Boko Haram: Hundreds of Blacks Killed and Why WE Continue to Turn Our Backs

It is hard not to develop a negative outlook to the medium term prospects of humankind if we pause to scan world news for just 5 minutes. Whether the rise of ISIL as a consequence of the leadership vacuum created by the Western coalition led by the USA assassinating Saddam Hussein. There is the takeout of Muammar Gaddafi. Two years later Libya has two factions warring for the right to rule. The latest: the United Nations will attempt to broker a deal to delay a Gaddafi stable country from slipping deeper into civil war. Some will say this is part of the growing pains of a democracy taking root. What is democracy anyway? We could easily have highlighted the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the destabilization of Syria, volatility in Afghanistan and many others.

While the Western Press has decided to give 24 hour coverage to the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the ensuing events, the BU household remains numb struck at the report hundreds of Nigerians were murdered in what has been described by Amnesty International as the ‘deadliest massacre’ in the history of Boko Haram. In this part of the world – Barbados included –  intoxicated by newsfeeds from CNN, BBC, FOX and affiliates, little mention and public commentary is generated out of Africa. And when we get information it is of the negative variety. We sit back and debate the USA’s right to invade countries in the Middle East which aligned with geopolitical interest BUT we ignore what is happening in other places. And we know why.

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An Urgent Call for Caribbean STATESMEN and PATRIOTS

The following is the foreword to an article authored by David Commissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement by RAS JAHAZIEL
Will ur leaders please raise their hands!

Will our leaders please raise their hands!

It is time for us to admit that up to this day, the wind in our sails as a Caribbean peo­ple has been the wind that drove the slave-​ships to these shores, and the com­pass that we have been using is the same one that charted our colonization.

Under that form of guid­ance the per­fect mar­riage was seen as one between slave and slave owner. Hav­ing been indoc­tri­nated to strive for this form of rela­tion­ship, we as a Caribbean peo­ple have been sel­dom able to cul­ti­vate the sort of imag­i­na­tion that is so elo­quently out­lined in the arti­cle below.
But our romance with the devil was bound to lead to dis­ap­point­ment, and now that the slave-​ship is run­ning into trou­bled waters it is the human cargo from Africa that is being scut­tled. So there is no one else to turn to but your fam­ily, but we have to take an enema and purge the nigga-​mentality that mek we feel that we bet­ter than dem. Read arti­cle below and see video at the end.

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Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

At this epoch of Mankind’s evo­lu­tion, where democ­racy and respect for human rights are being immor­tal­ized as indis­pen­si­ble virtues which every soci­ety must pos­sess and are uni­ver­sal yard­sticks by which the actions of gov­ern­ments are mea­sured, it is almost incon­ceiv­able that there are still those who con­tinue to reject the idea of repa­ra­tions for descen­dants of African slaves. Recently, a book on the sub­ject by Pro­fes­sor Sir Hilary McD. Beck­les, pro-​vice chan­cel­lor at the UWI Cave Hill cam­pus a lead­ing activist and eco­nomic his­to­rian was pub­lished. Enti­tled Britain Black Debt: Repa­ra­tions for Caribbean Slav­ery and Native Geno­cide, it sets out a com­pelling case for Repa­ra­tions from Britain which can­not be coun­ter­acted by any of the sophisms and spe­cious rea­sons posited by cyn­i­cal detractors.

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Opportunity Africa: Leveraging Barbados’ First Cousin Advantages to Maximise Trade and Investment in Africa’s Economic Rising

Donna St.Hill - Bio

Donna St.Hill – Bio

Caribbean people have long been at the forefront of African liberation and empowerment. From political giants like Sir Walter Rodney, Marcus Garvey and George Padmore, to more recent stalwarts in the vanguard like Bob Marley, Sir Hilary Beckles and Eddie Grant, out of the geographically tiny islands of the Caribbean have come the towering intellectual raison d’être of African emancipation, black power and Pan Africanism.

Today, as a second “scramble for Africa” ensues around the globe, Barbados along with the rest of the Caribbean has an opportunity to leverage our history of leadership on the frontlines of African unity, now that that same passionate engagement is needed in order to consolidate the economic transformation currently taking place on the African continent. However, while in the past Africa reaped the benefits of efforts of its stolen tribes in the middle of the Atlantic sea, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in living experience, the advantage is not just one way but a potential win-win for Continent as well as the Diaspora in the Caribbean.

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40 Years of Solitary Confinement

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel
Fathers strung up by the necks and roasted for fun,

Fathers strung up by the necks and roasted for fun

Do you remember the slave castles on the west coast of Africa?

Any people that can lock a living soul in solitary confinement for 40 years are identical in spirit to those Satans that locked away naked Africans in dark sweltering dungeons downstairs while holding prayer meetings upstairs. It is the exact same thing that they did in those dungeons of yesteryear.

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Zuma's South African Police Slaughters Black Miners

Submitted by Sargeant

South African miners in pay dispute which turn bloody – photo credit: BBC

So what’s going on in South Africa?  Eighteen years after the election of a Black Government comes the news that the South African Police have killed 34 miners who were in the midst of an industrial dispute and were seeking a wage increase. These killings hearken back to the worst days of apartheid under the former white Government.

The miners worked at a platinum mine and this dispute was a relatively short one (one week) but there were ongoing clashes between rival trade unions which claimed the lives of 10 people including two policemen.

How could a demonstration provoke such a harsh response from Policemen who presumably have been trained to handle crowds given that South Africa recently hosted the World Cup?

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Searching For Bussa: An African Slave And A Barbados Hero

Submitted by Yardbroom

Bussa Statue

We know of Bussa as a Barbados “hero” an accolade bestowed on only a select few of our sons/daughters.  A statue  to represent him in all its nakedness and strength, has been erected on the busy Haggatt Hall highway in Barbados, to remind us of our past.

What do we know of Bussa?  It is well documented that he was of African lineage and it is also believed he came to Barbados as an adult slave.  He led a slave rebellion in 1816 at Bayleys Plantation in the parish of St Philip and was killed in the ensuing battle.  He like some of those who were involved in the rebellion paid the ultimate price for the insurrection.  Bussa’s life post the slave rebellion is part of Barbados’ history but I will – with  much conjecture – in this short submission retrace his steps before Barbados.  A tall order because of the lack of specific information that relates directly to Bussa.

It is best to tell you where I am heading, before you are taken on this short journey.  I believe he, “Bussa” came from the village of Bussa which is between Birni Yauri and Jessao on the Niger River.  Before you ask.  It is not simply a matter of choosing a place in Africa with the name of Bussa and supposing he came from there.  So a few feasible pointers are required to support my conjecture.

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Racism or Anti-immigrant Sentiment, It Is All The Same!

A few weeks ago Sir Roy Trotman set off a wild debate in the country with his ‘Egyptian Jew’ comment directed at Jacob Hassid, the CEO of Diamond International (DI). The unnecessary taut served to bring to the fore the latent racial tension which continues to seethe below the surface of Barbados society. I

n response to the comment by Sir Roy the CEO of DI raised the ‘fearing for the limb of he and family’. Bear in mind Barbados has demonstrated that it is one of the most tolerant – some say docile – countries in the world.

After watching the following videos of Jews openly and vehemently demonstrating against immigrants, particularly African, one is left to wonder.

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Notes From a Native Son – How the Eurozone Crisis Threatens Barbados

Hal Austin

Europe is in serious crisis. Greece, a culture that has abandoned hard work and resents paying taxes, goes to the polls in the middle of next month to vote for its economic future. The decision voters in that southern European nation – the home of democracy – have to decide is if they remain in the 17-member Eurozone, or get out. Damned they do, damned if they don’t. The truth is that an economy which makes up only two per cent of the Eurozone could not, in normal times, be such a destructive threat to the single currency area, farless the global economy, but these are not normal times. Remember how a single wholesale bank, Lehman Brothers, disrupted the system? Banks in the other southern European economies – Italy, Spain, Portugal – and Ireland are also under enormous pressure, and the massive exposure of French and UK banks to the area also make them vulnerable.

But it is the German hugely successful economy that is in real danger, since, like the history of capitalism, German prosperity is build on exports – mainly to southern Europe. While this drama is being played out in Brussels and Frankfurt, most Barbadians would rightly ask what has all this to do with them. Well, the answer is far more than at first meets the eye. First, while global leaders, from China to the US, hold their breath, it should be remembered that the Greek tentacles stretch throughout Europe and across the Atlantic to the US, through the hidden workings of the global banking system. Also, unlike 2007/8, when China rescued the world, the world’s second strongest economy is also itself in trouble.

More important, Britain, our main tourism market, although it is outside the Eurozone, the 17-member economic union is its main trading bloc, with massive banking exposure to the markets. Already there is enormous capital flight from Athens, first corporates and the wealthy moved lots of cash out of the jurisdiction, corporates to bank elsewhere and rich individuals to buy property in Britain and other ‘safe’ havens.

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The Paradox Of Calling For Reparations

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Reparations, a false debate?

In its column in the Weekend Nation edition of Friday, March 30, 2012, the PEP is seen making the case for reparations for what it calls, “the plundering of the tax revenues of Barbados by the British Monarchy between the years 1663 and 1838”.

But, while the PDC is entirely supportive of those local and international efforts aimed at making sure that many of those Western countries and corporations, which would have  taken part in, or benefitted, from the enslavement of Black Africans by White Europeans and Americans in many parts of this Western Hemisphere from the 16th to the 19th Century, pay political material financial reparations to the descendants of such African peoples, and while the PDC do  make its own calls for present day African countries to pay reparations to the said present and future generations of African peoples on account of some of their ancestors roles in helping to put many millions of Africans into European enslavement, this party does not support the call that the PEP is currently making with regard to asking for reparations for Barbados as a result of “the plundering of the TAX revenues of Barbados by the British Monarchy between the said years 1663 and 1838”.

Now, let us make it crystal clear to the BU family why we do not support such a call.

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When Black Is White

There are robust and sometimes muscular discussions which takes place on the blog from time to time, which race occupied the earth first, Caucasian or Negroid? Click on the image to read Nature Knows No Color-Line by J.A Rodgers

President Robert Mugabe Speaks Out Against Homosexuality

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe - AFP/Getty

BU has reposted Ras Jahaziel’s comment,  He believes same sex unions must be repressed.

… I am talking about is the fact that THE SAME COLONIAL POWERS that invaded Africa and put Black people in slavery and took away their lands, and their language, and their names, and their culture and impoverished them are now trying  to go further in IMPOSING THEIR GRECO-ROMAN WORLD VIEW ON AFRICANS.

See what Mugabe is saying – Mugabe to Cameron on calls to respect gay rights: ‘To hell with you’. ALL AFRICAN COUNTRIES PLUS THE CARIBBEAN, that means Black people throughout the world are being PRESSURED to follow the MAN MARRYING MAN CULTURE. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILDREN that we always talk like we are so concerned about?

This is a step by step thing. Your children will soon be taught that if boys feel like girls there is something normal with that, and if they feel that they should come to school in dresses, there is something  normal with that. Cant you all see how THE WHORE OF BABYLON is trying to make all nations drunk with her abominations?

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Should We Eat Or Kill The African Snails?

Barbadians will not eat the African snail. We have been socialized to see the Achatina fulica as slimy and nasty and to be sprinkled with salt when spotted on our property. Even in the harsh economic times the local Guyanese population has been the only one interested in ‘picking’ the snails to benefit from the bounty set at .50 cents a pound.

It means if we are to control the growing number of African snails – sighted in the 11 parishes – we will have to use massive amounts of a killing agent which is not harmful to the environment. Keeley Holder is an Israeli trained Integrated Pest Management Specialist based in St. Joseph who suggests the African snail population can be eradicated based on the findings of Albert R. Mead (1961): The Giant African Snail: A Problem in Economic Malacology p.68:

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Trading Black Africans

Submitted by The Peoples Democratic Congress

Beginning in the 15th Century and continuing right through until about the mid 19th Century, both the system of Europeans, on one hand, and Africans, on the other hand, so-called trading in Africans on African territories, and the system whereby thereafter these Africans were taken hold of by the Europeans and brutally inhumanly enslaved in various parts of this Western World,  were representative of the most sordid cruel mechanisms ever set in motion in the history of humankind.

But, notwithstanding, the false, crude, racist, inhuman, and violent bases upon which these systems were created and carried out, the fact is that they were bound to come to an end within some eons of their establishment; thankfully, as a result of the many respective (un)foreseen, unprofitable, destabilizing aspects involving them and that had been enveloping other extant systems too.

At the same time, they were bound to be replaced by other evil politically constraining, income generating social systems!!

What has therefore been significant in the PDC’s pointing to the inevitability of the collapse of those systems and their replacements with other evil systems has been that at the core of what had for a long time been operating the system of Europeans and Africans so-called trading in Africans, and that at the core of what had for a longer period been operating the system of Europeans enslaving Africans, were the constant and recurring patterns of landed, trade, material, political, social relationships – which surrounded the enslavers and enslaved at the time, but that which nevertheless were bound to in the long run lose momentum and direction, and which were also bound to reproduce, thankfully, less and less in material, financial and social terms, in so far as to have helped make those evil systems unsustainable – rather than viable – in the long term (See the late Dr. Eric William’s thesis in Capitalism and Slavery for supporting references).

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Zimbabwe: Spirited Back To Colonial Slavery

Reproduced from The Herald

Gaddafi meeting Obama

Africa has haplessly watched the insanity of NATO in Libya, the AU has passively watched French and English military jets being used as the air force for the rag tag rebels in Libya, and today Africa listens attentively as Westerners say they want to bring humanitarian aid to Libya, a country that owes no debt to anyone, a country whose US$70 billion has been illegally confiscated by Western powers, indeed a country that has been the AU’s major funder for years.

This writer broke in tears listening to a rebel in Libya saying “we built this entire infrastructure with Gaddafi, and we will build it again. We are capable of building our country.” He had been asked by a journalist why he was wantonly shooting at buildings and smashing windows. To me this was a sad sight of a young African being spirited back to colonial domination, being used by Western powers to destroy what took forty years for Libya to build, and totally lacking consciousness over the meaning of national independence.

We have a sad reality where the destructive acts of Libyan rebels are celebrated as freedom fighting; while we are told to ignore the threat the continent is facing by allowing Western war planes to rampage our cities at will. I feel so powerless to stop it, yet so powerful to fight it all. This is a time when one feels like doing anything possible to hit back, anything thinkable or imaginable. This aggression by Westerners can be for long but it won’t be forever. The current African Union is a bunch of cowardly bucolic boofheads totally mesmerised by Western donor funding. They look pretty scared as they seem all determined to avoid angering the Westerners. What an unthinking lot of hopeless traitors!

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When Talent, Ability, Content Of Character Matters More Than Skin Colour

Submitted by Charles Knighton

As I have now been labeled, among other slurs, a “pathological racist” for questioning the inclusion of Egypt in the study of Black History in my July 20th Editorial letter, I had decided to let discretion be the better part of valor and refrain from further comment on this issue. This tendency to impute racist motivations to anyone having the temerity to question Black orthodox thought is reminiscent of the mid-twentieth century tactic of labeling as anti-Semitic any who questioned the orthodoxy emanating from the Jewish state of Israel. Any group practicing such ad hominem responses over dispassionate discussion is generally protecting a fragile orthodoxy. With maturity, Jews eventually became more circumspect as they came to see that claiming anti-Semitism at every turn cost them their credibility. Perhaps others might benefit from their experience.

Having said all that, I find it necessary to again walk into the minefield of race to reply to Mr. Anthony L. Reid’s Guest Column of August 3rd, “The Peopling of Ancient Egypt”. My reference to Egypt as a historically non-Black civilization lead Mr. Reid to read between lines of his own fashioning to assert that non-Black must translate into a Euro-centric or “White Egypt”. This binary predisposition to view things as either “Black” or “White” tends to make invisible the majority of Earth’s people, who might cry “racism” themselves at such treatment. I was very careful in my choice of the adjective non-Black.

From the beginning Egypt was a genuine crossroads of people and their cultures, and its people were multiethnic and multiracial, coming from as far away as Southwest Asia and Nubia in the upper Nile Valley. Fragmentary evidence from as early as the Naqada Culture (c. 3500-c.3000 BCE) and more complete evidence from all dynastic works of art plainly indicate Egypt’s racial heterogeneity from Pharaoh to peasant.

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Black Historical Revisionists Losing Credibility

Submitted by Charles Knighton


Click image to read about the Fertile Crescent

Mr. Rahim Shabazz needs to be made aware that citing a patently false “fact” casts doubt on any other assertion he makes. In his August 7th Editorial letter he claims “Africans in the Nile Valley had domesticated vegetables, grains and other crops 7,000 years before any other civilization.”

I find it increasingly difficult to assign any credibility to Black historical revisionists who seemingly will not be satisfied until every major advance in early human history is rooted in Africa, true or not. What began as a justifiable crusade to make the world aware of actual African achievements by Black people proud of their heritage has increasingly fallen under the spell of agenda-driven propagandists and provocateurs who have yet to learn the lesson that material falsehoods professed as truth will eventually destroy what was originally a good cause.

As I understand it, the retreat of the last Ice Age (from c. 13,000—c.10,000 BCE) released huge amounts of water in many parts of the world and produced climate changes, such as plentiful and regular rainfall, which helped make desert land more fertile. Before long, people learned how to domesticate animals and farm fields. This major advance in people’s control over their food resources occurred very rapidly in what we now refer to as the Fertile Crescent, a region stretching from Anatolia (Turkey) across the eastern Mediterranean coast and Mesopotamia (Iraq) to the Zagros Mountains in Persia (Iran). In about 10,000 BCE hunter-gatherers found that if they planted cereal seeds in watered fields, they would grow into new cereal crops the next year.

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Bemuddling African History

Submitted by Charles Knighton

I always find myself bemused by the ipso facto logic of those who attempt to conflate the geographic fact of Egypt’s location on the continent of Africa with Egypt therefore being a black civilization worthy of study during Black History month as Mr. Ian Marshall suggests in his guest column of July 10th, “Laurie misses the point“.

A demographic snapshot of Egypt today would reveal, as would a snapshot of all Mediterranean countries, decidedly non-black populations, a make up not much changed over the millenia.  This is not to suggest that through Egypt’s  long history  Black Africans did not at times gain ascendancy in Egypt, but this this does not make Egypt a Black civilization anymore than Black African countries under colonial rule became White civilizations.

Mr. Marshall’s concern with black Barbadian children who have “grown up on the lies and distortions of Africa by bigoted scholars and mass media” is laudable and yet he seems quite willing to indulge the same tactics by making Egypt a cornerstone of Black History month.  The cognitive dissonance awaiting children who are taught of the magnificent achievements of Egypt during Black History month and who then see old photographs  or newsreels of a non-black population will be palpable, unless the plan is to claim that despite strong evidence to the contrary if one goes back far enough through the centuries and relies on less and less evidence they will discover the original Black Egyptian civilization which dastardly White propagandists have cleverly obscured.

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AFRI-PHOBIA Raises Its Colonially Educated Head Again

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

At this time in world history there is a renewed penetration of Africa in the search for land and wealth. Along with the nations of Europe, large nations like India and China now see the need to obtain a piece of that rich resource base that is the rightful inheritance of Blacks in Africa and Blacks in the west who were violently robbed of their birthright and their land-right.

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Excited About Jamaica Opening Air Link To Africa

Kammie Holder, LUTCF, FSS

I am very excited about the opening of air links to Africa from Jamaica to Nigeria and the potential for trade and commerce. However, we must tread cautiously. Why the caution? A non visa requirement is a welcome call for all and sundry, who may be an economic burden rather than a catalyst for commerce. We will always see citizens gravitating to the country with the stronger currency and opportunities. In 2008, a plane load of West Africans were scammed into coming to the Caribbean with the lure of jobs. Many arrived with just the clothes on their backs and a plastic bag. The aforementioned, is not to pour scorn or belittle persons on the continent but more of a caution.

Let me juxtapose this to the air link between the UK and Ghana. Daily six airlines fly between Accra Ghana and the UK. Worthwhile to note is that all Ghanaians need visas to enter the UK. Currently, over 50,000 Ghanaians transit Heathrow airport monthly. Virgin Atlantic Airline has now found it necessary to add four additional flights weekly. Some may cry discrimination, but we have limited resources and can ill afforded, any social fallout from poor management of our immigration.

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In Case You Have Forgotten Your I-Story

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

“The reasons for the unacknowledged self-hate that leads to skin bleaching, wigs, and straightened hair (In reference to the article IT IS TIME TO STOP LIVING A LIE that discusses the alarming rate at which Blacks are trying to escape their skin)”

Follow the first instalment HERE.

Restitution For Colonial Era Is Due

© Raimond Spekking / CC-BY-SA-3.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Barbadians celebrate National Heroes Day today. A time to celebrate those who significantly contributed to the foundation for advancing Barbados. The following article (reproduced) is meant to provoke thought and awareness given the new challenges which have emerged in our new world.

“Mahatma Gandhi, with no weapon but truth, brought England’s Indian Empire crashing down. Another man of peace, from a small island off the coast of India, is now committed to an even more ambitious task. He would restore what he sees as the equilibrium upset by Western Europe when it set out 500 years ago to conquer the planet.

As if that were not enough, he wants the Christian churches to recognize that as legitimators and beneficiaries of those wars of conquest, they are obligated in justice to return the unjustly acquired benefits. Wait a minute. Didn’t the colonial era end shortly after World War II? Hasn’t the number of sovereign nations more than doubled in 50 years to 185?”

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Has The Greed Of The West Caused Them To Join with al Qaeda to Oust Qaddafi?

Muammar Qaddafi has a vision for Africa – a United States of Africa – with one government, one army and one currency. Of course, if this were to happen, it would shift the balance of power globally. The well documented fact is that if Africa stopped the flow of all African resources and raw materials to the western nations for just one week – the United States and Europe would grind to a halt – they are that dependent on Africa and are therefore determined to maintain their ability to control events on the continent. The Black Agenda Report


According to the ubiquitous Wikipedia, Israel is the only “established democracy” in the Middle East.  BU readily discloses that it is not a robust reference source  to satisfy the academics among us. BU did not even bother to check what exist in Africa; a continent known for countries preferring dictatorship style governments.

Understanding the underlying issues which feed the politics of the Middle East and Africa would be to compare to tiptoeing through a mine field in the heat of  a battle. What is known beyond a shadow of a doubt is to acknowledge the geopolitical considerations by the West which has shaped its foreign policy of that region. It is a region made important because of its mineral wealth, a valuable source of raw material for the industrialized West.

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Under The INFLUENCE Of The Colonial Wig

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE COLONIAL WIG, fighting political wars for THE OVER-SEER POSITION on Massa plantation.

What is the best way to end the constant slave rebellions?” the slave owners asked “His Holiness” their spiritual advisor, and the answer was:  “Educate them on the lie that slavery and colonialism are things of the past, and they will get the unspoken message that there is no need to continue the struggle for collective freedom and African liberation any more.” – Read More

The Black Diaspora And Marcus Garvey's Return To Africa "Dream"

Submitted by Yardbroom

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

When Marcus Mosiah Garvey boarded the SS Trent, on the 17th June 1914, to cross the Atlantic and return to his native Jamaica from London; he had spent two years in England, and was about to start work on the draft of his pamphlet: “A Talk With Afro-West Indians” in which he wrote:

“Sons and daughters of Africa, I say to you arise, take on the toga of race pride, and throw off the brand of ignominy which has kept you back for so many centuries.  Dash asunder the petty prejudices within your own fold; set at defiance the designation of “nigger” uttered even by yourselves, and be a Negro in the light of the Pharaohs of Egypt, Simons of Cyrene, Hannibals of Carthage, L’Ouvertures and Dessalines of Haiti…..Blydens of Liberia….and Douglasses and Du Boises of America, who have made, and are making history for the race, though depreciated and in many cases unwritten.”

Garvey’s sojourn in London and other European capitals, had not been a total success, as he had been reduced “to asking for assistance from the Colonial Office,” for his repatriation to Jamaica.  His older sister Indiana, a domestic servant, also in London at the time, was in a similar predicament and therefore unable to assist him.

If in financial terms Garvey had been unsuccessful, in other ways he had gained much from his London experience, to quote Garvey: “I read, Up From Slavery ( by Booker T. Washington b1856-1915) and then my doom – if I may so call it – of being a race leader dawned on me”.

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An Appeal to Minister Richard Sealy and Mr David Rice

Kammie Holder

I recently decided to take a trip to Ghana which is being touted as the Saudi Arabia of Africa. The following were my observations. It cost me $1100US from London to Accra. Flight from London to Accra 6 hours. Five different Airlines using 777 equipment at full capacity service the Ghana/London route daily.

Ghanaians need visa to visit UK thus over 75000 visit or transit London monthly. The Russians, Koreans, British, Chinese, Americans and Canadians are all rushing to set up companies in Ghana due to its new find of oil and gold.

I must now ask the following questions:

Are the travelling middle class Ghanaians US and Pound Sterling spend not good enough for Barbados?

Why not attract the African Diaspora traveller to compensate for the loss of UK, Canadian and US tourist to the Cuban market? Barbados to Dakar is a mere 6 hours away and thus much cheaper way to Africa than via London.

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Open Letter To The African Union, We Need Bretton Woods Plus For Africa

Submitted by Ibo Tbo (unedited)


My dear Chairman of the African Union, African leaders and readers of this letter, I expect you be aware that it is our right to call you and hold you accountable for everything is going on among us Africans, similarly it is our right to present to you our suggestions and views on policy/s which you write thinking its good or the only option you have.

Since this is not the first and for sure won’t be the last letter to you I plead you not look at the messenger as itch to you, rather should whisper into your minds that yes we people on the streets are not lucky or smarts enough to lead like you but at least, we can ask you where we being lead to.

My African leaders, this year (2010) over 17 African countries are finishing fifty years of what you call independents but I call it fifty years of really dependent. Fifty years of fully adopt western languages, names cultures and rituals. These 17 nations have nothing to show beside wars, diseases, starvation and depts., very careless and corrupt leaders. Which all are calculated and engineered by the same person today you are saluting and expecting him to be your guider.

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Conflict In The Ivory Coast Has Global Implications For Blacks

The current conflict in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) has enormous implications for Blacks in the Diaspora. The following content is reproduced to provide the BU family with some insight into the matter. Thanks to Ras Jahaziel for keeping this matter on the front burner.

Paris, Friday December 24, 2010
Letter to ECOWAS

Urgent: decision regarding Ivory Coast

Dear Sirs,
Regarding the situation in Côte d’Ivoire the decision you are about to take will have a huge and significant impact on the future not only of the West African States but of the whole African Continent. You will be held more accountable if the decision you take leads to more bloodshed between Africans.

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A Sociological Analysis Of The Modern Plantation

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel


The most barbaric feature of this modern age is the obscene disparity that exists between one side of the world and the other. It is a disparity that reflects a long history of vampire economics that enables one side to amass great riches by sucking the other to death. Now in the twenty-first century on one side of the world in the land of plenty, drugged citizens eat themselves to death, while on the other side death eats its citizens because food is ARTIFICIALLY too scarce. Slavery is over, they say, but because of the economic imbalance that was created by slavery and colonialism, the children of slave-masters can yet sail over to distant lands and buy themselves a native or two at a relatively low price.

As a result of the inherited disparities, desperate “third-worlders” now lay their lives on the line in their grim determination to reach “Hamburger Heaven,” the home of the white man. In absence of the question “WHY,” it is quite easy to assume that there does exist a natural inferiority and superiority in the grand scheme of things. After all, the general opinion is that “these Negroes are always killing one another back home on their dark continent, and even those that have long lived in the land of plenty still fill our jails because they are prone to be violent.”

This is the prevailing view because THE REAL TERRORIST has long had the technology to make his lie look like the truth. From such a perspective, the victim of robbery and exploitation becomes the cannibal that needs to be caged, the savage that needs to be imprisoned, the terrorist that needs to be hunted, and The Robber is the good guy who has been called by God and Jeezus to bomb savages out of darkness so that they may see the light of white-civilization and democracy. In this skewed version of reality, the word “holocaust” will never be attached to the ongoing genocide of Africa’s peoples, because it seems that word has long been copyrighted by Caucasoid Jews.

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Popular Culture And Scientifically Cultivated Ignorance

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel


The British explorer, H.M. Stanley was enthralled by the economic prospects Africa had for his country:

He is reported to have said “There are 50 million people beyond the gateway to Congo, and the spinners of Manchester are waiting to clothe them. Birmingham foundries are glowing with red metals that will presently be made into iron-work for them so that our trinkets shall soon adorn those dusty bosoms, and the ministers of Christ are zealous to bring the poor benighted heathens into the Christian fold”

– (H. M. Stanley, Journalist and Explorer)


In the above statement it is clear that Slave dealers were not only interested in slave labor, but they also saw Africans as a potential MARKET…. if their wants and desires could be effectively re-arranged. From out of this mercantile desire on the part of Slave dealers sprung a billion dollar industry to manufacture a product called POPULAR CULTURE.

This re-arrangement of the African’s taste buds has been so successful that today the African’s head is stuck in a Macdonald’s box…figuratively and literally. The African is COLLARED AND TIED in the European STRAIGHT JACKET…figuratively and literally. So too are dogs and cats and all domesticated creatures captivated by their taste buds and by their bellies. Just as destructive as the military force that was used to capture the African is the insidious manipulation of popular culture to capture the soul of the African.

CAPTIVATION of a people’s taste buds, CAPTIVATION of their wants, CAPTIVATION of their idea of beauty, CAPTIVATION of their idea of God equals CAPTIVATION OF THEIR MINDS.

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Think Outside Of The Colonial Box

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

Marcus Garvey

This excerpt that follows is chosen to strengthen the point that what we are clinging to in our colonial mentality is nothing more than European invented identities that were created solely for the benefit of Europe/America.

The slave economy of the past was never for the benefit of the slave. Similarly the slave economy of the present was never designed for the benefit of the modern slaves that do not like to see themselves as slaves because they have fridges and telephones and TVs in their rented and mortgaged houses.

As an African you have to look past the enticing trinkets of Europe and face the fact that you are still doing the same exact thing that you were brought on the slave ship to do…PROVIDE CHEAP, EASILY AVAILABLE, AND EASILY DISPOSABLE LABOR. The truth is that you have graduated from the field to the sweat shop, and you survive on what is left over after the modern slave-master or CAPITALIST counts his billions. How long should we sit here with our fates pinned to the fortunes of the billionaire white man while praying that he will soon have an economic recovery?

This is the time when we have to dare to reinvent ourselves in our own image, and we must not be content to cling to the fragmented arrangements that were made solely for the benefit of The Colonizer. If you were far-sighted you would see that this is the only thing left for us to do if the future generations are to be saved from a fate where prostitution is the main vocation.

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The Ghana, Barbados Connection

Look what Kammie is writing elsewhere…

Kammie Holder

I am forced to revisit my pilgrimage to the ancestral home of the majority of Bajans, Ghana.

Why am I doing this?

The decision was prompted by a call last Friday night from a 78-year-old woman. She reminded me of my privileged position and responsibility to readers.

Therefore, I am going to share some things which the mainstream media have failed to share or have not shared enough on this African country located south of the Sahara. It achieved independence in 1957 under Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

The Portuguese were the first to arrive and they named the place where they settled as the Gold Coast. That became the name of the country until independence in 1957 when it was changed to Ghana. The Gold Coast had been among the wealthiest and most socially advanced areas in Africa boasting schools, railways, hospitals, social security and an advanced economy.

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African Benefits In The Works

Here is what Kammie Holder is writing elsewhere – Credit to Nation Newspaper 03/09/2010

Kammie Holder

I am sitting in a restaurant at the Golden Tulip Hotel Kumasi, Ghana which is managed by Barbadian Stephen Husbands. The serene ambiance places me in a transcendental frame of mind.

The last 15 days have seen me traverse the Sahara desert and driving on a well paved highway 272kms long. Yes, in Africa. My journey of adventure and work has not been without pain and tears, the visit to Elmina Castle on the Cape Coast brought me to tears.

Every citizen of the African diaspora should visit the birthplace of his ancestry. For two long, we have been miseducated and our thoughts of Africa poisoned by those who would want to believe the worst of Africa.

Fellow citizens of the diaspora never blindly believe what you hear from the biased eyes of those with hidden agendas. Africa and Ghana is a land of many opportunities. What pains me is the ingratitude and appreciation of many Barbadians for the many social services and opportunities available. Bajans seem to be caught in a whirlwind of envy, deceit, selfishness, laziness and greed, to the detriment of the country’s development.

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Haiti And The Blacks!

by Loose Canon (Reproduced from Botswana’s Sunday Standard)

Click image to watch - Nelson Mandela anniversary: ANC march to mark the release of Mandela

I hope black people will learn a lesson from the earthquake that hit Haiti.
If they don’t learn anything from it, then I throw up my hands in despair and give up.

Let’s start with a few basic facts.

Until the earthquake, I never knew there was a place called Haiti. I was taught geography at school but I cannot remember a time when the mistress told us about Haiti. It must have been one of those insignificant countries that we had no reason to know about.

I was fairly good at geography because I knew which country was on which continent. I also knew many capital cities. But as for Haiti I was clueless.

Now the whole world, including myself, knows about Haiti. I heard news of the earthquake on the radio. I wondered where Haiti was and what sort of people lived there.

Finally, when I switched on the television, I was informed that Haiti is an island out in the Caribbean. Television pictures revealed a place populated by black people.

From the non-stop television coverage of the earthquake, I got to learn about the history of Haiti. It was not a good history lesson. It would seem throughout its existence Haiti has suffered a series of natural calamities. In the process it has sunk even deeper into poverty and deprivation.

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Could We Be Witnessing The Recolonisation Of Africa? Enter AFRICOM

Africa is the richest of all the continents on planet earth if measured by natural resources. It possesses rich reserves of platinum, diamond, natural gas, gold, oil, uranium among others in abundance. Despite its endowment of mineral wealth many of the African states are some of the poorest in world. The story of how Africa’s soul and culture were stolen by the Western world is a matter of record, hundreds of years later the legacy lingers.

It has come as no surprise to some to witness how a few of the world’s developed energy starved countries have returned their attention to the African continent. In order for China to sustain its economic super power status it has to feed its industrial appetite for fossil fuel. The United States of America is the military super power of the world, in a post 911 period it has carte blanche to deploy its military might anywhere it deems a terrorist threat may rear its head. Africa’s proximity to the Arab World and rumours that some African countries maybe giving cover to terrorist activities is an invitation which the Americans cannot refuse. An American presence in Africa gives it the opportunity to access the rich reserves of oil on that continent.

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Can Polygamous Marriages Play An Important Role In A Modern Western Society?

Submitted by Yardbroom

Jacob Zuma and Tobeka Madiba. Photograph: Mike Hutchings/AP

The recent marriage of South African President Jacob Zuma (67) to his fifth wife Tobeka Madiba (36) has caused the raising of some eyebrows even in South Africa.  President Zuma has three wives at present, when numbers are involved and they have a significant impact on what is written they should be correct.  He had two other wives but divorced Nkosazana Dlamini in 1998 and the other Kate Mantsho committed suicide in 2000 after taking a fatal overdose, she described her marriage to Zuma as “24 years of hell”.  Her remarks are not meant here as an indication of my feelings on polygamous marriage, they have been added as reported comment.

To those who like detail his other wives are Sizakele Khumalo married in 1973 and Nompumelelo Ntuli married in 2008.

I have no wish to lay false trails but it has been reported that his “fiancée” Gloria Bongi Ngema who has a three year old son with the President has already brought (wedding gifts) to the Zuma family often a precursor to marriage…other celebrations might be soon afoot.

For those with a desire to have terms right, I am aware that Polygamy is one man having multiple wives and Polyandry is a practice where a woman is married to more than one man at the same time.  However, I am using Polygamy to mean one man having multiple wives because of general usage.

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Race And Slavery: The Behavioural Conditioning Of A People

Submitted by Yardroom

slavery_maryland_0327“The first step, advised those who wrote discourses on the management of slaves, was to establish and maintain strict discipline…they – slaves – must obey at all times, and under all circumstances, cheerfully and with alacrity, affirmed a Virginia slaveholder…

The second step was to implant in the bondsmen [slaves] themselves a consciousness of personal inferiority.  They had to know and keep their places, to feel the difference between master and slave, to understand that bondage [slavery] was their natural status.  They had to feel that African ancestry tainted them, that their colour was a badge of degradation.” [Plantation and Frontier, pp108-11, De Bow’s Review V11, 1849]

The third step…”We have to rely more and more on the power of fear…we are determined to continue masters, and to do so we have to draw the rein tighter and tighter day by day to be assured that we hold them in complete check”. [The Pecular Institution, Kenneth M. Stampp p146]

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Open Letter To Norman Faria, Guyana's Honourary Consul To Barbados

Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress.

Submitted by Lincoln Lewis, General Secretary Guyana Trades Union Congress

September 19, 2009

Dear Mr. Norman Faria,

This is an open letter with a copy forwarded to Barbadian and Guyanese Media. I have chosen to communicate with you both privately and publicly since the issue that prompted this engagement emanated from public statements made by you in condemnation of several positions I have taken on contemporary issues and more so those pertaining to Guyana. Today I wish to reiterate my position that I stand on the side of justice and fair play regardless of who heads the government. I stood against what I perceived to be unjust actions of all former governments, and I shall continue to stand against any form of injustice at this time when it is clear that those who are given the privilege to lead consider the country their personal property and the citizens their subjects.

As Honourary Consul to Barbados it is your responsibility to, among other diplomatic tasks, represent the rights and dignity of Guyanese citizens in Barbados. This is however not without serious concerns for your obvious willingness to export and advance the partisan, racist and corrupt politics of the PPP government, whose disregard for human rights is being exposed daily. I am concerned that while you seek to tell us about transgression of Guyanese rights in Barbados at the same time you are silent or embrace programs of rights violations and slow genocide by the Guyana Government against some Guyanese. This is a double standard.

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Gold, Race And A Question Of Gender: Caster Semenya

Submitted by Yardbroom

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya

At the Athletics World Championship in Berlin last week, a shy black 18 year old female athlete from South Africa, won the womens 800m – setting the fastest time in the world this year.  The win was no surprise to those who had followed the early rounds of the 800 metres.  The teenager from a tiny village in Limpopo province has shown her talent but the world’s media, at first surprised at her times, decided to take a closer look and then events became uncomfortable for Caster Semenya.

Only hours before the race, it was announced that the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) had instigated  gender testing for Caster Semenya.  South Africans were appalled, it was insensitive nd humiliating to the young athlete, did they have to go public, the charges and accusations came thick and fast, not only from South Africa.

Was this course of action within the rules of the IAAF ? Yes it was. The IAAF ceased gender screening for all athletes in 1992 but retains the option of assessing the gender of a participant should suspicions arise – Wikipedia. Suspicions had arisen, it was therefore within their remit to order a gender test.

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Purging The Psyche Of The Black Man

Submitted by ROK

Above is a clip about Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan’s perspective on the race card. Should we stop trying to be Rhodes Scholars? Hear who was John Rhodes. Also Dr. Ben spoke of our pregnant women being split open using horses so that the babies dropped out of their bellies.

My problem with those who would say that we are using this kind of information to spread hate should understand that these are facts. They are part of the historical record and if the white man did not inflict such atrocious acts on the black man, we would have nothing to talk about today. In the circumstances, the hate started with them. Yet our attempt to get it out of our psyche is being resisted by them. What does that tell you? It isn’t over yet!

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The Testimony Of A Rwandan

rwandaOne issue coming out  of The Race Card blog is the blurred reality which many Barbadians have of life on the African continent. Some BU family members mentioned Rwanda and other African countries based on interpretations from books. Reading is a good activity to cultivate but when combined with first hand feedback, the power of cross fertilization makes the learning experience a powerful one.

Living in Barbados blogger who has worked many years on the African continent facilitated an exchange with his African friend who endured a horrible experience in Rwanda. BU believes the personal testimony quoted below may bring life to the reality for many living in Africa.

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The Race Card

reparationsBarbados Underground (BU) is thankful for all the complaining we hear about our blog because it means we have freedom of speech. Thanks to Nancie .J Carmody who made the following quote famous: “I am thankful for all the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech.”

The evergreen race debate like immigration, homosexuality and topics of this tenor which BU is driven to blog about will always evoke passion. It is the nature of the beast. How can we debate the issue of race in a manner which is acceptable given the strong views likely to be provoked? The fact that we have people from different backgrounds whether influenced by race, education, socialization among other factors will make the race dialogue interesting.

BU finds it difficult for a Black person to be accused of being racist. It is our belief the word racist is often used interchangeable for ‘bigot’ or ‘prejudice’ by some. The BU household is always willing to learn from the BU family and welcomes feedback on our position.

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Out Of Africa

Submitted by Yardbroom

Two typical plaques. The left one portrays a warrior flanked by two shieldbearers.

Two typical plaques. The left one portrays a warrior flanked by two shieldbearers.

In a recent heated debate on Barbados Underground, a contributor in his or her efforts to denigrate Africa, used statements to suggest; there was no art there, nothing of note ever constructed, mentioned wars, people being killed, internecine fighting and corrupt governments.  The identity of the person is not important, they will not be named by me.  I will concentrate on the veracity of the statements or otherwise and in so doing draw on historical examples with evidence to support what I submit.

It is true there have been brutal wars in Africa and some corrupt governments, perhaps more than a fair share, but they are not exclusive to Africa…I seek not to condone but state truth.  There is no better place to start, than at the beginning.

A few black African families set out on a journey from around the Rift Valley in East Africa – the “precise” date is unknown but Homo Sapiens have been around for approx some 200,000 years – it was not a direct journey they meandered, but because of those families we are “all” here.  “Every” human being in the world, be they black, white, Indian, Chinese or of mixed race are descendants of those African black families.  It cannot be argued against, it is in our DNA.  If the world should last for 50 million more years, that established “fact” cannot change, “all” of us are Out Of Africa, yes the human race.

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