When Talent, Ability, Content Of Character Matters More Than Skin Colour

Submitted by Charles Knighton

As I have now been labeled, among other slurs, a “pathological racist” for questioning the inclusion of Egypt in the study of Black History in my July 20th Editorial letter, I had decided to let discretion be the better part of valor and refrain from further comment on this issue. This tendency to impute racist motivations to anyone having the temerity to question Black orthodox thought is reminiscent of the mid-twentieth century tactic of labeling as anti-Semitic any who questioned the orthodoxy emanating from the Jewish state of Israel. Any group practicing such ad hominem responses over dispassionate discussion is generally protecting a fragile orthodoxy. With maturity, Jews eventually became more circumspect as they came to see that claiming anti-Semitism at every turn cost them their credibility. Perhaps others might benefit from their experience.

Having said all that, I find it necessary to again walk into the minefield of race to reply to Mr. Anthony L. Reid’s Guest Column of August 3rd, “The Peopling of Ancient Egypt”. My reference to Egypt as a historically non-Black civilization lead Mr. Reid to read between lines of his own fashioning to assert that non-Black must translate into a Euro-centric or “White Egypt”. This binary predisposition to view things as either “Black” or “White” tends to make invisible the majority of Earth’s people, who might cry “racism” themselves at such treatment. I was very careful in my choice of the adjective non-Black.

From the beginning Egypt was a genuine crossroads of people and their cultures, and its people were multiethnic and multiracial, coming from as far away as Southwest Asia and Nubia in the upper Nile Valley. Fragmentary evidence from as early as the Naqada Culture (c. 3500-c.3000 BCE) and more complete evidence from all dynastic works of art plainly indicate Egypt’s racial heterogeneity from Pharaoh to peasant.

From my interpretation of the available evidence, including Egypt’s stellar achievements in so many fields of endeavor, it seems talent and ability, and perhaps even the content of one’s character, mattered more than the color of one’s skin. Regardless of where they may have originated, the people of Egypt saw themselves as Egyptians first, and lived and worked accordingly. These are the lessons we can draw from Egypt and which need to be taught yearlong and worldwide but won’t be as long as agenda-driven propagandists and provocateurs on both ends of the racial spectrum have their way.

I stand by my original position of an historically non-Black Egypt, though evidently I must clarify that should not infer a White Egypt. As a prime cradle of HUMAN development, and for the reasons cited above, Egypt belongs to all people. If this makes me a “pathological racist” I can live with that.

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  1. For those of us who have studied the tapestry of ancient history – EGYPT* falls below the BABYLONIAN Empire on the sliding scale of world civilizations…

    After the Biblical Flood – the 1st world empire was set up by NIMROD* who was the one who founded BABYLON which became a GOLDEN* civilization of immeasurable wealth and beauty…

    The subject of “miscegenation”; issues of physical anthropology; genetic characteristics and even skin color is hard to define given that 4000 years of EVOLUTIONARY time has passed since the days of NOAH* and his posterity…

    To discuss anthropology at this level is above the pay-grade of most of us…

  2. Oh, so NOW it’s ok to look back again? – lol! Let’s see if I have it correct this time:

    1. Looking back on the accomplishments of Ancient Egypt, once they can be proven to be either “racially ambiguous”or definitively not black = noble, benevolent, and a prime cradle of human development. Check.

    2. Looking back on the accomplishments of Ancient Egypt, once said accomplishments can be proven to have been created by black persons or cannot conclusively be proven NOT to have been = black revisionist history, reverse racism or “frivolous and peripheral” – let’s just ignore that “prime cradle of human development” now shall we? Check.

    3. Looking back on the history of black people circa transatlantic slavery = noble and benevolent.

    4. Looking back pre-slavery* = reverse racism or frivolous and peripheral .

    5. Looking back at the beauty and magnificence of British architectural structures and military power in Barbados = noble and benevolent.

    6. Looking back at the beauty and magnificence of ancient black civilizations or accomplishments such as the Kingdom of Kush, the Art of Benin or the libraries of Timbuktu = reverse racism, frivolous and peripheral. (I of European descent could care less about the European Renaissance etc., so why should you of African descent care about any positive African achievements?)

    *Footnote: Unless, of course, we are looking back at the negatives that have been taught to us ad nauseum, such as how some African groups sold others into slavery, etc. and therefore should hold themselves responsible for their own enslavement. Then of course it becomes “correcting popular beliefs”, as opposed to white revisionist history.

  3. To David:
    I hope I shall be allowed to present some kind of absurdity like the above piece, and I hope that it too shall be posted. In propaganda, there is something called the narrative, republicans in the U.S. like to call it “talking points”. The theory is that if you control the narrative, you control the thoughts, attitudes and approaches of a particular group. Caribbean people and people of colour got their narrative from european education. In it we were taught that europe came up by their boot laces. Even the bible in the book of Daniel saw a transference of power by conquest. That is how the european gained the upper hand, by raping the existing power, EGYPT which is still in AFRICA!! This submission is a continuation of the european narrative. Remember what happened when Eric William proffered his thesis about the end of slavery, a european author came with a counter argument and the uwi was so poor the students had too take to the european counter into consideration, although williams was correct.

  4. @lemuel

    Feel free to poke holes in the submission. Also remember there is a difference if someone submits a piece knowing it to be propaganda and another who may believe their submission to be true.

  5. To David:
    When one sees the classic case of the kind of miseducated people who have been churned out the great uwi, it gives me at least a great laugh For that institution limits people involvement in medicine, law and any other important course of knowledge. I am very sure this is a uwi graduate.

  6. To Terence Blackett:
    My foundation is the very uwi that i am cussing. I can cuss it having been there and seeing some of its futility.

  7. The article talks about Egypt being multi-ethnic and multi-racial as well as Egyptians seeing themselves as Egyptians first and foremost. This has long been the case. Egyptians may look to the Middle East nowadays but it is still a part of Africa. In ancient times, Pharoahs were known to wear sandals depicting their enemies – Nubians and ‘Asiatics’ on the soles – in other words they symbolically crushed these two enemies. However, Egyptians are a mix of these very same peoples. So why should the Black part of that history be discarded or air-brushed away?

    The article then goes on to state that it is a non-Black civilization. It may not be a wholly Black civilisation but it wouldn’t be what it is without the Black element. It is a country built on the interchange of ideas from these different communities.

    e.g. The Pharoah Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye – two of Tutankhamun’s grand-parents would be considered Black today. Their son, Akhenaten believed in monotheism. Did the society they lived in get nothing from Black people (art, beliefs etc.) but just happened to have lots of Black people in it? The face of the Great Sphinx – when seen in real life – looks like that of a Black person. The people to the North (e.g. Cairo) appear more Middle Eastern and those to the South (e.g. Luxor, Aswan) more Black. Do the temples in the South have nothing to do with the people living there? Do the statues etc. moved to the Cairo museum have nothing to do with the people in the South?

  8. What can be made of this comment submitted on another blog?

    Submitted on 2011/08/12 at 6:44 PM
    Anything that u can say about india can be said fivefold about africa. 3 of the top 5 and 5 of the top ten countries with the highest murder rate, BLACK. Before Burnham(a black idiot messed up guyana ) Bajans were coming to guyana to send remittances back home. Maybe if u were in africa u could enjoy some of that female circumcision islandgal.London riots blacks acting the fool. We don’t gotta believe me though, for all u black people that have a knee jerk emotional reaction, just youtube black people acting the fool, the evidence is there made by black people, uploaded by black people. Black people have less of a sense of shame that other races and they tend to be so sensitive, which is a feat in itself. LASTLY Black people are always the most impoverished race in whatever society they live in . Especially in North America, any other race will come and excel while black people linger at the bottom. If anything with hip hop they have somehow managed to drag all the races down with them. After white people there are more Indian billionaires than any other race in the world. After america India has the most billionaires in the world. In 40 years we will lead in both of those categories. If you blacks want I can post thousands of links of blacks acting stupid in public. Like Jay-Z says men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. yeah yeah I know I’m quoting Jay-z, don’t get u panties in a bunch. Nothing can be all bad.

  9. What can be made of the comment? Just another ignorant racist – that is what I make of it. Is there one ‘Black’ culture spanning the world? Of course not. Obviously the writer is only seeing and hearing what they want.

    Not every ‘Black’ country is a mess. Why do so many people want to go to Barbados for example? Not every African country is a mess – e.g. Botswana and Zambia. No country 40 years from now will be the same as at present. There is more investment occurring in Africa – e.g. Angola

    Consider how Black people ended up in the Americas. No other race of people have been treated so badly for so long – hundreds of years. The effects of that are not going to disappear in a generation or two.

    You’ll find that some Black communities do better than others. e.g. in Europe some African communities do very well in terms of jobs and education. Generally women do better than men. Can the Black diaspora do better? Of course.

    Regarding the England riots – there is copious film (and pictures of those convicted) showing that a lot of the people that took part in the rioting and looting were not Black.

    As for the rants about ‘shame’ – well too much ‘shame’ can lead to people being murdered because of others disapproval or high suicide rates due to the pressure to conform to the ‘community’ standards.

    Female circumcision happens in certain African communities and parts of the Middle East. This does not mean that is is not carried out by most Africans or most Middle Easterners.

    As for the number of billionaires – who cares – what is it like for the average person?

    We can all make ugly insulting comments about other races – but it’s better not to do so.

  10. “This does not mean that is is not carried out by most Africans or most Middle Easterners.”

    should read

    “This does not mean that it is carried out by most Africans or most Middle Easterners.”

  11. From what I have gathered from the author’s previous post and this one, he is saying that Egypt was ruled by many including Blacks at one time or another. That Egypt was the crossroad where the brightest and talented were welcomed to settle because of what they can contribute to the country. So it wasn’t just blacks who contributed to the country. He also stated instead of just focusing on Egypt for Black History month, why not focus on the the other West African States that many of our ancestors came from. Technically we did not come from Egypt and that is what many of you who are hell bent on castigating the writer have missed. We came from Africa!

    @Lemuel and Nia …..you are soo arrogant and combative that you will never see the trees in the forest.

  12. @lemuel

    For a person who professes to be a by-product of the UWI I am ashamed that you would in so sweeping a fashion knock the institution and those eminent persons who have successfully had impacts on societies all across the globe.
    May I just say to you, the Dr. Eric Williams like all of us who proceed to higher levels of study have a starting and ending point when it comes to adding to the the literatures and knowledge in various fields. In academia there are arguments and counter-arguments; there are facts which are projected in one way but when seen from a different perspective, those facts no longer stand the test of time. It is discourteous of you to impute ‘correctness’ to Dr. Williams and for to suggest that a counter-argument has no merit. What is the truth? Isn’t that what mankind has been striving for since the beginning? Do you or do you think only one group of persons have all of the facts and only truths? In a thesis as insightful and perhaps as lengthy do you believe it is 100 % accurate especially given that archives and historical records would have merited some interpretation? Shame, perhaps you need to return to UWI.

  13. “that you will never see the trees in the forest.”

    @ Lemuel and Nia …….Correction …you will never see the forest because of the trees!

  14. What the author is saying, is that although in every other continent of the world credit is given to those who are the majority there for its history and accomplishment, the same rule does not apply to the continent of Africa. In his deceitful speculation on the origins of Ejyptian Civilization, without any evidence to contradict a trend across history and the world, he opines that what obtained on other continents could not obtain on the African Continent. And this represent salient evidence of his inherent prejudice.

    The Cushite civilization of ancient Egypt was already thousands of years old when nomadic sheperds migrated into that part of the world. Pyramids had already been constructed, and sciences were part of the educational system that came down from pre-Egyptian Civilizations in Ethiopia. In fact Egypt’s very beginings can be attributed to the migration down the nile from Ethiopia of developemental trends that provided a jump start to its civilization. The very idea that black history is not the created myths and notions formulated by whites and their genetic Aryan kinfolk to rationalize their self serving and ego mastubatory psyches is traumatic to these two groups. One uses religion to impose social stratification of the sub-continent based on who was born from which part of the God’s Body, while the other presents religion as the history of white people. That the symbiosis between the two predispositions is so poignant should tell us all we need to know about these two groups, or more accurately, one group seperated by continental differences, but united by a shared prejudice.

  15. George B:
    I thought Caswell had disposed of you, When you see contibutions and have nothing to add, please just read and enjoy, What is clear is that you do not what I am talking about and like the other miseducated ones in this society you had to put your foot in your mouth. Like the gay and lesbian you are a boil on the stampede of human progress.

  16. Islandgal, you accuse me of being arrogant yet, you fail to call out the arrogance of the guest blogger?

    In his post before this one, the blogger said that agriculture began in the Fertile Crescent and that trying to locate it in the Nile Valley is black racism and revisionist.
    I politely mentioned to him about the latest mainstream discoveries from Europe and the US, such as the Isna discoveries – which show that agriculture possibly began in the Nile Valley rather than the Fertile Crescent. Rather than discuss this and engage in meaningful debate, he completely chose to ignore the contribution.
    Is that not arrogant on his part?

    I asked him if he could name any of these black historians and/or Egyptologists who are writing and lecturing that “black people invented everything” or are responsible for all the accomplishments of ancient Egypt, as he claims they are doing. Again he completely ignored the question.
    Is that not arrogant on his part?

    Do you not notice how the blogger consistently chooses to ignore anyone who presents reasonable challenges that black people made contributions to ancient Egypt, and instead deliberately chooses to only focus on those who use dubious facts and / or racist and hate-filled language against him? By doing so, he can then claim that any black person who claims that blacks made contributions to ancient Egypt are undeniably racist. If a black person engaged in this same tactic they would be immediately accused of pulling the race card.

    Don’t you think that this is an extremely arrogant, disingenuous and ill-faith tactic on his part? Especially as he claims to be writing these posts as an attempt to have a corrective, healing and meaningful debate on race?

  17. Please show me Islandgal, as you and the blogger are claiming, the black people who are saying that black people are responsible for all the accomplishments of ancient Egypt or that all the ancient Egyptians were black, or that black history is only about ancient Egypt? I know of no reasonable or knowledgeable black people who claim this.

    The blogger consistently attempts to lecture to black people about what their history is, or should be. Is that not arrogant on his part?

    Don’t you think it is arrogant of him, and you, to assume that black people are so ignorant as to not know what their own history is?

    I pointed out several times in earlier comments both on this post and another one, that African history and black history can run the gamut and include the contributions made by black people in ancient Egypt, to the Kingdoms of Kush in the Sudan, to medieval West African civilizations in Mali, Timbuctu, Ghana and beyond, to transatlantic slavery and emancipation, to the 1937 uprisings, to the US civil rights era and beyond.

    I know of no black people who go around claiming that ancient Egypt is the totality of black history. Yet this is what he, and now you, are claiming black people are doing?

    Where are you getting your information from?

  18. lemuel | August 11, 2011 at 3:01 PM |
    you left uwi a long time ago. his book Capitalism and Slavery of which i’m sure ur referring, is as a bible for us History students. it is the most important book, a must read as long a u study history. his other book From Columbus To Castro is another one. so re-visit the university first before u make such erroneous statements

  19. anon | August 14, 2011 at 8:35 PM |
    “Nia,why bother with Islandgal? She never adds anything constructive to any topic…”

    And do you? You asinine piece of shoite!

  20. To Me:
    Why don’t you read carefully before making your comments. The point you did get is that eric williams had his thesis about why slavery ended, the white europeans then brought a scholar to maintain the pitying the slave thesis for ending slavery. I hope you are better than george brathwaite, even if cave hill has attempted to addle your brain. I am not a history student but I have read those works to which you refer.

  21. @lemuel et al…

    You are painful…

    You set up straw men which you say we simple people have to answer to…

    Importantly, we simple people know how to see and call out your bovine excrement…

    …and say, truthfully, that you’re talking bull shit….

  22. Dear halsall:
    You seem distraught. All I have been defending here is the fact that people buy into a narrative, which is design to control and rearrange attitude to be favorable to the perpetrators of that same narrative. If you normally listen or view fox news the entire thing is based on a republican narrative. Listen to george Brathwaite here with his BLP narartive and let me not forget the the DLPites who continue to do the same.

  23. Dear lemuel: “Dear halsall: You seem distraught.

    Far from.

    I am calmer than the ocean far from any shore.

    @lemuel: “If you normally listen or view fox news the entire thing is based on a republican narrative.

    This may surprise you, but I never listen to what “fox news” says.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but is not “Fox News” owned by News Corp, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch?


  24. To Halsall:
    I was not saying that you listen to fox news; I was using it s an example of how the narrative techinique is utilized. Yes, Murdoch owns enterprise owns fox news and several fox affiliates in the us.

  25. “Nia,why bother with Islandgal? She never adds anything constructive to any topic…”

    And do you? You asinine piece of shoite!

  26. ” From the beginning Egypt was a genuine crossroads of people and their cultures, and its people were multiethnic and multiracial,” – Charles Knighton.

    Mr Charles Knighton is a liar and a racist.

    Recent studies find the ancient Egyptians had a tropical body plan like sub-Saharan ‘black’ Africans and were not cold-adapted like European type populations. Tropical body plans also indicate darker-skin.
    “The raw values in Table 6 suggest that Egyptians had the “super-Negroid” body plan described by Robins (1983)..
    “Many of those who have studied ancient Egyptians have commented on their characteristically ”tropical” or ”African” body plan ..”(Warren, 1897; Masali, 1972; Robins, 1983; Robins and Shute, 1983, 1984, 1986; Zakrzewski, 2003). ”
    Limb proportion studies show: Ancient Egyptian limb data clusters with tropical types like American black and Melanesians and African Pygmies.

    “Recent work on skeletons and DNA suggests that the people who settled in the Nile valley, like all of humankind, came from somewhere south of the Sahara; they were not (as some nineteenth-century scholars had supposed) invaders from the North. See Bruce G. Trigger, “The Rise of Civilization in Egypt,” Cambridge History of Africa (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1982), vol I, pp 489-90; S. O. Y. Keita, “Studies and Comments on Ancient Egyptian Biological Relationships,” History in Africa 20 (1993) 129-54.

    2009 study finds the Nubians were ethnically the closest population to the ancient Egyptians not Europeans or Middle Easterners, confirming Egyptologist Frank Yurco’s data from the 1980s and 1990s.

    German Institute for Archaeology -excavation of the tombs of the nobles in Thebes-West, Upper Egypt. In several of the noble specimens:
    “The basal epithelial cells were packed with melanin as expected for specimens of Negroid origin.”
    “In 1997, the German Institute for Archaeology headed an excavation of the tombs of the nobles in Thebes-West, Upper Egypt. At this time, three types of tissues were sampled from different mummies: meniscus (fibrocartilage), skin, and placenta. Archaeological findings suggest that the mummies dated from the New Kingdom (approximately 1550/1080 BC)… Skin sections showed particularly good tissue preservation, although cellular outlines were never distinct. Although much of the epidermis had already separated from the dermis, the remaining epidermis often was preserved well (Fig. 1). The basal epithelial cells were packed with melanin as expected for specimens of Negroid origin.”
    — A-M Mekota1, M Vermehren. (2005).

    In his book Egypt, British scholar Sir E.A. Wallis Budge says: “The prehistoric native of Egypt, both in the old and in the new Stone Ages, was African and there is every reason for saying that the earliest settlers came from the South.” He further states: “There are many things in the manners and customs and religions of the historic Egyptians that suggests that the original home of their prehistoric ancestors was in a country in the neighborhood of Uganda and Punt.” (Most historians believe that the biblical land of Punt was in the area known on modern maps as Somalia).

  27. “From the b eginning Egypt was a genuine crossroads of people and their cultures, and its people were multiethnic and multiracial” – this a qoute from the pathological liar ,Charles Knighton.

    Let us see what the expert say on the ancient Egyptians:

    “Overall, when the Egyptian crania are evaluated in a Near Eastern (Lachish) versus African (Kerma, Jebel Moya, Ashanti) context) the affinity is with the Africans. The Sudan and Palestine are the most appropriate comparative regions which would have ‘donated’ people, along with the Sahara and Maghreb. Archaeology validates looking to these regions for population flow (see Hassan 1988)… Egyptian groups showed less overall affinity to Palestinian and Byzantine remains than to other African series, especially Sudanese.”
    S. O. Y. Keita, “Studies and Comments on Ancient Egyptian Biological Relationships,” History in Africa 20 (1993) 129-54.

    “The people of Nubia are an indigenous African population, whose physical characteristics are part of a continuum of physical variation in the Nile Valley. This population has occupied the middle portion of the Nile Valley throughout recorded history and probably for much longer. There is no evidence to suggest that it is as a result of a mixing of different racial stocks.” (Bruce Trigger, ‘Nubian, Negro, Black, Nilotic?’, in Sylvia Hochfield and Elizabeth Riefstahl (eds), Africa in Antiquity: the arts of Nubia and the Sudan, Vol. 1 (New York, Brooklyn Museum, 1978).

    “The period when sub-Saharan Africa was most influential in Egypt was a time when neither Egypt, as we understand it culturally, nor the Sahara, as we understand it geographically, existed. Populations and cultures now found south of the desert roamed far to the north. The culture of Upper Egypt, which became dynastic Egyptian civilization, could fairly be called a Sudanese transplant.”(Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa: Their Interaction. Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa, by Joseph O. Vogel, AltaMira Press, Walnut Creek, California (1997), pp. 465-472 )[119].

    “Ancient Egyptian civilization was, in ways and to an extent usually not recognized, fundamentally African. The evidence of both language and culture reveals these African roots. The origins of Egyptian ethnicity lay in the areas south of Egypt.” (Christopher Ehret (1996) “Ancient Egyptian as an African Language, Egypt as an African Culture.” In Egypt in Africa Egypt in Africa, Theodore Celenko (ed), Indiana University Press)

  28. “An earlier generation of anthropologists tried to explain face form in the Horn of Africa as the result of admixture from hypothetical “wandering Caucasoids,” (Adams, 1967, 1979; MacGaffey, 1966; Seligman, 1913, 1915, 1934), but that explanation founders on the paradox of why that supposedly potent “Caucasoid” people contributed a dominant quantity of genes for nose and face form but none for skin color or limb proportions. It makes far better sense to regard the adaptively significant features seen in the Horn of Africa as solely an in situ response on the part of separate adaptive traits to the selective forces present in the hot dry tropics of eastern Africa. From the observation that 12,000 years was not a long enough period of time to produce any noticeable variation in pigment by latitude in the New World and that 50,000 years has been barely long enough to produce the beginnings of a gradation in Australia (Brace, 1993a), one would have to argue that the inhabitants of the Upper Nile and the East Horn of Africa have been equatorial for many tens of thousands of years.”
    (– C.L. Brace, 1993. Clines and clusters..”).

    Europeans, supposedly the defining Caucasians, are simply a hybrid population according to some conservative geneticists, and are not a primary race at all.

    “.. it appears that Europeans are about two-thirds Asians and one-third African.”
    (–Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (2000). Genes, peoples and languages. FARRAR STRAUS AND GIROUX Publishers)

    “Nuclear DNA studies also contribute to the deconstruction of received racial entities. Ann Bowcock and her colleague’s interpretation (Bowcock et al. 1991; Bowcock et al. 1994) of analyses of restriction-site polymorphisms and microsatellite polymorphisms (STRPs) suggests that Europeans, the defining Caucasians, are descendants of a population that arose as a consequence of admixture between already differentiated populations ancestral to (some) Africans and Asians. Therefore, Caucasians would be a secondary type or race due to its hybrid origin and not a primary race”. This compromises the racial schema and also invalidates the metaphysical underpinnings of the persisting race construct, which implies deep and fundamental differences between its units. In this case if the interpretation of Bowcock and her colleagues (1991) is correct then one of the units is not fundamental because its genesis is qualitatively different from the other units and even connects them.”
    — S.O.Y. Keita and Rick Kittles. (1997) The Persistence of Racial Thinking and the Myth of Racial Divergence, American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 99, No. 3 (Sep., 1997), pp. 534-544

  29. Try telling the unemployed youths on the block…most of who completed a secondary educations and want to work…….talent, ability, content of character ..??? matters more than skin color..where is the proof for them ?

  30. @ Charles Knighton.
    Pathological racist like Mr Charles Knighton are trying to erase / cover -up the contributions / achievements of African /Black people.

  31. ” I stand by my original position of an historically non-Black Egypt ..”- quote from ( pathalogical racist ) Charles Knighton.

    Massive statue of Pharaoh Taharqa discovered deep in Sudan
    -written by Owen Jarus , The Independent News, 8/1 / 2010.

    ” A massive, one ton, statue of Taharqa that was found deep in the Sudan. Taharqa was a pharaoh of the 25th dynasty of Egypt and came to power ca. 690 BC, controlling an empire stretching from Sudan to the Levant .”
    The Levant is the former name for the geographical area of the eastern Mediterranean that is now occupied by Lebanon, Syria, and Israel).

    Monumental Statue Of Black Egyptian Pharaoh Found [ Taharqa of 25th Dynasty ]
    Digital Journal ^ | Saturday, January 2, 2010 | Christopher Szabo.

    ” Archaeologists have discovered a monumental statue of an ancient black Egyptian pharaoh of the Nubian 25th Dynasty in Dangeil, Sudan, about 350 kilometres northeast of the capital, Khartoum. The granite statue of the warrior pharaoh Taharqa weighs one ton, according to its discoverer, Dr Caroline Rocheleau of the North Carolina Museum of Art… The statues of two other Nubian pharaohs were also discovered… Taharqa was ruler of both Egypt and Nubia (Kush) during the 25th Dynasty, which was based in Nubia, which had a long history of pyramid building, apparently independent of Egypt. His reign is dated from 690 BC to 664 BC. The pharaoh is mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Kings under the name “Tirhakah.”([e.g. 2 Kings 19:9).

    2 Kings 19:9
    New International Version (NIV):
    Now Sennacherib received a report that Tirhakah, the king of Cush, was marching out to fight against him.

    “Kush” refers to areas south of Egypt, including Nubia… .”

    A granite sphinx of Pharoah Taharqa resides in the British Museum . The statue was excavated at Temple T, in the area east of the south-eastern part of the Temple of Amun at Kawa (now Gematon), in Nubia (now Sudan), during excavations there by the Archaeological Mission of the University of Oxford during the 1930s. – wikipedia.


    The Ancestral home of the original Egyptians was recorded on a temple wall in Egypt. It stated, “WE COME FROM THE SOUTH AT THE FOOTHILL OF THE MOUNTAIN OF THE MOON WHERE THE GOD HOPI DWELLS”.

    Hopi was the God of the Nile river.

    The term Mountains of the Moon or Montes Lunae referred to a mountain range in central Africa that is the source of the White Nile.
    Most scholars loacate the Mountain of the Moon at
    Mt. Rwenzori (border of Uganda and D.R.Congo).
    The other posobilities are
    Mt, Kilimanjaro ( Tanzania) or
    Simien Mountains (Ethiopia).

    “Mountains of the Moon” Glaciers Melting in Africa
    Dan Morrison
    for National Geographic News
    March 25, 2008

    The Mountains of the Moon are melting.

    ” The iconic glaciers of the Ruwenzori Mountains, which cast a thick and icy mist more than 16,000 feet (4,900 meters) above the Equator in central Africa, have shrunk by 50 percent over the past 50 years, says the conservation group WWF.”

  33. ” I stand by my original position of an historically non-Black Egypt ..”- quote from ( pathalogical racist ) Charles Knighton.

    In “Book of the Coming Forth by Day and Night” , the Egyptians clearly state: “We came from the beginning of the Nile where the God Hapi dwells, at the foothills of the Mountain of the Moon. (Kilimanjaro- between Kenya and Tanzania, or Rwenzori in Uganda).

  34. The Black Mummy of Libya
    from , OriginalPeople.org.

    ” The Egyptian mummies were once thought to be the oldest preserved mummies in the world – until the Black Mummy was found in Libya, a mummy so well preserved, it amazed scientists and archaelogists.

    Uan Muhuggiag is a place in central libyan Sahara, and the name of the mummy of a small boy found there in 1958 by Professor Fabrizio Mori. The mummy displays a highly sophisticated mummification technique, and at around 5,500 years old is older than any comparable Ancient Egyptian .”


    by Prof. Manu Ampim

    The widespread damage to the temple images has allowed Egyptologists to argue from such sources as the temple evidence that ancient Egypt was a multi-racial society and therefore belongs to the world’s heritage and not necessarily to African history. There are probably about a million tourists each year who visit Egypt and Nubia, and they get a totally false view of the identity of the builders of these great civilizations, largely because the evidence of the builders’ Black origin is disappearing. This vanishing evidence has enabled dishonest Egyptologists and tour guides to misrepresent the identity of the founders and builders of ancient Egypt by selectively pointing out the “non-African” images on the walls. Actually, the images which appear to look “non-African” have undergone a racial make-over and look nothing like they did originally. These images have been crudely recarved by European and Arab conspirators who work hard to eliminate all traces of African facial features. Only through exhaustive first-hand research can one demonstrate from the surviving on-site temple evidence that ancient Egypt was a Black civilization.

    The altering of Black (African) facial features and the lightening of the skin colors of painted reliefs inside the tombs are central aspects of the conspiracy to destroy the memory of classical African civilizations. The two main conspirator groups carrying out these acts are European and American research teams, and local government workers.

  36. DNA Tribes® Digest January 1, 2012 reveals the DNA results of King Tutankhamen and his family ( Amarna Pharaohs):

    Table 1 indicate the STR profiles of the Amarna mummies would be
    most frequent in present day populations of several African regions: including the Southern African
    (average MLI 326.94), African Great Lakes (average MLI 323.76), and Tropical West African (average
    MLI 83.74) regions.

    DNA results for King Ramses III of the 20th Dynasty :

    Quote :
    These results indicate that both Ramesses III and Unknown Man E (possibly his son Pentawer)
    shared an ancestral component with present day populations of Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Quote :
    A previous issue of DNA Tribes Digest identified African related ancestry for King Tut and
    other royal mummies from the Amarna Period.
    In this issue, results indicate that the later pharaoh
    Ramesses III also inherited alleles that are most frequent in present day populations of Sub-Saharan Africa.
    This provides additional, independent evidence of Sub-Saharan African ancestry (possibly among
    several ancestral components) for pharaonic families of ancient Egypt.

    Quote :
    Specifically, both of these ancient individuals inherited the alleles D21S11=35 and CSFIPO=7, which are found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa but are comparatively rare or absent in other regions of the world .

    Do West Africans Have Any Connections to Ancient Egypt?

    Based on eight autosomal markers(Thuya , Yuya, KV35EL, Amenhotep III , KV55, KV35YL), King Tut and Family is now determined to be ninety-nine percent of African Ancestry . This DNA research uncovered that Tut and his family had a few scant markers from other parts of the world, such as the levant and mediterranean. This indicates that Tut and his family had less that a 1% DNA from any other genetic group outside of Sub-Saharan Africa .The majority of the DNA clusters from the Amarna mummies firmly prove that King Tut and Family contain a contribution of 99% genetic material from Tropical West Africa, Southern Africa, and The Great Lakes region of Southern Africa.

  38. https://www.facebook.com/photo.phpd

    For the past couple of years, the theory that KING TUT was of “Western European” ancestry has been circulating throughout various academia. This is a absolute LIE and now i have IRREFUTABLE genetic proof that King Tut and his relatives were SUB-SAHARAN AFRICANS, “BLACK”!!!!! Since the FRAUDULENT theory was introduced this theory has been embraced by THOUSANDS of people worldwide, and has even been suggested by the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. However recently released genetic study by the company “DNA TRIBES” sharply REFUTES the “Western European” theory and proves without the shadow of a doubt that Amarna and all it’s glory was produced by the BLACK AFRICAN RACE.


    Based on eight AUTOSOMAL MARKERS (THUYA, YUYA, KV35EL, AMENHOTEP III, KV55, KV35YL), King Tut and Family is now determined to be ninety-nine percent of AFRICAN ANCESTRY. This DNA research uncovered that Tut and his family had a few scant markers from other parts of the world, such as the levant and mediterranean. This indicates that Tuh and his family had less that a 1% DNA from any other genetic group outside of SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA.

    The MAJORITY of the DNA CLUSTERS from the AMARNA MUMMIES firmly prove that King Tut and Family contain a contribution of 99% genetic material from Tropical West Africa, Southern Africa, and The Great Lakes region of Southern Africa. The DNA results squarely peg King Tut as a “BLACK” african. The implications that this has for our understanding of ANCIENT KEMET are huge. Further more, these studies vindicate the writings of the Ancient Greeks, which state that the Ancient Egyptians were BLACK AFRICANS. they also vindicate the Ancient Egyptian creation Myths.

    The Ancient Egyptians stated CIVILIZATION was synonymous with the NILE River. The Egyptians stated that they ORIGINATED in the same place as the Nile, which is the GREAT LAKES REGION OF AFRICA, which perfectly matches with one of the dominate matches of Tut’s DNA.

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