and her admirers like Loveridge should burn in hell, forever! This is justice, whitey style.

  14. We don’t care whether you have a cup of English tea or you use heroine to destroy the Chinese population, steal their land and gain geo-strategic leverage in that region.

  15. Pachamama, As a descendent of an indentured servant, I am having going to look this one up – ‘geo-strategic leverage’. But it sounds really impressive!

  16. @ Loveridge

    You sound just like fucking Cow William and the other white people who are experts in pleading poverty and the absence of guilt. But yet it is these same ‘red legs” for which laws were passed in the parliament of barbados to empower. Never for descendants of slaves. So in one generation Cow and Kiffin could rite large over the local economy. You should know by now that we are not David who panders to your backward mouthings

  17. Sargeant | April 11, 2013 at 9:32 PM |

    So she did the people of Argentina a favour by murdering 321 Navy Cadets on the Belgrano?

    I wonder how the American Government felt as they were supporting the Argentine Junta 100% at the time?

    The American President was her friend Cowboy Reagan?

  18. Trinidadian exporters accused of violating trade rules in Jamaica

    TRINIDADIAN exporters to Jamaica have been accused of violating trade rules by misrepresenting products as being of Caricom origin, allowing them to benefit from lower customs duties and price advantages in the local market.

    It’s the latest complaint in a long-running trade dispute between the two Caribbean countries, which have had uneasy commercial relations in recent years.

    Read more:

    The Jamaicans are a little slow on the uptake. The Trinidadians have been doing this for years.

    During the Owen Arthur Administration this matter was reported but no action was ever taken.

  19. And in reference to Jamaica what was the result if any, of the issue Pine Hill Dairy had with Jamaica.And I am told PHD had an issue with Trinidad and getting its milk products into that filthy East Indian state led by dizhonest,theifing East Indian Coolies.Syrians,Lebanese and Indians destroy Trinidad and if we are not careful they will do the same in Barbados.Coke criminals.

  20. Gabriel Tackle

    “if we are not careful they will do the same in Barbados.”

    You would have to thank the Barbados Labour Party for that.

  21. @Gabriel Tackle | April 12, 2013 at 4:21 PM | ‘

    What a racist rant, absolutely useless and nonsense.

    Then Carson pipes in with his ‘it musta been the BLP’ rubbish.

    Sad thing is, you actually think you are right and actually understand the political ‘leadership’ of Barbados.

    Wow, wonder what will happen when the xhit really hits the fan here, wunna going be asking for the US to lend us money.

    And yes, the grass is not the only thing brown here, I was coming home last night just before 8 o clock and passed……3..yes THREE cars over a three mile drive.

    You onnerstand EXACTLY how things are bout here now?

    Two years ago, at 8 pm I would have been in traffic.

    Things here are BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And all wunna can talk about is white COW this and Coolie that and dis an dat and dis and de Indian dis and de red leg dis and …on and on and on…


  22. Problem is wunna so caught up in your racist minds that you spend all de time thinking about regleg and Indian and de white Amurcan, that you don’t spend time actually thinking and implementing action to benefit Barbados, only spend time griping…..

    As Bob Marley said, ’emancipate yuhself form MENTAL SLAVERY’.

  23. @Carson, bet yuh wish you could have had an hour or two wid Thatcher to ‘discuss tings wid her’…

    Yuh wuidda like dat!!!! hahahahaaa

  24. Crusoe

    You are hilarious!

    That woman was a piece of work.

    I have a bottle of wine that I will open when Blair kicks the bucket.

  25. “But then I saw last night that she no longer lived in her London home but had moved to a hotel room nearby as she was very much alone in her latter days. Somehow it seems a fitting epitaph for the woman who tried to destroy the whole concept of ‘society’ and who certainly damaged it in large swathes of the UK and even in far-flung countries. At the end of the day the lowly-paid people who will never be part of Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ were the ones she was entrusted to……………”

  26. Just imagine that. The people she despised the most, the working class, were the ones who ended up taking care of her in the end.

    There is a lesson in there. We are more than an economy, we are a society.

  27. cant the government here in bim link up with the st Lucian government??to acquire that mans identification documents that is saved in the st Lucian registrar?? it is very possible seeing that saint Lucia and bim are close so that should be a call away? and first of all also a caring and patient spirit to put up with this mans trying situation this is a topic I saw in todays paper 04-12-2013 all his identity certificates has been burnt up the man cant even get his cheques that rightfully his changed appealing to someone to help this man which I know there’s someone please help!

  28. Perhaps, you’re willing to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to who controls the economic resources in Barbados. But this is one hard truth, that the average Barbadian can’t afford to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to. To overlook race as a factor in the personal and public affairs in Barbados ,would be a grave miscalculation.

  29. It’s shameful that this man, a citizen of Bim, worked so hard in Bim for so long and cannot cash his checks due to a fire and not one of those lowlife politicians will step in to help….why??…………he is a nobody in their eyes..he is not a criminal like Mark Thatcher so he deserves to suffer………….Barbadians will continue to bring shame and disgrace on themselves. Immigration has copies of all his documents, but everyone is pretending they don’t know what to do.

    The lowly working class in England paid for that evil demonic soul that was Margaret Thatcher to spend her last days at the Ritz Carlton……….poetic justice.

  30. @ Well Well
    Chances are that this now unfortunate man had no problems casting his vote a few weeks ago,at the general election.

  31. Buggy, I am sure, but when it comes to helping one of their own skin color, somehow they never know what to do.

  32. To the Thatcher Bashers . To quote her at the end of the Falklands War
    “Be Magnanimous in victory”
    The strife is o’er ,the battle done
    The victory of death is won
    The song of triumph has began

  33. Well Well

    Don’t stress your self!

    Since the man is a citizen of Barbados there is no problem. He has a paper trail in Barbados. All he has to do is to go to Electoral and Boundary Commission and they will have his data on file. He can apply for a new ID card, pay a small fee when he has collect it and he is good to go.

    If the people at the Nationnewspaper had any sense they would have given him a lift to town so that he could get a new ID card instead of writing foolishness in order to sell a few more newspapers.

    Another thing that he could do is to have a Justice Of The Peace endorsed his checks to a trusted friend or relative so that they could cash the checks for him.

    Plain and simple.

  34. I wonder how much money Thatcher left in her will?

    It should be given to the displaced Miners and relatives of the Belgrano Navy cadets that she killed.

  35. People tend to admire those who have the blood of innocents on their hands……………

    That gentleman has tried all of that to get his ID card and everyone keeps giving him the run around………..they never seem to know what to do when it’s one of their own.

  36. @Carson C.Cadogan “the working class, were the ones who ended up taking care of her in the end.

    This is true.

    It has also always been the truth.

    The working class takes care of ALL of us.

    Everyday working class children bathe, fed, and dress our children, our elders, our sick.

    Working class people clean our houses and our business places, they cook our food, wash and iron our clothes, keep our yards, cricket and football fields, and our golf courses clean, keep the engines of industry running, the jet engines, the car engines, the factory engines.

    Family life, and industry would halt if working class stopped working.

  37. The late Baroness Thatcher rose from humble beginnings to become one of Britain’s most transformational leaders.

    Our esteem PM Freundel Stuart is very much in this vein.

  38. Sid, I was thinking more about the merchant seaman. I had a business at Britain’s largest container port, Felixstowe, which was virtually brought to its knees by bus loads of rent-a-thug members of the NUS (National Union of Seaman) who attacked and damaged much of my property and intimidated our staff and customers. My brother, joined Andrew Weir or Bank Line which once had the largest Merchant fleets under the Red Ensign. He started as a apprentice and left as a second officer, nine years later, when the excesses of the NUS reduced the fleet to two ships.
    Switzerland, a land locked country, now has a largest merchant fleet the Britain. I did not agree with everything Mrs Thatcher did, but there were a lot of things in the UK that had to be changed.

    • Hi Adrian,
      I agree lots of things needed change but not by scorched earth policies.
      Industry was decimated. It was much like creating a desert to get rid of a few weeds.

  39. DAVID

    “Our esteem PM Freundel Stuart is very much in this vein”


    Mashin you corns!!!



    “Mind games are a part of warfare and the Belgrano was too big and inviting a target to miss of leave alone.”

    Not really.

    The Belgrano was not the original English target!.

    “the aircraft carrier Veinticinco de Mayo which they could reasonably claim was a potential source of danger to our forces. So they searched the seas for the aircraft carrier but even with all the American satellites and GCHQ and all the rest of it, they failed to find the aircraft carrier”

    So thatcher turned her attention to the Belgrano.

    And don’t forget that an elections was looming in England and she Thatcher was fairing badly in the polls. So she needed a boost in the run up to the elections. Killing as many Argentinians was just the thing she need to push her over the top.

    It is a tactic which Tom Adams used in Barbados as well. When he came up with the bogus invasion of Barbados by SIDNEY BURNET ALLEYNE in order to win an election.

    The same tactic is used by Israeli politicians all the time. when elections are coming up, start a war with the Palestinians and you are sure to win at the polls.

    • Such a decision would have been in the sole hands of the force commander in the South Atlantic and not the Prime Minister or even the MOD.

      Rules of Engagement are clearly given to force commanders and passed down to all in his command, even then certain actions are carried out by subordinates that could be classed as at odds with orders, are sometimes so bold as to shock even the force commander. If the actions had led to serious casualties to forces under his command in the field a very dim view of his actions would be taken and consequences would follow. Of course that would not be made public.

      I have seen rules of engagement that were so stupid that if followed to the letter would have put troops at risk and I have know local commanders to ignore them.

      Naturally the force commander will demand to see the subordinate officer to be questioned as to why the rules of engagement weren’t followed.

      Conversely the commander of the Belgrano would have been questioned by his side and possibly sanctioned for any rash action he may have taken that led to tragedy.

      Taking raw recruits on a cruise into danger would have been foolhardy.

  41. @CCCadogan
    So she did the people of Argentina a favour by murdering 321 Navy Cadets on the Belgrano?
    That’s quite a reach to suggest that I considered the sinking of the Belgrano as a favour to the Argentines. The reality is that the Argentine Generals miscalculated that the Brits would stand idly by when they occupied The Falklands, the results of their mistakes led to their eventual ouster from power.

    Today in Argentina The Falklands War while important plays a secondary role in any discussion when compared to the “Dirty War” waged against the Argentine citizens, if there is going to be any controversy about the current Pope it will pertain to his role in Argentina when the military was in power.

  42. How on earth today, can England,7900 miles from a few outcrops of rock 300 miles off the Argentinian cost,claim that as their own!If only Hugo had survived and united South America,England would be broke trying to protect the Malvinas from covert insurgents speaking spanish including a cuban contingent.

  43. That has happened throughout history, greedy countries trying to lay claim to other countries sitting half way around the world from them, opportunity.

  44. I have some authority to discuss this moreso than others, because I just checked my email account and received something form none other than ‘Sir John Major’, something about United Nations and money….

    It did go to junk mail, though must be an error… 😉

  45. Many of the Argentinian soldiers in the Falklands war were treated worst by their own than by the British. During a close quarter attack by the British on an Argentinian defence trench, the British wondered why the Argentinians were not making an effort to defend or to retreat, then they discovered that the regular Officers and senior NCO’s of the Argentinian Army before cutting and running , had bayonetted the feet of those soldiers,severely crippling them , leaving them as cannon fodder to face the advancing British .
    Today ,31 years after the end of the Falklands Conflict, Argentine’s War veterans , are permanently camped out in make shift tents in the Plaza de Mayo, a stone throw from the Casa Rosado, the seat of power in Argentina , demanding justice and compensation .

  46. “This is extremely significant when you think that Morrison was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Margaret Thatcher, one of her closest aides, leader of her campaign team in the Conservative leadership election of 1990 and a deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. Thatcher had paedophiles this close to her and record-breaking paedophile and child procurer Jimmy Savile as a close friend, regular visitor to her country home at Chequers and Christmas dinner guest.”–and-10-downing-street

  47. “To ensure this it was a case of ‘win by any means possible.’

    This attitude by the Tory government has sparked debate amongst people as to whether the tactics used by police were legal and whether they were even police at all but British Army soldiers.

    In many peoples opinion this came into play on the 18th of June 1984 at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire.

    On this day police and miners violently clashed with many injuries on both sides.

    This event was later dubbed ‘The Battle of Orgreave’.

    The media has always portrayed the 1984/85 Miners Strike as a left wing struggle led by the self proclaimed Communist, Arthur Scargill (National Union of Mineworkers leader at the time), but when studied in depth this is not entirely the case but was also a struggle for Nationalism against an oppressive Tory government who was hell bent on selling off British industry for big short term profit.

    This is why Chairman Nick Griffin MEP has called for an official enquiry to what really happened during the miners strike and in particular the events which took place at Orgreave, 18th of June 1984.”



    From Queen’s arrival to an exit accompanied by William Wordsworth: Order of Service for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral

    The funeral service for Baroness Thatcher will be held in London on Wednesday and include readings by David Cameron and her granddaughter Amanda Thatcher.

    Full Story:

  49. @ David | April 17, 2013 at 6:54 AM |

    The service at St. Paul’s Cathedral was indeed inspirationally delivered. Everything went to plan in true English tradition. No outbreaks of verbal protest or violence during the last farewell to the Iron Lady.

    The live photos inside the Cathedral offered a great opportunity to those true members of the Faith to reinforce their understanding and to see who the white man really believe is his god and master. The iconography says it all with the ostentatiously opulent Solar marquee on the floor of the Cathedral being the hidden keystone to the sanctum sanctorum. You know what the intellectual poets say: If you want to hide something leave it in plain sight of the masses.
    Maybe racist mr. correctto or harry callihan would wish to conflate the axiom and say: If you want to hide something from blacks put it in a book called the Bible.

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