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The George Brathwaite Column – Need to End Embargo

Since December 8, 1972, Cuba and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have had formal relations. The countries are ‘thrust together by geopolitical realities and common regional and global challenges’, and the CARICOM-Cuba relationship has been sustained ‘by mutual respect for the right to self-determination and to the development model of their choosing’. In the name of […]

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Submitted by David Comissiong, Clement Payne Movement Who or what gave US President Donald Trump and the Government of the USA the right to set themselves up as the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner of the Government of Syria? The short and simple answer is that neither President Trump nor the US Government possessed any […]

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Obama – The Case for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Submitted by Pachamama The failure of Saudi intelligence chief, Bandar Bush, to convince President Putin to withdraw political and other support from Syria in a visit to Moscow over two weeks ago was the trigger for the Western-backed false flag operation that may have led to the deaths of over 1400 Syrians in eastern Damascus. […]

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Notes From a Native Son: This is the Year When Our Long-term Future Will be Decided

Introduction: As we enter the dawn of a new year, all attention will be focused on the coming general election and, for some of us, the paucity of ideas battling for votes from a badly informed electorate. As things stand, it is largely a competition between tweedledee and tweedledum, although the recent injection of a […]

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Sandy Hook Slaughter Remembered, Especially 20 INNOCENT Children

Submitted by Hamilton Hill Every year at this time we who share space this side of the equator find ourselves not only dreaming of, but wishing for a white Christmas. Though not a dream and certainly not a wish, a white Christmas is ours this year. Twenty tiny white caskets tell us so. Twenty tiny […]

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Notes From a Native Son: Tell the Yanks to Back off our Policymaking

Introduction: American diplomats in Barbados have recently been pushing their snouts in the trough of Barbadian domestic public policy, against all conventions and accepted good manners, using their money as a Trojan horse. But this unwarranted intervention in our local domestic policymaking is not surprising; as America loses its influence in the world, it will […]

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The Uselessness of Elections for the 99 Percent Everywhere

Submitted by Pachamama Bajans can’t wait to wade into the election euphoria now in its Christmas season in the United States and elsewhere. Not all Bajans though, for there are some of us who, in fact about 50% of us, have consistently NOT voted for either one of the two dominate parties in what are […]

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A Grassroots Comparison of the Upcoming Elections In USA and Barbados: Facts Versus Fiction

Submitted by Austin In the U.S today: The Republican Party continues to live in there owe “bubble” detached from the many daily realities and struggles of everyday Americans. They are covertly using the fear of a blackbrownasian planet to get poor middle class republicans to fight for rich republicans, against their own middle class self […]

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A Stone of HOPE or a Mountain of DESPAIR: Will the Unveiling of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Memorial Statue in Washington DC Really Change Anything – Or is America Doomed By the Scars of Her Past?

Submitted by Terence Blackett Running through the dark center of American history there is a vivid red thread of tragedy… – Bruce Catton In August 1955, a [14] year old Black boy whistled at a white woman in a grocery store in Money, Mississippi. Emmett Till, a teen from Chicago, didn’t understand that he had […]

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Lifting The Veil – The Failure Of Capitalist Democracy

The video, should you hit play, exposes the scam of the supposed two party  system in the USA and shows that, whether the Democratic or Republican party holds power, protecting (or better yet, increasing) the profits of the corporate bankster and gangster class to the detriment of the working class is always the first priority […]

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INFLATION NATION, a layman’s guide to America’s coming monetary destruction – and how to survive it

Reproduced from Whistle Blower on request from Zoe   The signs are everywhere: In the midst of a brutal recession, with Americans already burdened by sky-high unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies, shoppers are noticing disturbingly higher food prices. Indeed, a survey of Wal-Mart stores analyzing price movements in 86 products widely used by Americans reveals price […]

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The Politics Of “Never Again”: The White Backlash In Post-Racial “OBAMA’S America” – How the Evils Of Structural And Institutional Racism Is At The Foundations of Modern Socio-Geopolitics

Submitted by Terence Blackett “If man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” – Martin Luther King’s Speech in Detroit 23rd June 1963   On June 14th, 2001, George W. Bush in what was meant to be a snide remark to Swedish PM Goran Perrson (though unaware of television […]

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USA Pushing Legislation To Censor The Internet

If one were to be asked who would want to regulate the Internet, China, Iran or USA, China would be on the tip of the tongue for sure. Recently President Obama in the wake of the China/Google incident called for countries to stop* censoring the Internet. Read the latest: A new bill being debated this […]

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China Takes The #2 Spot From Japan, USA Next – What Are The Implications For Barbados In The Ongoing Sino-Western ‘War’?

Submitted by People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) While many people on here on BU blog on much trivia and whilst many citizens in Barbados itself talk and engage in much foolishness and crap, and are systematically being sidetracked by many Eurocentric Westernized into doing so, we in the PDC, and we suppose some others too in […]

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Thompson, Obama And The Dealing Of Bad Hands

Dear Madame Secretary of State, welcome to my beautiful island home. Please convey to your distinguished President our very best wishes for continued good health, wisdom and success in his endeavors to improve the lot of the American people. In Barbados we have a saying that “So and So like they kill a priest”. What […]

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Dear President Obama

Congratulations on the passage of the Health Reform Bill. I am impressed and truly inspired by your vision, conviction and determination! Many political observers in Barbados have come to compare and twin the politics of Washington to that of Barbados. They liken the Democrats in Washington to the governing Democratic Labour Party and the Republicans […]

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A Clash Of Currencies

In his first public lecture from the other side former Prime Minister Owen Arthur poked a little fun at his profession by suggesting that if the best economists were brought together they would struggle to reach consensus on anything. The current financial crisis continues to tax the ability of governments around the world. The complexity […]

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What About The Haitian Children?

For the past three weeks the world has remained horrified at the news coming out of Haiti. Much has been stated about the untold suffering which has been visited on Haiti throughout the years. The images beamed across the world by a Western press has exposed the destruction of Port au Prince now rubble, over […]

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