Development At What Price Pat Hoyos? The Fight By Bajans To Own What Land Is Left

Pat Hoyos – Publisher, Hoyos Publishing Inc

Paul Doyle’s plan to transform Skeete’s Bay into a bustle by building a restaurant to complement the others he owns located at the Crane Hotel has had to be shelved.  Doyle has Mac Fingall to thank for putting a spoke in his wheel. It is a little over a week Mac went public with his concerns about Doyle’s Skeete’s Bay Culpepper Beach Houses project – Mac Fingall And St. Philip Residents ‘Fighting Back’ To Protect Their Way Of Life At Skeetes Bay which is pending Town Planning approval.

Since this project was forced to the public at the Town Hall meeting held at St. Catherine’s Sports Club, an obvious public relations job has been triggered in the local media. Pat Hoyos’s piece in the Sunday Sun [19/02/2012] titled ‘Ragga ragga Mac’ caught the eye today when he attacked Mac Fingall for vocalizing his concerns that Barbados was fast becoming a concrete jungle. To quote Hoyos, he labelled Mac’s protestation about how he viewed development in his parish as ‘one of the most awful anti-development rants I have ever heard’.  After reading Hoyos’s article it became obvious Mac Fingall was operating at a level which left Hoyos in his wake. It is obvious Mac’s reference to slavery had to do with the outcome if Barbadians continue to sell and allow ‘others’ to develop our finite resource, the land! The result will be that these fields and hills we call our own today will not be ours tomorrow.

What intelligent Barbadians gleaned from Mac’s position about the West and South coast taking the form of concrete jungles, is to question whether such a policy is sustainable. What is the social cost of continuing with the policy? It has absolutely nothing to do with being anti-development and the St. Philip posse wanting to guard their way of life. To support Mac Fingall’s concern one only has to look at how Spain having invested billions in its tourist product is struggling mightily to attract tourists today. Today’s tourists are also spending less.

One of the freedoms enjoyed by the BU household is that we have no advertisers or sponsors to brown nose. We do not own a Who’s Who magazine which is dependent on the business community for its success. We can write how we freely feel on the issues. Pat Hoyos was out of line to ridicule Mac for expressing concern about how the pace of development has impacted the lives of Bajans.

Development at what price Mr. Hoyos?


  • @David (Not BU)

    No doubt race plays in the minds of some but in the main most Bajans are fed up with the concrete jungle which has sprung up on our coastline.

    This is the issue, protecting what is left of our coastline.


  • The irony of this whole situation, is the fact that part of Whitsire plantation will be developed, that means more arable land being removed. Here we have many born and bred bajans who are constantly being refused permission to build more than one house on a family plot, because, as the government says, the land is arable land, yet we can see all over this country the rich both local and foreign purchasing lots of arable land and developing, or putting lots up for sale, while the children of parents with land then have to buy from these people. Can we really sing ” these fields and hill beyond recall, are now our very own?”


  • The signal was sent to the developers a long time ago – Hear that hypocrite Owen Affa as Prime Minister praising Clico’s plans in 2007 in the Wendy Burke article in the Nation published on 6/4/2007.
    Direct quote from the article about OWEN AFFA’S speech-
    – “CLICO’S PLANS for a golf course at Bath, St John, fall squarely within Government’s plans to develop the south-east of Barbados. He said Clico was proposing to set up the golf course on 300 acres of Government land and the future path of private sector capital investment lay in the SEIZING of the vast opportunities to modernise the south-east corridor of Barbados”.

    Owen Affa is a joke and a hypocrite – He or Under Weir cannot come now and talk foolishness. If he or anybody in the BLP criticize this project they should remember he encourage um!


  • BLP is Corrupt of ideas

    Reader’s rant about “The absolute worst of the BLP…”
    This delightful piece of anonymous political rant reached BFP from a remailer in Austria. Its arrival portends the opening of the 2012 Barbados election campaign where the two major parties will attempt again to convince Bajans that the other party is a worse choice. The DLP and the BLP are both so badly discredited that they can only throw rotten fish at each other because neither have any fresh fish to hurl.

    Take it away, “Mixmaster from Austria”…

    How can you rig an election and still lose? Ask some BLP members…

    submitted anonymously by “Mixmaster remailing service from Austria”

    Barbadians recently witnessed the absolute worst of the Barbados Labour Party and as would be expected – St. Andrew Parliamentary Representative and former BLP Chairman, George Payne, was at the centre of the controversy.

    Clearly this “political runt” and “humbug” – cannot have a moral minimum! As a matter of fact, so horrible was his conduct on this occasion (even by his trademark standards) that BLP Leader Owen Arthur, who – since the infamous “Prior Park Accord,” is said to have been turning a blind-eye to such matter, was compelled to call for unity, thereby kicking George in the nuts.
    Just when you thought it could not get any worse, the BLP started a boycott campaign against black businessman, Andrew Bynoe, thereby launching an unprovoked attack on women, the youth and children. Why? Is it because Bynoe invested over $20 million in the DLP’s economy by building the new A1 store at Black Rock?

    In the interest of the women who work at Bynoe’s supermarkets and the children and young people who rely on them and the pay they receive – we in the DLP can only encourage George to continue doing what he does best: ‘seek to become Prime Minister through political poker and create more mayhem within the BLP, as the factions play ‘the high stakes numbers game!’

    But, in the worst smear campaign witnessed in local politics – the only thing that George Payne and his cousin Douglas Skeete did not say about Edmund Hinckson, was that he is a woman.

    Seventy-five thousand dollars later and even with ‘a rigged BLP electoral list’ (according to newspaper reports from both Hinckson and Jerome Walcott) neither George Payne or his cousin Doug, who was seeking the St. James North nomination to replace Rawle Eastmond, can come to grips with the humiliating rejection they receive. It should now appear to George Payne that not everyone subscribes to his brand of politics, and that while food (served through a Thursday Club) and similar gimmicks might work in St. Andrew, the people of St. James have much more pride and class.

    But how do you rig an election; spend seventy-five thousand on your horse and still lose? Ask George Payne and Douglas Skeete. It is obvious that Skeete feels so rejected that he is threatening never to run for anything again – not even the bus!

    Somewhere in all this, there has to be a lesson! Intelligent people would grasp it easily but George Payne has always been a political joker and will need a lot more time to come to grips with reality. If he were even capable of shame, it still would occur to him that he has distinguished himself and has created history by being the only “jackass” and “practical joker,” who has served in the office of ‘Chairman of the BLP.’

    And yet, notwithstanding its on-going civil war and blood sport politics, a vote for the BLP in the upcoming general election, will be a vote for George Payne to become Prime Minister of Barbados. We in the DLP are told he holds the cards and the numbers, even if he functions without a brain! In the mean time, it is blunder after blunder. And the BLP continues to make deals and action off Barbados.


  • I’m sorry, but i can’t help but laugh at the weak arguments posed by “str8 Up” and “balance”. Malta protects their land and they have a smaller square mileage that Barbados does. Not to mention that their population is greater than ours standing at a whopping +430,000 people, on a mere 316 kilometres (121 square miles). And resale of property is only limited to Maltese citizens, not to mention that foreigners are limited to only purchasing one property in Malta. In addition to the fact that Malta is world renowned for its protection & preservation of its ecosystem and marine life.

    Did I mention that productive industries account for more than 27% of Malta’s GDP? In terms of manufacturing? Where as Barbados’ stands at a lowly 10%. That is outrageous. Nothing you’re telling me is making sense. What the government should do is invest in the application of AQUAPONICS within the nation’s Fisheries in order to increase productivity, and hence will create more job opportunities and would subsequently lead to thriving fish markets.

    Development does not necessitate Urban expansion. Development merely points to the gradual sustainable progression of a region on a social, political, economic, and environmental (etc.) level. The aforementioned opposing parties also failed to acknowledge that service industries like tourism within Barbados (and indeed the greater region) is a dying one; the very fact that the nation’s economy (in which the service sector accounts for 83% is dedicated to the service industry) has stagnated since 2008 bears testament to that fact.

    Therefore, I officially deem the arguments posed by Sir “Str8 Up” and Sir “Balance” to be an absolute farce, and an especially weak one at that that seeks to further perpetuate the “short-sighted syndrome” that has literally engulfed the nation as well as the greater diaspora.

    Brother David (B.U.), I believe that you can take it from here…


  • ^^ For I feel like wringing someone’s neck more violently than that of a gander’s…


  • Just heard David Commisiong in the news coming in on the fray..
    (Four Seasons)…Brandon’s much too sacred to lose to the public…
    It has has started….


  • @ BajanFaDeath and BLPcorrupt for life

    You know I have been attempting to read you all submissions, but every time to no avail.You all are doing yourself a great injustice with these long dreary attempts of contrives.Why don’t you all just simply precis them like this

    DLP had to deal with the reprecussion of 911
    The DLP were in uncharted waters, so they had to try something.
    That did not work so we try something else, neither that, so try again
    Having tried and tried again, we were resolved to try harder, that did not work either, so we decided to take a break.Now someone recommended .
    We start fingering things and everybody,So far we have fingered FUNNY
    And he did not like it . He then in turn FINGERED Many REDMan and she fell asleep.For the time being FINGERING has brought about another PAUSE.But it will be more fingering when LIME strikes,as by all indications ,very soon WATCH !
    Now you all up to your necks wid it (sh)..endorsing Wuk fa Wuk and Physical deficit….not in st philip hear…Mac will disengage you fa sure..

    Time to come out this pause……and if wanna want 10 % salary cuts,don’t send BYNOE to test D waters….Remember Sandi…and he did only want 8%, if wanna willing to talk the talk…BE prepared to WALK ,THE WALK..come elections date


  • millertheanunnaki

    @old onion bags | February 21, 2012 at 8:35 AM |
    Are you sure he wasn’t referring to the Browne’s Beach on Bay St?
    No investor would put a tourist plant down Brandons given the presence of the BL&P and petroleum storage tanks in the area. These can’t be moved elsewhere.


  • I go listen to the news again..I catch only a bit while in the bath


  • @acBajan Fa death
    “Look how stupid you now look. And these 100 day promises were way long before the recession kicked in. They should have been fulfilled by end of June 2008 at the latest. But then a promise is a comfort to a Bajan fool.” >>>sent by miller:

    What about the 100 day promises ??…..( I almost forgot like most bajans)….instead now 4 yrs before elections is rant rant rant….or more begging for another term…..shameful ac don’t you think ?

    ONE TERM baby… the word on the streets is ONE TERM


  • bruhadim one of these days you will awaken from your dream and realise that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. barbados is not malta.different sets of circumstances determine their roadmap to development. look, nobody can make land so i do not believe that individuals should own land. people should have the right to live and adequate portions of land should be dispensed for use according to needs or specific purpose.we spent years trying to rid ourselves of a landowning elite plantocracy only to have introduced again another type of negrocratic landowning elite in another form.but that is only my view; however i do not think that foreigners should be allowed to buy land but should be allowed to lease for a time suitable to the realisation of their investment. i am not that sentimental where use of land for developmental purposes especilly where the development might help to put bread on another’s table. when we speak of these fields and hills beyond recall are now our very own- to whom are we referring, the white folk or the black folk?


  • balance
    Correction, YOU CAN MAKE LAND Artificial islands and land reclamation projects prove that theory.

    And when you say “what is good for the goose isn’t for the gander”, U still offer me know solid argument that convinces me that Barbados should continue to progress into an urbanized slave Plantation…..

    You still offer no real solutions. Thus, your “pragmatic” approach is highly flawed hence ridiculous….


  • Looks like Minister Sealy has no problem planting more concrete at Carlisle Bay this time. Why must our coastline must be eroded based on the decision of politicians? Maybe this should become an election issue?


  • millertheanunnaki

    Why can’t the Minister mention the big brand name hotels that are interested in “developing’ the Carlisle Bay area? This is over 20 years that this area has been earmarked for tourism development. The problem here is the openness of the area: too close to the public road and not enough space between the beach front and the land to the road. Only if the beach is made private & exclusive that the hotel can be configured to make the facilities “restricted”. This just a lot of pre-election propaganda.

    A question to the Minister: Now that you are in the area, what is the position with the “Grand Barbados” plant in Aquatic Gap? Isn’t this a bit more suited with the Barbados brand already on display? Carlisle Bay could be cleaned up and appropriately landscaped with proper facilities put in place to accommodate an art & craft centre with an open air performing area to display our artistic and cultural assets, including marine related activities since the sea is one of our major natural resources. A mini Oistins-like bay garden but accessible also from the sea. Don’t further despoil “Heritage” Bridgetown with more ugly concrete. Why not traditional architecture using greenheart and other hardwood from Guyana? Why continue with the concrete ovens? Think outside the so-called box. Tourists are not interested in seeing concrete in the tropics.


  • Wasn’t the Bridgetown Redevelopment Project to extend the boardwalk to the Hilton?


  • @Hants
    I trust you had a great FD too.
    If you dont consider yourself “rich” it maybe semantics or you were not motivated etc. As a kolij grad you certainly had the ability.
    I have never exploited the Kolij investment market BUT do email many bros to warn them of the dangers just like I would help any Bajan or others where practical.


  • Malta’s main advantage is that it is strategically located in Europe. This has been so for thousands of years. However, if the leaders ever decide to Analyse and Plan properly for the benefit of the people, then places like Malta, Singapore should be researched closely and commonsense utilised to appreciate the differences compared to Bim. Will this happen? Or will the pols continue to think short term and for their own pockets first and only!

    Do the folks on here seriously believe that it matters to the politicians whether the people with money to invest are white, black, brown, cream etc
    Please awaken from your somnolent state, if so, because it is the prospect of a major payday that rules the day. The leaders have and will sell their soul and peeps too!

    In 1977 I did my dissertation on tourism in Bim and at that tender age appreciated that developing the “hamburger and coke” lower half of the market was very questionable in a densely populated island. Commonsense dictated that we should focus on the higher half in order to procure more revenue per capita so that less heads were required.

    It occurs to me that development on the East Coast could be justified for Medical and Sanatorium/ Drug Rehab. Remember that George Washington brought his brother to Bim to avail him of the pure air, obviously there is no air purer than our East Coast. We could use the Washington story and the exclusivity for up market undertakings like Drug Rehab of rich people from the US as many would like to disappear for 3-6 months out of the limelight.
    Add plastic surgery etc to this strategy. Why let Thailand etc benefit when their customers are right under our noses? this could create higher calibre jobs and lower end too.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ David | February 21, 2012 at 1:33 PM |
    “Wasn’t the Bridgetown Redevelopment Project to extend the boardwalk to the Hilton?”

    Now that you mention the boardwalk, one wonders what are Government’s plans for those unoccupied and dilapidated hotel properties adjoining the boardwalk along the Hastings stretch. Can’t the owners be asked to clean them up or knock them down? They currently represent not only environmental eye sores and hazards but a breeding ground for vermin and disease carrying pests (rats and mosquitoes).
    Soon they will be occupied by the growing number of vagrants and homeless. Either maintain them in a way that does not pose a threat to public health and attracting negative environmental appeal or raze them to the ground leaving the spaces as windows to the sea, as they were once.


  • @miller
    When Sandy Lane had a road that ran along the coast, they diverted it. Similarly, if the area now used by government headquarters was to be designated for a large hotel (for which it is ideal), the the road would have to be diverted through Bayville. That would mean dislocation for some families, and that is a serious matter as it could disrupt the community. However, with proper handling and community consultations, it could be a chance to redevelop the area. I think that it would be win/win.


  • @Moneybrain
    You truly live up to ur name. Put “Dr.” in front of it and ur set! Yes, ur ideas along with government investment in Aquaponics would be a salvation for the east coast. And it wouldn’t lead to the destruction of the area either.

    And correction, Malta does indeed have a significant degree of real-estate protection laws.

    But Like Malta, Barbados is strategically located between four regions in which it can strategically appeal to. The greater Caribbean, Central America, South America, and indeed North America. Barbados has a greater vast potential of setting up mutually beneficial business ventures with Latin America and the Caribbean as opposed to North America because North America is already developed (excluding Mexico).

    The opportunities are virtually endless, and we shouldn’t let our “Anglo” tongues inhibit us from learning the tongues of our neighbors. For if we do, they would easily outpace Bim and leave her in the dust with nothing to salvage just like North America did.


  • These investors are all here for one thing ..and somehow because the LEAN AND HUNGRY…..Barbados is a CASH COW…no wonder no cash is circulating have to go overseas to find it,..


    Excluding the impact of the accounting gains previously noted, Caribbean Utility Operations (the Caribbean) contributed $18.6 million to consolidated net income in 2011 compared to a loss of $2.7 million in 2010. For the fourth quarter of 2011, the Caribbean contributed $3.1 million to consolidated net income compared to a loss of $7.7 million for the same period in 2010. The increased net income during the quarter and year-over-year was due to increased investments in both Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) and Barbados Light and Power; and higher earnings at GBPC, which had expensed $6.1 million of acquisition related costs in the fourth quarter of 2010.

    Talk about a good (ROI) return on investments !


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ peltdownman | February 21, 2012 at 3:41 PM |
    “When Sandy Lane had a road that ran along the coast, they diverted it. Similarly, if the area now used by government headquarters was to be designated for a large hotel (for which it is ideal), the the road would have to be diverted through Bayville. That would mean dislocation for some families, and that is a serious matter as it could disrupt the community. However, with proper handling and community consultations, it could be a chance to redevelop the area. I think that it would be win/win.”

    Which overseas investor today would be prepared to finance this massive “public’ infrastructural reconfiguration. Unlike Sandy Lane, the Bayville area has no upscale potential (golf course, polo etc) although close to a sheltered part of the Caribbean Sea to attract this massive foreign investment. The opportunities of free and easy money looking for a clean home or tax haven to do some washing are no longer “de rigueur” as far as the OECD and the US are concerned. The other Caribbean countries especially those in the OECS are competing vigorously and even “back raising” Bim in the race for FDI and they are winning. What are you going to do with the geriatric hospital? Knock it down and put our ‘golden and platinum’ citizens on the streets? The government fiscal position is so precarious and dire that not even bonds can be floated to finance the public infrastructural part of such a project. What about the construction of the new hospital? How would this expensive undertaking be financed, by foreign investment?

    The current hot air ‘mouthings’ are nothing more than a good old Bajan political “fowl cock” flying up on the paling and doing some electioneering crowing to trick stupid people into giving their vote for a sweet song and promise of paradise (2007/2008 déjà vu).

    Get real man! Let us see 4 Seasons or the Pierhead marina come on stream before putting your ear to political rumour mill about the redesign and reconfiguration of a major artery in the road traffic system in a confined space of Greater Bridgetown. Skipper, we know you are good at faking things, but you would have to dig real deep to look for the millions and millions of investment dollars involved here. Where is the money going to come from? The education and health budget or are we going to send home a third of the army of occupation, starting with the obese cabinet in Bay house?


  • Are our politicians for real?


  • @ David-BU| February 21, 2012 at 5:53 PM |

    Are our politicians for real?
    But Dave, wuh ‘appen, man, yuh jess wake up from a long, long sleep or wuh? Yuh eh know dat we pols in Barbados are a special breed in DEM own class!
    BTW, is it possible to get the other poster who signs on as “David-Not BU” to change his posting ID?


  • @de hood

    But imaging the billions we have invested in education.

    Imagine how we have boasted through the years about our literacy.

    Imagine Guyana and the EC countries seem to have a model that working for them.

    Imagine this ting doah.


  • @Brudah B
    I neglected to touch on landuse laws in Malta BUT my point was that the pols arent concerned bout dat bring plenty cash and you can concrete Heaven and Earth in Bim.


  • But imaging the billions we have invested in education.
    Imagine how we have boasted through the years about our literacy.

    Brains ain’t brawn…..this is where powers that be lacking


  • Waaaait! Brownes beach next?


  • David BU is not going to be able to keep up with all the hot topics coming left right and centre.


  • perhaps to attract much needed public attention after his tyrannical tirade against his ertswhile ucal fedup colleagues, i observe sir roy, the beleaguered union boss in todays nation jumpin helter skelter in the skeetes bay development saga notwithstanding that it was his actions that brought the Four Seasons project to a crushing halt with his repudiation of the use of Chinese labour.Rather than revising their labour costs component, the investors withdrew instead as any wise investor would be wont to do. Should Lime stand fast and he loses the current dispute, then he stands to be further discredited after his previous humiliation at the hands of Royal shop and Sandylane and his empty mouthings would be seen for what they are worth.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ balance | February 22, 2012 at 5:32 PM |
    So balance, are you saying that the Union is responsible for the investors backing off the 4 Seasons project? This is not is what is being peddled as the reason. The international recession (as if it affected the Chinese economy in any serious way) is seen as the bogey man for the failure of this project.
    You better tell ac and Bajanfuhlife that!


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