Dr. David Estwick – A Phoenix Rises from the Political Ashes

Submitted by Gordon Jones
Dr. David Estwick, a key performer on the campaign platform

Dr. David Estwick, a key performer on the campaign platform

Although it might seem that I have been given the bad end of the stick it is my belief that I have been chosen by the Almighty, and my constituents of St Phillip West to work on behalf of this country.  My mother always said: time longer than twine and that the race is not for the swift but is for he that endureth.

Nation Newspaper (01/10/2010)

Despite a can-do attitude and an unmatched passion for politics the first term of the DLP administration was not been particularly kind or favourable to Dr.David Estwick. First there was the allegation of brandishing a firearm in the precincts of Parliament and then there was the public spat with a dying David Thompson ending with the now infamous Bajan quote ‘time longer than twine’.

Dr. Estwick who is affectionately known in the political arena as The Pitbull, undertook responsibility for crafting the economic message and arguments for the DLP campaign and also for analyzing the policies and personality of Owen Arthur and for the vicious attacks that resulted there from. Some will argue that it was the combined efforts of Dr. Estwick and Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart that ultimately destroyed the mystique and somewhat favourable memory of Owen Arthur as a leader capable of delivering prosperous times. The combined effort prove too fatal to Owen Arthur’s bid to regain the leadership of Barbados and the experience will serve these two well in 2018 when it is likely that they will be facing the more formidable challenger in Mia Mottley.

In addition, no other DLP candidate in the 2013 elections can match his 554 increase in votes nor his whopping 17 per cent increase over the 2008 vote tally. Not even the much acclaimed Chris Sinckler can match Dr. Estwick’s results in 2013 but that is not to undermine Mr. Sinckler’s performance in St. Michael North West but just to make sure the facts are not distorted, as is the want when it comes to Dr. Estwick.

In the 2003 elections Dr. Estwick secured 2714 votes, in the 2008 election he secured 2648 and in 2013 a massive 3, 720 votes. In each case defeating the same candidate in Lynette Eastmond.

The 2013 win for the DLP was delivered predominantly on the sharp intellects of Dr. Estwick and the Prime Minister and on the hard work of others like George Pilgrim, Donville Inniss, Ronald Jones and many others.

Clear the skies, the Pheonix has risen and is about to soar.

332 thoughts on “Dr. David Estwick – A Phoenix Rises from the Political Ashes

  1. Why would Estwick vote against the Estimates? Did he expressed any concern on the campaign trail about DLP/Sinckler’s economic policies?

  2. Check-it out
    If the DLP takes Barbados back to the polls because they cannot govern then they will be beaten unmercifully, vote buying notwithstanding.
    Estwick holds the cards.

  3. @Gingerbread “Onion Bags” Girl

    Step 1 – Wake up
    Step 2 – Go to the bathroom and relieve yourself verbally.
    Step 3 – Concentrate on how the Arthur group is planning to stop Power Hungry Mottley .

  4. Gingerbread girl

    You really do not know Barbadians
    If Dr.Estwick forces the DLP back to the polls the DLP will win with a majority without Estwick.

    Your party image is badly tarnished. How can you get Owen back on the platform speaking again?
    What would be his message?
    Are you bringing back those losers?
    How would you get candidates in place for a next month election?

    The DLP would take St.Phillip West from Estwick because he would have betrayed the people

  5. Gingerbread Girl;
    But it was the electorate that produced the result that ensured that in the current situation Barbados is ungovernable. The electorate may well give a result this time around to increase the lead for the newly invigorated FS who is now sipping on the wellsprings of genius. However the history of such situations in the caribbean does not suggest that the eventual result is cast in stone. Most such situations result in the incumbents winning again with the same increase while few favour the opposition, if my memory serves me right.

  6. @Checkit-Out | March 4, 2013 at 7:41 AM |
    “The most sensible change in such a situation would have been for FS to take the MOF position under his wing at least for a few months. He could have persuaded Estwick that his work in Agriculture and Alternative Energy was the most important job for this new parliament as it indeed might be and so defused the situation before announcing his cabinet.

    Let me express my intellectual admiration of your erudite political analyses incorporated in this thread. They are, in my view, surgically precise and clinically presented.

    The political tactic offered in your post and quoted above is the thinking of a political leader worthy of consideration of the true meaning of the title “Primus inter Pares”.
    The failure to lead by taking on the MoF at this crucial junction of the country’s economic development is indicative of the lazy lackadaisical mindset and manifest weakness of the man’s ability to handle matters of financial and economic importance.

    I take your point regarding the BLP not pushing for any fall in this DLP government. Hence MAM’s strategy of a reconciliatory approach and a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude regarding the Estimates.
    The DLP made up their own economic bed and must now lie in it at least for the next year to 18 months during which the economic shit that has built up will start to fall on their “no privatization nor layoffs” bed.

    Give this DLP government time to hang itself is the advice she has received and not a repeat of the eager beaver approach she demonstrated early in her previous occupancy of that opposition role.
    A no-confidence vote within a year is not on the table for the Opposition. We shall soon see who will be passing unsigned notes in the form of txt msgs from one side to the next.

    This is one time when both twine and time are of equal measure to carry out the clinically successful political hara-kiri job in DLP 1994 style.
    Meanwhile the miller will continue to stoke the political fire to prepare the blade for the final act of the DLP disembowelment.

  7. Dr Estwick did what FS wanted done to decimate OSA and Mascoll. FS is a sound political thinker, he knows that Estwick is not a wealthy man and will take the pick. About Benn , earmarked as the Director of Rural Development.
    FS warning up the pot for Prescod, Bradshaw and Bostic to jump.


    “Estwick is not a wealthy man”. I not his wife drives a mercedes benz, his son a jaguar, his daughter a bmw and he as fancy sports car. He has a house in Barbados, an apartment in Orlando and second home in Toronoto.

  9. OK, New Blood; I can see the strategy in giving Haynesley a new post of Director of Rural Development. Haynesley would continue to be in the public eye; would still be able to work on the St peter seat, etc. But why would Haynesley have expressed dissapointment at the move. Wasn’t he consulted about this great strategy?

    But most of all, a new well paid post with at least a three year contract, would ensure Haynesley a handsome income and perks for at least three years (He would have to travel and collect those perks for many of his parliamentary colleagues who would necessarily be largely home bound because of the tight situation in the house). This would be an immesurably better situation than that of a Cabinet Minister, which, in this current fragile and fluid situation, could only be guaranteed for weeks or months, not years.

    Re. to quote you “Estwick did what FS wanted done to decimate OSA and Mascoll”. That quote totally catspraddles and obliterates the essential tenets of the boasts of FS’ vaunted integrity. Think about it, and to besides, the Estwick-Howard presentation imho did very little in this regard and only had an effect on the DLP fold. The wider population was not particularly impressed.

    Re. your statement that “he knows that Estwick is not a wealthy man and will take the pick”. You’ve really shown your wisdom in publishing that before Estwick signs on the dotted line. Remember the quote “there’s many a slip betwitx the cup and the lip?. That may be the slip to make Estwick gird his loins and face the lions of the DLP.

    As for warming up the pot for Prescod, Bradshaw and Bostic to jump. They would have to be idiots to jump in this current situation to a leader who has, according to you, shown no allegiance to his strongets workers and who is in a situation where he can be made to toss in the towel at almost any time.

    What PBB jumping wnat

  10. Mark Etheridge;

    Thanks for that point. The DLP spinners do not want to acknowledge that their great leader might have miscalculated this one. I had intended to make a similar point before I mistakenly pressed the “post comment” button instead of the “website” one which I have to do occasionally to clear the typed text from obscuring the screen. This happens all the time with Internet explorer and the BU blog.

    David Estwick is not a frame food, hand-to-mout man. FS treats him as such at the DLP’s peril.

  11. @Caswell 7.11am Mar 4th
    On the money again Caswell.Estwick will no doubt capitulate and carry on smartly as though nothing happened.I have always felt that Thompson placed Sinckler as his replacement in the MoF to keep Stuart out to sea,because as has been proven Sinckler has been a spectacular failure as MoF and Stuart is saddled with him so as not to make the party look bad.Sinckler is the proverbial bad cop on the party political platform which was Thompson’s role in his time.Like a soil technician the party needs him at the top of the hierarchy

  12. David Ellis said just now that Dr Estwick has been sworn in as a Minister just now. Will await the details. Mark Etheridge was right.

  13. We seem to forget in all of this that Dems believe in party paramountcy. I knew without a doubt that Dr Estwick would take up the MOA assignment. DLP takes precedent, the Dems having been in opposition for 14 years would not give up power for nothing. Go Dems!

  14. @Mark
    Wife car, son car e.t.c all conspicuous consumption. Dr Estwick accepted the pick ; Dr Estwick main asset is a rum shop combined constituency office at Six Roads , the late DT and current PM FS know of Dr Estwick personal bad finances.

  15. One could only wonder how he has become so affluent so quickly! I well remember from my days in a certain setting associating with the spouse and at that time they were renting and some months finding it difficult to pay the rent! Glad that they are so wealthy now! Politics is indeed very lucrative!

  16. New Blood;

    Thanks. So DT and FS “knows” that Dr Estwick is a bad manager of his own finances and therefore presumably would be a bad manager of the Country’s finances. That fully explains their treatment of the man. FS was therefore in a really bad place re. selecting a Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs.

    Your point above might even also be extended to explain the society vs economy thrust. They had no one to believably and properly deal with the economy and so concentrated on the society to the detriment of the economy.

  17. @ac 12.04p
    The electorate is going to speak every day thanks to this blog.The intelligent and unbiased as well as the uninformed and misinformed.That’s the beauty of the blog and the scroll button like the mute button for the call in programme afford the impatient a means of escape the drudgery that accompanies the thing called democratic rights.What is certain is that the poll result keeps the Stuart administration on the straight and narrow ,the opposition under heavy manners and bloggers with endless permutations going forward.Get used to it.

  18. Gabriel wunna full if sh..it ! get used to it! cause wunna yardflows ain.t tell the DLP stalwarts nutting. Wunna just spinning wunna wheels. Look this/all that bullls..t talk and Estwick sworn in. Now go fix wunna house cause the leaks getting bigger and bigger by the day ask MIA.

  19. BLP yardfowls wunna don.t be tired of gossipmongering! PERCEPTION! PROPAGANDA and division. wuh dat how wunna got wunna a.ss kick almost two weekes ago. it got to be tiring digging and shoveling dirt and planting seeds without a harvest

  20. Miller the fact that STUART intends to keep Sinckler as MOF shows his forward thinking and vision for his party in that experienced would be a trump card for SINCKlER if he should ever want to persue the role of PM. Stuart is many years ahead of how the BLP perceived him .he knows that SINCKLER is well liked by the electorate and giving him a chance to oversee the economic portfoliio of the country would boost his images andincrease his chances of becoming PM.afterallb he stillb has age on his side

  21. You are just as lied as Sickliar. Did you not read in the Big Interview that he said he never want to become PM! Dance and parade now as when the pain comes you will go back to your swan song, OSA!

  22. Sincklar said he not want to become PM. The people never said they DONT want him as PM
    Big difference proddy boy!

  23. @ ac | March 4, 2013 at 2:30 PM |
    “Miller the fact that STUART intends to keep Sinckler as MOF shows his forward thinking and vision for his party in that experienced would be a trump card for SINCKlER if he should ever want to persue the role of PM”

    It is he that ought to be in charge of the financial ship called the SS Bimshire Titanic when the economi tsunami comes along and reveals the whirlpool of lies told by Captain Pinocchio of the flag ship DLP Privatization & Layoffs waging war with the enemy ship the IMF manned destroyer called US $ Devaluation.

    The miller only hopes that his own life be spared over the coming months to witness the coming galactic display of bold-faced subterfuge and retraction and volte-face political gymnastics and pole-vaulting that the likes of you will be putting on as an aurora borealis circus show to entertain us.
    As the Governor of the Bank said, this winter season is ‘make or break’ for Bim. We shall see how right he is in his reliable prognostication that Bim swims or sinks with only the devaluation as a lifebelt in a privatized lifeboat.

    “Da can’t happen here in dis kuntry; we want IMF to know de seawater and sand belong to we.’ Borrowed from the Mighty Gabby Chalkie.

  24. Oh .prodigal are you nervous. we are seeing the futre of the DLP unfold right before your very eyes. Sinckler benefits. BLP Loses

  25. @ Waiting | March 4, 2013 at 4:00 PM |

    Listen, Waiting to Exhale, why don’t you stop putting your mouth on our dear beloved PM of Integrity Court & Perfect Health Spa.
    Are you wishing for the man to “feint” away to create another crisis for political fecund to float to the top, again?

    Why are you imposing on Christian Barbados the choice between a self-confessed unmitigated pathological liar and a porno baron who made his riches off the purveying of human flesh like a modern day slave trader?
    Until both contenders admit to their evil ways and do a ‘John Newton’, then electorate should disqualify both, unless general elections decide otherwise, by Amazing Grace.

  26. “how wunna got wunna a.ss kick almost two weekes ago.

    How does 16-14 translate to getting an ass kicked??

    In any case, Estimates are coming up, some hard decisions need to be made.

    Everything that was relevant before the election still is…added to that is a less than glowing winter tourism season.
    All hands on deck. Give Barbados respect.

    Just Observing

  27. @ ac | March 4, 2013 at 2:30 PM |

    Instead of you cussing the DLP critics here on BU why don’t you beg Bajans to stop burning the puny tonnes of thrash bone dry up bad looking canes we have left to make sweet drinks.
    You should also tell them to stop robbing the tourists because when the sugar goes next year and the tourists stay away all would be left would be sea water to drink & sand to eat.

    But then again ac, you would argue that it is the BLP yardfowls and cane rats who are wreaking havoc and causing destruction on the economy to bring down the government. Never put any thing pass ac, right? Let us hear you from the top: ‘It is OSA who is doing all of these bad things and burning down the canes’.

  28. @ac

    Be very careful what you wish for inthe form of Mr Sinckler. Because a person is loud does not make them intelligent.
    What did we learn in primary school again “Empty vessels make the most noise”

  29. @Ac

    why are u given them so much attention, They predictions have come wrong so far. yesterday i said dr, d e would have been sworn in today.

    If you dream and dream and dream u would eventually beleive ur dream.

  30. more to come ,Right know MIA SLEEPS WITH THE ENEMY! While STUART cuts a path forward for progress of BARBADOS and groomes SINCKLAR as our Future PM< AS for ESTWICK he is all figured in the overall plan . He too would be a winner leaving THE BLP yardflows keep crowing in the dark. STUART is smarter and bigger than the whole of the BLP party put together bar none, He has outsmarted ! outhinked ! and outmanuevered everyone of the BLP yardflows including the village lawyer Caswelll who acts as if he has "Real" inside tracts to what is happening in George Street. YOU guys deserved to be punished with LAUGHTER . then haul out to sea and drowned , What a waste.

  31. @Ac

    kaugher is too good for them, But since they all think like molasses going up a hit, a donfire should be lit when they reached the top of the hill. I would not add to their sorrows by discussing anything that is happening in the blp. i will wish them well in trying to have a cohesive group.

  32. STUART is smarter and bigger than the whole of the BLP party put together bar none, He has outsmarted ! outhinked ! and outmanuevered everyone of the BLP yardflows including the village lawyer Caswelll who acts as if he has “Real” inside tracts to what is happening in George Street. YOU guys deserved to be punished with LAUGHTER . then haul out to sea and drowned , What a waste………………………

    Yea right ac, we will soon see who is smarter! A deceitful two faced man. You dems think that you outsmarted the BLP, wait until the shit hits the fan! I will be back on your tail!

    • Benn was on television reporting how many jobs he got for people in the Public Service, and all I could do is laugh. This is not an admission that he should make on national television. The Public Service Act sets out a procedure how Public Service vacancies should be filled. The Recruitment and Employment Code does not give the any Minister of Government a role in that process. They break the rules and boast, what next?

      Sent from my iPad

  33. Poor Haynesley,karma is a bitch! He said that OSA was once a big fish but he has been reduced to a small fish and he had the small fish to fry.

    Well, he was the small fish who got fried and now is so burnt, not even the DLP wants a part of him. He must have crossed Freundel and we know that Freundel holds grudges and is spiteful!

    As Caswell said some of these people cant find jobs outside of government. But wuhloss, Freundel discarded him like an expired cartoon of milk!

  34. I would hazzard a guess that all of those jobs went to DLP supporters, so I dont know what he was bragging about!

    • Prodigal Son

      He is bragging about breaking the rules.

      Sent from my iPad

  35. @Miller
    “Meanwhile the miller will continue to stoke the political fire to prepare the blade for the final act of the DLP disembowelment.”
    You were preparing that fire non stop for the last 5 years- stupse . Be careful how you play with fire,it might be the BLP that gets burned again.

  36. The BLP yardfowls need to take this comedy show on the road- a bunch of sore losers waiting for government spending cuts to try to capitalise politically. When the mock B Mascoll talked about “Expenditure Switching” ,ie more spending by private consumers , the “switch” was to be massive cuts in government spending. How do you think that the “switch” would have occurred?
    It will be interesting to see if after saying that government needs to take tough decisions and then poilicies are put in place to reduce government spending, that the BLP power hungry politicians decide to play politics,it will only confirm to Bajans that this BLP group is about self and not country and needs to be further punished at the polls.
    The BLP ‘s reaction would also clearly show if Mottley is the fraud that Owen Arthur thinks she is.

  37. @! 8:45
    Is that a thinly veiled ever so subtle but deeply embedded between the lines preview of what is to come??

    Great choice of words there coming from an insider.

    Just observing

  38. @ ! | March 4, 2013 at 8:35 PM |

    Young fella, life is just one cycle of birth, living and death and birth all over again.
    Same thing applies to political life. There is nothing new under the Sun; not even technology.
    We shall soon see another 1991/92 replay all over again. Mark my word.
    Can’t you see the strikingly canny resemblance of players and circumstances on your side of the playing field? After all Stuart is batting like Sobers!

    If you follow the miller’s post you will see which filly soon to be mare he is backing for the next Platinum Cup. An early major hurdle to jump over is the UWI financing situation. $170 million and climbing. The young Bajan students will require answers, “I”; and very, very soon like before September 2013 why they have to pay for 25% of their tuition fees as the first instalment of a 50:50 paying arrangement if you get my drift.

    We note with some interest one of your stable lads for the last winner of the almost photo finish race- despite financial doping- is expressing and embracing the “Privatization” way out of the current public sector financial mess; albeit in a watered down politically palliative way.
    Good credible opener he is to take some of the shine off the ball paving the way for the true liars to come. We will sit back and watch. Let the games and fun begin!

  39. @ ! | March 4, 2013 at 8:45 PM |
    “It will be interesting to see if after saying that government needs to take tough decisions and then poilicies are put in place to reduce government spending, that the BLP power hungry politicians decide to play politics”

    So what you want the BLP to play? Mummy & daddy children games with a bunch of boldfaced liars?
    Why are you switching from one side of your twitching mouth to the next?
    Say it loud and clear and be steadfast in you commitment.
    “There will be no Privatization and Layoffs under this DLP administration. Public sector workers’ jobs are safe under the DLP but not under OSA or the BLP.” You forget the tune already?
    Let us hear you “!” give a “Churchillian battle rallying speech:

    “We shall fight Privatization and Retrenchment (and any assault on our “free” social services like tertiary education) on the beaches, in the fields and in the streets. Even on Roebuck Street we shall fight the Reds. We shall never surrender. Not one messenger or maid from CRA will be laid off or one pensioner earning $50,000 a year will be asked to pay one red cent to ride on TB buses parked in the yard.

    Even if tourists stop coming and our people are starving for forex, we will be the bastion and defenders of the Lying Party (DLP) to the bitter end of the sugar industry.
    We will never go back on our word which is our bond. So help us God!”

  40. @Miller
    Go and sleep and continue to live in dreamland where you are most comfortable and out of touch with reality.
    It is obvious that you are still an angry man and understandably so.Despite spending the last 5 years non stop attacking, insulting and denigrating a party day by day,hour by hour, breaking up your night rest and blogging non stop, you could not deliver the goods and failed to capture the ultimate prize.
    Have no fear my friend. Barbados is well governed, decisions will be made in the national interest and you can rest comfortably knowing that your Prime Minister will not be looking to abuse his power to achieve personal financial gain.The fiscal deficit will be reduced and this economy will be restructured and put on a sustainable growth path, not the “lick out the reserves , bring de drinks ,somebody gine pay model” that you support.
    Have a good rest and look forward to a better tommorrow under the DLP – The people’s party.

  41. @!

    I would say to the Miller, hurry up and go on his Europen trip. He anlong with many had predicted the demise of the DLP long before DT”s death, and five years after he is concincing himself that it will happen and the dkpwill implode, he is not looking at the challenges that Mia is facing from the gang of five, and having to constnatly looking over her shoulder to see if osa will pull another of those stunts publicly stating that she is not fit to be leader of Barbados, Perhaps he wull get another order from the privated sector to resume leadership of the party or else money would not be pumped into any campaaign next time around.

    @Miller et ak

    U r a glutton for punishment, R U NOt. Why dont u and ur party backers get peter to do a survey to determine whtether barbadaibs perceive if there is ubity in the blp.



    U R DOING A WONDERFUL JOB IN CATCHING AT STRAWS, I GUESS I CAN CALL U A SORDID LOSER AS WELL, Ur time will come to gloa and continue to have this fascination with the P<


  42. Private & Confidential:
    To: “I”:- For your eyes only (Other BU readers to look away now and scroll to another contributor or thread).
    From: The miller with charity

    @ ! | March 5, 2013 at 12:44 AM |
    “The fiscal deficit will be reduced and this economy will be restructured and put on a sustainable growth path, not the “lick out the reserves , bring de drinks ,somebody gine pay model” that you support.”

    Thanks for the “dressing down” so late last night but still following me like a “tweetie” bird.
    But instead of “twittering” the miller you ought to be resting and preparing yourself for the hard slog ahead of fiscal reduction and economic restructuring while promising “freenesses” and job security to everyone. You only have to fulfil the promise of duty-free cars for civil servants and the police would be happy.

    We are glad that you are such a jealous guardian of the foreign reserves your administration worked so strenuously in accumulating over the past 5 years after coming to office and finding an empty treasury and a negative figure on the foreign account à la 1991 bank statement.

    You must ignore the ranting and raving of the mad miller who can’t sleep because he killed a DLP High priest called David and will soon be doing the same to another, politically speaking of course.
    You don’t have to read any thing the miller writes since he requires no further intellectual validation from you. Sufficient validation has already been bestowed in the form of “phi beta kappa” recognition Summa Cum Laude; if you will pardon the implied braggadocio designed to put you in your kindergarten place.

    What the miller shall be pleased about is if you will desist from using incorrect statements when attacking or rebutting his outpourings of anti-DLP spiel.
    The miller was not even around 5 years ago to bask in the daily sunshine of relaxation and, according to you, to endure sleepless nights. The miller was not even aware of the existence of BU as a media underground. David of BU can attest to that and confirm my first viral footprint on this hallowed ground of democracy.

    It is only when the 1987-91 drama series was being replayed on the political stage (when the miller was an ardent EWB admirer and supporter) and the miller knowing what ensued to the detriment of Barbadians did he decide to do like King Obstinate and don his grass skirt to come down and talk to DLP and its leaders. And with the pen being mightier than the sword started a guerilla battle of words on the Underground to help save Bim from a rehash of leadership folly and economic quagmire as we are in today but only much deeper.

    So there you go! Just hoping you can get a hold of the miller to deport him like Garcia but only after not only violating his Constitutional right of freedom of speech but also his body by way of a verso of a Myrie-type examination of his cavity as is the alleged wont of many Bajan men notoriously known internationally.

    As a person who lived in many places the miller had to put up with many “false” allegations about my fellow country men but he defended them to the hilt especially from people from the other Caribbean territories; just as you are defending the DLP.
    Now don’t disappoint the miller and prove the “Don’t bend down in St. James” joke- immortalized in song by the ‘TradeWinds’- to be a truly serious Bajan activity. Leave the miller and his assets alone, ya hear!

  43. there the miller goes again, the police are smarter than the miller, i know many of them with first class honours, and they know what the country can and can not afford, Hasnt the govt decided to cut it deficit over a period of time. Your long psting to show that u have an education will not detract persons from your rnating and raving, and ur doom and gloom for this country, and ur belief that the only persons can manage this coutry is those from the blp. make haste and go on ur european trip.

  44. @ TO THE POINT | March 5, 2013 at 7:13 AM

    Couldn’t you be so decent as to wait on “!’ to at least read the missive and reply before showing your ‘classlessness’?
    But then again you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Are you now envious of the miller for his advanced academic and professional training? The jibe was not meant for you but to put that “!” in his place. But if you want to get in the way so be it?

    We are finished with you. You can take your leave!

  45. miller,
    TTP was too quick to attack you. Methinks they are one and the same.

    Excellent piece, miller, your very best to date. I am so tired of Dems. They have no tolerance for Barbadians who have another political view. It makes you wonder how they could ever represent all Barbadians.

    I am as loyal a Barbadian as any Dem but I can tell you when the proverbial “shit” hits the fan, I will be sorry for my country but will be gloating only because of the blatant liars we have in charge of this country.

    I am sure that the majority of people who voted, wanted a change but these thugs we have in the DLP went out and got the lumpenproletariat, those who feel that society owes them a living………..the drug dealers and their pimps….and gave them money to vote. These are the people who put these Dems back in power, these people who have no interest in the economy of Barbados and could not care if if sinks or swims!

    These are the facts and the likes of ! and TTP dont want us to tell them!

  46. @ Prodigal Son | March 5, 2013 at 9:40 AM |

    We can both agree with the euthanised pit bull now morphed into a lap dog dumb poodle with a choker with the brand name “Made by Stuartie”.
    Time is indeed longer than twine and it will certainly tell who is lying from who is telling the truth.
    Blessings, my BU friend!

  47. 1.
    2. David | June 1, 2012 at 9:10 PM |
    Estwick is perceived as a lose cannon and this is reflected in the recent poll.
    The DLP should have allowed him to resign when he Thompson transferred him to Agriculture from his deathbed.
    Does anyone remember Estwick wearing a red shirt when the parliamentary group met the morning after?

    seems that Mr Estwick contnues to confound and prove his critics wrong. the picture of a smiling apparently upbeat Mr Estwick and his beaming wife on the front page of yesterday’s nation says it all

  48. not only does Estwick confound the crtics but the DLP party as well who continues to display much unity while the BLP wallows in selfpity and self destruction at their loss.certainly time is longer than twine.

  49. i do not believe that an politician on either side has had to endure more unfair treatment than that experienced by Mr Estwick and Mr Kellman; yet they have proved to be team players by stayin the course something that some on the other side could do well to emulate.

  50. @Prodigal

    Just for your information,TP is only blogging under TP, i Hope that the shite u talk about land in u and miller eyes, and perhaps when they are washed, both of u will then see clearly and sing i can see clearly now the shite we have been writing has gone.

  51. @Balance

    what about ur MIa and how she was treated. Mascoll was made coleader, she was cast to the wolves by uour dear leader owen, she was publicly ridiculed abd yet she remained, time longer than twine.

  52. !

    wait u left me here so that the pridical son, and the only professional miller to think that i is u. Them can ask david if i is u, them aint even recognize that i aint bright like u, i only went to brumley. Rescue me from these vultures yah here.


    if i blogging under two monkeys, ah mean monikers why dont u give me a wrning like when u did give the miller one sometime ago. Hope u aint giving me special treatment.

  53. until the BLP put country first they would remain like raging wolves always contentiuos and self serving. the DLP over the years have learned from their mistakes and have been able to put difference asides prefering to put the interest of the country ahead of personnal and petty difference within the party,differences that heal with time. unfortunately for the BLP the “me” syndrome is alive and well contiunes to eat away at the heart and devours theBEES inward,

    • @TPP and ac

      The problem with partisans like you two is that you forget BOTH parties have ruled Barbados, almost a 50:50 split BUT more importantly the problems which the world faces can only be tackled by ALL stakeholders holding hands. Stuart and the DLP cannot do it alone. To MAM’s credit she realizes this and has already reached out to the government, has Stuart and the government done the same? Time to stop the boorish political carping and shift the level of debate.

      NB. Attacking BU will not cut it, it is like water off a duck’s back.

  54. Balance do you recall that during the elections i said that you were a traitor ,wearing RED to the front and YELLOW to the back ,well it seems that the yellow and blue has move to the front now –o you traitor

  55. morning ac my partner in crime causing it seems that we murdering onions, miller the fluke, the prodical son, just asking, enuff to mention a few. u is going to be the first blogger to be imprioned for murder yah hear, by them when u come back out, mia and the ganf of five would have had many a boxing match.

  56. good morning TTP .i have been around the block wid the miller and onions but look who WON! they have no ammunition left.lot of hot air!

  57. @David

    and ur attacking Ac and TP will not do it. from the time u and ur party have been defeated, u have been onesided in attacking dlp supportes and it wil not work. Ur aattack is like trowing water on a ducl’s back.

    On another note, i believe i am much older than u, and is cognisant of the role both the dlp and the blp played in our social development, when u and ur cohaorts are balnced in ur reasoning i can be, but i will continue to point to the
    the hypocritcal ranting and ravings which u allow, what good for the goose sheould be good for the gander. This is not animal farm, where some animals are more equal than others.

    Amen. If i touch one of ur raw nerves, i have no apology to make.

  58. mia can reached out to government all she wants individually however she has to bring her party along. the question can she do itwith the division in her party. i think not, if she gives in any to the wishes to the dlp it would cause further division.

    • @TPP

      T repeat the rantings of the political partisans on BU have become boring. The election is done, let us put ideas/issues on the table and have robust debate. The tit for tat nonsense only exposes how we have wasted our tax dollars on education. What raw nerve what, you must think a lot of yourself. You can have the last word as always.

  59. atleast i did not turn out to be a thief, a mudered, a coorupt person so therefore the values that have been imparted have sereved me in good stead, thats why i can stand up to any on this blog and have a persepctive of my own.

    the devil cites scripture for his own purpose. amen

  60. Look TPP a DLP yardfowl called me “a two faced dog” and not a word was said by David BU in his comment which followed directly in his response about “raising level of debate”.

  61. Pitbull was sitting next to the poodle, Dale Marshall at the opening of Parliament today. The poodle looked noticeably scared of the Pitbull, a case of guilty conscience?

  62. what about ur MIa and how she was treated. Mascoll was made coleader, she was cast to the wolves by uour dear leader owen, she was publicly ridiculed abd yet she remained, time longer than twine
    perhapsshe has a bigger objective in view

  63. @Daivid

    now i would liketo make a suggestion, it does not have to beaccpeted,but may i suggest that we keep politics for the politcal blogs, and development ideas for the development blogs. Pehaps we the bloggers can come up with a code for both side of the fencers and the neutralers.

    The silly season is over and we need to find soultions to our problems by offering constructive criticism.

    • @TTP

      Agreed but it is up to commenters to exercise their best judgement. We are intelligent people and should be able to do as you suggested.

  64. Dr. Estwick Bio:

    1. Medical Doctor
    2. Senior Parliamentarian
    3. Former Minister of Health
    4. Former Minister of Economic Affairs
    5. Minister of Agricultre, Food, Fisheries and Water
    6. Chairman of Cabinet’s Subcommittee of Infrastructure
    7. Former Chairman of Cabinet’s Subcommittee of Economics
    8. Most popular DLP politician in Barbados
    9. A no nonsense politician known for his intellect and for getting things done.
    10. The next Prime Minister of Barbados

  65. @ Twistorian | August 4, 2013 at 8:39 AM |
    ” The next Prime Minister of Barbados”

    You are really funny! You really do have a “twisted” sense of humour.
    In true Bajan fashion copied from the British you have a way with words to spin a rattling good yarn.
    But you need to put a bit more of a twist to your intriguing tale of a very quiet country lad from Brereton turning into a gunslinger pit bull to become a Primus inter Pares Alpha King Kong.
    We go along with the first nine steps of deserving qualifying success but the 10th is carrying it a bit too far, don’t you think?

    If you can explain the quantum leap from being the current neutered and silenced pit bull humiliatingly referred to as “Stuartie’s Lapdog” then we would agree that Pronville Inniss is now badly damaged goods and like Stinkliar has lost his thirst for ultimate power.

    We do have a healthy respect for Estwick’s intellectual steel and ability to get his people to work as a team. Moreover, we do admire his no nonsense approach to the business of government. He has been treated shabbily by his own colleagues and exploited by his boss who reneged on two promises made to Estwick in exchange for his loyalty to the current boss man and continuing contribution to the party’s electoral success as manifested in his last dynamic electoral appeal.

    Now how would the Good and Deserving Doctor ever get his Cabinet colleagues including Stinkliar to topple Fumble without the Molasses man doing an earlier than expected quick sharp Sandie turn of events by hurrying up to Government House to commit political hara-kiri and like a true suicide bomber create an implosion to ensure the DLP fall like ninepins as part of the electoral collateral damage..

    • Dr. Estwick certainly has the intellect but I am afraid that he does not come across as having the temperament to be Prime Minister, and that is a load of crock. Would you say that Owen Arthur had the temperament? Yet he was a successful PM when it came to managing the economy, there is no denying that. Have you ever heard that Estwick ever called anyone early in the morning and abuse them. Forget the nonsense about the gun incident. If it happened at all, it might have been preemptive.

      I believe that he has the intellectual capacity to manage this economy, and do not see anyone else on either side of the isle that is so qualified.

  66. Have you ever read anything from the Unfettered Mind?

    You do realize the FS has been grooming him, don’t you?

  67. Caswell
    You are absolutely correct. Most people seem to judge the man based on what they see on the political platform.
    There is no one in Barbados who has a chance of being able to successfully lead Barbados given the present challenges.

  68. @ Twistorian | August 4, 2013 at 9:44 AM |
    “You do realize the FS has been grooming him, don’t you?”

    Grooming him to become what? The angry MoA to use his medical skills to revive a dying sugar industry?
    If that is the way you prepare someone for greater responsibility well we wouldn’t want to see the way he is treating Sinckler or the one called Pornville that shows him total disrespect.

    Come on Twistorian, stop twisting the mirror of your imagination and see how badly the doctor is being abused so much to the point that he is on the verge of crossing the floor to sit as an Independent.

    Unless the PM has the immediate plan of making him MoF after this budget sinks Sinckler further into political ostracism and despise among the public he Dr. Estwick would be seen as just the loyally subservient loopy lapdog of Stuart. But such promises were made to the doctor before.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like the chap and think he has the most intellectual capacity of them all in both Houses after MAM and would made an effective and well respected MoF potentially capable of filling the shoes of a PM.

    But he must move now and depose Sinckler if he is to shine at the ministerial level and in so doing save the nation from the lies and incompetence of the charlatan and buffoon currently holding sway and swinging like a monkey in a circus conducting the people’s money business.

  69. Miller
    There will be no Budget on the 13th, that is FACT. Dr. Estwick does not want the MoF unless it comes with Prime Ministership, comprehend?

  70. Equal amongst first; Re. your post above @ 12.53 pm.
    Why is there this continual effort to cast Dr. Estwick in the role of a spoiler? There were several earlier rumours to this effect which were shown to be totally premature and of no effect. Why should this one be different?

  71. Tell me Why & are-we-there-yet
    then why don’t you use factual sources and see whether to PM has received two letter from Estwick last week……………………….both of which are resignation letters.

  72. 3,000 – 6,000 jobs cannot be lost without the government will to explore all options. if job cuts of this size are effected then chaos will reign in Barbados shortly thereafter.

  73. Equal amongst first;
    You said above “why don’t you use factual sources and see whether to PM has received two letter from Estwick last week……………………….both of which are resignation letters.”</>

    The only sources I have to such sensitive information is BU. I don’t have any friends or confidants in any branch of Government that could confirm or deny the rumour you are spreading.

    But perhaps David, who obviously has good and reliable sources on all matter of things, could try to get some credible information on this matter.

    The Traditional media might also see this as a most important story and seek to get some circumstantial information that might point one way or the other.

    For example, send a reporter to Dr. Estwick’s office at the Min. of Agriculture and see if he is still there or seek an interview with him if he is, or keep their ears to the ground in that Ministry and skillfully talk to some of the workers there. Indeed, they could kill two birds with one stone by seeking out some of that Ministry’s temporary workers and getting their confidential views on the coming layoffs, etc. The exercise might not be a failure if, true to form, this new rumour of Dr. Estwick’s resignation proves to be again untrue.

  74. How in the name of all seriousness you can call Michael Lashley, John Boyce and Denis Kellman eminent persons? They are all totally and and permanently useless as it relates to running a Ministry and a country.

  75. Eminent -(of a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere or profession.
    e.g. “one of the world’s most eminent statisticians”
    synonyms: illustrious, distinguished, renowned, esteemed, preeminent, notable, noteworthy, great, prestigious, important, influential, outstanding, noted, of note; famous, celebrated, prominent, well-known, lionized, acclaimed, exalted, revered, august, venerable

    “an eminent man of letters”

    Do these MP’s meet these descriptions?

  76. So Dr the Hon David ‘Pibull’ Estwick finally put a bite in the FS and CS today. Can’t wait for the press conference.

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