Bush Tea Is Fed-up With Richard "Lowdown" Hoad!

Bush Tea sounds off after reading the Richard “Lowdown” Hoad article in todays Nation.


I am now totally fed up with Richard Hoad.

Where did he go to school? Is he blind? …and deaf?

Every possible week he is filling up the newspaper with his concerns about the direction we are taking in this country.

He is hammering away at the stupidness of our political leaders in selling off our birth rights.

He is ridiculing our business leaders – even his old friends like Cow and Bizzy for trying to buy the earth to please.

What really p??sses me off about Hoad though, is how he expects to be consistently sensible, logical, wise and realistic – week after week- and be witty and funny as well….

My man Dick- You know that you white?

You supposed to be focused on making nuff, nuff money. Working big up deals and thing. What is the meaning to you extolling the pleasures of pudding and souse, ham cutters and 3 hour lunch hours – and enjoying life the easy way? and what the hell you know bout all this sex?!?!

Listen to me carefully Hoad; STOP EXPOSING BLACK BAJANS SECRETS.

Next thing you know people all bout the world buying up all the pudding and souse and hamcutters and then the prices gone up like the beach land. You ever hear bout when in Rome do as the Romans do?? You can’t see that everybody that is anybody still pushing the CSME foolishness; You can’t see that all the ‘experts’ want to cut up the agricultural land and sell to foreigners. How about becoming an agricultural mogul and show Cow how to do it right?

My main grouse with you though Hoad, is in having to admit that I am your all time biggest fan. Just take it easy in exposing we bajan secrets – and what ever you do – dont mention anything bout rum shop liming…

The BU household continues to buckle at the mirth Bush Tea has managed to evoke! 😆

8 thoughts on “Bush Tea Is Fed-up With Richard "Lowdown" Hoad!

  1. Lovely take as usual, BT.

    Hoady is not Lowdown he is a high-up, and within his jocularities are the grains of truth which will save the nation.

    I apologise Mr Hoad if I am reading more into your scribblings than you intended.

  2. Lowdown is de man self,boy.

    Now there is someone who sees country before profit.

    Have you noticed that Cow seems to be losing the huge popularity with ordinary bajans he once had?

    Bajans are funny people,anytime they feel that you are taking them for granted,or becoming too arrogant – they quickly bring you back down to earth.

    I think Owen and his crew are now realising that.

    They have had enough,and just like Lowdown tells us every week – we seem to be loosing this blessed land bit by bit.

  3. BU agree that Lowdown is compulsory reading. His writings seem to represent the last vestige of what still truly represents Barbadian culture. His terrific insight and grasp about issues facing Barbados should really be cornered by the authority in the country.

    Wishful thinking we expect.

  4. Hoad is simply a giant.
    I wake up on Friday mornings and read the Nation mainly to see what Hoad to say.

    When he doesnt appear, I feel empty inside.

  5. Lordy lordy, if Lowdown detects your empty inside feelings, georgieporgie, he may want to fill you with pudding and pie!

  6. Hoadie is a whitish man. Not lily white, but whitish. Most uh dem bout hey get a good slap wid de tar brush. Some uh dem real dingey, almost grey but duh does pass. Dat man got brains too. He got a big up degree in agriculture. De animals pon de farm is characters too. Only problem is de govment under cut de man goat milk but doan worry hoadie boy I does still buy you milk.

  7. Lowdown writes to the people and of the people and for the people. More than we can say for the barifle of columnists appearing in the two Sunday papers,who seems to portray how clever they are,and is not hesitant in letting the readers know which brand name school that they have attended. I’ll bet that they read their own columns over and over again. Sherwin Walters’ weekly column is prima ,as well.

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