Barbados Underground Suggest To The BLP And DLP To Use The New Age Media More

There is some debate in the USA as to the impact videos produced by the political parties and distributed to the non-traditional news channels like Youtube and blogs is having on the outcome of political elections. In fact the thrust of the quoted text is to anticipate the impact Youtube will have on the next US presidential election.

Will YouTube decide the next President?

News: Mary Anne Ostrom of the San Jose Mercury News has an insightful analyzing “The YouTube factor” in the presidential election.

Analysis: It’s too early to tell how big an impact YouTube will have in deciding the next President, but it certainly has had some impact already. All of the candidates would not be sharing videos on YouTube if they didn’t believe YouTube was an important tool. The real wildcards, however, are the user-generated videos, like the Hilary 1984 video and “I feel pretty” video mocking John Edwards. There will no doubt be more of these negative videos, upcoming. Stay tuned.

It seems probable to us here at BU that the political parties in Barbados could consider such a strategy to penetrate a large group of our young people who although eligible to vote seem to be trapped in a sea of cynicism. We do not have to sell the attractiveness of the new channel of the Internet to this group. Both BLP and DLP now run blogs and they could additionally distribute material to the other popular blogs on the Internet like BFP and BU : – ).

The opportunity exist for both parties to revolutionize how political messages is distributed!

3 thoughts on “Barbados Underground Suggest To The BLP And DLP To Use The New Age Media More

  1. I too believe that both parties need to step up their game and move a way somewhat from the rum shop politics of the last election. I would like to see more use of debates to really sound out the issues and see how both parties will be addressing them. I really wouldn’t want to bottle dew every time to hear them.

    We have placed ourselves on the world stage with the just concluded CWC and therefore need to move to a higher rung on the ladder …remember the world is watching. While with there will be mud slinging what is politics without it let it be good clay mud that can give a good facial when all is said and done.

  2. Have a look at this clip if you want an idea of where our politicians and political hopefuls are going to stage their campaigns – right in the gutter. Bring up your game people – not everyone wants to engage in mud-slinging … it seems to me that they are putting on a show for the simple minded. Let them laugh while we laugh at them – all the way to the (offshore) banks!

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