Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart Meets The Press In The "Interview"

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart will participate in a televised – CBC TV8 Link – interview tonight (26 April 2011) at 8 o’clock. In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion about the ‘quieter leadership style’ of Stuart compared to his predecessors. It will be the first time Barbadians get a chance to assess Stuart interacting with members of the local media.

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  1. Has there been a cabinet reshuffle?

    Is there any truth to rumours that Hartley Henry told the PM that had he gone to England that they would have moved him?

    Is there any truth that guns were drawn?

    Just asking!!

  2. Hope Fruendel knew what he was doing by not attending the wedding. A perceived insult could prove costly to Bim.

  3. It has been said here, that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart did not attend the Royal Wedding because of his republican views.
    I do not know if that is true, and will not attempt to hazard a guess as the Prime Minister can speak for himself.

    I have been accused of being an apologist for the DLP, one blogger even said Prime Minister Stuart was my “idol”. However, I always try to be fair, without bias.

    As regard attending the Royal Wedding.

    Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia has strong Republican views and has made no secret of them. She was invited to the Royal Wedding and attended. She was even invited to meet Her Majesty the Queen for a private audience while in London.

    There are things you can do because of protocol, and what is expected of you, because of your position and being a representative of your people, without compromising your “core” beliefs, and you wil be thought no less of.

    On her return to Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be thought no less of; and almost no one, would have expected her to refuse a private audience with Her Majesty and simply say, I do not believe in the Monarchy.

    Just for clarity, I have no idea why Prime Minister Stuart did not attend the Royal Wedding; this is my unbiased view of the situation.

  4. Well said Yardbroom. It’s nice of you to agree with my viewpoint even if you didn’t have the decency to say so. I, too, am a republican – see the whole thing as a lot of nonsense – however, I still consider we should have sent a representative, perhaps the Governor General, if Bim still has one!

  5. The GG did indeed attended the wedding.

    I think Freundel’s non attendance had more to to with what is going on in his party, he could not go far from home as the plotters were plotting. Do you think it was pure coincidence that Chris Sinckler has been so visible lately and even pretending to speak on the PM’s behalf.

    For the record, Freundel did indicate he was going and then changed his mind.

  6. Prime Minister Stuart in his recent interview has widen the void and added to the hopelessness in our society .This country was never so bewildered since the days of slavery.

    At a time when our people are enduring severe stress as we grappled with the effects of our Political economy, our people yearn for creative thoughts to bring some hope to the future .

    The P M who is a Latin god and a man of western thought would be conscious of the emergence of such thinkers as Karl Marx, Hegels and Adam Smith who contributed to innovative ideas relevant to their time .That debate contributed to the development of governance and the political economy of Europe.

    Those to whom I refer as men of profound thought, did not ignore the importance of economics or ground themselves in any unilineal approach to analysis . They knew they were living in a real world and to understand it one had to deal with its idiosyncrasies, understand its diversities, and respond to the dynamics of human existence .

    So my friend, while abstract views are part of reality and stimulates your ego, we need to hear creative views that give us hope so we can survive in the material world .

  7. @ The man wiv no name !!

    “Well said Yardbroom. It’s nice of you to agree with my viewpoint even if you didn’t have the decency to say so. I, too, am a republican – see the whole thing as a lot of nonsense-however, I still consider we should have sent a responsible representative, perhaps the Governor General, if Bim still has one!
    I meant no discourtesy to you, but “I am not as sure as you appear to be;” why Prime Minister Stuart did not attend the Royal Wedding. My observations were “general” in character, and no effort was spared in my post to indicate that.

    It was Negroman’s post – April 29, 2011 @ 4:05 which drew my attention to Prime Minister Stuart’s proposed non-attendance at the Royal Wedding…..but I waited until there was some further confirmation before I gave an opinion.

    I am sure there are a few who share my view, but equally so there are many who concur with Negroman’s. These positions are so general, they should not be perceived as having “singular ownership.”

  8. Hi Yardbroom, no problem bro. You should know that I’m a bit of a stirer at times!! LOL!! No offense intended either on my part. Have a good day down there in Bim. I envy your location! I’ve often contemplated changing my handle to ‘Broomstick’! What yuh think?!!

    And thanks PS, for informing us that the GG DID attend, even though you didn’t address the remark to me! Perhaps, Fruendal isn’t so stupid afterall!

  9. @ The man wiv no name!
    It does not matter what you call yourself; a “unique” talent such as yours will illuminate where ever it shines.

    May love always surround you….I will now scurry away and tend the garden.

  10. Lord! Yardbroom, a compliment from a Bajee?!!!!!? Yard, I caan believe it yuh know! No, I caan believe dat man! Bajans doan pay compliments, at lease not tuh me!! LOL!! Anyway, Y, jes in case yuh did really mean it, “thank you very much my friend”. I know I can be a bit of a tail sometimes, but sometimes, I does like to wind-up dese Bajees!! LOL!!

    Anyhow, you have a nice day tending your garden. Hope my friend ’40’ replies to my responses because I’ve some information for him, which I think he’d find really interesting.

    Take care!

  11. David/Bu
    Peter simmons on VOB licking up the blogs.

    I am very concerned where he stated that one has been traced to Florida and they are about to strike at the other unknown one,I am wondering if he means BU.

    He said that the blog run by a canadian is particularly nasty to Barbados and the past CJ,David Thompson etc and that gentleman had to pay out a lot of money.

  12. The blog referred to in Florida is Keltruth Blog. The style which BFP uses of lampooning public officials seems to be unappreciated. Some believe Peter Allard has some influence.

    Did not had the time to listen to all of the show unfortunately, will have to catch the recording later, some of these so called journalists in Barbados just don’t get it but they will eventually.

  13. As an example, what arrangements in the new marina project for overruns or quality issues, who bears the cost, taxpayer or contractors??
    Well it depends on how much disgruntled government employees do to sabotage the project and make it over run.
    Whatever happens it will always be the fault of the contractors who will be found to be foreign tiefing kick backing incompetent cheaters.
    As rule of law has gone out of the window the DLP has no problem in disregrading any legal contracts or court rulings.
    And as long as things can be postponed by not electing a chief justice it will be- whats justice anyway?

  14. Ping Pong | April 28, 2011 at 11:04 AM |
    Ladi Dah Dat tha Daaah
    Introducing the ELITES of the world….Drum roll please!

    How comes you can have so many people of influence in one gathering, yet the world is being ripe to threads?

    That is because today they’ll hug and kiss you and tomorrow slit your throats!
    Gandhi we miss you!

    @ David | April 27, 2011 at 11:52 PM |
    what does a press conference entailed? does it not require a gathered media in conference with the interviewee? what was lacking please?

    @ Irwin | April 28, 2011 at 11:44 AM |
    How sad for you…I feel your pain.
    But remember trust is earned.
    Be the mirror of your needed change
    Love and Light to you always!

    @anthony | April 28, 2011 at 1:18 PM |
    “This is a programmatic policy based loan that will be disbursed in a single tranche of US$45 million”?
    Jargon buster anyone?
    Is the image on the website for entertainment or is that the vision of the project?
    You might as well borrow another 50 million to add another 166 sqr miles onto Bim. Because that is only justification for such a road infrastructure. come on who come up with these ideas?

    @ BU
    The phone companies are probably vex with BU reducing their revenue, by having this site, because you Bajans love to tattle. Lol
    Then again they are still supported at places like the NUPW! Lol
    Oops I’m tattling. I guest Bajan I am, lol

    Yardbroom | April 30, 2011 at 4:37 AM |
    Well said
    Freedom of speech isn’t free unless you can speak
    We must evolve or emotions above the negative attacks on each other.
    The light of reasoning that you shared is a blessing to us all!

    @ Tina: Roach | April 30, 2011 at 11:15 AM |
    So I guest Australia is going first. LOL
    Just remember though, with every ending there is a beginning!
    You are hereby invited to dinner on the 22 May 2011
    Be punctual! lol

    @ ru4real | May 3, 2011 at 3:52 PM |
    News Flash
    THE RULE OF LAW left earth unannounced on a shuttle call deception. But got back on a return flight called discovery, only to be delayed at the port call ignorance. But we’re waiting to see if the bureau of intelligence is going to speed up its re-entry. Some earthlings are awaiting its clearance at arrivals!

    Take care of yourselves and each other!

  15. PM David Thompson spoiled you all… There wasnt know ‘live broadcast’ with journalist and the public with Owen!!! I didnt use to hear all of this hulabalo!!!! I wanted him to do a live broadcast as well dont get me wrong but fair is fair.

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