Guns, Gun Violence and Political Hooliganism – A Plea for Historic Action

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Greetings Mr. President  

 I had the privilege years ago, to live in The United States. Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia. I got to know Washington DC like it was my home in Toronto, Canada. A beautiful county indeed. What makes America so special is its amazingly creative and humble citizens. I have many good friends in your homeland.

I am writing to you because of this concern for my friends and the Americans who will become my friends in the future. You have a problem that needs to be dealt with now while you are at the beginning of your administration. Guns, Gun Violence and Political Hooliganism.

Some day Canada will be part of America. We are already allies, partners and friends socially, economically and culturally. Many Canadians given the chance would become citizens of your fair land. We need to protect these people too. The future of America rests upon your shoulders.

America is at war with itself. The second amendment has become the pivotal point of this war just like slavery was so many years ago. The personal freedoms of your fellow citizens have challenged their own security and well being. Like children they FEAR the possible loss of their toys (weapons) and the freedom to use them. The Republican Party is playing upon these fears. There is no group in America more infantile, insecure and corrupt.

American laws have been passed to protect gun ownership, allowances made so registered owners can carry these arms out into society as though they carry water guns. As a Canadian it shocks me seeing people walking around with weapons of mass destruction so freely. Now I used this term “weapons of mass destruction” with purpose Sir. I grew up around weapons, learning to shoot when I was 8 years old. Hunting before my 12th birthday. My father taught me of the great responsibility required to own or use a weapon. Whether shot gun, pistol or rifle these are all tools of death. 

The second amendment calls for “regulated militia’s”. Where is the regulation Sir? Years ago I visited friends in America and was taken to a school where I found tables upon tables of weapons for sale. I looked at these weapons knowing what they were, with no interest to buy. I was approached by a seller knowing I was Canadian. He offered an item to buy. Their purpose was to sell, not carefully regulate their sales to the appropriate person. No wait needed. Hand over the money and leave with the item.

Regulation seems to be viewed with negativity by Americans. That will change in time. There can be only so many murders, mass killings, domestic terrorism events before the blind can see. The myth of America’s Second Amendment must be destroyed, stripped of its legitimacy by You. Either bring about constitutional change or make an executive decision Sir. America is on a roller-coaster of destruction building its momentum until it crashes. Slavery had its momentum and it was finally put to an end after many lives were lost and the very existence of America challenged. You do not want that to happen do You Sir. The weapons are far to deadly, numerous and held by all in America.
Perhaps You need to educate America. Remind them that America’s Constitution was written at a time when weapons were actually needed just to survive. The present day situation is so very different. Good guys and bad guys all seem to be packing. I have a friend in Texas, who migrated to that sate years ago. He has 2 rifles in his truck and a carrying permit for a cobra handgun. He owns eleven legal weapons. Why? I asked him and you would be surprised at his responses sir. My friend lives in fear of criminal attack, the possible invasion of illegal immigrants into his state, and most of all he claims to hold weapons because he fears the loss of these weapons. Illogical eh? 

FEAR of the POSSIBLE has transformed Your Nation into a bunch of well armed FEARFUL People.What are You going to do about it Sir? I believe You have two years to change Your nations destiny and stop the roller-coaster of Death. Doing so will cost many Americans their lives. There are approximately three million militia members in America. Over a hundred million Americans are armed legally, not to mention the vast illegal weapons stored in Your Nation. 

The NRA is truly Your greatest opponent. They has become a part of America’s Social fabric and manipulate The US Congress and Senate through bribes and intimidation. Who will stand against this organization? Will You Sir? Connect the dotes and link Crimes, mass shootings, arms manufacturers and The NRA. The Federal Government Must take the NRA on legally. Find the assured illegal actions of this organization and isolate them. Americans Must come to believe in a Safe America that exists without weapons. Mr. President , You must develop a trust between the federal government and Americans that does not presently seem to exist.

Why am I concerned about America? Well Sir I believe we Canadians will become Americans one day. It is a political evolution that will happen. As this will happen , I want America to have dealt with its greatest of challenges pre unification. America must get itself straightened out. Deal with all your many problems please. 

The roller-coaster should be moving toward progressively good things….Equality, Safe normalization of society and an end to FEAR.

Please realise that the brass ring goes to those who take up the challenge and act. Act for the sack of America and ensure Your Legacy. Act for All of North America.

Sincerely yours

Steven Kaszab

8 thoughts on “Guns, Gun Violence and Political Hooliganism – A Plea for Historic Action

  1. This is too simplistic an offering.

    It fails to sufficiently connect the original sin to the current descent of empire.

    To realize that the political forces and systems lack the ability to sustain empire.

    To consider that in all other environments collapse is well advanced. That Biden’s job is not dissimilar to that of Sisyphus.

    To realize that a new global architecture is being designed.

    To locate the decadent anatomy of American imperialism as not dissimilar to Rome, at a similar stage. from whence it was fashioned.

    To ponder the opportunities presented for small states to be relieved of the jackboot of hegemony.

    And we could go on and on.

  2. Its crazy in barbados the police confiscate a .25 semi- automatic from a man the judge fines him 30000 and gives him 12 months to accumulate the money……now how the hell is he going to be doing any accumulating without his gun.

  3. Steven – I strongly disagree with your comments about Canada becoming part of the USA. I don’t know where you came up with that notion. Canadians have a totally different attitude toward guns and the resultant gun violence/mass shootings that take place regularly there. We are definitely not as right- wing in politics as the States and have no interest whatsoever in joining them. The era of Trump and Americans disinterest in complying with public health strategies to combat Covid have further cemented differences between Canadians and Americans. Not a chance are we joining them.

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