Arresting Double Standards

Submitted by Kammie Holder

The attached photos were are all taken from the Nation newspaper online.

Perhaps, this may be a rare case of inferiority complex raising its head if the relaxed attitude towards the accused shown last week is used as a yardstick to juxtapose the one of Leroy Parris. Neither am I of the opinion this was a deliberate case of self hate but more of a desire to be nice to accused.

However, the question begs are double standards at play, according to position, wealth, race, or public outcry?

What message is been sent to society and international partners when accused black boys are treated with tight handcuffs and some elite are allowed to take picnic strolls?

This is something the local Black Lives Matter agitators should be keeping noise about for this smacks of inequality and institutional self hate. Did the country not see Leroy Parris a man with significant assets in handcuffs and ever so often little black boys charged with a spliff?

This is a sad day in the history of the Royal Barbados Police Force and must not only be publicly condemned but investigated. I will not hold my breath in a society that leaves everything to their god. But what do we expect from an establishment formed as a force in 1835 and still not a service in 2020. If ever we wanted evidence that our society is divided how we treat each other, we need not look any further. Such happenings undermine the good name of the Royal Barbados Police Force and can create distrust among the masses. The silence of those who champion social justice is disturbingly silent, no wonder many see the local black life movement as a farce.

We can continue to selfishly ignore and dismiss wrongs until it hit homes. Each one of us must be craftsmen of our fate and strict guardians of our heritage. Stop taking your freedoms for granted and never accept silence in the presence of inequality as an option. Perception can overwhelm facts and turn truth on its head.


  • WURA-War-on-USeptember 16, 2020 12:45 PM

    “How many times have you had the Chief Justice of Barbados apologise to you in the press as well as in the court of appeal?”

    is that the well known corrupt former CJ or the do nothing, incompetent one who just resigned in disgrace?…an apology from either one means absolutely nothing…..




  • … but it’s a fact Jack!!


  • A fact that proves what??????


  • It proves that your mother had a serious problem that took way too long to be resolved. Your mother died before it was resolved. And you had to “wait upon the Lord” for far longer than I did.

    It proves that your sister did a very good job on social media.

    It proves that Marston Gibson and Sandra Mason are not shameless monsters. Having met them both many years ago, and knowing much about them through family and friends I already knew that. Barbados is a very small place.

    That is why you don’t find me ranting and raving and demonizing them on BU. They are flawed beings just like the rest of us who need a kick in the ass sometimes. Nothing evil about either of them.

    And that is all it proves. It does not prove that you are not brain damaged. You are either that or YOU are evil.


  • I am totally relaxed. Lying would tense me up. Holding my tongue and not speaking the truth would tense me up.

    You are either brain damaged or evil.


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