Zimbabwe: Spirited Back To Colonial Slavery

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Gaddafi meeting Obama

Africa has haplessly watched the insanity of NATO in Libya, the AU has passively watched French and English military jets being used as the air force for the rag tag rebels in Libya, and today Africa listens attentively as Westerners say they want to bring humanitarian aid to Libya, a country that owes no debt to anyone, a country whose US$70 billion has been illegally confiscated by Western powers, indeed a country that has been the AU’s major funder for years.

This writer broke in tears listening to a rebel in Libya saying “we built this entire infrastructure with Gaddafi, and we will build it again. We are capable of building our country.” He had been asked by a journalist why he was wantonly shooting at buildings and smashing windows. To me this was a sad sight of a young African being spirited back to colonial domination, being used by Western powers to destroy what took forty years for Libya to build, and totally lacking consciousness over the meaning of national independence.

We have a sad reality where the destructive acts of Libyan rebels are celebrated as freedom fighting; while we are told to ignore the threat the continent is facing by allowing Western war planes to rampage our cities at will. I feel so powerless to stop it, yet so powerful to fight it all. This is a time when one feels like doing anything possible to hit back, anything thinkable or imaginable. This aggression by Westerners can be for long but it won’t be forever. The current African Union is a bunch of cowardly bucolic boofheads totally mesmerised by Western donor funding. They look pretty scared as they seem all determined to avoid angering the Westerners. What an unthinking lot of hopeless traitors!

It is just as good that they are no longer called the Organisation of African Unity, that fiery club founded by strong characters like Kwameh Nkurumah, Haille Sellassie, Muammar Gaddafi, Milton Obote, Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, and Abdel Nasser, later to be graced by such revolutionaries like Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, President Mugabe, Eduardo dos Santos, Sam Nujoma, Nelson Mandela and such other heroes.

Who among the bunch of the new leaders we have today could untie the shoes of Nasser, Nkurumah or Julius Nyerere? The OAU would never stand aside and look while little bullies like Sarkozy and Cameron have a field day bombing the cities of a fellow African state; after inviting themselves.

Now it is time to write on behalf of the great, disinherited people of Africa, a continent so disparagingly named the “Third World”. It is time to speak with the language of clarity, frankness and facts. This writer wishes to explain the reasons for our revolt to what is happening in Libya today and what is likely to happen in the aftermath, even though it may be hard to succeed in convincing those who today stand by Westerners as our continent is being bombarded and destroyed by lethal fire power.

The term “third world” was invented after the fall of colonial empires in order to better perpetuate foreign control of our intellectual, cultural, economic and political life. We stand today counted as a poor people incapable of deposing our own tyrants and dictators, indeed incapable of defining our own path to democratic governance. We are being coerced to give credence to this gigantic fraud of history and accepting the status of the “hinterland of the satiated West.

“We are expected to cheer Westerners as they ruthlessly burn down Libya. Africa must never lose the awareness of the tricontinental whole that was the basis of the Non- Aligned Movement. There is a special solidarity that unites the three continents of Asia, Latin America and Africa in the indisputable struggle against the same political gangsters and economic exploiters that history has ever known.

“As Jose Marti once said, the life of formerly colonised peoples affirms “that our cheek feels the blow struck against any man, anywhere in the world.” Every African worth the dignity of our independence must feel the blow struck against Libya today, the blow from the insane Europeans with the backing of their North American cousins. From the days of slavery to the era of colonialism Africa has been turning the other cheek. But the blows were redoubled. The evil heart of the Westerner did not soften. Today the blows have been modified as “high precision bombing” and the heart of the Westerner has become all the more ruthlessly evil destroying in minutes what took decades to build in Libya.

The truth of the weak has been trembled under foot and the lies of the strong are prevailing. When the same Westerners came to enslave our ancestors and to colonise us in the 19th century the word of Christ was betrayed and his cross was transformed into a bludgeon. They put on his robe and they rent our souls and bodies asunder. They obscured and westernised his message. But we understand Christ’s message as one of universal liberation and justice.

It is time for Africa to rise to true consciousness and open our eyes to imperialism and its machinations. We must stand up to the West and tell them there will be no more blows. In Zimbabwe we stood up in 2000 and we said there would be no more blows over our farm lands. We fought back and asserted ourselves. Now we are saying next are our mines and industries and we will stop the blows from Western multinational corporations in these sectors. That is not negotiable.

But shall we be reminded that after Muammar Gaddafi took over power from King Idriss in 1969 he also stopped the blows of the Westerner in Libya, emulating what Abdel Nasser was doing in neighbouring Egypt? Gaddafi transformed Libya from the second poorest country on earth to arguably the richest in Africa, constructing the 400km Great Man Made River (GMMR), making the Libyan Desert green, providing free housing for all Libyans, free education, free health, interest free loans and the cheapest cars and fuel on earth. Libya has no debt and is not a member of the IMF and other global lending institutions.

All that is going to change now, as Libya will be adopted into “the family of nations,” the euphemism for the West’s client states. We all thought the blows were no more for Libya. Then came Ronald Reagan bombing what Libyans were building, and we saw Gaddafi triumph over that aggression in 1986.

Today, 25 years later we see what it means to stop the blows of imperialism. What Gaddafi built in four decades the triumvirate gang of Sarkozy, Obama and Cameron destroyed in a matter of hours of mindless bombing, with the whole world watching in silence, and we are even being coerced to celebrate the insanity.

So we are being reminded as Zimbabweans that repossessing our resources does not necessarily mean that we have halted the blows from the West. And the warning is not empty at all, especially with some Benghazi minded people within our midst.

We are dealing with a generation of whites that feels it is betraying the legacy of white supremacy by letting weaker countries practice independent nationalism. Now they want to spirit us back to colonial slavery by leveraging on the blissful ignorance of the young African and the gullibility of the current political leadership in Africa – a whole bunch largely composed of puppet politicians and cowards that do not seem to know how to run countries without Western aid.

We must state categorically that there is no salvation for African people unless we turn our backs on all the aid and economic models that charlatans of all types have tried to sell us in the last twenty years. Since 1989, the West has been selling African leaders deadly economic models designed to create perpetual dependency in the name of liberalism and the doctrine of a global free market.

There is essentially no salvation for us outside the rejection of these models. There is no development for Africa separate from a rupture as was the kind seen with Zimbabwe’s land reform program, the kind of rapture advocated for by South Africa’s ANC Youth League. Revolutions are not negotiated. They are radically carried out. Jacob Zuma can only silence the revolutionary voice of Julius Malema on behalf of Western interests, and that is a thoroughly dangerous path to take.

We are aware of the intellectual giants emerging to preserve and perpetuate Western capitalist hegemony in the name of freedoms and liberties, mostly preached under the umbrella theme of democracy. These are people awakened by the dizzying rise of millions of people in rags, aghast at the threat of these hunger driven multitudes determined to end their agony at the expense of wealthy imperialists, the way the landless peasants of Zimbabwe ended their deprivation by ousting those colonial settlers who occupied their land, indeed the way the masses of South Africa are going to rise against the occupiers of their farm lands not so long from now.

We are facing a cowardly club of imperialists who do not want to face us as the masses of Africa. Rather they anxiously search for miracle concepts and new forms of models for our countries, preaching democracy today, and freedom tomorrow, human rights the next day, civic rights the other day all the time brainwashing young African minds with vainglorious rhetoric. A reading of the numerous publications of innumerable forums and seminars on democracy and human rights is ample illustration of this.

Far be it from this writer to ridicule the patient efforts of honest intellectuals who, because they have eyes to see, are discovering each day the terrible intentions of Western imperialists, who each passing day impose on us ruinous instructions and directives that often come in the name of development.

We are in real danger of being spirited back to a world of slavery dressed up in today’s fashions of liberty and freedoms. Why would any sane African accept American weapons, regardless of the war to be fought, given the devilish record of the United States in international affairs?

But today the US can forcibly take Libya’s US$70 billion, only to parcel it back to the country by giving it in bits and pieces to rebels who use it to purchase machine guns, bombs and tankers from the US military industry only to use these weapons to destroy what Libya built over four decades of toiling and legendary commitment. It is a script so difficult to fathom, so sad to confront, and so deplorable, and purely evil in intent and practice.

It is heart breaking to see Libyan rebels begging Westerners to release US$2,5 billion of their own money, so they can use it to buy weapons to destroy Tripoli and other Libyan cities in the name of fighting for democracy and freedom. We have every reason to be afraid as Africans. We have an educated middle class that is not prepared to part ways with the privileges brought to it by the few benefits of imperialism. The unwillingness to give up these privileges is a result of both intellectual laziness and the fact that these people have tasted the Western way of life – albeit at a consumerist level.

Now Africa’s parliaments are filled with lazy bones carried in bodies of empty headed people who are not at all aware that all genuine political struggle requires rigorous, theoretical debate, and they refuse to rise to the intellectual effort of conceiving new concepts equal to the murderous struggle that lies ahead of us  a struggle whose beginning is the aggression we have seen carried out on

Libya, a struggle surely unavoidable in the future given the foothold the West has been allowed in Africa already. The AU is now composed of passive and pathetic consumer leaders who wallow in terminology fetishised by the West, just as they wallow in the joy of visiting Western luxurious places, or in Western whiskey and champagne consumed in obscene looking lounges. We need a patriotic and proud youth who will put this country and this continent ahead of any other perceived privileges. Tears will never dry.

Zimbabwe we are one and together we will overcome. It is homeland or death.


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0 thoughts on “Zimbabwe: Spirited Back To Colonial Slavery

  1. When the dust is settled in Libya, and the Libyans are back on their feet, they will close ranks with their kith and kin Arab neighbours against the said France and Great Britain . Those same guns, training and military advice passed on to the rebels will be used against these western powers, as we have seen happened in the past in Malaya , Malaysia and many others.

  2. Nice article.
    One wonders though, why would David of BU choose to post an article, that would resonate more with oppressed people, than with the middle class Bajans who frequent his blog, pontificating on esoteric issues.

    Could he be alarmed about the rapid enslavement of Barbadian youth and young adults, our future leaders, by these same Colonisers peddling their new trinkets and materialistic values?

  3. Alien | September 6, 2011 at 7:40 PM |

    These African leaders need the backbone of our CARICOM leaders.


    Seriously padre… shut tah f#ck up …! What Caricaom leaders you talkin’ ’bout …?

  4. This blog’s support for Gadaffi, a despotic tyrant who enslaved his people (slavery being a subject which we know something about) marks my end of having anything to do with BU, whose morals are obviously in the gutter.

  5. AH VERY BEAUTIFUL PIECE ,i know that u would not see that much comments on this but it is written that the enemy’s feet are swift to shed innocent blood.any county that would not bow to imperialist Europe and America would most likely suffer the same fate .The pain in it all is how western media portrays the whole thing to make Gaddfi look like a mad man and they never tell the truth hurtful thing is most ppl sit there and suck it all in never knowing the real evil behind it all…. all i will say is that it still goes on ,it is written that the saints under the throne of GOD cried “how long how long” ?and ah voice said “just ah little while “

  6. see same thing i said @bimbro u sit in front of ur tv and believe every thing u see on fox ,cnn ,bbc and all de rest cant u see that the imperialist only fight against those that aren’t westernise when u could have now read that piece and wrote what u wrote then u are the true slave cant even think for ur self unless u hear it from some white western mout so go back and watch fox and eat ya stake and drink ya coke ,or get on ur knees and pray for the peace of Africa and the freedom of our black brothers being held by the imperialist rebel traitors there

  7. Charles, all you need to know is the well-worn saying that ‘power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Of course, you would conveniently forget that in the case of Gadaffi, wouldn’t you! I remind you that he was a dictator, i.e. an absolute-ruler. Need one say more!

  8. did not gaddaffi assume power ijn libya by violent means as well? all of us should beware of the maxim that what goes around comes around.i shed no tears for tyrants like gaddafi and castro and mugabe and franco and chavez and those kinds of leaders who impose their will on people with a view of remaining in power forever. other people have ideas too.

  9. kiki
    have you ever visited africa? despite all the hullaboo some of us engage in to try to foment some link with the african continent, the reality is that africans generally do not see themselves as having any link with the caribbean and generally the feeling is mutual from our end in the caribbean too. how did we treat the issue of the nigerian nurses who were here? how did we respond to the issue of the africans who were stranded here? read the comments from us about them. did we act as our brothers’ keeper? did we respond to the issues as if the brotheres and sisters from the african continent are our kith and kin.? wake up ,man.

  10. The biggest mistake Ghadaffi makes was the discontinuation of his nuclear ambition. If he had the bomb the western bullies would have to think twice about invading Libya. They would never do that craziness with North Korea. This will only strength the Irani resolve to build that bomb.

  11. BAFBFP | September 6, 2011 at 11:57 PM | Seriously padre… shut tah f#ck up …!

    Because an anonymous coward tells me to?

  12. @Lol boy

    The Western media will portray news using one filter and the media will use a different filter. We have a choice to lap up what is delivered by one media over the other or listen to both with a discerning ear.

  13. If what took place in Libya was a genuine revolt against a dictator, well who the hell am I to oppose. What took place was quite the opposite, so obviously the opposite. White people bombing an African state, arming the opposition and people from this part of the world referring to it as a revolt … “What goes around comes around” … What shit! Very funny these nincompoops will not point to the Saudi and Emirate kings and princes that have been knockin’ ’bout for generations …!


    Shut tah f#ck up …!

  14. @balance Any time ah country has any western European business,or benefits from sucking the natural resource from ah country or it’s people or by setting up strategic military bases of embassy’s ,and ah leader rises from among the people and says no more get out ,that person and sometimes country is then painted with the imperialistic brush as being ah mad man an dictator only after they isolate them with sanctions cut them off economically etc ,this is then supported by western media to smoke screen the real truth that u never see,then the colonialist insert ah so call good man to get them back in to suck the blood of the country and people. Now; bajans will treat their AFRICAN brothers and sisters in the way u describe because long after black were freed from physical slavery they had no sense of self as ah people ; completely broken, no language same thing for those left back in Africa shackle down with colonialism from the European imperialist so when they see us do u expect that they will recognise us does ah child taken from his mother at birth recognise his brother when he becomes ah man ? after we take so much pride in the things that once enslaved us ? de royal barbados this de royal that come on man we does live like our former masters worship like our former masters and so does our brothers who were not taken ,it is u @ balance that should remove the chains from ur brain.

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  16. charlie i have no chains on my brain because unlike you i can think for myself. i am not swayed by the mumbo jumbo people the socalled inteeligentsia manufacture to capture the imagination of an uninformed audience.whether you like it or not,and blame the west as much as you like, the people of zimbabwe are much worse off thirty years after independence under mugabe than under the previous racist regimes. te rebels fighting against gadaffi are libyans not mercenaries and god bless obama for keeping america out of the conflict directly lest america would have been the whipping boy for you and commissiong. i hope that the people of cuba soon follow suit and free themselves from the yoke of oppresion inlicted upon them.it is intersting to note that the man who curries sympathy by labeeling his socalled struggle as one agsainst colonialism drives around in a rolls royce the exact replica of the one the queen of britain uses with something like a crown on the top. so much for these hypocrites. another thing, black barbadians were not colonised. portugal first briefly and then britain with their white expeditionary forces were here planting other crops long before sugar was introduced to the island as a profitable entity and black workers were forcibly brougt here from africa to provide labour for the sugarcane.

  17. @Balance. So true, what goes around comes around,I was a young soldier in BAOR in 1969 when the Colonel came to power,and the first order of the day, was to Kick the British out ,who were using Libya for desert training. Today the British are instrumental in kicking the Colonels arse all across the same desert.

  18. (balance I been to kenya, which was inspiring)

    point I was making is blacks were separated and have now become disunited

    afrocentrism may just be a dream / way of life
    just like zion / heaven is for christians

  19. BAFBFP | September 7, 2011 at 7:52 AM | Shut tah f#ck up …!
    You are still buzzing around – I thought that I had sprayed you.

  20. @ balance when u say that Obama is keeping America out of the conflict i KNOW u don’t have ah clue what is going on and that is all i would say,and then when u tell me about Zimbabwe, it is only in the state it is in because de white ppl that was milking de land get put out and from there and the land given back to the people. it was sanctions as ah result of this action and the will not to bow to Britain and the poor leadership of Mugaube; and u well know when the west puts block-aids and sanctions on any African state that does not bow and looks not to depend on the west, and also that ya does cant even buy an sweetie, along with the freezing of ur own money, imagine u in your house cant spend ur money of receive any thing ,yes i know it looks like if ur suffering ur ppl by the western media; but that is how america operates on lies and deception ,remember the weapons of mass destruction LIES LIES !!! depriving ah country of helping it self or trading with so caled western allies. u getting on like if u dont know how amercia and her sisters operates if u get ah chance and i am serious my friend watch the doucmentry empire on Sierra Leone it was not done by no western media it was done by freelance journalist one or two who even lost their life trying to doucoment the truth

  21. and then u have the heart to say that the people were better off under ah raciest regime,oh how the slave loves his master ,so ya see how they do it let me enslave u of i will break u ,u really is middle class purely loving the western style of living .but look at it its going down

  22. Alien | September 8, 2011 at 5:25 AM |

    Seriously man, I will not pity you, I ain’ going there; you or Balance. I have been told over the years to respect the opinions of others … it is a philosophy that I find cosmetic and in the case of UNINFORMED opinions, senseless. I pity helpless animals, not people, but this situation is far too serious, people are dying as a result of the actions of international thugs, to allow comments from the likes of you and Balance to pass as just unfortunate.

  23. the writer speaks as if it was the westeners who started to war to oust Gaddafi, it was the citizens of libya who did. westeners just made use of the opportunity. but it does show that even the citizens of libya want and are entitled to a change. what’s so wrong with that?

  24. @Alien | September 6, 2011 at 7:40 PM |
    “These African leaders need the backbone of our CARICOM leaders.”
    what are u talking about? stupes…. these CARICOM leaders will never be united. remember The Caribbean Federation, CARIFTA, CARICOM and now CSME? what backbone what?

  25. smooth chocolate

    Let’s start here. Do you know of a Government that operates without at a the very least a group of people who stand opposed to it? Shut yah eyes fah dah reply, but reply please

  26. New 9/11 Tapes Show Desperate Search for Hijacked Planes
    By BRIAN ROSS (@brianross) and RYM MOMTAZ
    Sept. 8, 2011


    For the first time, the full audio recordings of communications between military and civilian air traffic controllers as they were dealing with the hijackings on Sept. 11, 2001, have been made public. The multimedia document, published by the Rutgers Law Review, provides a rare real-time look at how government agencies were responding as the hijacking of the four planes was unfolding.

  27. The people whose voices were heard on those tapes should be rounded up and thrown in jail for attempting to deceive the American public on the eve of the tenth anniversary of 9-11 , The leader of the group of investigators himself should be incarcerated just for being a lawyer, and one that made money from cover up commission …!

  28. Imagine, the people who had the power to bring Osama back to life only to conveniently kill him again could be trusted to be telling the truth about anything this time, no matter how convenient it is once again … stupse ..!

  29. All very nice except that a number (ten or eleven) of these so called high jackers are still alive living as normal lives as possible. The Government claimed that the names used on the passports were phony and so on ans so on. This information is a piece of the puzzle … it’s just being forced into the wrong place.

  30. Demetri explained the demolition process, a thermo nuclear device placed under each building. He should have been mentioned in the film.

    Popular radio/CBC TV personality Dorial Went, the voice that advertises BBM Radio dies a few months ago as the result of multiple cancers. She worked for many years in New York in the vicinity of the Towers. She is a casualty, one of more than ten thousand innocent people (most have sued the Government and won) who were not informed of the poisonous nature of the debris in the area.

  31. Maybe wise minds like Sarge and Bimbro and Scout and Balance could respond reasonably to this outcome, bearing in mind that the excuse given for the campaign was to protect Libyans from their hostile government.

    Seriously David, you got to start banning some foolish people from venting on this blog … foolish people like Green Monkey and Tech and Rok

    • What is sad is that we are not hearing a murmur from these pseudo-academics about the slaughter of Black people by this rebel army.

  32. My intelligent agent has just informed that David Commission will have a lot to say on this in the press (Barbados Today and Nation) very shortly …! As for the historians, past and present (all three Marshalls, Oba’s father, Prof Sir Hillary and so on) will wait for a couple of years till the heat to die down to make a comment.

  33. @David

    What is sad is that we are not hearing a murmur from these pseudo-academics about the slaughter of Black people by this rebel army
    Enough of the non sequitors tell us who are the pseudo academics of whom you speak.


    Sometimes the absence of critical thinking is overwhelming on this blog, I supported the uprising against Gaddafi ergo I support the indiscriminate killing of black people.

    The Libyan rebels are an untrained army, even untrained armies run afoul of the Geneva Convention and in a revolution blood will be spilled

    As one of Gaddafi’s ardent supporters why don’t you condemn him for hiring African mercenaries which only serves to make black people targets?.

    Now read closely, what about the thousands of innocent Africans who are killed or maimed by their own Gov’ts or by rebel armies.

    For starters read about The Lord’s Resistance Army, but as an avid conspiracy buff I’m sure it wouldn’t take you much time to track down others.

    • @Sarge

      BAFBFP knows of whom we speak 🙂

      The issue here is that we need to hear condemnation loud against the rebels killing of Blacks as we did under Gadaffi.

      Then again swap for swap is level

  34. David | September 10, 2011 at 7:36 AM |
    Are these rebels the relatives of those who come here and start businesses, which Black people here so readily support, making these people wealthy in the process?

  35. Sarge

    Like I say, on matters such these I will talk to anyone else. I like the fact that we can normally on the same side on domestic issues. I ain’ talkin’ wid you on this capiche Lef I ‘right aigh …

  36. BAFBFP | September 10, 2011 at 6:57 PM |
    David, you seem to have a fly buzzing around, sounding somewhat like the pesky one that was whining on Brasstacks about its feeling of inferiority.

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  37. To BAFBPF:
    You are one of the people who bring somthing to this blog, but baf I cannot condone you calling David to ban ROK and Tec man. I believe every one should be heard even if you or I don’t agree. I can tell both of them shall take a turn in you. Look out.

  38. Oh how freely and easily all of you who like a crutch with your own deliberate,manipulating lingo try to rearrange,reconstruct and create a totally opposite construment to the reality and all the time malingering here in a place of such tranquility ..far removed from the obvious….You all need beating Mercilessly with a good old Bajan Bull Pistle!!!!!!!

  39. Alien | September 10, 2011 at 11:02 PM |
    How are the Russian performers, whom we just warmly received in Barbados, likely to greet you on your next visit to Russia?
    You do not have to go to Russia to find out how they will greet you, did not one of them found himself in a Bridgetown Magistrate’s court last week for putting some licks in a hotel employee.
    But one thing I can say, there is less hassle to enter Russia (cruise ship) with a Barbados passport(no visa required) than it is to enter our big friendly neighbour, the US of A.

  40. And not one memtion of the Chinese, who are now sucking-up to Mugabe and into Zimbabwe big time. Of course, they’re just being friends – nothing to do with diamonds, minerals and farmland! WESTERN imperialists, you say?

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