William Duguid Loses It!

BU has to agree with former Opposition leader Owen Arthur when he described the current parliament as poorakey. Never in the history of our parliamentary system have we assembled  such a motley crew of MPs. BU disagrees however that the poorakey label should not excuse former Prime Minister Arthur from taking his seat  in that august chamber.

As if to ram home the growing reputation of the current parliament William Duguid MP took it to a different level during today’s session. It seems he has an aversion to the fact Minister Donville Inniss has accumulated great personal wealth from the IBCs he use to – maybe he still does – manage which peddled ‘skin’.  We all know that Minister Inniss may not be managing his offshore portfolio but it doesn’t mean he hasn’t put an arrangement in place for others to have an eye while he is doing national duty.

William Duguid MP lost it during the debate today in what will be regarded forever as a dark day in our parliament. He directed an asinine remark at Minister Inniss. No doubt the remark will not be recorded in Hansard but those who were following the debate just after 2PM would now have a greater appreciation for their mothers.

It is satisfying that Duguid will be jetting off to Canada to settle permanently when his term expires. There is no place for his base behaviour in the highest Court in the land.

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  1. Duguid is acting like a naughty school boy who is caught doing something wrong, “but please teacher It is not my fault John Brown trouble me”.

    It not his fault someone provoke him.

    Duguid seems to be getting older but not wiser. He has not learned as yet that no one can insult you without your permission. As one gets older one rises above certain things, not continue to wallow in the gutter.

    Dont make me laugh blog owner hear inniss next for what purpose?

    • Here is Duguid’s apology!

      Well done.

      Apology by Dr. William Dugiud, MP

      The Parliament of Barbados, the third oldest in the commonwealth, has a rich and proud heritage. The Barbados Labour Party ha
      s steadfastly followed our parliament’s noble traditions and over the years we have distinguished ourselves by our exemplary conduct as Members of Parliament.

      On Tuesday 20 November, I fell far short of those traditions and standards. During that sitting, I made an outburst which I instantly regretted, and for which I now humbly apologize to my constituents and to the wider Barbadian public.

      That outburst was the result of the most grievous of provocations which came from the mouth of a Democratic Labour Party parliamentarian. It would be improper of me to repeat the insulting words used, but I will say that they constituted the gravest possible insult to my wife and to my children.

      Notwithstanding that, I now humbly apologize to my constituents and to the wider Barbadian public. No matter the provocation, I am certain they must all be disappointed in me.

      I intend to tender a similar apology to the Parliament on the occasion of its next sitting.

  2. Duguid has brought the House of assembly to the lowest it has ever been probably in its history.

    Now he want to blame someone else. Inniss say this and Inniss say that. Pure invention of his part. Nothing more than hogwash. We are not buying it

    Duguid must be allowed to boil in his own juices. He must not be let off the hook.

    The bogust apology I am not accepting it.

    The man is a disgrace, he has shamed the entire country. His contribution was particuarly nasty, so much so that he was stopped in his tracks and prevented from continuing with his “speech”. Even after he sat down he fired off his vile comments showing complete disrespect for all members and officials gathered with the exception of cinty who thought the whole thing was hilarious and very becoming for a member. That says a lot about her well.

    He was annoyed because last week Minister Inniss said that instead of Owen asking about the assets of DLP MPs he should ask how is it that Duguid can live in Toronto and only visit Barbados for Parliament sittings So he came with his guns blazing this week and ended shaming himself and the entire nation.

    Now for as long as he lives and anyone mentions William or Duguid or William Duguid or Dr. William Duguid or Dr. Duguid the first thing people will remember, “wait you can remember when he told another MP CARRY YOUR MOTHER SCU.T”?

    That is how he is going to be remembered for all time, and he brought it all on himself.

  3. @ Davd
    Inniss apologize why should he? He didnt loudly shout to Duguid in the hallowed walls of the House of Assembly ” like yuh mudda c**t.”

    Fractured Blp the man said c**t not scunt. Scunt is foreign it means nothing to most Barbadians its an irrelevant jokey word. C**t on the other hand is deeply insulting a potent curse word the police can tell not infrequently is a prelude to violence.

    • @Telling it like it is

      If Inniss does a stroll through Facebook he may think seriously about an apology based on the comments from Barbadians. If he SAID what he is accused of he should apologize because he said it and not because it wasn’t broadcast. What is difficult to understand?

  4. If Inniss made a comment that is insulting and hurtful to Duguid’s wife and children he should apologize.

    If he called Duguid “a fat slob” he should apologise.

    There is a saying in Canada for circumstances like this. “Take it outside”

    Street thug behaviour should be taken to the street and blood left on the pavement.

  5. Duguid is acting like a naughty school boy who is caught doing something wrong, “but please teacher It is not my fault John Brown trouble me”.


    You seem to think that Duguid cursing is the worst thing in the world and that it will lose the BLP votes and the DLP will win an election in Barbados. Man you got something else coming your side B

    Not condoning the outburst , and the man has apologized anyhow, but this kind of cursing wherever it happens is –nothing new or that disturbing. A BLP man uttered the outburst so the DLP hacks going to play that they taking the moral high road. But really , lets be honest. People curse each other everyday and ral bad too. And sometimes they mean nothing by it. I have heard men making rough sport and tell each other some of the worst things only to laugh it off minutes after. I dont know what this hukkaboo is all about.

    I am certain that most people in Barbados have told somebody else similar or worse things and behaviour in Parliament is not ever saintly no where in the world so the reaction but some on this blog is laughable.

    If Donville Inniss or anybody else had the gall to tell me foolishness like that , I would have cursed he back up in e mudda -a lot worst that Duguid. Duguid’s words soft compared to what I would have told Donville. Since when were they saints in Parliament. The very nature of politics demands a certain toughness

    The Prime Minister heself does curse people too but he does dress it up in flowery speechyfying.

    I just watch the video
    I am still laughing

  6. I believe that when Erskine Sandiford told the people in Parliament to LIKE IT OR LUMP IT that that is really the worst thing ever said in parliament and he was a Prime Minister.
    He never apologized but yuh know what –it is too late for him to apologize—One Republic sang that song –Too late to ‘pologize,

    I’m holding on your rope
    Got me ten feet off the ground
    And I’m hearing what you say
    But I just can’t make a sound

    You tell me that you need me
    Then you go and cut me down, but wait
    You tell me that you’re sorry
    Didn’t think I’d turn around and say

    That it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
    I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
    Too late, oh

    I’d take another chance, take a fall
    Take a shot for you
    And I need you like a heart needs a beat
    But it’s nothing new, yeah yeah

    I loved you with a fire red, now it’s turning blue
    And you say sorry like the angel
    Heaven let me think was you
    But I’m afraid

    It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
    I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late, whoa whoa

    It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late
    I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late

    I said it’s too late to apologize, yeah, too late
    I said it’s too late to apologize, yeah, too late

    I’m holding on your rope
    Got me ten feet off the ground


      You may want to read the following to accurately portray the context of Sir Lloyd’s reference to like it or lump it.

      Former PM seeks to clear the air
      Story By Jenique Millington

      SET to leave this country shortly for China to take up the mantle of Barbados’ Ambassador, Former Prime Minister, Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, said that his now famous ‘like it or lump it’ statement was not directed to the Barbadian public as portrayed.

      Seeking to clear the air on this while at the Democratic Labour Party’s lunchtime lecture recently, he said, “I want to make it abundantly clear as I made it at the time, I never referred to the people of Barbados and told them they could ‘like it or lump it’. I was speaking to the then leader of the Opposition, Mr. Henry Forde, who had made some … comment about something I had said, and I told him he could ‘like it or lump it’.

      “It wasn’t addressed to the people of Barbados or to the Opposition Party. It was directed at something he had said … but they ran with that and distorted my sayings and pinned that upon me and my own people believed it, but the truth will out, though everyone tried to conceal it, because the truth is not as attractive as the untruth,” he continued.

      Outlining the reasons behind him now trying to clarify the statement after almost two decades, Sir Lloyd said, “I say this because I have learnt over time that it is important in our public affairs not to assume that people will get the message. We must clarify the message and at all times speak as clearly as we can make it.”

      In what may be his last address at the George Street headquarters for some time, he also disclosed that he has been invited by the University of the West Indies to
      accept the Honorary Doctorate of Laws, gaining the applause of those gathered.

      Presenting the topic “Barbados’ Pursuit of the Goal of becoming a Developed Country”, he outlined that Barbados should aim to gain the status of a developed country rather than remain “static and stagnant” as just a developing one.

      “We have climbed out of that status, we have made progress in that direction and we are still the leading developing country in the world,” he stated.

      He pointed out that during his leadership of the country in 1991, the United Nations Development Programme first devised the Human Development Index, ranking countries according to social and economic attainments and then Barbados was ranked at 21 – higher than some of those more

      developed countries.

  7. Owen Arthur again the transparent … “Psss … Hey Dugie, do wah I tell yah, apologize hear … and mek it soun’ good and expert like. Use our PR consultant to draft the message. The mileage for the Party will be immense … and by the way, good job, wish I was there man!”

  8. If the Dem Jack Asses would only play along and apologize with an even better statement, they would beat the Arthur-Mottley machinery at their own game …

  9. mr inniss crawls my skin, he talks and seems like some perverted dog but his mother’s cunt should not come into any outburst,. granted that duguid is an utterly fat slob, just look at the vid, he does need to exercise, but he was totally wrong to tell that man anything about his mother;s cunt, it has nothing to do with him

  10. Duguid did the right thing in apologizing. That is now behind him.

    Inniss also needs to apologize. I could be wrong but I am hearing in the video “Yuh big fat slobby idiot”.

    Is this how honorable members address each other in the Parliament?

    B’dos is a place filled with many fat people who are voters. Inniss need only speak to the Prof from ‘the other place’ who has almost been in the wilderness on this one.

    Is this one of the reasons politics doesn’t seem to always attract the brightest and honest of minds?

  11. Wait….
    Wunna people does listen to our school children’s casual conversations in PUBLIC? (Don’t talk about in private…)
    What the hell is all this self righteousness? The only honest person on this blog Is BAFBFP….and he just trying to be provocative…

    Whether wunna like it or not, this place has degenerated into the most vile gutter-like uncouth place on earth….

    Lets start with the loud nasty remarks that MANY men routinely drop to women in passing …..all the way to the casual way in which bajan women ACCEPT such insults….

    As Rihanna HONESTLY AND CORRECTLY says, the C-word is commonly used in all kinds of situations from the blocks to the boardrooms.

    ….obviously Duguid had to cuss Inniss about his MUDDA C___ since presumably Inniss himself does not own one…. 🙂

    Bushie just feel that we are all a bunch of hypocrites – routinely accepting a form of behavior throughout our society, and now pretending to be offended by this….

    The biggest joke is the whole idea of apologies…WHAT THE HELL!!!

    Does ANYONE think that such apologies are genuine, sincere and therefore of ANY value?
    We should be debating an approach to cleaning up the WHOLE

  12. @Fractured BLP | November 23, 2012 at 4:04 PM |
    David of BU…What is the meaning of SCUNT ?

    Dear Fractured BLP. If you remove the “s” from before scunt this is what you get

    Cunt ( /ˈkʌnt/) is a word that primarily describes the female genitalia, particularly the vulva, and is widely considered to be vulgar.[1] The earliest citation of this usage in the 1972 Oxford English Dictionary, c 1230, refers to the London street known as Gropecunt Lane. Scholar Germaine Greer has said that “it is one of the few remaining words in the English language with a genuine power to shock.”[2]
    Cunt is also used as a derogatory epithet referring to people of either sex. This usage is relatively recent, dating from the late nineteenth century.[3] Reflecting different national usages, cunt is described as “an unpleasant or stupid person” in the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, whereas Merriam-Webster has a usage of the term as “usually disparaging and obscene: woman”,[4] noting that it is used in the U.S. as “an offensive way to refer to a woman”;[5] the Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English states that it is “a despicable man”, however when used with a positive qualifier (good, funny, clever, etc.) in Britain, New Zealand and Australia, it can convey a positive sense of the object or person referred to.[6]
    The word appears to have been in common usage from the Middle Ages until the eighteenth century. After a period of disuse, usage became more frequent in the twentieth century, in parallel with the rise of popular literature and pervasive media. The term also has various other derived uses and, like fuck and its derivatives, has been used mutatis mutandis as noun, pronoun, adjective, participle and other parts of speech.

    Don’t thank me. Thank Wikipedia.

  13. Yea, but not by self- righteously condemning what we routinely do ourselves….(not Bushie of course, whose language is based on his South African roots), but by serious self examination and by leading and demanding change to be driven from the top down.

    …LOL…that sounds pretty, but no one in current leadership would even know where to start doing this…

  14. @ William Duguid “That outburst was the result of the most grievous of provocations which came from the mouth of a Democratic Labour Party parliamentarian. It would be improper of me to repeat the insulting words used, but I will say that they constituted the gravest possible insult to my wife and to my children”

    If Donville Inniss said words which grievously of provoked William Duguid and furthermore if those words constituted the gravest possible insult to Willie’s wife and children then Donville should apologize to the Honourable House.

    Because after all NOT ONE of us of us can say with ABSOLUTELY CERTAINTY who our fathers are.

  15. @ Simple Simon
    ..you making sport right?
    We don’t even seem to be able to expect that of the priests. The judiciary, the teachers…..
    …and you EXPECT this from the scum of the earth? …the people who sink to the lowest level, cuss each other, tell lies, insult, throw dirt etc ….JUST TO GET ELECTED.

    What? ….after they are elected they become ‘Honorable’ and saints?

    Our political system GUARANTEES that our politicians are the worse among us. This is EXACTLY why we get what we get. They then appoint poppets in positions like DPP, COP, CJ, CPO and other high paying jobs to do their nasty work ….and embarrass and impoverish us.

    Bushie trying to get Caswell to change that and seek a system that puts CAPABLE and HONORABLE people in place …but he like he frighten….. Islandgal too…..

    You don’t want to ask them a question for Bushie…?

  16. Because if 1,000 people stand in a room and say “he is my father” statistically 50 of them are wrong.

    Am I one of those 50?

    Are you (whoever you are) one of those 50?

    We don’t like to think about it but men and women give and receive horns, every day.

    Every single day.

    It has always been so.

    It will always be so.

  17. @Wikipedia…”Gropecunt Lane”

    Those English people of 1230 were very explicit.

    Imagine if we tried to rename the road around the Garrison “Gropecunt Circle”

  18. “I now humbly apologize to my constituents and to the wider Barbadian public. The outburst was the result of the most grievous of provocations, which came from the mouth of a DLP parliamentarian. It would be improper of me to repeat the insulting words used, but I will say that they constituted the gravest possible insult to my wife and to my children,” he stated. (RJ)

  19. Look, people think that MPs are saints but they are really normal people from society with emotions like anybody else. What Duguid did was wrong not only in parliament but in any public place but he did what very few people do and apologize for it. We got to be real though. If most bajan men were in Duguid’s place, they would’ve blinded Inniss with cuss words if it was true that Inniss provoked him by insulted his family. Inniss may not have cursed but he still need criticizing for provoking Duguid.

  20. Having read the previous comments, I just want to add my feelings on the whole thing. Let me just say that I don’t support any party in Barbados because it is all just the same script, different cast to me, so I’ll try to be as unbiased as I can.

    @ Bush Tea “all the way to the casual way in which bajan women ACCEPT such insults” … Stop stereotyping. Just because one faction of our society behaves a particular way does not mean we all accept SMUT and MEDIOCRITY. It might surprise you to know that quite a few women in this country have greater aspirations than to walk down the road and be accosted by “Pssss i want piece o’ that pork” or whatever vulgarity they’re using nowadays.

    Anyhow, isn’t it ironic that by Article 35(I) of the Constitution, Parliament is empowered to make laws for the PEACE, ORDER AND GOOD GOVERNMENT of Barbados.Ha! It will be a cold day in hell before there is peace, order and good government in the House of Assembly far more for them to try to impose it on a whole nation.

    At least have the decorum to respect the office that you hold and the people that you represent. Both parties were wrong. The fat slob comment was distasteful and a low blow – (although on the one hand it doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to see where it came from, just saying) However, I can understand how Duguid was provoked by that comment but his response was just ridiculous, not only did he tell the man about his mother (which, in Barbados is right up there with the cardinal sins) but he told him about his mother’s c*. In Parliament. In a public sitting. For the whole of Bim to hear. If that isn’t pure lack of class I don’t know what is. And the totally insincere apology….. puh-lease. There is much to be desired about some of these leaders or “perceived” leaders of this country. There is a saying “a fish rots from the head down” and here in Bim the head done putrefied. In fact, we at the stage where the whole fish want some quick-lime!

  21. In case no one recognized, “cyar yuh mudda scunt” could not have been struck from the record because it was never on it. Duguid was seated while he said it and therefore it was not recognised or recorded by the house.

    I have been to parliament several times, the first time i went was during the budget debate and this sort of behavior is in fact a norm and it is deplorable. Duguid had to pay the price because he, in the heat of the moment, did not remember to put down his microphone as ALL the other parliamentarians do when they want to blister each other. I have heard all sorts of comments being made about Mia Mottley, Cynthia Forde, Owen Arthur among others and I have also heard comments made about Dennis Kellman, Freundel Staurt and Chris Sinkler (admittedly on a less frequent basis)

    But to be totally honest, the amount of nasty comments made about Mia Mottley disturb me greatly because of all the comments I have heard, these are always personal, nasty, low and UNPROVOKED. What she may or may not do in her bedroom is her business and has no place in the house of assembly, especially when standing up to make a contribution (never mind the comments dropped during cross-talk). These personal attacks come at every sitting of the house by the majority of members on the government side and this really disgusts me because it shows lack of maturity and tolerance.

    If one is called out, I must call all. Duguid paid the price, even though he was provoked, for their nasty behaviour by being caught on the microphone. It is unfortunate that all the offenders are not caught on microphone.

  22. Another thing, when you elect classless persons into the house, this is what you get, not only provocation to the point of snapping, constant nasty remarks, a speaker who cannot even try to appear to be unbiased if he was paid, cursing in parliament (and i do not just mean Duguid), pulling guns in parliament etc. what next? Beating each other with chairs like in China?

  23. Dr. Duigid has completely lost it. In his apology he claims he was provoked.

    PROVOCATION is only a defence for murder .

    I did not realise that Dr. Duigid is charged for murder…..unless at this stage he is confused about the meaning and use of the word MUDDAH !

    And to think that Dale Marshall an Attorney at Law allows Dr. Duigid to make such a silly claim.

  24. Hi David it has appeared that Dr. Duigid video has really gone viral.

    It appears to also have attracted the attention of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

    I guess Dr. Duigid remarks will increase our tourism numbers….since Her Majesty is promising to visit Barbados !

    Well done DOCTOR.

  25. @Fractured BLP

    Your last post was deleted, you know why.

    Here is some free advice for Minister Inniss,if he does not step up this matter will dog him on the campaign trail. He was fingered in Duguid’s press conference and many Barbadians are watching his response. You may add that Inniss’ verbals don’t fit the image which PM Stuart wants to emit to the public.

    Bear in mind Inniss is one of the few ministers who gets a passing grade from Bajans on both sides.

  26. Hi David of BU,

    The fact that you are a BLP member is immaterial . That is your constitutional right.

    Mr. Donville Inniss will get on with the people’s business and allow Dr. Duigid to get on with his.

    Your logic on this issue is sometimes twisted.
    In one breath you claim that Dr. Duigid is the central figure in the saga and should apologise…and he did.

    Now you say you watching Mr. Inniss because by not aplogising this may follow him up and beyond election day.

    I did not realise you had so many votes to cast ?

  27. INNISS does not get any passing grade from me.
    In a failing DLP Government, it would make no sense voting for Donville Inniss. We voting BEES and Donville Inniss and the DLP must be voted out of Parliament.
    They have failed to reduce the COST OF LIVING as promised.
    They have raised taxes on everything from Bicycles to Water
    They have wasted money on such things as the AX commission; the Hamilton Lashley CROSSOVER at CBC/Parkinson School and the Football Tournament which goes on at the same time as another tournament, to name a few things.
    Freundel Stuart was and continues to sleep, dream and fantasize about bubbies and sore nipples and it is said that one of his Ministers has accumulated over 17 million dollars in an overseas account in four years. This needs to be investigated to see if it is really true.–I dont believe it however. Dont see how it could happen.

  28. @Fractured BLP

    See if you can follow this simple statement. It does not matter what BU thinks at this point, it has become what the thousands out there who comprise the electorate think. BU suggests to you and Minister Inniss many who held a high opinion of him before the incident are disappointed after the incident. His response to this matter should be driven by the improve level of communication by the DLP with the public he has been touting.

    Nothing personal, just some free advice. Let our parliamentarians raise the bar for the country to follow.

  29. The reason Duguid took nearly 5 days to issue his poor excuse of an apology is because the BLP had to meet with Red Advertising and strategise as to how they will deal with the political fallout. It was decided that they will try to portray it as provocation.
    Even though Duguid get up and start to attack the other man first, he trying to justify his nasty ,vile comments over the radio.
    The BLP really lost its moral compass when a simple straightforward apology has to take 5 days and then still then trying to blame someone else.

  30. I dont care about Dugood cursing stinking Donville Inniss. Inniss is a gutter rat
    I dont care about nothing so
    I want a change in Government and money in my pocket. Donville Inniss cursing or Dugood cursing aint my concern. Donville is a pervert and Dugood might very well be one but what I am concerned about is that the DLP is failing Barbados and I want a change in Government. I want the BLP. It is that simple !

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

  31. David why are you constantly attacking Inniss giving Duguid “yuh mudda c**t” a free pass? If you got shot to death because you called someone fat should the courts set the killer free and blame you. Your argument through this whole sordid epidode is idiotic. It makes one think there is more in the mortar than the pestle between you, “yuh mudda cu*t “Duguid and the BLp. Duguid broke the rules of Parliamentary conduct like no one ever did in our modern history. He is correctly being pilloried for it. End of story. Stewps.

  32. Bushie Simple Simon has asked me to respond to you even though you are not speaking to me. I agree if it was up to me I would fire nuff people BUT the problem is with whom shall I replace them? Sad to say there is more shoite floating bout here posing as model citizens. What we really need to see is televised debates between the candidates running for constituencies where the public can evaluate them and vote for the best person. They will be judged on presentation and intelligence. They will also be given a general knowledge quiz because we need well rounded candidates not like the half baked semi illiterates we seem to have presently.

  33. @ Islandgal
    …girl, no matter how much you cuss the bushman, it is abundantly clear that you is a woman with SENSE.

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! The whole place is swarming with shoite. Fire the shoite B’s and end up with a house full of shoite D’s. Fire the shoite D’s …..and we back with O$A, ‘wuk 4 wuk’, plantation Lynch and girl power Mia.

    YOU HAVE HIT ON THE SOLUTION, but it is not only debates needed, they can rehearse and practice with expert PR help and appear to be intelligent in such debates.
    What we need is that politicians DEMONSTRATE their capabilities PRIOR to offering themselves, by serving in some area of national life such as sports, social, PTA, church, youth business or other organizations.
    Then we should judge them on how they performed at that level BEFORE trusting them with national leadership.

    Ask GP, If they can prove themselves faithful in small things, THEN we can trust them with the big things….

    …..see why Bushie want you now…? ( 🙂 – in the Senate!!!)

  34. Sanka Price is the writer of the EF I Wuzz column which appears every Saturday in the Nation newspaper and is used as his soapbox to attack the DLP.

    Ef I Wuzz Sanka Price, I would stop trying to be a spokesman and press secretary for the BLP.

    Ef I Wuzz Sanka Price, I would try to hide my obvious BLP bias and try to present both sides or just attempt to be fair.

    Ef I wuzz Sanka Price, I would ensure that the Question Time section is balanced and not just used to criticise the DLP.

    Ef I wuzz Sanka Price, I would realise that from Kaymar Jordan that trying hard to promote the BLP is not always rewarded if you miss and go outside the party talking points,just once.

    Ef I wuzz Sanka Price, I would realise that anything that I say coincidentally seems to be repeated by Clyde Mascoll and Albert Brandford.

    Please Sanka, you are becoming as predictable as Albert Brandford.- promoting your party. You are dropping your journalistic standards, sir.

  35. I will bet anyone a tidy sum, that if Albert Brandford writes anything about Duguid’s disgraceful behaviour in Parliament this week, he will talk about other Parliamentarians and try to justify or excuse Duguid’s side.
    Brandford does not have the courage to call a spade a spade.
    So look out for the BLP spindoctors who control the Nation Newspaper columns on Sunday to sing a chorus of excuses and “provocation” when the simple headline should be “William Duguid- absentee representative and national disgrace”.

  36. “Here is some free advice for Minister Inniss,if he does not step up this matter will dog him on the campaign trail.”

    that is what you would like to see happen. Give the corrupt Barbados Labour Party a free get out of jail card.

  37. Albert Brandford – so called “independent” writer is nothing more that a BLP operative masquerading as a journalist.
    Even when the BLP threw out Mia Mottley as opposition leader without any prior warning , you know Brandford spent three quarters of his article that week criticing the DLP .

    He could not bring himself to criticise the BLP.The Nation newspaper will give you ” fair” commentary on political matters by giving two full page articles every Sunday to Mr. Brandford and Mr, Wickham who is no fan of the current PM.
    The Nation will also then give the BLP “spokesman” Mascoll a big article every week just in case you did not get the BLP point of view from Ezra Alleyne , Peter Symmonds or Pat Hoyos.

    Honestly, does that sound like a fair and balanced newspaper or one that is clearly pushing a particular party’s agenda.

  38. Simple Simon | November 23, 2012 at 9:22 PM |

    You quoting Wiki … as if that is an authority … Look man Cunt is a female rabbit hear … Like you trying to be a scunt now … HA HA HA

  39. What about the computer with IP Number and the DEATH threats made against ADRIAN LOVERIDGE AND WIFE which were sent from the same computer as I read above?

  40. It’s amazing to me how hypocritical Barbadian society. Clearly a lo of individuls in the country are only focusing on the now. Those who are saying to move on and not to be distracted by the Duguid outburst do not have this country’s future a t heart. I m neither B or D but I am a P that is a parent. I certainly cannot vote for a party who would stun behind someone who behaves like this in our House of Parliament. Clearly, if Mr. Duguid had heeded the Speaker’s warnings this situation old not have occurred. I am totally ashamed of Cynthia Forde ; some one who I had a lot of respect for as she was clearly encouraging him. I wish politicians and their yard fowls would realize that elections and the running of our country is not like a football or basketball game. We need truly respectable and honorable people to run this country. Do you think a bunch of unruly disrespectful individuals can keep this economy running in the future. These are the kinds of individuals we will have in this nation if those in positions f respect,power and authority do not set the right examples. We already have an opposition leader who can behave quit unseemly an this kind of low class behavior in parliament began with him. Why do politians go for the jugular, clearly it is not because they re so excited to represent the downtrodden. I clearly believe it is because thy can’t wait to line their pockets with bribes and taxpayer’s money. I pray for Barbados because only God almighty cn deliver us.

  41. While we rant and rave and pretend to be paragons of virtue, in the last 2 years fist fights have erupted in the parliaments of Russia, Ukraine, India, South Korea, Italy, Argentina, Taiwan, Turkey and others. Anyone recall the US Congressman calling President Obama a liar? Most if not all of these countries, however, have better systems of governance, are more productive and their economies are outperforming ours.
    It is antiquated thinking, cynicism, hypocrisy, fear and false pride that are keeping us back NOT telling someone about their mudda scunt in Parliament.

  42. BLP David,

    Your political bias is tainting you “perceived” objectivity on this issue.

    Go take a vacation in Canada with Dr. Duguid !

    I”ll get Donville Inniss to buy your plane ticket.

  43. “Enuff” of the excuses and apologies for the disrespectful Duguid- Duguid has not apologised. He has put out a statement trying to justify his nastiness and disrespect of women in this country.
    There is a place and time for everything. If he has said this at a function with the Queen or the President of the United States,there would be a justifiable national uproar.
    So instead he chose to make these remarks in front of the mothers and children of Barbados. Direspect is disrespect and Owen Arthur encourages this behaviour.
    Now you see exactly what the BLP is looking to restore – Arrogance and Disrespect.

  44. All a wunna DLP fools that compare Duguid being provoked to a case of being provoked to murder really need a good dose of reality salts. Every single one of wunna, except those with some serious restraint, would cuss out anybody that insult their family. Duguid did what any bajan man does, the difference was that he was in parliament and the microphone captured it.

  45. Once again Dupoorly has done the public of Barbados a great disservice, what he delivered yesterday And in what was sold by the BLP as an apology was nothing more of an excuse to the decent people of Barbados as to why he felt he should use the floor of Parliament mind you the highest court of the to curse an Honourable Member Of Parliament.

    This mealy mouth parasite who is living off the hard working tax payers by drawing a salary under the false pretenses of representing the people ought to have the guts ( and guts he has plentifully ) to have made a sincere apology minus the clutter an apology is what was required not an excuse for his gutter, slimy mouthing.

  46. I watched the video and listened to the combatants.

    Those of you who have good headphones would have heard

    “like yuh mudda scunt” and “big fat slob”.

    Both of these men owe the Barbadian people an apology if they have the slightest modicum of understanding their role as politicians doing the people’s business.

    I remain a DLP supporter who respects women and other human beings who are physically challenged.

    The video is popping up on other Caribbean websites.

  47. Hi david,

    Can you confirm the report that Owen Arthur jumped in the Careenage this morning and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard ?

    If true….these are strange behaviours exhibited by the BLP MPs..

  48. “Enuff” of the excuses and apologies for the disrespectful Duguid- Duguid has not apologised. He has put out a statement trying to justify his nastiness and disrespect of women in this country.

    I guess Duguid’s wife is not a woman.

  49. Wow I can’t believe the comments on here trying to justify Duguid’s behavior. I grew up with a mother who does cuss people real stink and nasty if they get her vex. People looked down their noses t at her for years for this kind of behavior and I for one was very embarrassed by it; now you’re telling me this behavior is acceptable. A lot of what we encourage today will come back and bite I in the ass tomorrow. I am neither b or d but I just want to say that the blip in its 15 years in power created a bunch of lazy ass materialistic bananas who want everything free. All bajans wan to do nowadays is buy clothes an party. People lim things hard but at every cat fight. We need to grow up an recognise b or d can’t love the problem. We need th resilience of the past. People stop making excuses for Mr. Duguid’s behavior. Recognizing that he is wrong does not mean people will vote dlp. Just call a spade a spade. The young people are watching and listening. This is not about party and people who can’t recognise that are immature. Really and truly I think he should ave gotten arrested, if a poor man did walk in parliament and say so, everyone would want to see him arrested.

  50. Carson C. Cadogan is a fool; plain and simple. I would vote Blp if I thought they had changed. Owen is not this country’s saviour. This is a man who had absolutely nothing to offer in his final term and all of a sudden he has all the answers. All the politicians are looking to do is live large off of taxpayers money. The Blp is still arrogant and just can’t get the bitter taste out of their mouths from losing the last election. No political party owns Barbados. I become very scared when I see politicians behaving like this because next thing they might want to do here like Jamaica. We want individuals who truly have Barbados and its inhabitants at heart. If this is so, we will vote for you every time. Don’t only do what you think will help you win the next election, do what is best for Barbados. What purpose is our representatives serving if they only do what will win votes and get re-elected and continue to get a big salary. Self interest will destroy Barbados. I love m country and i really hurt at the at the path we are going down. No one wants to stand for the right thing has they believe they will lose. How sad!!! So many of us bajans are willing to vote for honest and sincere individuals if they would only come forward.

  51. Can you confirm that Freundel Stuart beat up a woman at Illaro Court Last night,

    If true , this would confirm all that we have heard??

  52. Wat I want to know is who continues to call these classless, disrespectful clowns honorable this and honorable that. For decades the previous dead or dying polititians disrespected the people of b’dos and was given some dumb title for their years of disrespect, thing is they had the slickness, like inniss to not be caught on microphone, we knew the disrespect existed. The difference now with so much technology available to us we can expose it to the world. Hope this changes their crass behavior. AND inniss needs to apologize to the people of bim for his crass behavior.

  53. Parliamentary affairs appears to be bias , rate these two:

    one politician in parliament pulls a gun on another and ….no out burts..(no apology)

    anotherpolitian in parliament pulls a cuss on another and …definite outbursts..(apology given)

    in both cases, one political side is vindicated.

    it is said” that the pen is mightier than the sword”, or in this case the mouth than the gun..

  54. Has anyone else noticed how Sanka Price and Albert Brandford have rushed to assist and defend the BLP on the licks which they are receiving on the so called privatisation ?
    It seems that these writers at the Nation newspaper beleive that it is their job to campaign for the BLP.Just be a propoer journalist, please.

    Why if the Nation newspaper is fair and balanced are they giving Clyde Mascoll a free space to campaign everyweek while not giving the government the same priviledge?
    The Nation newspaper is clearly part of the BLP PR- killing proper journalism slowly.

  55. @ NationBLPnewspaper | November 26, 2012 at 10:19 PM |

    So why do you continue incessantly to read filth? Why not give the Nation newspaper a total pass and stick to the Advocate.
    Isn’t your case similar to that of the Pope reading and watching pornographic literature and movies while at the same time condemning such activities in his sermons to the masses?

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