Pat Hoyos Forced To Apologize To Minister Kellman After Uttering Unfortunate Remark

Pat Hoyos

Many have been asking what is it Pat Hoyos said on last Sunday’s Brasstacks which caused Minister Denis Kellman to exact an immediate apology. Here is what BU can confirm.

Last Sunday during the airing of the Brass tacks programme, listeners heard Pat Hoyos [moderator] make an apology to Minister Denis Kellman and many wondered what it was that Mr Hoyos had said that caused him to make the apology. It has now been found out. During a break, and unknown to Hoyos and the others appearing on the programme, one of whom was Mr Clyde Mascoll [Barbados Labour Party chief spokesman on economic matters], that the line was still open to Mr Kellman, Hoyos remarked in relation to the Minister Kellman “I give he five minutes and he talking bare shite “. Kellman insisted on an immediate apology before continuing his contribution. The apology immediately came from Hoyos.

Certainly VOB cannot allow this man Hoyos to continue to disrespect persons who do not share his views .

What is his agenda ?

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  1. thebroadstreetjournal wrote, “But as a moderator, I was not satisfied with the level of his contribution, perhaps because I unfairly expected him to try to represent the party as a whole when he had called up on his own to make whatever points he wanted to.”

    The listening public will judge the level of the contribution.

    Some of us have differing opinions as to who talks more shiite. The moderator or Mr.Kellman

  2. Seems to be to be a lot of yard fowls commenting and showing their partisan prejudice. wanna doan remember that he a D? that he used to get wash in cuss by Owing when he criticised that then GOB? Wunna juss can’t handle any licks…. wait wunna got bear partisan media channels and can’t tek no licks from anywhere else? Watchout! Higher monkey climb show he tail!

  3. When last anybody hear Kellman mouth since the Conference at George St. He like he get the silenced treatment….good thing too…also Pat cool down a lot ….he also get a slap from StarCom it seems.

    Now the GoGB say we need forex…..which one its is STABLE or SHAKEY’S… hear them fish cakes used to be big too.

  4. Hoyos ole boy,

    See what I tell you man….. Kellman duz talk bare shoite….you hear him lately ?…Manufacturing increase 25 % in 6 month……GOCB, call him out for the joker he is….ya see ya see…YOU DID RIGHT !

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