Minister David Estwick Yelps Again

David Estwick - Minister of Agriculture

David Estwick – Minister of Agriculture

We have had hints posted to BU in recent days that Dr. David Estwick is not a happy camper sitting in the ministry of agriculture far away from the ministry of finance and economic affairs. It must be clear to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his cabinet if they were not aware that Minister Estwick is not happy at events currently unfolding in Barbados. BU goes further to state that Estwick has been fuming since the late David Thompson banished him to the ministry of agriculture. BU is aware it had to take heavy language from DLPites to coax Estwick to accept the ministry and in the process the DLP was able to avoid embarrassment.

Any government which has to administer austerity measures will not receive acclaim.    What must NOT happen however is for the government to be perceived as divided on the issue of it’s economic strategy. Minister David Estwick’s maverick position today will only add to the lack of confidence currently affecting Barbados. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart must demonstrate he has a firm grip on his cabinet. With a 2-seat majority in parliament it is difficult to believe Stuart will be able to exert any influence of note on Estwick.

Estwick’s statement even if construed to be a bark has has done damage to the government by conveying to the Barbados public, and internationally, that the stability which Barbados has been known for over the years does not exist.  Unlike other political commentators who have dismissed Estwick’s public utterence, BU believes this Stuart government has been placed squarely on the defensive.

How long can the Barbados government continue to manage our affairs in an acrimonious climate?

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  1. A national TV station should be fair when it comes to news that will affect its people. This Estwick issue is real news, yet CBC Morning Barbados failed to broadcast the substantial part about Estwick’s critical position of the economics of Barbados but instead focused only on the Molasses terminal. Again tonight in the 7:00 p.m Evening News, CBC refused to discuss anything on the latest statement from Estwick and his refusal to attend the Cabinet meeting. This is what you call Controlling News. We definitely need another TV station and I salute The Nation and Barbados for bringing electronic NEWS for our PEOPLE.

  2. CBC is a joke station, nobody takes them seriously.

    CBC is a joke station when the BLP is in office.

    The CBC is a joke station when the DLP is in office

    Everybody except CBC knows that it is no longer possible to control the news.

  3. David wrote “How long can the Barbados government continue to manage our affairs in an acrimonious climate?”

    Given the divsion and conflict in the BLP the acrimonious climate would continue with a change of government.

    Conflict and acrimony is a natural human condition.

  4. mark fenty
    The DLP may well be drinking water of the common folk in Barbados but Estwick is clearly refusing to drink the cool-aid.

  5. Doan look fuh nuh increase in tourisses from kanader eh!

    Best Buy Canada is laying off 950 people at its Future Shop and Best Buy retail stores after being hurt by intense competition during the important holiday sales period.

    Sears Canada is laying off 624 employees, the second time in as many weeks the struggling retailer has announced cost-saving cuts to its workforce.

    Sears Canada Inc. announced the layoffs of more than 1,600 employees late Wednesday, the latest cost-slashing move from the struggling department store chain as it tries to boost its operating performance.

  6. Warinka;

    I am interested in the project because someone who worked on it told me about it one or two years ago. At that stage funding had not been identified. I thought that the project sounded like an excellent one when I heard about it and I have a passing interest in seeing if the elements of it are the same as described to me a few years ago, as a retired bajan with a little expertise in some of the aspects of the project that was outlined to me.

    I did not know that Japanese funding had been obtained and that such funding was discarded in favour of Sagicor funding although I vaguely recall that there was some mention of Sagicor funding of the project on BU some time ago.

    That’s all.

    Why are you so acid when I merely suggested that I would like to see the project? or was it because I suggested that your style of delivery betrayed your identity? You a BLP MP?

    Thanks for the suggestion that I approach the MoA for a copy but that would only be possible if I had high level contacts there or was even tangentially involved in the project. But I do and am not!

  7. are-we-there-yet
    Here is a question for you. Do you support the position that we should continue with a sugar industry producing only bulk sugar where the GOB continues to subsidize the production cost while the product is exported for refining in the UK and where they sell it for multiple times the purchase price selling the refined product in Europe and exporting the rest back to Barbados?

  8. Warinka please tell the rest of the story because we all know it is a simple case of what we export is refined and sent back to us. Only Bdos sends bulk sugar to T&L?

  9. Belle who called for the overthrow of the government and his protégé Wick-ham are using reverse psychology on Estwick. They are trying to make Estwick look as if he always ‘ cries wolf ‘ hoping that the easily ruffled Estwick acts reckless and attacks or leaves the government. Such action will play into the hands of Belle and Wick-ham both of whom are supporters of the BLP.. They are setting a trap for the infamously thin skinned Doctor. Lets see if Eswick falls for it..

  10. I am here wondering how Barbados moved from being the Bread- basket of the Caribbean, to the Basket- case David?


    Mark fenty | January 31, 2014 at 5:20 AM |

    I am here wondering how Barbados moved from being the Bread- basket of the Caribbean, to the Basket- case David?@

    Stop wondering, The BLP and now the DLP are involved in a MASSIVE PONZI fraud with PLANTATION LAND , TheY sold off what they did not own for a fast buck,=LAUNDERING FRAUD
    Sold off the Bread, and then the Basket at a cheap price and kept the money for self , Now they have to RENT back the Basket and Bread at a much higher price THAT WE DONT CONTROL.
    ASK THE 30 OR SO LAWYERS IN THE GOVERNMENT . Think of the cases in court , going on for more than 20 years, Now look at the government , they are the same people , so nothing moves,to be solved,

  12. Dr. Estwick like so many of us who have had great ideas that have never seen the light of day, is frustrated, after all he is only human. I don’t believe that he was ever a part of all the fumbling going on and that is why he was shifted from ministry to ministry. This effort to muzzle him has not and will not work. He stands on principle!

    However, the more critical thing to discuss is how are the 3000 (or 6000) civil servants, most of who are single parents with small children and ailing parents, going to make ends meet after today? NUPW is talking about arranging skills training(My words) for the displaced.
    Have we taken into account the fallout for those persons left behind? Counselling is going to be needed, have we thought of that?

    On another sad note, Why have we been seeing the Director of Reform, Michael Archer suddenly in the news talking about productivity? His latest rant was about those persons going home and the possibility of the unproductive ones being washed out with them! How insensitive can he be? And he wonders why the administrations don’t take him or his office seriously??? Wake up, Mr. Director. You like our esteemed leader does not inspire confidence in your constituency…….why do you think that NISE and Productivity council are always in the limelight? YOU need to lead and by example, so instead of being a sour puss, DO SOME WORK and LEAD or you too can go with the other “unproductive” workers!!! Enough!!!!!

    The Ministry of Civil Service has been of late been the whipping boy of yet another administration! The latest being all the recent talk about the special project! Will we ever hear the results of it or is that too going to go the route of many others before it? Was this a way to position the project leader to take over the reigns of Reform and silently lead the Director into pasture? Will he run reform as a fraternity? Questions, questions? Is this the signs of someone ascending to supremacy? I may appear to be rambling but as the time continues, BU will see what I speak of!

    • Like the outgoing head of the Barbados Private Sector has stated, we are in a right mess and the majority of Barbadians do not have the confidence in those in leadership to direct us.

      On 31 January 2014 10:05, Barbados Underground

  13. i don,t understand the nervousness about Estwick comment coming from some of the DLP supporters. as for the comment made by John he belive that the poor should have to suffer for the past administration inept policies ..Yes decision had to be made it isn.t as if people livelihoods were not invoved… John first interest is to protect the inteset of the wealthy. in the time he served how come he nevercalled on those in the sector to pay what they owed govt. but thinks poor can be dispose of like trash

    • @ac

      Whether politically partisan or not one has to agree that Estwick’s untimely intervention has served no useful purpose but to erode ‘non existent’ confidence.

  14. david ..i don.t know about the ersion. effect of his comment…….however he could have simply say what he believes and get it over and done .Now what i will say that his statement did create another “firestorm” of suspicion and doubts driven by ones intrepretations. The sooner Estwick put closure the better

  15. David
    I think you are being unnecessarily harsh on Dr. Estwick. First thing first, you cannot erode something that does exist, ok?
    There is no confidence because Barbados debt is expected to rise to Bds$11.0 billion in 2014 and when you add contingent liabilities, the total public sector debt is 146% of GDP. In addition Barbados is running a current account deficit of Bds$1.1 billion a year or 14% of GDP and growing. Add to that Barbados revenues continue to fall.
    Barbados has the second highest public sector debt in the Caribbean, second only to sT. kITTS & nEVIS.

  16. Hants…..the only people expecting any tourists in Barbados, tourists who are just as much in financial trouble as Bajans, are the minsters of the DLP, talk about delusions of grandeur.

    Why can’t someone contact Raoul and Fidel and tell them they are free to keep PM Stuart (FUNDELL) deep within the bowels of Cuba.INDEFINITELY, it will not be a crime and Bajans would not mind….lol

  17. Plantation……….and if you think what happened with your ancestral lands was laundering and fraud, wait until Harris and his countrymen, India, are done with Barbados this time around.

  18. it is so easy for John williams to endorse and embrace harsh polices that would affect the poor without looking at the implications. i mening the realities and choices are not equally divide .furthermore it,s not as if the debt problem would have been resolved.over night given the reality that the tourism which was the main driver of the economy is still stagnant.

    • @Equal Amongst First

      While there is some agreement Estwick is a member of the cabinet which operates on the tenet of collective responsibility. He needs to resign if he has a problem with cabinet decisions taken on the economy.

  19. David
    It may or may not serve your purpose to paint Estwick in negative light but remember this people sang and danced on the mighty unsinkable Titanic almost until the moment it went underwater.
    The canary in the coal mine dies at the moment he is most valuable and after it provides the ultimate service to the coal miners.

  20. David
    why does Estwick have a responsibility to resign when the PM also has a responsibility to discipline those cabinet members who break collective responsibility and yet he (the PM) does not so do?

    Let be real, we are operating in a situation where convention and protocol has be thrown through the window or alternatively is being ignored by the cabinet members, all of them.

  21. What Estiwick has a responsibility to do is tell Barbados what the true situation is with the Barbados economy and what he think is or should be done, including how to preserve the jobs.

  22. I totally agree since Estwick said he is all man, if you have a measuring stick for ethics and what the DLP government is doing does not meet your requirements of how the country should be managed successfully, why are you still only talking?

  23. FS said 2014 of CS: “blind men in a dark room looking for black cat”

    OSA said in 2012 of CS: “leaping around in the dark”


    Well Well | January 31, 2014 at 11:10 AM | @
    There is no time limit on Fraud, So sooner or later , We will be able to pull all that was taken by Fraud, Fraud dont stand in one place , It grows and grows out of control . As with Madoff and Stanford, DLP and BLP, Arthur Anderson and other accounting companies, When the PONZI run its course People then will look for answers.Medici Bank,Mississippi Company,
    South Sea Company,Texaco,Bank of Credit and Commerce International,Nordbanken,Equitable Life Assurance Society,Enron,Bear Stearns,Washington Mutual,Royal Bank of Scotland Group,ABN-Amro,AIG,Dynegy,Schlecker,Arcandor,Anglo Irish Bank,CLICO, there wil be a few more added , DLP/BLP, First Caribbean and others ,
    Who ever want some of the Massive Land and bank fraud let them come and get it , Everyone can google or do their own home work before they spend to invest.

  25. Plantation…..wait until the agencies I like to refer to as the alphabet soup gets a wind of all of this……….everyone will be riveted while the culprits will have shaky hands and shit-stained drawers.

  26. now is not the time to turn our backs on the ganja business by being pig -headed, are we going to wait until our hand is forced by our former masters ? ppl on de bread line from today.Ganja is de new cash crop and we should look to be the leaders in the region when it comes looking for source markets to export this crop cause we need the foreign badly.


    Well Well @ We spoke to Minister The Dr David Estwick , We spoke to the good Doctor face to face , He said he look in to it. We sure by not he seen a lot . Just dealing in his area . Now to sit with the crooks, liars and scumbags face to face in the HOUSE , Knowing they telling lies to him and the People of Barbados,Remember the Minister is dealing with land and land have roots and root titles , Only the government and the owners will have some type of Proof of ownership with their name on them .
    Remember website was pulled and the book at the archives was changed and have STOP dates, Books rewritten at the LAND REGISTRY .DEEDS written on different pages and out of sink.
    So he know what they are doing but stopping short of saying any thing , Byer Sukoo , MOF, Hammy Lash, Lowe,Todd, All the non lawyer know , And all the lawyer know ,So see why no one want to make a move and that is just on the DLP side , BLP was with this first,
    Is seem the ones that know the truth and look to make moves are the ones that was PUSH out by the DLP.
    How can they sleep at night ? 1 . drugs , 2, food

  28. @ Equal Amongst First
    You said politics has it own morality do you think the men and women in the DLP have two sets of morals?

  29. @ Equal Rights & Justice | January 31, 2014 at 2:11 PM |
    “now is not the time to turn our backs on the ganja business by being pig -headed, are we going to wait until our hand is forced by our former masters?”

    You should know by now Bajans are some of the biggest hypocrites on their own God’s earth.
    Can we suggest to you we should be employing the word “hemp” instead of ganja or marijuana for our deceitful audience?

    Even the likes of Senator Depeiza are having good things to say about the ‘plant’ which has been on the planet before human beings and will be here long after.

    Who else in the ‘big-up’ sections of the fake society will be jumping on the ‘hemp’ growing bandwagon?
    We shall soon be hearing how the currently overgrown-with-bush fields- once beyond recall and planted in another “evil” but dying plant call sugar cane (after tobacco of course)- should be swaying in the tropical trade winds with an industry producing up-market hemp by-products as a source of animal feed and as finished products in the form of natural (not synthetic) medicines, human foods, cosmetics and health care products.

    We have not yet considered the possibilities of satellite industries like the manufacturing of a new range of clothing and fashion accessories for the coming eco-living age.
    There should be NO shortage of human hands for the ‘new-age’ industry. No need to import labour from the West Coast of Africa with so many people to be laid off from the false economy and many willing hands and mouths sitting on the numerous blocks.

  30. Plantation……now it’s time for the good doctor to come clean and be damned if he is related to Mia or whatever connection with the other ministers…..he will sleep a lot better.

    By the way, Mia and Peter Harris are also thisclose…………so you see, none of them have clean hands….yes, the economic situation worldwide is having an impact, but in reality it’s the CONCENTRATED CORRUPTION of both political parties bringing down Barbados, very successfully I might add.

  31. How can one with fifteen years be laid off when it was said that those persons cannot be touch.
    Why would a person of fifteen years not be appointed?

  32. How do you get to be the CEO of a big private sector business. It must be an ethnic qualification. It cant be intelligence. John Williams is boasting he told the government two years ago to cut the wage bill i.e. send home the 3000 workers back then. In what world could government send home that number of workers unless its back is against the wall like it is now. Two years ago that action would have brought the trade unions and the anarchists like George Belle, Wood, Bovell, Bobby Clarke, Caswell franklyn et al out on the streets and made the country ungovernable. John Clown Williams doesn’t think that deep however. When you listen to him and people like Richard Cozier only conclusion can be drawn it is’nt the grey matter that got them to the top . It is more the white matter. Loud arse stewpsss.

  33. Couldn, agree with u more “waiting” all this man has done is to kiss the butt of the private sectir arss .and pretending to be concerned about the public sector. i still have to hear him decry those in the private sector to pay what they owe govt..however his parting salvo was to drive a stake in the heart of those to be laid off saying that they asses should have been thrown out eight years ago. never mind that his sector have defrauded govt of miiions monies necessaRy to keep govt afloat

  34. Yeah JohnBOY diid it smash uh corns.. UH think that the social partnershipo did a good job for all sectorrs. why uh squirming…uh think bajans fool. the nerve u and uh lot talking about throwing people arss in the streets long ago. wunna bunch of hypocrites.. f off jerkk

    • @Warinka

      They are just partisans. What John Williams said was that the issue of the economy was more dire than the government was prepared to deal with it. For selfish reasons attributed to winning an election corrective steps were delayed.

  35. @ac
    David Thompson send you back ,without, programing and rebooting you
    he still have lots of $$$$ money he thief from CLICO, but he must think , by now, that you are a LOST CAUSE can NOT, be repaired

  36. and again i asked why have john BOY never suggest or decry those in the PRIVATE SECTOR that owes billions of dollars to govt n,,isn;t that money that could help with some of the finances some of which is part and parcel accumulative debt,, he seems to have suggestive thinking only when it applies to those without financial clout,,,,,,,that negro ought to be told that he owes the taxpayers of barbados an explanation and an apology for not holding his sector feet to the fire by allowing and bypassing such actions monies owed to govr furthemore never asking them to give accountability,,, warinka i suspect you are one of those frauds,,and the truth hurt

  37. @ David

    They could never have been any measures. The only questions was always “when”. When the Ponzi scheme of Keynesian economics will come crashing down.

    Otherwise you talk about poverty. The poverty in Barbados goes beyond mere economics and a mal-distribution of incomes and wealth. .

  38. “pick of the day” trash talk by warinka about DLP imploding….boy u really taking a fart to blow down high wind ..uh must be crazy,,,,i know estwick gotta to be laughing at the likes of u and the other BLP brigade,, Implosion not gonna happen tek it from me ,,,,,,,now go see if u can convince some of uh big up friends to pay the govt what they hope and stop pissing all over poor people repeating the same crap about putting people out of work earlier, the pm is a human and he understood the reality . people like u and John Boy Williams got wunna bread cover on both sides so don;t understand emotional and financial pain……brownnose.

    • @ac

      Didn’t you say that this government would not be sending home workers?

      Did you also say this government scoffs privatization? Well guess what is going to happen next.

      There is no confidence in this government. The private sector has no confidence and they will not invest.

  39. Watchman, you ought not concern yourself with my moral – outlook because I am entitled to express it in whatever manner I so chose. And I only hope your cognizant of the fact Watchman…. that one’s moral – outlook changes from time to time? unless you’re one of those self – righteous “(———-dickholes——-)” who sees everything through an infinitesmal set of twisted values? You’re certainly in no position to unilaterally, espouse what standard of moral directionality one should or shouldn’t advance. Watchman, you’re assuming a title that is too big for the chemical soup which circulates in that small brain of yours.

  40. u think the people gonna forget that the BLP were the cheerleaders and architects laying the foundations and giving instructions six years ago to have people thrown out on the street,, now talking with fork tongued and sympathetic hypocrisy….. bajans not fool, and JOHn boy Williams with his arrogance on the day when govt is stressed at having to make that painful decisions of sending home workers couldn;t help but skin he white booty at these workers , not even a word of sympathy and this egotistical jack rabbit was head of a economic organization that was “supposed ” to be neutral .. wuh dam wid friends like him who need enemies, guh long JOHN You won’t be miss amongst the poor and lowly.,

    • Who do you think the 3000 to be sent home along with the 392 from drainage going to be voting for next time around?

  41. yeah David i said that and do i regret saying that Hell NO! the time was not six years ago ,, and repeating the same shit for six years would have serve no purpose,, the govt hold strain until it could do no more, do i feel good about the lay offs Hell NO,, however i did my part by not screaming fear and insecurity in the hearts of these people for six years unlike those who did the opposite,… Hell Yes i feel dam good by the methods and comments i made in supporting No lay offs when the govt said so., would i say and do the same again under the same circumstances HELL YES cause it serve a good purpose,,

    • Whatever happens ac it will be fun to observe the DLP managing a mess which they ignored in order to win an election. This is where Estwick loses credibilty, he went along with it.

    • @George

      Therein lies the rub. That 40% currently disengaged from the system will not get smaller. And this is the problem which our governence system faces which discourages good citizens to serve. A look at the BLP slate of candidates reveals the same old same old. Jesus!

  42. @ David,

    Let us say hopefully a majority will vote for the BLP. My mind tells me that apathy will cause many more to stay home than usual unless the Bees can inspire while the DEMS go and consider why their leadership failed to listen or act in the peoples’ interests.

  43. @David | February 1, 2014 at 7:39 AM |

    Most of them will vote BLP because unlike Canada there is no safety net with unemployment insurance and free retraining programs.
    They will blame the DLP for their demise.

    The next election will likely be won by the BLP because they will have the most money to spend on corned beef an biscuits (and fridges, stoves and big screen Tvs)
    The masses want to go back to seeing nuff new bimmers an benzes on the road even though they will not be driving them.

  44. Listen! We all have agreed that there’s obviously enough blame to go around the entire island of Barbados. But blaming Tom, Dick, and Harry can do little to advance a social debate that has obviously been interlaced with language which I could only term as distasteful. We ought and must focus our debate on constructive as well as well thoughtout solutions to this rather unprecedented economic happenstance, here in the tiny island of Barbados.

    • @Hants

      The sad thing is that after six years the masses remain in the same state. We have not learned. We have not shown any ability to be intelligent. We seem forever hooked on the koolaid, unable to break free.

  45. look David belive it or not the possibility that if the economy recovers any thing is possible,,,but do not underestimate the psychology under this decision… one of which the govt supported these unemployed people under strenuous circumstances when others were asking to have them thrown overboard,,now the question to U would would U sail with a CAPTAIN WHOSE first decision…was to feed u to the Sharks when the boat was sinking without first looking for alternatives to keep u alive,,that is the dilemma the BLP face going into the next election no it is not going to be an easy election win for the BLP because they have thrown a card one of insensitivity on the table ,,one that people cannot relate,,,, Barbados is more than an economy it also a society,,,and in a society when one hurt all hurts,,throwing people overboard should have been the last option and the govt did so in a most demonstrative way and the employees would not forget,,

  46. David politics in Barbados is not about serving.

    It is about power and for most the opportunity to hob nob with the upper class and the rich and famous.

  47. @ Mark Fenty

    Perhaps you are right that the focus should be on ‘constructive’ discourse and ‘solutions’ but therein lies the problem. We are actually constructing, day in and day out, bigger problems that people seem to want to close their eyes to and hope that the issues go away. Quite positively, we need political forthrightness and the will to do things. We should be always putting the people first. The political party or its supporters cannot be the first order of business. Talk about the negatives and positives of the society and economy are empty unless the necessary political decisions are part of the solution.

    • Six years late we have people offering the position that Errol Barrow’s party is for poor people when the party is comprised of different players today. Ironically the same party is sending home poor peoplen the very people they promised a few months ago they jobs are safe because the economy is stable. And we talk about social contract? BU will be observing the national discourse very closely. A pack of hypocrites and liars!

  48. @ David | February 1, 2014 at 7:39 AM |

    Aren’t you inadvertently underestimating the magnitude of the possible job losses (both from the public sector and the symbiotic private sector) that will ensue from the fiscal quagmire Barbados is in?
    The 3,400 odd workers to be sent packing during the current phase of “economic restructuring” (to use the PM’s euphemism) do not include the many to follow from the merging, consolidating or elimination of the many departments, divisions and statutory corporations and bodies both the MoF and PM have promised.
    We trust the Central Revenue Authority will be part of this grandiose plan and indeed can meet the April 01 deadline as promised by the MoF. The question is which April fool’s day is he committed to?

    You can bet the net loss of jobs resulting from this ‘massively implementable divestment/privatization/closing down project will have significant spillovers to the private sector whose core mandate of importing and selling would be tremendously affected by the associated steep drop in demand for consumer goods and services.

  49. Hants, it is an useless endeavor to use the tactic of blame, in an effort to gain points on a blog which have been designed with that specific purpose in mind Sir.

  50. David the problems Barbados now faces is no political party had the vision to diversity the economy and plan for survival when the world economy is in recession.

    As great as all the former PMs were they all relied on Sugar,Tourism and the spending by civil servants to be the backbone of the economy.

    Whichever party wins the next election should focus on diversifying the economy. Yes keep supporting tourism and Financial services and Sugar but we need more baskets with more eggs.

  51. David wrote “The Titanic is going down”

    Well David I am in trouble because I have more “assets” in Barbados than in Canada.
    Fortunately I can continue to live in Canada and may have to live here until I get planted..

    I am over 60 and am less concerned for myself than for those on the Titanic

  52. @ ac | February 1, 2014 at 7:46 AM |
    “…Hell Yes i feel dam good by the methods and comments i made in supporting No lay offs when the govt said so., would i say and do the same again under the same circumstances HELL YES cause it serve a good purpose..”

    Ac now you have come to grips with the inevitable reality of the “layoffs” are you prepared to spare yourself the ignominy about to descend on you as the DLP administration embarks on it next phase of disingenuous breach of faith and contract with the people especially suckers like you?

    Are you prepared to give your late but grudging support to the pending privatization programme?
    Or are you going to continue to be stubborn in your ways and cuss the miller to high heavens for exposing the Fumbler as a stranger to the truth and a most insincere untrustworthy peddler of deceit when he is forced to back down from his anti-privatization stance the same way he has done with university education and layoffs?

    But what we expect from an “ac” (an adrift cat) who would continue to follow a fumbling blind man around a dark room looking for a black bald-pooch cat which has fallen into an economic cesspit full of financial shit accumulated over the years and about to hit the fan?

    PS: You should have listened to Ryan Straughn the genuine rat catcher instead of those three blind mice Worrell, Sinkliar, and Sir Frank who has conveniently left the scene of the battle and reticently retired to his rat hole.

  53. @ Hants | February 1, 2014 at 8:16 AM |
    “Whichever party wins the next election should focus on diversifying the economy. Yes keep supporting tourism and Financial services and Sugar but we need more baskets with more eggs.”

    Care to offer any specific alternatives to “tourism and Financial services and Sugar”?
    Here is one that can be put on the table that can replace sugar cane and attract visitors to a possible tourism niche market.
    What about the cultivation, processing and exporting of hemp and its by-products?

  54. @ David
    “Some are not on the Titanic, we will rebuild”

    Wait Skippa!
    Dat is you up front there in Bushie’s lifeboat wid the laptop? 🙂

  55. LOL @ David
    Now you going and get Enuff and Miller vexed with that kinda talk….
    Dem fellows don’t believe in no family thing yuh! Them boys are CSME boys … Open the doors and let all and sundry in….
    What protect what family what?!?

    Well Bushie tired warning wunna…. Since BU started ….
    Sorry for all those virgins who don’t have oil in their lamps….
    …cause LEHMUHTELLYUH …the hour is near…

    Um would be nice to hear MME’s take now …ya think…?

  56. Look braying miller u talk about economic problems like a child in a sand box.these problems had to be evaluated with crtical thinking one that would not impact severe harm and damage to a society whose lives are entangled with a fragile economy ur rationale that i will support harsh policies to do what govt have done and might do in the future is over blown but rather a look back into the past of mispent opportunities by a BLP govt thatgot us.into this mess. so u see miller u got nothing to cheer about.

  57. @ ac | February 1, 2014 at 10:43 AM |

    Me cheering, ac? Just having a right laugh at you and your volte-faced hypocrisy.

    You keep looking back in anger not realizing your “experienced” DLP administration has been at the helm for 6 years to right many of the BLP wrongs instead of exacerbating them.
    You will soon be cussing Estwick for bringing down your DLP government thereby depriving you of the opportunity to be the most ardent supporter of privatization( as if you or your DLP administration have any say in the matter).

    Should you start with Transport Board or are you going for the easy one called GAIA to get the most foreign exchange to prop up a valueless dollar and to meet debt obligations?

    • @ac

      You remain clueless. Didn’t the private sector heed government’s advice not to send home workers for the last 5 years and with the exception of a few they adhered? The problem with you is that you feel a climate of discord is the answer but it isn’t, Why do you think Stuart addressed the BCC yesterday? The government cannot do shit on its own.

  58. then uh got the likes iof one John boy williams bragging about what the govt should have done like it is a badge of honour to see people suffer for a long period of time , when He should have encouraging barbados business to help these people to adjust with a cost cutting strategy by implementationof reduce fees or a grace period .this is what the pig head could have said. but no talking shit bout displeasing human beings.

  59. ac | February 1, 2014 at 10:43 AM |
    ” but rather a look back into the past of mispent opportunities by a BLP govt thatgot us.into this mess.”

    ARE U STILL SO STUPID? if someone left u with a house to run and $50 which is not enough, 6 years later when u cannot feed ur children and pay bills, would u go around telling everyone that the reason u cannot feed ur kids etc was because 6 years ago all u had was $50? won’t u from day one look for ways to bring income to ur family? the people of the united states told President Obama not to come with this thing of ‘the Bush Administration”, they told him, he was now in charge. it seems that u DLP retards cannot get beyond ‘if it wasn’t for the BLP’ crap. the fact of the matter is that the DLP CANNOT run this government at all. we the people of Barbados are waiting patiently for this government to implode. apparently David Estwick has started the trickle, I anxiously await the implosion.

  60. @millertheanunnaki | February 1, 2014 at 8:53 AM |
    Ac now you have come to grips with the inevitable reality of the “layoffs” are you prepared to spare yourself the ignominy about to descend on you as the DLP administration embarks on it next phase of disingenuous breach of faith and contract with the people especially suckers like you?…………………………….

    Couldn’t agree with you more, miller. But do not bother to engage ac, it is a waste of time. It is hard for these Dems to come to grips with what is happening before their very eyes, we warned them and to this day they are still calling us prophets of doom and gloom.

    I have not been commenting only because people like ac will say that we are gloating. My heart bleeds for the people, in one story today we read that three persons in one household have gone home. That is sad.

    miller, do you remember that during the last election campaign, some person whom we believed was a DLP plant came on to BU saying that she was accosted at the BLP meeting at Haggatt Hall and asked why was she not wearing a red shirt………..she went home crying to her dad who said that that is how BLP’s are and told her that he is sure she would not be accosted at the DLP meeting at Rices.

    Well, I sure hope like hell that she is not one who lost her job. To paraphrase her dad….that’s what the DLP does……fool the people, promise them the world, renege on every promise made
    because they know that they have yardfowl supporters like ac who will defend them to the bitter end.

    My heart bleeds for our country because I have no confidence that the ones who have us in this mess is capable of getting us out. May the good Lord help us.

  61. all this wasted energy energy on BU. could be at this critical time be put to good use by putting pressure on corporate barbados especially in the bank industry to relax fees or extended grace periods for these unemployed as a show of solardarity. custmers have power use it wisely don.t let corporate bleed these workers to death. if necessary when met withresistance closed accounts. who knowsthis may open up the way business is done in the future or pave way for a bank who is customer appreciative.

  62. Man Hush Estwick do !……you becoming cartoon……some people got no shame….you sit down in Parliament for all den hours ( six years) and now just so you find voice…hush do !…..poodle poo…

  63. Just Asking,
    Where are you? I hope you have not allowed the DLP yardfowls to run you off BU. Once you do not offend David, you have every right to post. Please come back, BU needs you!

  64. ac said “i got the last laugh”…

    ac because you are fat does not mean your laugh is singing you know. watch what happens in the next couple days and cry now. stupid bitch.

  65. Though in agreement with the content of your article, I think that as a news publication, you should pay more attention to proof-reading. The article has a few typos and grammatical errors which really cannot be excused. Case in point – the spelling of the PM’s name!

    Good and thought-provoking story, but you really must do better with your writing style.

    Looking forward to an improvement


  66. @ prodigal

    Wait u BLP yardfowls now command more fire power on bu than the two or so DLP brigade that u come up against and u asking the” wasted” JAc assing to return to the front line and help ……jac assing say he ain’t no yardfowl ….

  67. David why don’t you start a blog encouraging Bajans to blitz social media with positive comments about Barbados as a Tourist destination?

    This is not my original idea.I just tiefin it from the SuperBowl advertizers who have hired an army of people to blitz social media during the SuperBowl.

    BU will still continue to be political yard wid a palin an nuff fowls runnin bout includin dis DLP yardfowl.

  68. @ ac/ mark fenty
    Your morality and twisted values are so bended up that you can’t leave your position ,the chemical precursor can’t pass the bends leaving you With the problem of staying alive in your mindless state of circulation, so you have to write
    When the pieces of what you wonder come
    and stay by the bend in your mind ,it passed as all kinds of shit

  69. @ watchman………..i don’t understand all kind of gibberish like de kind u write shit man………..translation please……..

  70. @ ac/ mark fenty
    Are you confirming that you are an uneducated man/ woman that can only understand the shit you hear from your party, if yes, then what I am saying is you think and write nonsense

    • The front page of Monday’s Nation says it all. Why put the country through this mess Estwick? You guys are jokers.

  71. Ha ha ha…estwick shook the tree and the coconuts landed safely around him and not on his head. This government is so busy protecting the spoils they are ruining the country. The pm in the most critical time is putting his effort in bringing to parliament a bill to repeal the public accounts committee . What are they trying to surpress ? Something is rotten and starting to stink.

  72. David. You see another view of Estwick in Yesterday’s issue of Barbados Today? This man is talking without thinking. He said and quote from the electronic edition ”
    “So therefore, my allegiance to the Democratic Labour
    Party will stay strong as long as I am confident that the
    Democratic Labour Party’s allegiance is to the development
    of this country, and particularly protecting its people and its
    resources. If the time comes that I believe strongly, that there
    is evidence that the opposite occurs, then I will leave the
    Democratic Labour Party.
    “And if that time comes, I will make my determination as
    to my political future, whether I sit as an Independent or I go
    and join the Barbados Labour Party,” Estwick pointed out.”

  73. DE will not be walking anytime soon. I understand he has too many ‘agreements’ in the pipeline waiting to ‘mature’, and these will not bear fruit if the Gov’t changes. He will parade and threaten as usual as if he could be our savior (add elephant ego to pit bull analogy). However, his big ticket items are the Andrews Factory ‘spinoffs’, all while completely destroying the future of the sugar industry. Look for the same players involved in the BWA building to come to front shortly. DE does have some strengths, but his weakness could make us slaves to eastern nations if we don’t be careful.

  74. Very Concerned

    Barbados is a slave to debt. At the end of 2007 the total sovereign debt of Barbados was BDS$4.6 billion at the end of the 2013 financial year it has jumped to BDS$11+ billion.

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