At The Risk Of Inflaming The Understood Passions Of Diehards

Submitted by William Skinner

Arthur and Stuart, the current leaders of the BLP and DLP

At the risk of inflaming the partisan passions of die hard Barbados Labour Party and Democratic labour Party supporters, I venture to suggest, that both parties are now in the position of the pot calling the kettle black! It seems to be quite clear to objective citizens, that both are now apparently incapable of formulating any real socio-economic plan to take our country forward.

Ever since the mid 70’s, the sole purpose of both parties, has been to focus almost exclusively on winning elections. As the country developed and the corporate elite became more sophisticated, the public sector was allowed to lag behind because of slow movement toward technology. The black political managerial class is therefore left to “keep noise” and impress the public gallery.

Many of our problems are rooted in our colonial history. At the very top is an educational system that lacks serious and progressive reform. The system is still elitist, and favours academically inclined students. Teachers are under constant pressure to keep the status quo intact.

Health care, public transportation, housing and even basic maintenance of our roads, have suffered at the hands of politically inspired decisions, ad hoc inferior planning and execution. Hence we are losing millions of hours in production because we cannot solve basic traffic problems and move people and services with the speed required by any modern economy.

We seem to be constantly reinventing the wheel and playing political games. The political polarization of the society has also led to partisan thinking by the so-called brains of the society. Hence any discussion of the economic ills of the country becomes a sophisticated shouting match between the learned economists, according to their party leanings.

The sum effect of the above is an embarrassing lack of any substance in relation to debate on matters affecting the society. Those who want their positions heard are now left to use a popular radio call in program and blogs such as this one. To put it mildly, the bankruptcy of ideas that has completely invaded and strangled the black political managerial class, has effectively driven citizens, to cynicism and an understandable dismissive attitude when it comes to those we elect or allow to guide our affairs.

The only solution is for progressive thinkers to organize themselves into an active watchdog group, which will ultimately become the vanguard of national progress and hopefully retard the political posturing that, if left unchecked would probably ruin whatever gains made since the attainment of adult suffrage.

It is therefore quite fair to suggest that both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party have become like siblings fighting over family property. Since they seem to be perpetually blinded by dangerous political opportunism, they may very well be unaware of what they have done to themselves and by extension, the broader society.

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  1. …………….It is therefore quite fair to suggest that both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party have become like siblings fighting over family property………………………..

    Passing strange that Mr Skinner, a disillusioned Dem would suggest this when it is quite clear that the Dems are clearly out of their league when it comes to the ability and competence to govern this country! They are desperate but they seem not to care about Barbados but only want to hold on to power because ……..” we have been in opposition for 14 years and now is we turn”.

  2. @onions and miller,

    My sources have informed me that the Frantic Gang of Five consists of:
    1. Ronald Jones
    2. Chris Sinckler
    3. Stephen Lashley
    4. John Boyce
    And # 5, you wont believe it, none other than Richard Sealy!

    They do not want the PM in their constituency. Would you believe this? onions, see if you can get a comment from the likes of ac and CCC!

  3. We sincerely support your analysis of the current political landscape which is marred by an incestuous relationship between the parties fighting over the fast disappearing family silver called Ms Foreign Reserves.
    But isn’t the reason d’être of a socialist or labour-based political party to be the vanguard of change especially the one forming the current administration and sitting in the seat of power?
    Why not direct your constructive advice and criticisms to the ruling party with the aim of turning around their chances of bringing about meaningful changes reflective of your vision (and ours also) of a future mature and sustainable Barbados? Asking progressive thinkers like some of us on the BU blog to organize into an active watchdog movement is a bit redundant since this is what we have been doing all along. Without an immediate and meaningful commitment by any party in power within the next 6 months to bring about drastic change in the ways we do business and conduct out public administration we would be heading towards a Greek-style economic and social meltdown but without the dependence of a Euro type bail out. We have no kith and kin to rely on. The alternative to radical change through the political parties is one of revolution with the watchdog group saying “we can’t tek it no more” and with intellectual power and not physical force take matters into our own hands.

  4. WELL SKINS better late than never but welcome to the club nonetheless despite prodigal’s willingness to rub salt into your obviously hurting wounds.i would also like to differ and suggest that with all its faults our educational system has served us well and you are a living example otherwise you would be unable to compete and survive under difficult circumstances in the state of Georgia.

  5. WHAT Kettle calling what Pot black ???
    Bare Shite !

    These kinda of comments come from DLP apoligists who are unpleased with their own party DLP and talking shite bout kettle calling pot black. You will not hear this from no BLP supporter or member. We understand the dissappointment of the DLP supporters , the DLP is one large joke. The latest Minister to criticize the DLP is Steve Blackette. More shite to come. Freundel is Prime Minister by default and no one wants him, his party does not want him. The man seems to think that he is a ……………………but he is just a ……………..
    The next election result for those who have not heard is
    BLP= 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

    In 1999 it was
    BLP = 28 SEATS
    DLP = 2 SEATS
    There are so many similarities now to this period in 1994-1999
    SO who is to say it cant happen again ?


  6. William Skinner…..don’t be a shite… you could compare 8 years of prosperity to the piss hole we now in…”at risk of inflaming”?…..this DLP Govt has demoted we Bajans to 8th class citizens. Just look at the poor rakey Olympics coverage they send to us from Jamaica, while I am made to understand their citizens view something else…Man have you gone rockers? Eva nook n cranny laughing at we “stupid Bajans” ask resident Trini…and you got the audaciousness to say what? That fool Blackett on the radio talking food stamps for dog food as issue.. and stupid Kellman wants to pick a fight with S&P…..Don’t be Aarson’s bottom end William…..surely I thought you had more intelligence…..

  7. @william
    “The only solution is for progressive thinkers to organize themselves into an active watchdog group, which will ultimately become the vanguard of national progress”

    that’s the “what.” I’m curious to hear the “how.”


  8. Why is it that the BLP yardfowls think Bajans are stupid?
    In an economy which depends so heavily on tourism spending they want to compare a time when our trading partners were growing to a time when these same trading partners are in the deepest recession in nearly 100 years . Then run on the blog and say we need an election.
    They want to conveniently compare different scenarios neglecting to mention that by 1996 in the second year of the BLP term, the US and English economies were growing with Bill Clinton easily winning reelection unlike Obama whose economy is dragging down his poll numbers.
    THESE are DIFFERENT TIMES – yet some people refuse to recognise or admit this.

    Let us get real – every skill set available to the BLP is available to the current government – there is no magic wand which one party posseses.

    As for stimulus and running down the foreign reserves ” a bit” as the BLP is saying – pure election gimmick. Obama let go nearly 800 BILLION US $ in stimulus and the great US economy get downgrade and growth is very sluggish but the BLP telling people we can use up the foreign reserves a bit more and then where will the foreign exchange come from – out of Mascoll’s backside or will the BTA start an advertising campain telling tourists – come now the BLP is in power- stupse.

    NEWSFLASH – No government BLP or DLP has ever seen growth in the Barbados economy while our trading partners were in recession.
    THAT IS A HISTORIAL FACT and all the spin about putting back Arthur and Gline Calrke and manna will fall from heaven is pure sh*te talk.

  9. @!
    “THESE are DIFFERENT TIMES – yet some people refuse to recognise or admit this”

    The some people you refer to are actually MP’s and members of Cabinet. go figure.

    Just observing

  10. If this is the Skinner I think I know he was a founding member of the NDP even Eric Flies party outlive the NDP’s misfits.

  11. I can hear you William Skinner when the DLP lose this election…”Thank the Laud…..that was a real close one…boy I thought we ass did grass fa sure…..but waana would understand…I had o show face”…”What a relief,he did really loss poor fella”. ‘But I hadda show support”

  12. Kettle,
    They one and the same. The NDP was formed out of the Dems. Funny enough, there has always been in fighting in the DLP and they do not seem to remember how they have always fought to mash up Barrow’s party.

    Things are so brown and desperate for Dems and they cannot believe what is going on right before their eyes. So they are saying and doing desperate things. The only people I hear saying that they are not voting is Dems, they are too shame to admit that their party is out of its depths. Governance is beyond their pay grade.

    So right now, each man is breaking for himself. They do not want Freundel around them but the only thing is Fruendel cannot help anyone of them in the election, he has to stay in St Michael South, otherwise he will be repeating history.. that is never being re-elected.

    Imagine Freundel is the leader and five of his senior ministers…….little Hitler- Stephen Lashley, John Boyce and Chris Sinckler, are they really senior, this is their first term), Ronald Jones. wait he has to get back at Freundel for the way Freundel treated him with this AX affair and to top it all off Richard Sealy. Well, well, well!

  13. that’s the “what.” I’m curious to hear the “how.”
    perhaps you too observing can join the bandwagon of hope and comfort the growing number of disillusioned with your support. in time a movement might be formulated to rid us of this two edged mantra which masquerades for governance in our beloved land.

    • Whether Skinner is a former DEM is not the point. The fact that he was associated with the NDP only demonstrates that very early he concluded that alternatives are required to the Barbados system and he made a move. Do not condemn a person who tries to be provocative and offer ideas. No one person has all the answers but it does not mean it should preempt the forwarding of ideas and opinions.

  14. @William Skinner,

    Very good comment. The comments above will still rprove your point, that the die hards are not giving an inch in the argument, the ‘we’ still better than ‘them’.

    Reference to the prior DLP 2008 ‘prosperity’ is humorous.

    Any jackass can make an economy turn with borrowings in time of plenty, pushing capital projects and pushing the multiplier that way. Plus, selling off family silver, remember that?

    The real economic management is implementing sustainable production and ensuring that the economy adapts to change, with sound fundamentals, that has ben lacking for twenty years now.

    The thing is, governments are rarely won, they are usually lost. And similar to the BLP losing the 2008 eleciton, the DLP is going to lose the 2012/2013 election.

    Not unfairly mind you, fiddling while Rome burns ios not a suitable path forward. Hence we have what Podigal calls the ‘five’. They are not stupid, they know what is going down. At that stage, brekking fuh yuhself’ is only logical, if only to ensure some Opposition Parliamentarians in the 2013-2018 period.

    I fully agree, that the ‘screaming politician’, the grandstander, the men and women of golden promises and little else, are a thing of the past.

    Not sure if this point is really appreciated or not. I hold nor sway nor brief with either party or any politician, I assess on issues and principles, both moral and economic.

    And at this point, while I go with your view, I still hope for better, an eternal optimist, what else can I be.

    Otherwise, all I would be doing is joining you on Chamberlain Bridge or Duncan O’Neale Bridge (might be more appropriate considering the historical connections thereto), calling ‘Mayday, Mayday’!

  15. The NDP was a good move, even if to the personal political detriment of the stakeholders.

    As David notes, it demonstrated the need for an alternative. Unfortunately at that point Dr.Haynes needed more of viable joint mmbers to take the government at elections, than he had.

    If nothing else, it was an experiment in alternatives, it cracked open the door of alternate political views.

    The lesson for any coming alternate parties is , come with a full slate of VIABLE candidates.

    • @Crusoe

      The NDP was ahead of its time. Do you think if it was an alternative today it would not get traction?

      Listen to Black Pawn’s song for the season!

    • @readydone

      A good place to start is to figure out how do we keep a democracy alive and well.

    “Health care, public transportation, housing and even basic maintenance of our roads, have suffered at the hands of politically inspired decisions, ad hoc inferior planning and execution. Hence we are losing millions of hours in production because we cannot solve basic traffic problems and move people and services with the speed required by any modern economy.”

    Why are you making these general critical comments about problems and situations that we already know very well? Show us you are a real thinker (as David thinks you are: “do not condemn a person who tries to be provocative and offer ideas”) and come up with some specific solutions? For example, give us some proposals on how we are going to reduce the size of the public sector where productivity and quality of service are totally out of sync with the unaffordable high cost of maintaining this woefully inefficient machinery.
    No more generalizations please, we already know the problems. What are the specific solutions or alternatives thereto can you envisage?

  17. Lets get Owen back in Ilaro Court as its been a long time since senior civil servants been called in the wee hours of the morning and cursed blind. Also bee n a long time since Barbados had a PM at cocktails parties drunk, stumbling about and using foul language, all to the dismay of guests.

    I supporting Owen (Drinkmore) Arthur.

  18. The head of the Frantic Five is none other than the head of the eager eleven, Christopher Sinckler. Did anyone read the advocate newspaper on Saturday? After those statements no one need now doubt that Sinckler is backed by Bjerkham, Tempro and Maloney. For a bloody moment I thought Sinckler was a Public Relations Manamager for JADA and PRECONCO.

    MAY DAY , SOS……Help a fella….Help a fella…..water to we necks!

  20. i am appealling to ac, ccc, crusoe, exclamation mark , william skinner and et al to summon an urgent meeting of your beleaguered party and read the riot act to the bunch of crabs in a barrel masquerading as DLP standard bearers before they sink the party deeper into the quagmire of self destruction thereby negating all the apologetic hard work done by you diehards on their behalon indefensible causes

  21. @old oniion bags
    “1. Olympics coverage they send to us from Jamaica, while I am made to understand their citizens view something else
    2. Eva nook n cranny laughing at we “stupid Bajans” ask resident Trini…
    3. That fool Blackett on the radio talking food stamps for dog food as issue
    4. stupid Kellman wants to pick a fight with S&P…”

    those 4 reasons are why I am ashamed to be called a Barbadian…What a poppit of an ASS to make stupid issues about food stamps for dog food…What about those pensioners whose pittance cannot buy them anything but crap food, just go to Jordan’s around 10 – 3 on Fridays. only jackasses and black ones at that would put that low grade olympics on tv and along with that, streaming from Jamaica when Jamaicans and others in the Caribbean are getting superb coverage. i am getting superb coverage too as i have 5 crystal clear channels to choose from, i do not and will NEVER pay CBC (who are pirating) to watch the s…e they show on TV. THAT IS WHAT THE INTERNET IS ALL ABOUT, SURFING THE NET FOR UR CHOICE OF CHANNELS


  22. I welcome all criticism. The true reason for the NDP’s demise or disappearance has not yet been fully revealed.I have never been a member of the Democratic Labour Party. I have voted for both the Bees and Dees. After contesting the 1991 election, I told Dr.Haynes that I could not contest another election under his leadership. I then supported my late friend and Comrade Leroy Harewood for the party presidency. At that time , my great friend and Comrade David Denny was also prominent in trying to get Comrade Harewood elected. In 1994 I managed the campaign for Randall Rouse in St.Joseph. In 1999, I returned home and offered assistance, in an adminstrative capacity to Rouse who had by then joined the D,L.P. In the meantime the following NDP comrades had switched to Arthur (BEES): Ian Gooding -Edghill, Tyrone Lovell, Wayne Linton, Selwyn Brooks, David Commisiong, Trevor Prescod ,Rommel Marshall and many others. I think Peter Barrow and Vere Brathwaite returned to the Dems. If my memory serves me correctly, Peter Miller joined the Bees and my high school pal Richard Byer eventually made it back to the Dems. In terms of pure political talent, I am happy that Ian Gooding- Edghill is now a candidate. Ian is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever heard. I was a bit surprised that Tyrone lost to Jones although I consider Jones a comrade from my days in the BUT. Other good political talents were: Wayne Linton, Selwyn Brooks and Nalita Gajadhar, I expect Ian to do quite well and I am also hoping that Tyrone will continue to contest elections. However I must say that Rommel Marshall read the tea leaves better than all of us combined. Randall Worrell was another fine political talent but he lost interest after 1991. The simple truth is that the NDP had an excellent slate of candidates in 1991 but we lacked star power.The NDP’s youth arm,The Young Nationals was the best political youth arm at that time. In due course< i will return to its great contribution to the party. Furthermore, Haynes was a mixed blessing- he had all the intellect and vision to be Prime Minister but the "power hungry " albatross and his inability to understand retail politics outside of his immediate constituency were fatal. This weakness was expressed in a Position Paper prepared by another outstanding political talent, Mr.Cranston Browne , who also found his way back to the Dems after 1991.I assure readers and others , that in the fullness of time the real reason for the NDP's demise will be revealed. My simple advice to others who intend to form new parties is to see the BLP/DLP as great institutions and be prepared for at least twenty years or five elections of serious hard work to even have a chance at convincing the electorate to give victory.The reason that many people are now saying that the NDP would have a chance at this time means that the country would have psychologically caught up or embraced the idea of a third party. Unfortunately, financing a political party for twenty years in the opposition and possibly without any seats in Parliament would be very difficult. The time to form a serious third party is NOW. The Bees and Deems are approaching exhaustion and or self induced destruction. For example, if Chris Sinckler and Mia Mottley were to form a new party today with a good slate of candidates they could reap some success but may not win a seat. However, within ten years such a team would be quite strong.

  23. “The NDP was ahead of its time.”
    Self-aggrandisement is visionary?
    In 2007 the problem was the BLP in power, now the messianic party has failed miserably its supporters are too shame to admit that failure and instead are now blaming the ‘system’. Pure desperation.

  24. Who has the courage to ask why a black businessman was basically given a metal- mine for recycling worth billions in exchange for a million dollars? This is called party finances and kickbacks for the upcoming general election.

  25. @balance | July 31, 2012 at 1:00 PM | i am appealling to ac, ccc, crusoe, exclamation mark , william skinner and et al to summon an urgent meeting of your beleaguered party
    How my name get in there. As William Skinner notes in his article, some of you see it as ‘B’ or ‘D’ and nothing else. Very sad.

    If you see any of my postings, you will understand that I am not partisan. If you take offense at my reference above to the use of debt to push the economy, that is not partisan talk, that is BASIC ECONOMICS!

    And dont worry to reply about how debt can be used to run the economy, circumstances etc, that was discussed ad nauseum eons ago on these blogs, well before the recession, again…basic economics.

    So, y’all B dis and D dat, some of us dont have time for that foolishness and best beware…neither do the voters!

    Pay careful attention to those last four words! Days of the ‘screaming politian’ are done.

    Unfortunately, there seems not to be much else to some who run for elections, other than the loud voice and hot air.

    • @William

      Why is the reason for the demise of the NDP a secret? Shouldn’t this info be made public to guide others who maybe contemplating an entry into the political arena?

  26. Maybe its to do with election funding and continued support and what the paymasters wanted in exchange for that funding and support, something which certain people would not agree to (rightfully, because that is exactly why the party was founded, to break away from the same old)?

    Just a guess.

  27. David ,the NDP’s demise/disappearance has not been carefully analysed by the our political pundits. I assure you that this has to be exposed because Sir Richard was allowed to walk away without anybody asking him anything. I can only say at this time that the entire episode will be revealed.

  28. William,

    With all due respect but this will be as interesting to Barbadians as Freundel’s threat with the supposedly FBI report! Richie Haynes is not a well man, let him live in peace!

  29. From over at BARBADOS FREE PRESS,

    you wont find this on Barbados underground anymore!!!!

    The politicians borrowed $100 million for a sewerage project and never built it. They received $40 million in EU money for studies of our sugar industry. Well? Where is the benefit? $20 million here for an environmental study, $2 million there for a ‘partnership’ in a failed venture in Nigeria. (Please! What did Prime Minister Owen Arthur expect would happen in Nigeria? What a joke!) Cost overruns of fifty and a hundred percent on every other government project and everyone acts like this is normal. Our Prime Minister personally gives away US$150,000 to a cricket charity and everybody acts like this is normal and Owen’s a great guy for doing that.

    “No one asks how much money a man has to have to give away US$150,000 cash or how a public servant can acquire such wealth.”



  32. William Skinner | September 28, 2011 at 7:20 PM |
    Why do people keep referring to the decision of political opprtunists to join Owen Arthur and the B.L.P as “the politics of inclusion” ? It was really the politics of seduction. The concept of inclusion is much bigger than most commentators believe. Some politics of inclusion is practiced in the USA where a Republican will serve in a Democratic cabinet or high post and vice versa. They never have to join the other party. In our situation they are nothing more than political grass hopppers looking to get on the gravy train of teh party in power. They are not inter ested in the
    country’s development or any particular policy.


  33. From over at BARBADOS FREE PRESS,

    you wont find this on Barbados underground anymore!!!!
    and still ccc things were better for me than they are now.

  34. Wait Carson
    seems to have gone on the Emancipation Walk …as I am most surprised he has not yet made his customary reply….of fodda

  35. @ Cornwall
    “Govt to Challenge the rating of S&P”…Kellman could only be jiving.
    Challenge what? Does he think this is the menu at Fisherman’s Pub?

    • @Old Onions

      Didn’t Arthur challenge the Shiprider Agreement and OECD to the consternation of many at home and abroad?

  36. WHO really want Freundel Stuart as a Prime Minister ??
    According to the polls –nobody
    According the DLP-supporters –NOBODY
    According to the Eager 11—nobody
    According to the fellas by the Rum Shop/ Round the corner/ up the Gap/ cross by Mrs Howard/ at the Supermarket/by Brandons beach/in Warrens/ down Speightstown—NOWHERE IN BARBADOS –they want Freundel Stuart and his goons in Government

    They could talk chalk
    it is
    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

    Because in 1999, it was
    BLP = 28 SEATS
    DLP = 2 SEATS

    who doubt me ?
    JUST ASKING- Bsc., Msc., Phd., GHD., FRPD., LLB.

  37. “Observing – 1 Vote -July 30, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    stop trying to convince people of the need to return the DLP to power. those retards have already lost the elections. they know, we know, how come u don’t know it?

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