A Commenter to Barbados Underground Questions Mascoll On His Integrity

In response to a comment to our article Clyde Mascoll & Chris Sinckler, Key Match-Up To Watch In The Upcoming General Election In St. Michael North West a Commenter under the moniker light hearted has taken Clyde Mascoll to task. We have published the raw comment for discussion without any editorial intervention on our part. We look forward to debate from B, D, P and O as we discuss the issue of integrity in politics in Barbados.


  • A man who said that this was the most corrupt government in the history of Cabinet government and then jumps right into bed with them? Integrity? He says that the PM and Shorey and Wilkinson and man called Johnson (JAWS) in case you forget were stealing money out of GEMS and he would expose it but now sits down around the table with the same JAWS and you say integrity? Wow.

  • He tells the people in the farm that he is a Dem till he dies and that he would “dead before joining the BLP” and you say he has integrity? Wow. He also told the people living in NHC units in his constituency not to buy the houses the BLP was selling them cause they should get them free now he is in the government he tries to encourage people to buy cause its a great bargin and you say he has integrity.

  • He said that he consulted his constituents before he crossed and they told him to go and everybody including the same constituents know that he never and you say he has integrity? Wow.

  • He looked his cousin Dereck Alleyne his biggest and most vocal supporter in the face the night before he crossed and told him “I am not crossing to the Bees Dereck I could never join that party” the next day the announcement came on the TV….Integrity.

  • He took three employees into the Opposition Office his personal employees and left the DLP and never even told them that he was going. They too learn about it on the streets….Integrity? One guy in particular who is from his constituency and who was deadly loyal to Mascoll even though he did not know of his leaving called Mascoll in solidarity after learning and was encouraged to leave the job…..to this day Mascoll has not looked back at that fellow who at the time had just taken out a mortgage. In all his negotiating Mascoll could not ask the PM to help this “poor black man ” from deacons to get a job in the public service or any of the employees he took into the opposition office he only negotiated for himself…..and you say he has integrity? He told one of his female constituents who complained about being sexual assaulted by his “poor black man friend Murrell” to tek the money the man offering and drop the case” and you talk about integrity” You and Mascoll really waiting for the non-confidence motion” Hold tight skippy it coming.

  • Let me tell you something the OXFORD Dictionary tells us that integrity means the quality of being honest and morally upright, having honour, incorruptible, loyal, having principle, reliability, trustworthiness and veracity.

  • Mascoll has none. He cannot be trusted. He is not loyal. He has no principle will say anything anywhere and any time once it gets him by. He will say one thing now and something else another. He believes in nothing he says and will fool people that he does. He has no honour among men and so cannot be trusted to fight for anybody but himself.

Perhaps the calypsonian Classic puts it best in his song “dont confuse Mascoll” when he said in one chorus ” they say I ent got not shame but shameless is my middle name”Find another word to describe Mascoll….trust me integrity is not it.

Oh yes and I almost forgot to mention that this non-sense that Mascoll always mouthing about Thompson not helping him is bare foolishness. Ask Mascoll who gave him 10,000 dollars cash on the chamberlin bridge the night of the DLP independence square meeting in the 2003 election. IT WAS DAVID THOMPSON.

Ask him who advised him not to bring the no-confidence motion in the government but rather Liz Thompson but whose advice he spurned only to make as ass of himself on national TV and have the PM wipe the floor with him….IT WAS DAVID THOMPSON.

And while you at it stupid comments ask Mascoll why after David Thompson appoint both he and his wife to the senate and she wanted to resign he took her letter of resignation to the nation newspaper before either one of them had the decency to call Thompson and inform him so that he had to hear it from a nation reporter who called him while he was on business in St. Lucia to ask who he was putting in the Senate to replace Cyrilene Thomas as she was then.

It that the way you treat a man that was good to you that save you from the misery you created for yourself at the Central Bank and bring you in the MOF. A man that put you in senate twice after you lost elections to keep you alive politically in Barbados; a man who beg people at university to give you a pick when they did not want to take you back. Is that a person of integrity and decency?

BU would welcome a rebuttal from Mascoll or his supporters to the above.

42 thoughts on “A Commenter to Barbados Underground Questions Mascoll On His Integrity

  1. Here we go again. Mascoll, Mascoll, Mascoll!
    When is the DLP and its supporters going to wise up?

    I attended the DLP meeting at Deaconds Rd. some time back and I must confess that it disappointed me no end. Mind you it was good to see the DLP awaken from its slumber A-La-Rip Van Winkle.

    So much time, energy, money, beacause it takes lots of money to hold a meeting, wasted on Mascoll that it just boggled my mind. Speaker after disappointing speaker spent oodles of time on Mascoll.

    When is the DLP and its supporters going to wake up to fact that this is a free country! One can remain with a party, one can leave it, one can cross the floor and it is perfectly legal and moral. There are no laws against it.

    I got the feeling that this is a personal vendetta. How can so many things be wrong in this country and every single speaker focusing on Mascoll. And for what? A mere $2million loan. So much money has been wasted by Government, by the tens of millions, and not a word from our modern Rip Van winkle(DLP).

    The energies of the DLP ought to be focussed on Owen Arthur. He is the head huncho in charge. Mascoll is simply a creature of the Prime Minister. Every overspent dollar, every corrupt act of Ministers, every shady deal is Owen’s responsibility. That is the person who the DLP ought to hammering.

    The DLP, I suspect, will devote all their time and energy on Mascoll, Mascoll might loose his seat BUT Owen Arthur will be returned to power. He will appoint Mascoll to some high position and the DLP will be on the opposition bench for another five years because of misguided priorities. The old people call it catching at the shadow and loosing the bone. The shadow(Mascoll) and the bone(the Government).

  2. Indeed it is a fairly lengthy exposition on mascoll but it deserves to be said because he has been saying all the that he was unfaired. And now we know that a stoy has two sides. So we put his and the dems put theirs. Nothing wrong with that.

    I for one want him to lose and lose badly. I dont care who gets in really cause they are all the same. But we as citizens have to put a stop to the foolishness that we let politicians get away with all the time. We try to teach our children to be honest and upright to tell the truth and to be selfless but yet we allow politicians to have all kinds of low standards and then expect the children to be better.

    It might not matter to you anonymous that mascoll said one thing and did another but it matters to many of us out here. He was not just an ordinary politician he led a party and and large part of our population down the tube and now we are to forget about it and let him have his “bone” and eat it to NOOOOOOOO! not good enough.

    finally i wonder if you have considered for a minute all the people who for the love of their country would have trusted him with very sensitive information…people at GEMS the Central Bank, UDC etc. These are all public servants to gave him information at the risk of losing their jobs and how does he repay them he joins the lot that he was suppose to be exposing and fighting. Do you realy understand the fear those people now have every time they see him under the PM. If it was me i would be having many sleepless nights wondering what he told the PM when he ask him who gave him all that information. These people trusted him with the lives and he abandoned them and you say for him and move on. Man you really cannot be serious

  3. I agree that it is time that the DLP clear the air on the Mascoll issue. It galls me to go around Barbados and hear people talk about Mascoll being unfaired.

    Ask those who were present in 8Ball shop on St Stephen’s Hill just after Mascoll crossed and they wanted to know why. Mascoll in the most abusive way told them that dat ‘red boy’ (Thompson) already rich and he has to get his ‘fair share’. He asked them if they didn’t know that he had mortgage to pay.

    Is this the philosophical mooring that guided Mascoll that paragon of virtue.

    Furthermore when Thompson was in deep do do with only 2 seats he asked Mascoll to help him by sitting on the executive of the party. Mascoll’s response was that he had no time he is going to do his PHd. Would you believe that he hasn’t even registered to date and we talking since 1999.

    Who really got unfaired????………..

  4. excellent article i hope masscoll loses and loses bad too it would serve him right he is a 2 faced liar . the worst thing the bees did was to take him into their side or maybe they plan to use him as the scape goat it would serve him right after wat he done he has no shame atall in talking through 2 mouths , maybe he counting on us having lax brains like his but we aint stupid i never want to see him in parliament again or the senate

  5. We attended the meeting too and although there was a focus on Mascoll, the meeting was held in his constituency so one would expect that the focus would be on Mascoll given the history. Richard Sealy spoke at length about the overruns on the flyover project and the hospital. Michael Lashley spoke at length about the housing situation in Barbados and David Estwick spoke about the economy.

    So you are not correct in your statement analysis.

  6. Let me add my two cents to Mascoll issue. Mascoll is an unprincipled liar and judas. He sold out half the electorate for a few pieces of Owen Arhur’s silver. He has an irrational obsessive hate for David Thompson. Mascoll is an insecure, low self esteem person obviously with an inferiority complex. His credibilty is zero. As has been revealed it was Thompson who brought Mascoll into politics and helped him immensely to become a politician and get a seat. Shades of Hamilton Lashjley another ungrateful so and so. Ater Thompson opened his heart and wallet to these bastards they turned around and stabbed him in his back. Mascoll is a shameless crass imbecile. I hope Hardwood buries him. He is yet to answer any of the charges Thompson lucidly outlined. The voters of North west must as their civic duty ensure Mascoll never enters parliament again.

  7. This Mascoll thing is going to land the DLP back on the opposition bench for another five years, make my words. You DLP people are focusing on the wrong issue.

  8. If Hardwood sticks and I hope it does its going to take Mascoll down. Like a drowning man he is going to clutch Owen , Mia and every BLP manjack will be snatching air.

  9. Anonymous has it absolutely right. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Mascoll, taking him down is not going to take the government down. The best it will do is make many D’s feel better personally. Problem is, they’ll be feeling better in opposition again. There’s so many other issues that have more traction with voters (and more genuine impact on the lives of ordinary Bajans, most of whom – like me – don’t care that Mascoll went to one side or another) that the DLP has got to stop and focus. Owen en’t a fool and this is playing right into his hands.

  10. I agree the meeting was held in Mascoll’s constituency, thus the reason for the focus to be on him, but alas, another meeting was held in St. Andrew and the focus continue on Mr. Mascoll. The directive elements need to focus on the $300 million Highway, the $200 million Prison and the $70 million Courts, all of these have the BOLT Agreement and finance by BNB. Lets here the Opposition Views. Don’t waste your time on one political opponent. The electorate is the ultimate judge.

  11. I have to sit here and laugh. Anonymous are you bajan and who do you support. I guess you will come out and say neither you are just a “concerned bdos citizen” eh. “you dlp people”? obviously you are not a dlp person so we expect you to say anything to divert attention from the issues. We however will not be diverted by carrots or bait. When this ship with Captain Thompson row into harbour and doc and we disembark prepare for battle. Until then we await the outcome of the no confidence motion.

    I have to laugh when people say that morality is not an issue. morality IS THE ISSUE. It is persons like you and the other joker who has Barbados right where we are. You do not care about anything or anyone. You without morals it would seem, since you don’t have a problem with the lack of morals Mascoll has displayed. Any right thinking person would be incensed, but not the bunch of hooligans purporting to be men/gentlemen running around barbados these days.

    Anyway I done.

  12. Both are doable. The people of Barbados have more than enough mental capacity to both witness and engage in a detail dissection of Mascoll and to listen and digest the several revelations of misuse and abuse of our money. There is no need for one or the other, bring them all on.

  13. Botha

    “we expect you to say anything to divert attention from the issues.”

    What issues?

    The ISSUE appears to be exclusively MASCOLL.

    Please tell me that the DLP is capable of more than this.

  14. Let me put it another way, if Mascoll had not defected to the ruling party, what would the DLP have come to the people with?

    To my way of seeing it, they would not have anything. No wonder people are skeptical of the DLP.

    The DLP will prove to be the biggest vote getters for the ruling party.

  15. Botha, Wake up and realise that the 50% of the voting population (yes, not everyone’s a comitted D or B) who are undecided don’t care about personal vendettas against a turncoat. We care about corruption, incompetence and policies. We may care about Mascoll and Hardwood but there are much, much bigger fish to fry. Stop taking it personally and try to win an election for a change. Please.

  16. Regardless of what is said on here about Mascoll the main thing driving the opinions contrary to what we are being led to believe is, MASCOLL CROSSED THE FLOOR TO JOIN THE BLP PARTY.

    Well get use to it because he did nothing wrong and it is done quite frequently in many
    honorable Parliaments.

    Mascoll seems to me to be a candidate who can be easily set up by his new political masters. His pathetic try at explaning the serious ABC overrun of $120 million or whatevewr it was, was pathetic.

    He also is in a portfolio that is neither me elbow nor me ass and to have allowed himself to be sucked into the Hardwood controversy in the manner he was, shows a man who is not in my opinion politically astute. But it will be left to his Constituents to be his ultimate judge!

  17. james/anonymous the leader of the opposition has been talking extensively about integrity legislation, better deal for public servants, immigration, high cost of living et al consistently including his much reported speaches from Canada. Owen has now shamelessly followed him.

    Is Lick Mout Lou or Peter Wickham operatives of PEP,DLP,BLP? They are adamant Hardwood has traction. Care to explain the known independent views of those two?

  18. james/anonymous the leader of the opposition has been talking extensively about integrity legislation, better deal for public servants, immigration, high cost of living et al consistently including his much reported speaches from Canada. Owen has now shamelessly followed him.

    Is Lick Mout Lou or Peter Wickham operatives of PEP,DLP,BLP? They are adamant Hardwood has traction. Care to explain the known independent views of those two?

  19. Correct me if I am wrong but if Owen is prepared to use DLP material shouldn’t Thompson play his cards close to his vest? So attacking Mascoll may only be the opening salvo?

    Gone back to observing.

  20. I wonder how many people here realy listen to what is going in politic s in Barbados. The DLP has been flogging every issue in this country. It has been having public meetings practically every other week since last year. The Highway, the prison World Cup, cost of living, housing land and corruption to name a few.

    Then comes along the corruption that is hardwood the party spends a few weeks talking about it and everybody forgets all the party has been doing nsince last year.

    It that really the truth about it. The fact of the matter is that some of these so-called “neutral” people are not so neutral at all and really dont want the dems to win so they try to find all kinds of foolishness to talk.

    What sensible party ould wasye a whole election talking about one man. His issues just happen to be breaking at this time so the party is dealing with it. But truly if you want to prosecute a government about their immoral and unethical behaviour whereever it is to be found you could find no better example than mascoll.

    But we can and will not be the issue in the next election. The question is will people like anonymous and james put their hands to the plough and her rid barbados of this wicked government or will they sit back in their arm chairs offering wisdom from on high

  21. I hear you DLP people. but remember that there is none so blind as he who will not see. All of you missing the point.

    My father died recently. He supported the DLP from its inception and he was a die hard DLP, it was his wish to see them back in power before he died. Sadly that never happen.

    I am waiting to see if after the next general elections I can visit his grave and say “Dad the DLP is back in power again”, or if I will have to say to him “Dad the DLP lost again”.

    That is in the hands of the DLP.

  22. It’s amazing that some people can’t accept, regardless of the polling evidence, that 50% of the population of Barbados (myself included) are undecided. We can’t all be BLP spies ya know. And we need to be convinced that the B’s will stop the corruption or that the D’s will be more competent running the country than they have been electioneering so far. I ent offering wisdom, just a plea to focus on the issues that matter. Change is in the air but it’s up to Thompson, not me, to convince voters that his party represents a credible alternative.

  23. James I am in that 50% and I have made up my mind. Poll always show a healthy undecided but you should factor the national swing which Peter has forcasted. Thats the variable that will scatter the pigeons.

  24. james…i take your point but you guys seem not to be taking other people’s point. yes the party cant just focus on clyde and forget the other critical issues an yes they definitely cant ignore the 50% of persons who are undecided.

    But the party has been besting these issues time and time again. What more can a party do? You can talk and talk and talk but at some point in time the people have to act.

    What the DLP now has to do is to concentrate on gettings its alternative programme fine tuned and ready for the elections. There is nothing new that anybody can tell the people of barbados about the BLP they know it all again.

    So they have to make up their mind what they want and what they are going to do. and in my view the best way the DLP can help that situation is to present its programme at the right time. cause as you see everytime the DLP comes with an idea the PM runs to implement it

  25. Clearly for me the blp and arthur are devoid of new ideas and thoughts.
    Let us look as recent as this last weekend where Mr Thompson makes a speech on Saturday night and arthur comes along on Sunday and says exactly what Mr Thompson said the night before this to me was so poor and lacking that it really revealed the extent of this party’s tiredness and reinforced my earlier belief that they need to retire sooner rather than later.
    While on the subject it is my belief that one from within the inner circle of arthur’s cabinet with an indepth knowledge of what he had intended to say in his speech on Sunday and leaked it to Mr Thompson for his early release, what a master shot!!!
    Now we ask the question which one of arthur’s haters would have sold him out in this manner?
    there are many possible candidates, his new wife, Rommel Marshall,Mottley, Lashley, Prescod,Payne, Liz Thompson,Edghill the list is long and it is involved but if I were a gambler I would put my money safely on Mottley as the source of the leak because of her bitterness towards arthur, and his demise of her and finally the last insult the putting ASSCOLL ahead of her in the pecking order .
    Who ever did the deed it was well delivered and well done by Mr Thompson.

  26. The election has not been called yet. Mascoll is purely a warm up. The DLP got there engines going too early and rather than cool down or back off they must maintain the pressure with Mascoll. He can be used to illustrate that there is organized corruption within the goverment….you also have the contrast of Mascoll struggling with the mortgage as opposition leader and apparently fat and happy as a junior minister under Owen. So Mascoll switches sides finds this apparatus in place, and tries to milk it for all its worth.

    I’m sure when the date is called that they will go into a higher gear. It will be catpiss an’ peppa cuz the “apparatus” or organized corruption will be dealt with, this dragon must be slain. Owen is excellent at recovering, any attack this early in the game will be neutralized, even if it means making an example of members of his own government[Mascoll]. He can always cry boo hoo hoo, claim he didn’t know about the depth of corruption, substitute a few of the corrupt ones for apparently virtuous ones… Call me cynical but some of the electorate will lap it up. Bye bye 5% swing and victory Blp19 DLP11.

    P.S No one cries sweeter than Owen in the House of Assembly…he so sincere… cuh dear….

  27. Whunna betta spen somtime looking at the post dealin wid Tourist arrival Statistic an see how unrelliabl dem is.

    So wus I whunna, I wuldn’t put too much faith in de 50% undecided vota number yuh.

    Dis es a Black rock poll I tek 24 hours ago. 40% DlP 20% BLP an 40% tell me duh ent know eda one eh duh, or wuda es do! wulah.

  28. clyde mascoll’s behaviour is like that of a dog. not a dog with class but a salmon tot retriever. the BLP kick him, insult him, drag his mother into the mud and he still get into bed with them. he must kept under pressure so that he will crack up. that is what he deserves

  29. sick and fed up….thats not a nice thing to say about clyde. He’s not that bad. He made his choice and he will have to live with it. It is unfortunate that he has yet to appreciate the hurt he has caused people. Do you know that a key support of the Dems that lives in Holders Land Brandons actually got a heart attack the night the news came through that he crossed. It is true and there is a god above. Just go into Brandon’s and ask anybody down there about it. The man had a bad heart it is true but he was devastated by the actions of clyde and tore down his picture he had up in the house with clyde. That man hollowered like a child when he heard it and cried and curse and even though he wife and neighbours told him not to worry about it he was devastated. That same night he had a heart attack and died. People in Brandons does say that clyde kill he. True ttrue true..ask anybody in brandons

  30. The Politics of desperation continues unabated. It is really hilarious just reading the comments.

    Sungod — Mascoll give a man a heart attack and kill he.

    Sick and fed up slyvan– call he a salmon tot retriever.

    No name – conducting he own poll. In Black Rock no doubt – obviously at the Hospital there.

    Wishing in vain suggest that the BLP and Owen Arthur are devoid of ideas while in the next sentence accusing him of implement one similar to Thompson.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  31. I am not only smelling the roses — I am also having a good laugh. Please go back to conducting your poll.

  32. Makaveli on Nov 2nd 2007 at 12:50 pm , says ,

    P.S No one cries sweeter than Owen in the House of Assembly…he so sincere… cuh dear….
    No one FARTS as hard as him as he did in the House Of Assembly in March 2007 ( Budget wrap up ) When David Thompson asked him to account for that $ 750,000.00 cheque !

    He has NOT been to the House Of Assembly to debate since that date !

  33. Or someone should advise Owen that when he’s making donations with cheque in his constituency, first cash the cheque from COW then draw the money off of his account. But maybe he was trying to be transparent, if so you have to commend him…

  34. I see that the majority of the bloggers who make meaninful contributions are allowing themselves to be distracted from the real issues by baseless deliberations of a few. Get back on track and don’t let yourselves be sideswiped. Keep the blogging pressure up and continue bringing the issues to the public. This government is more corrupt than many really know.
    Example: A former BLP executive member who was recently suffering financially say that Mia make sure that he set for life. Now all the problems just seem to disappear.I for one trying to figure out what he mean or how it was done, but the man living like a king and there is no visible means of income. Can someone explain how it was possibly done? because people working real hard to make ends meet.

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  36. My other issue here is how come the inquiry into the burning down of the prison has so far ommitted to call the AG of that period the one Mottley to give evidence?
    As the Minister responsible for the prison I really beieve that she needs to be put on the witness stand to be questioned by them as to her role in the eventual burning down of the prison.
    It is not good enough that she has played a part in this event but only the prisoners and the staff are getting grilled and not the one who allowed the situation to boil until it boiled over and burnt down.

  37. Did the Royal jack as turn the corner or what !!!!
    As seen on the blp blogs moments ago.
    Royalrumble // Nov 6th 2007 at 12:55 pm

    I have never seen this party in more turmoil and confusion as I have seen in recent times this a sign of the times when by your own statements a group of wild boys can put this group of people is such a spin that they resort to self praise and compliments of themselves, how sad it looks to John Public.
    The old people use to say self praise is no praise at all, have you never heard this comment before?
    More importantly rather than the beating of your own chest boners and praising yourselves maybe a little look into why you are finding the going so tough will assist in righting the wrongs you are accused of lets start with the mystery of that cheque Owen for the small sum of $ 750,000.00 why did it as Mr Thompson state that it reporterly went to you personal bank account.the cost and conditions of the Prison project eventually costing three times more than it weas budgeted for and why was Rotherley et al not given a real opportunity to do the work is there any truth that there was a call to build in a 7 % commission to be payable to party members? And why are we working with a known company that is willing to pay bribes to politicians to get contracts awarded to them?
    The road works why here again have we chosen to award a contract to a know fraudster like DANOS who is before the courts for robbing the taxpayers of Jamaica in what he described as the Jamaica kickback agreement is there the same Barbados kickback agreement in play here in Barbados as well?
    Here again the cost of this project has tripled in cost even before getting near half way in the project.
    Or tell us about this prearranged plan to wheel and deal with the PierHead project if what I am hearing it sounds too much like VECO or 3S DANOS deal one filled with dishonest partners that are before the courts for fraud, bribery and corruption.
    Then we have the fiasco that the PM and Mascoll have created in HARDWOOD HOUSING INC.
    Or what about the deal with Pem,berton and the Chineses illegal workers?
    Or the baths that were built for more than most nice four bedroom homes could be built for.
    In closing what we want to know is why these things are not being addressed not a word about any of them but instead your callous remarks that you the PM is not going to do a thing about HARDWOOD HOUSING it is a disgusting statement showing the extent of the dishonest in gov’t abosolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Never a truer word has been spoken!!!

  38. No retrial or acquittal for Kott

    Published: November 9, 2007
    Last Modified: November 9, 2007 at 02:12 AM

    ANCHORAGE — A federal judge on Thursday denied a request for a retrial in the corruption case against former state Rep. Pete Kott.

    Kott’s attorney, Jim Wendt, had asked U.S. District Judge John Sedwick to reconsider the former lawmaker’s Sept. 25 conviction. Kott was convicted on charges of conspiracy to solicit financial benefits, extortion and bribery.

    Wendt asked for either an acquittal or a retrial. Both requests were rejected.

    At the center of Wendt’s argument was what he called a paradox on the conspiracy charge. He said Kott was convicted of conspiring to extort money from the very people that he was conspiring with: former Veco Corp. executives Bill Allen and Rick Smith.

    Kott is scheduled for a Dec. 7 sentencing.

    — The Associated Press

    3Friday, November 9, 2007 – 3:32pm |

    VECO Barbados Prison contract!!

    Nice guy he is, funny thing how the ones that paid him and he do not get to spend some time in the prison he wanted to be warden of in Barbados.Pity that the FBI have not investigated the awarding of the VECO Barbados Prison contract!! as most people are concerned that the prison had a lot of STEAL in it as well.

    2Friday, November 9, 2007 – 2:28pm | adventure

    Pete Got Kott

    Sorry Pete – Gotta Go to the felony ranch! Couldn’t have happened to a more worthy guy. Hopefully, if we all are lucky you’ll get to see Ted and Don there too!

    1Friday, November 9, 2007 – 2:27pm | adventure

    Pete Got Kott

    Sorry Pete, be a man and admitt you realy were a low down sleezeball. Money hugging dirtbag. Worthless thief who robbed every alaskan citizen!

  39. When you look at the makeup of Arthurs team it is very easy to see that they are so many misfits and has beens running for office it is an insult to the voters to bring people such as Toppin, Rommel Marshall,Rawle Eastmond,George Payne, Joe Edghill and others, these are ones that have sat around and have achieved nothing in all their years in the house of assembly.
    When Eastmond can state that he does not know what he did to Arthur that he Arthur has done nothing for him in his area for 9 years, what does that leave you to think or to do?
    We cannot be so stupid for them to believe that after years of neglect that they are to come to us and pretends to care for us when they know fully well they are only seeking power and a means to rob the treasury even further.
    Congrats to you young man Mr Lashley.

  40. I wonder how far this probe goes????

    Sen. Stevens Told to Keep Records for Probe

    By Paul Kane
    washingtonpost.com Staff Writer
    Thursday, June 7, 2007; Page A01

    Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican in the Senate, disclosed in an interview that the FBI asked him to preserve records as part of a widening investigation into Alaskan political corruption that has touched his son and ensnared one of his closest political confidants and financial backers.

    Stevens, who is famous for bringing home federal earmarks for Alaska when he was Appropriations Committee chairman, was not previously known to be linked to the Justice Department’s probe, which has uncovered evidence that more than $400,000 worth of bribes were given to state lawmakers in exchange for favorable energy legislation.
    Subpoenas have been issued over work on Sen. Ted Stevens’s home. (Chris Miller – AP)

    An Alaska Firm’s Favorites
    A pair of executives for energy services company Veco Corp., in their bribery plea agreements, admitted to illegally laundering bonuses to themselves and other executives to pay for political donations to state and federal lawmakers in 2005 and 2006.
    Investigators have used secret recording equipment, seized documents and cooperating witnesses to secure the indictments of four current and former state lawmakers, including the former state House speaker, shaking the core of Alaska’s Republican Party.

    Two executives of a prominent energy company have pleaded guilty to bribery and extortion charges and are cooperating with the inquiry, which is being run by the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section and includes two federal prosecutors and FBI agents based in Anchorage.

    “They put me on notice to preserve some records,” Stevens said in a brief interview about his legal team’s discussions with the FBI. He declined to say what kinds of records were involved but confirmed that he had hired lawyers and that his son, former state Senate president Ben Stevens, “is also under investigation”

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