The Soviet Union of the United States of America

Submitted by Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green

Let there be no doubts whatsoever the United States of America is on the slippery slope of becoming ruled initially by Democrat encouraged anarchists then becoming a real Soviet-style Communist Country.

Many Americans fell into the trap of believing all they read and heard about President Trump. So many Americans were convinced by the Democrats poisonous propaganda. They think all the Democrats say about Trump is real, even today they believe all they hear and read, many repeating it as the truth. The Democrats adopted the destroy and discredit attack policy and the Democrat-leaning newspapers following suit with false news also designed to destroy and discredit Trump.

The Democratic Party has always had left of the centre socialist base, now they have developed into an extreme left of the left party, 21st Century Socialism, which is a new wrapping for communism. This is not the Democratic Party you voted for in the last elections, it is not the Democratic Party your parents voted for.

I think we can be sure that the Democratic party is using and joining with and supporting anarchists to bring about a social revolution to take the USA further to the left than ever before experienced in its short history.

Trump is politically strange, and perhaps some regard him as an out of place politician. That is because he is not a politician; he is a businessman and a showbusiness personality. Those who voted him into power knew that from the outset. He told the Nation that he was going to make America strong and secure again, great even. He was bringing jobs back to America, stopping massive aid payments to undemocratic and ungrateful countries. He told the Nation he was going to run the country like a business. In that package he announced was the inspecting rearranging and bringing change to the CIA and FBI, and that was the reason the CIA and the FBI went about trying to destroy him before and after he was elected. He told the Nation he was going to bring some control to the news media and stop the nasty lies that they are prone to publish, false news included. That was the reason much of the news media, TV, newspapers, online blogs, tried to destroy Trump before and after he was elected, and it is still happening today. He told the Democratic party he was going to bring a new brilliance to the political arena which precluded them, so before and after his election they have done all the can to destroy him. The undemocratic Democrats have invented propaganda and tried to make it real by impeaching Trump on trumped-up charges. Trump knows nothing of diplomacy, at home or abroad; he is a businessman and looks at everything from the bottom line up as a pure capitalist. His policies, before COVID 19, brought about greater wealth for America, record employment numbers, record stock prices, corporations returning their manufacturing base to the US. He stopped China from robbing the US blind. You can be sure that will change for the worse if Biden becomes president.

All of Trumps success’s, of course, have infuriated the Democrats. What do we know about the Democrats? Well we know they were the party that initially supported slavery in all its forms in the US. They were followers and supporters of Jacksonian democracy. In the 1850s, they defended slavery in the United States and promoted it. They later merged with another group to form the Socialist Party in 1901, a kind of pre-communist communist party.

Trump’s party, The Republican Party, was created in 1854 by the merger of several anti-slavery groups. Anti-communist and anti-slavery, they were the party who sent 400,000 young men to their martyred deaths in the war in the South to destroy slavery, they were real ‘black lives matter’ enforcers.

The Republican platform in 1860 promised to end slavery in the southern states like they had finished it in the Northern states. Republicans were the known abolitionists of slavery, the Democrats the creators and supporters of slavery. So, it appears that the black caucus has got their facts based on history very wrong, do black voters know who and what they support and vote for when they support the undemocratic Democrats?

First, perhaps we should understand what anarchism is. It is described as a radical, revolutionary leftist political ideology that advocates for the abolition of government and all other unequal systems of power in favour of a society organized around direct democracy and voluntary association. Though it encompasses many schools of thought, most anarchists are committed to a basic set of beliefs. Some even want to bring about the change they want by violence. Fundamental anarchist principles include mutual aid., direct action (the use of political protest to achieve a goal) and horizontalism (a non-hierarchical organizational system in which decisions are made by consensus). Anarchists advocate for abolishing institutions such as prisons, police, and the military, which they hold to be inherently oppressive. Anarchists are, anti-capitalist, anti-racist. They are anti-fascist (though not all anti-fascists are anarchists!), yet they still involved with “Antifa.” They are currently pro Democrat and anti-Republican, but only because it suits their cause at this time.

We must also remember that the KKK was a Democratic Party thing, the 1924 Democratic convention saw the party supporting the Klan to gain the votes of the membership. They rejected controlling the Klan by laws, and some members openly supported the Klan.

Anarchy in America currently emanates from the Democratic party, a large proportion of the party are supporting anarchical disorder to reach their political goals, in bringing down Trump and The Republican Party. I do not know, or do I suggest that they are funding the anarchists. But by saying nothing, by not criticizing, by remaining quiet while areas of cities are taken over by anarchists. By saying absolutely nothing and encouraging Democratic mayors and governors to allow anarchist to rule, they are fully responsible for the anarchist actions. So, the destruction of monuments, burning businesses, physically attacking the police, and demanding the police be defunded. That is all supported and encouraged by the Democrats, perhaps even suggested by them, and required by some of them.

The anarchists are traditionally two groups, whites, and blacks. Both have distinctive beliefs, some of which differ considerably from each other. But in the present situation, they have joined and are acting in tandem with each other.
Black Anarchism is a political philosophy primarily of African Americans opposed to what it sees as the oppression of people of colour by the white ruling class through the power of the state. The Black Anarchists support and promote the Black Block – an affinity group, or cluster of affinity groups that assembles during protests, demonstrations, or other forms of direct action. Black blocs are noted for the distinctive all-black clothing worn by members to conceal their identity and for their intentional defiance of state property law.

The whole idea is to bring down the Republicans and Trump by tacit and unadmitted support for such mayhem with the anarchists, people not knowing that will unknowingly continue to support the Democrats. But you can be sure the day they put a Democratic president in the White House they will stamp the anarchists to death and introduce the worst kind of communist rule ever on the US. That will be the birth of The Soviet Union of the United States of America. Below are the people you can be proud of if you vote Democrat. Once in power, you will never get rid of them again. As for your guns, they will abolish the second amendment post haste. The Democrats are further left than they have ever been before, they are now, and in the future a real threat to democracy, their name is misleading.

Here is a list of Democratic Party ‘would be’ Communist’s, reds under your beds –

Joe ‘Beijing’ Biden has a reputation as a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sycophant. Since 1979, Joe Biden has been a critical supporter and enabler of Communist China.
In 2013, then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Less than two weeks later, Hunter Biden’s firm inked a $1 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China,” explained Peter Schweizer in the New York Post last year. “The deal was later expanded to $1.5 billion. In short, the Chinese government funded a business that it co-owned along with the son of a sitting vice president.”
Biden’s son Hunter also got a lucrative board position at Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, despite having zero relevant experience, “earning” over $80,000 a month while the company sought to exploit their Biden connection.
When Burisma Holdings was being investigated by Ukraine’s then-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine (which is illegal) unless they fired Shokin. Donald Trump was impeached over an alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine that did not hold water, but there is a video of Biden bragging about his quid pro quo—implicating Barack Obama in the scandal as well.
These business deals, coupled with Biden’s weak stance on Chinese trade, points to Biden’s concerning level of comfort with the Chinese competitor nation.” Joe Biden may be a significant threat to American jobs.
Ami Bera (D-CA) Has used Communist Party USA campaign volunteers in 2010, 2014 and 2016. Also close to Democratic Socialists of America.
Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Very close to several key Communist Party USA allies in San Francisco in the 1970s and ’80s. Also, some involvement with Democratic Socialists of America.
Barbara Lee (D-CA) Lee has been close to the Communist Party USA for decades. In the 1990s she was a leading member of the Communist Party spin-off Committees of Correspondence. Has been to Cuba more than 20 times.
Ro Khanna (D-CA) Very close to Democratic Socialists of America.
Salud Carbajal (D-CA) Long history with Democratic Socialists of America members.
Judy Chu (D-CA) Was heavily involved with the now-defunct pro-Beijing Communist Workers Party in the 1970s and ’80s. Still works closely with former members today—China’s best friend in the US Congress.
Raul Ruiz (D-CA) Worked closely with Workers World Party members in Massachusetts in the late 1990s.
Karen Bass (D-CA) Was actively involved with the Marxist-Leninist group Line of March in the 1980s. Still works closely with former members. A leading Communist Party USA member mentored her. Also close to Democratic Socialists of America and some Freedom Road Socialist Organization members.
Has been to Cuba at least four times.
Maxine Waters (D-CA) Long history with the Communist Party USA. Also ties to some Communist Workers Party and Workers World Party fronts.
Has employed staff members from Democratic Socialists of America and the League of Revolutionary Struggle.
Joe Courtney (D-CT) Has worked closely with several Communist Party USA leaders.
Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) Has worked exceptionally closely with the Communist Party USA for many years. Traveled to Cuba in 2014.
Jim Himes (D-CT) His 1988 thesis “The Sandinista Defense Committees and the Transformation of Political Culture in Nicaragua” was a sympathetic portrayal of Marxist government’s civilian spy network.
Has worked closely with one Communist Party USA front group.
Kathy Castor (D-FL) Has worked closely with Cuba and pro-Castro organizations to open US trade with the communist island.
John Lewis (D-GA) Worked closely with the Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA in the 1960s. In recent years has worked with Democratic Socialists of America members.
Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Has worked with Democratic Socialists of America members through her political career. Ties to some Filipino-American “former communists.” Worked with Communist Party USA affiliated former Congressman Dennis Kucinich to defend Soviet-Russian puppet Syrian leader Bashar-al-Assad.
Bobby Rush (D-IL) Former leader of the Maoist-leaning Black Panther Party.
Has worked closely with Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America. Has traveled to Cuba twice.
Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D-IL) Has worked closely with the Communist Party USA for nearly 40 years.
Danny Davis (D-IL) Was a member of Democratic Socialists of America in the mid-2000s.
Has worked closely with the Communist Party USA since the 1980s. Also close to Committees of Correspondence in the 1990s.
Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Was a member of Democratic Socialists of America in the 1980s and has continued to work closely with the organization.
Has also worked closely with some Communist Party USA members.
Dave Loebsack (D-IA) has worked closely with Socialist Party USA and
Democratic Socialists of America members for many years.
John Yarmuth (D-KY) has worked with Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism members. Traveled to Cuba in 2011.
Jamie Raskin (D-MD) has worked closely with Democratic Socialists of America for many years.
Jim McGovern (D-MA) has supported Latin American socialist and revolutionary groups for 20 years. Has traveled to Cuba at least three times.
Andy Levin (D-MI) Close to Democratic Socialists of America for at least a decade.
Betty McCollum (D-MN) Close ties to communist Laos. Has worked with Democratic Socialists of America members. Traveled to Cuba in 2014.
Bennie Thompson (D-MS) Was close to the Communist Party USA for many years. Also supported one Communist Workers Party organization.
Traveled to Cuba in 2000 and worked with Fidel Castro to train leftist American medical students in Cuba.
William Lacy Clay (D-MO) Has worked with Communist Party USA fronts for many years.
Greg Meeks (D-NY) Has traveled to Cuba at least 3 times.
Was a strong supporter of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.
Grace Meng (D-NY) Very close to the pro-Beijing Asian Americans for Equality.
Was also active in a radical Korean American organization.
Nydia Velasquez (D-NY) Close ties to Democratic Socialists of America.
Welcomed Fidel Castro to Harlem in 1995.
Yvette Clarke (D-NY) Addressed a Workers World Party rally in 2005. A close ally of a prominent Democratic Socialists of America member. Traveled to Cuba in 2007.
Jerry Nadler (D-NY) Was a member of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee in the 1970s and was involved with Democratic Socialists of America in the ’80s and ’90s.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) A member of Democratic Socialists of America.
Democratic Socialists of America have endorsed Ayanna Pressley (D-MA).
Worked with Freedom Road Socialist Organization front groups and with the pro-Beijing Chinese Progressive Association in Boston.
Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Democratic Socialists of America member.
Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Supported by Democratic Socialists of America- controlled groups Our Revolution and National Nurses United. Reportedly a self-described “Democratic Socialist.”
Jose Serrano (D-NY) Close ties to the Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America.
Was a strong supporter of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.
G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) Some connection to the Workers World Party and Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Also close to the “former” Communist-led Moral Monday’s movement.
Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) Ties to Democratic Socialists of America. Traveled to Cuba in 2002.
Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) Ties to Democratic Socialists of America.
Steve Cohen (D-TN) Close ties to Memphis Socialist Party USA members. Traveled to Cuba in 2011.
Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) Elected to the Texas State House with Communist Party USA support. Works closely with a major communist-influenced organization.
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) Long relationship with the Communist Party USA. Traveled to Cuba at least twice.
Marc Veasey (D-TX) Very close relationship with the Communist Party USA.
Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) Has been involved with Democratic Socialists of America since the 1980s.
Bernie Sanders (D-VT) Sanders wanted to link his town with one in the USSR, he and his wife went there, they wanted ties. He supported a Marxist-Leninist party that backed the Iranian Revolution and the hostage-taking of Americans. In 1985, he supported the effort by Daniel Ortega, the Soviet-backed Sandinista leader of Nicaragua, to suppress opposition newspapers. Sanders was supportive of the dictatorship in Venezuela. He also defends Cuba’s revolution.
Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) Has been involved with Freedom Road Socialist Organization-connected groups for many years.
Mark Pocan (D-WI) Close to some Democratic Socialists of America activists.
Long-time active supporter of Colombian revolutionary movements.
Gwen Moore (D-WI) Has been mentored by leading Democratic Socialists of America and Communist Party USA members.
Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) Former Young People’s Socialist League member. Long connection to Democratic Socialists of America.

If you vote Democrat, are you voting communist? There is that danger.

295 thoughts on “The Soviet Union of the United States of America

  1. The COVID cases are increasing in the younger population which is not the end of the world once they stay away from elderly people with preexisting conditions.

    It is young people who are mostly involved in the rioting/looting/protesting.

    The increases are expected.

    The lockdowns are also being removed so spread is expected.

    The increase is not to be confused with the deaths … which are decreasing.

    ICU beds are now being mostly used for non covid cases.

    Hospitals are now back to allowing elective surgeries and treatment.

    “Out of 2,202 available beds in intensive care units across the two dozen counties, 2,000 are in use—31.2% of them by COVID-19 patients—according to the SETRAC data.”

    Don’t let the media confuse you, cross check claims!!

  2. SargeantJuly 8, 2020 9:47 AM

    More examples of stupid human tricks


    You need to add the rioting and looting!!

    But once it is young healthy people getting infected it is no big deal, the majority will be asymptomatic or have few symptoms.

    It becomes stupid if those young healthy people traipse back to older relatives homes.

    Even then, pre existing conditions need to be present.

    People have learnt how to deal with it, it is no longer the cause of fear it once was.

  3. As I said, there is a time lag. Deaths on the rise again. About 900 daily for the last few days up from a few hundred daily up until the middle of last week.


    Not down to zero yet!

    PS. Have you not noticed that you have been abandoned by your wicket keeper?

    HE LIVES IN FLORIDA, DOESN’T HE? Has he caught sight of the chickens coming home to roost?

  4. Sargeant

    You don’t understand the decision!!!

    It has rendered Trump’s taxes politically irrelevant.

    It’s back to the lower court for re litigation, nothing will be forthcoming till after November 2020, if it is!!

  5. And you think that it is good and right for nothing to come out until after the elections????

    You are not interested in knowing what it is he is fighting so hard to hide????

    You are rejoicing in the fact that the people will vote in ignorance????

    Would you be jubilant if it was a Democrat who had “won” this case?

    Well, well, well.

    I shall speak no more on this matter because Baje will rightfully ask me what I know about the assets of my elected MPs and this time I would not be able to call him a jackass.

    This time I am the jackass because the assets supposedly have been declared according to some law that has not yet been passed which states that the assets are declared to persons who we don’t trust to make use of the information.

  6. Trump is being audited by the IRS and has been for years.

    I can’t believe a bunch of yahoos can find something the IRS can’t, … especially the Obama IRS!!

  7. If someone hasn’t leaked anything about his returns to now, there is more than likely nothing to leak.

    Remember Rachael Maddow, that was all the way back in 2017.

    They spent a couple of days verifying.

  8. @Fascist Crier

    Did you leave out Trump University? How about Trump Airlines? Who bankrupts 3 casinos? Are you drunk on trump vodka? Well that couldn’t be because that is another business failure although you may have stocked up on it. Did you gorge yourself on Trump steaks? After the steaks did you fall asleep reading Trump magazines? There was even a Trump wine should have been whine.
    Trump’s name on a building means squat as it was licensed and some people are trying to get out of the association it doesn’t mean he owns the building.

    Here’s a history lesson about Trump tower in TO more proof of his incompetence or everything he touches turns to merde.
    If I was Trump, I wouldn’t release my tax returns either why let the world know that Putin and the Banks have me by the short hairs.

    • Sarge:

      I genuinely admire your tenacity. I fear however that you may well damage your brain trying to reason with Croakie (a/k/a “Freedom Croaker”), a seriously lost cause.

      Trump, by dint of his conduct, his tweets (like a leaky tampon oozing uncontrollably), his crassly ignorant statements and his actions to date, should really be behind bars.

      Bolton, some of whose policies one should reasonably reject, correctly described him as “erratic”, “foolish”, and “stunningly uniformed”. Former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, never retracted his description of him as “a moron”. Some in the U.S Intelligence Community (“I.C”) have even wondered whether he is a Russian asset.

      To debate Croakie on the issues, as I have said in the past, is therefore like being savaged by a dead sheep. Why therefore beat the proverbial dead horse in the ….? I gone.

  9. Freedom can tell you a not an Entrepreneur and does not possess a Spirit of Risk at your own Expense…The only thing you seem to be is a Slanderer.

    Trump has over 500 successful Businesses and you Zoom in on the Fly Caca on the Masterpiece.Your Envy Knows no Bounds…


    Fascist are Anti-God and Anti-Free Market Capitalist (Not a Crony Capitalist)…How Exact Does that by any Stretch of one’s Imagination fit with what Freedom Crier Speaks about. Freedom is also Anti Socialist/Communist…
    Fascism is but one path to Socialism. Communism is another. Socialism is just a broad principle of state control of the economy, whether achieved by democratic means or by violence.

    Under fascism, the state allows private individuals to run their own businesses, provided they do it as they are ordered. Fascism, or in today’s parlance, “crony capitalism,” requires business owners who tow the government’s line. In exchange, they can get filthy rich while their competitors are regulated out of existence.

    Communism is similar, but the “business owners” are replaced by party bureaucrats. The state owns the businesses.

    But both Socialist systems, Communism and fascism, produce shortages, stifle innovation, and eventually require forced labor. With positive incentives (that nasty “profit” motive) removed, only negative incentives (prison or worse) remain, and humans just naturally don’t like slavery, so they slow down and sabotage the state’s efforts to the extent possible, until there’s starvation, war, or a revolution.

  10. @Donna

    Generally my eyes glaze over and I bypass FC but when FC responded to me as though the quote about Trump’s SAT success was mine and not from the Washington Post (link provided) I just had to respond, someone should tell her it is Trump’s niece ( a clinical psychologist) who wrote the book.

  11. DonnaJuly 10, 2020 2:56 PM

    And exactly who told you that Trump is being audited?



    From where do you think Trump’s tax returns were leaked to Rachael Maddow?

    Perfect klutz she is there were of no use to her and her attempts to use them bombed out.

    There was nothing there!!

    Then there was the issue of the tax write off Trump took.

    All a matter of public record and ventilated ad nauseum.

    What exactly is the press looking for that they haven’t been able to find in his returns that are available to them?

    What do you expect to find?

  12. “Nunberg said by November 2014, he had persuaded Trump to reverse course and withhold his tax returns, as Trump decided that he “wanted to look rich rather than smart.” In May 2014, Trump said in an interview: “If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely and I would love to do that.””


    Trump would prefer to look rich than smart!!!

  13. Only Trump or the IRS could say if Trump is or is not being audited.

    The IRS is quite capable of refuting anything Trump may say about it.

  14. Re:“Trump is being audited by the IRS and has been for years.[…] I can’t believe a bunch of yahoos can find something the IRS can’t, … especially the Obama IRS!!”…. 🙂 Professor John, you are such a comedian one wonders how you are able to create such absolutely hilarious materiel so readily…post after post. Your stuff is just priceless!

    So…beyond the jokes it’s fairly well established that the exposee by the NYT detailed several instances of tax irregularities by the Trump family… the question of pressing an investigation was one of statue of limitations NOT whether there was wrong doing… in fact, coming out of that report (which won the journalists awards for excellent work) Madame Trump (POTUS sister) the Federal Judge was investigated (internally) and it was reported THAT probe into HER part of the tax evasion/irregularities led to her retirement from the ‘bench’ thereby ending the investigation into the allegations.

    Let’s get the FACTS right … but do carry on your comedic relief efforts…or should I say Trump joker role 🙂 quite riotous they are!

    BTW, that same NYT exposee of the Trump financial dealings detailed a truly ‘exciting’ aspect of the awesome genius: he claimed $1 BILLION in losses over a 10 year period…bro that’s $100 MILLION a year!

    That is exciting stuff… and the EPITOME of raving success no doubt … and no freaking wonder he was likely AUDITED every year for years… the fact that the IRS could find nothing is ACTUALLY quite amazing…and explains why this man can call himself a stable genius!

    One must give credit where its due!….To bamboozle smart people so brazenly takes gumption and skill (his own or hired) and he did it all the way to 1600 Penn Ave…very impressive!

    That he continues to be even be in the debate as possibly winning another term as POTUS continues that unbelievable ability as a fraud, charlatan and impostor… so look out!

  15. The tax write off was ventilated ad nauseum.

    Nothing came of it.

    That was during the election, long time ago.

    The argument was he paid no taxes to which he responded “because I am smart”!!

    That was all the way back in September 2016.

    So if he is receiving $1 per year as his salary and before that his tax write off had him paying no taxes, what frigging taxes is he going to pay?

    Who yahoo is going to find something in nothing?

  16. They were old tax returns, you liar!

    Refrigerated trucks augmenting morgue facilities in Texas and Florida. ICU facilities maxed out.

    Special request, Mr. DJ!

    Down to Zero by Joan Armatrading.

  17. Who cares if you are a fraud when you are also a murderer????

    All Trump knows to do is to bully. He is having no luck bullying this virus. He has spread the virus at three events so far. He has been forced to cancel this weekend’s rally. His convention is likely to be a flop as top officials opt out of attending.

    This man cares nothing for anyone but himself. He would kill his silly supporters just to satisfy his attention addiction.

    It would be so funny it it weren’t deadly.

    This man is an empty shell.


    PS. The Roger Stone shenanigans are an attempt to distract from COVID deaths.

    Who the hell cares about that old clown when their very lives are in danger?

    Right now nobody cares if he is out of jail or not. They are busy trying to keep out of the hospital and the morgue.

  18. Dr Donald J Trump hasn’t taken advice from Dr. Fauci for the last month because Dr. Trump has all the answers, he knows more than the scientists. Clorox anyone?

  19. DonnaJuly 10, 2020 10:19 PM

    They were old tax returns ,,,,

    So what you are saying is that old tax returns are immaterial.

    What you want are his tax returns after he became president.

    But since he is taking no salary his tax returns are irrelevant.

    We know he lost a billion dollars paying salaries and wages (which were taxed) and building buildings (also a taxable activity) before he became president.

    Just that he did not himself pay taxes, he attracted the funds that when applied attracted taxes.

    So he is responsible for more taxes than any other president, just that he did not pay them himself.

    So if he paid no taxes before and after he became president, what do you expect that will flow from any of his returns?

  20. No. What I am saying us that the returns were from 2006 or so and were only partial returns.

    What is being requested are his last
    eight returns.

    PS. I don’t know what your gibberish means. He does have other income besides his salary. Also up until some time last year he had not donated what he promised of his salary to the charities.

    I don’t even have to research to answer you. It’s all in my head.

  21. No. What I am saying us that the returns were from 2006 or so and were only partial returns.

    What is being requested are his last
    eight returns.

    PS. I don’t know what your gibberish means. He does have other income besides his salary. Also up until some time last year he had not donated what he promised of his salary to the charities.

    I don’t even have to research to answer you. It’s all in my head.

  22. Now this
    Tucker Carlson’s lead writer resigns after it was disclosed that he has been posting racist and sexist comments for years under an alias. Before working for Carlson at Faux News, he worked for Carlson at the Daily Caller. They can run but they can’t hide
    When people say these Republican types are racist, they know they are speaking the truth.

  23. DonnaJuly 11, 2020 12:01 AM

    No. What I am saying us that the returns were from 2006 or so and were only partial returns.

    What is being requested are his last
    eight returns.

    PS. I don’t know what your gibberish means. He does have other income besides his salary. Also up until some time last year he had not donated what he promised of his salary to the charities.

    I don’t even have to research to answer you. It’s all in my head.

    Wrong!!!! — as Trump would say!!

    Your head is obviously devoid of any factual content.

    He donates to various US Government agencies, ie back to his country.

  24. Sarge

    Carlson been pretty rough on Lemon recently.

    Seems Lemon forgot he said the same racist stereotypical things like “no fathers, in black families” “72” of black children are born out of wedlock” and other things related to the reasons for violence in that community.

    In other words he forgot he characterised as “thug culture” what now passes for BLM.

    Small wonder he is recognised as the dumbest man on TV.

  25. @Donna, I join ur debate with a nod to your more reasoned accuracy… I also had grave difficulties understanding the gibberish from Prof John when he offered: “But since he is taking no salary his tax returns are irrelevant.[…] We know he lost a billion dollars paying salaries and wages (which were taxed) and building buildings (also a taxable activity) before he became president.”

    1.The issue has NEVER been his taxes since he became president … the Democrats in congress want to determine if there were any infeliciiies the POTUS perpetuated by claiming possible tax write-offs he never properly completed and so on PRIOR to the WH.
    2.It’s gross ignorance (lack of knowledge) to suggest that tax returns are irrelevant because someone is NOT ‘receiving’ a salary . Abject and total ignorance…

    As has been said many times we are in an alternate universe time warp currently where up is down!

    This man has been CAUGHT repeatedly NOT fulfilling charitable obligations he promised or claiming personal purchases as charitable expenses… in ANY other era he would have been hounded out of public life but yet he is (in some polls) just 4 points down from a presidential rival… and people are readily defending his perfidy and dishonesty!

    We gotta brace ourselves for possible shocks still… as this is madness!

  26. @John
    Thanks for the guided tour down the rabbit hole and emerging in an alternate universe.
    I see that you relate alternative facts, twistory, quaker tales, trump tales and outright lies with the greatest of ease.
    Your ‘Small wonder he is recognized as the dumbest man on TV.” suggest to me that you listening to others besides Rush Windbag.

  27. de pedantic DribblerJuly 11, 2020 7:53 AM

    1.The issue has NEVER been his taxes since he became president … the Democrats in congress want to determine if there were any infeliciiies the POTUS perpetuated by claiming possible tax write-offs he never properly completed and so on PRIOR to the WH.


    So why not just subpoena the folks at the IRS who have been auditing the Trump tax returns for years and apparently have found nothing!!

  28. Down the rabbit hole and out into the alternate universe.
    Welcome to the world of twistory, quaker tales, Trump tales, falsehood and rabid right wing radio.
    Our second act is just as good…we talk about socialism and communism and we post videos with black faces.
    Yes the alternate universe has all of the races.

  29. JohnJuly 11, 2020 10:08 AM

    2.It’s gross ignorance (lack of knowledge) to suggest that tax returns are irrelevant because someone is NOT ‘receiving’ a salary . Abject and total ignorance…


    If it is the only important tax returns that he made were those prior to becoming president and not getting a salary then obviously, by your own admission, the tax returns after he became president are irrelevant, quite apart from the fact that they are based on no salary.

    So how far back as a private citizen, he never served in any representative capacity, should congress be allowed to go?

    1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s … when?

  30. TheOgazertsJuly 11, 2020 10:14 AM

    @$%#!K *&^%$
    3 post so far and not one showing up


    “Everybody hates Chris”

  31. So Biden has released 3 years of tax returns from the time he left office.

    He has submitted tax returns for 21 years he claims, when he was in office I presume.

    What it shows is that Biden made his money after he left office.

    So in reality, the only tax returns Trump could be expected to produce are the 3 years prior to taking office.

    … which are the subject of an IRS audit.

    Congress is full of yahoo’s, what they know about auditing tax returns that the IRS doesn’t?

  32. SargeantJuly 11, 2020 9:10 AM


    About Carlson and his lead writer
    Birds of a feather flock together
    Nuff said


    Amazing logic … that means all the Democrats who support Biden with his obvious dementia are suffering from dementia themselves!!

  33. … and coming full circle back to you!!!

    If you support Biden and the demented Democrats clearly, by your own logic you must be suffering from Dementia as well.

  34. … and you have hooked Donna as well as a sufferer of dementia.

    In fact, you are accusing most on BU as afflicted with dementia.


    Beware One of the Adversary’s Fondest and Most Effective Tool Is Racism!

    Have you not seen the Ads on Ancestry how much of you living in Barbados Do you think are from a Part in Africa and How much of you do you think are from a Part in Ireland?

    When we stand before God are you going to tell him to remove the parts that are in you from Ireland and only leave the parts that are in you from Africa? Everyone in Barbados whether they think they are white or whether they think they are Black have other Races in them.

    When you pray at night who do you pray to, what are the First few words that the Lord’s Prayer has given as a pattern to follow? What does that teach us?

    The Deception of Satan in our lives in Each of our lives is Great. You must remember the Scriptures that says… Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

    We are cautioned in the Scriptures, Isaiah 58: 9…Then shalt thou call, and the LORD shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am. If thou take away from the midst of thee the yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and speaking vanity;

    Just like the Scripture I mentioned from Isaiah that we should remove the pointed finger, we All want Other People to Change and are Quick to Point out how Bad they are, but the Scriptures does not teach that. The Scriptures teach that we ourselves have to Change. Salvation is for the Individual, the Change must come by each individual Repenting and those who understand this Gospel Principle will be a light to their people. We look backward at History to learn lessons that is why the Scriptures are Priceless. Remember, Jesus is our Savior not our Condemner.

    Believe and Understand that it is written “Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?” Why should we support the Spirit of Divisiveness?

    We have to recognize the Culprit and Rise above the Tide including those who uphold his ideology of Divisiveness! …The Adversary was a liar from the Beginning of time, and this is Evils Game, Always was and Still Is. RACISM IS ONE OF HIS MOST DECEPTIVE TOOLS.

    Truth is Irrefutable!

  36. John
    To the plantation born and wish we were still there….. who was your favourite relative? Vere Deane or the old biddy Marjorie Phillips?

  37. Sadly, America’s basic values of freedom as in speech, are also undermining her as the Democrats and democratic-controlled media work to undermine our country. It is alarming to see how many Democrats in positions of power are not upholding the laws but instead working toward Marxism. I can appreciate your sentiments but I am of the belief that All Lives Matter and until we begin speaking in unity, our country will always be divided. These are tragic times.

  38. “Biden is a dementia sufferer”. Ha ha…… sounds like a diagnosis from a person who has as much medical know-how as a supposed president who wants to promote a COVID-19 cure of ingesting disinfectant or shining a very powerful light at the body or through the skin. Trump boy ain’t come back to the people telling us those case study results . People wondering if they caught COVID-19 at one of his poorly attended rallies if they could stand in front of their car headlights on high beam and be cured.!!!!!!!.
    BTW people that want to counter the “Black Lives Matter” statement \ movement with “All Lives Matter” are completely ignorant or at least don’t know grammar. It is plain ridiculous to interpret “Black Lives Matter” as Black Lives Matter ONLY. It is interpreted as Black Lives Matter ALSO. The statement \ movement of”Black Lives Matter” makes no allusion whatsoever that the black race is superior or is the only race that should have human rights. It merely implies that the black race deserves equal treatment and rights like all OTHER races.

  39. More unintelligible gibberish!

    Are we down to zero yet?

    I see you are bringing some of your looney friends to keep wicket now that your regular wicket keeper is missing in COVID riddled Florida.

    Being a medical doctor he has probably jumped off the Trump COVID Train now that he espies the COVID CHICKENS COMING HOME TO ROOST.

    But you will ride that train to the end of the tracks that lead to nowhere because you can’t help your racist self.


  40. Don’t we find that Florida is supposedly spiking in Covid and that is where the RNC Convention is to be held? They are trying to make this debate Virtual because Biden cannot stand Scrutiny.


    People reporting in Ohio that they stood in line and filled out paperwork, but left do to how long it was taking and never took test. Weeks later they received test results they didn’t take that said they were positive for Covid-19

    They are getting money from the government for those cases, it is fraud.

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