Barack Obama's Journey Continues ~ Iowa Caucus Victory Speech

In order to be President of America, one has to appeal to the majority population. It appears that race does play a major part, in America, hence a strident black politician, with views which would appeal to the majority of black voters, might not appeal to enough white voters for him to be President. Obama has to be inclusive and adopt a principled stance, which does not alienate the majority vote. His task is therefore more difficult, than Hilary Clinton a “woman” candidate. That he has been able to advance to this stage, and take Iowa is a credit to him and his team. There is a long road ahead, and many hidden sand traps in the way. I fear a black President of America, might not be able to do as much for blacks, as a “liberal” white President, that is a dilemma Obama will ultimately have to face.

I am sure, it is a task he would rather grapple with, than not have.

Source: Yardbroom

Our friend Yardbroom, as he usually does on Barbados Free Press, submitted a thought provoking comment. It is one which has not been popular with some of our commenters but one which the BU household is in full agreement. Although we suspect that Obama’s challenge will fade as the agenda of mid-America takes hold, his achievement to date is one which the world should feel proud. A man should always be judged based on the quality of his contribution and never the colour of his skin.

But who are we fooling?

For the moment, the BU household join millions around the world who continue to bask in this mouth watering moment:

“They said this day would never come,” Obama said in a rousing victory speech. “But on this January night, at this defining moment in history, you have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do. We’re choosing unity over division and sending a powerful message that change is coming to America;” as giddy supporters broke into a chant of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” He said people would long remember that “this was the place, this was the moment, where America remembered what it means to hope.”


27 thoughts on “Barack Obama's Journey Continues ~ Iowa Caucus Victory Speech

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  2. its clear that yardbroom does not pay attention to american politics and he is just another black man with little hope for his skin colour.

    everyone knows obama is the favourite and if it is had something to do with skin colour and the white people are the racist bunch, do you think he would have won a state that has less than 10% blacks like himself.

    obama proves as long as there is life, anything is possible and yardbroom and BU, i feel you should learn from this lesson.

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  4. Barack was raise by his Mother and his Maternal Grandfather, he was not raise black, he does not see himself as a victim, thats why he is not getting any support from the self appointed leaders of Black America. He is viewed and probably will be maligned just as Clarence Thomas who was raised by his Grandfather at a time when Blacks where majority conservative republicans. This ill define concept of blackness that Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and others have been selling has been rejected by eveyone and most recently it is being rejected by blacks themselves. Is America ready for a black person to be president? I say yes that it has been for a long time, for the colour of one’s skin is only part of the acceptable package, i think what is more important to Americans in what they are looking for in a president is values, and a personality that they can relate too. ….Obama brings that. A year ago here in Masschusettes, a state that the rest of the country scorns, that professional blacks had to coerce to relocate too, this state voted into the office of Governorship a black man from chicago just like Obama and who speaks the same language and message of hope, and change. Governor Deval Patrick didn’t only win, he won in every pretinct, and there are some very white towns and cities in Massachusettes. His victory cause me to relook at my views of this state and gave me hope that things are changing.

    …..All said a new president, a black president will not make any headway against an entrenched and Dated congress and senate. This is where laws are made not the white house, and this is where the LIFERS, and persons who are in government for themselves reside. This country needs real change in Congress and until that occurs, a new President every 8 years will not give us and the world the real and substantive change that we need.

    ….However i cannot help but think that since the Iraq war is no longer in the news that Americans where able to focus on domestic issues and that Obama intial success is partially a result of this. If American soildeirs start to die in Irag again like past years, Obama’s success will start to fade.

  5. We side with the view that life is a journey/continuum and the actions of many along the way Black, White, etc serve to cause societies to evolve. In other words life is constantly in motion. People like Obama, like millions are playing a part in the evolution to what human beings are changing to. Obama may not see himself as ‘Black’ as defined by the Jacksons and Sharptons of this world, but nonetheless he is and his achievements will therefore serve to inspire a black people which in the eyes of many Blacks themselves see themselves as bottomfeeders in the aftermath of the bondage which continues to be an albatross around the necks of many Black people.

    Continue the fight Obama you are what you are; a BLACK MAN.

  6. very well said, but i feel this day in age we have to stop this thing of saying i am black and you are white, we all are people with one race and thats the human race, dont be led by stupid doctrines that there is a white man or black man. these titles only came to cause a diversity among a group and to promote segregation.

    if u wanna fight racism, the best way to start is to forget that word is a word.

    and the governments play a major role in promoting segragation when everytime you go to fill a form out, you see a box u gotta check stating your ethnicity, like black, hispanic, white, asian and so on, if we want to fight it, we must forget the word racism and treat each person as a human with unique values.

    i dont see obama as a black man, i see him as a man, i dont see huckabee as a white man either, i see him as a man

    god never said let us create black men or white men, he said let us create man in our own image. until people see life this way, segregation will never end.

  7. I live in Texas and Barack is not the one. He is black, and that is great, but many of his policies are not Godly. You can’t just vote for people because of their race or gender.

    Go Mike Huckabee- amn who loves the Lord and has wonderful ideas for the USA, I’ve met and talked with him twice.

  8. Was George Bush Godly enough for you ??
    haven’t you learn’t your lesson by now??
    Please, the world can’t take any more “Godly” American Presidents.

  9. The Blogosphere is a world pregnant with information. Why have we been harping on the Obama fight to win the nomination of the Democratic party in the USA you may ask? Obama started out the race way behind in the polls. He was lagging Clinton by many points. What has happened? He has run the type of campaign which have remain connected to the issues while at the same time not being forced to pigeon hole himself by issues which will alienate him form certain segments of the vote. How has he done so? His ability to communicate with ALL people. The parallel which Thompson should have learned by now is that any public perception can be turned around by being consistent on the issues. The perception will not turn as suggested by a commenter this morning if we the public decide to stop talking about things that trouble us about leadership.

    Why Obama is Winning

    Posted on January 6, 2008 by Dan (Fitness)

    I watched the debates tonight. Then sat in stunned silence for hours as it sank in. The Democratic debates were instructive and moving. Edwards reminded me why I liked him so much. We do need a President who feels down to his very soul the necessity of fighting back, and who has proven himself in battle. Hillary has been on the other side all too often, grinning her “Jack Nicholson as the Joker” grin while sticking a shiv in our backs (she calls this experience). Edwards is that man, and I still stand beside him as my favorite candidate for President.
    But now I am standing firmly in Obama’s camp as well, and feel a great deal of confidence in Barack’s ability to lead this country. He went from “at least he’s not Hillary” to “I can actually support him” in just a few moments. I’d like to share those essential realizations with you.

    Read More

  10. this is so true, i just hope local politicians learn lessons from the american campaigns.

    no doubt about it, sept 9/11 changed the world in every form or fashion you can only imagine, and obama and edwards do believe in changing the old school politics and bring something new. thompy does mention change, but what is new except for new faces?

  11. What new thing did Arthur do? He failed to restructure the economy. He continued on new initiatives that were introduced by the DLP.

    Where are the innovations from the BLP from this so called great politician?

  12. #

    Anonymous // January 6, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    What is new from the DLP…No Prime Minister can serve for more than two terms
    president cannot or prime minister? can someone quote what the constitution stated about this issue?

    i know a president cannot serve more than 2 terms but i am not sure about a prime minister.

  13. If Barack Obama is fortunate enough to win the Democratic nomination, despite a strong challenge from Hilary Clinton, and go on to beat the Republican candidate to be President of the United States of America. His victory would not only be a victory for America, but a victory against prejudice and would be symbolic of a change, whose ramifications would be felt world wide.

    America despite its riches and plaudits for being “the land of the free”, a title that sits uneasily beside the treatment that has been meted out to blacks in its Southern States, and less so in the North. Can never be thought of as fully free, until it can be demonstrated that all its citizens have an equal opportunity to attain the highest office in the land.

    The election of Barack Obama, would not only give confidence to the blacks within America’s borders, but would allow the whites who would obviously have to elect him, a feeling of

    atonement for some injustices of the past.

    Outside of America, there are many blacks who would wish Obama well, and hope that his tenure of office would be a successful one.

    Often events are greater, than the immediate impact of the event itself, as they are symbolic of something more important, I believe Barack Obam’s election would be such an event in America.

    If his nomination and later election to be President proves the above to be true, perhaps we can repeat what was said by another American – Bob Dylan – “the times they are a-changing”.

  14. Dear Yardbroom,

    I agree wholeheartedly. There are many side issues, but the bottom line is that he is a black candidate that can attract white votes, unlike Jesse Jackson, but not by abandoning a black consciousness. His New Hampshire “defeat” speech was full of the language that tugs you somewhere deep inside.

    What I found very interesting was that while Hillary Clinton (someone I would probably have voted for in the absence of Obama) won in the traditional Democrat east and west coasts, Obama won America’s mddle. If he can win Middle American states in the Presidential election, while they hold their traditional heartland, he can not just win the Presidential election, but he could re-write the political landscape in the way that Roosevelt turned the north Democratic and Reagan turned the south Republican.

    He also has the potential to inspire us all, whether we live or vote in the US or not (not in my case). Of course winning is just the beginning and remaining an inspiring leader to the end will be an almighty challenge.

  15. If Obama looks remotely capable of winning, he will be assassinated or assimilated.

    The powers that run America have already selected Clinton II, and if her tears don’t work, a 45 will guarantee her accession.

  16. Inferiority Complex syndrome: why is it that we people think so negative of ourselves?
    can you prove the powers that have already selected hillary? i guess not, if u talking about the CFR, good news, obama along with all the other candidates are also in the CFR.

    why do you think he will be assassinated? because he is black? so what do you call kennedy or lincoln? black too?

    great leaders are not always assassinated, usa had great leaders who left office, what about guiliani, the former mayor who just dropped his white house run who still has a bounty over his head from de mob?

    welcome to the usa, obama received secret service from homeland security, bush also warned him of an assassination plot when u become famous, god dont allow anything to happen that aint suppose to happen.

    we black people need to stop worrying about as we reach our goals we were always told we cannot achieve, that something bad will happen, time to overcome the syndrome and start thinking positive.

  17. Kadri we empathize with your position. However there is a historical reality which Black people cannot ignore. The fact that Obama to his credit has been able to deliver a message in his campaign which appears to transcend race is commendable. The sad reality is that they are forces present in the world still would not want to see a Black man in the White House. Let us pray that his journey is travelled uninterupted.

  18. The point Straight talk brought to the fore, is fundamental to the American political scene – as recent years have shown – and although we know that to be the case, we always try to put it to the back of our minds, through fear.

    Colin Powell a black man of great talent, who “immediately after” the Iraq war was courted by both Republican and Democratic parties as a possible presidential candidate because of his distinguished war record and proven ability as a leader, was dissuaded against by his wife.

    She was of the opinion that the risks to his personal safety were so great, that she was strongly against him running, he listened to her and did not allow his name to go forward.

    Thomas Gresham
    I have taken the points you have made on board and like you see the reality of certain positions. It is wise not only to address what we think, but also the positions of the opposition for it is from them which will come the most damage to our prospects or hopes.

    T.G, I also defer to you as regards the distribution of votes and voting patterns in the U.S.A. as my knowledge of America is limited to several visits there, not the best grounding to specifics of the body politic of a country.

    On a separate issue, it is sometimes unwise to generalize about the “human condition” of a people as regards behaviourism, when we are dealing with the labyrinthine issues of deficiency – in the same – unless we are “very sure” of the evidence from which we postulate those views. Very few people are able to deal with such a complex subject, with the “insight” which such an issue warrants.

  19. Think about it – Obama has been endorsed by Ted Kennedy. I think that suggests that he has been accepted by the Democratic establishment as a viable candidate.

    In the analysis of the Super Tuesday voting patterns, Obama soundly beat Clinton among black and white voters. That is very significant. Clinton won among hispanic and asian voters. Obama would have beaten Hillary by now, but he is also running against Bill Clinton.

    I am predicting that Obama will be the next President of the United States. It was never expected to be this close, and he has the momentum (and financing) on his side.

    On Tuesday, I watched Hillary speaking with her painted on smile and reading from her “focus group prepared” notes and compared it to Obama speaking passionately and eloquently from the heart. I think the American people are ready for what Obama represents. Initially they may have thought it would be a wasted vote but now they know that he really has a chance.

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  22. I agree with you Brutus. Obama is running against two candidates and he is going to give them an intellectual beating. Hail to Barack!

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