Sandy Hook Slaughter Remembered, Especially 20 INNOCENT Children

Submitted by Hamilton Hill
Community Remembers Sandy Hook School Victims - photo image ABCNews

Community Remembers Sandy Hook School Victims – photo image ABCNews

Every year at this time we who share space this side of the equator find ourselves not only dreaming of, but wishing for a white Christmas. Though not a dream and certainly not a wish, a white Christmas is ours this year. Twenty tiny white caskets tell us so. Twenty tiny white caskets tell the story of a people too blind to see. Too blind to see that the purse strings of lobbyists make puppets of politicians, who in turn make empty promises to the people they claim to serve. When four hands and two sick minds sent six young souls to eternity, that was my Barbados, and it tugged at my heart strings. Sandy Hook has ripped that very heart out.

Like all kids that age they believed us when we told them that Santa Claus comes down the chimney. In childish anticipation they awaited the arrival of Kris Kringle. Instead Jason Krueger came calling at their front door. Cut down even before they had started to grow, dead already even though they had just begun to live. All in the name of the right to carry. We talk about rights but when will we talk about responsibility? Yes the second amendment afforded Mrs.Lanza the right to have four guns but how responsible could she have been to have them accessible to a son with a myriad of psychological challenges? As tempted as I am to speak to her demise let me not. Let me pose this question. Why is there a need for any civilian to own an assault weapon? Why is it legal for them to do so?

The puppets that are guided by the almighty dollar are best suited to provide answers to the above. It is ironic to note that most of those who have stood in the way of meaningful gun control laws, are the very ones that steadfastly oppose a woman’s right to choose. Simply put they would have defended the right of every one of these kids to live, had their mothers sought to abort them before birth, but a different agenda now obtains. Their actions say so.

$$$$…the driving factor in our world. That’s why we say nothing while they do their do. $$$$…it shattered the sanctity that Sandy Hook sought to provide.$$$$ … it bought the assault on adolescent innocence the world now talks about.$$$$ … how much of it, do you think it would take to appease those twenty mothers, those twenty fathers as they watch helplessly as twenty tiny white caskets make that final journey?

Its not a dream nor is it a wish. Its just a white Christmas no one will soon forget.

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  1. Perhaps those who still make excuses for what happened at Sandy Hook it can be summarizes as follows:

    The National Rifle Association, while staying mostly quiet in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting in Connecticut, has registered an average of 8,000 new members a day since the tragedy, an NRA source told Fox News.

  2. Let me pose this question. Why is there a need for any civilian to own an assault weapon? Why is it legal for them to do so?
    As an ex – squaddie, I cannot figure out why an assault weapon would be placed in the hands of a civilian for hunting and/or sporting purposes. As for hunting an old WW2 Lee Enfield .303 single shot rifle was quite capable of bringing down any wild animal that a hunter may come across.For sport, no assault rifle can be as accurate as a single shot rifle when target shooting.
    An assault weapon is exactly what it is. Capable of laying down deadly fire in a confined space.

  3. @Colonel Buggy

    Will have to research it but wasn’t the assault rifle modified to be single shot and this is how it ‘passed’ for a civilian weapon?

    • The research promised on the rifle used to kill the children:

      Newtown was not the first time that a .223 Bushmaster rifle has been involved in violence that attracted national attention. In 2004, two survivors and the families of six people killed in 2002 during the Beltway sniper attacks reached a $2.5 million settlement with Bushmaster and Bull’s Eye Shooter Supply in Tacoma, Wash., the store from which John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo stole the Bushmaster XM-15 E2S used in the killings. The Washington Post reported Bushmaster contributed $550,000 of the settlement, and did not admit to any wrongdoing in the case.

      Unlike their military cousins — which have three-round burst settings — commercially available AR-15 type rifles like Bushmaster’s are semiautomatic, meaning one bullet per trigger pull. But a little searching on YouTube turns up numerous videos showing how quickly AR-15 type rifles can unload dozens of rounds and even one example of how to turn a “semi-auto into a full-auto machine using a household rubberband!”

  4. @ Colonel Buggy…I often wonder how can any public official stand with a straight face at the funeral of some law enforcement officer,and tell the family how sorry they are for their loss,meanwhile through their very own actions they make it harder for law enforcement to be successful.

  5. @ David…I am almost certain that I heard a stat that said there are more gun stores than super markets in America.I had just come off the road and was somewhere between snooze and sleep so I am not sure.

    • @Hamilton

      Here is some info America would do well to consider. In Japan where a license firearm is as hard to procure as a debt to gdp ratio of less than 50 for Barbados, gun crime is negligible.

      The news is leaking out that this youngster turned killer because he gleaned that his mother was planning to commit him to a care facility because his disorder had become too much. His reaction though unusual is not uncommon when on medication.

  6. @ Sargeant…Thank you very much.The wife attributed what she calls daytime nightmares to my penchant for sleeping right after I fill de tank.Now I know that I was not dreaming.

  7. My sentiments exactly well said my friend well said.ignorance and stupidity took one, 6 trying to make an honest living while protecting these little angels whom the parents entrust their little angels with to love educate and protect just for a few hours a day, 20 innocent babies just learning what the world had to offer then as they grow with desire to learn just a little but more each day in the place where kids should feel safe the most, was cut down as they learn by:



    ch day asking all the questions they can ask with

  8. Random cuts and pastes

    I’m really upset about the massacre of those innocent children
    The one in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, or the one the media told you to be sad about?

    Name the Country built on
    The Genocide of one race
    The Enslavement of another

    Infants deprived of human touch may actually die; a form of energy malnutrition known as marasmus* (or “failure to thrive”).

    Brother Of Adam Lanza Says: “I Am A Victim!”

  9. @David Will have to research it but wasn’t the assault rifle modified to be single shot and this is how it ‘passed’ for a civilian weapon?’
    The Belgian FN rifle, known commonly as the SLR (Self Loading Rifle) has been designed to fire automatic,and is used by a few armies as such. The British Army uses it as a ‘single shot” weapon, but this weapon can quickly against regulations, be adapted to an automatic assault rifle, using very low-tech adjustment, one of which is a match stick. When individuals become familiar with the working of any machine, they are able to bypass restrictive or safety measures.

  10. Why stop at assault weapons?

    We won’t have any peace in this world until every individual has their own nuclear weapon.

    After all the right to bear arms doesn’t just mean handguns, and assault rifles does it?

  11. Not long ago an individual who is supposed to be a gun dealer, like the one who shot his son, was apprehended for importing assault rifles. The question is, how many assault rifles were sneaked into the island , before this particular discovery.

  12. Kiki

    You Jack Ass … All these years you thought it best to post music when others thought that you should be doing more. Now you are participating and this Jack Ass, yours truly can now cuss you like is the case with every one else 🙂

  13. another crazy rampage in america yesterday which ended in the death of two fireman and others injured after responding to a house fire intentionally lite by a madman whose response was to open fire on the fireman. Also as aresult seven houses were destroyed. Note that this madman had spent 17years in prinson for brutally killing his mother with a hammer.

  14. These guys are probably just forming the ass … I sure as hell don’ take this kind of thing seriously … White middle class Americans, should I be concerned with this …?

  15. hi baf seems like yuh freind chavez might be taking the next train out. dat leaves room for you tto take over the presidency .

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