When Black Is White

There are robust and sometimes muscular discussions which takes place on the blog from time to time, which race occupied the earth first, Caucasian or Negroid? Click on the image to read Nature Knows No Color-Line by J.A Rodgers

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  1. David there is no argument, there can be no argument.

    All human beings came out of Africa.

    Colour/race as we see it today is simply an adaptation to climate or geography.

    But we human beings have foolishly attached value to color. Color has no value except as a survival mechanism.

  2. Random Thoughts
    “Color has no value except as a survival mechanism”

    Have you lost your mind woman … Are you not aware of the plan to rid this world of all dark skinned people by the end of this Century? Do you not know of the level of funding that is going into this campaign? How hope you marry a White man and mek sure that you’ children marry White people if you really want a real chance of having your blood line continued forward … Hear wah I tell you …

  3. Genetics has already proven who was the first.Science has also already proven that the black gene is dominant and that the lighter gene is recessive, the oldest human bones ever founded on earth were found in Africa and science and DNA testing showed he was black and male and of course he would have had ah father.

  4. tell it to the Russians?why would people living in a climate that is warm deliberately go where is freezing cold and less animals to eat etc.
    i don’t believe a word of it .negroid propaganda as science has proved that white people are smarter than blacks.
    and they swam across to from Africa to north and south America.
    give me a fucking break.
    when we whites found you in Africa you were eating each other and living in huts built of cow shit. we should definitely have left you there.
    talking a lot of bullshit .dream on.
    whites are a different tribe to blacks,and Indians are a different tribe to blacks,and Chinese and Japanese developed their thin eyes because of the cold.
    get a grip.
    whites and blacks have no connection never did and never will.
    science is come up with a lot of crap i certainly don’t believe it .
    and you should try to remember your way of life in Barbados
    is because of the white man ..we invented everything you use .
    not no African..i suppose our eye color changed because of climate also.
    not a chance .you wish.but sorry we not related to wunna.

  5. people in Barbados and the Caribbean may believe this nonsense.
    but in Canada and north America and Europe we just laugh at this crap..
    god is black all this junk, when he was a Jew.OK Jews are black.
    people in the real world laugh at these stupidity of these things.
    have you ever seen a white man that looks like a ape ??
    i see lots of black ones that look like apes.
    gee i wonder why.?

  6. foremost remember the tower of babel.in the bible where
    people were separated for a reason and given different languages.
    so they would not mix and be able to communicate.
    that is the reason for different languages and looks.
    i done .

  7. is Barbados sending soldiers to help their own.?????????/
    is Barbados blacks helping their own people ???????????

  8. Why this obsession about being ‘first’? I mean there are first class..idiots; there are prototypes which need a lot of refinement; there are students who cram facts and get ‘firsts’. Anyone heard of Roger Bannister? And if Zoe were here, we’d hold hands and mutter ‘The last shall be first and the first last’. And why the obsession about ‘place’. There are ‘place mats’, there’s ‘know your place’. And where is ‘space’? And “the ‘other’ place’? There’s ‘uptown’ and ‘downtown’ and ‘the wrong side of the fence’. or ‘the sheets’. Why are we so obsessed about trivia, chance, causative effects? The black/white/yellow/red/brown God couldn’t give a ‘monkey’s’. Why should we?
    One thing though: if everyone in the world just stopped for a moment – the same moment – and started wukking up, wouldn’t it all be a much happier place? Imagine – laughter, joy, unseriousness. I don’t call that idea ‘disgusting’. But then there’s not much of the puritan left in me and I don’t wear asbestos underwear.

  9. harry | March 19, 2012 at 8:27 AM |
    “foremost remember the tower of babel.in the bible where
    people were separated for a reason and given different languages.
    so they would not mix and be able to communicate.
    that is the reason for different languages and looks.”

    Harry if you can believe the tower of Babel crap you will believe anything.

  10. harry | March 19, 2012 at 8:16 AM |
    “these people came from blacks???????
    look at them you see any negroid features ?you see them wucking up
    and being disgusting.”

    Harry you are a disgusting piece of cat shit! You saying that white people don’t wuk up? What do you think dem does do in the brothels in Europe? In the strip clubs in the USA? And in the Blue Box Cart band at Cropover?

  11. #IsladGal
    So if you think Tower of Babel is crap YOU would believe anything !
    Adam and Eve were made by God in The Valley of Mesopotamia !
    Thats is NOT AFRICA .
    Black people are the esul of The Curse Of Ham ! GO GOOGLE!
    Ever heard about The Beast of The Field ? Go Google .
    Adam was Grey and and f the Earth Eve was of Adam and Could have been of many Colors , So offspring can be of many different colors and place of living /climate etc. Can change a a people .
    But to say This Black Racist Ideology That White were once Black and are Albinos IS CRAP > They are White Albinos and Look Nothing Like Blacl Albinos . Many Peoples have been conquered and enslaved NoT onLY Blacks , (Barbado’ed GO GOOGLE) Arabs raped South tal and France That why dem olive skinned . Curses have Been lifted on Sons of Ham ! BuT they still have the NEGroID features , not to say that is totally a bad thing ! Most Caribbean peoples ae MiXeD up , So why this continual obsession with proving Black is Beautiful ! Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder . It is What is in Inside that COUNTS , SO f you Black on the outside does not mean ya have o be Black on the Inside too !

  12. As for that S. Africa story , somebody ain’t change de oil !
    But anything can happen !God sends strong delusions !
    But to say the black Gene is dominant is BS
    So why then does Ri Ri have Blue eyes?!
    Wunna disgusting !

  13. Wine up is one thing , but Groping and cannibalistic bumper grinding and Nasty Disgusting behavior is another , talk and dance but DoN TOUCH Me ! Ya Hearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  14. That article/book is Black Racist Propaganda .
    All it proves is that the Russians kicked The Africans ass ! As they do now !

  15. There are exactly two possible identities for “harry”.

    1. harry is an insanely stupid dull-eyed racist mouth-breather with the intelligence of algae and the moral imagination of paint. A sad little prick who will only ever have a sad little life.

    2. Harry is an agent provocateur for the burn-the-bullas, bomb-the-Jews, rape-women-and JOKE-about-that-and-about-trafficked-prostitutes, my-clock-stopped-in-1972-and-I-am-such-an-asshole-dat-I-tink-dis-funny dumbass wing of the BU Family.

    In either case, harry is a loser. History will happen to harry, and he will never affect history, and he will always lose. Always.

    What’s interesting—indeed, what’s fascinating—is that David actually published harry’s noxious opinions. David has simply censored many opinions that are so less stupidly insane than harry’s.

    Be interesting to see if David makes a decision to publish this.

  16. @ Isabel

    Agent provocateur? Probably. I suspect they pop up in all shapes and sizes. And I agree…no-one is really that – well, err-ish.

  17. @ harry | March 19, 2012 at 8:03 AM |
    “whites and blacks have no connection never did and never will.”

    Except in bed! Always the sex will be the great union! Four feet and two heads and a vagina and penis have no colour barriers. Look around you and see what I mean. It’s beautiful and so orgasmically fulfilling when a superior white god is so humble as to have sex with an ape-like black skin humanoid. What do you call that dirty-minded “harry”, bestiality?

    Get out of the Sun before you turn brown from God’s rays!

  18. wunna could say what you like i know what i know and you know what you know.
    i could really care less .oh and of course the usual bajan juck at me .
    like water off a ducks back.
    wunna have fun yahhhhhhhhherre.

  19. i dont mind harry , fools does rush in ,ppl like him will never be able to look within to find the truth because the truth was never within them so they run to Google; times changing fool,that which was in the dark must and will come to the light,to long u folks practice ur white supremacy on the whole world even up until this day, no one has shed more blood than the white man has,but the time that was given to u to rule will soon come to an end the more than 2000 yrs that was given to u have not used it wisely but u sought to live off the blood of the masses,ur system of things will soon end.

  20. I see the same ole writers on this ear post…..DAKLINE….came here to see who submitted it …..NABODY.

  21. Harry

    I like you bad bad bad … Ha ha ha ha … But da Utube video that you post sound real bad … and the artistes look like robots … no joke. They ain’ got nah rhythm man, na movement. They could use some nigger genes wah you think … ha ha ha ha … Stiff as shite

  22. @Harry and the Bfcuker wunna is de same rassclat so stop trying to be two peoples. I could see dat wunna trying to be white, check wunna mudders gran mudders.Dem did fooping de black boys long time an pretending dat dem prim and proper posing wid a half breed husband trying to pass as white..

  23. A common phrase throughout cyber space, is “White people are inbred mutant albinos”! It’s becoming more apparent now because the association can be made between inbred mutant animals and white people.
    The white Doberman is an albino mutant with significant health problems.The genetic mutation that cause the absence of color in these dogs also causes other problems such as sensitivity to light, and even blindness. They are extremely susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. They have missing teeth or very small teeth.These dogs have a much shorter life span. They are seldom live to the age of 7 years.
    Deafness-This is an issue with all white animals. It is not limited to the Doberman Pinscher.Due to the potential for these and a variety of other health issues, the breeding of albino or white Doberman Pinschers is discouraged.

    “A black mother has baffled scientists after giving birth to three albino children.
    Parents Rosemere Fernandes de Andrade and her partner Joao are dark-skinned Afro-Brazilians, yet three of their five children are albinos.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1210632/Meet-black-Brazilian-mother-albino-children.html#ixzz1qQTUXqu4.

  24. One wonders when this race discussion will end.I suppose only when the participants understand that HUMAN is the ONLY classification for race. Race as the average layman thinks of it, is a SOCIAL , rather than a SCIENTIFIC concept. The more closely you study and understand the human genome, the more you realise that the standard labels by which we use to distinguish people by ‘race’ , have no biological meaning whatsoever.

    It does’nt mean that we don’t have distinguishing features . Surely if you look at Idi Amin, and Bruce Lee, and Sharon Stone, you’ll see a difference. But these differences are so because of shared genetic markers in the same peoples, ‘race’.?

    About .01 percent of our genes are reflected in our external appearances, and because this tiny percent, together with the high percentage of ignorance, many humans were relegated to enslavement and genocide. We see that still today, that ignorance is still present across the world, even though not taken to that extent in most places, but just in normal everyday discourse. The beliefs expressed by some/most are similarly as absurd .

    Complexion is polygenic, rather than one gene with many alleles.
    There are five human pigmentation genes, possibly more discovered now, as far as I know that have been identified. Their symbols and genome loci are: “TYR” at 11q14-21, “TYRP1” at 9p23, “TYRP2” at 13q31-32, “P” at 15q11.2-12, and “MC1R” at 16q24.3 .

    I believe that another /new ‘ skin whitening gene’ was found, the mutation involves a change of just one letter of DNA code out of the 3.1 billion letters in the human genome–the complete instructions for making a human being.

    Apart from the science of this all, why do we feel the need to challenge God’s creations? What we are in effect doing is saying that he, or his plan is imperfect, because we think the other race is inferior to us. Who do you think is sadly misguided?.

  25. Professor Keith Cheng explains the origin of white skin Europeans / Caucasians.


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