Notes From a Native Son – Politics is about Change and Renewal, Stupid

Hal Austin

When finance minister Chris Sinckler rises at the despatch box on Tuesday to deliver his Budget statement, it will be the speech that will determine the future of this DLP government and define its vision. The proposals will give Barbadian voters a clear idea of what this government could do if re-elected and, just as important, if Sinckler has the ability to replace Freundel Stuart as leader of his party and a potential prime minister.

Sinckler has to account to parliament, and through members to the people of Barbados, for the near five wasted years in which he and his colleagues failed to do anything meaningful about the badly crippled Barbados economy. Equally, he has to explain why he has failed to make the last government account for the fourteen years in which it failed to put aside enough surplus to see us through a period of economic famine – the fourteen most prosperous years ins the economic history of mankind (I have written a longer essay on this which is available to those who email me).

I will restrict myself to one missed opportunity, one that does not trip easily off the lips of public intellectuals, who often prefer to drift in to tribal party politics.

Obama has rightly reminded Americans that the long-term success of any economy depends very much on successful innovation and entrepreneurship. And, in case it is not common knowledge, some organisational cultures stifle innovation, which is about the structured use of bright ideas, looking for new opportunities in unexpected places, encouraging constant change, renewing and invigorating the way we do things.

Innovation is down to processes, but most of all it is about the organisational culture and leadership. Quite simply, if a project is not important to the CEO then that message goes down to the most junior employee. Further, innovation can only take place outside the usual place of day to day work. So, it is a waste of time and effort to expect the very senior and middle managers responsible for an operational system to be the architects of its destruction.

To overcome this, as I have said in previous Notes, any dynamic leader, including prime ministers, must have a policy delivery unit in his department with the power to intervene in ministries if the government’s programme is being frustrated. There are risks, of course, in research and development in that after spending huge sums on training staff they can often leave for higher paid jobs with rival companies, but that is the gamble a forward-looking company must take. The challenge here is to work out a strategy to hold on to key people. One way of doing this is by allowing key staff time off to work on their own ideas, since innovators are by nature optimists. To succeed you have to compete at every level in which you believe you have a competitive advantage. This applies to individuals, firms and governments. If you retreat or runaway, or become just lazy, time and opportunities will pass you by. More particularly, you allow rivals a free-run to out-perform you. Just look at the Barbados rum industry, our only potential world beater, if you want an example of how an entire industry can wither and die. A cottage industry, run by a few small families who prefer to stifle a potentially lucrative industry rather than bring in bright, young people to drive it forward, the Barbados rum industry has allowed others like Bacardi, and producers such Diageo and the entire Scotch Whisky industry to leave them back in the 17th century.

Even a simple enough suggestion that we must give legal definition to Barbados/Bajan rum, in a political culture dominated by lawyers – to the extent that there is a ratio of one to every 300 people, one of the highest in the world – this simple suggestion has not even come on the radar. So, we have a government and industry, crippled by their stubbornness and arrogance, from even protecting their own long-term future, their intellectual property rights.

As the founder of Sony has said, emphasising a firm’s finances, is to focus on the past; but by emphasising research and development, is to focus on the future. We need forward-looking people.

It is true, there are economic and organisational obstacles to be overcome, but to genuine innovators and good leaders, these are just challenges. In the 1980s, General Motors had a research and development budget of US40bn, while the entire global venture capital budget was only $28bn.

There are different kinds of innovations: departmental versus organisation-wide innovation, renovating existing products and processes versus the disruptive or completely ‘new’ innovation. Some people believe there should always be a new consumer dimension in any innovative product, while others believe there should be a connection between new ideas and commercial viability on the principle no matter how good an idea unless it pays for itself it would not survive. But circumstances may also force change; for example, a food manufacturer producing products with too much salt or sugar in a health-conscious age may be forced to innovate to survive.

Analysis and Conclusion:
Government is about change, not business as usual; and when a people put their futures and their children’s futures in the hands of government, then that responsibility must be taken seriously. Politician are self-selecting, they put themselves forward as capable and able to lead the nation, as the guardians of the nation’s future. The prize is very big; if they fail, it is not only personal, it is a national disgrace. More than that, there is a truth in the saying that a people get the government they deserve. Ability is nothing without opportunity and it is the principal role of government, apart from protecting its citizens, to provide those opportunities for its young. This government has sacrificed the young unemployed on the altar of expediency.

Government is about strategy, not implementation. Prime ministers and Cabinets outsource the periphery to the ministries but keep the core – strategy and brad policy – to themselves. The Cabinet should be about policy implementation, not micro-managing.

It is the role of government to create the fiscal and legislative environment which will encourage local and foreign direct investments in sectors apart from tourism and to identify and encourage suitable talent pools and to provide them with the right competencies. Providing them with the skills training and sound purpose-led education – not generic academic learning – are the key ingredients in preparing a young force for the new global challenges.

We need a business culture in which innovation is seen as problem-solving, rather than shunting individuals out of a job. In addition, we must not forget that most innovative ideas come from people who have been doing the job for a length of time, so creating an ideas culture – and one that tolerates failure since most new ideas are a waste of time – is central to good government.

Start by encouraging customer feed-back, after all they are the people paying the bills.

Remember that so-called market segments are really people, who have ideas about how they are served and the kind of service they want to receive.

Innovation does not only come from Silicon Valley, but from every corner of the world and from all levels of society – even from ordinary Barbadians.

Remember, innovation is about changing the world, about getting up in the morning and looking with fresh eyes at things you do every day.

The workplace is not just the place you pass the time of day to get a wage packet, it is about making a difference.

In Britain, about 1000 new medium enterprises, geographically and industrially distributed, created 50 per cent of new jobs; 25 per cent of all British university dons are from overseas, implying that when looking for staff universities are prepared to look far and wide for the brightest and best. We too can follow that path: identify potentially successful sectors, scenario planning, exploring new frontiers, create a business growth fund to finance innovation, encourage clusters which would become centres of excellence.

Government has failed to introduce enablement technology, which drives down cost, improves efficient and makes overall management more modern. A good example of this failure is having a modern $70m court building with the registry using old-fashioned books and pens to register births, marriages and deaths, in much the same way they did at the end of the 19th century. It is what we used to call icing on ginger bread. The sparkling new building does not an efficient administration make. It will be a big mistake to see innovation only in terms of technology; fundamentally, it is mostly about people, how they are selected, how they are trained and how they communicate with customers/public. It is about competence, putting customers first.

We must allow bright, young staff ownership of innovation, rather than see them leave because of boredom or frustration. In journalism we do that by giving our brightest titles, columns, authority. But we know that Barbados is not an innovative society; all we have to do is check on the number of patents that have been registered over the last year, no make that the last fifty years. Where is out patent court?

Finally, this government has failed because it did not realise the extent of the challenge it faced. However, for an economy to grow there must be a supply of money and credit. Just ask Al Barrack what he thinks.

Hal Austin, London (June21, 2012)

124 thoughts on “Notes From a Native Son – Politics is about Change and Renewal, Stupid

  1. A lot of what Austin has posited should have occurred in the last decade. The realignment of the economy etc. Where there is no vision…

    • The whole argument about whether the focus should be on an economy and not a society. The issues which distract us. An economy operates as a nexus to building out a society, NEXT!

      Our leaders, not necessarily political, need to lift the narrative.

  2. Some of our leaders have led with the lack of vision because we are a polarized society. Where the viewpoints of the Moderates and Independents are muffled and the avenues for intellectual debate that would encourage development and creativity are lost in the mainstream media and the walls of parliament. The only thing that changes all of this is to revisit our education system and start the investment there.

  3. It peeves me that many people benefitted throughout the Arthur reign but now they say this and the next should have been done. And say the worst thiings about Owen Arthur- how he drinks rum, has women, curse people…

    Owen Arthur cussed people especially when they sat on their butts and did nothing if he appointed them – Nothing worng with that. Having women and drinking is his personal private life which did not prevent him from running teh country so it ought not to be included.

    It is my wish that Owen does not respond to the Budget but put forward his own Budget in the same way that Chris Sinckler would put forward his budget and let us decide which party we want to take us forward.

  4. I wish this guy would be more concise really … As soon as I start feeling that I am obligated to read a piece … I gun stop trying. My brain simple simple. I could respond to a point or two but it can’ process a scatter shot. Austin, I tired a’ you, seriously …!

  5. Any reform in government must be a joint thing between the people and both the government of the day and the opposition. We must mature beyond the point of criticising or supporting simply because of party loyalty, be strong enough to tell your party in your opinionthey are doing wrong. Within the government service, they are people who do little work daily because this is not their party in power, then they are those who are now working extremely hard because their party is in power, we must move beyond this. Right now an M.P dare not vote against a particular motion, he’s expected to vote for even if he is not in favor of it. private sector and government must also work hand in hand and in sinc with the trade unions. All this is a big task but can be achieved. The politicians themselves thrives on this partisan model even though in private life they are all friends, they need to stop this division that they are causing, this would be the start of government reform..

  6. The problem is neither of the leading parties is willing to bell the cat and tell the public the truth, therefore once someone crticises a particular party automatically he/she is branded as a supporter of the other party, it appers as if it is impossible dor someone to be neutral and critique either side. We need as a people to mature and stop letting politician think for us.

    • @The Scout

      It is WE the PEOPLE who will have to bell the cat.

      If we don’t those with a vested interest in the system continue to gorge on the calf, now lean.

  7. @CCC I doubt sinckler does sound like he pun de platform even when in parliament and OSA like he aint able wid dah brawling response from Chris he could left dah fowl cock behaviour fa de election

  8. @ Cardboard
    Chris should be Minister of culture. (Vob interview)…..he puts Lashley to shame…knowledgeable too…..Wish he keeps some of the sedate for Tuesday and leave home D gorillaphant outfit..but.
    You see when he hear OSA nears…..D man duz go ballistic…outfit comes out…monster Chris at large…lol

  9. Look Clone before you try to distract the people….why how in a time of restraint an entourage and PM could up and go FIRST CLASS to Rio de Janiero spending $275.076.13 on a four day splurge…

    .IS MADNESS and down right uncaring to a people you are asking to bear restraints…….

  10. It is time that Owen put this inexperienced supine amateur of Minister of Finance in his place. He never argues on policy or thorough analysis when Owen puts forward a point. Instead he brinsg up some nasty gutter response or say that the BLP were in power for 14 years as though it was the BLP’s fault for being in power for 14 years.

    The BLP were in power because the people of Barbados were confident enough to trust them to LEAD and they do trust them again to LEAD once more.

    As a young person, I am happy to see Chris Sinckler as Minister of Finance but disgusted at his behaviour and lack of manners. He is too disrespectful to his superiors. He is like a rebellious teenager that you simply cannot reason with. He will soon learn that is not the way.

  11. 2Dbone

    If you are a young person then I would excuse you from the cut and truss that goes on in politics. What is disrespectful of reminding a former PM of his misdeeds while he was PM.
    Your Owen Arthur was very ROBUST and MUSCULAR in language in closing budget debates where he always brought files from the Ministry to exposed people. He was no sweet bread.
    He embarrass so many people that right now some senior civil servants are scared that he would get back in power.
    Did he not call Harold Hoyte a negrocrat in a closing budget debate?

  12. Young boy
    Tell that clown… take his follies and stuff them….tell him if he wants sweet breads visit Purity.

  13. Clone

    Are you shitting me … You had to put up a link about the PM traveling again?

    The newspaper talkin’ ’bout various ministries pickin’ up the tab but dah is Foreign Exchange (Central Bank money) dat gettin’ spen’ … WHAT THE F#CK! All this talk about international depression and a Gov’ment could find foreign exchange to carry a whole team of largely ineffective administrative white elephants on a free trip?

    And for what … to pat yourself on the back knowing full well that all de local press gun do is print what ever you say …? Jesus H Ch@st is there NO limit to the shite that a Prime Minister would do with the US money that he come and find at his disposal, money that is so f#ckin’ hard to come by? Is this over and away stint going to generate one US Cent in return? Barbados NEEDs a Prime Minister, man, BIG time, and I have not seen one for many many years …

    What a f%ckin’ waste of money

  14. The link was to the last page of the Barbados today online paper about the economy Pain to Gain but it went right back to the cover page.
    I suppose these conferences have some importance to us as we were the Island that held the first conference on small developing states.
    Do not know if so many persons have to go. I just feel some of these politicians do not understand ABOUT LIVING LIKE WE ARE IN A RECESSION

  15. Clone you are so confused…that you need to divorce yourself via couple of days… like ac from it all…..ya talkin bare shite den ! Which more important puttin bread on we table about here or rising sea levels in 100 yrs ?….FUNDY & Co..enjoyin dem a spade ..a spade. Don’t forget FIRST CLASS…breds

  16. Onions have you read the article on the back page of the Barbados today about pain to gain? Or you just want to push ignorance down people throat all the time. Make a comment on it then.

  17. Clone
    The decision whether to continue with austerity measures or attempts to spur growth…the gist…we in the Caribbean countries move more along pragmatic economist lines….Dr. frank Alleyne should concur to this.If continued austerity measures means riots and further loss of FOREX by destroying what lil infrastructure the forefathers bled n sweet to achieve…gimme growth any day. CNN economist the like of Gibbs tend too often to forget that Beniakee and those US boys work with a reactive economy…we don’t…should we allow ourselves to slump with those will take hell o high waters to restart our economic machinery…Notwithstanding what they can implement in 6 months and see the results to test..would take us two three yrs…if you see my point.

  18. @ oinios

    you so Dumb ! yuh mean all the other head of states are in Rio just because did want a vacation or doesn’t have anything else to do with their time , that is why we are always trying to play catch up in all areas because it is people like you with tunnel vision and with the capacity of only being able to see out of one eye while keeping the other eye tightly closed and after all hell is broken loose retreats to pointing the finger of blame at others even when all the facts .are right before your eyes . BLP mentality!

  19. Here is Dr. Worrell’s view..
    The problems with economics? Too often, the math of an economist can’t be applied to the non-linear market we live in and react to on a daily
    basis. This paper by Dr DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados beautifully describes why economists have so much trouble applying their theories to the world we live into:

  20. “A good example of this failure is having a modern $70m court building with the registry using old-fashioned books and pens to register births, marriages and deaths, in much the same way they did at the end of the 19th century.”
    The BLP government was obviously very short sighted and lacked vision.Who was the BLP leader again?

  21. @CLONE
    why you trying to confuse onions that kind of things don’t catch he interest. too complicated fuh he to figure out! i think right now all he thinking and planning is how he is going to respond to the budget just in case Mia fall short again in her response remember last time onions had many sleepless nites trying to figure out the 1.3 billion. so excuse his frustration cause he got bigger fish to fry ! or so he think!

  22. @ ac
    I know you would miss d point….ALL THEM GONE FIRST CLASS?????
    Wait a team of 12 ..reporters incl.and for a lil issy….environmental conference / in hard times ? When we chop off Drugs from ole people $12 Mil…and spend back $1 revampt QEH entrance now this…look woman I glad you ent my wife..Stuart & Co. cudda stand home..send D Minister lowe… ALONE read his speech..but nooooooooooooo….Is Rio.
    Another $14 mill cant hurt we…

  23. @ onions

    u such a jack”’a”’ss

    @ ac
    I know you would miss d point….ALL THEM GONE FIRST CLASS?????
    Wait a team of 12 ..reporters incl.and for a lil issy….environmental conference / in hard times ? When we chop off Drugs from ole people $12 Mil…and spend back $1 revampt QEH entrance now this…look woman I glad you ent my wife..Stuart & Co. cudda stand home..send D Minister lowe… ALONE read his speech..but nooooooooooooo….Is Rio.
    Another $14 mill cant hurt we…

  24. ac.
    ….u are just a rubber stamp argue-er….you have no point..but you rebutt…EXPOSED….lol

  25. have it ever occurred to you that Barbados is connected to the rest of the world through globalisation and what effects one affects all. are you so daft in your thinking to believe that barbados can solve its environmental problems by itself without interacting and building upon the knowledge obtained from other countries look around us after 14 years of “socalled goodleadership” we still do not have the answer to cleaning up our streets and according to you back in those days barbados had “good leadership” s let alone now trying to find and have the answers all by ourselves to major climatic changes which would affect this planet in the near future.this is what the conference is all about and you still using one eye to figure out a colossal major event that would eventually show up at our doorstep! steupsee! this just goes to show how retarded and backward you are in your thinking.

  26. Look ac …..I still maintain yes to all the bugga boo…BUT SEND ONE MAN…and save COST….makes sense ?

  27. It is things like this, the battle between ac & Co and onions that fuel the politicians to do as they like. No matter what they do, there is always some clown, even though he/she is hurting, would say, the politician is right, just because of the party involvement. This antque style of politics have left this country wallowing in dirty mud for too long. None of you DLP yardfowls would be man/woman enough to tell the P.M and Co thay what they are doing is wrong, to same thing would happen if the other party is in power. As I’ve said before “do not allow politicians to think for you” and I would add ” if allowed, then they would totally control you.” Many of them are not that smart; do you want a clown to control you? When we allow them to fester in this atmosphere, the 22 cent would come and we’ll still be here arguing CRAP>

  28. We must reach the stage of our development where even if one party starts a project and it is beneficial to the country, when that party loses government, the other party would take it up and run with it, instead what we do is ignore it because it is not mine. when this happens, it shows the politician and the party care only for their image and not the welfare of this country. This behavior is what is causing this DLP government to pay out millions of dollars for signed contracts made during the BLP regime, and just because it was not their thing, they cancel thewm fot their own project at the expense of thetax paying public. This show immaturity.childishness.

  29. For the DLP supporters to be constantly saying the BLP did nothing for Barbados for 14 years, is an assault on the intelligence of the voting public. it would be better if the DLP would look at where they have gone wrong and get their act together, rather than blame others for your demise. Even now, the DLP is blaming the public for not embracing them with their austerity measures, instead of looking for ways to ease the cost of living. The DLP is going along with the idea, we are in charge and therefore it is our way or the highway, keep it up and it will be the highway. Like in the early 90’s people, like me, would not now vote for the BLP but vote against the DLP which will cause the BLP to be back in government..

  30. Scout

    The above is a part truth. Both parties have supported the others projects on many occasions on follow on. Truth be told because the BLP has seen office for a lot longer that D’s and because of the nature of the game it is easy to assess that the B’s have initiated more physical campaigns than the D’s so the D’s have always been made to complete what has already been started … which incidentally included the bulk of the Lashley housing campaign. The problem that seems to be surfacing is that of changing the provider of the service (contractor) for works that have already been agreed upon.

    Look this system is broken. It is so from definition, and thank goodness that there is really NO true whistle blowing for if I were exposed to the true dealings behind the scenes in this Westminister shite that we are forced to live with I might very well go insane with rage. So I am glad that I know so little, since there is no real Public Accounts Comm as one party will scratch the back of the other …

    I like it so …! I do … keep my sanity … hic … wait … wah is dah that fly pass there … hic …

  31. BAFBFP
    You are right, but then the new administration try to make the public believe they were the designers of these projects; it happens to both parties. i remember the now LLoyd Erskinse Sandiford Centre,and the St. John ployclinic when the BLP gained government they abandoned these projects. Similarly, the DLP then did the same thing to the ABC highway, the Pier Head marina, and other projects. This has costed the tax payers dearly for this immature behavior, we must rise above this childishness. Even the B’town and its Garrison achievement, what was wrong in stating it was started by Dame Billie Millar, before that we had the now GAIA, started by the DLP but in losing government the BLP behaved as though it was their project and the then P.M named it after his father. One more term in office and that, maybe, would have been the Errol Barrow Int Airport. We nned to move beyond this type of behavior. Funny thing, once you criticise any one party at any given time, their are the yardfowls that immediately label you as a supporter of the other party, it seems as though you are not free to speak your mind without being labelled.

  32. the scout

    Just wake up. Boy all could tell you is that there are some places in this world, very close to Bim, where if yah miss and wear the wrong colour shirt in the wrong neighborhood you could most certainly lose your life …!

  33. i remember the now LLoyd Erskinse Sandiford Centre,and the St. John ployclinic when the BLP gained government they abandoned these projects. ”

    i agree with your comments but what i find amusing is that the DLP abandoned the ST John polyclinic during their 86-94 term and had not for the Byelection would probably have never seen the light of day since it was not even a manifesto promise; with respect to Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, this project has still been abandoned by the DLP with Sir LLoyd having cause sometime ago to publicly admonish the DLP for building a car park at the centre rather than completing construction.

  34. “Truth be told because the BLP has seen office for a lot longer that D’s ”
    from when to when because for the DLP faithfuls, nothing took place in barbados before 1961.

  35. Hiding behind MIA AMOR MOTTLEY’s skirt will not save Owen”Seethru”Arthur come Budget day!!!!

    Dont miss it folks.

  36. The evil men do lives on after them. Just remember that folks.

    Budget day in Barbados is going to be very exciting. Reserve a comfortable seat and a big bag of popcorn and let the show begin.

    Clear your “to do list” and just pencil in “BUDGET DAY” in place of everything else!

  37. You DLP ‘s have DT to blame for all your miseries…how the hell he could have left you all to be doomed by his eminently bad choices….guess he wanted heads to roll too….same selfish attitude time n time again..
    CHOICE #1…… Successor.
    CHOICE # 2…….CLICO.
    CHOICE # 3……..Estwick.
    …………….doomed from the word go….

  38. Stay tune Seethru the party will not go after MIA as you are hoping.


  39. The best approach is to judge institutions by the actions of the individuals involved, you know initiatives and implementations, problem solving and so on, not on the shite that they are prepared to spout when the cameras are turned on …!

  40. Change will not take place at the root of things unless people honour their obligations – and the ‘rule of law’ concept is a shadow far, far bigger than its substance..

    On foreign imports to the University – yes…but……does H Austin want to flesh out that idea?

  41. @ David

    Because he made a point which he did not elaborate – so that I, for one, am left in the dark precisely what he was saying. As expressed, as I say, it is ‘yes…but’. Problem is what ‘yes’ and what ‘but’. I see nothing wrong in asking for ‘fleshing’. The question is not loaded. It is exactly because ‘WE’ are in whatever it is that the question is fair…the ‘devil knoweth not……’ and all that.

  42. @ David

    And of course he doesn’t have to answer at all. That is his right. We are not in the middle of a debate about it such that a failure to answer might be taken as mealy-mouthed crookery.

  43. One of the most important considerations in formulating policy is context. Too often I find Hal ignores this most critical point.

  44. ac wrote on…….. June 22, 2012 at 8:13 AM |

    Yeap where there is no vision the people shall perish!……….

    You bet, ac. Kinda like what’s been happening in your party since January 2008.

  45. ac wrote to @ oinios

    you so Dumb ! yuh mean all the other head of states are in Rio just because did want a vacation or doesn’t have anything else to do with their time , that is why we are always trying to play catch up in all areas because it is people like you with tunnel vision and with the capacity of only being able to see out of one eye while keeping the other eye tightly closed and after all hell is broken loose retreats to pointing the finger of blame at others even when all the facts .are right before your eyes . BLP mentality!……………..

    ac, Do you remember that Sandi went down there too and what did Barbados gain from that? An unforgettable poem….. Ode to the Enviroment!

  46. According the yardfowl, CCC, Chris Sinckler will concentrate and spew his vitriolic filth on Owen Arthur. You are giving him real good advice, straight from the mouth of a newly qualified person…right out of the Saul Alinsky textbook.

    Go right ahead, CCC and Chris Sinkler, you will further alienate yourselves from the voting public. Do you all not go into the community and hear how the folks are saying that they are sick of the behaviour of you politicians in the House. Go right ahead with the thuggish behaviour, the folks are fed up and are waiting on you all. And then we talk about children acting out the same thuggish, bullying behaviour in our schools. What I am hearing is that people’s minds are made up and they are just waiting for the day.

    Go right ahead, CUSS Owen, CUSS Owen, that will seal the fate of the DLP faster. The folks will not be fooled again by the DLP, that’s for sure.

  47. @ ac
    Poor Sis……she like Frater…..nuff hott air….man the DLP in so much hot water FUNDY…gone Rio to unwind….I hear Eager planing to get the plane fly straight to Kampalumpa ( where Sandi went)..and left him to enjoy his vacation good.

  48. What are the BLP yardfowls afraid of ? Let Owen Arthur come in the house and sit down and take on Sinckler, if he is able. Right now in budget wrap ups , it is Sinckler 2, Arthur zero- I see a trend developing.
    Yesterday’s man like he running out of gas.

    When Arthur was cussing everyone left, right and centre there was no talk about thuggish, bullying behaviour. The BLP seem to think that Bajans are stupid.

  49. @Appollo13

    when you come to this realisation? You think Barbadians stupid, all Mr. Sinkckler has to do is present the facts, it it meant in a forceful way. I have never seen anyone in the House cussing, the Standing Orders would not allow for that. Thank you and Gog Bless.>

  50. If you are a public servant a vote for the BLP could mean that you lose your job.
    In a press report carried on Decemeber 1, 2010 following a BAJ arranged discussion at the Grand Salle , Central Bank, the following was said about Clyde Mascoll’s presentation:

    “When pressed to say whether he would send home public servants as a way of cutting spending, the former Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance suggested examining transfers and subsidies to statutory corporations.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, 75% of transfers and subsidies is wages and salaries and since you cannot cut salaries, the major way to cut that is to send home people- plain and simple.
    Public servants would have to go home under that scenario which Mascoll suggested. Do not be fooled.

  51. Arthur frighten fa wind bag Chris…ShoiteEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Even Onions wud mashup goose…..He is bare ole talk…..He is a big barker….and duz hollar hard like a gorillaphant…..That won’t frighten Onions cuz I cud holla hardeR….But ya see OSA…want a somebody….he don’t take on anybody…lol..poor chris….

  52. even O C Moore C more than dese polished, eurocentric, colo-minded pollytricians we have in Barbados

  53. Onions

    Facts will be presented, that is all.

    They will be very uncomfortable for Seethru, i will grant you that.

  54. Look Cardboard
    Why you don’t have lessons to do ? OSA just not interest in a spectacle as your friend and confidante is…relax man

  55. @ ac
    You of all persons should be ashamed of posting nonsense…..why you don’t have anything to do either ? How you could be encouraging Cardboard in puppet-izing himself for laughter ? Both of you want noticing…and I will not be encouraging it…OSA don’t debate….everybody…Did Clay mix it up with every upstart that wanted a fight ? No…. some people got to know their peers….I bid you Ado.

    • Is it not sad when a bunch of political hacks would be looking forward to the theatrics of politics during a budget during one of the worse economic periods in the history of mankind?

    • @enuff

      This is what the comments boxes are for. Pick up the points which you feel can be expanded. Let the blog be a learning exercise for godsakes.

  56. @David et al.

    We all know that the world economic is in a xxxxstorm, the real issue for us to decide, in assessing government policy generally and economic policy is whether we are addressing our priorities in our most effective and efficient manner, including economic, as possible, with what we have.

    So, ‘the world is in a mess’, is a fact, but not an excuse. It is a reason for some problems, but not a panacea to criticism.

  57. truth is truth no matter where it comes from even if from a drunken man. now onions go deal with it.
    the budget is due on tues no sense in pontificating on matters not seen or heardthe realities would be put forward for the judge and jury to decide on on tues . right now what we are seeing and feeling are the ecomnic realities imposed upon a nation after 14yrs.of high debt which must be repaid come hell or high water before the nation goes into foreclosure and full ownership by the financial instuitions and those we owe.

    • Is it possible for the issues facing the countries to be discussed in a constructive way? To hear rabid partisan to and forth exposes a failing.

  58. @ ac ..
    Budget. ?.what Budget..?…you call that a Budget…..stupeesss in an election year….and Chris can’t even lower the price of TP….shameful indeed.

    We paying $5.15 for a cartoon of bajan PHD orange juice…..that selling in st. Lucia for $3.45 (converted)……laughable.

    • The only way to move this country is to up the narrative. To engage in exchanges which are steeped in political mumbo jumbo is doing nothing for Barbados at this time. We are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

      Here is a quote from Everton Cumberbatc on FB:

      “An election is pending between now and early April, according to Freundel Stuart and the constitution. There will be the usual PR and marketing stuff, but what would really be beneficial to this Country given the economic mess we are in is not more pie in the sky or doom and damnation but constructive dialogue on the way forward. Let us have a series on consultations on various sectors and evaluation of the instruments, funds, facilities, and institutions, and the performance of the personnel in them that we can determine their relevance. Suddenly I am hearing again about EGFL, Fund Access, BIDC and on and on, but all of these have been failing. Why?”

  59. No wonder the Trinidadians send there Trojans…to JUCK OUT we Bajan eyes..when we got already blind wmen like you …or are u too..a Trinidadian ?

  60. Everton Cumberbatch…….the DLP wanna B candidate…? For how long…?Get real David….wait he got his own blog too ?

  61. the way forward would be to pay down high debt down ! stop giving out corporate welfare that this crippling the taxpayer and the country getting verylittle benefit in return.set the nation on a path that is vital to developing industries bearing in mind that the called for local entrepeunership should not only be lip serviced but one that govt involvement should be as rigouous as the call for oversees investment.

  62. Bu David
    You ever see a mongoose raising chickens…..or a ac praising a OSA…somethings are prone to be….so no stereotype.
    Is like asking this DLP Govt not to waste lil money…dat people out there this morning with nothing to give their children….but some set about to spend $63,000.00 per day wearing nice looking threads…..Yes David is like dat !….Yes dear Senator…..starvation is already here in Barbados.

  63. Salty sack speak on the statement as below made by no lesser a body than the IDB,The Bank lauded the country’s high education standards, describing it as exemplary for the Latin American and Caribbean region.

    According to the Bank, Barbados seeks to improve secondary and post-secondary education with its assistance programme backed which will also help youth develop skills to access jobs.

    The release stated, “The Inter-American development Bank (IDB) has approved a $20 million loan to help Barbados improve secondary and post-secondary education and ensure that graduates develop skills needed to either pursue further education or enter the labour market”.
    The Bank lauded the country’s high education standards, describing it as exemplary for the Latin American and Caribbean region. However it acknowledged that the quality of formal education did not always fully translate into employment opportunities.

    “An exemplar among Latin American and Caribbean countries, Barbados has achieved universal access to primary and secondary schooling, with high completion and negligible dropout rates and outstanding tertiary level enrolment. However, it still faces challenges in terms of raising the quality of education and preparing its young people for the transition from school to work,” stated the Bank.

  64. This same Cumerbatch guy is he not the same that lived sweetly out of the last govt of Owen Arthur and Mottley?

    Was it not he who operated a company Email Communications out of a property at The Harbour Road and was untouchable to authorities at BIDC and never contributed a cent in rent for the use of the said property and the locks were placed on the doors to the building after the BLP were thrown out, to this day he still owes the BIDC $ 600,000.00 in outstanding rents.

    Is it he that refers to obtaining money from EGFL and BIDC?

    Or do I have the wrong person in mind here?

  65. @David,

    Barbados is divided politically and when you combine that with the fatted calf turning on the spit, the good of the country is secondary to the pursuit of veal.

    Government contracts made a lot of people rich and OSABLP inc. are salivating at the opportunity to manage and distribute the “veal”.

    While looking for new ideas you should also make what you have already established work better.

    The Americans seem to think Canadians have money to spend on travel.

  66. @ David
    “Is it not sad when a bunch of political hacks would be looking forward to the theatrics of politics during a budget during one of the worse economic periods in the history of mankind?”

    How true.

    “This is what the comments boxes are for. Pick up the points which you feel can be expanded. Let the blog be a learning exercise for godsakes.”

    It has become tiring.

  67. @ Rational boy
    More than one dog name BoB….he to whom I refer….din eatin no Bob Martin Tablets….could’nt Bob.

  68. It is indeed the same fraud that you embraced in your part the same one who thru party affiliation was excused from paying BIDC their monthly rental. No lesser a thief.

  69. Hey you boi …know your place..Onions don’t lie for nobody…if ya spade I call ya a space you hold that tongue. If you so daff to believe Everton Cumberbatch is only one in bdos..and the one to which I refer… tried to run for the DLP …now writes for the same….is the SAME…suit yourself..

  70. Party. You guys perfected the art of theft from the people, no longer is it. For the people under Arthur it was for he and too few for him and his bank account to help settle the divorce with Beverley $ 5 mil later and to provide for the new found gathering of children that are all springing up around the island from far and wide, seems to me that he not only performed as PM at times but he also performed the role of
    Village Ram to many households on this island.

    Now that he has aged beyond recognition and now appears a frail shaky old man unable to give of an hours days work he is trying to take in more comfort money for his endowment money plan for Nicholls to put his hands on to pay the support to the Guyanese woman that is his kept woman.

    So yes his needs are many not wonder he is eager to write cheques from the people of Barbados to himself and cohorts like himself.

  71. @ Rational Son | June 24, 2012 at 11:42 AM |

    Now get this straight, Mr. IRRATIONAL Man, we are NOT interested in your personal attacks on the Right Honourable Mr. Owen Arthur.

    Great minds think about ideas. Small minds (like yours) discuss people’s private lives.

    If you want to wage a personal vendetta against Owen by all means go ahead but Not on this blog. We are NOT interested in discussing Mr. Arthur’s personal peccadilloes. Bring ideas, constructive criticisms and even partisan political “cussing” but not washing of personal dirty underwear unless of course it is yours on show.

  72. @ Rational son
    Your mouth is full of rot. Shakey ole man….tell that to the fellow who fall down …. times at the BDF….You so when you see all is lost thru CLICO theify…seek like true DLP yardfowls to attack…people’s family..Sounds oh so much like Blog 2012 trini..and I would not doubt ..the slime fits.

  73. The problem with you all is the fact that Seethru has so much dirty underwear that it is beginning to embarrass you.

    You would rather it be kept a dark dirty secret.

    But what is done in the dark will be reveal in the light.

  74. BTW DAVID I want you to record everything and put it up on a sidebar for posterity.

    If you dare!!!!!

  75. Carson C. Cadogan wrote,

    “But what is done in the dark will be reveal in the light.”

    We waiting for the revelation.

  76. A lot of what Austin has posited should have occurred in the last decade. The realignment of the economy etc. Where there is no vision…

    if things were as prosperous as you say, why then would it have been necessary to realign the economy and where in a scenario like this would you have started? i always hear if it ain’t broke, do not fix.. it is a fact that the economy was broke when Mr Arthur ook up the mantle in 1994 and he must have done something to contribute to the era of prosperity or plenty which you champion to suit your purposes in this forum ‘tongur in cheek’

  77. Budget day approaches. Be very afraid Seeth
    of course, we expect goodies in the budget but let’s awaitthe impact on the disgruntled some of whom are already saying too late shall be your cry but one never knows.

  78. @ Aarson
    For a moment..I thought I saw you in company of the PM…in Rio de Janerio…licking out we bajans’ $275,076.13 in hard earned taxes and levies….D bald head fellow in the photos Dale sent back bare a close resemblance….I wonder what you going do come elections morn ?No more OSA to criticize….no more corny jokes about the BLP or its people. Aarson and I fear you may go mad….studying your foolishness that you have levied at the BLP…No more Old Onions to post videos at…chezon Aarson have you given ant thoughts to those things yet ?Your best bet is to marry ac ..cuz she will be in the same predicament…lol

  79. I’m not in a habit of getting down to somw people level, but this blog is getting so nasty already, and general elections have not yet been called. It appears the DLP supporters are so desperate that they are willing to play dirty, in an effort to gain vote.Well if this is so they would have to play VERY VERY dirty since most people I’ve spoken too are eagerly awaiting the elections, so that they can remove this unsteady government from office. What might happen is they might cause some still undecided voters to be turned off by their behaviour. I’ve told CCC before, he is causing more damage to the DLP than good, now he has some other supporters following his nastiness., this is too modern an era for us to be still stuck in 1950’s politics

  80. I heard the DLP has done its own poll, which is to be released soon, the poll shows the four safest seats for the DLP are, St.John, St. Lucy, St. Michael South and St. Michael N.W in that order. This means the two DLP front runners have done a lot of work in their constituentcy, or the poll is a fraud.

  81. I agree with you Scout….Cardboard and some are just overly wham-junctious.There is no need to hit out at people’s family and use dirty derogatory comments to other politicos….make it light…like Black bird soup and candle sales….but not of the officious types of some..Come on fellows DLP owls….lets keep it clean…still good fun to be had..

  82. scout

    “I heard the DLP has done its own poll, which is to be released soon,”

    You are in position to know of anything the DLP is doing in advance.

  83. I am sure all will remember Seethru telling the large crowd in Oistins before the last election, ” I know wunna want me but wunna have to vote fuh my team as well”

    ……….and as they say the rest is history.

  84. The Dems are a sorry, sorry bunch!

    Why Arson dont go back and do his doctorate and free BU of his filth, though? This blog was relatively free of the filth and slime, now he is back and has brought along another one just like him, Rational Son. Why dont you liars be consistent when you are lying? But you know a liar should have a good memory and RS does not have one. You Dems used to say $6million now it is down to $5million, sometimes it used to be $75000.00, then it went up to $750,000. This just proves that you Dems are LIARS. The morning after elections, we do not want to hear you all again on this blog……

    We have news for you all Dems, no amount of lies you bring can change the minds of the people of Barbados. They have their minds made up like in 2007, they realisenow they made a mistake and will correct it whenever the slow man calls the elections, he has to,he can dealy it all he wants but he has to call the election, you know!

  85. I agree with you Onions the BLP is great fun.

    I remember when Seethru was getting up on the platform in Carlise carpark, drunk as a fish. Supporters had to steady him. The first few words out of his mouth was like Greek, Chinese or some foreign language. Then he realised that people were watching him and he pulled himself together.

    It was hilarious!!!!!

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