On The Issue Of Black Trash

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raceActually there is no issue but let’s create one shall we?

Many decades ago White Americans set a standard of acceptance for their race that went beyond the one drop rule which of course mirrored the British notion of “a touch of the tar brush”. Concerned with always portraying an image of sophistication they found it very convenient to define Whiteness as a qualification. Not only was one required to be pure, one’s lifestyle and standard of education had to be top draw.  In fact it was necessary for one to be a couple generations removed from one’s impoverished roots to be considered acceptable. White people who did not qualify were Trash. And boy did it work. Even Blacks referred to offensive Whites as Trash, thereby serving to protect this created idealistic image of what being White is all about.

So here is the thing. As Blacks should we not try to set criteria for Blackness that goes beyond colour of skin? Already Blacks (anthropologists Peter Simmons included) accept the White defined ‘one-drop’ initiative and that is fine, after all Black people are not as hung-up about purity as is the case with other species of man. We welcome the mixed breeds as a historical prerogative. But what about the other attributes that should determine whether or not you qualify?
I propose that unlike our White cousins we should exclude level of education and net worth from the standard. There are simply far too many unfortunate uneducated and poor Blacks in the world to even consider going this route. I am even prepared to say that level of intellect should not be considered either, less I run the risk of being excluded as well. No. I propose that if you are to be considered Black it doesn’t matter how stupid you are or how destitute you are, you most certainly must not be a hypocrite. In short, all Black people that are continuously guilty of hypocrisy are Black Trash. Bush-billies.

So Blacks could feel a level of removed comfort when the Trash votes for Obama as he represents success for a people with a history of protracted repression and at the same time vote against equal rights for another grouping of people in America.

Harry Belafonte’s remarks to Larry King of CNN October 15, 2002:

“Last year, in South Africa, the United Nations under Kofi Annan gave us an excellent opportunity in convening the International Conference on Racism …There was a place where the United States should have been in attendance, and given us the benefit of thought on a very grievous set of conditions that affect the human family – the issue of race. And in that instance, the United States government sought to turn its back on the thousands of people who were gathered there to make a difference. And Colin Powell was the point person on that distancing of our country…”

Had notion of Trash been defined then, Harry would not even have had the need to respond.

When Mr. Obama becomes POTUSA should he spin on a coin (again) then Blacks would have an easy fall back position.

Should any West Indian politician spout the virtues of Democracy and take it on himself, without consulting a committee of any kind, to name a prime piece of real estate, a mountain no less, after a personal icon then he cannot be one of us.

When a moderator of a call in program stops a contributor from speaking on the grounds that there is limited time left for other callers to get in, and proceeds to take a few minutes to explain why he is taking such action, I say he is not one of us.

When a Police officer concerned with the appropriate use of the road by motorists stops a car on High street and asks for documentation, thereby blocking all the traffic back onto Broad Street, I say he belongs to another ethnic group.

And then there are the religious blowhards. Oh well there will never be enough space to deal with them.

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  1. But David you real creative in truth. Man look how professional you make this thing look. Thanks man. I’ll pencil you into my will.

  2. I know I wasn’t coming back for a while but when the West Indies tour New Zealand their slogan will be “ITS ALL WHITE HERE” john and Chris Halsall I need your take on this stupse!

  3. 1.God created us ALL in his own image and likeness – black, caucasian, yellow, brown – to rule and reign in dominion as kings and priests unto God. ALL means all.
    This was seen in that Ham (black) and Ismael (brown/yellow from Esau), Abraham (Jew) and the mixture that came out of Egypt are all acceptable to God
    2. God is Spirit and spirit has no colour. Our spirit is our heart – not the organ – to which God communicates by his own Spirit, the Holy Spirit.
    3. Instead of focusing on the Creator [“what will you have me to do?”]people tend to major in minor about colour and position.
    4. Time and space would not permit me to develop this – simple minds or confused minds would say there is contradiction . “But if a man be ignorant let him be ignorant”.
    5. Who is BAFBFP that makes more sense than the lot of junk = half-baked junk ideology ?

  4. 1.God created us ALL in his own image and likeness – black, caucasian, yellow, brown – to rule and reign in dominion as kings and priests unto God. ALL means all.
    This was seen in that Ham (black) and Ismael (brown/yellow from Esau), Abraham (Jew) and the mixture that came out of Egypt are all acceptable to God
    2. God is Spirit and spirit has no colour. Our spirit is our heart – not the organ – to which God communicates by his own Spirit, the Holy Spirit.
    3. Instead of focusing on the Creator [“what will you have me to do?”]people tend to major in minor about colour and position.
    4. Time and space would not permit me to develop this – simple minds or confused minds would say there is contradiction . “But if a man be ignorant let him be ignorant”.
    5. Who is BAFBFP that makes more sense than the lot of junk = half-baked junk ideology ?

  5. This is just another garbage article. Written by some one who lives in a goldfish bowl and can’t see past the tip of their nose.


    People look at me and call me ‘white.’ But my sister is obviously ‘not white.’ Both of our grandmothers were negros.

    Obviously brilliant people and Mandala and Obama have no impact on you.

    You need to travel.

    I like what you said here. You see I was created along with people like my good friends Rocky and a host of other super heroes including Captain Kirk, to help set a standard for white America to appreciate; even to the way women should look was cleverly maintained for many years – thin, small breasted, flat assed and professional. When portrayals of Blacks are done by the same production houses they are shown as fat and domineering if female, or simple and athletic if male. I tell you that if Oprah Winfrey lost a significant amount of weight she would lose a considerable amount of viewership.

    Setting a standard for the characteristics of the species I think is important. I wish you luck with this batch of obviously challenged people.

  7. I think you should remember that Jesse Jackson helped pave the way for Barrack Obama. How convenient to forget Jesse…

  8. @ BAFBFP

    Which one of the moderators on the many call in programs are you referring to? Is it Tony Marshall by any chance or is it David Ellis? It has got to be one of the two of them.

  9. Heard Dr. Don Marshall doing it yesterday. Is it not amazing you let callers ramble for 10 minutes sometimes but then it gets to the final 5 minutes and they want to fit 5 callers before the end.

    Now that we have mentioned Dr. Marshall’s name did he not promise to get back to the BU family concerning the Alleyne Affair?

  10. Re: Jesse Jackson. At a Primary gather Jackson said of then Senator Obama: “I would like to cut out his balls” – the former did not know his microphone was switched on.

    That type of mentality kept the Black man and the world waiting

  11. New Comer,
    De said Jesse Jackson was over heard ‘bad talking’ my husband Barack too. How soon you too forget. He forgot his microphone was still on during an interview and was overheard saying that he would like to squeeze Obama balls (testicles) fa badmouthing black people. I never hear Obama bad talk nobody unless in response to Grumpy McCain or de Palin (cock). Jesse Jackson my ass. Wha’ you want Obama to do fa he now? Tell he to get real?
    ya likes me?

  12. Just Asking
    When you consider the line up of “moderators” on radio call in programs, there is not much there to be impressed with. Either they have extreme difficulty in delivery or they are boorish and self indulgent. There is one young fellow, a political scientist that seems for the moment a bit different, but he is considered a political moderate. That is a dicey place to be lurking on the Trash scale.

    Mr Kent,
    You’ve said a mouthful…

  13. Bonny Peppa
    Pipe down. Jesse Jackson did his share in having Americans recognise that Blacks can seriously challenge in a Presidential race.

    And the main stream press were constantly asking “What does Jesse want?” in their typical snobbbish way.

    If Rev Jackson made that comment there must have been a damned good reason for saying it.

  14. Can someone explain what the hell Rev O Glenville Butler is saying? I can’t make heads or tails of his comments.

  15. @ Carson C. Cadogan
    // November 20, 2008 at 11:12 am

    Veoma Ali is hapily employed and Kareen is recovering nicely. They are both minding there own business as should you.

    Stupidity and malicious behaviour among black people in my books separates the trash from the rest. I do not know where you would find a stupid person who is not a hypocrite. I think the two words are interchangeable. When you read some of the comments in this thread it makes you wonder about the future of black people.

  16. BAFBFP
    You sound like Peter Wickham. Come on man if it is you come out and say so. You is Peter Wickham or not? Stand up and be counted.

  17. New Comer: Things are not always as we would wish they were. Rev. Jackson most certainly did make that remark amongst other things. It made international headlines and his reason for doing so, other than pure sour grapes, was because Obama made a speech where he asked black people to leave the past behind and move forward by educating themselves and holding themselves up to a higher standard. For reasons unknown, Rev. Jackson claimed this was talking down to black folks.

  18. PiedPiper
    Jesus Portalatin if the man made a private remark that was overheard trust the white press to make something of it. You Hypocrites sorry, trash, you know the way things work in the US and you facilitate it by jumping on one of your own. Jesse was in the trenches for a long time. Give the man the respect he is due.

  19. Do any Black persons “educate themselves and hold themselves to a higher standard”? If there are such Black persons, what proportion of the Black population are such? If the answer to these questions are yes to the first and a large proportion to the second, then Mr Obama was guilty of talking down to them. Maybe PiedPiper will argue that few if any Black persons have educated themselves and hold high standards. To which I would say… cuhdear how could ‘they’ let we go so!

  20. When you think of comments like “Committed to the exchange on views on public issues” and there is now more censorship than ever to the point where the volume of callers to the program is far less than that of the moderators and the ads are blasted at you during the break, you have got to know that the producers of Down to Brass Tacks on VOB are Black Trash.

    Look next door at the Barbados “Free” Press. They will moderate (bar) just about every comment that is critical of US foreign policy. When you apply the “one drop” rule to the operators of the site they most certainly will be barred from being White; and when you apply the hypocrisy rule to them they will most definitely be disqualified from being Black too. They could be someone else’s burden.

    Me? Peter Wickham…? The guy seen waving an American flag on TV on the election broadcast? Not a chance. I am a handsome dude, Bro..

  21. cuhdear, how am I being held responsible for a statement made by Obama and where did I say I was in agreement with the statement?
    If you are going to debate, debate with facts not with some preconceived and usually wrong notions in your head.

  22. Maybe Obama WAS talking down to Black people and it took Jesse Jackson to point that out. If the receivers of the message thought that they were being talked down to well that was exactly what was happening.

  23. PiedPiper

    notice the word “maybe” ? After reading your post @ 9:17 again, it is still not clear that you did not agree with Mr Obama. Anyway how do you know that Mr Jackson had “sour grapes”? I will acknowledge the excuse that you don’t mean what you say and don’t say what you mean. As to those preconcieved and wrong notions in my head only you would know.

  24. According to Barbados’ Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Business, Mr.Chris Sinckler, Barbados and other similar countries – presumably Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, etc – are “likely to see a second generation of …. attacks on our sovereignty as an independent tax authority to establish our own tax policy”, Midweek Nation, November 19, 2007.

    Incidentally, Mr. Sinckler, was on last Tuesday also telling the House of Assembly that the Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Business, Mr. Donville Inniss – would have to meet with government’s international tax treaty team to tackle the problem (presumably future OECD attacks on the offshore financial sector of Barbados), and that this includes renegotiating some tax treaties.

    Now, we in the PDC are disgusted and agitated that this DLP Government is bound to repeat some of the same damn elementary mistakes that the last wretched BLP Government made when the same OECD had – in the late 1990s/early 2000s – badly written about Barbados and some other countries being TAX HAVENS and about their promoting HARMFUL TAX COMPETITION/PRACTICES.

    At that time, the then Owen Arthur led BLP Government had been negotiating with some representatives of OECD/EU member countries over what are clear, fundamental, fascist evil wrongs – TAXATION and TAXATION POLICY, and other TAXATION matters as they pertain to transparency in regard of certain kinds of financial information, money laundering, etc.

    So, instead of that former BLP government seeking to ABOLISH TAXATION – which is STATE THEFT of many portions of the incomes of relevant peoples, businesses and other entities in Barbados and in other countries where TAXATION IS IMPOSED – and which is a progresion that would have clearly left the OECD with NOTHING to fight over really, it went with these particular representatives of OECD/EU member countries – like two groups of devious bandits meeting to agree to as calmly as possible set new rules about how to share the bloody loot stolen from the victims of their robberies – having those particular meetings NOT ONLY on how to settle their differences over IMPERIAL TAXATION, BUT ALSO on how “best” to continue TAXING/stealing massive portions of the incomes of many peoples, businesses and other entities in their own countries, WITHOUT resorting to further disharmony and conflict resulting from obvious lost of turf and other things.

    But now, we have this already ailing DLP Government predictably resorting to cowering before the bigger thieving governments, simply because it wants to continue playing its part in stealing masssive portions of the incomes of the relevant people, businesses and other entities in this country. It is simply evil and demonic to TAX the incomes of people, businesses, and other entities anywhere. The Bible, in one of the ten commandments, clearly says thou shall NOT steal!!!

    Finally, we in PDC have been saying to the people of Barbados that a future PDC Government shall ABOLISH ALL TAXATION in Barbados, thus freeing the people of Barbados from this fascist evil wrong that has been for years committed against them by the state/government of Barbados, and – with that progression – shall help to pave the way for unprecedented high levels of real income, expenditure, output, investment, exports, etc never before seen in the history of this country, and pave the way for unprecedented high levels of redistribution that shall accompany it.


  25. I should first like to make a clarifying declaration, should it be necessary. Like many people who post on this blog, I am a black person just like you.

    It is bewildering why black people, in so many cases, do nothing but sit and carp and cry and take pot-shots at other ethnicities, using ‘blackness’ as their perennial excuse for their personal failure.

    It’s like we are a different species. The giraffes’ cannot live with the gorillas. Everything is wrong with the gorillas so the giraffes suffer. Three hundred years ago a gorilla jumped on a giraffe’s back and rode it for a while. Which remains a major problem. Never mind the gorillas were ruled by some spiders and they were able to get over it and get on.

    It’s sickening.

  26. There is no such thing as white trash.. There is no such thing as black trash.

    There are only people who may be poor or poorly educated. The truth is most of us are only one job, one spouse or one major long term illness away from poverty.

  27. Listen, I dont know why I’m bothering to write this. How many are going to read it and how many are going to get anything from it. ? All I’m doing is wasting my time.

    My father was a Government worker. He started his ‘work life’ as a messenger at the Post Office and worked in Government all his life. All he knew about was to get up on mornings, catch the bus, and catch the bus in the evening and come home.

    And the conversation in the house was low level. I never got an insight into life and what quality of life I would have. So I just followed pattern. I left school, got a job as a ‘junior’ in an office…

    It wasn’t until I got married and had two children that I realized I would never have much of a ‘quality life’ working (years later) for $240.oo a month. So I bit the bullet, became ‘self-employed,’ went through years of scrunting, until finally in the last 15, was able to make a decent wage for myself and live a bit above the ‘poverty line.’

    But I had growing up friends whose parents were into business, were engineers and professional people. My friends would have heard very different conversation in their homes… and they left school and lept forward and launched on a totally different platform than I did.

    It was not an ‘education’ thing. They were no better school-educated than I was. It was… they had a PERSPECTIVE that I didn’t have.

    And that’s the big difference with us black people. Our perspective. We think we are going to be oh so successful because the aim these days is to go to UWI and come out with a paper certificate.

    What a disappointment.

  28. J
    Sorry.. yah wrong. If you’re a hypocrite and you have dark skin, you will not be considered Black in my books. You’re trash

    One Love
    Even though you did not read the submission, I read what you had to say and I agree with you completely.

    As Fah Duppy
    Gups, call me simple but please, please never refer to me as a hypocrite, Ah beg yah…

  29. One Love – What you say is so true, but it is far easier to take the “poor me” attitude and blame someone else – that way you don’t have to take responsibility for anything.

  30. WE have all been puppets .

    Why have you been following christianity.
    Thats right our parents are/ were christians so we beleive that what ever they choose can only be correct . You never find the truth in the history books why? The whites have always been in control from the time they brought our fore fathers into christianity till the current affairs.
    YOU may never know but our ancestors came from the coast of africa . They were all muslims . This is our heritage not what the white elite has forced upon us so never close your minds.
    Study it!
    Never criticize that which you are ignorant of .

    IN Islam that is where the equality really lies.

    Dont follow blindly, understand , interpret and learn what eqaulity is all about.


  31. The White man is NOT native to Europe. The White man originated from albinos in Central Asia.The White man first entered Europe as illiterate horse nomads around 1200BC. They fought & conquered Blacks in Europe; who were the creators of the original European civilizations.
    After the Whites invaded (circa 1,200 B.C.), all writing STOPPED! This period is commonly called “The Greek Dark Ages” it was obviously a time of Great Wars and social upheaval; the biggest upheaval being the Exodus of the Sea people (Black people)…

    In modern times, the reason that Whites falsely claim that they originated in Europe is likely embarrassment. They did not discover definitive evidence of their Asian origins until the early 1900s. (Even though the Archeological finds of the previous century should have given them a clue: all the ancient skeletons found in Europe were of Black people – To date, absolutely NO ancient White skeletons have ever been found in Europe – (pre 1,200 B.C.). Whereas skeletons of ancient Africans – Not Neanderthals, Not Cro-Magnons – but “Modern Man” Africans (Homo-sapiens) are found all over the place in Europe, Some from as early as 45000BC.

    We say embarrassment, because for the previous several centuries, Whites had been building a tale of White superiority and Black inferiority; and had even created the institution of Racism. How then were they to admit that just the opposite was true. Not only were they a people of humble beginnings, but derived from “Defective” Humans (Albinos) too. And all that they had, and had achieved, was derived from that which they had taken from the Black man.[…]
    from Realhistoryww.

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) reports that the “modern humans who came out of Africa to originally settle Europe about 40,000 years are presumed to have had dark skin, which is advantageous in sunny latitudes. And the new data confirm that about 8500 years ago, early hunter-gatherers in Spain, Luxembourg, and Hungary also had darker skin: They lacked versions of two genes—SLC24A5 and SLC45A2—that lead to depigmentation and, therefore, pale skin in Europeans today. […]

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