Prime Minister Fruendel Speaks To The Nation, AGAIN

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is scheduled to speak to the nation tonight (8 June 2011) at 8. It means that twice in less than two months Prime Minister Stuart, whose taciturn disposition contrasts starkly with the late Prime Minister David Thompson, will communicate to the people he was elected to serve . It was on the 26 April 2011 the Prime Minister participated in The Interview hosted by CBC’s Rosemary Alleyne which drew ‘comment’ because of its one on one format. Reports suggest the Prime Minister will make the cabinet his own tonight.

146 thoughts on “Prime Minister Fruendel Speaks To The Nation, AGAIN

  1. Waaaaait what is happening at Four Seasons? I wunder wha season dem waiting pon now? De rainy season or Mango season?

  2. Four Seasons is waiting for the “football season”. It will be of great importance to the politicians, ahhh …sorry meant footballers

  3. Pooposition At Sea

    He in got na pinch nerve man. He got a pair a blue ballz day dat kripplin he man. I ondastan dat wifey #2 tell he, ‘Looka, I marrid a PM not a MP. So I gun put a proposition or preposition ( whichevva um is) ta you, ya gun eitha become PM at all cost agen or you in gettin na cat fa a longggggggggggg time.You gun gotta try callin fa early elexions or sum shoite”

    So um in na pinch nerv. You tink blue ballz ezeeeeeeee? Ask de short man if ya dowt me.

    LOLLL, now you see wah does happen when ya swop a king fa a commonar. Wifey #1 wooda nevva do he so. She wooda bin mo sympatetick.

    Hop along, hop along Shortie, hop alonggggg.

    Where was wunna-all when sum a wunna was pokin fun at my late PM? An sum a wunna does still do um. Do so doan like so? Dah bad.

  4. The money disbursted by Ansa McAl (secured a sovereign debt guarantee by the GOB) done lick out already, all the big boys move out with the Bds$120 million.

    The project is DEAD. All of the ex-pat workers who came at the beginning of the year, gone back home and the only person seen walking aound the building site is a huge big fat fella name, DEBT.

    • @Rose Art

      You need to stop rambling. Do you think restarting Four Seasons, a multi-million dollar project, can be likened to building a few bubblebee houses?

      There was a lack of investor confidence, investors/financier/purchasers had to be found.

      This all occurred at the height of a recession which saw FDI drying up all over the world.

      Why don’t you ask Mia the status of the project?

  5. As the GOB is already in the hole for BDS$12o million, I think this administration convert the blasted this in an international hospital, the Four Seasons Hospital.

    The hospital could offer offshore medical services to big markets like USA, Canada and UK and could have a hotel on the site for the foreign medical patients.

  6. @David: “Why don’t you ask Mia the status of the project?

    Why don’t you ask PM Fruendel the status of the “Freedom of Information Act” promised within 100 days of the election by his predecessor?

  7. @ David

    Rambling? I bet you the project don’t start bafore the next general elections. I would wager $100.00 and we could get Donville to whole the money for us, as you always with Donville.

  8. @Enuff

    You just shame that is all, Donville did not set the policy and if it neeed changing it would have to be changed by the Government in consulation with the immigration department. You forget something, when we write we write and interpret fom a subjective perspective. Take That.


    The BLP followers got short memory. I have no respect for owen he was very disrespectful to pulic officers and use to use abusive language to them as well as hi cabinet colleagues.

    T he more you write the stupider you look. So what if the 21 get defeated you will be happy with a bunch of crooks back in office. That says something about your character.


    why people like you always try to ascribe a name to someone. Just either agree or dis agree with the writer. it looks so stupid stating that the person writing is x or y.


    You aint got nothing sensible to ask, it will start back when all the funds are available.


  9. Swhat Swunna Sfeel would Shappen if Min Shon Sdavid Sestwick Shad to Scall he own Scabinet reshuffle …! Swho wunna Sfeel he Swould Sget rid ah …?

  10. How could anyone compare little Barbados with AMURICA ?

    Talking shite bout unemployment at 9% in amurica and 10 % in barbados what kind of shit comparison is that

    Some people would sau anything to justify shit but even shit has value so its no wonder

  11. Quitting of Smith shocks
    printshare0 comments Roger Smith. (FP)
    By Mike King | Sun, June 12, 2011 – 12:06 AM
    Roger Smith’s exit as a candidate for St Philip West has come as a “comprehensive shock” to political leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), Owen Arthur.

    Smith, a Sagicor insurance executive, has written the party, withdrawing as a candidate for “personal reasons”.

    The sudden resignation was reportedly accepted by the BLP’s national executive council Wednesday night.

    “It comes as a great shock,” the Opposition Leader said yesterday.

    “He is a young man with a family and there is no graceful way to have to go through these things in public life, but that is what it is. The party will have to go on.”

    Funny how you BLP lot work when you are in office it ok to threaten Barbadian Business persons with VAT and TAX Audits if they do not tow the line of Gov’t when it came to the Chinese workers at Four Seasons but in opposition you beg to be laid off of and treated with kid gloves, well I have news for you corrupt lot, it ain’t happening you stole widely from the good people of Barbados and it will not go away because you want it to go away, find a new team that do not have the smell of corruption attached to them and only then will maybe the Barbadian people listen to you or may see you as less corrupt and dishonest bunch.

  12. “It comes as a great shock,” the Opposition Leader said yesterday.

    The only shock for Owen and the BLP is that he got caught and did not have the savvy of Owen to hide behind the cover of the Hallam Nicholls of this world, and create that degree of seperation between Owen and the bank account numbers after all Hallam Nicholl’s share by his own admission was $ 25 mil and he would never have to work for a fellow ever again, so we can only gess what Owen’s share would be.

  13. DAVID you made this comment to Rose Art:
    “You need to stop rambling. Do you think restarting Four Seasons, a multi-million dollar project, can be likened to building a few bubblebee houses?”

    I am disappointed with your assessment regarding Four Seasons. If this project compares to bubblebee houses, why the hell G’ment guaranteed the 120 million loan by Ansa group. David, where are the investors? Where are the remainder of funds from the earlier purchasers? Who are the new prospected buyers of villas? Who are financing the project since the majority of the Ansa loan went to the indebted contractors?

    Lets stop the political low talk bashing especially the like of Bonny, Poop at Sea, Jus only asking and the blinded CCC.

    If Owen walkin wid a stick and he luv he rum, what that have to do with the hardship Barbadians are going through with Electricity up by 40%+, water up by 60%; gas dropping by -1% and increasing by 5%+ every 2 weeks; VAT up by 2.5%; Drugs increasing in cost and decreasing in availability and replacing by generic alternatives; bus fares gone up AND OUR SALARIES AIN’T GOING UP.
    So stop the celebration and let’s start joining forces in bringing this country back to real growth.

  14. Tell me Why , Because David offeres an opinion that you disagree with he must alter his comment ? what breed of idiot are you in truth, you believe that only your parties view is worthy of airing ? what a load of rubbish and crap.

    Get used to being exposed for what your party is nothing but a group of fraudsters and crooks looking to resume their rape of the treasury.

    You must be the only person in the world that is unaware of the present situation of the world economy and your comments are stupid, empty and shallow , have you open your mouth and spoken to a friendanywhere in the world and asked how they are doing, I would suggest 99 % of them would rather be on this little rock than London, Toronto or New York.

    Do the readers a favour and write something sensible when you write if you can.

    By the waythe massive assistance provided to TOURISM OPERATORS NOT JUST HOTELS EVEN WATERSPORTS OPERATORS BENEFITTED from the TOURISM INDUSTRY RELIEF FUND, it paid out $ 25 Mill to keep people working and keep hotels, bars and restaurants working. So much has been done to ease the strain and much will be done going forward, just think had your band of thieves not spent nearly a Billion dollars in cost over runs on every project you did hon muich more would be available to give our people now ? Instead you stole and put it in accounts of the Owen Arthur’s, the Mia Mottley’s the Liz Thompson’s the Glyne Clarke’s the Hallam Nicholl’s so a very small and elite few made massively out of our taxpayers, you really have balls to try to give advice on any aspect of gov’t you advice would be such as to how best to corrupt an otherwise honest system, your advice has nothing to do with the betterment of our island your advice is such that it is about how best to return to your rape of our homeland and bulk up your overseas bank accounts once again, as I said before your comments and empty, and shallow and have no value coming from someone who has overseen the rape of our taxpayers.

  15. I have no desire to respond to your diatribe since you totally ignore my facts regarding increases in every area. However, your gutter behaviour will not lure me in such a dialogue. My party is my family and I have all the seats in my house for them and my friends.
    Do you feel that everything is above board with your comrades. you better start with the FIFA debacle.

    I am not a member of the BEES or DEES and prefer to stay this way. I lambast the highway project, the pigheadedness of the last administration in their final years and I have the guts and the temerity to show up any mistakes by your party.

  16. Pooposition, can you give the readers costing on the ABC highway since 2008? Can you give the true figure up to Friday June 10 on the roundabouts, namely Boarded Hall and Christ Church? No cussing, just figures my friend.

  17. Yes the Highway way project saw both Rayside and COW do all the work and have been paid nearly everything that is owed to both of those companies but more importantly your former gov’t hired a J DANOS you remember a firm called DANOS 3 S to this day officials are still tryin to ascertain what role they played in this project other that havingbeen taken to court in every country this J DANOS has worked in and other than being the mastermind behind something called the KINSTON KICKBACK AGREEMENT the officials know of no meaningful work but you gov’t now removed from office paid away $ 47 Mil to this scamp who was introduced to Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Glyne Clarke by listen to this one carefully, Hallam Nicholls and Steven Hobson all know to be of dishonest make up.

  18. This makes very interesting reading re DANOS,

    Mabey’s claims against Mr Gibson are set out in paragraphs 95 to 100 of the Particulars of Claim. They are in
    (a) that he dishonestly assisted in the other three defendants’ breaches of fiduciary duty by
    (i) making or permitting to be made false representations to Mabey (that the whole of any commission agreed
    would be payable to DAG, and that the proposed level of 8.5% was the amount required to compensate
    DAG for its services as agent), and
    (ii) procuring DAG to agree to pay sums to Mr Danos and Mr Joyce pursuant to the agreement to divide up
    the £735,000 (defined as “the Jamaica Kickback Agreement”), thereby making himself liable to account to
    Mabey as a constructive trustee for all sums received by, and distributed between, the parties to the
    Jamaica Kickback Agreement;
    (b) that having participated in the formation and performance of the Jamaica Kickback Agreement he wrongfully
    procured or induced breaches of contract by Mr Danos and Mr Joyce; and
    (c) that he was a party to a conspiracy with the other defendants to defraud Mabey into agreeing inflated
    commission terms.

  19. the claimant Mabey and Johnson
    Limited (“Mabey”) seeks damages for fraud and conspiracy against four defendants. Mabey is a company
    incorporated in England and Wales, which among other things manufactures and exports pre-fabricated steel
    bridges. The first defendant (“Mr Danos”) and the second defendant (“Mr Joyce”) are former employees of

  20. The alleged fraud, full particulars of which are pleaded in the Particulars of Claim dated 11 January 2007,
    consisted of a conspiracy to inflate the level of commission and divide up the surplus between DAG and/or Mr
    Gibson, Mr Danos and Mr Joyce. Particular reliance is placed on a document obtained by Mabey from Mr
    Joyce’s laptop computer (“the Payments Schedule”) which appears to show in detail how an “increase” of
    £735,000 over “commission” of £565,000 was agreed to be split up in specified percentages between “DAG”
    (which could refer either to DAG or Mr Gibson), Mr Danos and Mr Joyce, and how the first nine payments
    received from Mabey up to March 2006 had been divided up pursuant to that agreement. The total shown on the
    Payments Schedule as due to Mr Danos and Mr Joyce down to March 2006 was £273,479.88. This figure ties in
    with an “invoice” (“the OMS Invoice”), also obtained from Mr Joyce’s computer, which purports to be issued by a
    company called OMS Limited with an address in Miami and to charge DAG for “services rendered to date” on
    the Jamaica Project in the same amount. The OMS Invoice appears to have been created by Mr Joyce on his
    computer on 28 March 2006. It says that the fees are due “in accordance with our agreement letter dated 24 July
    2004”. A letter apparently dated 24 July 2002 (not 2004) has been recovered from Mr Joyce’s computer which
    purports to be addressed to OMS Limited in Miami and to have been sent by Mr Gibson as chairman and chief
    executive officer of DAG. It confirms a “verbal understanding” that “you will provide services to assist us technically,
    and also in negotiating finance”. The letter says that the Project is estimated to be £23 million, and “it is understood
    that your fee will be £417,500”, to be paid out of the flow of commissions due to DAG. £417,500 is the total
    amount shown as due to Mr Danos and Mr Joyce in the Payments Schedule as their share of the “increase” of
    £735,000 (consisting of £317,500 due to Mr Danos and £100,000 to Mr Joyce).
    6. I should add that, according to Mabey, the monitoring and “imaging” of Mr Joyce’s computer, which revealed the
    documents referred to above, was authorised under Mabey’s policies governing the use of computers by
    7. In the light of this (and other) strong prima facie evidence of fraud, it is not surprising that, before starting the
    action, Mabey applied to the High Court for search and freezing orders, and orders authorising service of
    process out of the jurisdiction on both DAG and Mr Gibson. These applications were heard by His Honour Judge
    Mackie QC, sitting as a Judge of the High Court, on 23 November 2006. He granted freezing orders against
    both Mr Danos and Mr Joyce, and a search order against Mr Danos. He also made orders for service of
    proceedings out of the jurisdiction on both DAG and Mr Gibson.
    8. The freezing and search orders were implemented on 28 and 29 December 2006. During the course of execution
    of the search order, and subsequently in correspondence, Mr Danos has sought to invoke the privilege against
    self-incrimination as a basis for refusing to disclose any documents to Mabey. The present position is that the
    documents seized as a result of the search order are held by the Supervising Solicitor, pending disclosure in the
    action and resolution of the self-incrimination issue. The freezing order against Mr Danos was discharged after he
    provided security in the form of a mortgage over his property in England. The freezing order against Mr Joyce
    has been continued by consent until trial or further order. The Particulars of Claim were served on Mr Danos

  21. There is NOTHING to be pleased about with this fiasco of DANOS 3 S and his connection to Owen Arthur and clan of goons and crooks.

  22. @ Poopostion

    After FIVE responses you still have not answered Tell Me Why’s simple question.

    I remember similar accusations being made about another individual…..oh yeah the Bannister man who recently got two multi-million dollar contracts from the government.

    @ Just Only Asking

    “You just shame that is all, Donville did not set the policy and if it neeed changing it would have to be changed by the Government in consulation with the immigration department. You forget something, when we write we write and interpret fom a subjective perspective.”

    More proof of you being a parrot with a BA and an MBA with distinction. LMFAO

  23. @Enuff

    And more proof that you are nothing more than a BLP scavenger, who cant deal with people like me and P at sea. We too smart for you and your band of touch one touch all.. I eann what I have, i have not stolen them, neither were they bestowed on me, or did i inherit them. Unlike you, I dont believe in patronage or wait on handouts from any party, YOU SCAVENGER..

    Dont suffer a heart attack yuh hear. uh could admit that you have been defeated, Donville got yah by yah balls and ah hope he continue to squeeze them until yah hollar fuh murder or you had ENUFF OF HIS DEFEATING OR YOU.


  24. @eNUFF

    you are so accustomed to spinning for your party that you want to spin for me, the BA is with honours not a distinction, i never said that go back to the record, you spin master.. Then again that is how you have been soacialised by you party, to lie and lie and lie and hope that the lies will take on charcter of their own.

    Have a Bleseed Sunday ad enjoy your Bank Hoilday. I gan plant some fruit trees..

  25. @P at Sea

    you forget to mention the project at Newton, those buliding Gilden bought from the Government.

    Dont you understand that Enuff has teamed up with that guy, that is the strategy that they have devised, but I know you can shut you eye and deal with them. i will watch from the sidellines as you demoralise them.

    Who start the gutter debate, nothing other than the BLP scavengers like Enuff et al.

    Dont back down from them, they are scum bags that have myopic vision..

  26. David

    I Smust Sbe Sthe slowest Smember Spun dis Sblog … But Snow Si Sunderstand Sthe Srelevance … Pit de BLP against Sthe DLP Sand Slet the Schips Sfall Swhere they Smay …. Sfcuking brilliant!!! Stalk about Skeletons … This is Sbout Sgetting at the Struth! David Syou should Schange the Sname of the Sblog to Open Closet … Sja Sja !

  27. There are overt, messy operations that require must post-operation healing and there are covert, surgical operations that leave only a small wound, allowing for easy post-operation healing. In the latter, you may not even realize that you were operated on.

  28. @ Just only axing….SHOOOO FOWL doan bodder me, me and you no companee GO BACK TO THE COOP you bird brain!

  29. @Bonny

    The BLP followers got short memory. I have no respect for owen he was very disrespectful to pulic officers and use to use abusive language to them as well as hi cabinet colleagues.

    so whats wrong with that ?
    a little cussing goes a long way
    ask anyone on this blog
    you sound very fickle though !

  30. The diatribes above actually do contribute to good exchange of banter, even if politically motived.

    The above highlights what the ‘average Joe’ is very annoyed at, such as unexplaiable project expenditures, lack of transparency and accountability and a complete disregard of voter wishes.

    Comment updated to a separate blog


  31. Tina Roach @ 11:52

    Wah you callin my name fa woman? Address ya comments ta de rite body. Ya gine senile or jus lookin fa frienz?

  32. Tell me why
    whay was you when wunna-all did mekkin mock sport at de passin of my PM? YOu did hidin unda de bed wid de poe? Wunna-all did kno wah he did drinkin, hummuch he did drinkin, hummuch he did smokin, wah he did smokin? You faget? Wunna-all becum doctors ova nite, specializing in pancreatic cancer. You faget? Man cah ya ass do, ya idiot.
    If de shortman walkin wid a stick, he walkin wid a stick. Um should be a white cane not a ordinary stick.
    Idiot. Doan call ma name na mo needa. good.

  33. Now I see why many Bajan queue up to be big Prime Minister … no? Fumble Stuart, Prime Minister of quarter million get to shake hand of really big Prime Minister of China who serve one point one BILLION people, as equal … no? And Comrade Maxine get ‘nother free trip to China … must have many many past port books with many many immigration stamps by now to show grand children … no? Comrade Maxine not have long to go to catch up with Comrade Billie ….no? And what is Ambassador Sndiford track record in China to date …? Is Ambassador generating any foreign exchange at least to cover cost of salary and expenses while in China?Why need for so many Caricom ambassador in China? China giving ‘way free money and many people get travel first class to say thank you … no?

  34. Bonny, wha yuh cussin muh fuh. You evah seh muh writin’ negative bout de late PM. Talk angrily tuh muh, but yuh aint have tuh cuss muh so. Remember, idiots still have a place in society, some wear rags and some wear suits, that what make up a nation and fuh yuh to be democratic. Yuh still one of muh favourite indanger species.

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