The Hoad Dairy Farm Issue

Dick Hoad being forced out of business by a government project – Photo credit: Nation

Dick Hoad has become an institution in Barbados and is greatly admired by many including the BU household. His literary interventions which many look forward to reading on Fridays supported by his entrepreneurial capability manifested on the The Hoad Farm must be encouraged. One would have imagined a progressive government should promote The Hoad Form as a model to be replicated across Barbados. To the consternation of many this Sunday morning the plight of the Hoads caused by government action has created ‘another’ controversy. BU thank family member Crusoe for highlighting this issue in on another blog.

Talking about financial issues and production issues, the story of the Hoad Dairy Farm in today’s Nation should be given full exposure. This is a serious issue, we ask people to be entrepreneurs, to develop PRODUCTIVE industry and not just import, wholesale, retail. This approach is critical to our survival. Here we have a couple who have done just that, now a government body is destroying their business by competing directly. Is that right?

Remember my words from the other blog thread on heritage…Lotta Long Talk, about entrepreneurship etc. Yet, a couple who have done it successfully and should be an example to others on how to do it, are put to the task, but the same government that is advocating entrepreneurship!?!

What I would want from the Minister of Finance is a cost analysis and revenue statements for the Greenland milk producing farm, audited by the Auditor General. That would show if Government is actually making money (said from the moral view), or losing money to compete with a private manufacturer.

What is the betting that after the Hoads are out of business, the Government business would be ‘sold’ to a ‘private entity’. Maybe even a Trini one!!! And some argue this country is just and fair?

This is the same issue that the CBC, whichever Government is in, has the current administrations best buddy as the head i.e. Government s interference in public information and in competing with private entities.

…here is one further irony, a doozer. With all the talk of Common Entrance and Scholarships etc., how important ‘academics ‘is, I believe that one or both of the Hoads are former Barbados Exhibition winners. They have used brains and hard work to develop an industry. Now this!

Then further, they also (pretty sure about Mr., think Mrs. studied at UWI!
They are the proverbial EXAMPLE of home grown success. Now this! Irony in yuh face!

And PROOF of my claim, that we have become a country of form over substance. In three or four years, we will see a picture of a skinteet Minister, handing over the keys of the Government Greenland Goat Milk farm, to some private entity, maybe Trini, claiming how well Barbados and Government has done in developing a goat milk industry and had managed to sell it for a tidy sum. At which point the price of the no competition XYZ milk from XYZ milk farm, former Government farm, will double. Peuk!

This is just how things are here now. Whereto Barbados?

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  1. ac wrote “In response what make you think that in any country a business person has exclusive rights to a free and open market. govt or any other upstart business has the right to compete.

    Clearly you don’t have a clue about Agriculture and the role any good government should play in a small densely populated Nation.

    The Ministry of Agriculture should be doing the research and providing support for farmers.

  2. and all you supporters of hoad keep or start supporting his business that kind of support would do more good than talking , intead of buying i gallon buy 4for gallons of milk . the hoads would appreciate it

  3. David next time you see Peter Miller tell him to put some fresh tumeric in he pepper sauce and sell it as a Premium branded product.

    I bought a bottle and some eclipse biscuits yesterday..

    Now I have to drive 30 kms to get tumeric root from the St.Lawrence market so I can make Hants premium modified Windmill pepper sauce.

  4. @ CASWELL

    Well that is a big “IF” because no black man would have been granted the financial resources if they had the idea..and that alone is a disgrace, there are plenty black people with great ideas but are deny financial capital to get started.

  5. @ ac
    Bushie is a professional “ranter and raver”….. You are not!

    What exactly do you not understand about the “dastardity” of what this government department is doing…?

    Imagine you decided to start a business breeding sea eggs in some old bathtubs in your yard. You borrow $500 from Caswell’s credit union and after ten years you got a good little thing going selling about 1000 sea eggs each year.

    A man from the ministry of sea eggs and cobblers knock on your door one Monday morning and ask you to explain how you get this business to work….. You playing nice and big fashion – gone and spill all the beans (Bushie wudda slam de door in he face and let go the pit bulls – Bushie don’t want Babylon inna his yard…)

    ….next thing you hear, the government got a sea egg farm nearby – calling it an experiment, and selling sea eggs for 25 cents each. Your customers (all like smooth chocolate so… Stop buying your sea eggs and buying the cheap ones..

    If you sell for 25 cents you would have to get another job just to pay the NIS, bank charges and vat… So obviously you have to shut down.

    After you are out of operation, the nasty public servant who did the deed gets promoted to PS and his replacement don’t give a damn about sea eggs …. So the whole business now dead…. But their objective have been achieved for the ministry…..

    They now no longer have anyone making them look bad by running a successful business on a shoe string budget while they spend millions of taxpayers dollars doing (as BAFBFP would put it)
    …….F*** all – at the government’s air conditioned offices or in the air conditioned MP cars…

  6. There is a silver lining to this after all. I expect sales of goat milk to spike now that Caswell has confessed to the magical restoration powers of Goat milk. Who knew? Hoad may have men lining up his door to purchase goat milk price be damned, somewhere the god Priapus is smiling.

  7. @ Bushie cobblers only good for fishing for Pompas.

    Break off most of the prickles and stick the hook through the
    mouth. Put on a lead sinker and cast yuh line in the clear next to
    a reef.

    Suggest 80lb line if yuh fishing with a hand line.

    • Sargeant

      It does not work like that. I introduced the bloggers to restorative properties of cowitch and as far as I know only BAFBFP took up the offer. Unfortunately, he did not make the tea: he rubbed it on.

  8. I am still waiting for someone to tell me why there is outrage against Government for using taxpayer money to (1) compete against the Hoads in the milk industry and undercut their price and (2) compete against the south coast hotels in the tourism industry and undercut their prices, but it is ok for it to use taxpayer money to compete against PSV owners,in the transportation industry, limit the price they can charge and also use other measures to impede their viability.

    • @Inkwell

      No one can answer that question and you probably know why. Since the late Tom Adams instituted punitive taxes the industry has been ‘labeled’ and become immerse in politics. Someone will have to show leadership to bring sanity to public transportation in Barbados. Boyce and this government promised it by establishing the Transport Authority but that has proved to date to be ineffective.

  9. I went to my favourite supermarket. There was HOAD – lots of it – nothing else. It was, I think, $7.75 for two pints. Pine Hill cow was $5.85 I think. So: Hoad’s goat was cheaper than my favourite Soy. and not THAT much more expensive than the universal cow. I wonder what ‘Gov Goat’ sells for.

    Anyway, with this post very much in mind, seeing the Hoad gave me a pre-something thrill and I bought two pints. I’m not at all sure this will be good for my cholesterol but the P god may be happy.

  10. Inkwell

    I gun come clean … I don’ like mini bus people … I don’ like them. People speak about there being a few bad ones but as far as I am concerned I neva see a good one yet…! I even hate to look at them then … Ugly bitches who believe that the road is their realm and the rest of its users are there to be pissed off. If the government shuts them down, arrogant shites, I would not lose a tear ..!

    There. I have said it …! I feel a lot better now, thank you.

  11. ac like a little pit bull Boay. Will not let go the stick.

    Goota admire the tenacity, even if misplaced. When we gain government, I think better put her in the Ministry specifically to deal with the union head, the Little Big Man who like marching up and down.

    I now see further brilliance. If goat milk like Viagra, and increase birth rates, it increases labour pool overt time and hence costs of production comes down, as supply of labour > demand for ;labour,. Therefore, Barbados becomes more competitive and this rekindles industrial production.

    Absolute genius!

    Cepting time it done, those such as Caswell who drinking the goat milk goin have bout 25 children.

  12. Thinking about ac’s tenacity, I just had an epiphany. I soooooo soryy ac.

    Cuh dear, cant fault her now. She dos have an undertandable ulterior motive. If as Caswell says, it is so good for certain activities, an she want to make sure the husband can afford it, y’all now understand why she wont let go the stick, methaphorically and otherwise? 😉

    It wukking that good ac? I now onnerstand why yuh so eager to afford it. Thats okay, we all gotta have a lil fun.

  13. @BUSH TEA

    Your IMAGINATION has gone F wild. Imagine a company that can have a monopoly on a product for 20years raking in all the sweets only a certain sector of the public can afford it health wise it is a good product then the govt makes such product available to those who cant afford it and hell breaks loose JUST IMAGINE THE .also Just IMAGINE the govt closing the QEH hospital because some private investor claims he is losing money > JUST IMAGINE. PEOPLE like you ought to be ashamed all you people think about is yourself this is not only about the HOADS but about your F >>ing self centered mandated way of thinking that money is the all and end all of a society. if the people cant afford and the govt have the means by which it can make the product available by all means it has a moral right to do so . the poor are the majority and some one should be looking out for them if not the govt then who, THE HOADS have had 20years of blessedness while the poor have had to wait 20years to have a sip of goats milk.

  14. David first of all i do not read the Nation . Second of all the Hoads have a proven track record of a quality product. thirdly there would be a decrease in productivity for the hoads because people would want to try another brand this would happen even if there was another i said before the consumers who are buying from the government are those that might have never bought the HOADS product naturally i do understand and sympathise with the HOADS but also the poor must not be forgotten in this argument one that has been totally ignored by most here, AS DT said”barbados is more than an economy it is also a society.The HOADS would SURVIVE i am certain that the govt and the Hoads would reach an aimable agrreement one that would not disrupt or hurt the Hoads business in the long run PM is not a vindictive person.

    • @ac

      Carry on smartly because the government has admitted it is wrong i.e. it will stop selling the milk so that your position has become untenable.

  15. No surprise if the POOR loses this battle as has always been the case however my views on this does not fall along party lines but for the fairness of all and not only a few.if what youi said is true the govt has cowtongued to the minority while neglecting the majority on this issue

  16. “Dick Hoad has become an institution in Barbados and is greatly admired by many including the BU household”
    “Hoad is producing for local consumption. Let de man earn a decent living”
    “The Ministry of Agriculture should be doing the research and providing support for farmers.”

    Wel, well well, never thought i would ever be able to support Ac in anything but support in this issue i must.
    i suppose by now the admirers of the institutionalised mr hoad would have read the ministry’s explanation in today’s nation and should by now be analysing the issue from a balanced perspective.
    As i said before, i remember having to travel all the way from bridgetown to purchase goat milk from greenland. i think the person in charge then was a quiet gentleman by the name of mr devonish. i had a friend who was ill and she was advised to drink goat milk and greenland was the only place i could get it from. i was not aware of its powers at the time.

    • And what did the explanation from the ministry official state? Did he not say that the ministry sold the milk to a middleman who retailed before going out business? What does that have to do with the query that the government goat project is experimental and the objective is not to produce milk for sale?
      Its production cost using free tax dollars is to fund a developmental project and not a commercial operation.

  17. “Can’t we have the technocrats and politicians focus their energies and resources at this time on the sugar industry? Right now the industry in is intensive care and if nothing drastic is done within the next 6 months it could be closed down by next year.”
    the sugar industry has been dead for years. it was not buried because of britain’s subsidisation of the industry through the quota system but cost of production has always outstripped price. in addition, it was seen as a necessary evil because of nostalgia and the employment it provided .

  18. welcome back mr miller/ seems you have been away planning campaign strategy. are you coming with a new system of governance to rid the country of this musical chair system of governance?

  19. “What does that have to do with the query that the government goat project is experimental and the objective is not to produce milk for sale?”

    It deals with the assertion that govt goat milk policy is driving Mr hoad out of business. It seems that Mr Hoad was out of business before.I will repeat that the govt has been selling goat milk at Greenland for a very long time.

    Guess what, Bro Franklyn, the wife just walk through the door wih a two pint bottle of unpasteurised fresh goat’s milk purchased at Big B supermarket but produced and packaged by Hoad’s Dairy Farm. Morgan Lewis, St Andrew. Got it boiling already too, Can’t wait for tonight to come to see if it works for me too.

  20. YOU DAVID you are just as dangerous as the NATION embellishing a story to fit your own purpose this is the second time in the day that you have stated untruths about the ministry response to the story UNlike YOU!

    • Balance

      I feel that I must break the bad news to your wife. Drink goats’ milk will enhance the living: not revive the dead, but at least you will get the consolation of a good night’s sleep.

  21. After last night tarring and feathering of the government the likes of BUSH TEA alias “mr. know it all” and CASWELL the union “know nothing at all”would have posted a retraction and an apology to the government for their procrastinations and misguided oulandish and ridiculous attacks on the government in reference to the HOADS article which was fueled by political propganda ignited by the dirty RAG the “NATION”

    • The ministry was selling off the milk which created a problem for the Hoads as reported in the Nation newspaper.

      The ministry post-brouhaha has made a statement to the effect “Dr. Blackman suggested that the Ministry could again approach Mr. Hoad about buying the Ministry’s goat’s milk at a reasonable price and marketing the product, so the Ministry could concentrate on its research.”

      If the ministry was not doing anything ‘wrong’ why would it claw back from its position of dumping milk in the market?

      In fact why would they want to sell the milk to Hoad?

      As blogger might suggest, this is called deductive logic.

    • On another note, it is interesting the person the ministry sold the milk to went out of business.

      It would good journalism if the Nation i.e. traditional media did a followup on this story to determine why the other farmer went out of business.

      Some of us always get carried away with the minutiae of the argument.

  22. Carry on smartly because the government has admitted it is wrong i.e. it will stop selling the milk so that your position has become untenable.

    @ David
    in reference to your above comment
    where is it in any of the published articles did the govt. admitted to any wrong doing or making a mistake.

  23. Whenever there is swift abundant damage control, one ought to look for the fire that was not seen. The ministry knows it messed up on this one…at a time when agriculture is one of the “key” issues…

    Agriculture votes, small farmer votes, st. andrew votes…well well

    Just observing

  24. @ observing and poll
    Haven’t you noticed that there is no one here fanning the flames except you . even CASWELL has withdrawn his services to hoads. all he seems interested in now is “raisin g the dead” CANT BLAME HIM. “CALLING LAZARUS!

    • AC

      Sorry to disappoint you but I am still here. I was quite busy today and did not have much chance to check the blogs.

      I am not trying to convince you that you are wrong: you already know that, but one thing that I can say about you is that you don’t let being wrong deter you.

  25. @ David

    I had already seen this link which is why I knew that one object of the gov. research was to cross-breed ‘temperate’ goats. In fairness, ac is right when she says that there is no admission of ‘wrongdoing’. Obviously there is going to be milk to be sold off, Miller has suggested passing it on to government establishments. Presumably the Hoads would not want it if only because the ‘market’ is not there for it all and it would be difficult to sell it as “Hoad’s’ milk for legal reasons. I don’t get any sense of intentional competition from the link though – indeed, quite the opposite. What do you think government shouild do with its milk?

    • Robert

      I have seen more than my fair share of official excuses, and trust me when I tell you that they are usually designed as a facing measure. In most cases, they contain enough factual information to be believable but they hardly ever contain the whole truth. I am not saying that the explanation given by the ministry official falls into this category but it leaves me to wonder.

      However, that is the stuff that good civil servants are made of: they make their minister look good. And with this bunch it is very hard.

  26. @ Caswell

    Yes, thankyou. I’m sure you’re right to be wary. It’s a problem we face with most things I suppose – ‘enough to be believable but not the whole truth’.

  27. David what do you suggest that the ministry did with the milk?after all they say they used the goats for breeding research to determine milk quality and the milk produce they did not use who do you think that the govt got the goats for free and does not the research cost money so what is wrong with the govt trying to find a business to buy the milk? that does not have any thing to do with the govt being in competition with the hoads the Hoads did decline buying the milk from the govt after all isn’t fair that the gvot recoup some of the money from the funding of the research possibly by selling the milk than letting it go to waste or would you prefer the taxpayers money used for the research be thrown down the drain

  28. the story in the Nation was an embellishment of the facts which could have been easily sorted out by addressing both sides of the issues.

  29. @ David

    Yes Blogger might call it that…but then Blogger does a lot of calling and his credentials as a logician are very suspect…lol

  30. @ ac

    That means leavig your bias’, suppositions, conjectures, prejudices behind. Do you always do that? Does the ‘third estate’ ever do that? Do any of us ever do that? A lawyer might – if only to see what case he has to meet – but that’s prudence rather than anything else – well mostly.

  31. Again…what is the price the consumer pays for ‘gov goat’ milk? The point being that if it’s not much less than Hoad then the poverty argument falls away. But, of course, that leaves untouched the possibility that with two lots of milk, supply by far outstrips demand….which I suspect is the real problem. If so, then – again – what should government be doing with its ‘gov goat’ milk? I assume that gov is not in the business of ‘gov goat’ milk production rather than ‘gov goat’ research….but that the milk is an inevitable by-product. Or is the argument that there is a grand conspiracy to out-Hoad? Presumably not since gov ‘s happy to sell its milk to Hoad at a reasonable price. But then why would he want it?

    I’m sure that Hoad’s milk has a very faithful following and, as the result of this, the ‘new faithful’ like me and Balance..

  32. David

    According to what I read the Ministry approached Hoad offering to sell its milk to him and Hoad declined the offer. Hoad subsequently sold his herd ? to another farmer who took up the offer but eventually went out of business, the Ministry having no viable market then sold its milk to the Supermarket.

    It would be interesting to get Hoad’s version of this sequence of events, did Hoad sell off some of his herd to a potential competitor? How about the other farmer why did he go out of business? Despite what Caswell wrote how strong is the market for Goat milk in Barbados? I also question the sale of unpasteurized milk by commercial entities (that is a matter for the Health authorities to decide) but couldn’t this be part of PHD offerings?

    As is usual in Barbados things are not always what they seem, there is always another story behind the headlines.

  33. @ David

    Which is why, as this thing unravels, the argument that gov, supported by taxpayers’ dollars, is unfairly competing with an honest entrepreneur looks increasingly simplistic.

  34. But how nice that this debate, though controversial, is being conducted in the way it is. AC, stoic, undeterred and questioning, is RR for once yet whatever acrimony there is is cushioned by gentle humour – which is how it ought to be.

  35. The cold fact IS the milk being produced by the government experimental station has created unfair competition in the market. Bear in mind the objective of the station as stated by the government official.

    The discussion therefore must be how does government plan milk distribution to NOT create unfair competition. This is a different argument. More to this will be revealed in time.

  36. “I’m sure that Hoad’s milk has a very faithful following and, as the result of this, the ‘new faithful’ like me and Balance
    Sorry to say RR and no offence to Mr Hoad or marketing officer Br Franklyn but i have to admit that the milk that i tasted from Greenland is far more palatable than Mr Hoad’s. My little girl wouldn’t even drink it and like me she ain’t scornful when it comes to her may also wish to know that in the early nineties milk produced for sale at Greenland livestock station used to be packaged in ziplock like plastic bags.

  37. @ Balance

    Oh well …back to the drawing board. I thought the milk very rich and creamy. But I’ve had nothing to compare it with. In fact I’m trying to find some ‘gov goat’.

  38. @ David

    So gov must organise our lives by planning milk distribution for itself and Mr Hoad? But – as a loyal Hoadist (now) – it will be interesting to see what you’ve got up your sleeve.

  39. i will bet that if the govt gave away the milk there are those among us still would complain that the govt is stopping the hoads from making a living. because people don’t have to buy hoad milk no more. so the question is “:What does the govt do with the milk so as not to upset the customers and friends of hoad? after all the goats can’t stop making milk or can they?

  40. What is about milk in Barbados? First Hoad can’t sell his milk to the Supermarkets and now PHD can’t sell its milk in Trinidad. I can’t believe that PHD wait 18 months to raise the alarm about this but Bajans are so laid back that Good Friday could come on a Monday for all they care.

    How about retaliating against the Trinis? Hit them where it hurts – in their pocket book- don’t boycott their goods as boycotts never work but introduce a bill to nationalise BNB (Owen could sell it back if he gets into power) and see how quickly they sit up and take notice.

    Trinidad has been pushing around the other islands in the region for a long time its time that Barbados grow a backbone and kick the T&T schoolyard bully in the gonads if they don’t Trinidad will continue to run roughshod over us.

    Enough is enough.

  41. I always read Hoad on Fridays. I can’t remember the last time he didn’t make me cringe. All those knob & tit jokes that weren’t even funny in the 1970s.

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