No Real Remorse in the Satan Soul

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

If the word “Satan” is rightly defined to represent the evil actions of humans, the word would most appropriately identify:

He who displays a propensity for robbing, he who displays a habit of bombing and invading, he who builds his wealth on enslaving, he who takes delight in torturing and lynching, he who is most cunning and deceiving, and he who robs a people and then penalizes them for not adjusting to economic handcuffs and legal straitjackets.

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0 thoughts on “No Real Remorse in the Satan Soul

  1. Easy…………….Just name all the culprits who have bee involved from 14th century to present day, only because it is still affecting the people and there are those who are still benefiting financially, they don’t want to see any changes made to stop the evil, particularly in the islands where it has been refined.

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